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Suga Kenta and Kimura Tatsunari
Livedoor Interview Translation

Translation continues under the Read More.  It’s important to note the actual interview took place about a month ago, it’s just this second part is now finally published.

Q: This will be my third interview with the two of you after the re-run “View from the Top,” and “Karasuno, Revival!” 

Kenta: Whoo! [applause] Thank you each and every time!
Tatsunari: That’s right, and for this particular production…
Kenta: Whoah whoah, no, too fast! [laughs] They haven’t asked us anything yet!

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We talk with Toby Froud about Netflix's upcoming Dark Crystal prequel!

Yesterday, the faerie community, and indeed all those who love beautiful and fantastical storytelling, received momentous news when Netflix officially announced their upcoming project, slated to begin filming in fall. A prequel series to the beloved 1982 Henson/Froud film, The Dark Crystal, it will run for ten episodes and include state-of-the-art puppet creations from the imaginations of our own friends and Faerie Magazine contributors, Brian and Toby Froud. The series is called The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and our minds are racing with guesses as to what characters and stories might be included.

The original film, The Dark Crystal, featured a world imagined by renowned fairy artist Brian Froud (conceptual designer) that was a surreally accurate three-dimensional recreation of his artwork. Froud’s imagination combined flawlessly with Jim Henson’s vision and skill, and the film is now considered a fantasy masterpiece. With Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and Brian and his impressively-skilled puppeteer and artist son, Toby, involved in the project, we have no doubt that the project will be a rousing success.

Deputy Editor Grace Nuth was able to give Toby Froud a quick phone call to ask him some questions about the project.

Faerie Magazine: How hard has it been to know this project was happening and not be able to share it?

Toby Froud: We’ve been on this around five weeks or so. When people have asked us “will Dark Crystal ever happen again” and things like that, my mom and I have had to keep quiet, and say “well, possibly,” and things like that.

FM: Way back at the first Faeriecon, your parents were guests, and announced the possibility of another feature film, so this has been a long time coming.

TF: It has! The idea of doing a sequel has been kicking around for twelve years or so. They did the Power of the Dark Crystal stuff for this big sequel feature, and it never really got off the ground. But then after the resurgence from the Hensons doing all of these competitions, [ex: Jim  Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge on SyFy] and having the fan base be what it is today, it just so happened that they caught the idea doing of a prequel, using all of the writing and lore of the world that now exists in recent years. Netflix said yes, so it became this idea that the Hensons would think in a different way, a prequel instead of a sequel. And now here we are.

FM: Were you and your father directly approached by Netflix, or by the Hensons?

TF: By the Hensons. It’s a Henson-Netflix production. We are a part of the Hensons’ development to build the creatures and world under management of Netflix.

FM: You and your father have worked together in creative capacities informally throughout your life. Was the creation of “Granny” for Lessons Learned the first time you had him create a creature, and you then translated it into a three dimensional puppet?

TF: It was, for a film together. We certainly have done a lot of puppets…Ignatz [Toby’s Froudian puppet, seen at many fairy events like Faeriecon] was my father’s design, and my creation. But Granny was our coming together for film.

FM: Do you anticipate the creations on this Dark Crystal project happening similarly, with him creating the concepts and you interpreting those concepts in three dimensional puppets, or do you and your father plan to work together to create the concepts as well?

TF: We are doing both. What’s very interesting is I am working alongside my father right now in the conceptual designs. I am translating his designs still as well, into three dimensional forms. What is bigger and is the amazing part is the translation of them into puppets. My father and I are giving them these characters; we are developing these ideas with the Hensons…and Louis Leterrier, and Lisa Henson and my father and I are figuring this out, creating this visual. Then the team of the Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, this amazing team, are creating the puppets for us.

FM: Has work already begun on pre-production?

TF: I am in the studios in L.A.! I’m working with them on a daily basis, designing and also fabricating with them. Then my father is in England, and he is designing from there. So work has begun fast and furious!

FM: Of course you can’t tell us anything about new creations, but what is your favorite type of creature in the world of the original Dark Crystal film? Are there any that you are especially eager to bring to life?

TF: Ooh…That is a tough question. I love them in different ways: To revisit all of the Skeksis…To be able to build a Mystic again, things like that. To be able to envision in the new world with new technology and modern times, bringing these creatures up to date in certain ways. I am so excited to see Aughra on screen as well. So that sort of thing is what I can’t wait for. I’m excited to see the new creatures of the world and also the expansion of the world itself. And then we are revisiting certain things of the old world too…that’s what I’m excited for.

FM: Will your mother be assisting on this project as well, or just a father/son duo?

TF: Wendy is certainly consulting on this, especially with the Gelflings, because she did Jen and Kira originally. So I’m working closely with her and also my father. But she was the sculptural designer for those, and so she’s invaluable to our new process.

