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Zodiac signs’ murder weapon

Aries: March 21 - April 19

The bow: A clean shot, placed right where you wanted. Silent and swift, you are gone without any traces and avoid nasty splatters of blood on your clothes.

Taurus: April 20 - May 20

The scissors: Simply two knives together, perfect to snap the red thread of life!

Gemini: May 21 - June 20

The gun: Cold and impersonal, detached from any feelings. Unless, if you carve a message in the bullet before shooting it in their heart or brain.

Cancer: June 21 - July 22

Sleeping pills: Hush, hush, now you sleep. A sneaky way, and achievable when you play your cards right.

Leo: July 23 - August 22

Bare hands: Personal and hot, the wildness of aggression and cortisol, morphine and dopamine. Pain with a deadly end, but not for you. 

Virgo: August 23 - September 22

The axe: Hard to dodge when used well. Close, yet too far to be hurt yourself. The weight of the weapon is perfect in your hands, as your vision goes red. 

Libra: September 23 - October 22

The Swiss pocket knife: Even when less luxurious as this one, you’d have many options at your disposal. Ideal if you change your mind often! 

Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

The poison: “Here, try this.” Or less classy, with a funnel down their throat. Options are countless with intake method or what kind of poison you choose. 

Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21

The fire: Fierce and untamed, allowing you to disappear as smoke afterwards, and the other too will disappear, not as smoke, but as ash and splinters of bone.

Capricorn: December 22 - January 19

Sensuality: There are two times the human is the weakest: one is shortly after a sexual act. Choosing to use this, you will be the best and last of their life.

Aquarius: January 20 - February 18

Hiring someone: You won’t do it yourself. It is rather amusing to let it be done for you instead. Watch and smile as you won’t get a single scratch.

Pisces: February 19 - March 20

Psychology: Physical contact might not be your taste. But if you got a talent of getting in someone’s mind you might just be able to twist it right how you desire.

Falling Playbook 2

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Subtitle: Setting the Rules

Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (Seol)

Themes: smut | college!au | fwb!au

Word Count: 12.5k

Summary: Jungkook and I want to test the waters before we start anything serious.

Masterlist | 01 | 02 | …

It was Monday; first out of five days which were going to determine whether Jungkook and I could be friends or not. We had five days to test the waters before we could proceed with our arrangement. By Friday, we would either start our sexual adventure or just settle for that one time thing we had already shared. Regardless of the outcome, I was excited. It was new to me, and I just couldn’t help but smile whenever I thought about it.

Jungkook had been very persistent when he had told me he wouldn’t have let me leave his apartment until he had had my every social media account. We had to be in touch, we were supposed to become friends after all.

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[fic recs by your fav nobody]


please send me fics to read !! i have no life i will definitely read them !!

NOTE: some of the links no longer work due to the fact that the author has either deleted the story, their account, or changed their url - i try my best to fix it or remove them from the list so bear with me !!

1. @an-exotic-writer ; literally anything she writes is perfect. she’s lowkey the one who inspired me to write. stan talent, stan missy. i love her all of her works but my all time favorites are

> atomic number 47: fucking silver
> 100 ways to say i love you
> drunk in love
> sugardaddy!jimin

p.s. if you read this missy, i am lowkey your biggest stalker and im just too scared to say anything hahaha bye

2. @noir0neko ; oh my god, the creator of smut and all things sinful. all i want in my life is to be able to write smut this well. 

> 3rd hour: bad behavior
> black magic
> below zero
> billiards boy

3. @dreamscript; hi your writing is flawless and you make me wanna cry

> accelerate 
> sunshine
> execute

4. @yoongink ; !!!!!!!!!!!!! kill me !!!!!!!!!!! your writing is perfect !!!!!!!!

