i am very very emotional

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you know what i truly deeply want?

a fic where young tom riddle meets newt scamander …. like how would that even go down

hi hello hi i am heading towards a pretty cool botanical buddies follower goal over here and in the traditions of tumblr i wanted to ask if you guys wanted me to do anything as a big thank you to everyone? a video maybe, another q&a, a thread? just let me know
kap out

I wish I could put into words how much I adore joji and how proud I am of him for bein out here and makin an even bigger name for himself and creating such dope content and music while still being a genuinely lovely person but I don’t kno how to properly convey any emotion ever so i’ll just lay here and listen to the entirety of pink season for the millionth time while staring at my ceiling in awe

mushy slavic pride post

to anyone who felt like they didn’t belong, didn’t fit it, like they weren’t accepted into slavic faith and into rodnovery groups - into slavic culture, so often conservative and prejudiced - because of their orientation, gender, their love and view of the world - you are accepted now. 

But you are accepted into this side of slavic people and culture who value you and respect you, who reject hate and prejudice, who fight for love and happiness for all, not just those who fit some wicked, overly-traditional pompous schemes.

Screw all those who are proud of being slavic but destroy your pride. Screw all those who didn’t accept you, who tried to make you feel like you can’t be a part of our culture and faith. Screw those who shout that our Gods and Ancestors don’t want you here. I’ve been through that - and I will have no more of their vile and hateful bullshit. And so so many others here are done with it as well. You are not alone. 

Rainbow-coloured slava to you all,