i apologise for how bad this is

also i’ll never understand why isak almost apologised to emma when she acted terrible towards him - outed him at school and lectured isak about how it’s 2016 and he needs to come out of the closet.
and i know why he did it. he’s a sweet boy who always thought that if something bad happens it’s his fault and after all he treated her not good but her actions were much worse.

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Know what really pisses me off. The sorali fans cheer about the anime saying ufos way of apologising to them! One question though even if the game was advertised properly would they see Sorey and Mikleo as a couple? NO! Of course not! But when it's a man of a woman it's obviously a couple!

I agree that the haters would probably not see Sorey and Mikleo as a legit couple anyway, regardless of how the game was promoted. But saying that the ToZX anime is ‘an apology’ for SorAli shippers? Excuse me, but in my opinion, people who are satisfied by ToZX must have really, really low expectations.
ToZX is not a bad adaptation, it’s a bad anime overall. The story is all over the place, pacing is awful and the basic word rules are being broken repeatedly; the characters do not have any development and Sorey didn’t struggle at all through his journey…
I could go on and on, but everything in that matter was said already.
If some of the viewers like ToZX - good for them. But saying like the game was worse than the anime, plot-wise and character-wise speaking, is just not true.
There is nothing Bamco has to apologize for but the anime, anyway.

I haven’t animated in so long??

Hyung Line+Mark's reaction to their s/o taking care of Nct Dream

Request: Hi~ Can i request a hyung line + Mark reaction to their crush/gf being motherly(taking care of) the Dream members? Thanks♡

A/N: i sincerely apologise that this is so bad, it’s 2:23am here and im half awake while typing this im sorry omg



Finds it cute and loves it actually. The dream members would always go to you if they needed help and advice, and Taeil found it amazing how much you love and care you give to them, despite only being older than them by a few years.

Would probably also smile to himself a lot because of this, and thanks to you, he managed to get closer to the dream members.

Originally posted by neoculturedaily


Would be confused at first as to why you treated them like small kids, from taking care of what they eat to watching out for them-you were never like that to him. But as time goes by he slowly start to realised that you truly care for them, which he loves a lot, since you love both him and his fellow members.

Would also help you in taking care of the members, being your “camera” when you’re not physically there with them, updating you on how they’re doing.

Originally posted by for-hansol


Smiles a lot!! As someone who loves taking care of others too, he found it cute how you’d always panic and get flustered when you realise that the dream members were not getting enough sleep, acting as if you’re their real mother. If he’s free, he’d also spend more time with you and the dream members, and would also give them advice when needed.

“You’d be such a good mother babe”

“Cut it out, don’t start this again-”

“I can’t wait to see you be a mother to our child *smirks*”

Originally posted by chokemewinwin


The official parents of the group!! Probably the number one person the dream members go to when they need help and advice, as they trust that you’re able to give them good advice. Taeyong loves it a lot and joins you very often in taking care of them, making sure that they’re always prepared and ready for performances and stages.

He loves it that you share the same motherly feelings he has for the dream members, and he loves that you’re always trying to make them happy-which makes him love you even more as a person.

Originally posted by taeyongsolo


Gets really jealous that you tend to focus more of your attention to them instead of them, and would start becoming even morw clingy and whiny. He even lied to you once and said that the dream members were not free so he could spend the whole day with you.

But although he doesn’t show it, he loves it that you’re helping to take care of the younger members, and often thanks you because of that. Like Johnny, he’s probably also tease you about being a good mom, and how much he cant wait to see you be one.

Originally posted by nakamotens


Smiles everytime he sees you buy gifts for the dream members, and also offering help when they need to. Often showers you with hugs and kisses because he’s thankful towards you, and would always organise outings and meetups with you and the dream members so y'all can go out together.

This angel would also volunteer to treat the members to food every single time, and also buy them things that they want, all thanks to you for influencing him.

Originally posted by pourup


Another mom of the group- the dream members would always get a nagging and talk from the both of you, as y'all tend to be very protective over them. At first when Doyoung saw you having a long chat with them, he found it cute how serious you looked and had a motherly smile towards the boys. From then on, he also often goes to you to discuss about things regarding the dream members, asking for your opinions and thoughts.