> gang au drabbles

5. @fairyjeons ; the longer i make this list the more my self esteem plummets wow

> mr. and mrs. jeon

6. @seokline ; i don’t know you but i just really love you

> pout
> match maid in heaven (this is actually my religion)

7. @evangelene ; you are not forgettable

> when the paint dries

8. @park-jimeme ; when i first got into bts fics, you were like the second author i discovered and i still love you very much

> dizzy day
> i need u


> accismus

10. @the95liner ; IMPALE ME IN THE FACE

> strangers
> heartthrob 


> why i hate you
> first, last
> should i

12. @sugajpg ; hnnnnngh adjfdlaskfjdsa

> among monsters and men
> underground king
> incandescence 

13. @workofteaguk ; here’s the entire fucking masterlist because there isn’t a single story that isn’t pure art so 

> mlist

14. @bxebxee ; i meant to add you on here a while ago but my dumbass is just now remembering anyways i love you 

> cats and dogs
> i flirt in my calvins (uM???? this fucked me up more than it should have)

15. @versigny ; hello send nudes 

> the stork
> ceo!yoongi drabbles: valentino , sleeping in
> (12)7 minutes in heaven: trouble for the taking (this is a nct fic but still some Good Shit)

Tumblr is weird

So yeah I am a roockie to say the least… Less then a year in here in the tumblr world. But I have to get a few things off my mind…

I will take submissions for edits! Give me a challenge :))

I am a blog stalker… When I visit your page I prefer to just be immersed into your world. I am NOT just on your page for “likes”

My hearts are given away a lot, I support beautiful work.! Ask me anytime if you want to know what I “liked” about your work! Because believe me… There is something on that photo that made me click ❤

I am starting to delete my followers… To the tune of 100 even last evening. Quality over quantity ;) To those that will remain standing in the end. Thank you for all your support! The reblogs with credits intact! All the wonderful comments!

Last but not least….

Thank you for liking my stuff enough to take time out of your day to push that little ❤ it truly keeps me sane! I am a super busy Mom and nature lover but this blog actually keeps me motivated into doing something I have always truly loved… Ya know the kind of things you lose as a “Mom”.

Signs as things I've said at school

Aries: *jokingly* “French? I thought this was a test in Mongolian cabinetry!”

Taurus: “It’s so cold in here I guess you could say it’s unburrable!”

Gemini: “……peasants…….”

Cancer: *reading Where the Red Fern Grows* “NOOOOOO! WHY COULDN’T HAVE BILLY DIED! SAVE THE PUPPIES!”

Leo: “Canadian sheep shearers obtain their plaid jeans in a secret shop behind Tim Hortons. The password is maple syrup.”

Virgo: “As you can see, all of the likeable characters are dead.”

Libra: “Can we have a sword fight with Baguettes?”


Sagittarius: “Hey-O! Just your friendly neighborhood stalker,here!”

Capricorn: “I am creating an encyclopedia of reasons why I am single. Reason one, I am making an encyclopedia of reasons of why I am single.”

Aquarius: “Choo Choo! The swag train has no breaks!”

Pisces: *Before a test* “BUT I’M WATCHING BLUE’S CLUES!”

anonymous asked:

a while ago,,, ok literally fifteen minutes ago i scrolled through your slbp tag like the stalker i am n noticed u love kanetsugu a.k.a my mom,,, do u have any headcanons of him? with kenshin, or ai, or his brothers, a n y t h i n g for that precious short angry but always numero uno mom???

boy i fuckin love kanetsugu cause he’s short as hell but fine as hell and is an a+ dad BUT WHERE WAS AI IN MODERN DAY? I NEED TO KNOW?

  • kanetsugu needs to tiptoe to grab kenshin by the fucking ear sometimes
  • has a talent of rolling a paper into a scroll in 0.5 seconds because he needs to smack kenshin with something but thank god scrolls are usually already rolled
  • modern day kanetsugu loses kenshin in stores and one time kanetsugu found kenshin inside of a tent at costco and no one knows how he got up there
  • ai could cook better than him he burns rice
  • kanetsugu’s tolerance is so high he stopped drinking because kenshin stressed his ass out
  • kanetsugu is kind of glad women are banned because he never understood why girls kept following him when he was younger
  • he was too busy heart eyeing his WIFE he’s a loyal man
  • when he was a kid though girls would never leave him alone and it infuriated him because the only thing he cared about was studying
  • he’s been a straight arrow since he was a kid and it’s already canon he was a goddamn prodigy so
  • he knows he’s hot as hell but his brothers still roast him cus he’s short honestly ai one day could pass him in height
  • kanetsugu used to be the tallest of his siblings but then he just stopped growing
  • has a Kenshin Sense™ like if kenshins up to some tom foolery he Knows and somewhere in this world kanetsugu is enjoying his tea and u suddenly hear a “GOD DAMMIT, KENSHIN
  • that applies to modern day too but modern day kanetsugu checks kenshin’s instagram and will see he ditched an event to go four leaf clover hunting
  • is never in drama because he’s a good man and simply watches everyone else’s lives burn because of their stupidity but has to clean of kenshin’s drama 96% of the time
  • his life span is shortened by five months every time kenshin finds something new to hoard
Reader x Jason Todd - Support - Part III


