i am very proud of it ok

Rhys: [walks into the High Lord Meeting with his wings out]


“He just needs a place to rest his head”

My very first Reylo fan art, awww I am so proud of me(?)
I will go down with this ship, I already know >u>’
Please: don’t be siblings in the end, don’t do this to me again (thorki, durincest…) PLEASE BE STRANGERS, OK? OK.

ps: I freaking miss my CintiQ D:
I have no home right now (I live with my granny atm) and I can’t use it here so I must do everything on paper and… hmm… actually… I enjoyed it.

happy birthday to park chanyeol heres a list of things i love about him:

1. hes the biggest ot9 stan

2. when he overreacts to jokes

3. his dimple

4. when exo were trainees he was the first person to approach kyungsoo because kyungsoo couldnt make friends

5. he walked kyungsoo home and they have been best friends ever since

6. he really has the biggest heart

7. when he wears oversized hoodies even though hes a giant

8. he purposely reads hate comments about himself to improve himself

9. he wrote a song about how his members help him through hard times and he teared up performing it

10. his big and pointy ears (when he wears hats and his ears flop down!!)

11. the first thing i noticed about him was his humor and how he made everyone around him smile and laugh, king of happiness !

12. but! he is not ashamed to talk about when he cries or feels bad

13. when growl came out he watched his own part over 500 times (he knows he looked good!) and when they showed it in an interview he gave himself a standing ovation

14. got the birthday of exols tattooed on his arm

15. wore a hoodie with ”STRAIGHTHATE” written on the back

16. his calming and deep voice

17. when his friends dog got missing he went out to look for it in the middle of the night, and posted about it on instagram so that people would help look for it (they found the pup!!)

18. ”you loving the size”

19. when his friends release music/on their birthdays he posts about it on instagram (every damn time) (king of supportive and healthy friendships)

20. he tried to come in third place in a contest on purpose because the prize for third place was bubble tissues

21. he gets really excited over bubble tissues

22. he cried after eating spicy food

23. hes so clumsy!! someone please take care of him!!

24. listed his ideal type as ”everyone”

25. his cheeks are so soft and squishy

26. underappreciated singer and he knows it!! he has to post his music and covers on soundcloud?! where is my cholo (chanyeol solo)

27. oh and he plays over 4 instruments. and writes his own songs! hes so hardworking and talented!!

28. he gets very shy and embarrassed when the camera focuses on him at award shows and he tries to hide

29. paid for his car with cash (?!)

30. he went from being ashamed of his dancing because people made fun of him to dancing in the front line

31. he thinks hes very small but hes so big (SO BIG)

32. how his face lights up with joy when he sings or when people compliment him

33. hes one of the happiest people ive ever seen!! hes always smiling and laughing and he wants everyone else to be as happy as he is!!

34. is allergic to animals but cuddles every dog or cat he can find (seriously someone pls take care of him)

35. hes so affectionate!! always hugging and smooching his friends

36. never forgets how hard he and exo have worked to be where they are today, and always remembers to thank his fans for helping him

37. he bought every member a laptop because he wanted them to play games with him

38. his :) face

39. he promotes self love

40. his eyes look like they contain the whole galaxy

41. on his 24th birthday HE made gifts and handed out to fans

42. in a thank you note for the release of their the war album he thanked his family… and his dog

43. he was so proud and excited over an album cover that he made himself, and when he showed us it was just the song title in an ugly font and a heart in the middle

44. at the airport baekhyun got annoyed that people were taking pics of him so chanyeol walked in front of him to cover him

45. his nose freckle

46. he stole a baekhyun standee and then kept it and until baekhyuns birthday (months later??)