FM: How does it feel creating a large-scale work that your young son can grow up watching, just as you watched Dark Crystal and Labyrinth growing up?

TF: It’s…I mean it’s amazing. Beyond amazing. This project is very interesting because it’s a legacy. It’s a dream to do this. What is fascinating is that I am the same age my father was when he started The Dark Crystal. So what’s really interesting is that that’s coming to light. It’s wonderful that I get to work with him and the Hensons on this thing. It’s far more than just another project. And yes, to continue that, and to have my son grow up and see this project eventually. It’ll be interesting.

There’s a lot of pressure from fans and from the world. We’re trying. And what will be wonderful is actually the new: the new ways, new look, new feel. The director coming in and putting his vision into this, and the producing team, and Netflix. It’s quite an interesting and wonderful marriage. I think it will benefit, in a lot of ways. I’m excited to see what director Louis Leterrier does: bringing the camera to life in new ways I think the audience will really enjoy.

Netflix is an amazing juggernaut of a company that has great creative taste in what they’re providing the world, and things to come. It’s brilliant. A very clever match.

happy-hummer  asked:

Hey Taime! :-) As an INTP, how can I learn to focus my energy into one subject to master it? I have so many interests that I don't linger much on them.

Related questions (@mr-entj style because it’s awesome):

  • How can an INTP be more mindful? I set goals for myself to be more productive, then I’m playing my whole day off. Or I can be very forgetful of procedures and names. Not very mindful of me. 😛
  • I know you get a lot of asks, but I figured that this might be a problem with other INTPs as well. I really love music and I’m going into music performance (I play the flute), it’s what I want to make into a career. The only problem is that a lot of what I’d be doing/am doing right now involves lots of meticulous detail work that can drain me really quickly. I have a hard time motivating myself to get up and do it, but it is essential to making things work. Any tips? Thanks!
  • Hey, I’ve read that many INTP’s are usually interested in a lot of things and get bored of them kinda fast. But I can’t even seem to find one thing that I’m not too lazy to do, not to mention a lot of things. I go home and just sit at the computer. I dislike drawing, crafting, etc. because It really gets on my nerves and I’m terrible at it. I don’t really have any hobbies. Have you ever had a period in your life when you were like that too? if yes, then what did you do to change it?
  • Hello! First of all, I adore your blog. Secondly, do you have some kind of advice for an INTP who wants to survive High School with great grades to satisfy her own ambitions? I’m having some problems because of laziness and procrastination
  • And a truckload of similar asks.

Mastery, Motivation, Productivity, Finding Your Interests—An INTP Perspective

I want to write this as an INTP who got at least decent at these things out of my own volition. Most advice, books, speakers on these topics are very Te and/or SJ-focused. Some of them are very helpful, but a lot of them do not work well for me.

How to be better at anything:

1. Observe yourself like a hawk.

The goal is to recognize what’s effective for you. This will be different for everyone. You must set a goal to step out of the moment and truly be mindful of yourself, instead of going through the flow of your daily life. Otherwise, you will not pick up habits and mindset that you’re accustomed to.

For me, I came to realize that I’m much more productive/motivated when:

  • I have multiple projects to switch between when I’m bored or exhausted my ideas for the current one. This is why being an entrepreneur works really well for me. And even when I work in a company, I’d ask my boss for 3-4 projects to do at the same time and demonstrated that I can do this.
  • I’m ridiculously easily distracted by my own thoughts while working (blame the Ne). I found out that it subsided when a something other than music is playing in the background so that I can “focus” my distraction (music doesn’t work somehow). At first, I used to watch game playthroughs because I’m a nerd, but I made a switch to educational videos and audio books half a year ago. Now I spend at least 5 hours/day learning new things while working and not getting distracted. Win-win-win.
  • My workstation isn’t in my bedroom. I’d get sleepy and distracted ridiculously easy.
  • I’m either by myself or in a space where no one would directly interact with me, e.g. library or coworking space.
  • I tell people who are important to me about my goals and keep them updated on the progress. I’m much more motivated to hold myself accountable because I don’t want someone I respect to think of me as flaky.
  • I tend to procrastinate if I wake up early. If I’m up at 11am, I’d go “oh shit it’s already late, I must get started right away” instead of thinking “there’s still so much time…I could make breakfast, go get coffee, etc.” It’s a very common advice to get up earlier to be more productive. I know I won’t be able to fool myself because I’d always rationalize my way out of it. My optimal work hours have been from 11am-3am with breaks in between.
  • I get in the zone easily when I start, but it’s a huge hurdle to get myself to start. And therefore, the point above does help.
  • I can’t do things on a schedule (e.g. at 10AM I will start working on task A and finish by 12PM, then eat lunch, then at 1PM I will start task B). Some people excel at this, mind you, but I’d lose motivation faster than I can start. What works for me is listing the deadlines, which could be in days or weeks, then switch around tasks/projects as I like.