“ No, I wanted to wait for you.” He scoffed.
“ What?”
“ I just haven’t really had anyone waiting for me to have food in my own place in a while.”
“ No girlfriend? Or boyfriend for that matter?”
“ Not sure I’d as readily have left you here if I had. In my line of work… it’s difficult to have a serious relationship.” You nodded slowly and ignored the sting you felt at those words, some sort of regret. He extended his arm and waited for you to place your hand in his. As soon as you had he pulled you off the bed with ease. 
“ Let’s get us some food then. Any preferences?”
“ The spaghetti looks pretty decent.” He grinned “Of course it does, Alfred, a … close friend of mine taught me how to make it.”

You rubbed your eyes, trying to be a little more alert again. You didn’t want to faceplant into your food as soon as it was ready. You walked over to the sink, ran some cold water and splashed it in your face. “Okay, awake…ish.” He tossed you a towel before opening the fridge and shoving the food in the microwave.  
“ Do you do this often? Take people in need to your place and play protector?”
“ I don’t take ‘em to my place, no. “
“ What made me the exception? Bad intentions after all?” The fact you could joke about that said a lot about how at ease you somehow still felt around him.
“ Yeah, I’ve went through all this trouble just to hand you over to your evil ex anyway.” His voice was dripping with sarcasm but he still looked back at you to see if you had noticed that.
“ Well, at least you’re getting me food first. ”

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shadownightes  asked:

*casually goes through your art like the stalker that I am* so anyway where can I sell my soul to you and what tablet do you use?

AHAHA NOOOO I don’t need your soul, just this message is enough to make me feel so happy ♥ ♥

So, for the tablet, I use a Wacom Cintiq 22HD, here’s a photo from google and from my desk!

it’s freaking huge. 
But so awsome to work with!

anonymous asked:

How would GOM plus Kagami react to being out with their s/o, only for their s/o to be catcalled and/or having unwanted sexually objectifying phrases called out to them that makes the poor s/o really uncomfortable? I just discovered your blog / am newly obsessed (hello new stalker alert i've read through every single one of your a+ posts.) Go protective gom boyfriends! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Oh hello my lovely stalker <3 Thank you for your kindness and this A++ request ;) 


Aomine - Aomine had left to go quickly check out the athletic shoe store, leaving you by yourself as you waited outside for him. You briefly notice a man eyeing you from afar, suddenly making you feel very uneasy. You wait a few seconds before glancing over again, just to see if he was still looking. He was, and the eye contact was his incentive to approach you. You looked down, wishing you could disappear, although it didn’t help your case.

“Shy girls are so cute,” he says, sitting right next to you. You have no response for this, and continue ignoring him. He continued. “I know you want me baby, how about I take you back to my place?”

You wanted to say no, but you could only mouth the word. The man just laughs. “I bet you’re even more shy and cute when you’re naked”. Aomine, who had just left the store, was able to catch the tail end of the last sentence. It was enough for him. He stood directly in front of the creep.

“What was that?” he said, narrowing his eyes.

At that moment, the man wished he could retract every single word he just said. Aomine loomed over him, his broad figure enough to cast a shadow on the creep. He stuttered a quick “nothing”, but it wasn’t enough for Aomine.

“If you can say it to her, my girlfriend, you can say it to me”. The man hesitates for a second, before bolting up and running away. Aomine thought about running after him, but decided he didn’t want to leave you alone again. He sighed, disgusted by how pathetic he was.

“Keep running!” he shouted after him, grinning as he noticed the man pick up his pace.

Midorima - You and Midorima had just planned for a pleasant walk through the city, which was interrupted by a man who called to you with the classic wolf whistle as he watched you walk by. Midorima ignores him, so you do as well. You continue to walk, but the man snaps his fingers and calls out to you again. You’re about to turn around, but Midorima stops you. He doesn’t want to do this, but he does for you.

“My girlfriend is not a dog, nanodayo. If you want the gift of her presence, you will call to her appropriately”. The man attempts to interject, but Midorima continues, speaking over him, causing him to shut up. “In addition, if you snap at her once more, you may lose the ability to use those fingers”.