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh


Stares at you with his eyebrows raised and mouth open because he’s just fascinated by how you take care of the dream members, and loves how you always seem very sincere and serious when giving them advice. Would probably compliment you a lot to the dream members, sharing cute stories the both of you have.

Teases you about not giving him as much love as you give the boys, but hugs and kiss you at the end because he knows that your love for him is even more.

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh


Smiles and laughs to himself a lot because of this. He finds it amazing how you’re always looking out for them more than he is, and is grateful that you care for them that much. When he’s free though, he cooks for both the dream members and you.

Also good at giving advice to the boys, and helps them out when needed to. Probably saved your contact name as “dream team’s fav noona” and made the boys change his in their phone to “dream team’s fav hyung” so y'all can match.

Originally posted by shutupxiumin


Doesn’t say or do much because you also baby him a lot, just lesser than you do to the dream members. As you often ask him to teach you Chinese so you can interact well with Chenle, he joins in the conversation a lot and probably compliments you a lot in front of the chinaline, “她很漂亮” (she’s very beautiful)

But is also always there for the boys too, and often also goes to you for advice regarding them. Loves you a lot for always putting in time and effort to spend time with the boys when he has other schedules, and often makes it up to you by treating you to food.

Originally posted by ouchwinwin


Likes it when you help take care of the other members, because they can get too out of hand sometimes. As you often ask him to rest while you entertain the other boys, he feels bad and repays you by writing you songs and buying you things you like.

The younger members always tease the both of you and he’s always very shy about it, as he tries to ask the boys to stop. The both of you also give the members advice when they need to, and y'all are the ones who encourage them when they’re tired.

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Something To Enjoy (Jackson x Reader x Namjoon smut)

A/N: This has been in my inbox forever so I apologise for only just getting around to it now. There isn’t much bondage because in all honestly, I don’t really know how to write about that, but I hope you enjoy it anyway   ^^ 

Warnings: daddy kink, threesome, bad language? 

Words: 4502

You weren’t too sure how you had come to be in the situation you were in. One night with one too many drinks and a wild imagination and here you were, your wrists loosely but firmly tied to your bedframe with a black and white bandana and a matching red and white one covering your eyes, blocking out your vision. You could feel the bed shifting beneath you but with two of your senses unable to be used, you had no clue what was going on in front of you. You could hear the quiet whispers of your boyfriend, Jackson and one of his best friends, Namjoon, but you could barely make out what they were saying which made you a whole lot more anxious about how this night was going to unfold.

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i really dislike how levi is sometimes portrayed, especially by a very small portion of the fandom who enforce their own headcanons and idealisations on him to fit their own perfect character. levi is not perfect and he has many flaws, but it makes him a very lovable character.

i often see people describing him has heartless or cruel or has bad intentions, most of which came after the whole syringe bowl thing in the previous arc as he was being more selfish with his decisions. levi is a man with a lot of responsibility, he is not a child and has lived much of his life under oppression and so many of his experiences have been fuelled by hatred or the simple fact that “the weak do not survive”.

much like eren says, you must fight to survive and if you do not fight, you do not win. i believe that levi has a similar mindset, however he has controlled it much better and is more aware of how lacklustre and awkward his wording may be, he also has a stoic appearance and a real sense of duty to take care of others. however he is extremely selfless. he was pretty dead set on fighting the beast titan/zeke alone to allow erwin, eren and co to escape to safety. he is a very loving, calm, sensitive man with many great traits that draw so many people to this one character. he feels so much sympathy and empathy for the people he surrounds himself with. he surrounds himself with people, children, that he really cares for and has expressed many times the faith he has in them and the fatherly role he plays. he has a strong belief in freedom, like our protagonist, and tries so hard to put himself in the shoes of the kids who may have different struggles or deal with this differently to try and relate himself to them, he is very observant and closely watches the people he loves so he can gain a greater and more in depth understanding, which is another reason why i find him to be so charming.

he can act rashly and irresponsibly and use violence as an answer, but this is because it is the only means of letting out frustration he has ever known due to his past and the actions and/or consequences he has been faced with his entire life. levi is a very complex individual with many amazing qualities, like i said he is not perfect but he is very trying and giving and would just like to keep people safe

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I hate you so much. Your art is so bland and your writing is almost as bad as your face. Seriously do us a favour and stop.

