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Virtually the Future

An Asagao Academy fanfiction

Synopsis: Jared test drives some new features on Satch’s VR machine after the video game tournament—and something strikes a chord with Jared during a scene with virtual personas of his friends.

Jared lounged on the couch, propping himself up on one arm while he watched his roommate Satch work on a black boxy machine. A pair of black gloves strung with wires lay on the coffee table beside the box, and a helmet sat on the carpet by Satch’s knees.

“Man, it’s crazy how you won the invention category by a landslide,” Jared remarked.

Satch laughed. “Well, I’m glad I did—I can actually take the time to improve this machine by quite a bit.” He twisted a cord that connected the box to a Plexiglas helmet.

“But how are you going to work that around your job?”

Satch smirked as he connected the gloves’s cords to the box. “Once I decide which company I’ll sell my invention to, I’m quitting.”

Jared sat up. “Wait, seriously? I thought you liked being surrounded by books.”

“I do. It’s the librarian I can’t work with.”

Jared’s pocket vibrated. He pulled out his phone and sighed when he saw his mother’s name on the screen. “Oh great.”

“Mom call?” Satch asked.

“Mother call.” Jared slouched against the couch. “Ugh, I don’t want to deal with this.”

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Kataang Week: Gentle

Okay so this is a day late, but here it is! Also, here is the link to read it on Fanfiction. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12070733/1/Kataang-Week-2016


“Be gentle; hold your arms like this. Support his neck.”

The Avatar’s eyes were filled with concern as he passed his newborn son to Sokka.

“You act like I’ve never held a baby before!”

Katara swatted at her brother, “Keep your voice down, he’s finally sleeping.”

The new uncle held his nephew close to his chest and Aang stood by his side with a nervous look in his eyes. Katara watched with tired eyes and a smile on her face as her husband worried over their son as if he were an egg precariously perched on the countertop; him being the nervous cook pulling it away from the edge. While she had plenty of experience with babies and small children, this was the first time Aang had really been in charge of care for a newborn.

She rested a hand on his shoulder, “He’s not gonna break.”

He gave her an uneasy smile. “He’s just so small and soft and terrifying.”

She laughed. “He’s the Avatar’s son, I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

“Not to mention, he’s MY nephew,” Sokka boasted. “He’ll be tiger seal hunting with me in no time!” Aang gave him a disgusted look. “Okay, maybe not.”

Days went by and more and more family members arrived to meet the Avatar’s first born son. Each pair of hands outreached wanting to hold, kiss, and snuggle made Aang that much more anxious. By the end of the week, he found solace in finally being alone with Bumi.

His wife knocked on the open door to their shared room, “He asleep?”

Aang gave her a nod and a weak smile. “I’m sure he’s exhausted from all the excitement.”

She laughed. “Doesn’t seem like he’s the only one.”

“I don’t think I’ve been this stressed since the Fire Lord was trying to kill me,” He sighed. “People weren’t kidding when they said being a parent was hard.”

Katara took their son from his arms, “It’s definitely not easy.”

Aang wrapped his hand around her waist and leaned his head into her. “Do you think I’m being over protective?”

“Just a little,” She smiled. “But that’s normal.”

“But you’re not out there policing everyone that even so much as looks at him,” Aang pointed out. “How are you so calm?”

“Sweetheart,” She started. “I am a nervous wreck. But I’m entirely too exhausted to do or say much of anything. Plus, I think you’ve got us covered when it comes to worried, new parent syndrome.”

He lifted his to look at her. “Are you trying to say I’m hogging all the stress?”

“Pretty much,” She teased.

“I guess we have a lifetime of stress and worry ahead of us, huh?”

Katara nods. “Yes, but it’ll lessen over time when he gets old enough to care for himself. But it’ll never go away for good.”

“Might as well enjoy it while it lasts,” Aang said jokingly as he placed a kiss on her lips.


As Bumi grew older, he became a very rambunctious young boy. When he was a toddler, it seemed as though there was never a moment that Aang didn’t spend chasing him through the Air Temple. The Avatar’s son would laugh as his father tirelessly ran after him.

“Bumi!” He shouted. “Get back here! It’s time for bed!”

The sun was setting on the horizon as Bumi ran into the sky bison stables. Aang followed him in to find him stirring up a mess of trouble with the baby bison.

“Hey, hey,” Aang put his hand on his son’s shoulder. “You have to be careful.”

Bumi dropped his head, “I’m sorry, Dad.”

“It’s okay.” He guided Bumi over to the back of the stable. “See this one right here? He was born just last week. He’s just a baby like you were once.”