With this, he turns away abruptly, placing a hand on your back as he quickly leads you away. He silently prays that the man doesn’t do anything more, and to his relief, it seems as though he is completely speechless.

Kuroko - While on a date at the mall with Kuroko, you spot a couple of older boys from your school, resting against the wall, calling out to almost every girl they see. It’s no different when they spot you. “You’re that hot first year from our school!” one of them calls out. “Instead of hanging with those losers from the basketball team, why don’t you see me at lunch break? We could have a lot of fun in that hour,” another suggests. Kuroko has to accept that there’s nothing he can do directly to those boys. He encourages you to ignore them, squeezing your hand tighter as you two pick up the pace. They continue to call after you, making you feel uncomfortable.

“Tetsuya, I don’t want to go to school tomorrow…” you say.

“It’s okay, ____. I’ll be with you the entire day,” he assures.

“I just don’t want them to start picking on you too, they might even hurt you,”

“Then maybe I’ll get Nigou to guard us too. He can be very scary”. You laugh. “Tetsuya, you know that isn’t true,”

“I’m being serious. You should see how Kagami-kun is around him,” he responds in his usual blunt tone. You laugh harder, and he smiles upon seeing this. He understands he can’t physically protect you like Kagami or Aomine could, but he can make you laugh and cheer you up inside, which was enough for him.

Akashi - You happily clung to Akashi’s arm as he walked with you around the park, trying to find a spot to rest. You find a nice bench underneath a tree, and decide to sit down for a while. A basketball rolls over to your feet, which you pick up to give back to the boy that was approaching you. He was about your age, though much taller than the average teenager. He lets out a low whistle when he sees you, not even trying to hide the fact he was checking you out, despite knowing Akashi was right beside you.

“Aren’t you a sweet little thing?” he says, ignoring Akashi completely. You’re at a loss for words, almost expecting Akashi to say something, but he holds back to observe the situation further. The boy continues, asking a question that’s sure to receive a response. “Why don’t you leave your little runt of a boyfriend here and come play ball with me?”

“I’ll play on her behalf. One on one, first point wins,” Akashi challenges immediately. The boy is taken aback. “I don’t remember inviting you, kid”. Akashi walks past him and heads to the court, saying his next sentence with absolute authority.

“Don’t worry, this won’t take long,”

Akashi throws the ball to the boy now standing in front of him on the court. “Go on, show me what your height can do”. He is visibly agitated at this point, unbelieving that he let himself be taunted into a one on one. He keeps his arrogance anyways. “Winner gets to sleep with your girlfriend then, and there’s no way I’m losing to you,” Akashi remains calm, letting the comment slide for now. Akashi’s excellent defense stops him within seconds. The ball is in Akashi’s possession, and before the boy can realize what’s happening, he is on his hands and knees.

“There. You’re right where I need you,” Akashi says, slowing dribbling the ball at his side. He calls you over. “Come here for a moment, ______,” he sets you directly in front of the boy on his knees.

“You’re in the correct position to apologize to my girlfriend,” he states. Akashi stares down at him. “Go on,” he instructs. The boy is withering on the ground, his refusal to say anything, even an insult, is enough for Akashi to realize he has got his point across. He takes your hand and starts walking away, before remembering the ball in his hands. He winds up the shot and shoots it in with perfection.

Kise - “Hey sexy,” an older man called out in your direction as you passed by. You and Kise both do a double take, and you intend on simply moving on, but Kise stands his ground. “She is attractive isn’t she? I agree with you completely,” he responds, keeping his friendly smile. The man is surprised by his lack of annoyance, so he continues. “I bet she’s good to have around eh? Seems like she knows what she’s doing, if you know what I mean,” he says with a deep laugh. Kise’s eye twitches a bit. “Yes, she is great company,” The man laughs even harder, and decides to continue pressing his luck.

“Yeah there’s a lot I’d like to do to her, especially if she was tied up and-” Kise cuts him off immediately. He laughs a little. “Ok, now you’re really starting to piss me off,” he says, his tone much lower than before. “What’ll I do?”

Kise is most dangerous when his eyes change. When the bright, playful yellow orbs turn into a deeper, mischievously glinting gold, that’s when people know to run. And so he did. Kise breathed a sigh of relief, tugging you close to him for a tight hug. “This is what I get for having a beautiful girlfriend I guess,”

Murasakibara - Murasakibara slipped into the convenience store for a moment to refill on snacks, so you waited outside for his return. Another man exits the store and catches a glimpse of you. He approaches you, even going as far to touch your shoulder as he spoke to you.