… Um :/

Well, I’m sorry you feel that way, anon. I didn’t think that I offended anyone on here, but if that’s how you feel, then go for it.

… I guess I should apologise to you guys for burdening you with my work. I didn’t realise that it’s actually crap and I’m sorry if anyone else feels the same way.

……… I’m gonna need a moment.

anonymous asked:

Is it inconsiderate of me to be crying about his death even though I have never spoken to him? I knew of who he was and how much people loved him, and I had a lot of respect for him. But I found out and I've been tearing up about it so much, I just want to know if it's wrong of me. And my apologise if it is

Ohhhh, anon, no! No no no, it’s okay! You’re seeing a community getting a hole torn into it with the loss of a beautiful, special man. There is nothing wrong with being heartbroken about that! You are clearly an incredibly caring individual; don’t feel bad about caring for these people being wracked by loss. That is so touching that even those who didn’t know him or talked to him understand how much pain is rippling through everyone.

Jumin’s Bad Ending Guide

So, because a lot of people are asking me about Jumin’s bad ending, I decided to write post about it.
First, I apologise for my bad English :( I know my grammar is poor :( Hope you guys can understand what I’m saying xd

In this post I’m going to tell you how to achieve bad endings (yes, there is more than one) for Jumin and also show you some screenshots, so it may contain spoilers!

I unlocked three endings but maybe there is more ??? Tell me if you know, please.

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The Ladies Have Landed: an endless list of beautifully complex women
↳ Eve Rothlo from How to Get Away with Murder

“Because part of me is still in love with you. It’s pathetic, I know. We were forever ago, but… I guess I’m just stuck. Yes, I’ve been with plenty of other women, buried myself in work, but you show up again in my life, Annalise, and I’m just done. You still have me, and I hate it. I don’t hate you, but I… I hate how you make me feel because I can’t have you.”

Let me entertain you with some gorgeous looks of Jullian Glover in “The Avengers”.

Look at him being all mysterious with his cheekbones and turned up coat collar.

What’s on the menu? Legs!

I’d scratch that

How was it?

Just ask your gay friends their advice, before you
Get a spray tan on Holiday, in Taipei.

And at the end of the episode we see THAT THING!

If I ever said anything bad about imperial helmets, I apologise. Nothing beats this, but he still looks good.

REQUEST: It's a side walk not a pavement (J.Jones)

REQUEST: Hey please could I request a Jughead X Reader, where she is originally from England and Jug makes little jokes about her accent or how she says things. Could they be together in this? Thank you so much :)xx

A/N Hello!! I’m extremely sorry that this is so short and very bad, it’s 1am and I listening to Norwegian party songs so I’m going to blame it on that.  I haven’t edited this so I apologise in advance for the state of it. Requests are closed see Author’s Note at the end for more details.

Warnings: NONE
Words: 999

It’s a Side Walk not a Pavement


Jughead and Y/N had arrived at Pop’s not to long ago. While they sat and waited for the rest of the gang to arrive, Jughead took matters Into his own hands and decided that he was going to eat with or without the rest of them and Jughead being the gentlemen that he is, couldn’t let Y/N sit and watch him eat without eating herself. So he ordered them both a burger with a side of fries and a double chocolate thick shake. As they sat beside one another, Jughead subtly playing with Y/N’s fingers under the table making idle chit chat about how their days were, their food showed up and was placed in front of the pair. Both yourself and Jughead sent the waitress a smile before you both began to eat. You watch as Jughead bit into his burger, before pulling it out of his mouth and sticking it back on the plate. Watching as he does, you see him open the burger and pull off the slices of tomato . “Jug?” You questioned, he glanced up at you with a small slice of tomato in his hand, his mouth open agape from being interrupted while he had been focused. “Why are you pulling off the tomato?” You watched as he placed the tomato down on the plate before turning to face you.

