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Their first and last mission together.

When did “I’d rather die than go anywhere with this guy” turn into “I’ll go anywhere with this guy even if it means I can die”?

Patty Tolan, queen of the bisexuals ™

anonymous asked:

Do you take requests? I was wondering if you could post something with strawberry jam? I LOVE strawberries! <3 ^_^

Hi mate, sometimes I take request if I have nothing in queue. I love strawberry too so let’s see what I can do ^^!

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I honestly would love to see a massive effort for Black musicians to learn a second language, any language and incorporate it into their music. It would broaden their appeal so much more, but I mostly want this for Black musicians that enjoy K pop. The K pop world has used our culture to become big but has left us out of it and I really just want us to walk up in there and let them know that while it's ok to be inspired you are to not forget the children of the culture you wish to be apart of.