i am your mummy

Mummy and baby pants!

Chapter 1 - Mummy meets Baby Pants

I had been going out with this guy for a couple of months, he was so sweet to me, that on our first night together, he gave me one of his t-shirts to wear and held me all night long. I would go to his house most nights after work and he would be there waiting for me with a meal prepared, it was lovely, sometime he’d cook, other times he would layout all sorts of nibbles, cheeses and cooked meats etc. we called them our carpet picnics, it was great, I was being loved and looked after!

Sex with my man was great, so soft and gentle, so considerate and caring and being with him in his arms was wonderful. One evening my man went upstairs leaving me to enjoy a glass of wine, he was gone a while and when he returned he was wearing a dressing gown and sat on the floor next to me, he held me, he kissed me and then he took my hand and slid it up his leg towards his groin, I was getting very excited, as my hand slid up his leg I found myself touching and feeling plastic, I pulled his dressing gown apart and found that my man wearing a white fluffy terry nappy and plastic pants! My reaction was shock and surprise, I didn'ti know what to do or say, this didn’t go down well with my man, who panicked at my lack of reaction and ran upstairs! I sat down to take it in, my man has a secret fetish, he wants me to be his mummy, he wants to be an adult baby! I go upstairs and find him hiding under the duvet on his bed, ashamed of what he is and my reaction to him!

I get undressed and climb into bed with him, I hold him, kiss him and he seems tense and uncomfortable, I feel his nappy and plastic pants, rubbing up and against them, I can feel him relaxing in my arms and his man hood starts to grow in his nappy and plastic pants. He whispers to me ‘are you cross’, 'no’ I reply and hold him closer, I feel all the stress and tension leave him and I kiss him more and more, rubbing his nappy and feeling his plastic pants, 'will you be my mummy’ he asks, I have never had a baby before, especially an adult one, 'yes’ I reply, 'but you will have to guide me along as I have never been a mummy before’, he looks into my eyes and says 'you have made me so happy, I thought from your reaction that I might have lost you’, I smile 'you just needed to give me a few minutes to take it in, I am happy to be your mummy, I’m just not sure how good a mummy I will be!’

Chapter 2 - the first day together!

I spent the night cuddling my man who was wearing his nappies and plastic pants, in the morning I wake first and find myself admiring this man or was I looking at a baby! I wondered how our first day in this situation was going to go! When he awakes, he smiles and is extremely pleased to see that I am still here, 'I was worried’ he said 'that you might have changed your mind about being my mummy and left’. 'No my darling, I’m looking forward to bring with you today’, I ask baby about how his nappy feels against his skin, 'it’s lovely and fluffy’ he says, 'so do you wee in your nappy’ I ask, 'yes’ he says and I sometime 'poo’! 'Well that’s got to be messy!’ I say, 'have you wee’d it tonight?’ I ask. 'No not yet, but I would like to, would you hold my nappy while I wee’ he asked, well this was going to be my first mummy, baby experience, I thought. Baby, as I’m now going to call him, move round towards me, took my hand and placed it at the front of his nappy, I could feel his winky through the nappy and soon I could feel the wee leave his body and filly his nappy, it was very warm and quit thrilling for me, I could feel my looley getting wet as I felt this happening! It was a strange but enjoyable experience and I could see from babies face that he was thoroughly enjoying himself, he could see how pleased I was and I could feel his excitement at my pleasure as his winky started to grow inside his nappy and plastic pants.

The experience was quite thrilling for both of us and baby wanted to please me for allowing him to be my baby and for letting him wee while I held him, his hand came slowly sliding up my leg and found my panties, with one move he was between my panties and my looly, 'you enjoyed me wetting didn’t you mummy’ he said 'you are very wet down here, I now want to reward you for allowing this to happen and for being here with me’ he said, he entered my looly with his fingers thrusting in and out gently as he kissed me, I tried to get near his winky, but he pulled back, 'please don’t he said, I can’t come, I need to pleasure my mummy, if I come baby goes’, this was a lot to take in and understand, I have loved making love with him, how do we go forward without sex! Baby still had his hand in my panties, touching and creasing my looly, he then moved his head towards my naked breasts and started kissing and sucking one of my nipples, the pleasure was amazing, I let myself go and soon I was having orgasum after orgasum, until I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed babies hand and stopped him, the smile on his face was lovely, he had as much pleasure as I and I hadn’t touched him! I held baby close to me and he felt so relaxed in my arms.

I must have fallen asleep as the next thing I know, I found myself all alone in babies bed! Wondering where he had gone, I got up and creeped downstairs, I found baby in the kitchen preparing breakfast, poached eggs on toast with hollandaise sauce, one of my favourite breakfasts that baby had been preparing for me, he is such a good cook! But this was not the normal sight I had been used to when my man was cooking for me, this time an adult baby was at the stove wearing not only a nappy and plastic pants, but a baby grow, all white and fluffy, it cover him from his neck to his toes, this sight was again new to me, but he did look rather sweet in his romped suit.

'Good morning baby, how are you today?’ I asked 'I am extremely happy mummy’ he said and turned to kiss haven’t you told me about this before?’ I ask, 'we have been going out for quiet a while now’, 'it’s not something I like to share, but I have become extremely found of you and for our relationship to go any further I needed to let you know who I really am’ he explained, 'I know it’s not normal, but it’s who I am and I don’t want to change it, instead I want to enjoy it with you, if that’s OK?’ he asked, 'yes, baby’ I said, 'I would like that’, he smiled and said 'good I am so pleased.

After breakfast, baby asked if he could show me his other baby things, yes I would like that’ I said, baby lead me upstairs to his spare bedroom, as he unlocked the door, he said 'I have never let anyone in here before’, 'whys that I ask?’, 'because I have never met anyone like you before, I really like being with you and feel the need to let you know who I really am’, he opened the door to reveal what looked like a nursery but with everything being a bit bigger than normal, there was a oversized cot and large changing table, a closed cupboard, a large stack of terry nappies and a rail with plastic pants hanging on it, 'this is amazing’ I said 'do you really sleep in here’ I ask, 'yes mummy I do, when I feel the urge and need to’, 'has anyone changed your nappy on the table before’ I asked, 'no, only me doing it myself’ he said, looking glum, 'would you like me to change you on the table baby’ I ask, baby looks pleased, 'that would be wonderful’ he said with a large smile on his face! Baby showed my where everything I needed to change him was, there was baby powered, baby lotion, baby wipes, clean terry nappies and plastic pants, I held my baby in my arms while holding and feeling his nappy, I kissed him gentle on the lips and he responded by passionately kissing me back, I could feel his winky hardening against me through his nappy, 'you make me feel so happy’ he said, 'do you like what you see in hear’, 'yes baby’ I said 'I like it a lot, I can see us having lots of fun in here, now would you like a clean nappy?’, 'yes please mummy’.

I lay baby on the changing table and start to unfasten his poppers, all baby does is look at me with a huge smile on his face, it seems that I have found an adult baby in this grown up man who was laying here before me, I feel that I am going to enjoy this! Once the baby grow is undone, I reveal his nappy and plastic pants, which are very wet, 'if you prefer there are disposable gloves in the draw of the changing table’, he said, 'that would be a help’ I reply, I open up the draw and find more then disposable gloves, it contained large dummies, large bibs, large nappy pins, large nappy sacks, more lotions, more powders and more wipes! 'Well you are well stocked with all the necessary supplies baby’, I said, 'yes mummy I like to be prepared’ he replied, I continue to change baby, by pulling down his plastic pants and then I unpinned his terry nappy, as soon as I moved the terry nappy away, I revealed and very hard and long winky, 'wow baby, that’s impressive, you must be enjoying this’ I say, 'oh yes mummy I am loving every minute’ he says, still with his huge smile on his face. I get a nappy sack for the dirty nappy, wipe and clean babies bottom and winky and lay him out a nice clean terry nappy, I wrap baby in it, pushing his hard winky down and fastening it tightly with the oversized pins, I then slide a clean and clear pair of plastic pants up babies legs and over his terry nappy, securing him in place 'is that better’ I ask, 'yes mummy says baby shyly’, I fasten back up the romper suit and help baby down from the table, we spend the next few hours, exploring all the baby things in the room and playing with the baby toys together, I then spot the cupboard, what’s in there I ask?’, baby looks away towards the floor, that’s my punishment cupboard!’ He says!!

