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Some of you have no idea how PR in the Music Industry works. there is a reason I always put “kill” in quotations. Management could care less if the fans ship Camren. What they didn’t want was the media attention on Camren. That’s why they needed to “kill” Camren before Lauren came out and Camila went solo. I said this before, they didn’t want Lauren’s coming out to be linked to Camila, and they couldn’t have Camila linked to Lauren romantically, to push the narrative they are pushing about Camila going solo and the girls, including Lauren, feeling hurt and betrayed by her. They didn’t only need to “kill” Camren to push the narrative, they had to “kill” Caminah, Normila, and Camally as well. That’s why they separated Camila from all of the girls, in the last leg of her last tour with them. They needed to push the 4 against 1 narrative. Management achieved their goal.

Do they want Camila to have a “straight” image? Yes! That’s why they have her mentioning “boys” every time she is in front of a camera or a microphone. Can they use Camren for PR now that their goal was achieved and still keep Camila’s “straight” image intact? Yes they can. They are in fact doing it right now. Look at all the hype those few little tweets garnered in the media. Camren, or the “death” of Camren everywhere. Just look at the headlines. “Lauren Jauregui denies ever dating Camila Cabello”.  Those words never left Lauren’s mouth, or showed up in a tweet. What that tweet did do, was deny ‘it’ was ever real. With the headlines and the tweet, even if something Camren related is “leaked” they can use the excuses I gave in my answer to that ask, to deny that they ever dated and that it was ever “real”. It was just a moment shared, between two teenagers, that never happened again, type of thing. Girls kiss girls all the time, and it means nothing, right? Look no further than this fandom to get that answer. We have all kind of young girls, who claim to be straight, saying that they kiss their female best friends all the time. It doesn’t mean they are gay or Bi. They were just having fun. I see it every time I scroll through my tumblr feed.

Management has, are, and can, use Camren for PR purposes. They will control the narrative, as they always have. That MTV interview with that photographer is proof positive of the control of the narrative they have. That lady could not have even said the things she said in that interview without permission from Lauren’s management. She was told what to say, and she said it. Management has control of the girls’ public image and the narrative’s that surround their public image. Nothing is said publicly by or about the girls, that does not go through their publicist and management, first. Nothing! You can believe it or not, it’s just a simple fact.

So, do I expect something Camren related to pop up, absolutely. Am I 100% sure that it will? No, I’m not a damn insider. What I do know is, there is some new music coming out soon, and they need to get the fans and hopefully new fans, excited about it. One of the best ways to get the fans excited about it, is a big PR stunt. Will it be a “leaked Camren pic? With all the Camren headlines right now, it very well could be. It could also be another feud between the girls, (God I hope not. the current one is getting old) It could be the girls mending their relationships with Camila, or it could be another "boy toy” , but you can be rest assured, something is coming. We just won’t know which route Management will take, until they show their hand.

An In-Universe look at Troyson

In Universe Meta Meta Continued! 

Based on this post

Ok I was looking through the tags and I’m gonna do some posts for the diff Check Please RPF ships (and shipping wars). But I wanted to do it in semi-chronological order which means first we gotta discuss the Kent/Troy aka Kent/Swoops discourse. And if any one has topic requests/questions feel free to send them to my inbox. 

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of a Pimms shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.*  

The year is 2009 (and goes as far as 2011). This blog is mostly inhabited by Aces content at this point.

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anonymous asked:

that ask you answered about osiris is so good!!! can you make a bullet point description like that of sobek?

So the main issue is that I don’t really know much about Sobek and I’ve never really spent a lot of time with him, so idk what I’d put on a list. My list would be based off of what I’ve seen, and would something kinda like this:

  • Works out
  • Buff dad
  • Teeth
  • Will cut a bitch
  • Actually does lift, bro

Annnnnnnd that’s about it.

