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ID #86994

Name: Ciara
Age: 19
Country: Ireland

Dia duit! (Hi in irish) I’m Ciara .. I’m in first year in college and I’m studying pharmacy .. I’ve recently just finished college for the summer months and came across this accidentally .. I’ve always wanted a pen pal because i love meeting new people and talking to others about their lives and listening to lil bits about their interests and what they enjoy.. Summer so far is proving to be really quiet so i’d love to find someone to get to know and share stories with! I love art, especially painting and So far I’ve just been spending my summer sleeping and watching netflix ( i love ru pauls drag race) I love food and making smoothies and enjoying nice walks on the beach or hikes. I love my lil plants and my dog and my cat and also doing my makeup and going out. but i also like my quiet time .. quotes are everything. Ive plenty of time atm so id love to get to know other people from all walks of life

Preferences: I’d preferably like to get to know people around my own age .. so 17 - 21 :) I’d love to get to know people of all genders and sexual preferences and all races and cultures


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 26/?

also another tip for character creation is if you’re stuck on how to build the personality of your character, try giving them a trait of yours or a member of your family’s. it’s like a little easter egg, and it also makes it easier for you to write that part of them. it definitely helps if all you have about them is a vague idea of what kind of person they are.