“Sorry, Y/N?” He squinted his eyes in your direction. “What did you just say?” His tongue licked his bottom lip before going back into his mouth.

Tomato, why are you pulling it off?” You were slightly confused for having to repeat yourself, you replayed the scenario over in your head trying to decipher what could have confused him so much when you hear him let out a laugh.

“It’s tomato.” He said.

Tomato. Jug, that’s what I said.” He let out a laugh again and that’s when you realised what he was going on about. You roll your eyes and push his chest with your hands. You raise your eyebrows and stare at him with an unamused look on your face while he sits laughing loudly. “It’s really not the funny.”


Jughead was never a big fan of PDA. When the both of you were walking down the street, he liked to grab your hand just to reassure himself that you were still there. You weren’t 100% sure why, but you have previously spoken to him about his family and you had always just put it down to the fact that everyone he loves has left him so him holding your hand allowed him to believe that if he could feel you, he knew you where there regardless of the situation. At this moment you had your phone to you ear with your mother on the other end. “Mum, we are fine. Yes, I promise. We are walking.” You paused as your mother began talking again. She always worried about you, even though you were the responsible child. “We are walking on the pavement Mum.” You heard Jughead snicker in the background. “Yes, Okay Mum. I’m going. yes, bye.” With a sigh you hang up the phone and slide it into your back pocket.

Pavement, Huh?” You glanced over at Jughead.

“Yeah, Pavement?” You questioned. He sent you an amused smile.

“It’s a side walk.” He said.

“What? Jug? They are the same thing.” He shook his head and laughed a little. He placed a chaste kiss upon your cheek before puling away and saying,

“You’re cute, tis all.”


You pulled Jughead into the kitchen of your home, telling him to sit down at the chair on the other side of the kitchen bench while he wait for you to finish cooking. You turn your back on the boy and start stirring the pan again.

“Oh, Jug?” You question, turning and seeing your boyfriend start upon the bench top in your kitchen. He had been watching you stir the ingredients in the pan, rolling your eyes at his positioning, you say, “Did you want some tea?” You watch him with a curious expression, waiting to see if you needed to put the kettle on. He bit his lip slightly and brought his hand up to scratched the back of his neck.

Tea?” He questioned. “Really Y/N?” He shook his head and let out a laugh, “Did you want to get even more stereotypically British?" He sent you a small smile, before rising his arms and doing ‘grabby hands’ in your direction. You stand, unamused at his antics, crossing your arms and sending him a hard glare. He fluttered his eyelashes at you, and began to pout.

"Say sorry, or no hugs.” You say, standing your ground, you weren’t about to give in know matter how cute he as trying to be. You furrow your eyebrows awaiting response, staring at his arms which are still out stretched in front of him.

“Y/N,” he dragged out the end of your name, “Please, I’m sorry.” You stare at the boy, arms still crossed over your chest. “I didn’t mean to make fun of you.” You were determined not to give in to the blue eyed boy, so you turn your back and began stirring the food once more. Almost determined to tell him, that he wouldn’t be eating tonight but you knew that was a bit to cruel considering Jughead’s fond love for food. But, currently you didn’t know if you were punishing him or yourself more by neglecting his offer.

You turned and smiled as your boyfriend had still held his arms out in the same place as before. You shake your head before stepping into his arms, his legs wrapped around your waist and his arms went around the back of your neck.

Which if you were being completely honest was quiet strange because he was taller than you, but you didn’t mind that much. You chuckled softly into his chest at his stupidity.

Master List


A/N I do requests in the order that I receive them so there’s going to be one more after this and then unfortunately I’m going to take a break from writing because I’m getting all mucked up in the head again and I don’t want that to reflect in what I write, because that’s never good. Hopefully I will be back in a few days but if not I will be back soon. I will be active, I just wont be posting. Sorry, if  you have sent in a request. I will get to them eventually, and you can continue to send requests in just know that I wont be doing them for a little while. I will be posting a Cheryl x reader because I have half of it written already but when I come back hopefully I’ll have Guy With a Fry Part Two and Play Book Part Three done. I hope you understand, Thankyou for reading!