47. when jongdae lost his wallet chanyeol gave him his own wallet without hesitation

48. when he played with that fake pup on stage and rolled around w it

49. hes so emotional in a very beautiful way

50. he deserves the world and i am so proud of him

Mewtwo sprite rating

green - his head is so large but he’s got a good battle stance, his tail is a tad bit too small and akin to a limp noodle 5/10

red/blue - he looks like he’s doing shia labeouf’s “JUST DO IT”. thanks to this mewtwo I am ready for all of life’s challenges 9/10

Yellow - a proud boy, thrusting his pelvis forward for all to see, his tail is very high quality and good as well! 10/10

Gold - very good color and shading, he’s a bit plump but that is ok!! 8/10

Silver - the colors are a bit muted, but I like this one because he looks like he’s plotting something, mischievous as fuck I like it >:3c/10

Crystal - Look at this glorious glowing boy!! Magic Man!!!!! 10/10

Ruby/Sapphire/FR/LG - very determined mewtwo here, he points forward like jotaro kujo. yare/10

Emerald - he shrinks and expands? It looks interesting but the sprite animation is a bit strange 7/10

Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - this boy is aware of his surroundings, and he’s got a top notch tail to boot! 9/10

Heart Gold/Soul Silver - now, here he is! my favorite sprite of him!! he’s doin’ a wicked cool pose plus the colors are fantastic and pleasing to the eye! perfect/10

Black/White - i was always a little bit disappointed that they didn’t animate his heart gold/soul silver sprite, and honestly his animations don’t really fit with him too much, he just sorta bounces ya know? 6/10

X/Y - Now, color wise I do not like this mewtwo very much, way too muted, I prefer the deep purples from generations 5 and 4, but the true beauty comes from him being viewed from the back

look at how LONG that tail is!!! It’s tremendous, the tail I’ve been searching for this whole time! 11/10


While @miraongchua designed the Hue Troopers, I decided they needed to have helmets with lips and wigs (an homage to Miss America from Battle Fever J). I also thought that their vehicles should have a theme so I came up with sea creatures, since Red has a peg leg. 

It’s always fun to draw stuff that’s intended to be simultaneously cool AND silly. I am very proud of the Seaplane Cucumber… it’s just a flying green twinkie.

Soldier 76, with Junkrat, Lucio, D.Va, and Tracer hanging off him: yeah my kids are ok.  

Ana, petting Pharah’s shoulder: I am very proud of my daughter :) 

Reaper, covered in 2 kick me signs, with his nails painted bright purple, and a mini cowboy hat with the words ‘#1 rootin’ tootin’ dad’ on his head: End me. 

why do we climb to fall so far?
rating: explicit
pairing: ziall, side larry
wordcount: 19k
summary: “no one here :(
ni come on can we have some fun
ill make u cum i promise”

one night on tour niall receives a text from zayn. he’s bored. and what starts after that is nothing he could ever expected.
author’s notes: i haven’t written a fic in so long that got this.. long. and this was going to be funny but it turned out very angsty. anyway!! please read, give feedback all that. maajor thanks to rand @agoldenskyy for being my beta and cheering me on i love you as much as i love niall xxx

If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

darkmagyk  asked:

So, apparently you are the keeper of all of the best crack-y Star Wars AUs that feature Obi-Wan. After the Anakin/Obi-Wan comic, Anakin does decied to leave the order, and so Obi-Wan says "Ok," they pack up there earth tone suitcase, and head straight towards the outer rim. Anakin is really confused the entire way, and they stop at Mandalore of all places, and Obi-Wan just walks into the palace, smiles at the duchess and is all "Honey, I'm home, and I brought us a son."


1. I am deeply proud to be considered a leading purveyor of fine Star Wars Crack. As I say in my tumblr description, I take not taking Star Wars seriously very seriously. 

2. Obi-Wan and Satine raising Anakin is amazing?? And hilarious?? I mean OK I would assume that if Anakin actually had left, he’d probably want to go back to his mother but WHATEVER, this is an AU where for whatever reason that’s not an option. Can you even imagine the look on Satine’s face when Obi-Wan shows up there with 12-year-old Anakin? What if this is the version of this AU where Satine and Obi-Wan also had a secret kid before, so Anakin gets a baby brother? Does this make Anakin the son of the Duke of Mandalore???? 