Anyone who actually works with him wanna make one?

anonymous asked:

Hi, I’m new in this fandom, I’m really touched by Ziam, and I enjoy your blogs very much. But I haven’t gotten much Ziam since late 2016, I wonder if you’ve had anything to remind me? Maybe I missed something. I’m looking forward to Zayn’s performances, but his team cancelled his performances in Japan, not the fashion show, how could a professional team let it happen? I’m so desperate /(ㄒoㄒ)/ anyway I appreciate you read my message, and have a good weekend, bisousssss  ̄3 ̄

Welcome to the fandom!  If you have questions, I’d be happy to try to answer them.  I don’t know if you’ve run across it yet, but there are some divisions with what people in the fandom believe is going on behind the scenes.  If you don’t agree with me on something, I just want you to know that’s alright.

I’d guess you haven’t gotten Ziam because Zayn and Liam haven’t been seen together since March 2015, but there’s definitely Ziam stuff that’s gone on since then.

I’ve got several posts of Ziam-related stuff, some of them specifically from the last couple years.

For more or older things, posts are in my ziam shade tag, in my ziam resources tag, and in my ziam mayne tag.  You can also check the ziam part of my pairing masterpost tag, although there may not be much there yet.  I have some things queued.

As for Zayn’s team, check my Zayn stunt summary post and my sabotaging zayn tag.  His team handling his career terribly isn’t an accident.

anonymous asked:

Hi, sorry if this was asked before, but do you plan on doing the shorts of FINAGLC? I saw the author has a work titled "Party Favors" that contains various shorts (some are and aren't FINAGLC related)

Yes! I do plan on reading more FINAGLC shorts, including something FINAGLC-related that ISN’T strictly a reading >:3 Aaaah I need to get going on this. Otherwise the fandom will be dead before I get any of it done, lol.

gahlrans  asked:

Ahh I love all your theories and meta! They've been my lifeblood since I have joined the fandom. I was wondering about something, though. You must get a million requests a day so feel free to dismiss this but am I the only one that doesn't quite understand magic in Voltron? I feel like all the magic we've seen in s1 and s2 is somehow quintessence-based or related to quintessence. Is it fair to say that magic not based on quintessence just isn't a thing in VLD?

Short answer that I will only provide because I’m a butt and want to say it: it’s because wizards.

Better answer:

So my rough understanding of magic in this setting is that, like…

On the simplest level it takes energy to do stuff. We acknowledge this. This is why boxes will not leap up hills unprovoked on their own, and why pushing a small box up a hill is easier than pushing a large box up a hill. There’s all sorts of things about kinetic and potential energy and inertia but.

I think that’s how magic in Voltron works. You are accomplishing stuff (glowing, restoring the Balmera, making crystals, forming Voltron, casting illusions, murder, healing people) at the expense of energy.

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So gals, gals gals! 

(I would say guys, but we are pretty girly fandom/club out there). 

I have something #TeamShway in making for months right now, but I am a little bit nervous because: 

1) I love them and I am pretty harsh on myself while making this thing 

2) Are you still interested in something dedicated to them? Because when I did last time something S 20 related - I don’t want to be ungrateful - but it didn’t meet with appreciation. 

Is something dedicated to S 20 cast worthy? I know it’s 2 years and 4 seasons gone….

Please I need your answers!

anonymous asked:

@that moonlightpumpkin jeremy shada ask - no ill will at jeremy here, but honestly... it really saddens me every time they (vld crew in general) down play lance because sometimes it seems like... they genuinely believe that?? that even though THEY wrote him moments feeling all insecure and apparently all bluster and not that self-confident it's like they always conveniently forget those and go back to HAHA Lance > Girls > any girls with two legs > getting words wrong > not as smart as (1/?)

pidge and hunk! asijsodofdf idk sometimes I’m like wyd staff. was giving the boy depth an accident do you really want him to be a flat 1 dimensional character. back at the shada thing. fan relates to shada their altean lance theory. shada does mind blown gesture to show appreciation to the fan’s theory. but one of the crew downplays that “you know pidge does something similar” NO. pidge does not. the fan here is specifically referring to (2/?)

pidge opens a beacon to HELP allura find an anchoring point when she wormholes her way out of the time loop she and coran were trapped in. It was still /altean/ allura who opens the wormhole. altean allura who they placed a large emphasis on regarding her ability to control the wormhole. calling back to the pilot where the blue lion opens the wormhole (whether or not the blue lion enlisted lance’s help to open the controls) 3/?

