i am wasting my life here

Stop trying to make poor people feel guilty for splurging on a $12 bottle of wine once in a while or a $2 coffee every other morning while you throw around money like it’s nothing.

I’m so sorry to tell you, but when someone works 40+ hours a week, or even just part time, and still can’t afford to spend $2 for a damn coffee, THEY ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. Our society is.

You’re out here buying yourself $20 lunches and $50 shampoos like, please tell me more about how a coffee that puts a smile on my face is me “spending irresponsibly”.

What am I supposed to just work, and go home? Never do anything, never buy myself a lunch or a new shirt ever or enjoy life in the slightest? Cause there are millionaires out there with vacation mansions in 8 different countries so please keep telling me how I’m wasting my money on a fucking $10 lipstick that made me feel pretty.

HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U


I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.

Desperate Times (Joker x Reader)

Okay. I’m so sorry guys, I know it’s been about 80000 years since I’ve posted but I’ve just had really bad writers block and I’ve been really busy with work and school and whatnot but here it is. 

This was a request from an anon: “Could you please make an imagine where the reader is given to Mistah J because they were in debt to him. He immediately because super obsessed with her, but the reader is very scared of him <3 <3″ 

This is like decently close to the request just i couldn’t figure out what to write. I’m sorry!!!!! 


“Please, no Mr. Joker, I’ll give you anything. You can have anything.” You saw the man beg for his life, for another chance. It disgusted you to see him like this. To see the man you once knew as your father beg for drugs. You shook your head in disgust and turned away. You had no idea why but he insisted you be there with him, maybe it’s ‘cause he knew it could very well be one of his last days, if not his last.

“Anything?” The green haired man purred as he circled your father. Your father nodded and looked you in the eyes as if he were apologizing. Confusion clouded your mind as to why he would be apologizing. Maybe it was for being a shitty father, or for making you witness this horrid interaction.

“You can have my daughter,” he stated simply. You eyes snapped open and your back straightened.

“Excuse me? No you can’t have me and what the fuck dad?” You said in disbelief.

“Oh she’s feisty, I like her. You’ve got yourself a deal there Mr. You can keep your life, and your drugs, in exchange for this lovely creature,” he said as his looked you up and down, drinking in every detail of your body.

“No. Dad what the hell is wrong with you? You’re not actually serious are you?” Your voice dropped as the look in his eyes confirmed that he was in fact serious about selling you to the Joker.

“I’m sorry Y/N. There’s nothing else I can do,” he muttered, embarrassed that he had gotten to this point. Your heart broke as you watched the man you once looked up to pick drugs over his own daughter.

“Oh we are going to have so much fun together little miss Y/N,” the Joker snarled in your ear. You flinched as his hands came down on your shoulders.

“Dad… How could you?” He looked down in shame and walked out of the room without a word. Tears were streaming steadily down your face as you stared at the door he had just left through.

“Hm. Dads, am I right?” The Joker broke the silence in the room. “Hi doll face, I’m the Joker, the man that your father is seriously indebted to, and you belong to me now! You can call me Mr. J,” he said, extending a hand towards you as if to shake hands. You glanced down at his hand and ignored the offer. “Oh sweetheart now that’s just rude. That won’t fly doll. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Gonna have to teach you a lesson then. Take a seat,” he said as he pulled you down to sit next to him. His face got serious and you knew you were in trouble. “You belong to me now. That means you do what I want, when I want, and where I want. If you disobey me sweetcheeks, you get punished. Are we clear doll face?” He gripped your cheeks, forcing you to look at him. You nodded and he released your face. “What’s your name sweets?”

“Y/N,” you said simply. He stared at you with a bored look as if he was expecting you to say more. You stared back in defiance and he let out a long displeased groan.

“Not a talker are we? I can change that y’know,” he said with a maniacal smile as he pulled his shiny gun out of the holster under his jacket. He lifted the gun and caressed your soft cheeks with the cool, hard metal. You stared him dead in his crazy eyes as he tried to scare you with the powerful weapon in his hands. His face fell as he realized you weren’t scared and you wouldn’t open up to him. “Now tell me doll, am I gonna have to find some other ways of getting you to open that pretty mouth of yours?”

“Fine. What do you want to know. You get three questions, choose wisely,” you said, boredom dripping in your words. Your father had dragged you in to a world of guns and violence, this was not the first time you had been threatened at gun point and you had a feeling it wouldn’t be the last.

The Joker raised his non-existent eyebrow and stared you down. He was vastly impressed by your cool composure and lack of fear. Most in your shoes would be trembling, begging for their dear lives but you, you just sat there, bored with his games and his old intimidation tactics.

“And who do you think you are making demands?” He sneered angrily.

“I’m just trying to get this show on the road. Question one, two more to go. Like I said Mr. J, choose wisely.”

“I like your spunk sweetcheeks. Alright, why aren’t you scared? Most people would be terrified out of their minds, why not you?” He inquired.

“You’re not the first basket case my father has pissed off. I’ve been tied down, beat, interrogated, the works. I’m used to it now. My father owes a lot of people a lot of money but what they always fail to realize is that I mean little to nothing to him. I must admit, I’m a little impressed. You’re different than the others. He’s offered me up before y’know? No one’s ever agreed but you, you fell for it,” you explained. He stared at you with a confused look spread across is tattooed porcelain skin. “Stop staring,” you said.

