i answered the door in a towel for this

You know what I want? I want a S6 post-reunion, pre-wedding fic that’s just Kurt and Blaine in Blaine’s apartment for 24+ hours, making up for lost time. 

Now, to be clear, I don’t want a fic in which they talk everything out. See, my head canon is that they already hashed it all out when they were locked in the elevator. Even they didn’t talk sort out anything in the elevator, at some point they regained an ease with each other, because we saw that at Rachel’s basement party. This is why I figured the conversations happened off screen.

What I do want is Kurt and Blaine having lots of sex, avoiding their friends’ phone calls and raiding the fridge for whatever Blaine hasn’t packed up yet. I want Kurt answering the door in a towel and the two of them eating takeout in bed. I want resurrected inside jokes. I want reveling in each other, telling each other what they missed most about being together, and other sweet and sexy confessions. I want dancing in their underwear. I want clear eyes, and contented sighs. I want their happy surrender.

Brothers Best Friend

Anon Requested:  56. “Nice panties by the way.” With taehyung (smut) 👀👌❤


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Pairing: V (Taehyung) x Reader

Word Count: 980

“Nice panties by the way.”

“Hoseok, did you grab the laundry!” You called out from your bed room to your brother’s room in hopes that he would answer. He didn’t

Your hair was dripping wet and the snow white towel was wrapped firmly around your body. You groaned out loud and opened your bedroom door getting ready to march down to Hoseok’s room but you came face to basket with Taehyung holding the laundry.

You grabbed the towel tighter as you took a step back allowing him to enter your room. 

“I didn’t know you were over.” You simply state before walking back over to your bed where Taehyung placed the laundry basket.

“Yeah I’m staying over for a couple of days, hope it’s not a problem.” Taehyung glanced down at your body. He watched the beads of water drip down your body and he noticed how tight you were holding the towel against you, he did this without your knowledge of course. He was staring at his best friend’s little sister. Though ‘little’ didn’t mean much, you were only two years younger than Hoseok and was the same age as Tae but nevertheless he couldn’t take his eyes off of your body.  “Why aren’t you dressed? Don’t you have a closet full of clothes?” 

Your head snapped to him only now noticing the look he had on his face. You didn’t dare tell anyone but you secretly loved the look he was giving you, you longed for it. But you quickly diverted your head back to the clothes, pulling out the shirt, bra and shorts you were looking for but was still rummaging for the last piece of clothing you needed.

“Nice panties by the way.” Taehyung merely said, his voice cool and calm as if what he said hadn’t sparked something in you. You whipped your head to him and saw him holding what you were looking for. Hand still wrapped around your towel, making sure it didn’t fall you reached for the pink sheer thong that was just only hanging off of his pointer finger. his hand quickly got a hold of your panties and he held them up higher completely out of reach.

“Give them back, Tae.” You whine sticking out your hand telling him to place your thong back in your hand. But all he did was shake his head.

“Close your door.” His eyes locked on yours, you were hesitant to do it but you close the door soon turning around but you were soon pushed hard into the door. Your eyes opened wide as Taehyung slowly leaned in closer to you. One hand on the side of your head while the other flipped the lock on your doorknob. Your hand gripped the towel tighter, your nerves wracking up in your stomach and you knew if you tried to speak it’d be a stuttering mess, but Taehyung didn’t speak either. His eyes just trailed up and down your body sending shivers down your spine causing him to smirk. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you for.” He mumbled before crashing his lips on yours. 

He took no time at all to grab both of your wrists and pin them above your head. Your towel loosened and before you knew it both wrists were in one hand as his other hands pulled the towel down exposing your body, but you didn’t care, you wanted this just as much as he did.

His leg slid in between yours, separating them so his free hand could find your already soaking wet entrance. Without hesitation Taehyung slipped two fingers in and began pumping at a fast pace.

“Tae.” Your moan muffled by his lips. His head dipped down to your neck shushing you quietly.