(or opened up on their own is up to interpretation, which is wonderful since we got to theorize altean lance in the first place). anyway, no ill will to pidge, but yeah, it’s not the same, and altean lance may be such a reach or unthought about concept but it’s still. a p amazing route to take, something they can explore facets of lance and develop him further and make him more relatable and developed. so to give an answer that downplays THAT, (4/?)

We’re asking about Lance here. No true ill will at the vld crew, I understand you can’t think about every possibility your fandom can come up with, nor are you obliged to make their HCs canon but like… can you love your other paladins please as well thank you pidge & keith & shiro aren’t the only valuable paladins. anyway sorry for spamming your inbox and sorry for piggybacking on your ask moonpumpkin!(also I lost track of 1 ask midthought so it maybe cut off asdjas)thanksforreadingthis! (7/7)

yea i really get what you mean about the crew always shoving lance off to the side like that. like keith, pidge, and shiro aren’t boring characters per se, but they’re just….. too focused on compared to lance, hunk, allura, and coran that everyone else is kinda just really sick of their story lines by now. not to mention really sick of just trapping lance and hunk into one-dimensional cookie cutter character tropes while the other three paladins get to have more in-depth details about themselves.

but also oh my god what happened to parts 5-6 of your message because?? this is?? actually a REALLY good point like especially the comparison of lance opening the wormhole and the pidge and allura beacon thing, like that makes so much sense holy shit….. a bitch needs a MOMENT

plutoandpolaris  asked:

Heyo! I just wanted to drop in and say hi, hope you're having a good day today. I figure I should say something fandom related too, so here's one of my Dark headcanons. I've always theorized that he's completely asexual aromantic, which means that any advances he takes are completely fake. Really enforces that whole "untrustworthy manipulator" thing. I don't know, it's just how I've always seen it. Hope you're doing well!

i can get behind that! i’ve always headcanoned him as being pan, but i can totally respect the idea of him being ace! 💙 kinda puts into perspective what he’s really after then, huh?

i’m doing great! and i hope things are good for you as well! 

Just wanna post a few reminders about the kinds of questions that I don’t answer here for various reasons. I should probably just make an FAQ and include this stuff but meh, too lazy. If you ask me about this stuff you probably won’t get a response:
1. Anything regarding Mafumafu’s works that he makes under different names, even if you don’t use the name “Mafumafu” to refer to them. He doesn’t want that stuff to have any relation to his utaite works, so it’s not something I want to talk about either. I still get a lot of asks about this stuff, but I won’t answer them even if you’re off anon, sorry!
2. Fandom drama where me weighing in won’t help anything. I’ll throw my opinion into the mix on topics when I think it’s necessary, but if it’s something that I think there’s no point in talking about, or worse, if my opinion would escalate any ongoing situation, I’m going to stay away from it. If you don’t know which category your question falls into there, feel free to send it anyway, just know I’ll simply ignore it if I don’t think I should answer :P
3. Stuff that involves me commenting on the accuracy of other translators. It makes me really uncomfortable to have to say things like “well, I often see that person posting mistranslated content” when people ask me that stuff, but I also certainly don’t want to lie about it. I don’t think I’ll talk about that off anon either, sorry, so this goes into the “I just ignore these questions instead of addressing the problem” category :P (Though I make exceptions for mistranslated captions on official YT channels. Those I try not to ignore)

Hello there ★

I made this blog for totally fun where I’ll post some short comics, sketches and sometimes answer requests all related to my fandoms:  My Candy Love, Eldarya,  Final Fantasy XV,  Kingdom Hearts and Dark souls. <3  Just send something, I don’t bite ~


Fiz esse blogzinho para postar pequenas comics, uns rabiscos e as vezes responder perguntas/pedidos sobre meus fandoms: Amor doce, Eldarya, Final Fantasy XV,  Kingdom Hearts e Dark souls. <3 Mande alguma coisa para mim se estiver interessado, não vou te morder ~

Hey everyone! First post!

This is just some general info on the blog: it’s gonna be exclusively dedicated to The Inuyasha Stage Play here, but that includes ALL characters and cast!!! From Inuyasha to Kagome to Kaede (young and old) to Onigumo to the bandit with the puppet crow who makes an appearance for about half a second, all of them are happily welcome on this blog, and may make an appearance at some point, be it in photos or gifs or maybe clips or fanart!