He stared at you open mouthed and went to wrap his hand around your neck only to retract quickly. “You doll, are special, that’s for sure. I can’t wait for all the fun we’re going to have. Last question, do you like the left or the right side of the bed?” He threw his head back as he howled with laughter, his infamous laugh ringing through your ears and the small room you two were seated in.

You rolled your eyes and mentally groaned at the stupidity of this man. “Right,” you said as you got up from the small couch. “Can we go now? I would really like to get out of here and take a shower. I’m assuming there’ll be towels and whatnot ready for me? Clothes maybe?” He shook his head at you and wrapped his hand in your hair and yanked back.

“Now listen here Y/N, just because you’re not scared of me doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be. I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the things I’ve done and trust me honey, I can do worse,” he spoke in a deep, threatening voice. You felt the tip of his gun press against the center of your back. You had to admit that you were a little scared. The other men you dealt with were nothing like him. He was deadly, ruthless, and he could crack at any moment. “Now that we have the all cleared up let’s get this show on the road shall we?” His mood switched instantly.

A while later you pulled up to a lavish place. You were unsure of what to expect from him but you figured it shouldn’t surprise you that he lives in such an extravagant set up. He pulled you up from your elbow and you followed him inside. It was beautiful as you had expected upon seeing the outside of the house. Gold everything, marble counters, purple accents strewn around the house.

You glanced around, taking in what would be your new house.

“It’s beautiful,” you mumbled to yourself mostly. His hands came down on your shoulders in a gentle way, his hands travelling up and down your shoulders. You leaned your head to the side allowing a pleasant stretch to the tense muscles of your neck. “Do you live here all alone?” you inquired.

“No, the maid lives here, a few of my more trusted henchmen, for security measures. Not that I couldn’t protect myself, just don’t wanna do all the work myself,” he answered. You hummed in acknowledgement and continued to scan the room around you. “The room’s upstairs, I already had some of my men pick up your stuff from your father’s place, if you need anything else just tell me and I’ll send someone out to get it,” he said as he walked to the kitchen. You nodded, and dragged yourself up to what looked like a spare room. You plopped down on the bed and let out a long sigh.

So this is what my life is like now, you thought to yourself, looking around the lavish room. Joker stepped up to the doorway and stared you down before sitting down next to you on the big fluffy bed. “Why am I here Joker?”

“Please, call me Mr. J, Joker sounds… Too formal. I want you here because you’re a beautiful girl, your father did me wrong, and I want to make him pay.”

“Hah… Well jokes on you Mr. J. My father doesn’t care about me. Keeping me here is doing nothing but giving him the chance to shamelessly waste away without me yelling at him. You’re doing him a favor,” you explained. He nodded and spread a wide silver grin across his pale tattooed face.

“Y’know doll, maybe I just want your lovely company,” he said sarcastically.

“Y’know, maybe I just can’t stand your company,” you retorted. Before you could react, his hand came across your skin with a harsh sting. The force behind it made you fall back and place a tender touch on your cheek. You looked down, cowering away in fear. You loved to put on the tough girl act. Sure, you had dealt with crazies but nothing that ever came close to the Joker.

A slow tear dripped down your soft cheek. His eyes widened at the realization that he had made you cry. “Can you please leave me alone,” you muttered.

“Shit Y/N are you okay doll?” His voice was a bit quieter than before.

“Please just leave.” You were shaking, terrified to be in the same room as this psychotic, dangerous man.

“What’s wrong sweets?” You looked at him with a look of disbelief.

“You just slapped me across the face. If I’m being totally honest, I’m terrified right now. You scare the living daylights out of me. The moment I saw you I was scared for my life. I don’t want you in here. If I’m going to have to live with you I want to be left alone… I don’t want to be scared for my life. Please just go…” He looked at you, shock on his face.

“Alright. If you need something you can let someone know.” He placed a hand on your hunched back and left.

A small part of you felt bad for banishing him from your life but it wasn’t right for him to treat you in such an awful manner. You let out a sigh and laid down on the comfortable bed. Before you knew it you had slipped in to a deep sleep, forgetting about the disaster your life had become.

Whoops! My hand slipped :‘3 (what am I doing with my life?)

Welp, remember Geno with his stocking? Let’s say Reaper… couldn’t control himself and didn’t waste and time *wink wink* uhhh lets used our imagination here fufufu~

Omg I’m out! This is so much for me! *jumps from the window* have a nice day, guys!

Scott McCall AU (part 2)


Plot: Any permanent mark your soulmate gets, you get. Along with a distinct, unique tattoo that appears after an important moment in your soulmate’s life, however, you have no idea how you get away clean

A/N: Sorry it’s late haha, but I actually really got into writing this part, so it’s kinda long (9 pages long). Also… I’m not sure how long this Scott series is going to last but based on how this one went, I’m betting not very long. Anyways, enjoy and give me some feedback! Also, just so you guys know I started part 3 last night!


“College weekend! Are you ready honey?” Your mom asked.

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I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.