“You don’t want your brother to hear, do you?” His pace quickened sending you into absolute bliss yet complete and utter torture. You bit down on your lips trying to stifle the moans wanting to desperately come out.

“T-Tae..” You whimpered tugging on his shirt and as if that was the signal he threw his shirt off on the ground and quickly rid himself of his basketball shorts and boxers.

Picking you up you wrapped your legs around him quickly as he sat you on the desk in your room, pushing all the papers and books off of it. He gripped your hips and without faltering in the least bit he slammed himself in you not allowing you to stretch around his length in time. You let out a loud yell of his name not caring anymore if your brother heard and clearly neither did Taehyung because both of your mouths let out loud moans, whimpers and the groans of eac others names. 

He continued to pull out and thrust into you harder with every chance he got. His pace quickened causing you to arch your back in pleasure. Pumping even harder into you you began to feel your climax coming. His deep moans were the only thing you could focus on at this point because his thrusts became erratic. You tightened around him letting out one last moan of his name before he climaxed with you. He continued to pump into you letting both of you down from your highs before pulling out.

You leaned your head back against the wall breathing hard, your eyes closed just for a second before you felt something thrown on your lap. Opening your eyes and looking down you see your panties on your lap. 

Not being able to control yourself you let out a loud laugh. Taehyung laughing with you threw your clothes you had on your bed to you and quickly dressed himself. He looked at himself in the mirror making sure he was presentable before giving you a quick glance. He opened your door and froze once he saw Hoseok.

“Finally, I swear you guys take forever.”

Anniversary pizza dare

I think the “accidental” exposure is way hotter than just flashing. Make the guy think he is seeing something he shouldn’t. That’s why I LOVE the pizza dare and try to get my wife to do it any opportunity.
Last year we rented a cabin for our anniversary and of course I ordered pizza lol. She knew what I wanted so wet her hair and put on just a towel and waited. A kid maybe 18 years old showed up. She answered the door like she was surprised in the shower and tells him her husband must’ve ordered and she has no idea where I went. She dropped her towel while reaching for the food then half tried to cover herself while getting the money from her purse then drops the towel again while trying to hand him the cash. This time she just gave up and stood there in her birthday suit as she reached to him. He was so flustered he dropped the money on the floor then proceeded to get on his knees right in front of her nude body to get it. He was staring right at her pussy from inches away while he blindly felt around for the cash and muttered apologies. He reached around her leg for a bill and at same time she shifted forward. His nose actually touched her pussy for a second when he looked back up! I was hiding on a balcony watching and didn’t know til later there was contact but I got an instant woody when she told me later. We have done the pizza dare many times over the years but that was one of the hottest for sure.

Tips to make your client feel welcome

I feel these men want to be in a environment that’s clean, discrete, and welcoming

I always have some candles in my room
Or APt…. It sets the mood

Also I spray my bed with perfume & light
Incense ….. Men love walking into a place that smells of a woman that they’re seeing.

Also girls shower & dress in a sexy bra n panties or lingerie …. Plz stop answering the door in basic attire…. These men can go home & see their wives& girlfriends in basic attire

When a guy meets a ts he’s expecting you to be in something sexy & seductive

Also this works for me but I never let them clean off ill get a clean towel & do it for them

The business is all about customer service so show it 🙌🏾🙌🏾💋💋🌟✨

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Prompt: Jack likes to sing loudly in the shower at five in the morning and his neighbor Crutchie is just trying to sleep in. So Crutchie goes to confront Jack but wasn't expect him to answer the door in just a towel

Thanks to long car rides and important people in your life to help me find the right song for this one. 
Also thanks to Shrek 2 for existing and making this song hilariously popular 

“I need a hero~!”

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BTS: SMUT:  Suga: First time.

