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They’re angels and they deserve the whole world


Serena Campbell x Kate Stewart

I’d like to think that this moment would go along the lines of Kate introducing herself, she’s outside of the hospital for some reason and she notices Serena so they get talking and somehow she gets it included in the conversation that she knows the Doctor.

“I know the Doctor quite well.”

“Oh which Doctor at Holby?”

“No…the Doctor, I could introduce you if you like?”

“Um…no thank you.”

“Come on, it’ll be fun I promise and I’ll even chuck in dinner.”

Serena looks at Kate’s stance, her hands in her pockets and she notices that tiny smirk on her face.

“Oh…alright then Ms Stewart whisk me away!”

(ps I apologise for my poor editing skills!)

lightning132  asked:

Am I the only one that when imagining yurio running my mind thinks straight on a resemblance with nyan cat but without the rainbow coming out of his butt and the nyan song in the background???

I apologise for my lame ass PS editing skills.  We’re minus the song but I ended up giving him the rainbow.  He looks cute.  I think he deserves the rainbow at least!  I actually think the song would suit it as well xD

dust-bubbles  asked:

Hi there love!! I hope everything is ok for you right now, because I just wanted to quickly drop by and tell you that you’re amazing. You’re such a genuinely sweet/kind person, and you have super amazing editing skills. I hope that you have a lovely day/night. Much love! 💗💞✨

I am so so sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this msg! I am officially back now so getting through everything is taking me some time so again I apologise ;n;

BUT HEY! ;3; omg, stahp. You are amazing, not me! I want to cry at how sweet and heart warming your words are to me - people like you are why I am returning back to this community, I did nothing to deserve these beautiful words and yet you still sent the message. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart and I hope you know that you are such an amazing person who’s blog I adore! 

Don’t you ever change! Much love in return! 😘💗

anonymous asked:

Just letting you know the photo you use for you're banner is actually from skyrim which is a video game not you're fault you couldn't have known but next time you pick a photo you will know to pay more attention but I don't blame you it's a totally understandable mistake for girl like you to make

Here’s the thing, I took that photo myself. When playing Skyrim myself. Because I’ve played elder scrolls three, four and five. Because I’m a gamer. And you are a sexist cunt. And I have no patience for rude boys who treat gamer girls like shit. My banner is a picture of Bleak Falls Barrow because I thought it was pretty.

And for your information I’m a level fucking ninety in Skyrim. You might be thinking “nah the levelling cap is 82” and you are right. But I have the legendary fucking edition. Because I wasn’t content with the vanilla edition. I finished every fucking quest and found every fucking location and levelled up every fucking skill to one hundred and then reset them and levelled them up a bit more.

Don’t believe me? Ask steedsy, my boyfriend.

Get the fuck off my blog you sexist, rude, dickhead and maybe think twice before you try to show up a girl who has two thousand fucking hours on my favourite fucking game.

I expect you to apologise.

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This is my coming out video, I apologise for my poor video editing skills… please watch it and there is more (hopefully better) things going on my channel when I next get around to it 

Thank you all so much for 1k+! This is my follow forever list which I promised. I follow so many blogs, and they’re all brilliant but I can’t fit them all here, so I do apologise if you don’t find yourself on this list.

My editing and Photoshop skills are zero, so again, I’m really sorry if it’s not up to standards. 


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Suuup guys! Last day of the year and four years and four urls later I’ve decided to do a Follow Forever for the first time. I apologise in advance for my poor photo editing skills. 

Thank you for an amazing year and I hope you guys have a blast in 2015 and remain strong and happy because you’re all fabulous people. 

So here it is (◕‿◕✿)

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I made my first proper vlog! Here are some reasons me being a really weird child (not that I’m any more normal now- well I guess slightly). Again I apologise for my poor editing skills and such but I hope you enjoy it!

after free! and haikyuu!! the pos title really should’ve had 3 exclamation marks…so i changed it a little ;)

edit: cleaned it up a bit… photoshop noob right here i apologise :’)


soupersalad  asked:

Okay so I understand what you are saying and generally agree with it all, but what about pickles. He has a power level of 0 so why does he show up so often. In my yard he has shown up 75 times. Thats more than a large number of cats. Is he just "easy?" Also on a completely unrelated note to power levels, I have a question on the modern remodel. So when you get and expansion, you seem to obtain 5 more spaces for toys. That brings it up to ten from the original 5. This then leads to the food (1/2)

Bowls splitting the yard, each correlating to 5 bowls. That’s how it seems to go with both the zen and original models. Yet, with the modern remodel, if you slide to the inside half, you only have vision of 4 toys and the food bowl and the outside has view of 6. Now I’ve done some brief experiments and it seems that if you only put food inside, you don’t get any cats on the toy in the bottom middle of the whole place. This means that the inside only has 4 toys and the outside has 6. (2/3 oops)

My research so far is not a very reliable source since I only had around 15 cats visit during the time. Right now I only have food outside to see if cats will come to the bottom middle you. As well, I noticed with the first experiment that the toy on the farthest left part of the back ledge seems to have been played with when there was only food inside, but this seems illogical since it is nowhere near the inside food. Remember this is the modern remodel. Sorry for the long ask, I’m just curious

Pickles is a super neko. Even with 0 power level they are able to somehow survive in the Neko Atsume world, the precious baby haha Idk if it’s the goodies they chose at that time or that the higher leveled nekos leave them alone because of their “faint hearted” personality or what because I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pickles get booted off a goodie in my experience of running the experiments shown by how long they were able to stay with that goodie long enough to leave a fairly decent amount of fish. It could also be just game mechanics since no one knows how the game is actually designed and I’d never dare to hack the game just to find out. I’d rather eat Shitty Bitz xD

Okay, I don’t have the modern remodel yet because I’d rather spend my gold on good quality food rather than a remodel I don’t like lol so I’m not 100% sure on this until I can make legit experiments of my own so bear with my guessing game.

My theory is that all the yard designs and game mechanics were meant to house 5 goodie spots that correspond to one food bowl for each expansion (inside and outside) despite what the modern remodel looks like. As I’ve said previously, I don’t have the remodel and cannot confirm this yet but by comparing the modern style and the classic style, I was reminded of the one end of the ledge that was supposedly “inside” to be affected by the food bowl outside.

While the area should have looked like this:

Because the odd positioning of the bowl, the Modern Style’s area instead shifted this way:

Giving more area to the bottom ledge instead. Maybe it’s because of it being a “modern” style, maybe it’s just for aesthetic reasons but this is what I’ve gathered. The point is, the game is just designed so that each half of the area (aka 5 goodie spots) is affected by one bowl of food.

I do apologise for the horrendous editing skills. I’m not Stefi so I can’t use paint to save my life. Welp, I hope that satisfies your curiosity. When I finally decide to buy the remodel and conduct experiments there, I’ll make a post if there are any changes but for now this is what I’ve concluded.

This ofc does not really affect the game so other nekollectors reading this shouldn’t fret and just make sure both bowls are filled for maximum neko attraction :3

My time is up for tonight, I (or Stefi) will get around to the other asks soon enough.

~ Nekollector Nora