i am woman. hear me roar

Full confession: “Can creative get the roles of the babyfaces and heels right? For example, you have Sasha Banks, talking about wanting to wrestle since she was a kid, women who have inspired her and pretty much giving these “I am woman, hear me roar!” female empowerment speeches, just so she can fat shame Dana Brooke 2 seconds later. Also, you have loveable babyface Enzo Amore, being a Jersey Shore dirtbag trying to sleep with a married woman and hitting on her from the start, just for the supposed heel that’s Rusev to defend her honor and beat the shit out of the guy who even considered sleeping with his wife.”

i am woman —

i am and i am not

my swaying hips, 

my lily white throat 

and ruby red lips;

teach me to bow to you,

straight back and rigid,

and, even if deep down,

i will snarl and snap for

you fear us and wander 

deep in the deep woods,

straining your eyes and your neck 

for witches to burn or lock 

in the whitewash bright kitchen. 

what is it that scares you: 

our gender, our eyes, 

our color, our size? 

i repeat, i am woman —

i am and i am not 

daughter, princess, mother,

stepmother, witch, heinous bitch; 

we are women, hear us roar: 

heart of a mouse, mouth of a wolf,

wings of a dove, claws and fangs  

that will never, ever after, spare 

your judgmental jealous eyes. 

i am and i am not your fairy tale // m.c. 

Characters from Luke Cage and Lyrics from rap song that I thought fit

Luke Cage: “What a god to a non-believer” (No Church in the Wild)-Jay Z and Kanye West

Misty Knight:”Everything these haters do just to degrade ya,Only made me stronger so thanks for the favor.“ (All Good)-LIL’ Kim

Mariah Dillard: “You can be the King,but watch the Queen Conquer” (Monster Nicki Minaj Verse)

Herman “Shades” Alvarez:“Cause we’ve been through the worst times and the best times,But it was our time, even if it was part-time” (I’m Real)-JaRule ft J.Lo I couldn’t resist

Claire Temple:”I am woman, hear me roar,Comin’ out fresher and flyer than I did before”-(I am Woman)-MC Lyte

Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes: "Watch the blimp read, ‘The World Is Mine.'” (If I Ruled the World)-Nas ft Lauryn Hill

Willis “Diamondback” Stryker: ”Catch me if you can like the GingerBread man- (Struggle) Biggie Smalls

Henry “Pops” Hunter: “God is smilin’ on you but he’s frownin’ too,Because only God knows what you’ll go through” (The Message)-Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

Occasionally Rafael Scarfe especially when he killed Chico,and That one guy who didn’t want to save Luke even though Misty ask him to: “Fuck the Police” (Fuck the Police)-NWA

If anyone disagrees ,or got suggestion the floor is yours.


Tammy Swanson’s bookshelf in seasons 2 and 3


  • Woman War III
  • The Bill of Rights
  • Man Putty
  • Sperm Suicide
  • Take His Balls and Go Home
  • Controlling the Male Mind
  • A Woman’s Worth


  • Power in Your Pants
  • The Male Brain: It’s Bigger
  • It’s a Man’s World
  • God Made Man First
  • The Power of My Manhood (on Tammy’s desk with a “REJECTED” sticky note)
  • I Am Man Hear Me Roar Louder
  • Men Like Doing, Women Like Feeling

they really use sex as a weapon out here. it’s not men that are controlled by sex, it’s women.

have you ever heard that saying “before sex a man isn’t thinking straight after sex the woman isn’t thinking straight”

see the endgame is HUMILIATION

like yes, bitch, I courted you, I earned a modicum of trust, I fucked you and youre the dumb one because I have always low key hated you bitch! I am man hear me roar. 

gosh ok what i love about Wonder Woman and that line she says to Bruce, “I don’t think you’ve ever known a woman like me”, is that it totally DOES NOT come across as special snowflake syndrome (even though, arguably, she is pretty fucking special). I’m just so fucking ready for her movie and all the other movies she’ll appear in. It’s true that Wonder Woman is usually more of a RA RA RA I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR LETS BATTLE type of hero, but Gal Gadot is just bringing something to the character that makes it slightly different and i’m just loving it. There was so much subtlety and precision and depth in the power she had as a woman and as a character when she wasn’t even in her Wonder Woman garb. ITS JUST IN HER FACE!!! HER EYES!!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! 

She hardly got to know [Carter]. She lost him just when she was coming around to believing in the inevitability of their love for one another. But the progressive, ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ version of her is unlike every other lifetime she’s lived where she too had died and they were reborn together all over again. What makes this version of Kendra different is she has the other Legends. She can be a hero without him, and she has to stand up to Savage alone and vanquish him by herself.
—  Phil Klemmer