  • Those who live hate me more then ever. 
  • It was a little melodramatic for my tastes
  • What an entirely unwelcome surprise.
  • I will not be manipulated.
  • Are you here to give me another pep talk on the joys of fatherhood?
  • The level of awkwardness we’re all currently experiencing is entirely genuine.
  • Well, don’t be fooled love. I’m the devil in disguise.
  • What is it about my brother that always inspires such instant admiration?
  • Wasn’t it you who once said I could talk my way out of Hell?
  • I can tell you I love you tomorrow. You’re not dying today.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how much am I going to hate this little plan of yours?
  • Tend to _____. I have to murder my ex.
  • I’m begging you. Don’t leave me.
  • Death dances silently in everyone’s shadow, and she doesn’t give a damn. So why give a damn about her?
  • It’s better a flawed life lived than wasted rotting away in clay.
  • Because you wished it. Because what’s important to you is important to me. What makes you happy makes me want to keep you so. What scares you, I want to tear apart.
  • Violence is unavoidable then. Well, I tried.
  • I’m sure you’re quite capable of protecting yourself from the scourge of fraternity row.
  • Mere hours after you lecture me about boundaries and here you are at my house in the middle of the night.
  • If I tell you who I really am and you refuse to believe me then I can hardly be blamed for your disappointment.
  • I quite enjoy my obsessions, thank you very much.
  • Well, it hasn’t been a picnic, honestly.
  • You know, you all seem to think this is a democracy, and I assure you it is not!
  • This family makes me want to murder people.
  • You mistake my intentions. I haven’t come here to fight you. Not at all. This is to be an execution. Tell me, how exactly would you like to die?
  • You do realize it is not I who is to be the husband you can boss around.
  • I’m sorry, is this some sort of motherly critique? Please feel free to choke on it.
  • You know, it’s funny how often a person’s sharp tongue can end up cutting their own throat.
  • I’m missing a crucial color in my palette, that of my enemies’ blood.
  • Well she has a hint of the devil in her eyes. That’s all me.
  • If you fail to uphold your end of the deal, the consequences for you will be apocalyptic.
  • Seems rather uncivilized to laugh and dance around the body of a loved one.
  • Oh, I beg to differ. Some women actually find me quite charming.
  • Nonsense, I love people.
  • The stench of your judgment is overwhelming.
  • He’s your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes.
  • Let me get you a drink. And I’ll tell you all about being the bad guy.
  • _____, you’re beautiful. But if you don’t stop talking, I will kill you.
  • Truth be told, I’m as evil as it gets.
Montréal Canadiens 2016-2017 Yearbook Players Q&A




#45 Mark Barberio

Q: What was the inspiration for your “Stache”?

MB:(laughs) I’ve always been a big fan of Mario and Luigi in the Super Mario games. They always had great moustaches. I thought I would pay tribute to them with my “stache”.


#28 Nathan Beaulieu 

Q: Growing up, how many people actually pronounced your last name properly? 

NB:(laughs) Not many! It’s not that easy. It’s a little bit my fault, though, because since I grew up in Ontario, I always Anglicized it.


#41 Paul Byron

Q: How’d you get so fast? 

PB: I don’t know. I started skating when I was three and I was always fast. When I moved from Junior B to Major Junior, I also started training on artificial ice where I had to pull my coach, who weighed 230 pounds, while I weighted 130. That probably helped me get faster, and I always work really hard in the summer to build up my power. 


#43 Daniel Carr

Q: Do you have a favorite Disney movie?

DC: I don’t know if this is a Disney movie, but I’d have to say the first shrek. That one was really good.


#24 Phillip Danault

Q: If you had a chance to bring back any former Canadiens player, who would it be? 

PD: Saku Koivu, because he was a great leader and I had a chance to see him often growing up I was more of a kid who played hockey instead of watching it, but i’d pick him.


#51 David Desharnais

Q: What’s your best memory with the team?

DD: Probably when we went to the Eastern Conference finals[in 2014], after we beat Boston in Game 7 in their building. Personally, my first game and my first goal are both things I’ll never forget, but with the team on the whole, what we accomplished that year was special


#74 Alexei Emelin 

Q: Who is the hardest player to knock off their feet?

AE: On our team, I’d say Chucky[Alex Galchenyuk] or Radu[Alex Radulov]. In the League, it’s either Connor McDavid or Alex Ovechkin.


#32 Brian Flynn

Q: Who was your favorite NHL player growing up?

BF: When I was a kid, it was Peter Forsberg. I loved the Avalance. They were an exciting team, and then they made the deal to bring in Ray Bourque from Boston and won the Cup. Forsberg scored a lot of big goals. I even started wearing 21 because of him. 


#27 Alex Galchenyuk

Q: Who on the team would be the class down and who would be the A+ student? 

AG: No question. Andrew Shaw would for sure be the class down. For the best student, I’d probably say Jeff Petry because he went to university and is a smart guy.


#11 Brendan Gallagher 

Q: Who is your favorite player to go up against?

BG: I’m always excited to go up against Zdeno Chara, just because throughout my entire life, people always said I was too small. For me, there’s no bigger challenge than going up against the biggest guy in the League


#62 Artturi Lehkonen

Q: Since you joined the team, which guy had made the biggest impact on you both personally and as a player?

AL: It’s tough to pick just one guy because we have such a good group here. Everything really is about teamwork.


#79 Andrei Markov

Q: What motivated you to become a hockey player?

AM: My parents. They didn’t want me to waste my time after school


#17 Torrey Mitchell 

Q: Before a faceoff, you look so focused. What are you thinking about?

TM: I’m just thinking about being aggressive for a good five to 10 seconds. Just being as aggressive as possible. 


#35 Al Montoya 

Q: How is your relationship with Brendan Gallagher since you punched him two years ago? 