I walk over to the cupboard and open the lock, iinside I find pull out shelves, all labelled differently, the first is called 'chastity’, I look at baby with a surprised expression and I find him looking at the floor with embarrassment! I pull open the draw to find it laid out with various items to chastise baby’s winky, there was cock rings, hand cuffs, harnesses, ropes and cuffs and metal devises that go over baby’s winky to stop him having and erection and in various sizes and positions. I picked up one of he devises and looked over to baby, 'do you like wearing these ’ I ask, 'looks very uncomfortable to me’, 'I’ve never worn them, I’ve never had anyone to chastise me, but I like the thought of it’, he said, I smile at him 'well maybe you’ll get to try them now baby’ I said, baby’s face lit up, 'I would love that mummy’ he said.

I look at the next shelve its was labelled, strap on’s, I pull open the shelf and if I hadn’t been surprised already, I now was shocked at what I found! Laid out on this shelf was strap on willies, some with willies on both ends, some on just one end, some small and some really long! There was also a row of but plugs again ranging in sizes, 'Wow baby, I’m shocked’ I said 'have you ever used these?’ I ask, 'no mummy again no one to use them with’ he says shyly. I am now finding this all a bit strange, having an adult baby who likes to wear nappies and plastic pants and wet himself is one thing and quite sweet and adorable, but this is a different thing altogether! I move to the next shelf.

This one is labelled stimulation, I pull open the shelf, again everything on the shelf is neatly laid out, there are a range of dildos, some battery powered others not, there are big ones, small ones, black ones and pink ones. 'why do you have these baby’ I ask? 'So mummy can have pleasure if I am in this state and chastised’ he answered, 'well it looks like you have thought of everything’ I reply 'so what’s on the last shelve’ I asked curiously.

The final shelve was labelled, baby things, here I found, baby food in jars, including chicken dinners, pasta meals and chocolate puddings plus baby bottles, plastic plates, bowls and spoons, milk cartons, more bibs, more wipes, more baby powders and lotions. 'Do you enjoy eating baby food’ I ask, 'never had it mummy, no one has ever been here to feed me’ he smirks. 'Well we will have to see about that, won’t we baby’ I smiled.

I pushed shut the shelves and shut the cupboard, I was struggling to take it all in and baby could tell, he came over and held me, 'it’s OK Mummy, I know this is new to you, I really am happy that you have stayed and changed me, we don’t have to do anything else, I just want to be with you’ he said reassuringly, 'thank you baby, I do enjoy being with you and I’m happy to be your mummy, how about one step at a time?’ I replied, 'sounds good to me’ baby said smiling. The rest of that day was spent, holding each other, feeling babies nappy while he wee’d, watching TV and enjoying our favourite food on our carpet picnic, it was lovely.

Chapter 3 - understanding the adult baby!

Over night despite finding an adults baby cot in the nursery, baby slept with me and due the weeing in the day, I had changed his nappy again before bedtime so he was clean and dry for his nights sleep! It was strange, baby usually tosses and turns all night, but last night he slept soundly in his nappy and so did I laying next to him!

It’s very early and I lay next to baby watching him as he sleeps, wondering what today would bring, am I ready for this I asked myself, can I be a good mother to this adult baby, I decided as baby was still soundly sleeping to go into the nursery again and have another look.

I quietly opened the door and went inside, if I am going to be babies mummy I need to try and understand all the things in here and get my head around why he likes them and wants to use them or why he wants me I use them on him! After seeing him sleeping, he obviously feels comfortable and relaxed in his nappy, so I’m understanding why he has such as stock of nappies, plastic pants, pins, creams and powders, it’s the cabinet of toys that I need to understand, I go over to the draws again! As I go nearer I see a row of books on the the top, I must have been so shocked about the draw contents to notice, their are baby books, abc, shapes, numbers etc. but there are adult baby books, books for mummies, the titles were, how to control your adult baby, punishment for naughty babies and understand the needs of an adult baby! Perfect I thought this i just what I need, I take the books and go over to the oversized rocking chair, sit down and start to read!

Snippets from the books:

1. It’s all about escapism, leaving the big bad world behind and hiding away in the nappy world.
2. Stress relief from high powered jobs, an adult who needs to escape away from the adult working world.
3. He is regressive. He is an Adult Baby, but more importantly, he is your partner.
4. The bond you can achieve with your baby is something most couples never encounter.
5. You also need to know what kind of baby he is to understand him, What does he like or dislike? What can he do and what can’t he? What are his fears and hopes? If you don’t or won’t identify him correctly as a baby, then you will probably fail at obtaining and maintaining a good Parent/Child relationship with him.
6. When you interact with your baby, you both acknowledge his existence and automatically communicate to him that you care.
7. No behaviour remains the same forever. No behaviour is intrinsically good or bad. As part of a decent Parent/Child relationship, we enhance and expand the good and we try to modify the bad. We discuss how to encourage some things, discourage others and allow other behaviours to appear and to flourish.
8. You alone hold the keys to helping your baby find solace and satisfaction in the hand that has been dealt to him.

As I read through the books, things become clearer, this baby needs looking after but he also needs discipline, structure, routine, humiliation, he wants to be punished for not being normal, he wants to be a sissy as this is ultimate humiliation. I also understand more about the sexual element of a mummy, adult baby relationship, we will still have sex, but this needs to be managed, babies can sometimes grow up after sex, so timing is key, they like to please their mummy before cumming as this can briefly end there need to be an adult baby, punishment can be very sexually pleasing for a mummy and baby can enjoy feeling inadequate as mummy pleasures herself at his expense! Toys can help you to achieve this and can be enjoyable for both mummy and baby! Well I had learnt a lot and I have lots of things to think about. I go over to the draws again and admire all the toys and imagine the pain, the humiliation, the control I could have and of course the pleasure! The thoughts going through my head were exciting me, I definitely want to be this babies mummy!

Chapter 4 -Mummy learns about pleasure without sex!

I go through the chastity shelf and take out a willy devise, this stops baby’s winky from growing and gives him pain if it does, there is a lock and key with it, I take of my necklace and thread the key onto it, this will remind baby who’s in control, I think to myself. I am intrigued as to how the strap on’s feel, I have used dildoes before but never a strap on, do I dare try! I quickly look in on baby and he is still fast asleep, I creep back into the nursery, I pull down my white lacy panties take a medium sized strap on and lubricate it with the lubrication which is conveniently laid next to it, baby has thought of everything, I slide the female side of a double ended strap deep into my looly, it’s girth is wide and its length is long, it’s is hard, much harder than a mans willy, but it feels good and hits me in all the sensitive places. I attached the straps around my waist and move over to admire myself and the winky in the mirror!

As I’m looking at myself, I hear the nursery door slowly opening, I heart drops, I grab a terry nappy the nearest thing to hand and cover myself up, baby comes in and seems happy with what he sees, 'do you have a winky mummy under that nappy?’ he says, 'yes baby I do’ I reply 'I just wanted to try it’, 'can I see please mummy’ he asks, I move the terry nappy away and stand in front of baby in just my short nighty, showing the strap on to him, baby moves towards me, 'does mummy like wearing that?’ he asks, 'I’ve never worn one before baby, it does feel nice inside me’ I reply, baby comes up to me and kisses me, 'I like it on you mummy’ he says, he then hold the winky and as he touches it and moves it about, I can feel it pushing harder inside me, the feeling is great and thoroughly enjoyable, baby continues to hold the winky and moves it around, while he kisses me, 'have I been a good baby’ he asks, 'yes baby you have, you slept well’ I reply, 'but I’ve wet myself mummy, don’t you think I need punishing?’ he asks, 'do you want me to treat you like a girl baby’ I ask surprised by his questions, 'I would like that a lot mummy, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet, think it would be too painful without prior stretching’ he whispers.

'I would like to take mummy back to bed and provide her with pleasure, that’s what babies do, they pleasure there mummy and in return mummy pleasures them by keeping them in nappies and plastic pants’ he says, 'I know baby, I have been reading all about it in the books you have’ I replied, baby looks pleased, 'you’ve been reading my books, I am pleased, did you learn a lot’ he asks, 'yes baby loads, it’s been an interesting morning so far’ I replied. Baby seems excited by what I have said, he guides me back to the bedroom, lifts up and removes my nighty, lays me on the bed, wear I lay naked apart from the strap on. Baby lays next to me and holds and gently moves the winky which feels wonderful inside me, he then starts to kiss and suck my nipples, the feelings inside me grows with excitement, baby carries on and seems to be getting pleasure from what he is doing, I slide my hand down to his nappy, I can feel his throbbing winky through his nappy and plastic pants, I start to rub his plastic pants, feeling his winky and I slide my hand up and down his nappy, putting pressure on his winky as I move. Both of us groan with pleasure and happiness, baby continues to play with my strap on and suck my boobies and I continue to rub his nappy. Soon both of us are filled with excitement and come together, the feeling was amazing. Who would have thought it!