At some point Obi-Wan and Satine retire/abdicate for some reason, leaving Anakin Skywalker The Jedi Chosen One to rule Mandalore. GOD HELP THE GALAXY. 

'Supergirl': Jeremiah's Return Divides Danvers Sisters

Jeremiah Danvers returns during Monday’s episode of Supergirl — but not everyone will be happy about that.

Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Alex (Chyler Leigh) are divided after Jeremiah (Dean Cain) suddenly and mysteriously returns from Cadmus. After all, Kara had basically rescued Jeremiah when she, herself, was trapped in Cadmus, but he declined to leave with them. So why is he here now?

“Immediately, it’s just a joyous occasion that I think blinds them to a threat there because he was gone for so long that they don’t know what happened to him while he was with Cadmus, so there’s conflict,” Benoist says. “One of them is adamant that he’s innocent, and that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt anyone. The other is more suspicious, so there’s some butting heads.”

It’s probably not hard to guess which role each of the sisters take. “They haven’t seen Jeremiah in over a decade, so Alex almost goes back to seeing daddy again,” Leigh says. “They’ve wanted to find him, so the prospect of it actually happening and then him coming is this crazy, emotional, amazing ride.”

But it’s unclear whether Jeremiah can be trusted, with Mon-El (Chris Wood) being the first to actually point that out. “Mon-El is more suspicious about Jeremiah coming back, and that pushes Kara into going, ‘OK, he raises some questions,‘” Leigh says. “Kara says, ‘Maybe we need to vet this out a little more before diving straight in,’ but Alex is like no holds barred, she’s like, ‘No, dad’s back, this is it, family is family, ride or die.’ It does divide them a bit because Alex believes so wholeheartedly that he’s completely innocent and just wants to be a part of things.”

Jeremiah’s return provides for a sweet family reunion, in which both Alex and Kara are able to introduce their respective significant others — which is especially daunting for Alex. “It’s one of these moments where you see Alex, one by one, having to cross this road and see how people react,” Leigh says. “She hasn’t seen him in over a decade and, ‘Guess what? I’m gay!’ It’s great. His reaction is so wonderful. It’s a great, sweet, endearing moment: ‘OK, I’m being accepted for where I am.'”

Whether Jeremiah can be trusted or not, Cadmus is still very much a lingering threat. “There’s continuing attempts to just rid the planet of aliens — mass exodus of anyone that’s different on Earth, they want them out,” Benoist says. “Their threat is really ominous, and also, I think, quite relevant to things that are happening in the world, which I’m proud of this show for. Lillian Luthor is a constant dark cloud over National City for everyone at the DEO.”

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.


Happy TDOV! I’m here, look at me!
Ok but seriously, I’m really proud to keep coming into my shifting identities and all the ways they intersect. I am so lucky to be able to be out and visible everyday, and I’m very thankful for that.
So yeah, this is me
In all my trans, latinx, black, white, mixed, neurodivergent, queer, fat, glory.
they/them or ce/cir/cirs


Today was my last day of my job, and I am so sad!! Maybe you can make this into less of a braggy wank fest by telling me about the last time you proved yourself!!

For those who didn’t follow my ever so exciting life, for the past 3 months I have been working as the cashier on a TV drama. I was responsible for all the cash that went through the production - all £35k of it! - and keeping track of everyone’s expenses, prop sales and so on. I’ve never done a job this big before, and I was incredibly nervous going into it. I considered turning the job down, as those who saw my initial panic will know, because I felt out of my depth and like I was too inexperienced. I felt like an impostor, basically.

In the first month, the assistant accountant quit, and suddenly the Accounts department consisted of two people: me and the lead accountant. Almost immediately, I was also doing invoices and shit (we accountant sorts call this AP, for Accounts Payable, because acronyms aren’t just cool street slang). Also a pay rise. Solid.

Today, I returned all the leftover cash to the bank and discovered that I’d kept accurate track of the cash to the absolute penny. That’s a fucking miracle; I was doing two jobs, working 6 days a week, 11 hours a day, and I didn’t screw it up. I’d been so nervous going into this job, feeling like I was going to cock it up spectacularly and be fired on day one, and I knocked it out of the goddamn park.