AM: Oh, that’s a great question! On my first day here, Patch[Max Pacioretty] actually brought it up. He walked into the room and said, “ Have you and Gally talked about the time you hit him in Winnipeg?” We all just started cracking up. It was nothing. I was excited to be playing against a team like this and he was just doing his job. He’s kind of player you hate playing against, but you love to have on your team. I have so much respect for him.


#26 Jeff Petry 

Q: What do you like to do in your free time? 

JP: During the season, I pretty much just spend my free time at home with my son, Boyd. In the summer, I like to be outside, or I’ll go shooting or fishing. 


#14 Tomas Plekanec 

Q: How was playing professional hockey changed your life for the better?

TP: It was a dream come true. I’ve always dreamed about becoming a professional athlete, especially as a hockey player, and I worked really hard to get here. You have a chance to wake up, go to practice, and then have the day to spend with your family. We know we’re very privileged to have this opportunity. 


#31 Carey Price 

Q: Which NHL player gives you the most trouble or is the most difficult to stop? 

CP: I would probably say Ovi[Alex Ovichkin] because he always seems to find an opening and he as a great shot. 


#47 Alexander Radulov 

Q: Who has the weirdest ritual or superstition on the team?

AR: Definitely Mitchy[Torrey Mitchell]. He makes all of us tap our helmets together in the hall before we go on the ice


#Zach Redmond 

Q: What’s your favorite road city?

ZR: During the year, you run into a lot of cold weather. That’s why a lot of the guys and I enjoy the California and Florida trips. It’s good to have a little break and enjoy the sun a little bit, not that we’re out in the sun a whole lot when we’re there. It’s always nice to break it ip mid-season. 


#65 Andrew Shaw 

Q: When you were traded to Montreal, what were you most excited about?

AS: I was really pumped about making new friends and meeting new people and forming relationships on and off the ice. And just the idea of pulling on this jersey with all the history that comes with it. I was just excited to take part in everything here. 


#6 Shea Weber 

Q: Do Carey Price and Al Montoya let you take full clappers in practice? 

SW: I’m sure they would, but I never feel the need to take huge slapshots, just in case I get someone in a bad place. There’s no reason to hurt your own goalie. The best time to fire off some of those is when there’s no goalie in the net. 


#8 Greg Pateryn 

Q: What motivates you to improve yourself every day?

GP: What you need to do not just every year, but every single day, is getting better. I think you have to take pride in knowing you’re helping your teammates and that they can count on you. But they also expect you to get better. If you don’t, you’re not just letting yourself down, you’re letting the team down. That’s what motivates me. That and also knowing that there’s always someone fighting to take your place and that you could end up out of a job


#67 Max Pacioretty 

Q: What is your goal for this season?

MP: To win the Stanley Cup.

I place on the altar of dawn:
The quiet loyalty of breath,
The tent of thought where I shelter,
Waves of desire I am shore to
And all beauty drawn to the eye.
May my mind come alive today
To the invisible geography
That invites me to new frontiers,
To break the dead shell of yesterdays,
To risk being disturbed and changed.
May I have the courage today
To live the life that I would love,
To postpone my dream no longer
But do at last what I came here for
And waste my heart on fear no more.

​John O'Donohue 

Excerpt from, ‘A Morning Offering’

Truth here, I turn 54 in a few weeks. I have struggled with a lot in that time. What I want to say to young ladies be yourself, truly. For years I tried to fit into that “soccer mom”, PTA mom, conformity that symbolically and literally killed me. My words to all that read this, stand strongly in who you are deep inside you soul. I have decided to look beyond the sagging chin and crows feet and embrace who I am. Eccentric and unique. Don’t waste the best years of your life. #lolitafashion #egl #internationallolitaday #babythestarsshinebright #feminism

#dreamholic #applejelly

(Am I Clarke yet)

I’m being Clarke today except instead of Good Earth Cleavage I offer you Clarke’s soul on my shirt. Also wow, angsty filtered Tate in the top left and bottom right, what’s with her. Good old Awkard^TM Tate is still here, and of course flower crown.

The pictures look sort of organized so we’ll pretend it’s not an obnoxious amount because a) positivity, b) they’re actually not the same picture four times wow????, c) it’s the fRICKIN SHOW DAY LEAVE ME ALONE.

Speaking of which I am dead, shook, all of it at once and it hasn’t even premiered here yet (will at 9pm my time). I am literally not processing that it’s here. Holy frick. I’m dead. Rip me in an hour and one minute. Until then I’m hiding I’ve already nearly spoiled things for myself reblogging selfies yike

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Plus Sized - Nick Robinson

“Can you do a Nick imagine where the reader is plus size and she is very insecure about, to the point where she doesn’t even want him to hold her at night”

Whitened knuckles gripped tightly at the sink as I stared at my own tired reflection. My eyes were bloodshot red and face was flushed pink from my previous crying spree, why was I like this?

I let go of the sink, hands going down to pinch the skin on my soft thighs. I glared down at the pair, why can’t they be smaller?

There was no doubt I was insecure about the way I looked, I had seen the models and stick thin women Nick had worked with, their looks being not so similar to my own. Letting go of my thick thighs I forced myself to look in the mirror, the vicious thoughts and opinions already running wild around my brain.

People often told me that I was fine the way I was and that I should be happy with myself. I wanted so hard to believe that was true and finally be able to smile at my own reflection; yet here i was, angrily hating on myself for the extra weight I carried. Plus size, a phrase that was loosely thrown around when the tabloids talked about Nicks Girlfriend, me. Did it really matter?