“I’m not a baby,” Bumi said proudly.

“I know you’re not, but you used to be,” Aang crouched down next to the bison. “And when you were a baby, you were so small and fragile just like this bison. So, anybody that held you had to be extra careful and that’s what we have to do with this baby bison.”

His son looked up at him. “Until he grows into a big boy, like me?”

Aang laughed. “That’s right!”

He gently stroked the top of the bison’s head and watched as Bumi did the same. One by one, the rest of the baby bison started to join, pushing their way through to get their heads rubbed. Aang watched as his son laughed and hugging the animals and couldn’t help but smile.

“Seems like you two are having a good time.”

At the sound of Katara’s voice in the doorway, the two looked up, startled knowing that they had been caught out passed Bumi’s bedtime.

“I can explain,” Aang gave her his signature lopsided grin.

“Can’t you always?” She laughed.

Aang sighed and stood up, “Come on Bumi, time for bed.”

“Can’t we stay just a little while longer?” Bumi looked up at his parents with big eyes and his lips poked out. “Please Mom?”

“Yeah, please mom?” Aang gave his wife the exact same look.

Katara tried her hardest to remain stern. “This is entirely unfair.” The Avatar and his son whimpered a little for added effect. “I guess I’m out numbered. Five more minutes and then I expect both of you to be in bed.”


The very pregnant waterbender waddled out of the stable leaving her husband and son alone to play with the baby bison. They stayed there for another half hour before Aang was forced to pull Bumi away from his new fluffy friends and join Katara in bed.

“You don’t play fair,” His wife complained as he crawled under the sheets beside him.

He gave her a large smile and wrapped his arms around her. “You know it’s hard for me to say no to that kid! I mean look at his cute face!”

“Well, now you’re making it harder for me to say no,” she teased. “You should have never taught him your secret trick.”

Aang laughed, “Secret trick?

Katara gave him a knowing look. “The sad polar puppy eyes, the whimper. It’s all part of your ‘I’m cute, so give me what I want’ look.”

“I know of no such look that does no such thing.”

“Deny it all you want,” she narrowed her eyes at him. “I’m onto you Mr. Avatar.”

He smiled, “Oh so now I’m ‘Mr. Avatar?’”

She hummed in agreement, but was squealing moments later as Aang began tickling her sides. The two laughed and kissed for a moment before returning to their place under the blankets to get some much needed rest.

It was only a few hours later that Katara awoke to the sheets soaking wet beneath her. She grabbed her husband’s shoulder and shook him awake. He shot up out of bed and began racing around the room, half asleep and completely devoid of any clear motivation.

“Get the midwife!”

The Avatar scurried out of the room at his wife’s words, returning momentarily with the midwife and a handful of acolytes in tow. He stood by her side through the gruelingly beautiful miracle of childbirth. He was with her through the tears and the shouts of pain leading up to the moment that their newborn’s cries were the only thing to be heard throughout the halls of the temple.

“It’s a girl.”

At the midwife’s words, Katara began to tear up as she reached for her daughter. Aang wrapped his arms around the two of them and they shared a moment of silence as they looked at their child in complete awe. The midwife left momentarily to collect more towels and blankets, leaving the Avatar and his wife a moment alone to discuss a very important topic.

“Now comes the hard part,” Aang started. “What’s her name?”

“Kya,” Katara said without missing a beat.

Aang smiled and kissed his wife. “A brave name after a brave woman; I think it’s perfect.”

Tiny little footsteps resonate from down the hall and moments later, there’s a knock at the door. Aang moves across the room and pulls on the doorknob, looking down at his son’s over excited face trying to pear around his legs at his newborn sister.

“Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?” Aang teased before collecting his son into his arms. “Come on, buddy.”

Bumi’s eyes lit up as his father placed him on the side of the bed. “It’s so squishy.”

Katara and her husband shared a laugh. “Yes she is.”

“Her name is Kya,” Aang explained.

“She’s a baby so we have to be gentle, right Daddy?”

“That’s right,” the Avatar smiled. “Cause she’s so little.”

“Like the baby bison?”


The midwife returned shortly thereafter and collected Kya from their arms to clean her up and wrap her in more blankets. Upon her return, she found the new mother and her family nestled into bed sound asleep. She placed the newborn into the recently crafted basin by the bed and took a seat in a rocking chair across the room, keeping a close eye on the Avatar and his family.