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BTS Reaction to their s/o flinching during an argument

Remember, as of now requests are open. Please check my Request Guide to know what I write and for who I write! :)

Seokjin- This poor guy, he would be so hurt that he made you flinch, he would want to beat himself up so bad, you trying to make it not a big deal would hurt him even more. He would instantly apologise to you ‘‘Oh my god, Jagi, I didn’t mean to scare you, I’m so sorry,’‘ saying he was really sorry for scaring you, that he didn’t want to scare you, how mad at himself he was.

Originally posted by jinatetae

Yoongi- I feel like Yoongi would also, obviously, be really mad at himself for scaring you. He would even hate himself at that moment, at least, thinking about what kind of a boyfriend he is, scaring his loved one. He would apologise to you ‘‘Y-Y/N…..I’m sorry……I didn’t mean to…..,’‘ he wouldn’t be able to look at your face, even with you trying to make it not a big deal, because he would be so ashamed of himself. So I feel like he would apologise and maybe even leave, since he would need some time.

Originally posted by yooingi

Hoseok- He would completely drop what you were arguing about, forgetting the point of the whole argument. As soon as he saw you flinch and try to play it off as if you didn’t flinch, he would instantly curse at himself. He would get really serious, apologising for scaring you, saying you did nothing wrong ‘‘You did nothing wrong, I have all the right to be guilty for scaring you,’‘ that he should be guilty for making you flinch.

Originally posted by hob-e

Namjoon- Boooyyyyyy, would he be mad af at himself. I feel like he would hate himself at that moment as well. With you trying to play it off as nothing, he would be even more mad at himself, the guilt would be eating him alive. He would definitely, like all of them, apologise for scaring you, he would also probably say that he is really not pleased with himself. ‘‘Ugh, I’m such a freaking idiot, I’m so sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to scare you.’‘

Originally posted by kimdaddynamjoon

Jimin- The guilt he would feel though. God, you can’t even imagine how mad and disappointed he would be in himself. You trying to laugh it off would probably make him feel even worse, I feel like he would definitely say how extremely disappointed he is in himself, while obviously he would apologise. Expect him to hug you for a long time.

(You’re Yoongi, also imagine that both of you obviously are not smiling)

Originally posted by jeonsexuals

Taehyung- As soon as you flinch, he would shut up. He wouldn’t say anything, since he would be so mad at himself, he wouldn’t be able to comprehend the fact that he scared you, one of the most precious human beings to him. The atmosphere would turn so depressing and quiet, he later, after he would be done beating himself up, would apologise to you.

Originally posted by saintminyoongi

Jungkook- I feel like Kookie would have a reaction similar to Taes and Yoongis. When you flinch he would instantly shut up, forget that there even was an argument. You trying to not make him feel guilty, would, honestly, fail miserably. He would be literally, killing himself in his head, he would be so mad at himself for scaring you. At the same time he wouldn’t really know what to do in a situation like this, so he wouldn’t say anything, only later would he be apologising to you 25/8.

Originally posted by koiyomi

~Admin Soul~

anonymous asked:

How Chuya react to the Mori's order to kill his s/o (because she's a criminal or something like that)? He let it happen or he try to stop the mafia? ps. I want to apologise per my bad english and I hope that I've been clear.💕


He would not stop the mafia.
He has to obey to Moris orders.

And if you only have a little knowledge about the mafia, it happens more than you want believe that mafia members kill related or beloved persons because their boss orders.

It’s ridiculous to think that Chuuya would betray his mafia to save his s/o. Mori would kill him too because it would make him a traitor.

Sorry if this sounds rude or too bluntly, but why talk around a bush? He is a fucking mafia member and not prince charming.