Chapter 5 - adult baby shopping!

I remove the strap on and we lay together cuddling each other for a while, it was lovely, 'is everything OK mummy’ baby suddenly asks, 'yes baby why’ I reply, 'I just want to make sure that you are happy with what’s happening between us, you becoming my mummy and me being your baby’ he said, 'well it has been an interesting few days, I will say that, but yes I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together and from what I have seen in the books I looked at this morning, our time could get more interesting’ I reply, 'what do you mean’ baby asks, 'well, from what I understand, there’s more to being an adult baby than just wearing a nappy and plastic pants and wetting yourself, there is the humiliation part, being treated like a sissy, the need to be punished for what you are, I expect our relationship will change as we move forward with this, taking one step at a time of course!’, 'oh mummy’ baby holds me, 'I am so happy, I can’t believe how well you are excepting me, I love you’ he said, I love you, not sure that I’m quite ready for that I think to myself, I have a lot of feelings for this guy, but with all these changes to our relationship going on, I’m not ready to express my full feelings yet, I smile back at baby and say 'I’m glad you do baby, now let’s discuss the punishment part of this relationship’, how far do you want to go with this’, 'all the way’, he replies, 'OK, one step at a time, do you have any sissy dresses?’ I ask, 'no mummy I’ve never had the courage to go shopping for any, the toys I have I ordered through the Internet and had delivered, but I don’t understand the sizing for sissy clothes’, 'what about but plugs, how are you going to take my strap on, I guess some stretching needs to happen’ I reply, baby screws up his face, 'I guess so mummy, but that will be painful’ he flinches, 'yes baby but one step at a time, one size at a time and it could be worth it in the end’ I smile at baby and he nods his head, 'right, where do we go shopping for adult baby clothes?’ I ask, 'there is a shop in Oxford called Sissy Janes, but I’ve never feared to go in it’ he replies, 'well how about we get up, get cleaned up then I’ll put you in a nappy, insert the smallest of your but plugs into your bottom then I’ll take you out for breakfast and then we can go shopping at Sissy Janes’, baby’s face beams, 'would you really do that for me mummy’, 'yes baby I reply, I will!’ Baby gives me a big hug, then we get ready.

I’m up, showered and ready, baby is up, showered and waiting patiently for me to put him in a nappy and plastic pants! I put on a pair of disposable gloves and lay a clean terry nappy on the changing table then I lay baby on top of it, I put plenty of baby powered on his special parts then I start to lubricate the small but plug as well as two of my fingers, baby starts squirming, 'I’m not sure about this mummy’ he says, 'it fine baby, I have used plenty of lubrication, I’ll be gentle, I’m going to start with my fingers and see how we go. Once ready, I lift up babies legs asking him to hold them in the air, I then hold babies bum cheeks apart with one hand, which reveals his bum hole (sissy hole) then I slide one of my fingers into babies bottom, baby lets and a small, but enjoyable moan, 'how’s that’ I ask, 'surprisingly lovely mummy’ he replies, I slide another of my fingers inside him, 'oh mummy that’s nice’ Baby looks really happy and his willy also seems happy! I slide my fingers in and out of his bottom to relax him and make sure he is well lubricated, 'mummy this is lovely and really exciting’ baby says, 'well all seems good in there, all very soft and relaxed’ I slowly pull my fingers out pick up the but plug and start to slowly push it inside babies bottom, baby’s moans change from a pleasure to pain, 'no mummy’ he cries 'it’s too big’, 'don’t be silly baby this is the smallest one we have, we have many more sizes to go over the next few days’ I reply, 'now take a deep breath for me’ baby does as he is told and relax’ I say, as baby relaxes I force the plug deep inside him, baby lets out a small cry and his willy I notice flops back to its original size, I find myself strangely turned on by the pain I am inflicting and the cries he makes! I let him relax his legs and I fix the nappy tightly in place with the huge baby pins that he has, then I choose a clear pair of plastic pants and he is all set. He gets up and squirms more, I’m not sure I can take this mummy, 'yes you can I tell him and you will, now go and finish getting dressed for me so we can go out’, baby smiles back at me and waddles off in his nappy to get sorted. Once were all set, we head out for breakfast.

I drive to Oxford and find Sissy Janes, opposite the shop is a cafe, we park the car and baby waddles along the road holding my hand, 'this is so uncomfortable mummy’ he says, 'I know, I can tell, you look ridiculous, how humiliating’ I reply, baby smiles back at me. At the cafe I choose a table in the window giving us full view of the shop, 'well sit her baby, we will be able to see what sort of people and hopefully babies visit Sissy Janes!

We order breakfast and wait, a lady then comes out of the shop and puts up a poster on the shop window, it reads 'models wanted for sissy baby event and all sissy dresses 20% off’, it’s your luck day baby, discounted sissy dresses and maybe you could be a model for Jane’, baby scowls at me across the table! 'I do not want to be a model, I only want to be your baby, I don’t want other people to see me! Baby says angrily! I laugh which doesn’t go down well, from what I have read a baby needs to be humiliated, what would be more humiliating than being seen in public as a sissy baby?’ I ask, 'true, but I’m not sure I’m happy about that, he replies’, 'you don’t have to be happy baby, you have to be humiliated’ I laugh more and baby starts to laugh with me.

Our breakfast is served, 'maybe next time baby I’ll order you porridge and I’ll feed you across the table with a baby spoon, maybe Sissy Jane sells bibs’ I say, baby looks at me and smiles 'your getting right into this, aren’t you mummy’ he smiles, 'I am baby, the more I read this morning, the more I liked’ I reply.

While we eat our food, with knifes and forks this time, a lady arrives at Sissy Janes, she looks nervous, she looks in the window at the displays and poster, then looks around as if to see if anyone is looking and looks straight at me, I turn away and she quickly goes into the shop. Then a couple arrive and look In the window pointing and discussing the poster, from their mannerisms it looks like the lady is in charge, so I’m guessing another Mummy and Baby couple, they also go inside!

'Eat up baby, I want to go and see what Sissy Jane has to offer us’ I say encouraging baby to hurry up and finish, I pay the bill and we leave, I hold babies hand as we walk across the street to the shop, 'I’m nervous’ baby says, 'it will be fine, I’m with you, it will be interesting, I’m intrigued to she what she sells’ I reply, as I open the door the lady we saw earlier hurried out, clutching a large bag of shopping, she looked embarrassed and rushed off, I smile at baby, 'well she looks like she’s had a successful shop’ I say and we go in. Inside the store is fully of baby things, there are rails of all sorts of baby clothes, including, rompers, dresses and vests with gusset clips, then there are displays of but plugs, strap on’s (all sizes)’ chastity devises (all sizes), catheters, hand cuffs and other restraining devises, there was prams, pushchairs, cots, changing tales, all in adult sizes, perfect for adult babies. 'Wow, this is great’ I smile at baby and he smiles back, a lady walks towards us, 'good morning’ she says 'welcome to Sissy Janes, have you been before’ she asks, 'no’ I reply this is our first visit, 'what are you looking for today?’ She asks, 'sissy dresses please’ I reply, 'perfect’ she says 'follow me’, she takes us two some rails full of sissy dresses in all sizes, there were pink ones, yellow ones, white ones, blue ones, some with matching frilly pants and some with matching bonnets, 'this I think is what your looking for, there is a sizing chart here’ she points out, 'and today is our special event for sissy babies, if you model for me, allowing me to take photos for my catalogue in your chosen outfits, then I will give you 20% of all your purchases!’, 'sounds great’ I replied, baby gives me a death stare, 'come on baby it will be fun’ I say, 'for you maybe’ baby replies, Jane and myself chuckle, 'help yourself to the clothes’ Jane says and use this changing area to try them on, there is a nappy changing table in there as well if baby needs a nappy change’ she says, baby looks embarrassed, 'thank you’ I reply, 'well have fun and happy shopping’ she calls as she wonders back towards the tills.