You came home from the university. Your jacket was filled with little snowflakes, soaking your jacket completely. It was like a blizzard outside. “Yoongie?” You called for his response. But no answer. You threw all of your soaked clothes on the floor and you headed for the bathroom. You were only in your underwear when you stopped as soon as the sound of water from the shower reached your ears. “Y/N, is that you?” You blushed, knowing that he was naked. Only 2 meters from you. “Are you cold?” He asked loudly. You shivered. “N..no”. You were about to close the door when he took a towel around his waist and held the door. “Your lips are purple, and you’re pale jagi. I know how the cold weather affects you”. You looked away, while holding your hands in front of your bra. “Well.. are you done sho.. showering?” He gently touched your flustered cheek. “No, but we’re both cold. Come on”. You smiled and did as you were told. He dragged you into the bathroom again, closing the door. He lightly kissed your hands, feeling how cold they were. You had no idea where this was going, but you didn’t mind, you trusted your boyfriend. Suga turned around, trashing his towel. Showing you his firm ass and his muscular back. “join me when you’re ready jagi” You clearly heard the water running down his body, and feeling the warm damp. You could feel that you were already wet. You slowly took off your bra and thong. You inhaled the warm air, trying to cool yourself down, but that obviously didn’t help. You closed your eyes and took one big step into the shower. You opened your eyes, only to meet his. “Yoongie.. i want you”. He smiled. “You know that I’m the luckiest guy on earth right?” He then kissed your neck, trailing down the soft kisses further down. You stopped him. “Please yoongie, I’m cold”. “Well, then let me warm you up”. In one shift he lifted you up against the cold tiles. He sucked on your nipples, teasing you even more. You lowered yourself, hoping you would feel him. Bingo. He groaned. “Fine, if that’s how you want it” He smiled through the kisses. His shaft touched your wet entrance. “Are you ready jagi?” You kissed him back, nodding. He pushed himself all the way up. You felt a sharp pain in your lower region, causing you to tense up. He could feel it. “I’ll be gentle, don’t worry” he reassured you. He pulled out slowly, and the same pace into you. Slow and passionate. You were both moaning and gasping for air. After many thrusts he picked up his pace. And you finally feeling him inside of you. “Yoongie, I’m..” He groaned again, and hissed. “Me too baby!” He pulled out. You suddenly felt something against your entrance again. “Are you still cold?” He asked with a mischievous smile. “Maybe..” You answered him. “Maybe we need to take a round 2 then?”.

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Most hilarious sex/masturbation story? - so last year I was having sex in my shower and my s/o and I had ordered food before our shower, but it came really quick and we were having sex when they were calling us to say it was delivered. Someone had to let them in and I had to answer the door in my towel 😊

Imagine Alex coming to you as soon as he returns home from war 

It was roughly midnight on another rainy night and for some reason or another, you couldn’t sleep. Something kept you from laying on your bed and falling asleep. As another T.V. episode started, your doorbell rang. Without even thinking, you jumped up and answered the door. A wet and panting Alex Summers stood before you

“Well, sorry to wake you (y/n)” he said solemnly “I just had to see you”

“A-alex, oh my gosh it is you!” you exclaimed “come in, come in, I’ll get you a towel”

He walked in slowly and stood in the doorway, waiting for you to return with the towel. As soon as you got back, you helped him to the couch and got him a steamy cup of hot chocolate

“Alex, are you home for good?” you asked after a few minutes of silence

“That I am” he said “and I was wondering if I could stay with you for a while, until I get a job” he added

“Anything you need, I’m here” you said, placing a loving hand on his shoulder “I’ll get you some blankets and pillows”