I would just like to apologise for how long it takes for me to respond to asks - but rest assured I will get around to every single one of them eventually! So if it’s been a while, I haven’t forgotten or ignored it, I’m just a gal who likes to take my time B) sorry!! and thank you all for your patience! <3

Seeing Stars (threesome smut)

Anon Request: Hi, could you do another threesome thing where y/n and Dan are dating and discussing the subject and then Phil comes home and overhear them, and since both if you want to do it with someone you trust, you decide to give it a go? :)

Thank-you for requesting and I hope this is okay! ^_^ xxoo (it is 12:36am so I apologise for any bad grammar)

“Baby, could I please talk to you?” Dan questioned as soon as you walked through the door. This sounded very serious and you were already exhausted after a long day.
“What’s wrong Dan?” Stress was clear in your voice
“Nothing’s wrong love, I just wanted to ask about something… So you know how we were talking about what a threesome would be like?”
The night before, you and Dan had somehow brought up the conversation about threesomes and honestly, you didn’t expect the conversation to come up again.
“Yeah I remember, it was only last night” Dan giggled at you before continuing.
“Well I was thinking about it all day, and as much as I don’t like the idea of sharing you with anyone, I thought it could be fun… If we did it with someone we both trust…” Wow.
“Oh.. Okay. But who would want to do it..”
“Uh.. Hey.” Phil suddenly entered the room, surprising both yourself and Dan
“Oh hey mate… How long were you there?” Dan greeted Phil
“Since Y/N got home” he answered calmly
“Did you hear the whole conversation?” You asked, slightly embarrassed
“Uh yeah.. I did, sorry I didn’t mean to ease drop or anything” Phil replied, sounding guilty
“Oh no, it’s fine”

Almost like something clicked in his mind, Dan looked straight at you. You both had a mental discussion and seemed to agree with each other before Dan faced Phil once again..
“What do you think about it Phil?” Dan questioned
“Um.. It sounds.. Good? Who do you trust enough though?” Phil answered awkwardly
“We trust you” you blurted out, heat raising to your cheeks.
“Would you do it mate?” Dan asked
“Yeah I would” Phil answered clearly

“Well, in that case” Dan said cheerfully as he clapped his hands together making you all laugh
“Would you care to come to our room with us?”
“Okay” Phil answered.

Dan laced his fingers with yours, pulling you towards your shared bedroom with Phil following hot on your trail.
Dan pulled you straight to the large bed, giving you a kiss on the lips before sitting you down on the bed. Phil stood awkwardly in the background, not totally sure of what to do.
“Come over here phil” Dan said, aware of Phil’s shy presence.
As phil got closer you reached for his hand, tugging at it to make him bend over before slowly connecting your lips. It felt very different kissing your boyfriends best friend, but still amazing. As you kissed, Dan was removing his top, allowing the light to hit his bare torso.
Phil ran his tongue along you bottom lip, begging for entrance which you quickly accepted. Phil moaned into the kiss before you pulled apart.
Phil stepped back, allowing Dan to push in and tear your top from your body, both boys gaze now on your naked chest.
“You okay baby girl?” Dan whispered in your ear, making sure you were comfortable
“Yeah” you replied, smiling.
Dan started to kiss down you body while Phil’s lips made their way to your neck making you moan at the new feeling of two pairs of lips on your body. Dan’s eyes gaze up to your face to see your eyes shut with pleasure.
He was a mix of extremely turned on and a little bit uncomfortable at the view of another mans lips on you. But he knew the feeling would go away.