“Wow baby, you feel as good as you look”. You were incredibly freaked out over the sheer creepiness of his comment, backing away, calling for Murasakibara on instinct.

“A-Atsushi!” you yell out, not wanting to be alone with this man. He notices and is by your side in seconds. The man looks up at him, stunned. Murasakibara is enraged, and the sight of him clenching his fists invokes fear within the man. “You’re bothering ____-chin,” The man has no dignified response, and quickly turns on his heel to escape. Murasakibara catches his wrist, gripping it tightly. “Where do you think you’re going?”

You see fear deep in the creep’s eyes, and decide that was good enough. You tell Murasakibara to let him go, and he does after seeing your face. His expression softens and he bends down to pick you up.

“Atsushi, what are you doing?”

“Protecting ____-chin” he says, giving you a tight hug.

Kagami - You and Kagami were on your way to the basketball court to play together, only to see it was already occupied by someone else. The man gets a look at you, the string of words that leaves his mouth causes you deep discomfort. You couldn’t believe someone would actually say something so openly objectifying and sexual to a stranger. Kagami was also in shock, but not the speechless kind of shock. He grabs the man by the collar, lifting him high off the ground, cussing him out. You know Kagami isn’t a violent person, so his reaction scares you. You try to get Kagami to put him down, but he doesn’t budge. He’s focused on the guy, his face displaying his sincerest expression. “I have to teach this guy a lesson, to make sure he doesn’t do this to anyone ever again”.

You see the man trembling. “I think you’ve done that already,” Kagami notices too, so he simply throws him down the ground, letting him scamper away. He sighs. “Sorry you had to see me like that, _____. Guys like that just really piss me off”.

HUM SO . happy birthday, @nori-wings i guess (????????? *tsundere on* ok joke :’’0

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU CRAZY GIRL  ❤ ❤ I love youu sososososo much i remember when the doctor told me “she’s a girl” and i was like what no i’m 17(?? i don’t know, i’m just trying to make you laugh xddd not working probably, sooo you were my very first friend in the Soul Eater fandom ;u; we were in DA being totally noobs with our art we still are  ,and then you showed me your soul eater dub and i was like ohhh her voice is so pweety then as the stalker i am i think i asked your for your facebook too (? and we started talking and being weird together *AWWWW* with weird conversations and such uwu  ❤ me sending you stupid selfies xddd, and voice notes omg i lose my dignity everytime :’v anywaaay even if we don’t live too close cof,chileandmexico,cof, i’ll be there always for youu :’DD  ❤ you can tell me anything you want and i’ll try to help you in all i can do ;U;  ❤

sooo, maybe my drawing isn’t the best, i mean the coloring, BECAUSE EACH POSE AND FACE AND OMG I SUFFERED but it was worth it because it was your gift uwu  ❤ OVERALL THE MOST DIFFICULT ONE WAS SOUL EATING THE BALLOON XDDD, you wanted him as a nerd, you are having him as a nerd for you (?? doing cake and all, Maka jealous because he’s wearing a t-shirt with your face

nothing out of the normal pff

ammm soo thank you for being my friend and all u////u love you ahhhh  ❤

good night :p 

i’m just gonna lay over here and cry (?

i posted this 30 minutes before 12pm 

i’m the first one to congratulate her in tumblr beat that :/// (? ❤

Blood of Passage: Part One

A/N: I am really excited for this!! I have been dreaming about writing the Blood Rite for a few months and I have some ideas you will love. 

The bitter cold rose the skin on his arms, its cruel wind blowing his hair into his face and numbing his rounded ears. But still, Bay stood, feet apart, hands clasped behind his back, eyes forward.

This is it, this is it.

Years of preparation for this one week. The one week of his life where he would go into that mountain and fight his way out, become a true warrior and earn his wings. This week, he was going to become a full-fleged Illyrian who had won his stripes without anyone’s help. He was going to squash the rumors of him only getting this far because of his status as Cassian’s ward. He deserved this. He earned this. It was his turn.

