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So I’m pretty sure at this point we could replace Flug with a stool wearing a paper bag and no one would notice.


I saw this guy at Denver International Airport who I swear looked liked Dorian.

I stared too long.

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Good luck with the new blog!! Can I request some dating headcanons for MTMTE Skids?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Thank you! Skids is a favourite character of mine so forgive me if this got rather lengthy. )

✦ What drew Skids to the human was their determination to keep learning. Even if they made their mistakes and they failed time and again, they tried their best to bounce back. They may have gotten flustered and disappointed and but they kept trying dammit and the determination made his spark flutter.

✦ Expect kisses every day from Skids because, to him, there will be a good reason to smooch his cute human. Good morning kisses, passing by the hall way kisses, holy-slag-we-survived-Rodimus’-latest-adventure kisses - he gives them away and he’s sincere and passionate about every single kiss that he gives. He loves pressing smacking a loud and unsubtle ‘mwah!’ against his human’s face since it gives him the best view of their reddening cheeks and the pleased, flustered smile that just lights up their face.

✦ Speaking of kisses, he adores it when they learn the traditional way Cybertronians kiss and they waste no time in pressing their forehead against his helm with every chance they get. There’s a twinkle in their eye whenever they do so because they know what it means now and they always mean every bump, every nuzzle. He commits these times to memory, trying his best to remember every single detail of these moments since they mean the world to him. (Sometimes Whirl tries to ruin the mood by loudly going EEEEEW if he’s around but not even Whirl can ruin these moments for Skids. That’s how much he loves them.)

✦ Dance sessions are a must with him. He’ll take his human back to his habsuite so the two can dance for the entirety of the evening cycle, blasting all the music tracks that the two of them have. Even if they just sway from side to side or only do an occasional spin, he’ll think his human is the most graceful person in the world. His neighbours in the other habsuites are definitely not fans of these nights. (But they dare not say a thing. The other ‘bots all can’t help but not how happy he’s become since he got together with the little human.)

✦ Having his human sleep with him in his habsuite helps keep his nightmares away. He may not remember what they exactly are - ‘bots screaming, heat against his face, him trying so, so desperately to drown out a voice as it tells him I’m pretty sure hell exists - but it was enough to have him wake up and keep him from going back to recharge. The days after the nightmares were always a little tougher on him, on Natuica and Swerve when they noticed his sluggishness, his uncertain and haunted optics. But whenever his human sleeps on his chassis, curled up and deep in slumber, he knows he won’t have the nightmares for that evening. Skids will fall asleep without fear, knowing he’ll only dream of his human and their brilliant smile, as they tell him over and over again that they love him, they love him, they love him.


’Don’t worry, darling. Mother is fine.’

( I am sure at this point Corvo is the most happiest man alive. Seeing in this tender caring engagement the very two person in his life who he loves dearly must melt his heart. But this happiness is overshadowed by the fact that he can not openly express his feeling for them because of their secret )

A Single Starfish

Here it is, friends. This is the style I’ve been practicing in secret. I know it’s not perfect, but I really love it, and I had a blast with it. 

I think trying for realism on the big project seriously wore me down, because I was shocked when I settled back into what I love doing and started having fun again. So maybe I should listen to you guys when you tell me to relax. (Will I? Nah, but I should.)

Anyway, this wasn’t really intended to be its own piece. This is just part of the first panel of the project. But I felt like everyone could use a little Mark on their dashboards, yeah? 

I love you all! Remember to hydrate and make good choices!


“He and Spade were just induplicable as a team – wonderful together. David is very acerbic and… he’s – you know, he’s a toughie. And Chris is a softie. You’ve got the best of Belushi and Aykroyd, of Abbott and Costello, of Martin and Lewis… You had just a perfect yin-yang situation with those guys.” - Dan Aykroyd

“A fantastic combination of ultimately innocent and ultimately jaded. They are the oil and vinegar of comedy.” - Mike Myers

“They would react to stress in different ways. Chris would get bigger, and David would – there’d be less of David. And I used to say that the amount of weight in the frame kind of stayed constant, you know, in a two-shot.” - Lorne Michaels

“They were funny, they were close, you could tell they were really good friends. And only real – really, really good friends can fight the way they fought. And they’d throw something, and not speak to each other for a couple hours, and we’d all sit there and laugh and watch this thing go back and forth.” - Bo Derek

“And when I’d visit those fools during the [Tommy Boy] shoot, they’d have little fights on occasion, and Farley would [laughs] have a snap and Spade… [laughs] Spade would be scared for his life. They were in love with each other – we all were! You know. But Spade and Farley had a definite… brotherly relationship.” - Adam Sandler

Those fools. The way everyone talks about those fools, and the way everyone smiles so much while talking about those fools. 

But David Spade himself, every time he’s asked about Chris Farley, he always gives the same answers, usually “I think about him every day” or some variation thereof, and appears very stoic and tired like he’s climbed these same stairs too many times. It should be noted that this is likely because he once said “if I think about that for more than 5 seconds ill start bawling.”

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Can you a drawing of Stinger acting sooooo sexy


buddy my pal i barely even understand what ‘sexy’ even is, ok

Imagine Person A finding a large bug in the house and screaming. Person B runs to the rescue, picks up the bug, and puts it outside. Person B comes back inside and comforts a very scared Person A.

hi btw if anyone ever needs bootlegs of musicals you should hmu because i have a fuck ton of them and sometimes i think about the people who don’t have them and i get sad for them so if you’re ever looking for a musical bootleg hmu

also i know some of you might be against musical bootlegs but i am Very Poor tm and as soon as i have the money i will definitely be buying tickets to any shows that i possibly can so lets not have any Morally Dubious arguments

He steals and grumbles, and watches you sleep. Adrian and Three twitter doodle.

The Perfect Smile II

A/N: Damn, I know I said “redemption arc” but…
Part One

There were many things Thomas regretted.

The first of which was driving Alexander’s smile out of his life. Whenever he saw Alexander around work, the smile on the man’s face would always be replaced with a scowl. When Thomas tried to start an argument, Alexander would just roll his eyes and leave Thomas behind, wanting more but never getting it.

The second thing he regretted was marrying James when there was absolutely nothing between them. James seemed to be content, but Thomas wanted way more out of a relationship. He ended up asking James for a divorce.

“Oh thank god,” James said, and Thomas couldn’t help but snort. They kissed a final time, and got to work on the papers. It wasn’t a momentous occasion. They still lived together, they just weren’t married anymore. Still the best of friends.

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I can’t handle the fact that every day that goes by is a day less until Supergirl S3 and probably until the end of Sanvers. I need my badass girlfriends together. I. Just. Can’t. Handle. It. Nope.