Dan slid your jeans down your legs, moaning at the view of you in only your black panties.
By now Phil’s lips had found one of your breasts, while he massaged the other with his hand. Both boys had painfully obvious bulges in their tight black jeans.
Phil got up, removed his shirt from his pale chest while observing the view of your almost bare body.
“Wow” is all Phil could say
“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” Dan said to Phil
Dan began to remove his jeans, unsure of what to do Phil just copied Dan’s actions leaving them both in boxers stretched out by their arousal.
You couldn’t stop the little whimper that left your lips, what a magnificent sight this was.
Phil reluctantly peeled his eyes away from your body to look in Dan’s direction
“Go ahead” Dan says to him.
Phil hovers his body over yours, kissing you deeply as his large hand makes its way into your soaked panties
“Your so wet” he whispers before returning to your lips. Dan positions himself beside as he connects his lips to your neck, kissing and sucking, making sure to leave his mark on you.
Reaching one of your hands out, you find Dan’s boxer clad erection, sliding you hand into them and pumping him. Dan moans into your ear, causing a shiver to run down your body from the beautiful sound.
At some point during this, Phil has pealed your panties down your smooth legs. Slowly, one of Phil’s long fingers sink into your core, making you moan out onto his lips and tighten your grip on Dan’s cock, making his hips thrust forward.
“Taste her” Dan instructs Phil.
Slowly, Phil kisses down your body, teasingly kissing the inside of your thighs
“Please” you start to beg.
Sticking his tongue out, he takes a long lick up your folds
“F-fuck” you moan out, the sensation of both Phil and Dan being unbearably pleasurable.
Phil wraps his lips around your clit and begins to suck while pumping his finger into you.
With Phil continuing his activity and Dan still kissing your neck and massaging your breasts as you jerked him off, it wasn’t long until you hit your first orgasm
“F-fuck! Oh my god!” You moaned out as you came. Phil taking all of your release into his mouth.
“Mm” he moaned at the taste.

The boys kissed over your body for a while, allowing you to catch your breath. Phil sat on the edge of the bed, so you moved onto your knees on the floor. You kissed above the waist band of his boxers, he lifted his hips to assist you in removing the last of his clothing, allowing his hard erection to spring free.
You were about to take him into your mouth when Dan pulled you up by your upper arm, kissing you passionately. As you pulled apart you saw Dan hand Phil a condom packet, making you throb in anticipation.
Once Phil had slid the Condom on Dan whispered into your ear
“You ready baby?”
“God yes” you replied
Phil’s hands were on your hips as you sunk down onto his length, back facing his chest, both of you moaning out in utter bliss.
Dan finally removed his boxer briefs as his erection slapped against his abdomen. Moving to stand in front of you, he began to run his tip along your swollen lips
“Can you suck me off, princess?”
Without replying, you wrapped your lips around his tip, tasting the drops of pre-cum. You skilfully pleasured Dan with hollowed cheeks and a dancing tongue while bouncing up and down on Phil.
You moaned onto Dan’s dick as Phil hit your g-spot.
Dan pulled away from your mouth, not wanting to cum yet, he simply admired the view of your naked body in pure bliss as you bounced up and down of his best friend.
“I’m-I’m gonna” your second orgasm hit you hard, heat exploding through your body as Phil moaned out, releasing into the condom.
“F-fuck” he said, if it weren’t for the situation you and Dan would have teased him about swearing.. But now was definitely NOT the time.

Phil thrusted up sloppily, allowing you both to ride out your highs before you climbed off of him.

Your whole body was exhausted but soon enough, Dan was pushing you down to the bed again, hovering over your body.
“One more time, for me baby?” He asked sweetly. You smiled, placing a loving kiss onto his soft lips.
Dan positioned himself at your entrance, slowly thrusting into you at first, before quickening his pace.
Phil had pulled his boxers back on before returning to you, taking your nipple into his mouth.

Your body was so sensitive after your first 2 orgasms that when Dan started to rub at your clit, your whole body shook.
“Ah Dan!” You moaned out
“I’m so close baby girl” he groaned as he thrusted harder, hitting your G-spot perfectly
“Oh my god! I’m gonna-”
“On the count of three baby?” Dan said, his voice struggled out
“One!” You began, not being able to hold on much longer
“Two… three” and with that, your walls clenched around Dan as you felt him cum into you.
You now knew what they meant when they talk about seeing stars.
Dan eventually pulled out of you, his body falling beside yours.
Phil gave your lips a quick kiss before announcing that he was going to take a shower.
Dan wrapped his arm around you, holding you close.
“How was that baby?” He asked, ending it with a kiss to your forehead
“Amazing… Was it okay for you?” You replied breathlessly
“It was amazing.. But I still don’t like sharing my girl. I want you all to myself”
Not long after, you both dozed off, Dan holding you close to his tall frame as you dreamt of possible future experiments