My SpoonieStrong Selfie Saturday was taken at 5am… In the ER Last night really spooked me. I often go to the bathroom during the night, and sometimes even feel dizzy when I go, but last night something really scary happened. I couldn’t quite catch myself, even holding onto the sink, and my vision went black and I passed out. Falling down, I hit the lights with my hand, the doorknob with my head, and the towel rack with my shoulder. When I came to on the ground, it was pitch black and I couldn’t remember how to turn the lights on or open the door. It was 4am, but my doctor answered my page and had us go to the ER. They were amazing there, and I was in the pediatric unit, which was cute and cheerful and nothing like my previous ER encounters. Luckily, nothing was wrong with me beyond cancer + a normal fainting spell. It’s really hard to get used to always having to test for the worst, always going to the doctors, and taking health so seriously. But I know these lessons will be valuable as I deal with survivorship. There may always be something, but I can deal with it all. Wisdom & victory ❤️

Dear Future Husband / Part 3

Previous Chapters

Word Count: 1938

disclaimer: might be a lot of spelling mistakes but I will edit it tonight! I just got it all ready and have to leave the house! :)


A sharp knock at the door pulled you from your work.

“Yea?” You yelled.

“Come over to my place in a half hour.” Chanyeol’s deep voice rumbled through the door, making your roll your eyes. “I mean it.”

You let out a huff, setting your laptop down as you got up to get ready.

Exactly a half hour later you were knocking on Chanyeol’s door. You folded your arms over your chest as you waited, too long, in your opinion, for him to answer the door. You were surprised by the sight you took in as he swung the door open.

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Imagine Sam coming to pick you up for a date and hearing you panic through the front door because you’re not ready...

“Shit. Shit! SHIT!” You scampered out of the bathroom when the doorbell rang, streaking across the hallway in just a towel. “Oh my god, Can you please get that?!” you called to your roommate in a panicked rush. “I–I’m not ready,” you said with wide eyes.

She laughed at you. “I see that. Unless towels are the new little black dress…” She rose from her desk and headed to answer the door. “I got it. How long you need? I can entertain him for free for ten minutes and then I start charging by the minute,” she called over her shoulder with a smirk. 

“Fifteen!” came your muffled voice from behind your closed bedroom door. There was a crash. “Oww… I’m okay! Dammit! Where is that other red heel?!”

You had no idea that Sam heard every word of what was happening and suppressed an amused smile as he waited steadfastly at the front door. He filed it away with the other reasons he liked you…

You roommate shook her head and took a deep breath before she opened the door. “You must be Sam,” she said with a warm smile. “Why don’t you come in? Y/N is just finishing powdering her nose.”

Imagine Sam and Dean showing up to your door as FBI agents

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not my gifs. 

There was a wrapping on your front door and you huffed your way to answer it, clad in just a towel. You looked through the peephole to see two men, one in a wrinkly suit and longish hair, the other man with a poor excuse for a tie. You opened the door.

“Whatever you’re selling, I’m not interested.”

“Sorry to bother you,” the taller of the two had a hint of redness in his cheeks as he took in the sight before him, “but we’re with the FBI.”

They flashed their badges and you knew from years of conning that these men were not federal agents. Scoffing, you looked at the two men with a gleam in your eye,

“Right, and I’m the Virgin Mary,” you slammed the door in their shocked faces.

“Well I sure as hell hope she ain’t the Virgin Mary,” Dean smirked, “did you see the legs on her?”

Sam rolled his eyes and went to knock again, before Dean caught his hand,

“No use, little brother, she’s on to us,” he shook his head turning on his heel to walk away, “we’ll figure this out another way.“