I worked my arse off, got shouted at by a mildly famous actor, drank more Cup-a-Soup than is recommended by any doctor, laughed until I cried about BRENDA THE AGENT WHO IS NOT OK, and it was brutal, and I’ve had no life at all for 3 months (hence my absence on here, although I’m also still lacking a computer) and I feel VERY PROUD AND EMOTIONAL because I’ve had so many people tell me today that I’m underselling myself and could do bigger jobs as a second assistant accountant if I wanted to, and that I am capable and competent, and that they want to work with me again, and omg????? I cried???? So much?????

And now I’m unemployed and what the fuck do I do now with all this free time


‘’I’d like to be a role model that parents are OK with their kids looking up to, I make it very clear that I am flawed because I think it’s important to show others that, sure, I have a highlight reel like everyone else in the industry, but I’m also definitely still a human being with a sloppy behind-the-scenes. And that’s OK. Some days I’m very happy to be myself and embrace every aspect of myself and my body, other days it gets difficult, I went through a lot of self-hatred in my younger days, but I’m happy as well as proud of myself to say that I’m growing out of that and growing into love.”

All might: what should I buy for izuku as a gift?? He has been trying so hard lately that I just want to reward him!! I will find the perfect gift for him!!!! PLUS ULTRA!!!!

* random civilians look at him weirdly*

Toshinori: OOOPS, SORRY *throws up blood*

A few minutes later Toshinori was restrained and taken to the hospital due to the concerned paramedics that had arrived at the scene

The next day

Toshinori: I will do this today!!!

*after he got some weird looks, he decided to call his squad*

Toshinari: Yamada please come help meeeeeeeeee, I need helpppppp


Toshinori: Thank you so much Mic

*the squad arrives*

Aizawa: Where is the villain???

Midnight: yeah Yagi, I don’t have all day

Fatgum: hugggggggggsssssss mannnnn ,how y'all been doing?!

Toshinori: good and you??

Aizawa: Where is the villain???

Toshinori: there is no villain

Aizawa: mIC

Yamada: I’m going to be sleeping on the couch tonight, aren’t I?

Aizawa: yep

*A few hours later*

Toshinori: this is perfect, thank all of you for you help!!

Midnight: No problem!! Just take care of yourself!!

Toshinori: Don’t worry I will!!

The next day at UA

Toshinori: Young Midoriya, please come over here!

Izuku: Of course!!

*in the teachers’ lounge*

Toshinori: Young Izuku, these last few months you have been working very hard, so to express how proud I am of how far you have come, I got you something.

Izuku, while crying: You really didn’t need to do that All Might, you being here for me is already the greatest thing that could have ever happened to me.

Toshinori: It’s OK my boy, I wanted to.

*hands gift*

Inside there is a frame with many colorful signatures, belonging to different pro heroes. The photo framed is one of both of them smiling at the beach, when they had finished clearing it up.

Izuku: all might,,,, *sobs* I don’t know how to thank you,, this is amazing,,, you are the best *hugs toshinori*

Yagi, not expecting the hug, was shocked, but returned the embrace anyways. He thought back to when he was Izuku’s age, to the people that supported him, and the person he viewed as his own mother. Nana had done so much for him.

As he looked at his crying student, he thought: Is this how you felt Nana? As if you were holding the whole world? I was a bit of a brat wasn’t I? I hope you can forgive me for that. I wanted to thank you for all you did for me. It is only thanks to you that I get to pass on such amazing things to the new generation. You thought me so much, and I am so grateful. Thank you so much. Yagi let a tear slip.

The flowers in the office moved, and Yagi swore he heard Nana’s voice, telling him that she was proud too.