“My name is Cassian. I am not only the King of Hybern but I  will most likely be your commander in the Night Court aerial armies. Should you survive the Blood Rite, that is.” Bay kept his face forward, alert. “Your magic is banned. No siphons. Wings bound. You will enter that mountain with nothing besides the clothes on your back. You will be tested, physically, emotionally, mentally. Only if you are the best of the best will you make it out.” He stopped in front of him, his face hard and unyielding. “Are we clear?”

He kept his eyes forward. In unison, the males and Maze, the first female to brave the Blood Rite, voiced, “Sir, yes, sir!”

He continued to pace, “It is my job to train up the best and brightest of your generation. Both male and female alike will show the world what it means to be an Illyrian. We fight the wars, we protect the people, we die for our people. We are the greatest threat against adversary. Lay nlt only our lives but our wings down in battle if need be.”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

“Make our court proud!” he stopped in front of them. “Dismissed.”


Her fingers dug into Adrien’s tunic, her body betrayed her fear. He can do this, she can do this. They were two of the greatest warriors at this camp but still her body betrayed her and trembled, memorizing each curve of his chest, his lips. The greens and browns in his hazel eyes. Him. Just him.

“I’ll find you,” he promised, his calloused thumb brushing her cheek. “I’ll make my way to you even if I have to kill every last person under that mountain. I will always find you, Mazekynn.” He said her name like a prayer. 

Leaning up, she kissed him on his lips, savoring the scent of mountains and embers, ingraining it to memory. “Stay alive, Adrien. That’s all I ask.”

He grinned at her, “You almost sound worried, Maze. Should I be insulted?”

“I’ve put too much work into you,” She patted his cheek,” I don’t want to start all over on someone who isn’t as pretty as you.” Mine. She wiped it away. “You fight your way to the center and I’ll find you. And we fight our way out. Together.”

“I love you,” He said softly into her hair, his arms solidly around her. 

I love you, too. “I know.”


The binds didn’t hurt. Not really. But they did feel unnatural, constricting. Bay had gotten used to the wind against his wings. Not they just felt suffocating. Stupid large ass wings needing to be bound. In seven days, he will be ecstatic to have the binds removed so he can stretch them, fly. He didn’t like being tethered to the earth.

“Are you ready?” Nate asked. The Shadowsinger’s slender fingers thrummed his sides as his wings were being bound, fighting the urge to rip out the male’s throat for touching them, binding them. “I’ll be relatively close to you. I’ll find you and we’ll fight our way through it.” A heartbeat of silence. He grinned, “After all, I need the infamous Baylor to protect me against my many adoring enemies.”

Come out and see. That was what Maze had told him the night before. If a warlord’s daughter could be so open about who she was, who she loved, couldn’t he find his own happiness? To crawl and fight for it?

“Nate,” He began, fighting the through the rising panic in his veins. Ten seconds of incredible courage was all he needed to get the words out of his mouth. Once they were out, that was all it took. “I want to talk to you about something.” The words tumbled out before he could drown them again. “About me.”

“Not now,” He shook his head. “Tell me after we survive this.”

His heart was pounding so hard, as if it were to just jump right out of his chest. He nodded, “Of course. You don’t need to be distracted. Forget I said anything.”

As he turned away, Nate grabbed his hand, forcing him to look, “When we survive this, and we will, we’ll have that talk, Bay.”

He looked down at their hands still together, warmth radiating through him. Looking back up, he met Nate’s eyes, “I look forward to it.”


Blake paced in front of his mother, in front of the desk and the paper and the secret he carried. Write it , don’t write it, write it, don’t write it. Fuck it.

Pulling the quill out of the well, Blake began to write his letter:

Dear Aurora,

I know you probably hate me, considering I am from a court your father despises. And I know you’ll probably get one sentence into this and burn the letter. Or maybe this letter won’t get to you, but I’m hoping that my mother does get this to you and that you do read this. So here I go.

I am entering the Illyrian rite of passage known as the Blood Rite. It’s where I go seven days beneath the mountain with no weapons or magic and I fight my way out. There’s a slim chance I might die, very slim. Almost nonexistent. Yes, I am that good. (But you knew this too, didn’t you? Just like you knew my side was open that day. Oh yes, I know you knew.) But still, I wanted to tell you this, just in case I did die.

Aurora, you are my mate. I promise you, I am not lying. I realized this during the Bellum Armis when I cut your throat. I heard the snap and I panicked. And when I thought your father was going to kill you, I almost killed him. And when I appeared in your rooms, I swear to you, I am not a stalker. I had a feeling deep within myself that I needed to make sure you were okay. And when I saw that bruise on your shoulder, it took everything to not slaughter your father.

