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Serena Campbell x Kate Stewart

I’d like to think that this moment would go along the lines of Kate introducing herself, she’s outside of the hospital for some reason and she notices Serena so they get talking and somehow she gets it included in the conversation that she knows the Doctor.

“I know the Doctor quite well.”

“Oh which Doctor at Holby?”

“No…the Doctor, I could introduce you if you like?”

“Um…no thank you.”

“Come on, it’ll be fun I promise and I’ll even chuck in dinner.”

Serena looks at Kate’s stance, her hands in her pockets and she notices that tiny smirk on her face.

“Oh…alright then Ms Stewart whisk me away!”

(ps I apologise for my poor editing skills!)

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This is my coming out video, I apologise for my poor video editing skills… please watch it and there is more (hopefully better) things going on my channel when I next get around to it 

Suuup guys! Last day of the year and four years and four urls later I’ve decided to do a Follow Forever for the first time. I apologise in advance for my poor photo editing skills. 

Thank you for an amazing year and I hope you guys have a blast in 2015 and remain strong and happy because you’re all fabulous people. 

So here it is (◕‿◕✿)

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I made my first proper vlog! Here are some reasons me being a really weird child (not that I’m any more normal now- well I guess slightly). Again I apologise for my poor editing skills and such but I hope you enjoy it!