i and cat

What I can and cannot:

I can learn the entire lyrics of a 2 hour musical with which is not in my mother tongue within one week or less, but

I can’t remember ten vocables after trying to learn them for over a week.

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Modern Headcanons (Cats Owners AU)


  • He never considered himself as a cat person, so when his boyfriend at the time (Rolo) got them a cat, Keith wasn’t trilled
  • It’s a sphinx called Sir Redington Purralot Keith refuses to call him that
  • Red is the moodiest and loudest cat ever, demanding constant attention but he doesn’t like other cats and other people
  • Red and Keith did not get along on the first weeks since Keith is the one who bathes him
  • But Red grew in Keith’s heart slowly and they fell in love with each other after a month together
  • Keith almost cried with happiness when Red refused to leave with Rolo when they broke up he scratched the hell out of him
  • Red is now Keith best friend
  • Unfortunately Red escaped Keith’s apartment one morning chasing a pigeon and got lost which it’s really unlike him
  • Lance found him in an alley late at night when he was leaving work and brought him home
  • That’s how Lance and Keith met
  • And Red never escaped again his job was done

Lance and Hunk:

  • They are roommates
  • Lance after a long ass time convinced Hunk to get a cat in their apartment. But when they got to the animal shelter they fell in love with different cats
  • So now they have two cats: a 7 month old kitty named Violet and a 2 year old shy baby called Brownie
  • Brownie is the quietest cat ever, he’s super shy around others cats and it’s very nervous around other people. He loves his family though and Violet is his best friend
  • Violet is a very sociable and talkative cat, she’s not shy around others and loves to cuddle with everyone. Lance swears she can make friends with anyone and it’s true!
  • Violet it’s the only cat Red likes
  • Violet is also full of energy and demands constant activities to burn it down. Lance walks her three times a week and she loves it
  • Hunk loves to brush the cats and to try new healthy recipes for them they eat way better than Lance and Hunk
  • When Lance brought Red home Hunk didn’t believe it was an actual cat that’s an alien!!!! Brownie was terrified.
  • He’s fine now

Pidge and Shiro:

  • They are neighbors and know each other since forever
  • One day, when Shiro was coming back home he found a box with five kittens
  • Pidge fell in love with the smallest one at the first sight, a little cute white fuss ball with huge green eyes pidge named her Sweet Pea
  • Shiro called Allura (how works at the animal shelter) to take the rest of the box, which she did right away
  • Imagine his surprise when he heard the tinniest meow right before he when to bed
  • One of the kitties escaped the box and was left behind a black kitten with gray eyes and a concerning sense of adventure
  • Shiro grabbed his phone to call Allura again, but he changed his mind when the kitty cuddled himself on his lap and passed out
  • Shiro named him Kuro and they are very happy together 
  •  Pidge and Shiro visit each other on a regular basis, so the cats siblings can play together and never forget about each other
  • Kuro may seem like a little demon but Swee Pea is just the worst