i am worried that i am not worried about failing

Quick, self-indulgent MCxJaehee angst bc I love her, and it made me sad when she broke down crying bc we couldn’t be there to comfort her. I’m still pretty rusty at drawing, I’m trying to get back into it T_T I hate drawing heads/faces.

Although not needed to have a specific day set aside to appreciate one another, I am grateful that we do as a culture, set a day to honor Mothers and Fathers.

Often the daily details get in our way and we don’t appreciate one another until a tragedy hits. Being a mother or father isn’t just biological but a quality or characteristic. I am so grateful for my mother and those that have “mothered” me over the years. I wasn’t the easiest daughter…being stubborn and opinionated (warning: not much changed there.) But, I can see that my mom has always tried her best to let me grow and helped me become who I am today. She is a great example to me.

She often speaks of how she has worried about failing me as a mother. Perhaps we all worry about that? Remind ourselves we aren’t perfect and everything is working as it should for our highest benefit.

Remember to give a little extra tight hug and love to those who make a difference in your life.

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And now two years later still in university but I failed my first year by failing three classes so now i have to repeat the first year and am I happy about it? No. Do I feel like a failure? Yes. Did I cry? Yes i cried so much that I thought my heart would break.I haven't told my parents about it because I don't want to go through the same thing I did last time. Am I worried for my future hell yes.I'm worried about where life will take me but I take life as it comes and so should you,stay strong

Your parents sound so horrible. No should ever have to go trough that. My parents are kind of supportive of everything I do and they don’t care if I fail. I’ve failed countless times and I’m still trying to finish. I’m so proud of you for still going at it. It’s hard and yea i’m a strong individual. Thank you for sharing this. It probably won’t just help me, but many others.

I know it’s their jobs, but I get so worried sometimes for the girls who strip here. Not that their job is bad or anything. But like, the people who come in here. It amazes me how comfortable they get. Like these girls are people, they are human, and sure they might be dancing around naked, but that  doesn’t give anyone the right to violate them in any way. If I wasn’t so worried about losing my job I might have confronted a few people by now because it’s just hard to watch sometimes.