How could Nick love me when i didn’t even love myself?

Shaking my head I brushed out my creased bed top and switched off the light before exiting the small bathroom. My feet padded softly on the wooden floor of my apartment as I traveled down the hall, heavy thoughts in my head.

My stomachs churned nervously as I reached the door of our bedroom, I felt sick at the thought of another night of Nick trying to be close to me again.

It sounds silly doesn’t it? You don’t want your boyfriend near you? Stupid! Only that wasn’t it. I was afraid, I always had been. I hated when Nick tried to hold Me, how would he react to the feeling of my squishy body as he tried to hold me close? Exactly. I hated being insecure enough to not want my own boyfriend to touch me in fear of him being disgusted. It Sucks.

I opened the door softly, entering the dimly lit room. I immediately spotted the boy in question inside the large bed, chest bare and dark hair messy as he peered at the small screen in his large hands.

I crawled in next to him, careful not to get too close before laying down and pulling the covers up to my chest, facing Nick.

He put down his phone and lay down too, turning the lights off before doing so. He gripped my hand in his own and began to play with my fingers, I pulled them away and laughed nervously before turning over and shutting my eyes. Please just go to sleep.

I felt him move closer, my heart hammering in my chest as he did so, insecurity being at its highest as he laced an arm around my waist and snuggled into me. I should enjoy it, I want to enjoy it! I just- ugh!

I shifted my body away slightly and squeezed my eyes tightly shut praying for this awful feeling to disappear. The lamp on the bedside table switched on and Nick sat up abruptly.

“Y/N” his voice was concerned, but I kept my eyes shut, willing myself to sleep.

“Y/N please” his hands gripped my shoulders and turned me towards him,his handsome face illuminated by the lamp glow ; eyes glistening with worry.

“Have I done something wrong?” He sounded hurt, the tone breaking my heart in half as he stared at me. I couldn’t let him think it was him.

“It’s nothing Nick honest-” I tried

“Nothing? Every time I come close to you, you move away like I’ve got some kind of disease! What’s going on y/n!?” The volume increased as he used his hands to show the distance between us in the bed.

“It’s stupid honestly, let’s just go to sleep” I didn’t want him to think I was pathetic, he didn’t need to know the dangerous dark thoughts that were trapped in my mind.

“No. You’re going to tell me what’s wrong” he gripped my chin in his long fingers, my bare face now being level with his own as he searched my eyes for any sign of explanation.

“It’s not you” my voice was weak as I started, a large knot forming in my stomach. “I hate being like this, i’m so sorry” my eyes stung with tears but I wouldn’t cry.

“Y/N what are you talking about?” He was now sat in front of me, his long figure slouched but still looking better than ever. I tugged nervously at my own shirt, scared it was clinging to all the wrong places.

“It’s not you okay? I don’t like you touching me because of the way my body is. I don’t want you to be disgusted or put off” I avoided his eyes, wincing as he took in a sharp breath.

“The way your body is? What the hell is that supposed to mean!?” He seemed angry, and I was really clueless as to why.

“I’m not as skinny as other girls you dated and I just- I’m plus sized. I don’t like the feel of my body or the way I look okay? I don’t want you feeling all of my chub and rolls and stuff I just-” I was cut off when Nick put his large hand over my mouth. My eyes widened at the action, words no longer flowing out of my mouth.

“Shut up” sorry, what? “I hate hearing you talk about yourself like this. Rolls?Chub? Seriously y/n” he moved his hand and gripped both of mine in his own, I stayed silent once again.

“You have none of those things, and even if you did, it would not matter one bit. I love YOU and your body does not affect my decision on that what so ever. You’re absolutely beautiful and I wouldn’t want you any other way” a smile tugged at my lips but I still felt a slight nagging in the pit of my belly.

“But-” I was cut off once again.

“And I would NEVER be disgusted by you. It hurts me that you think I would even care about the stupidest thing like weight or the way you feel when I touch you. I love the way you look and how you feel, you give the best cuddles and I want more of them, so stop hating on your beautiful self. Size is not important!” He pinched my pink cheek slightly and gave me a full blown smile. His eyes looked tired but they still shone with happiness as he glanced at me.

I nodded, my chest feeling warm as he smiled down at me. He made me feel more beautiful than anyone had in a while.

“I love you” the words slipped out of my mouth followed by a genuine smile, his own smile widening as I tugged him back into the bed.

This time when his arms encircled me and pulled me into him, I didn’t move away. It felt different and although I still drowned in worry about how he felt about it I ignored the nagging feeling and leant into him. I could finally begin the journey to loving myself with the help of my brilliant boyfriend.


Okay so, I loved this request very much and it hit home for me. I myself am not the skinniest person and I feel as though this imagine included a lot of my own thoughts and feelings about it. I wanted to add a note on this end of this imagine to say that this imagine is not intended to offend or upset anyone.
The views are something I wrote from what I know and I also know that some people do not share the same views about being plus sized or about other sizes of bodies.
I do not at all have anything against those people who are skinny or not plus sized, everyone is different and I know everyone can finds it equally as hard to love themselves or be happy with their body, no matter what they look like.
That leads on to my next point, every one of you is absolutely beautiful, regardless of size. Size is something that does not matter and I wanted to make a point of that. It’s such a hard thing to love your body and be happy in your own skin and I know a lot of people are fighting their own battles with this issue, I’ve been there too. No one in this world is the same and I think it is so important to concentrate and love yourself before you care too much about what other people look like.
You’re a bit heavier than that girl over there? Cool! That girl over there carries a little bit more weight than you? That’s cool too! Everyone is great in their own way and size and Weight does not affect that at all.
Be happy with who you are because you only get to live this life once and do you really want to waste it being unhappy and living up to stupid people’s opinions and expectations?