The days, weeks and months following Kya’s birth past by in an instance. As she grew up right before their very eyes, Katara and Aang beam in pride as she took her first steps and spoke her first words. They smiled and cried as their son and daughter learned side by side over the years. And when Tenzin finally came into the world, they taught Kya and Bumi how to hold him and how to care for him as well.

While the three didn’t always get along, Aang always managed to remind them that they’re family and in the end, family is all you’ve got. And in the many years following their Father’s death, the three still bickered on occasion and rough housed quite a bit. But they still remembered to love one another through thick and then. Because if there was one quality they all shared, it was their Father’s gentle heart.


Zutara Week Day 1: Happenstance

Words:  1737

Rating: T

A/N:  Back in 2013 I decided to do Zutara tropes for Zutara week.  This year its AUs mostly off of those AU posts.  This one is getting lost in Disneyland together.

Katara tapped her foot and scanned the crowd, yet again, in hopes of finding her idiot brother and friends.  Sokka and Suki hadn’t wanted to climb Tarzan’s Tree House while Toph complained about being hunger and trotted off with Aang to go find food.  All of this would be fine if they all kept to their buddy system…and didn’t leave her.  She’d asked Sokka to stay in the Adventureland souvenir store and he’d only been to happy to play with the fake swords and whips (Suki right along with him).

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The Trouble With Kids (Legend of Korra Snippet)

When Korra and Asami had adopted a child, they had thought themselves well prepared. After all, Asami was the successful owner and CEO of the world’s most powerful corporation, and Korra was the Avatar. In between the two of them, they should have been able to handle something as simple as childrearing.

At least, that was their plan.

The reality was that neither of them were truly ready for the horrors and joys of raising a child. But somehow, they made it through the first few years. Sure, they made some mistakes along the way, but they also managed to raise a relatively normal four-year-old. 

So suffice it to say that Korra was only slightly surprised when she returned home to find Asami standing outside the bathroom, soaking wet, with more water filling the corridor. There was even some dripping from the roof.

“Uh… what happened, Asami? I know she can be a bit mischievous, but how did all this water get everywhere?” Korra surreptitiously began to bend the water off the floor, walls, and ceiling and send it back into the bathroom.

However, the instant she let her control of the water lapse, there was a loud giggle and then an almighty splash as the water hurtled back into Asami.

The other woman sighed and wiped some water off her face. “Apparently, our daughter is a waterbender.” She grabbed Korra and pushed her into the bathroom. “Talk to her about it while I dry off.”

Korra winced. She was really going to have to explain a few things to their daughter, like why splashing Asami with water was not a good idea. 

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Omake: Too Old For This…

Azula stared at the… thing giggling on her lap. When her student, the Avatar, had asked her for a favour, she had assumed that it was something interesting, like crushing a rebellion or dealing with some bandits. But, no, it was babysitting.

The little girl continued to babble and laugh, apparently amused by the rich reds of Azula’s clothing. Oh, how far she had fallen. Well, perhaps she could find some way to amuse herself. Flicking one wrist, she summoned a bright blue flame and waved it in front of the infant.

The baby’s eyes widened, and she reached out to touch the flame.

“Azula!” Asami shouted as she abandoned putting her coat on in favour of running toward the firebender.

“Relax,” Korra put one hand on her shoulder. “Azula isn’t going to hurt her.”

And sure enough, the baby’s hands moved through the flame without any sign of harm.

“Ms Sato, I am one of the greatest firebenders in history.” Azula scowled. “Controlling the heat of my flames is trivially easy.”

“I guess.” Asami sighed in relief. 

“Besides, Ty Lee finds this… spawn of yours to be inordinately adorable. I have no doubt that she will expect a full and thorough account of every single thing that happens tonight, right down to whether or not I was able to get your daughter to eat her dinner.” Azula gestured at the door. “So, go ahead and enjoy your night at the theatre. Your daughter is safe with me. And if anyone is foolish enough to try and harm her, I may get the entertainment I’m looking for.”

Electricity crackled across Azula’s fingertips, and the baby girl giggled and smiled.

“It seems that your daughter has good taste. She likes fire and lightning. It’s a pity that if she turns out to be a bender, she will be a waterbender. It would have been quite amusing to take on another student.”

Korra rolled her eyes and guided Asami toward the door. “I remember being your student, Azula. You made me do all the chores around your quarters.”

“Cleaning builds character,” Azula replied. “Now, hurry along. If you’re later coming back, I will not be pleased.”

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Note: Does anyone have any good ideas for what Korra and Asami’s daughter could be named? The guidelines for Water Tribe names aren’t that strict, but we don’t have that many example to work with either.