'Wow, this is brilliant baby, your own changing room, complete with changing table’ I said to baby, he smiled, 'now you stay here I’m going to choose some outfits for you to try on’. I walk to the rail and pick four different sissy dresses, two pink, one yellow and one white, on my way back to the changing room, I spot the couple who we had seen entering the store from the cafe, they were also using one of the changing rooms and the mummy had a sissy dress in her arms, 'morning’ I said politely, the mummy smiled at me and said 'morning, sissy dress shopping too I see, do you have your sissy baby with you?’ She asked, I stopped to answer her 'yes, baby is in the changing room’, she proceeded to open the changing room curtain to show me her baby, he was standing there in a pink frilly dress with matching bonnet, the dress was just short enough so I could see that he was wearing a small nappy and plastic pants, as soon as the baby saw me he grabbed the curtain and hid, 'sorry the mummy said, he’s shy, are you new to this’ she asked, 'it’s just that you look surprised to see my adult baby’, 'yes’ I replied, but I’m enjoying it’ I said, 'are you free after your shop’ she asked 'maybe we could grab a coffee and share notes’, 'sounds great’ I replied, 'how about we meet you in the cafe opposite’ I suggested, 'perfect’ she said, 'we haven’t eaten so we will go over and get some food and you can join us when your ready, give you time to shop as we are nearly finished’ she said, 'that’s would be great’ I replied, then the babies can meet! She chuckled, 'baby will like that, see you in a while’ she said and walked into her changing room. I returned to baby, who was looking cross, he whispered to me so the other couple couldn’t hear 'why have you arranged to meet them, I don’t want to meet another baby’ he said crossly, 'it will be fun, we could learn a thing or two’ I replied, 'I’m not happy’ baby said, 'well I’m your mummy and you will do as I say, now get those adult clothes off, we have come here to try on sissy dresses’ I replied loudly so all could hear! 'OK mummy’ baby replied, 'I like it when you get strict with me’ he relaxed, gave me a smile and removed his adult clothes, this of course revealed his nappy, 'let me just check your nappy baby’, I felt babies nappy to see if it was wet, it wasn’t, 'I don’t need a wee yet mummy, I have been good, I am dry’ baby said, 'just checking baby, I’m sure you’ll need a wee soon after all you had a drink with your breakfast’ I smiled, 'now let’s get these dresses on you’.

As soon as we had baby dressed in a pink sissy dress with matching bonnet, Jane came over, 'are you OK in there’ she called, 'yes we are fine thank you’ I replied, baby looked scared, 'is baby in a sissy dress, can I have a photo please?’ she asked, baby shook his head, I smiled and whispered, 'come on this could fun’, 'no’ said baby, 'well I’m in charge and I say yes’, I called out to Jane as I opened the curtain 'that will be fine, here’s sissy baby in a lovely pink number’, Jane smiled and very looked pleased, baby looked embarrassed and angry, 'don’t worry sissy baby’ Jane said 'I will disguise your face, we’ll pull down your bonnet a bit and you can suck this oversized dummy, this will hide more of your face’ Jane grabbed babies hand and led him in to the main shop to where she had a green screen waiting, she stood baby in front of it, pulled down the bonnet and gave baby a large dummy to suck, 'now just turn a little this way for me’ she asked moving baby into position, 'there she said perfect, no one will ever know it was you’, baby looked at me and smiled, he suddenly seemed relaxed, maybe he was starting to enjoy being dressed as a sissy and all the attention, good job really as soon we had an audience! There was another couple of people, this time from the look of the padding the lady was wearing under her adult skirt, she was the baby, they must have been shopping in the store as they had a basket of goods, I could see that this baby was in for some punishment as they had a whip, hand cuffs, leather straps and paddle in their basket, they looked at baby, 'what a pretty dress, suits your baby’ the man said turning to smile at me, 'thank you’ I replied, 'are you shopping for dresses?’ I ask, 'not today, we have plenty, it’s punishment things we are shopping for’, he lifts his basket to show me, 'I can see that’ I smile! 'Right’ Jane says 'can we have another outfit please’, baby hurries back to the changing room, 'I guess we are happy with that idea’ I say to Jane and follow baby to the changing room. 'I don’t like all these people watching me mummy’ baby said, 'is OK baby’ I said reassuringly, 'they think you look lovely and very sissy, Jane loves you in her dresses, now come on this is fun, let’s get you changed’, 'it’s humiliating having those people looking at me’ he said, 'I know’ I replied 'it’s great isn’t it?’ I smiled at baby and he gave me a little smile back!

After that baby really enjoyed being a model and the humiliation of people seeing him in different sissy dresses, Jane took lots of pictures give baby props every time to make the pictures more baby like, she had large baby rattles and teddy bears for baby to hold, she put him in matching bonnets, bibs and even putting on baby matching frilly pants for some of the outfits, I could see baby getting turned on when Jane slid up his legs the frilly pants! I watched with other shoppers enjoying the attention baby was getting and at times the humiliation baby was receiving, every time a new shopper came to look, baby tried to hide his face more, it was great, I was thoroughly enjoying the experience! When we had tried on all the outfits I had chosen and all the photos had been taken, we went back to the changing room to get sorted, 'well baby that was an experience that you didn’t expect wasn’t it?’ I asked, 'yes mummy’ baby replied 'I really enjoyed it, but was scared at times that people could see my face, didn’t like that bit too much’, I laughed 'humiliation baby, get used to it’ I replied. We chose two sissy dresses, one yellow with of course matching bonnet and frilly over pants and one white which was really frilly and sissy looking, again with matching bonnet and pants. We then looked around the shop at the other items, baby already had quite a few of the items Jane had for sale, but we did pick up some restraints, both hands and feet, they were like cuffs for each wrist and ankle, but with a bar in between them so it would keep babies legs and arms apart! I then suggested to baby that we get a changing bag so I could carry spare nappies and plastic pants with me when we are out in case of accidents, baby gave me a big smile and hug, 'mummy you are making me so happy’ he said, we choose a pretty pink and very practical changing bag. When we had done, we went to the till to pay, Jane rang up our things and gave us the 20% discount, 'thank you so much’ she said to us both 'I struggle to get models, babies can be so shy’ she continued and passed us a folder, 'this is for you as a thank you, it contains all the best photos of you today, I hope you like them, they will be in my next catalogue, now if you leave me you address, I’ll send you a copy when it’s printed’, baby looked embarrassed, 'thank you’ I said taking the folder 'that will be great’, I paid our bill and we left Sissy Janes

Newt/Graves plot bunny

Okay so I came back from watching Fantastic Beast lowkey shipping Newt and Jacob and ot4-ing them with Tina and Queenie right until @bouncybrittonie started talking to me about Newt and the original Graves and I was converted because I am weak weak weak so here’s a plot bunny I sent to her because I have absolutely no chill at all ever

So just imagine Newt taking care of Credence post movie (because that boy needs protecting) and Percival at first being all “YOU CAN’T TAKE THAT CHILD WITH YOU, THAT’S KIDNAPPING”   

But Credence would be old enough by magical laws to decide for himself and Newt would be super protective of him because he doesn’t want anyone to hurt him or study him or whatever       

And Percival has to admit after a while that there is no better place for Credence right now than with Newt      

Which doesn’t stop him from regularly dropping by on them, making sure no beasts have escape, that if the beasts are all fed that Newt and Credence are too, because those two forget about food for themselves all the time                        
And then Credence getting into calling Newt Mummy and the first time they are just by themselves and Credence is all embarrassed and ashamed and Newt will surely chase him away in the best case scenario because it’s one thing for Newt to call himself that for his creatures but it’s another thing for Credence to call him that

But of course Newt is just tearing up and feeling all proud and just ruffles Credence’s hair affectionately and he’s like “yep that’s right I am your mummy too now”

And so Credence starts calling him that all the time even when people are around and Tina, Queenie and Jacob say nothing because they are all protective of both Newt and Credence and they are clearly happy as a little family

And then Credence calls him mummy in front of Percival and Credence is doing something else so he doesn’t see Percival’s surprised look and neither does he see Newt death glare at Percival, just daring him to say something and really it should be ridiculous on Newt, but it’s just downright scary, because for such a gentle soul to look like that, ready to go to war and bring entire worlds to their knees, then it’s important and dear to him and Percival says nothing just offers Newt a small nod of understanding and decide right here and there that he’ll be the one protecting both Newt and Credence from anything and everything

And Percival starting to spend more time with Newt and Credence and all the creatures and sure he’s not absolutely gaga about all those creatures like Newt and Credence are, but they have come to the understanding that as long as they behave, Percival lets them be and as long as Percival protects their humans and have their best interest at heart, they let Percival be

Of course there are some younger beasts who just decide that Percival is Papa and Credence starts calling him that, not really realising it could be bad, because if there wasn’t a problem with him calling Newt Mummy why would it be one to call Percival Papa?

