i am way too lazy to tag the rest

Actually, I was about to write “HUG HIM NOW” on the blank area.

But I think it was so corny so I erase it hahah.

Their expressions supposed to be full of emotion and teary eyes; they were so emotional that they ran towards each other to hug. But due to resizing, it can’t show much :/ damn you tumblr. Well I can post the full size on pixiv, but I’m too lazy to do it :v

Oh, btw I finally can rest from being masochistic over line art lol. You guys have no idea how many time I got frustrated from discovering the right way to do line art T_T but now bad day begone woohooo

edit: to be honest, I upload this picture just now, which ‘just now’ was about 3.47 am in the morning. And the responses were already quite a lot. Seriously guys, you all aren’t looking at 19 tags every time every day right? Lol I really want to sleep now, but I’m more worried about what time will I able to wake up. My mother is really pissed if she found out her only daughter slacking off in the morning xD