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Book 2: The Visitor, Chapters 22-23

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Chapter 22 

OH GOOD, we are starting the chapter with a detailed description of Visser Three’s new morph. Descriptions of V3 being Extra is all I ever want from life.

He’s twenty feet tall, with three legs, each the size of a redwood tree, but for some reason a tiny human-sized head.  Also he has huge hands with which he’s casually ripping up chunks of cement.  Which should probably be scary but I’m too busy imagining his tiny human head on his giant redwood-sized rock-like body, and giggling up a storm.  Oh, V3, I’m not sure you thought this one all the way through.

Rachel, still cat-form, is not as amused as I am.  She runs and dodges and jumps, trying to escape V3 and his concrete-destruction.

Somewhere in the background, Cassie and/or Marco are ripping shit up with the earthmovers.  One of them just straight-up rams the construction vehicle into one of the guard spaceships, which explodes.  V3 gets distracted with yelling at his entourage about how their job description does not involve letting ships get blown up.

Rachel: Still running, along the top of a wall now, but finally Tobias turns up and swoops to evacuate her from the vicinity of V3’s angry hands and tiny head.  He grabs her with his claws and just about manages to fly her into a stand of trees nearby before he has to drop her because his hawk-form was not intended to carry entire cats around.

Rachel morphs back into human as soon as she’s safely hidden in the woods, just in the nick of time.  (Probably.  Who knows precisely what time it is?  I feel like these kids would do well to figure out some better method of timekeeping given their limitations.  Surely one could buckle a tiny watch onto Tobias’ leg or something?)

At any rate: Happy ending, sort of!  Rachel’s safely in the trees with Tobias, and Tobias reports that everyone else is also okay, if somewhat singed from the whole “exploding spaceship” thing.

Which all seems great except there’s another chapter to this book.  So either V3’s about to have a really great temper tantrum and threaten to eat people some more, or maybe we’re going to go out on a nice contemplative note.  Let’s find out.

Chapter 23

Last chapter!

It’s gymnastics class time for Rachel, a couple of days after her near-brush with V3.  Melissa is there and to all appearances not Yeerk-infested.  She finds a note in her locker that Rachel’s left there, assuring her anonymously that her father loves her very much even if he doesn’t act like it lately.

Melissa apparently perks up a bit, perhaps finding that comforting.  I have to say that in Melissa’s shoes I think I might find that more weird/disconcerting than comforting?  But to each their own, I guess. It’s nice that Melissa seems happy.

Rachel meets up with the Animorphs after class so they can do a little debrief on their recent adventures.  They decide they haven’t done so badly for themselves, having destroyed one of V3’s fighter/guard ships and having managed to avoid getting eaten.

Warm round of pats on the back for all, good job kids, maybe take a couple more days off before you go toe to toe with Actual Cat Lady Project Manager Visser Three again, okay?

Next up: Book Three, The Encounter.  I suppose it is too much to hope that this will be a nice quiet book where all the children go to class and make their beds and no one gets threatened with death or brain-parasites or anything.

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BTS: They want sex, but you’re on your period.

Master List

Don’t take this one to seriously. I rushed it a bit. Anyways enjoy! -Nana


He clearly isn’t a fan of Aunt Flow, but he will show this in a silly way. He’s patient he can wait.

“Stupid Aunt Flow…booo”

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He’d be the one who would go outside to walk it (his boner) off, talking mad shit too mother nature.

“Why are you like this lady? Does my pain amuse you?”

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He’s trying to be strong about it, but his tough facade is quickly cracking.

What did I do to deserve this…?

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It’s only a problem for him if it’s a problem for you.

“So does that bother you? Cause I am still down.”

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He’s definitely annoyed. Not with you or the situation, but more with himself for not knowing.

Way to be a dick Kim Taehyung

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Poor baby went from excited to sad immediately.

“Well my plans are shot. What do you want to do Jagi?”

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I’m always super amused whenever people accuse me of being too much of a flirt. Because I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’m flirting at all, I just think I’m holding a friendly conversation. The only people I actually go outta my way of flirting with is women above the age of 50 because I am dead serious about trying to find a suga mama. That’s why I’m thankful I work as a Pharmacy Tech in this rich ass neighborhood where all these geriatric people live. I’ll ask them questions like “oh damn, ma did I graduate highschool with you or something?” and shit like that. It makes them feel good and one day soon. I know I’ll be able to break an old woman’s hip.  

No One Will Know... (Except for Kuroo Tetsurou) - KuroTsuki

Notes: this is the stupidest thing i’ve ever written and i love it


No One Will Know… (Except for Kuroo Tetsurou)


Tsukishima Kei kind of a had a thing for dinosaurs. They fascinated him, intrigued him. In his free time, if he wasn’t practicing volleyball or studying or listening to music, then he was more than likely reading up facts on whatever dinosaur he had recently taken interest in. Not many knew this, though.

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