And of course Percival says nothing, just gets that proud feeling and he might have already changed his will anyway to declare Credence as his heir and Newt as one of the main beneficiary too because Newt is a good man, a good friend, the man he loves

And Newt wouldn’t mind except he starts calling Percival that too when the man isn’t around and that’s all fine… Right until he calls Percival that in his face and omg, Percival is going to kill him, he knows Percival only tolerates him because he is good for Credence

But surprisingly, Percival says nothing, only gets that surprised little look that morph into a pleased little smile and Newt is blushing and ready to go jump from a building

But before he can run away Percival asks him if he would like to go for a drink one night, just them together and Newt says yes before thinking it through

Because once Percival is gone he is sure Percival couldn’t mean it like a date, he just can’t, no way is he attracted to him or interested in him

And so Newt goes to Tina to panic and for some reason Jacob and Queenie are both there and he’s never been more grateful for Queenie because he doesn’t need to say anything with her around                        

And Jacob will be giving a shovel talk real soon but right not Newt needs Queenie and Tina to calm him down and make him realises that Percival has been completely gone on him since day one. So Jacob is just “I’ll be in the case with Credence and feeding the beats, i have some treats” because Jacob is that cool uncle                        

And yeah Queenie and Tina at least convince Newt not to cancel and make sure he looks stunning for his date and Queenie stops Jacob from going for the shovel talk right now

And then Newt meets with Percival and the man has never looked more beautiful and he’s clearly dressed up for the occasion and a real gentleman and omg he’s clearly flirting and Newt might possibly be dying

Of course the night ends with Percival walking Newt home and going in to say goodnight to Credence and leaving with a brush of his lips to Newt’s

pink-harajuku-deactivated201604  asked:

Ask box open? if not, disregard. May I request, Murasakibara, Hanamiya, and Akashi introducing their 3 year old daughter (who has mainly afro-african features cuz of their mother but looks like their fathers nonetheless) to their family?

This was fun to write! Loved this idea :) Enjoy~

Akashi was so excited to finally show his father the new addition to the family. His beautiful daughter was 3 now and he was able to get his father to attend a family dinner. Although he thought there could be possible surprise towards the new face of the Akashi family for she was not traditional, he knew that everyone soon come to love and accept the mingling of cultures after this pivotal moment.

“Father,” Akashi calmly greeted, holding his wife’s strong hand and his daughters soft one in the other.

“Meet our daughter, _____.” He finished with a genuine smile and a look of love as he stared down at her. His daughter smiled wide and showed her white teeth that were still coming in and aligning. She had light brown skin with bronze hair that was curly and thick, pulled into a big poofy pony tail that her father did himself.

“Hi, my name i—“

“I knew this would happen.” Akashi’s father began. You sighed, knowing where this was going since you received the same treatment when you began dating and got married. Akashi’s shoulders slumped and his eyes turned into angry slits as he also knew where his father was going.

“I knew your child would turn out as such. I should have never let this happen.” He said shaking his head.

“Get over yourself.” Akashi said looking him straight in his eyes. Akashi’s father raised his eyebrow in surprise from his response but waited to see what his excuse would be for speaking out. None came.

“This is not about me, my wife, or even the company. This is about our daughter being a blessing to us and this family,” Akashi began as he moved in on his father, dropping the tow hands he was holding.

“And if you so much as disrespect my daughter I will fu—“

“Daddy, why is grandpa not hug me yet?” A small voice quipped as she looked between the three adults, not understanding what was going on. Akashi stopped and turned around to pick her up and hug her but before he could do so, he noticed his father face. His face was shocked—mouth open and eyes wide. He had never knew how much he longed and loved to be called Grandpa. Swallowing his nerves and ignorance, he took a step forward, bent down on one knee, and drew the small girl into his arms. Gasping, the little girl threw her armsa round him and giggled.

“Do you like hug too?” She asked in her small voice.

“Yes,” He began with a content sigh.

“Grandpa… likes hugs too.”

Hanamiya didn’t think of himself as a family man. Hell, he never thought he would be in a relationship, married, or with a kid but you got him to do all of those things, and fairly easily too. He loved you and this wonderful bundle of joy you two created, and he was finally able to show his side of the family his new treasure. Yeah, it was a lot of work and he was still nervous about getting their approval, but nothing could be worse than the problems he had when he first introduced you when you two started dating. Walking up to the familiar door with you next to him, and a shy brown girl trailing behind him holding onto his pants, he rung the gold door bell.

“Mako-chan! My baby!” His mother sighed out, pulling him in the house with a tight hug and a kiss. He was already over the visit.

“Hey ma.” He greeted nonchalantly, separating from her while he still could.

“Look who I brought with me.” He said proudly, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and stepping to the side. The small boy moved behind him again and you giggled, wondering which one of you blessed him with such a shy attitude.

“Get up there, buddy. Say Hi to grandma.” Makoto nodded calmly over to the woman in the door. The little boy looked up at his father with wide grey eyes. He was dark skinned with black hair that hung in his face like his father, but had a lush, thick texture from this mother. Shaking his head ‘no’, he pushed his face into back into his father pants.

“Sheesh. Why are you so shy today?” He stretched back to look down and shrugged when the boy just shuffled his feet in nervousness.

“Well, let’s go inside then. Maybe he will feel better in there?” You suggested, wrapping your arm around Hanamiya’s waist and kissing his cheek.

“Did you bring more than just a child here to my house?” His mother asked, hand on hip and mouth pursed in annoyance.

“Yes, we brought some food to share.” You replied, already knowing she would complain.

“Hm. Fine, come in.” She said moving aside.

“He better be potty trained by now. Don’t want him shittin’ on my floor!” She muttered as the family walked in.

“Really, ma?!” Makoto yelled back, queueing the new argument between them.

Well, Makoto surely didn’t get his attitude from his father.

Murasakibara do not feed that child anymore candy!” You scolded your tall husband as he bent down to give his baby girl another cookie.

“Ehh, sorry ____-chin.” He mumbled, crumbs flying out of his mouth.

“She’s just so cute. Like ____-chin. Can’t help it.” He said in between swallows.

“She’s right son, this bundle of joy might have a cavity by the time she’s four if this keeps up!” Murasakibara’s father boomed as he laughed. His mother was cooking along with you, helping to prepare a big family dinner in honor of the new addition to the two families. Your daughter was beautiful—chocolate wavy hair from her mother, dark blue eyes that were borderline a deep purple from her father, and a tummy that was never full from the both of you. Okay no, just from her father.

“Watch over that little girl,” Atsushi’s mother said as she kneaded some dough.

“Because if Atsushi is anything like his father, he will never stop eating! They are both bottomless pits!” He laughed and you did along with her.

“Honey!” His father called out in exasperation.

“So mean~” He pouted as he plopped down in a chair to watch and sneak a few pieced of cooked foods.

“Mummy, I am steel hungry?” Your daughter meant to state but accidentally ended up asking while she tugged on your apron.

“Okay baby, one more and that’s it until dinner, okay?” You said as you picked her up with wet hands.

“Yes.” She replied as she pouted and played with a lock of your hair.

“Both of you.” You quipped as you looked over to your husband.

“Yeeeesss.” Father and daughter droned out, moving to grab another cookie.  

anonymous asked:

Can you make a KBTBB? Mc found out that she has a baby inside of her but she knew that her guy doesn't want a child so she run a way. And if you could complete it after 7 years or 6 when she reunion with them?! I hope I wasn't selfish in this request🙈💔

You and your guy just started dating but you end up pregnant with his child before long. You are worried and ensure if he would like the kid. You have more fear that he may asked you to give up the child because of his status. You love him and want to keep the child that both of you have. After much consideration, you decided to leave him and take care of the child by yourself.

5 years later
It has been 5 years since you left him but you never once stop thinking about him. Your girl is now 4 years old and is attending kindergarten school.