Here are some notes about the blog:

- While some people may have liked the play more than others (or disliked it altogether), please note that this blog is specifically for the purpose of positivity. There won’t be any critiques here, warranted or not. This blog is just for fun, fun, and more fun!

- Submissions are MORE than welcome!!!! :D Please submit your favorite scenes/moments, favorite actors/actresses/characters, scenes that surprised you, scenes that made you emotional, scenes you thought were really well done, things you think need a shout out, etc.  Show some love!!

- You’re also welcome to tag this blog if you do fanart related to the play (which I’ll be doing occasionally) and I’ll reblog it here! This also applies to edits, gifs, etc. If it’s related to the play, we’d love to see and share it!!!

- You’re also welcome to send asks related to the play, such as a question about a scene, questions about the actors, fandom streaming of the play, DVD purchasing details, merchandise purchasing, etc. and if I don’t have an answer, I’ll post your question to the blog and we’ll find an answer together :3 OR if you just want to talk about something in the play, you can always start a conversation that way, and maybe we can get a conversation going amongst the blog crew! ;)

So that’s about it! I hope this all works out, and that everyone continues to enjoy all the Stage Play love!! This stage play has really meant a lot to me, and I love the excitement and love that I’ve seen it bring to so many others in the fandom! Inuyasha isn’t a popular anime anymore - it’s just not. And the fact that this ‘old school’ anime went and got a stage adaptation, which then got a DVD release, which then got a live-viewing, which then got two TV broadcasts, still is nothing short of amazing to me. Rumiko Takahashi has plenty of other series. She didn’t need this to happen - the Inuyasha series didn’t need this to happen. It’s finished. But we were given this anyways. This play is one big gift to us Inuyasha fans, and I think that’s beautiful! People haven’t forgotten this series, and the success of this play in Japan just goes to prove that - not to mention, it’s just really, really well done!!! <3

So excited to tell you!!!

Hello, all! So I’m 12 followers away from my next hundred already, and decide to take my tumblr a bit more seriously, so this account is not strictly YA fiction! I made a personal blog though for all my puns and politics @a-court-of-reds-and-silvers. I also got hella organized and made a navigation page for this blog (under the cut). 

During college, I made a giant note in my phone of all the art (just got Adobe Illustrator), edits, text postsand fanfiction I wanted to make/write for my fandoms, so there is a lot of stuff coming y’all’s way very soon 💙

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cometothefanny  asked:

Hey, gorgeous! <3

Say hey! And I will answer the following:

1. First impression: This person makes really good GIFs and I should definitely follow them in case they put up any new ones of Joel. 
2. Truth is: You are possibly one of the nicest fandom people I have come across in every way possible and I appreciate all the time you take to make all of your amazing content/just be a lovely person.
3. How old do you look/seem: Not a day over 20 ;)
4. Have you ever made me laugh: 100%. Probably about something Joel related.
5. Have you ever made me mad: Nope. I don’t think you ever would!
6. Best feature: How supportive and genuine you are.
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: I’m afraid not.
8. You’re my: Joel-obsession initiator. You definitely got me intrigued.
9. Name in my phone: You’re not in it but I would probs just call you Oula.
10. Should I post this too? If you wanna’.

Hey guys! There’s something I have to say..

I’m going to leave the Leafy Fandom which means not getting involved in the leafyishere tag or any other related leafy tags, re-blogging leafy related stuff, or answering leafy related anons :/ 

One of the reasons I’m leaving the leafy fandom is due to some of the drama around it *cough* hate anons *cough*. No matter how far I steer clear from the drama these days, they clearly find a way to come back and annoy me. Although I can just block them, I’m just seriously tired of their antics popping up again, it’s honestly a waste of time to deal with them really but clearly they didn’t realize that haha.

However, the MAIN reason why I’m leaving the leafy fandom is because of Leafy himself. It’s tiring to have to stick to someone who doesn’t listen or change his/her ways and that’s basically Leafy. When many of us begged him to change his content around or even take a break, he just does the opposite and it really pisses me off :/ Nowadays, I’m noticing his personality and content deteriorating, and a lot of tumblr blogs who watch leafy claim he isn’t funny in the slightest bit. That’s truly sad to be honest. Therefore, I don’t want to support someone who isn’t willing to listen and turn things around. 