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sufjan stevens [over the phone]: good news luca!

luca guadagnino: mr. stevens it is four in the morning….. per favore keep in mind the time zones…..

sufjan: oh no it’s the middle of the night here too! i just wanted to tell you that after praying and meditating over it for forty-eight hours i have finally found a word that rhymes perfectly with “gideon” for my song which is called “visions of gideon” for your movie which is “call me by your name” open parenthesis 2017 close parenthesis!

luca: oh….. that is good……….. also you do not have to say the year of release out loud when you say the name of the movie…. or verbally specify the parentheses……… anyways i am going to go back to slee–

sufjan: video!

luca: scusami ?

sufjan: video is the word which rhymes with the word “gideon” for my song which is called “visions of gideon” for your movie which is “call me by your name” open parenthesis 2017 close parenthesis!

luca: …. oh. ok.

sufjan: are you very extremely proud of me, acclaimed director luca guadagnino who has a u in his name just like me?

luca: …………………… yes mr. stevens i am proud of you.

sufjan: i am so glad and also delighted to hear that!

luca: wait, scusa, if you are to have the word video rhyme with the name gideon–

sufjan: for my song which is called “visions of gideon” for your movie which is “call me by your name” open parenthesis 2017 close parenthesis!

luca: –yes, that is right. anyways you will have to enunciate “gideon” to an almost comical extent

sufjan: yes absolutely!

luca: ……and you are not concerned about this?

sufjan: nope!

luca: may i ask why not?

sufjan: because the young adult gay men from the northeastern united states who hear this song are going to develop a borderline sexual desire for me to overenunciate their names instead of forming healthy romantic and sexual relationships with men their age, and it will balance out any negative press for the song

luca: understood.

sufjan: thank you for speaking with me tonight luca

luca: …. it is no problem mr. stevens just please try to refrain from telephoning me in the sleeping hours henceforth

sufjan: will do. i sometimes forget that not everyone has found a used piece of chewing gum on the ground in 2006 which granted them the ability to never sleep again.

I‘ve Waited My Whole Life (5)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Request: “Could you do a Bucky soulmate story? Like the au with the countdown to the moment you meet your soulmate, but Bucky doesn’t have it because his arm is gone so the reader freaks out a little bit. But it’s all ok in the end. Like super fluffy fluff… maybe leads to smut, whatever you’re feeling.”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 5250

A/N: Hey guys! I know that this has been the longest time coming but I am excited it’s here. I am very proud of what I have been able to come up with for this request, but I think it’s time for this story to come to a close. Thank you guys for all the support you have given me for this story and really for being so patient with me. But to be honest I’ve run out of ideas for this and am actually happy with where I’ve decided to end it. So I had one final idea to end it all, I just hope you like it. I love you guys and enjoy!

Warnings: mentions of sexy time (no smut), mentions of injury, non-descriptive nudity, fluff, finale

Tags: @seargantbcky, @lust-for-pan, @38leticia, @barnes-and-noble-girl, @karipaleta, @capandbuck, @camillechan, @findacauseandserveit, @audasia25, @kendallefire, @alicerozenju, @snuggleducky, @thisisthelilith , @boyzines, @ballerinafairyprincess, @axelinchen, @sarahfhealy, @blazeshira, @the-strandedgypsy, @luckylundy13, @fandomtainment, @sebstanwassup, @yo-yo-bro-bro, @the-red-world-of-jess-chibi, @chook007, @ssweet-empowerment, @iamwarrenspeace​ 

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There was no way for her to know them, I never told her, unless…

I wanted to believe that she was my soulmate, I really did and with the way she knew the numbers there was the possibility that she did the math, that she found out the numbers based on her birthday and from the moment we met.

As I waited for the doctors to check on Y/N, I thought of any other way for her to have known, because I still wasn’t convinced that I was worth it. I mean if she was attached to me in any way, this instance, the kidnapping or worse, could happen to her again. She didn’t deserve that.

So who was I to ask her about my numbers, to verify that they were mine?

At some point while I was lost amongst my thoughts. Steve walked over and sat next to me. We didn’t say anything to each other, until a question started eating away at me. He was going to get a kick out of this.

“Did you tell Y/N my numbers?”


“You’re the only one on the team who knows them, so how could Y/N have know if you didn’t tell her?”


“I didn’t tell her.”

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