Lastly, if anyone has any questions or thoughts, my box is ALWAYS open. If you’re ever feeling shitty or needing someone to talk to,I am always here and happy to talk. Or even if you just want to chat and make a friend, I’m down for that too! Love you all v v much, I hope you enjoy this imagine:)

“What are you here for?”
“You’re even to dumb to talk”
“You’re so dumb, you can’t even count to 3”
“Why don’t you talk!”

Sentences like these, i get to hear almost everyday. I get shout at everyday, insulted everyday. Everyone just uses me for their purpose, not wasting a single thought about why i don’t talk and don’t smile. Why i am like i am. They treat me like shit and in the end all i get is more insults and such things.
And i have to face this every single day of my life…….

i don’t usually blog about my actual life, mostly it’s just snippets you can see on twitter and even those i tend to delete after a few days because sharing things about my life always feels embarrassing so i can’t guarantee that i won’t delete this once i get up in the morning but right now i’m having a feeling so please bear with me for a moment

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(This comic is read from right to left in order)

Finally a true excuse for me to draw this Gintama plot.
Plot from: Gintama comic lesson 65

But, yup, gotta answer Edgepuff to be my favorite Papcest. Here are Proves if ya don’t believe: ❤️❤️❤️
Like I may really have a thing on those tsundere asshole/cinnamon roll type of ships, also one of my first favorite Fontcest artist do drew Edgepuff as well (if you know who I am talking winkwonk), so it is kinda planted deep in my heart… and this is probably the fluffiest ship from my Fontcest fandom fleet lmaoooo.

English translation of the comic below:

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The White Princess Live Blog Episode 3

Here’s my live blog of TWP Ep. 03.  What a wild ride, eh?  Anyway, it’s 5 pages long and full of snark so… enjoy!

Yeah, just throw us right into a childbirth scene.  that’s not jarring at all.

Yeah, IDK why he’s sending Jasper either - seems like a bad idea if there’s a rebellion on this side of the pond.  But whatever.

How is Lizzie just now thinking of this all-important curse?  Been pregnant like 8 or so months and she’s just now worrying about that???

Oh I forgot EW’s imprisoned in the palace.  Looks like we get to see Plotty McPlotterson plotting it up.  Yeah, Feminism™!  Holy Hell! Lizzie’s been in confinement for two months?  That aint right??? Confinement is only supposed to be a month — and if this baby is supposed to be secretly ~~premature~~ that timeline just doesn’t work.  If people are supposed to think this is a full term baby, she would have been going into confinement 3 months before birth so??? I just???

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It’s dangerous (Pt.1)

Genre: Honestly who fucking knows (Angst/fluff)

Pairing: Mafia!Jungkook X reader (Ik it’s been a lot of Jungkook lately but ppl keep requesting him and I’m a people pleaser so fuck it)

Fandom: BTS

Words: 2k

Summary: Getting kidnapped by a hot guy and going to a house filled with more hot guys wasn’t the first thing you planned to do on the way home. Jungkook tried to make you feel comfortable since it was a misunderstanding but letting you not go home wasn’t the most settling thing. 

Warnings: Kidnapping, Stockholm syndrome, violence, and explicit language

Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

Originally posted by bangts

You were standing on the subway, looking down at your phone. There you were endlessly scrolling down the dashboard of your blog. An announcement over the intercom goes off with pleasant voice saying the name of your stop. When the subway finally made it’s stop you walked out onto the platform. It was a tiring day and you couldn’t wait to just go home and lay down. When you got to the street, you starting to get this weird feeling someone was staring at you. You self consciously looked around to see someone in the far distance. He had his face covered by his hood Maybe you were just being paranoid for no reason? Then again you started to think about the rising crime rates that seemed to be happening in your city. You remembered the trick to see if someone is following you is to keep making left turns until you come back in a circle. One turn, he was still there. Second time, he was still there. This was starting to get really unsettling. On the third left turn before you could check to see if he was there something came down and covered your face. You struggled but felt someone holding you down. A small pinch of what you assumed was a needle was being pressed into you. Within a few seconds you blacked out. 

“Who the hell is she, Jungkook?? God, I should have known better than to send you to do something like this.” A voice, complained.

You opened your eyes to see two very attractive guys arguing. When you tried to move you realized your hands were bind behind your back.

“Huh? Boss, I think she’s awake. What do we do?”

“You figure it out. You’re the one who kidnapped the wrong girl.” Namjoon snapped.

Jungkook came walking over to you, getting down one knee. You flinched, afraid of what was going on.

“Who the hell are you?! What am I doing here? Please don’t kill me, I really can’t die right now. I haven’t done anything i’ve wanted to do yet. I’ve just been wasting my life doing a job I hate and going home alone all the time-”

He put his hand over your mouth. “I get it. You can stop.”

He could feel you shaking and actually started to pity you.

“I’m not going to kill you…that I know of. Look, I wasn’t even supposed to bring you here but it was dark and I thought you were someone else. Problem is…You now know what we look like. I can’t have the cops coming here or my boss will literally have my head.”