The reason I’m telling you this… I don’t like secrets. Ironic really, considering I’m a shadowsinger. But I am also a fighter and if I was one, then my mate, who was my equal in every way, she would be one too. You are a fighter, Aurora. And if I died and couldn’t help you, I just wanted you to know that you need to keep fighting no matter what. If you need a place to go, my mother, the Morrigan, she will shield you if you need it.

Please, keep fighting.


Sighing, Blake let the hot golden wax, for the dawn court, the color of the bindi on her forehead, seal the letter. Handing it to his mother, “Thank you.”

She brushed back his bangs, kissing his forehead, “I’m proud of you, Sunshine.”

“ Mother,” he groaned. “Do you really need to call me that?”

“Yes I do.”

He sighed. 

With his wings bound, his siphons gone, Blake joined his brothers and the others. It was time for the Blood Rite.


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Wonho and you do “The Newlyweds Challenge”

Author: Admin Kyun

Artist: Wonho (Monsta X)

Genre: fluff, humor

Length: medium

Originally posted by no-ass-namjoon

-’so, today, y/n wanted to prove to me how much of a stalker she is by making me do this-’

-’hoseok im not a stalker i am your girlfriend ???’


-’so, okay, first question’

-‘at what age did your girlfriend get her first kiss? well, she’s pretty ugly so id say it was me’

-’hoSeoK i was little and it was by some kid with crooked teeth i think his name was jeremy’

-’fkn jeremy what kind of a name is jeremy anyway’

-’hoseok leave jeremy alone’

-’moving on…what is your boyfriend’s favorite vacation spot. okay y/n this is you. you have to guess now’


-’wrong. your heart.’ *nerdy smiles*

-’leave my house you twig’

-’but you love me’

-’no i don’t’


-’next question’

-’what is your gf’s fav band oh this one is too easy.’

-’what is your gf’s middle name? badass bitch’

-’what is your gf’s favorite makeup brand, it’s urban decay we share the eyeshadow palette ;)’

-’who asked who out… okay i don’t want to go into the details so let’s skip ov-’


-’i asked him out after 3 years of him staring at me from across the room, he says he’s confident but he never worked up the guts-’


-’how many stuffed animals does your bf sleep with? 17. i can name them all, is that a bonus, fluffy, bun bun, jagiya #2, jagiya #3, bill, steven, charles (bill steven and charles are the turtle bros)-

-‘let’s end this here y/n they don’t need to know about-’



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This is not a Q but you seem like an amazing person. And you’re a really good writer. Don’t worry, I am not stalker (maybe).

Thank you so much youre very sweet :’)

Bechloe Week - Coincidence

Bechloe week is upon us. Monday’s prompt is coincidence.


Beca looked down at the coffee on her desk then looked around at the empty studio. She sighed, rolled her eyes and set her headset back on her head. Whatever, it was kind of a nice gesture and made her Monday morning suck a little less.

She was so engrossed in her work she didn’t even realize she’d missed lunch until her stomach started rumbling. What she wouldn’t give for a greasy Taco from…She shook her head when she saw the Taco Bell bag on the corner of her desk. She could just kiss Chloe. She blushed. That is in a friendly platonic way, yeah totally. Whatever, food!

It was later than usual when Beca made her way to the apartment she shared with Amy. She shook her head and laughed when red hair caught her attention from the corner of her eye. “In the neighborhood?” she asked.

“What a coincidence meeting you here!” Chloe gushed, like she hadn’t been following Beca around all day.

Beca smirked. “You are such a weirdo!” She said, “Look, I appreciate your stalker-like dedication. But I am not spending my first Friday off in forever doing a movie marathon.”

Chloe pouted and put on her puppy dog eyes. “This is the first time the Bellas have been together since the World Competition. It would really mean so much to me, to us, if you could join.”

Beca grinned and shook her head. If Chloe had tried that in the first place, then she wouldn’t have needed to do anything else. But, letting her know about that could prove dangerous. “Whatever,” Beca sighed. “I suppose you did go through all of this trouble. I’ll see what I can do.”

“Yay!” Chloe exclaimed, wrapping Beca in an enthusiastic hug.

As she did, Beca took in a deep breath of Chloe’s familiar shampoo. Yeah, this was going to be an interesting week.