When you fetch your girl from school one day, you found a luxury car stop in front of you. You can’t believe what you saw next. Eisuke gets out of the car and walks toward you.

“You are getting punish later. You know how hard I have been looking for you. Don’t ever leave without my permission.” Eisuke rebuked and pulls you into his embrace while your girl looks at both of you in surprise.

“I am your dad and I am back from my business trip. Will you come home to me with your mum?” Eisuke asked nervously and your girl blinks with happiness. She has been asking you about her dad and she finally reunited with him. Holding both your hands, Eisuke lead you to his car. He promises himself that he will never lose both of you again.

You heard a doorbell ringing at your door and your girl rush to open it. You tried to stop her since you not sure who is the other party but it was too late. However, you are surprised that it was Soryu standing at the door.

“Hi, I came to pick you home. I am not taking no for an answer after finding you for so long.” Soryu said emotionally and embrace you in his arms while your girl just stares in surprise.

“I am your dad and will you come home with me too? I will learn to be a good dad for you sake.” Soryu asked nervously while your girl looks up at you. You give a nod to confirm what Soryu had said and your girl jump into his arms happily.

You are fetching your girl from school and you saw her running happily with a drawing in her hand. You are shocked to to see that the drawing is you, your girl and Ota being together. Your girl claims that there is a guest in school that gives her the drawing. Just then you heard a familiar voice behind.

“I hope we are just like the picture. A happy family we will be. Please go home with me to let this wish come true.” Ota asked sweetly and embraces you.

“Will you also go home with daddy too?” Ota asked your girl sweetly and she nods her head happily. You can see Ota smiles happily and you still feel like you are dreaming. However, his hold on you proves that it is true.

You rushed to the school after received a call from school. Apparently she is down with high fever. When you carried her out of class, you are surprise to see Luke there as well. Without hesitation, you follow him to his clinic and he takes care of your girl immediately. Soon your girl fever starts to come down and your girl starts asking who he is.

“I am your daddy. I came to bring you and your mummy home.” Luke smiles happily at her. He then looks at you.

“Will you please come home with me? I need both of you in my life.” Luke whispered, as he embraces you. You hug him back and break into tears of happiness.

Moffat Appreciation Week - Day One: RTD Era

The remarkable women that are front and centre of these stories

“I am your mummy. I will always be your mummy.”

“I have seen the world inside your head and know that all things are possible.”

“I love old things.”

“You’ll see me again. You’ve got all of that to come. You and me, time and space. You watch us run!”

Daddy Harry Chapter 36

It was a few days later, and you were feeling better, you’re weren’t 100%, but you were getting there. You were up doing things around the house when you see Emery running down the stairs giggling. You laugh. “What are you giggling about?” You smile. “Daddy twake me wif him day!” She giggles. “He say Daddy Emwee day.” She giggles. “Oh, really?” You smile. “That sounds fun.” You smile. “Ya!” She nods. “Mummy betta?” She asks hugging your legs. “I am feeling better.” You smile running your hands through her hair. “Good!” She smiles. “No wan Mummy icky.” She says. “Me either.” Harry says coming down the stairs. “I figured I would take her off your hands today that way you continue resting, why are you cleaning?” He asks. “I’m fine, Harry. I won’t over do it, but I’m tired of just laying around.” You say. He groans. “Fine, fine.” He says and kisses you quickly before looking down at Emery. “Okay, squirt, want to choose your snacks for the day?” He asks. “Ya!” she giggles and runs into the kitchen. You giggle and walk over and sit at the counter as you watch her pick everything. “So, what’s on the agenda today?” You ask. “We are shooting for a local magazine thing here.” He says. “So, we’ll be doing photoshoots and interviews.” He says. “Bowing.” Emery groans. Harry laughs. “Very, but you’ll have snacks and toys.” He smiles. “And Lou just might dress you up too.” He smiles. She gasps and nods. He laughs and finishes packing her bag. “Did you get diapers?” you ask. “Yes! I remembered those this time, although I believe someone is getting a bit older to possibly go potty by herself.” He smiles. She shakes her head and grabs her Sippy Cup out of Harry’s hand and starts drinking it. You laugh and shake you head. “Well, come here and give me my kisses.” You say holding your arms out. She giggles and runs over and reaches for you. You smile and pick her up and she kisses you. “Wuv.” She smiles. “I love you too, baby. Have fun with Daddy and be good.” You say firmly. “I be goo.” She smiles. You smile and let her down and she giggles before Harry walks over and kisses you. “Call me if you need anything and if you start feeling bad again, please lay down and rest.” He says. “I will, I promise and if Emery starts getting a handful, just call me or have Lou call me and I’ll come get her.” You say. He nods and kisses you again before heading out the door with her. 

It didn’t take long for Harry to get to the studio, so he got Emery out of her seat in the back and grabbed her bag and took her inside. She gasps when she sees all the people and looks around. Harry laughs and holds her hand as they walk through. He smiles and they get to the room where he has to get his hair done. “Wou!” Emery giggles and runs to Lou. She smiles and hugs Emery. “Hey, little one.” She smiles. ‘How are you doing today?“ She asks. "Goo!” She giggles. “It Daddy Emwee day!” She giggles. She smiles and kisses Emery’s head. “Well, you came just in time, I’m done with Niall’s hair now.” Lou laughs. Harry nods and gets in the chair and pulls Emery in his lap. She giggles and cuddles with him as she plays with her toys. “How’s Y/N?” She asks. “She’s doing better. She’s up and moving today, so that’s good.” He says. “Well I’m glad. I know you were really worried.” She says. He sighs and nods before looking down at Emery. She giggles and smiles up at him. He smiles and rubs her back as she plays with her toys. “Okay. Daddy has to go to work now, just stay here and play with your toys.” He says telling her to stay to the side. “Don’t go anywhere.” He says. “Kay Daddy.” She smiles. He smiles and kisses her head before he joins the boys for the photoshoot.

It was a little bit later and Emery was starting to get really bored. She sighs and was going through her bag grabbing another toy out, when her little ball starts to roll away. She giggles. “Wher go!” She giggles before getting up and going after it. She giggles and the ball keep rolling away and she ended up kicking it a few times. She ended up outside of the studio and she grabbed her ball and was looking around when she realizes she wasn’t in the building anymore. “Daddy.” She sniffles. “Daddy!” she cries. “I wan Daddy!” She cries and falls to the ground holding her ball tightly. “DADDDY!” She cries loudly and no one is outside to hear it. She sniffles and starts walking around trying to find Harry, but she just gets even more lost, which scares her even more. She finally just sits down on the ground and starts to cry more and more.  

Harry and the boys were done with those pictures and we’re heading to change their outfits for the next set. Harry looks over to where he had set Emery and didn’t see her. He thought that maybe Lou had taken her somewhere since they had been there for a while. He walks back into the dressing room and sees Lou touching up Zayn’s hair. “Hey Lou, Where’s my little squirt at?” He laughs. “What do you mean?” She asks. “I thought she was sitting in the room with you.” She says. “She wasn’t. I thought you took her back here with you.” He says quickly. “Harry. She’s not, She’s not back here.” She says. Harry looks at her worriedly and starts running around the studio. “Emery!” He yells. “Emery. Where are you?” Harry says. “How did none of you see a little baby walking around by herself!” Harry says angrily. “How did my daughter, my baby girl just disappear and no one know where the hell she is?” He screams. “Harry. Just calm down. We’re going to find her, I’m sure she’s just hiding somewhere.” Niall says. “Don’t tell me to calm down Niall. My daughter is missing and I don’t know where she is. She could be hurt. Someone could have taken her.” He says. “Oh god. What if someone took my baby girl?” He says tears forming in his eyes. “Harry. Don’t think like that. Come on, let’s go look outside.” Niall says. 'Zayn, Louis and Liam, are looking around the studio along with the workers.“ He says. "We gotta find her Niall.” Harry whispers sadly. Niall nods and they both head outside. They look around the building and they see Emery’s ball. “That’s hers!” Harry says picking it up. “That means she was out here.” Harry says. “Emery!” He shouts. “Emery!” He shouts again. Emery was crying so much, that she ended up falling asleep. She was out there for a while and it had started to rain. She was soaking wet and shivering. “Emery!” Harry cries louder as they are still looking for her. “Harry!” Niall says. “Is that her?” Niall asks pointing to Emery lying on the floor. “Oh my god!” He says and runs over to her. “Emery!” He shouts and picks her up. “She’s freezing.” Harry says. “We need to get her inside and warm her up.” He says.“And maybe to the hospital.” He says. “I’ll call them, but let’s get her inside.” Niall says. Harry nods and holds her close to him as he carries her inside the studio. “Oh goodness.” Lou says. “We need blankets! Harry did you pack a change of clothes?” She asks. He nods and she runs to her bag and gets them. They quickly change her into warm, dry clothes, and wrap a blanket around her. “Emery please wake up.” He whispers. “Please, baby.” He sniffles. “The ambulance is here.” Niall says. Harry nods and quickly takes her out to them and they both get in and head to the hospital.  