He moves his hand slowly off your mouth and brushes his thumb against your lips.

“Lucky for me you’re pretty. How about you agree to work here and sleep here until I know I can trust you? Hmm? I’ll promise not to hurt you.”

You blushed. “You think I’m going to trust someone I don’t know? Are you an idiot??”

He sighed. “Watch your mouth, princess. Remember your life is in my hands? Now i’m gonna let your hands go but you can’t try to run.”

You nodded, just wanting the tight zip-ties off your wrists. Jungkook pulled the knife from his pocket and cut you lose. 



He smiled. “It’s not that I want to hurt you. Trust me, I don’t but I have to take care of the rest of my gang.”

“Gang?” You asked, still not really knowing what this place was.

“Yeah. This is the “hide out” for our gang. We’re a part of the mafia. The plan was to kidnap this girl who was the heir to her family’s money and get the ransom. I was sent a picture of her and everything. From the back you guys look almost the same…but I guess now it does make sense since I followed you onto a subway.”

“I definitely don’t have the money you’re looking for and I don’t really have anyone who’d put out a ransom award for me either.” you mumbled

Jimin stood in the doorway. “Don’t you think you’re telling her too much?”

When you looked over at him your eyes met. Damn, what the hell was this gang? It seems like the requirement for joining is to be as hot as possible. Jimin smiled, noticing you staring.

“I guess she is cute.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes. “Back off. You already have a girlfriend.”

Jimin scoffed. “HAD. She dumped me remember? For sleeping with that girl…even though it wasn’t much of a choice. It’s kind of my job.”

Your eyes widened. “You’re a prostitute?”

Jungkook burst out laughing. “Basically.”

Jimin crossed his arms. “I am not! I don’t always have sex with clients we just had a long term agreement. Someone has to make negotiations in this group and if they are willing to give us whatever just for me to sleep with them, that’s fine! You should be thanking me. We wouldn’t have half of this shit without me.”

Jungkook stood up and held a hand out to you. “Come on. I’m gonna show you around. Ignore Jimin.”

You stood up, taking his hand. This was a mafia gang? They just seemed like regular people aside from the weapons that were sitting around the room. Well, you guess it would be best not to found out what they are like when they’re pissed. When jungkook took you out of the basement the corridor was huge. 

“Do you all live here?” You asked, curiously.

“Not really. This is more of a place where we work and deal with other gangs. Of course there are rooms though in case we have to stay overnight. Which is what I’ll have to be doing as you stay here. I can’t have you run off on me.” He said with a smile. 

Well that was a little less comforting. Jungkook took you to another room where the rest of the members were. Namjoon’s eyes shifted to you and then at Jungkook.

“I thought you were going to take care of her?”

He held your hand. “I am. She’s going to be our little assistant for the time being.”

“Trying to get over your ex, huh?”

Jungkook avoided eye contact. “She’s gone and I don’t care about her anymore. I was the one who broke up with her. That’s not the point the point is I now have-…..What’s your name, babe?”


“I now have Y/N.”

Namjoon sighed. “Okay, but your responsible for her.”

“What am I a pet??” You thought to yourself. 

Jungkook moved passed Namjoon and started to introduce you to everyone else. They all greeted you sweetly and welcoming. It was a little strange but you would take this over them threatening your life. Still, you couldn’t help but think about a way to escape. This place gave an off putting vibe that you couldn’t shake. Maybe when you laid down at night time you could sneak out the window. Granted, you might have to move to another city just so they wouldn’t find you again. As handsome and smooth talking these guys were they were still strangers, and gang members at that. 

“Y/N? Did you hear me?” Jungkook asked.

You were too busy being in your head again.

“Huh? Sorry, I spaced out.”

“I asked what you wanted to eat. You’re probably hungry since it’s late. I can get you whatever you want.” He smiled.

You were starving after accidentally skipping lunch and hoping to go straight home to eat. 

“Uh. Well, Anythings fine…”

He nodded. “I guess you’re not that picky.”

Was that a compliment? Jungkook took you into the kitchen, letting you sit at the table as he attempted to make something for you.

“If you guys have all this money why don’t you have someone else cook for you?” You asked.

He pushed his sleeves up. “Namjoon isn’t too big on outsiders getting involved. They will eventually figure out what we do and then we have to take a risk on them turning us in. I mean, I get it but it would be nice to have someone help around here.”

You leaned your face on your hand. “….Why do you do it?”

“Cook? I just told you-”

“No. I mean this gang stuff.”

He gave a small smile as if he was reliving his old memories in his head. 

“I’ve known these guys for a long time. They practically raised me and I guess I paid them back with my loyalty. It’s not like i’d have much else going on.”

“You didn’t want to get a job or buy your own house when you grew up? You could have gotten married or something. I guess being a gang member isn’t stopping you if you had a girlfriend before like Namjoon said .Unless, you broke up with her because of this gang?”

His smile suddenly faded. “Let’s stop talking about me.”

You realized you must have said something wrong. Now the kitchen was completely silent besides the sound of him cooking. You didn’t know how to start up another conversation in risk of pissing him off again. He placed the plate in front of you.

“Thank you..” You told him.

He didn’t say anything and left the room. Whatever you said, it must have really been worse than what you thought. After you finished eating, you went out to find him. The place was pretty big and most of the doors were shut so you didn’t really know where to even start to look. When you turned around you practically ran into someone’s chest.

