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So I’ve been at work all day and the hoard of episode 10 meta is unstoppable, so I hope this hasn’t been mentioned before but I remembered something critical today.

It has been pointed out by several people that the Eros routine Viktor had been choreographing was inspired by Yuri’s drunken shenanigans, followed by his cold shoulder and was the Ultimate Pout ™ by Viktor.

But he wasn’t just working on Eros

The story of Eros is the story of the playboy who seduced the maiden even against her better judgement and then cast her away. It’s pretty clear (now at least) that Yuri is said playboy, and Viktor is said maiden.

And yet Viktor was also choreographing a piece on unconditional love

When Yuri humped his leg and begged him to come to Hasetsu and be his coach, Viktor fell hard. They danced the night away, and Viktor was looking forward to the next day when Yuri would remind him of his promise to come to Japan. And then……. He got shut down. To Viktor it probably seemed like an outright rejection.

So he choreographed Eros to symbolize how he felt. To symbolize Yuri putting him through a whirlwind of physical and emotional feelings and then leaving him hanging.

But hand in hand with that, he also choreographed a program about unconditional love. Because dammit, he’s still smitten with that boy after the time they had together. He may be a tad bitter, but he still wants Yuri in his life.

And this would explain why Viktor returned to Yuri after seeing him skate his routine. Why he would be choreograph a whole performance about Yuri casting him off as the playboy, and still nab his chance to give up his career and teach this guy how to win the Grand Prix. Because his love for Yuri

is unconditional

Can we take a minute to appreciate that B.A.P went through hell and back, overcame impossible odds, took control of their lives after years of what was essentially slavery, and when they came back and released their new album they put the fan appreciation song first on the album, even before the intro track and their own story? That was them saying that all of this was for us. That even though they had to leave for the sake of their own health and wellbeing, that we were what was worth coming back for, what was worth fighting for. That was them confirming, in the very tracklist of their album, that what they said, when they said that awards and popularity didn’t matter as long as we were happy, was true.

I don’t know what miracle brought us such perfect angels, but as we near five years with B.A.P, let’s not forget everything that they’ve gone through and how much they care about every single BABY out there.

OBVIOUS HISTORY-MAKING EVENT/MOMENT ASIDE, can we talk for a moment about how amazing the rest of Episode 007 was for both Victor and Yuuri’s character development???? 

We’ve seen Yuuri grow progressively more comfortable with Victor’s presence throughout the episodes of the series, from being an anxious, shy and nervous wreck to killing all of us last episode – and it all has to do with how Victor has slowly been taken off the impossible idol pedestal in Yuuri’s mind, into someone who Yuuri draws strength from on a true, flesh-and-blood level as a close (very close) friend and coach. This episode though - this episode was about Victor and his vulnerabilities, as a person and as a coach. We see glimpses in how sharply Victor responds to Yuuri’s nerves, how his first response is to harshness in the face of someone breaking down (and what does it tell us about Victor’s own personality and how he was trained?). 

Yuuri unlocks his nerves and finds his success in this episode by recognising Victor is not merely a real person but an imperfect person, who also has no bloody idea how to comfort a skater struggling with mental issues and who also needs to be supported and guided while he’s guiding Yuuri. This is about Yuuri realising he knows what’s wrong, and daring to voice his insecurities and ask for what he actually needs because he is finally secure enough in their relationship to ask for Victor’s faith in return. And because of that, he can finally get the courage to push himself to surpass Victor and get rewarded in excellent ways

Okay but if Eleven thinks Santa never came to her because she was bad all along, just imagine all the kids over at the Wheeler’s for Christmas dinner and when Karen asks Holly what her favorite present was, she runs over to El and throws her arms around her because, as Holly puts it, “Santa came early when he brought Ellie to us!” He didn’t forget Eleven after all—she was the best present any of them could’ve asked for 

Okay, but Martin absolutely learned about Dante’s death during the crossover and there was hugging and “Oh, my dear boy, I’m so terribly sorry” and Martin sat and listened while Cisco told him all about Dante because they’d never met and maybe they end up talking about Ronnie too, and basically Cisco finally gets emotional support from someone with no agenda and who wants nothing more than to be there for him.


When I say I consider SNS soulmates I don’t just mean that their souls were destined to be together since the beginning of time. I don’t even mean it in completely romantic sense or platonic. Because soulmates are so much more than that to me.

Soulmates can be brothers, they can be best friends, and they can be lovers. Sometimes they don’t have a label. They just are. And that’s what Sasuke and Naruto are to me.

A soulmate isn’t just someone you see and automatically fall in love with. I don’t believe that. To me, a soulmate is someone you are drawn to. Someone you CHOOSE. Someone that you decide to share a part of yourself with and they do the same in return. Overtime, they become so much a part of you that you no matter what you do, no matter how far apart you are, they will ALWAYS be a part of you and you a part of them. A soulmate is someone who understands you better than you even understand yourself. A soulmate is someone who has seen all parts of you and loves and accepts them unconditionally.

And that is exactly what Naruto and Sasuke are to me.

A Hufflepuff girl storms down the corridor, blonde bob swinging along with her, as she shouts “Move! Get out of the way!” Holding her hand and being dragged along behind her is the girl’s Slytherin girlfriend, who quietly apologises to the first years that are watching, open mouthed, as the two of them stride through the sea of students that part just for them.

They spend their Sundays reading poetry to each other, and later, after dinner is eaten and they can’t steal any more looks across the Great Hall, the Slytherin sits in her bed and writes thousands of sweet words for the girl that she loves. The girl who could have been sat there with her, but with such fierce loyalty and dedication banished herself to the Hufflepuff table (and that quite frankly hideous shade of yellow). 

The Slytherin girl doesn’t mind so much. Her house are renowned for their resourcefulness, and she always finds a way to steal a kiss now and again, or for the two of them to exchange love notes between their separate classrooms. They pair up in potions, and laugh at each other’s mistakes. They are voted Hogwarts’ most feared couple.

The Hufflepuff’s cat always seems to know when she’s needed the most, and sometimes, the Slytherin will open the dorm to find her curled up on her bed. Her mother sometimes knits jumpers for it (which the Hufflepuff pretends to hate, but she always keeps one under her pillow because it smells like home). They always return to the Slytherin’s for the holidays, simply because her girlfriend has nowhere else to go. It is their sanctuary. They are safe, warm, and very much in love.

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