They take her back quickly and just check her out and Harry stays in the waiting room. “This is all my fault.” He cries. “I should have been watching her better.” He sniffles. “Harry. It’s not your fault.” Niall says. “SHe just got out somehow.” He says. “Y/N is never going to forgive me.” He whispers. “She’s going to hate me.” He sniffles. Just then you come running in,“Harry what happened? Louis called me and told me to come to the hospital. Where’s Emery?” You say worried. “Y/N. She. She got outside somehow and it was raining and when we found her she was asleep and freezing from the rain.” He says. “What do you mean she got outside somehow. You were supposed to be watching her or having someone watch her!” You say. “We were doing the photo shoot and I guess, she just sneaked out.” He sniffles. “Y/N I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.” He cries. “What kind of father just lets his not even two year old daughter just run around without supervision and expect her to be okay.” You say. “I told her to stay in the room we were in!” He says. “She usually stays. I don’t know what happened.” HE says. “Do you hear yourself right now?” You say. “She’s just a little baby! She needs someone to always be watching her. It’s not like she’s a 10 year old kid, who knows right from wrong when it comes to these things. I knew her going with you was a bad idea.” You say shaking your head. “Y/N. I’m sorry.” He whispers. “Yeah well sorry isn’t going to change the fact that our daughter is in the freaking hospital after you were supposed to be watching her!” You say. “I was working! I couldn’t watch her the entire time!” He defends. “Then why didn’t you have her stay with Lou or someone. Or I don’t know, just let her stay home with me!” You scream. “Guys. I know that you’re both upset over the situation, but all this screaming and arguing isn’t going to change what happened.” Liam says. “Just calm down and wait for the doctors to come out and tell you how Emery is.” He whispers. “And don’t blame Harry for this. He already blames himself enough.” He adds. “Well, he should. He’s the parent. When she’s with him, it’s his job to protect her, and he didn’t. You know, Emery was never put into these situation until you came into her life.” You say shaking your head before you walk over to the other side of the room and sit down. As soon as you said that, Harry was about to lose it. He walks over to the restrooms and opens the door and locks it before he falls to the ground and just lets his tears he’s been holding in fall. 

Chorong's FB Live Q&A Event - Trans

Chorong: Hello Im Apink’s Chorong! Right now the Q&A begins! Ask all your curious question by commenting below ^ㅡ^

Qn: Do you prefer Rain or Pandas?
Chorong: I like Pandas more

Qn: What programs or games you are interested recently?
Chorong: I don’t game T__T

Qn: Ah i’m so nervous I don’t know what to ask
Chorong: I’m nervous too, I don’t know what to reply

Fan: Eunji can sing “Let it Go” well?
Chorong: It’s insane

Fan: I’m going to take my Police Officer test soon, It’ll be great if you give me support
Chorong: Hwaiting! Hope you pass!

Fan: My number is _______ please call me i’ll be waiting
Chorong: Then wait

Fan:Noona, when will you all comeback?
Chorong: Soon!!

Fan: Chorongrongrongrong~~~~~
Chorong: Hello!!!

Fan: Marry Me
Chorong: @__@

Fan: Why are you so pretty?
Chorong: I’m getting shy

Fan: Chorong Nuna, is your profile height your real height???
Chorong: 16.8?

Fan: How long do you usually practice?
Chorong: 24 hours ( 24시간이 모자라~: Sunmi’s song)

Fan: Nuna, who’s your ideal guy?
Chorong: The guy that I like…

Fan: When do you find you bangs the most annoying?
Chorong: when I’m washing my face?

Fan: Chorong noona,Apink noona-s’ new song,when will it be released?
Chorong: Soon!!!!! Please wait a little more!

Fan: Chorong Noona, what do you and the members do in the dorm?
Chorong: Talk and watch movie?

Fan: What’s the biggest age gap you can accept when getting married?
Chorong: I still don’t have thoughts on getting married

Fan: What is female fans to you?
Chorong: It’s love hehe

Fan: Are you closer to Eunji or Naeun?
Chorong: Both of them are mine

Fan: Here Here! New Zeland fan!
Chorong: Wow!!! New Zeland!!!!

Chorong: So many of you were commenting but I’m sorry I can’t answer to all questions….Im too slow

Fan: Don’t get too tired, Fighting
Chorong: Tears suddenly…..kekeke i’ll work hard

Fan: What did you eat to be this pretty?
Chorong: Rice…nyam nyam

Fan: My dream is too be a model
Chorong: You must be tall…i’m jealous

Fan: Which part of your birthday was the most exciting?
Chorong: Right now!

Fan: What is your favorite words to hear?
Chorong: I like Apink’s song

Fan: Do you drive well?
Chorong: It’s insane

Fan: What is hayoung doing right now?
Chorong: She’s practicing!

Fan: Chorong ah, do you like the gifts and cake from Singapore fans?
Chorong: Thank you ㅠㅠㅠ I love you Singapore

Fan: Will we get to see Apink in Singapore again?
Chorong: We will definitely visit Singapore again!

Fan: I don’t think it’s 161.8 (height)~~~
Chorong: It’s true, actually not it’s 162

Fan: Representative-nim, please let Apink noona-s comeback soon
Chorong: Representative-nim, please let us cb soon

Fan: What is the first thing you do once you wake up?
Chorong: I shower immediately

Fan: Do you want to build a snowman???
Chorong: Call~~

Fan: What is the song that you like hearing to nowadays?
Chorong: When Winter Comes - Urban Zakapa

Fan: I love you unnie
Chorong: I love you too.

Fan: Chorong, are you seeing this?
Chorong: Yes, i am seeing this.

Fan: Chorong Unnie I love you, but I love Eunji Unnie more kekek
Chorong: I love eunji too

Fan: Don’t leave!! I love you, don’t leave!!
Chorong: I am not leaving!

Fan: Where did you get your eye smiles from? Mummy or Daddy?
Chorong: Half Half!

Fan: Can you call my name once?
Chorong: Byeong-jae!

Fan: Chorong’s voice has so much charm
Chorong: Thank you TTTTTT

Fan: What’s your favourite number?
Chorong: 3!

Fan: What type of cake do you like?
Chorong: All kinds~

Fan: It’ll be great if you can come Malaysia again!
Chorong: I will definitely go, I miss itTTT

Fan: I am waiting for your comeback
Chorong: Me too ㅠㅠㅠ

Fan: I want to receive a reply too noona..
Chorong: I want to reply to all too

Fan: What do you think of short guys?
Chorong: Height isn’t important.

Fan: Do you really wanna be a maknae?
Chorong: No, I like it now ㅋㅋ

Fan: Chorong noona, around when can i see Apink’s new song?
Chorong: Soon!! Please wait a little more!

Fan: Who will be the main character of Apink News Season 4??
Chorong: Apink News = Chorong

cr: @Apinktown,@all4apink and to the respective owners

Compiled by: Isomacho

This is the continuation of my “William Hooper” Series. Here are the links the the previous parts. Thank you for your kind support. Hope you find it delightful. XOXOX

The Holmes’Boys , The Dream , The Meeting(1) ,The Meeting (2),The Ho(l)mesThe Pain


The Mission (1)

Molly: I want you out of my life, Mr.Holmes. I have my rights as William’s mother. If you truly want your place in his life, you must comply to my request.

Sherlock: I need more time to consider this thoroughly, Molly.

Molly: Three days then, Mr.Holmes, three days.

Day One-
Molly’s flat, Central,London
7.20 pm.

Molly: Thank you, Mycroft, for Toby and the flat.

Mycroft: Although I have never been moved by any collateral damage, I’m not proud of the pain I have caused you and Sherlock.

Molly: Pain? You brother? I don’t think so.