“I-I’m so sorry!” 

Taehyung smiled. “How cute…I was trying to scare you anyway. It was my fault for getting too close”

“um…Have you seen Jungkook?”

He smirked. “What do I get if I tell you?”

Another person from behind you grabbed your wrist, pulling you away from Taehyung. It was Jimin.

“God, What is with you and flirting with other people’s girls? Is it that hard for you to get laid?” He scoffed.

Tae rolled his eyes. “She was just kidnapped by him. Do you honestly think she’s going to want to date him?”

“But you can tell he’s into her. Piss off, would you?” Jimin started walking off with you.

“Sorry. He’s kind of oblivious to boundaries sometimes.” He apologized.

You shook your head. “It’s fine-….Did you see Jungkook? Is he mad at me? He won’t hurt me…right?”

Jimin looked over at you. “It’ll take some getting used to, to finally get over this whole gang thing. Hell, me and my ex girlfriend weren’t always on the same page when it came to my work but she learned to accept it for the most part. We aren’t evil despite what you may believe. We aren’t out there killing innocent people and robbing them. We only do harm to people who are already corrupt. This might be a little hard to believe since you’re being forced here…but he’s not a bad guy. He’s probably close to being the most sane. We are just doing things so we can survive. Like you staying here. We wouldn’t normally do this but we can’t have you going around telling people.”

He stopped walking when the two of you met at a bedroom door. 

“He’s probably in here.” Jimin said, letting go of your wrist. 

“Thanks..for helping me.”

He smiled and waved, leaving you by yourself. You opened the door to walk in on Jungkook taking his shirt off and pulling it over his head. You didn’t see much but took notice of the scar on his chest. You blushed.

“S-sorry I didn’t know you were changing-”

He shrugged. “You can sit on the bed.”

“While you change..?”

He looked amused. “What? Does it bother you that bad?”

“Not if it doesn’t bother you, I guess.” You came over and sat down on the bed.

Jungkook started putting his new clothes on and threw some of his clothes over at you.

“Sorry, You’re gonna have to wear these. This is my guest room and I don’t have any girl’s clothes.”

“It’s fine. I usually wear a t-shirt to bed anyway.” You sat there with them in your lap. 

“…..Aren’t you gonna get dressed?”

You realized he was waiting. “Oh. Right. Um. Just turn around..”

He laughed. “I wasn’t going to stare at you anyway. Even though it’s fair game after you were watching me change.”

He turned around as you asked and faced the wall. 

You took off the clothes you were wearing and changed into his. He waited patiently until you finally told him he could look again. He stared for a second. 

“…What?” You asked.

Jungkook shook his head. “Huh? Oh. nothing. You just…look cute wearing my clothes.”

“Follow me, really quick.” 

You stood up and followed behind him as you two left the room. He took you down the hall to the bathroom, pulling a new toothbrush out of the cabinet. Jungkook handed it to you and grabbed his own. God, this whole situation is weird. Standing in front of the mirror brushing your teeth with him made you feel like you were a married couple, minus the fact you were trapped. There was a knock on the bathroom door and Yoongi poked his head in the door. 

“Wow. I didn’t think you’d actually be spending the night here.”

Jungkook looked back at him. “I have to. Plus you do it all the time when you stay behind and pull all nighters.”

“Yeah but someone has to plan out the stuff we do. We can’t just commit crimes and expect to get away with them. Anyway, I just came to tell you that i’m going home today so you’re the only one in the house. Night” He waved.

Jungkook nodded. “Yeah, Night.”

When Yoongi left the room Jungkook turned the light off and walked you back to the bedroom. The house was a lot more quiet compared to earlier. You stopped when you remembered there was only one bed.

“Wait. Are we sleeping together?”

He gave you a look. “I can’t put you in a separate room and still be able to watch over you.”

You nodded and slowly crawled into the bed despite doubting how much sleep you would actually get. He turned the lights off and came over to lay down as well. After a few minutes of pure silence he opened his mouth.

“…I’m sorry I got a little sensitive earlier…”

You faced him. “It’s okay. I shouldn’t have just said careless stuff..”

He stared up at the ceiling. “No. You were right. I did want a separate life from this stuff. I dated her for a year and a half and surprisingly I think I fell in love with her…little did I know she didn’t love me at all. One night when we were laying down I felt her get up. I wasn’t asleep yet so I asked where she was going and she just freak out. She ran over to me and stabbed me saying things like, “Leave me alone! Did you really think I’d fall in love with someone like you? I was afraid if I left you’d kill me but if you’re dead then I can finally be free..” For a while I just laid there and bled on the bed not even trying to chase after her when she left. I was in shock more than anything. Lucky for me the knife wasn’t that big and she wasn’t strong enough to push it in deep enough. I was embarrassed and depressed about the whole thing so I didn’t tell the other members…”

You suddenly felt bad that she ran off on him, seeing the tears in his eyes.

“Is that how you got the scar on your chest?”

He nodded. “Yeah. I told them I got it in a fight. It’s pretty pathetic.”

Jungkook turned and faced you too. “I know today must have been a lot for you but I’m kinda glad this turned out the way it did. You listen pretty well.”

You blushed, seeing his face so close to yours. At least he wouldn’t be able to notice. 

“Y-yeah..Goodnight, Jungkook.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.” 

Damn. Now you didn’t have the guts to run off on him after he said all of that. Maybe staying here wouldn’t be so bad?