Nevertheless, I’ll still willing to support the leafy blogs who follow and support me, and I’m open in the dms if you wanna chat about life or anything really! Most importantly, I will not make fun of the people who stick by leafy because (besides the fact that you people are good souls who support someone unwilling to change)  you guys are truly friendly and I appreciate that! Plus I’m glad to meet a lot cool people who used to be in the leafy fandom as well!  <3 

Thanks again! I’m truly sorry to leave this fandom but don’t worry, I have more spicy/ cute things up my sleeve ;D Perhaps post some spicy memes, reblog cool stuff such as quotes, sceneries, precious shiba inus and more!  

Anyways, I’m going to sleep soon, I wish you all a goodnight and thanks for reading my somewhat rant! :P 

-Formerly that Laura girl

Presenting without comments: Lapelosa or the true definition of a manipulative lying larrie

The first one is a reblogged post, at first she started to unveil her “inside info” in her tags

Anonymous asked: You know for a fact he is not having a baby? Like sources?



 yessssssssssssss.. i know for  fact that louis is not having this damn baby.   FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK … we have been saying this for MONTHS!!! why does no one ever listen to us :( haha

sources: if I could fly

Tags: #this could not be more true #and to more directly answer yesterday’s anon: #yes anon everybody in the industry and their mother knows the story is fake #babygate

 X ‘ November 04, 2015

The rest are her posts:

Anonymous asked: do you think that if there had not been the fallout with simon/syco that they intended to come out under simon and use it to promo the MITAM?

Yes. In fact, I know it for a fact.

X January 13, 2016

Anonymous asked: I understand you can’t share anything but this “irving azoff signed whole band” is conformed to you? Like, you know it’s 100% true? I understand if you can’t answer. Thank you anyway.

Yes. And because I can’t betray confidentiality and hurt people this is the best I can do, which means I’ll be dismissed, and I know that–which is why hearsay is not outing, because it’s easily dismissed–and you evaluating the info depends on what you know about me as a person, if I tend to lying or am easily fooled (somebody who recently wrote a post about me accusing me of blindly believing an anon should really have known better….)–but maybe it’s something. It’s a frustrating situation, but I’m also very frustrated with a lot of fandom conversations.

I CAN say that the boys have repeatedly urged you to have faith in them, and I’m going to urge that too.

X January 13, 2016

Anonymous asked: sorry I didn’t understand your answer to my question so maybe I didn’t explain myself very well. What I was asking you is if you think NT has a plan for their coming out and for their future as a band? (In the previous answer you said something about the fandom reacting in a certain way but I didn’t see how that could relate to my question, sorry!)

Irving Azoff has signed the whole band and is currently working for Louis’ future, yes. What you saw in that tweet is the continuation of the smear campaign that we’ve been seeing since mid-July, when Simon Cowell started implying that 1D has no future. He’s saying that because 1D has no future with HIM.

X January 13, 2016

Anonymous asked: “Irving Azoff has signed the whole band and is currently working for Louis’ future”   Source?

I’m sharing what I can, anon, and no more. It’s either this or nothing.

X January 13, 2016

Anonymous asked: You sound very confident that the guys have signed with Azoff. And I’d like to be as confident as you. I don’t need to know how you know…but, I guess in terms of percentages - are you 100% sure/confident that the guys have signed with Azoff and will indeed be back?

I feel so reluctant to share stuff like this, precisely because of this issue. Yes, I am one hundred percent confident. Which I know perfectly well is something that you could very well not accept, but I want to do something to fight against the current smear campaign. Yes, when I say I know, I’m not fucking around.

X January 18, 2016

Anonymous asked: You know 1000% sure they signed with Azoff? The entire band?

Yes. The entire band.