Mycroft: My little brother is more than vulnerable without you, Miss Hooper.


Day Two-
Molly’s flat, Central,London
5.00 am.

William opened the door for his “Daddy” to sneak in very early in the morning. Mycroft had left the five year-old a cell phone so the Holmes’boys could text one another without being noticed.

William: ‘Daddy’, you brought it?

Sherlock: (beamed warmly) Hm? Brought what, ‘son’?

William (rolled his eyes): The ring, you have it in your pocket. Don’t pretend that you don’t.

Sherlock: You have already known the answer. What is the point of asking then?

William: I just want to be sure.

Sherlock: (grinned) So you do not trust me?

William: (frowned) I trust you, Daddy but this is important; you are to propose, Mummy to say yes and I get to be with both of you. I want to make sure everything will work out as planned.

Sherlock: (patted the boy’s shoulder) And it will, with you, me and (grinned cunningly) ‘Uncle Mike’ together, everything is possible.

William: Mike? That’s Uncle Mycroft’s nickname?

Sherlock: Yessss, that’s what your grandmother calls him, privately used within the family.

William: Should I call him that too?

Sherlock: He will certainly love that, Will.

William: Okay, if you said so. Here is Mummy’s room. We have about two hours before she normally wakes up.

Sherlock peered inside the bedroom and was warmed by what he saw; his Molly was sleeping peacefully in her old bed again.
Over the years, he had dreamed about this far too many times that he could not help but wonder if this was the reality or the madness had finally gotten him. The consulting detective stepped inside the room quietly.

William (whispered): What are you doing? This is not in the plan.

Sherlock: Could I have a minute with your mother, Will?

William: But…

Sherlock: Please, for the sake of my sanity, son. I need to do this.

William (frowned and sighed): A minute, alright? We have a lot to do, Daddy.


Molly had a strange dream about Sherlock Holmes again. He was not in his coat this time, but in his favorite purple shirt and trousers. He beamed down at here and kissed her forehead.

Sherlock: Go back to sleep, Molly. There are a few hours before dawn.

Molly: (grinned and cupped his cheeks) You are home. How was the case?

Sherlock: (kissed he palm) Closed, Lestrade will handle the rest.

Molly: Good, come to bed then. You must be exhausted.

Sherlock complied without a word. He cuddled with her and kissed the top of her head lovingly.

Sherlock: I miss you.

Molly smiled into his chest, snuggled close to him and drifted back to her sleep.


Text messages between William and Mycroft:

Daddy is still in Mummy’s room. We are 30 minutes behind our schedule. Send back up.-WH. 5.30 am.

On their way.-MH 5.32 am.

Thank you, Uncle Mike.-WH 5.33 am.

Uncle Mike??-MH 5.34 am.

Daddy told me that you would like it if I call you Uncle Mike, wouldn’t you?-WH 5.35 am.

Your father and I have a lot to discuss after this.-MH 5.36 am.


A beautiful brunette in black arrived at Molly’s flat 10 minutes later. She quickly prepared some romantic breakfast in bed, good coffee and flowers as William bossed her around with such agitation.

The brunette: All set, little boss.

William: Thank you…(Blushed) Sorry, but I didn’t get to know your name, miss.

The brunette: At last you ask. I’m Athena, and yes, the goddess in Greek Myths, Athena.

William: There is nothing fictitious about you, Athena, For me, you are the real goddess.

Athena: Oh…Little sweet talker, I wish you were 20 years older.

William: You read my mind.

Athena placed a little kiss on the tip of his nose, texted Mycroft and left the flat quietly.


Molly’s bedroom-7.00 am.

An hour later, Molly woke in Sherlock’s arms. It was difficult for her to separate dream from reality.

Sherlock lied watching her quietly. She reached out the touch his cheek.

Sherlock: I was not made of stones, Molly. If you keep doing this, I will lose control.

Molly: Lose control?

Sherlock: My strong urge to kiss you senseless is painfully hard to resist.

Molly gently traced her fingers over his lips. He moved closer and brushed his lips over hers. The couple poured their hunger for each other into the one kiss. Once she decided to break away, he nestled her cheek against his throat and rested his chin on top of her head.

Sherlock: Just a little longer, Molly.

Molly: (grinned warmly) I hate to wake up too but William must be worried. I don’t normally sleep in.

Sherlock: (sighed) This is not a dream, Molly.

Molly: (frowned) What are you talking about? This is only happening inside my head like it always does, doesn’t it?

He did not respond but tightened his hold of her. She then came to the full realization that his presence in her very bed was real.

She suddenly pushed him away, sprang out of bed, grabbed the alarm clock on the bedside table and threw it at him.


Kitchen-7.30 am.

Sherlock sat at the dinning table. William stood on a chair and tended to a nasty bruise on his father’s head with a bag of ice. Molly sat in her armchair further away in the living room, fuming.

William: Are you sure that you do not want me to get Uncle Mike? The bruise is turning purple now, Daddy.

Sherlock: I’ve been stabbed, shot at and bombed-out of my flat, Will. I’m pretty sure that I could survive your mother’s handy work.

William: (sighed) I’ve told you to stick to the plan, Daddy.

Sherlock: (grinned) ‘We’ have gotten carried away further than I have expected, son.

William: We? You and Mummy?I’m five and I don’t want to know the detail, Daddy.

Molly walked into the kitchen and leaned against the doorframe.

Molly: I think it’s time for you to leave, Mr.Holmes.

William: But Daddy’s head hurts very bad, Mummy.

Sherlock moaned dramatically in the background.

Molly: (Ignored Sherlock) Uncle John is a very competent doctor, William. I am sure he won’t let your Daddy suffers long.

William: Mummy please, Daddy is…

Molly: You are grounded for two weeks already, William. I hate to make that an entire month.

William: (turned to Sherlock) Under the circumstances, I suppose you need a professional medical attention from Uncle John, Daddy.

Sherlock nodded, stood up and hugged William tightly.

William (whispered): I am sorry, Daddy.

Sherlock: That’s alright, son. (Hold William’s little hand that was in Sherlock’s suite jacket pocket) I know your mother got your phone. I will send you another one. We seriously need to work on your pocket picking skill, Will.

William (simpered): OK.

Molly: Leave now, Mr.Holmes. My patient with you is becoming thin.


Here is the next part:

The Mission (2)

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It's Mother's Day here in the UK and all I can think of is Harry getting the boys to make Mother's Day cards for Grace & maybe them baking something for her. Even if it's not the best cake in the world Grace thinks it's the best.

Harry Style isn’t a master chef, but he does pretty okay in the kitchen. He makes a mean bolognese and his alfredo sauce got the Graceland Styles bedroom eyes seal of approval. But add in three tiny sous chefs and things got a little out of hand.

“Duhduh! Duhduh!”

Harry glances over his shoulder and watches his oldest twin, who’s in his highchair, flail his tiny fists in the air, clearly bored of the Cheerios he’s given him to hold him over.

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“whiskey promises at the midnight hour”: hlwily 12 days of christmas (2015) #6

Originally posted by pastandpresentof1d

I had to sprinkle a little bit of these two in here, didn’t I? In which some promises are made. 

12 Days 2015 Post & days 1-5


December 31, 2027: 11:45pm

Niall had baby drool on his shoulder. Or spit up. He hoped it wasn’t spit up. He pushed his nose into his baby girl’s downy-soft hair and kissed her ear, continuing his waltz through the living room and kitchen to get her sleepy. She was fussy unless she was sleeping on someone. And while Gemma worried that she’d never sleep properly in the co-sleeper or in a bed, Niall couldn’t complain. He loved it.  

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Baby shower!

Dear little Daisy, 

Today work threw me and you a little baby shower. You are already so, so loved. and I cannot begin to explain how overwhelmed I am right now. Your mummy is very shy so I was very nervous about being ‘centre of attention’. I work in an assisted living home and over the past year I’ve built up some lovely relationships with some beautiful people. I’m blessed to have such wonderful individuals in my life, and I can’t wait for you to meet them all. 

They well and truly spoilt you! You received teddies, toys, clothes, lots and lots of vouchers and money and many many cards. It’s surreal that you’re inside my tummy and you have no idea of the amount of love that floods in for you. 

But mummy is exhausted now and you’re enjoying kicking my ribs until it hurts a little to breathe - but that’s okay it’s just nice to know you’re doing alright in there! 

See you soon.

Mummy loves you.