The Hate// Jack G. Imagine


*Jack’s POV*
I came home to an extremely quiet apartment. Y/n should have been home already, but maybe she was just sleeping.
I went into our room to change into more comfortable clothes when I heard crying coming from inside our bathroom.
I rushed to the door and tried to open it, but it was locked.
“Y/n! Y/n open the door!” I yelled, no answer, just crying. “Y/n, move away from the door, I’m coming in!” I yelled and barged through the door.
I found Y/n sitting on the floor with her phone in one hand, a razor blade in the other. Her wrist was dripping with blood.
“Oh my god. Y/n, why?” I asked getting a towel to help stop the bleeding. She just showed me her phone.
“Y/n’s so fat, why is Jack with her?”
“She’s ugly, Jack deserves better.”
“Y/n doesn’t deserve him.”
“Y/n, baby, don’t listen to them. They’re just jealous because you have what they want. You’re perfect just they way you are, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I don’t ever want you to cut yourself again, can you promise me that?” I asked her. She nodded and said, “I promise.”
“Now let’s get out of the bathroom and get you in bed.”
“Jack,” she said. I turned around, “Yeah?” “Thank you.” She said in an almost whisper. “No problem, baby. I love you.” “I love you too.” She said as we laid down and she put her heading my chest and quickly fell asleep.

OH MY GOSH!!! HEY GUYS!! Sorry I haven’t been posting as much *sigh* I’ve just been busy with a bunch of school work and crap like that, but I have all weekend to write a ton of things for you guys!

Victoria - Since you know all the answers, I guess you have to find another way into the dorm. we aint moving

Max - Or…….

‘pushes way through and walks into the dorm’

Taylor -  ‘surprised’ I didn’t think she had the spine for it…….

‘sprinklers turn on’ 

‘Victoria , Taylor, and Courtney get up’ 

Victoria -  ‘freaking out’ Water ! On my cashmere ?!

‘paint falls down, getting all over Victoria’

Victoria -  ‘yelling’ No way ! No FUCKING WAY !

Courtney -  Hold on, hold on. We’ll get some towels…..

‘door to the dorm locks’ 

Max-  ‘imitating Victoria’s voice’ Now, why don’t you go fuck your selfie 

‘Taylor and Courtney look back at Victoria’

Victoria - Well ? Go get some from the main building !

‘Taylor and Courtney run out of sight’

Victoria - …….. well played my darling ‘proud’

Towel | Sammy Wilk Imagine

The comfortable feeling of hot water running down your back made you feel relaxed. You were over at your boyfriend’s place and needed to take a shower after a long day.

As you were finished you stepped out of the steamy shower only to notice your towel wasn’t where it usually was. You searched the bathroom for a towel but didn’t find one.

“Sammy?” you called out shivering from the cold air on your bare body. You waited a while but he did not answer. “Sam, babe!” you tried again. Still no answer. I guess there’s only way way to do this, you thought to yourself and opened the door.

You left a trail of wet footsteps behind you as you made your way to his room. You found him focused on a game he was playing. He still didn’t notice you as you shyly waved your hand. “Sammy!” you said walking towards him.

Slowly he turned his head. As he saw your naked body his jaw dropped. “Uh-h yea?” he mumbled not even bothering to cover the stares. “Can I have a towel?” you asked. A familiar smirk grew on his face and he bit his lower lip. No matter how many times he did that it still made you melt.

“Yeah baby” he said getting up and walking towards you. He placed his hand on your lower back and pulled you closer. You blushed and looked down. “Baby girl” he whispered and hooked a finger under your chin to lift your face back up. He placed a gentle kiss on your lips making you completely melt under his touch.

Laying Pipe | Closed


Jemma groaned her frustration through clenched teeth and slammed the shower head back in its cradle. She couldn’t even get off by herself now? This was ridiculous!

Shutting off the water, she wrung out her hair and wrapped it in a towel before pulling on her robe and tightening the belt with an annoyed tug. She flung the door open and exited into the living room, stopping short when she saw Fitz leaving the kitchen with a mug of tea. 

“Fitz,” she said, her tone challenging. “I’m an attractive woman, aren’t I?” She didn’t let him answer her before ploughing on. “I have pleasant features and a good body?” She interrupted him again before he could talk. “I’m an excellent conversationalist with a witty sense of humour, wouldn’t you say?”

He looked a bit lost, but he wasn’t disagreeing with her, so she got to the main crux of her questioning. 

“So why on earth have I not had sex in almost two years?”