X January 18, 2016

Anonymous asked: So I don’t think the baby is real and I know larry is real but that doesn’t stop my heart rate from going through the roof when things like those bracelet pictures happen. I’m gonna get off the internet and ignore things for a bit, but I wonder if you wouldn’t mind listing the things you feel comfortable saying you know for a fact? Obviously not the things that would be betraying a source of info, but the more general things? if not, it’s ok! I just trust you the most, so it’d be comforting haha

Hi anon,

I agree with the importance of logging off when the stress gets too much. Anything I feel comfortable sharing I’ve already shared, including 1. Louis and Harry are an engaged couple, and 2. Irving Azoff has signed the whole band and is working for Louis’ future. Those two things should really tell you what you need to know about this story.

Furthermore, listen to the bears! The bears say to be calm. So we are calm. We know how this story is going to end.

X January 22, 2016

Anonymous asked: Wow are Harry and Louis really engaged? Like you actually heard this from a reliable source?? Details please! Lol. Thank you!

Yes, from a reliable source!

X January 22, 2016

Anonymous asked: Do you know for a fact that Harry and Louis are still together and there is no baby?


 X January 27, 2016 

Anonymous asked: Angela. Do you think that L/H coming out this year is a lost cause? I’ve been holding on bc I want to see them through but this constant barrage of pap pics/DC/BG is slowly eating away any hope I had. You say they are together still. For a fact?

What, this year a lost cause? No, I don’t think that at all!

Yes, they are together. Everything you are seeing right now is about the business status of 1D, not about Louis/Harry’s relationship status

X May 30, 2016

Anonymous asked: So what I’m getting from your blog and Cris’ blogs is that you invest time and energy to share your thoughts and opinions on various subjects on a daily basis.  I’m also understanding that you have never claimed to be part of an inner circle that is privy to the exact nature of any sort of negotiations that go on behind the scenes.  Lastly, you are infinitely patient with anons such as myself and you wish nothing but the BEST for all the boys.  Would you say this is correct? Thank you, lovely xx

This is correct in every respect and I love you so much, anon!

X May 30, 2016

Anonymous asked: “I’m also understanding that you have never claimed to be part of an inner circle that is privy to the exact nature of any sort of negotiations that go on behind the scenes. ”  You truly claimed for a fact that you knew Azoff signed the whole band.  I mean no disrespect but I’m very confused. *insert Oprah “what’s the truth ” gif*

You don’t have to be in an inner circle to know that, anon. Me knowing that Azoff has signed the band doesn’t translate to me automatically knowing what is happening bts–but it is a factor that helps me evaluate things from outside, yes.

It’s really not very difficult to understand that A doesn’t translate to B, anon.

X May 30, 2016

anonymous asked:

7, 20

7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?*

Obvious answer would be L/Light, but to go for something more interesting…

Mello’s narration of Another Note. When I was younger I used to get sentimental about it and Mello’s nostalgic-negative feelings about his old home plus his relating to B, etc…. But now that I am older, the only thing I can think anymore is “none of this makes any sense with the way Mello’s timeline happens in the manga, none of this makes any sense for Mello to know at all, none of this—” in endless loop.

I love AN but I prefer to pretend Mello has no part in it, sob.

20.  What is the purest ship in the fandom?

…. uh.

I… guess Raye/Naomi? Who canonically love and care for each other a lot. I guess Soichiro/Sachiko is also an option, because the same applies to them, but after all this marriage put Sachiko through, I’ll let them take second place.

Alternatively, the purest ship is totally Mido/Ooi. These are words of truth.


anonymous asked:

ah okay this'll be hard to articulate but my feelings abt enjolras sorta stem from a wholly different place- i /really/ really relate to him, which ig is kinda odd as im also a mentally ill queer person lol. but anyway, fandom characterization of enjolras (and like.. so many people tbh, but fandom is as fandom does) really irritates me bc he is said to love love. like, a lot of mischaracterization i think comes from the fact that hes a sort of 'tough love' person in the book, but even then +

(p2) i feel like people forget that hes leading a revolution in an oppressive dictatorship and he doesnt really have Time to be Soft. anyway, back to my original point on love. love is enjolras’s driving force- if you are leading a revolution For The People, you arent above the common people or are cruel to them??? you would have to love them to risk your life for them. and you also love your friends?? bc your friends /are/ the common folk. like feuilly is a working man (and i could continue +

(p3) listing people off but I Won’t). but enjolras doesnt see them as a Cause, he isnt /inhuman/. he loves his friends for the same reason we all love our friends?? plus theres a moment in the barricade where i read it and sorta had a different reaction than others. when enjolras tells grantaire to leave the barricade and sleep off his wine, i feel like its less “youre worthless to us bc youre drunk and therefore cannot help” (altho w/ the eras POV on alcoholism it cld defo be a factor) +

(p4) and moreso enjolras doing what he did with the fathers in a different way- he doesnt want anyone who didnt believe in what they were doing (ie grantaire) to risk their life and possibly die for a new day that enjolras probably knew wouldnt happen in their lifetime. he doesnt want unnecessary blood on his hands (like, remember the line “death, i use you but i hate you?” or something along those lines). ANYWAY I RAMBLED ON A LOT BUT I JUST REALLY LOVE ENJ AND PROJECT ON HIM A LIL BIT WOW SRRY

I don’t think it’s odd at all!! Enjolras is a classic queer character, i think it makes perfect sense. 

that’s a perspective i hadn’t considered (re: tough love leading to mischaracterization), to be quite honest!! I could see how people could mischaracterize enjolras (he is, at times, brutally efficient, see le cubac) but i was more frustrated as to how they (seem to) miss the love aspect all together. 

also the second, about sending grantaire away. what an interesting reading!! to be honest, i skewed more towards the general perception; that he was sending grantaire away because he was in the way and obviously seemed incapacitated/too drunk to help. 

in the scene, grantaire is being crass about women and then depressing about their fates and his uselessness since birth, which prompts courfeyrac to tell him to shut up, and enjolras to tell him to sleep elsewhere.

“Grantaire,“ he shouted, “go get rid of the fumes of your wine somewhere else than here. This is the place for enthusiasm, not for drunkenness. Don’t disgrace the barricade.

and of course these lines: 

“Go and sleep somewhere else,” cried Enjolras. 

But Grantaire, still keeping his tender and troubled eyes fixed on him, replied, “Let me sleep here, — until I die.“ 

Enjolras regarded him with disdainful eyes.

“Grantaire, you are incapable of believing, of thinking, of willing, of living, and of dying.”

so i can understand the general reading: grantaire is disturbing everyone with his drunken ramblings, enjolras needs his men to fight and potentially die. but… that doesn’t invalidate your reading either. grantaire is not only in the way, but also an unnecessary death.  

this is a reading i haven’t seen before, and i’m not a les mis scholar, but i think it is very much supported by the text!! i think it fits perfectly into enjolras’ character, and you have quoted exactly the line i would have to illustrate enjolras’ feelings on the matter. this is outside any sort of shipping or other relationship enjolras and grantaire have; this is purely a character action reading that, i think, is kinda brilliant

tbh i don’t have anything to add to that, i just want to share it

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I have a small fanbase & community, there, me & my friends share anything related to OnS at first, but it's hard to survive if only OnS themed. So we decided to share abt others too. And as time goes by, it's getting harder bcs the fandom seems dying 😭😭 So many artists never draw ons anymore. Even the anime staff rarely tweet something... What should I do? What do you feel abt this?

I completely understand where you’re coming from. (Other than the actually having a fanbase irl lol) But I’m sure you guys notice me struggling as well because I only post ONS when there’s new content. Which is usually only once a month….But I think branching out is a good idea, it’s obviously what I’ve done a little of. Maybe to keep the ONS spirit alive though, you could use the fact we get a new chapter each month to your advantage? Like have different parts of the chapter you focus on throughout the month on a chapter until it becomes time for a new one? It is hard though after ONS had the big boom with the anime and such, there was a lot of new content all at once for a while. And now there’s not. But I’m sure there will come periods of time again where the fandom can spring back to life other than with the new chapters! 

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(Hi reference searching anon here. :0) The picture was of kevin getting bitchslapped by Jamie after the events of Beach City Drift. I found the scenario too relatable to one of my other ships in another fandom, but I didn't know how to make a visual of something moving when drawing on paper, let alone the poses of someone slapping another in the face. But it seems that the artist of that picture deleted it, but it still shows on your blog. (THANK YOU.)