My full list would easily go over a hundred items. Recognize your own. As I mentioned, this list will be different for everyone.

An important note: it’s not shameful to admit that you need external validation. I know that I wouldn’t have gotten this blog going if I didn’t get this much support and interests from you guys. I probably wouldn’t have been drawing so much either if I didn’t get compliments from friends irl and online. I knew this about myself and intentionally put my work out there to get encouragement, which I received. And in turns, I also learn how to listen to criticism in the process.

2. When you have multiple interests, pick something and get good at it.

Choose one to develop at the moment, or 2-3, if you need to switch like me. You don’t have to abandon other interests. You will have time to develop them later on. But for now, just pick something, anything. Roll a dice if you must.

I’m an advocate of the “T-shaped skills” concept—you can be a generalist in many things, but you must master at least one. While you’re trying to master that one thing, there’s no harm in trying out a bunch of other skills.

When people see that you’re very good at one thing, they tend to believe that you’re capable of being good at other things (sometimes even unrelated things). More opportunities will be offered to you if people recognize that you’re good at one thing.

For example, I’m a good UX designer and I’m somewhat known in the startup community in my city. I’ve been invited by tech event organizers to speak, even though I was shite at public speaking, they insisted that I try. I’ve been asked to advise on the business side of startups and asked to design logos, even when I told them that I’m no expert in these things. They’d insist that they want my opinions anyway because they saw the way I work and think through design.

3. If you aren’t interested in anything, try a lot of things.

Get yourself out there and try new things. Maybe you haven’t found what you really click with yet. Try a bunch of local classes and workshops, volunteer, learn about possibilities of things you can do.

You might already be interested in something, but society tells you that it’s not considered a hobby or a job. You love learning about any topics and could read Wikipedia for hours? That is a hobby. You might even want to get a job in research. You love playing games? Maybe you want to create one yourself and make it a really enjoyable experience because you know games so well. Or maybe you could make a build guide for your favorite RPG on youtube, and learn some digital marketing to get your channel more popular. There are more ways to do things than what people think is “acceptable”

Think of how you can spin things you like into something productive and sustainable. From examples above, playing games in itself won’t do much for you. But if you create a useful gaming guide for other people, coupled with some SEO skills, you can turn the hobby you love into a career you love. 

4. If you don’t know your goals, follow your mentors.

You probably already have people you admire in many areas of your life, whether it’s because of their career success, their skill expertise, their wisdom, or certain qualities they possess. List things you admire about these people. What kind of things make you want to be like them? Once you have this list, it can be your goal.

If you really don’t have anyone you admire, start looking for them. They don’t have to be people you know irl. They can be anyone from a celebrity, an inventor who’s long dead, someone in your family, or even a fictional character. You don’t have to like everything about that person for them to be your mentor. You just need aim for specific qualities that you admire in them.

In the beginning, study your mentors intensely and copy them. Once you’re proficient, adapt their techniques to your personality. I’ve been trying to improve my public speaking skill. There’s an older INTJ guy whose speaking style I think is very captivating. To learn from him, I watched at least 50 videos of him speaking in public to study his mannerism, his tone of voice, how he structured his scripts, where he added pauses—specific things contributing to his speaking style that captivates attention. Then, I’d try to use specific techniques I learn from him when I taught the university class, even the same phrases and analogies he used because of their clarity. After the 5-6 class, I started to get a hang of it and was able to adapt “his” style that I emulated to become more of my own, adding my own twists and personality into the way I talk.

5. Mastery takes grit—practice v.s. practice smart.

Many people say “I don’t like anything because I’m not good at anything.” Well, here’s some good news for you:

Talent is overrated. No one, I repeat, no one, is automatically good at anything. Maybe you have a natural inclination that gives you an advantage, e.g. you were born with a physique suitable to be a runner and you happen to like running. You might have a competitive advantage as a runner, but there’s absolutely no way you’d become good at running without years of training.

When you see other people and think they’re “talented,” you’re seeing the results of years of practice. What they don’t show you is the grind, the long hours, the years of crappy results but sticking with it.

That’s not to say, if you keep at it, you’ll get better. Repetition alone doesn’t work. You must practice smart. I also believe in the 80/20 rule. 20% of the things you normally do get you 80% of the results. If you’re trying to get better at playing piano, would playing your favorite song from start to finish repeatedly make you any better?


You must target your weak points and attack it. Maybe your left little finger is weak and you can’t get the pressure you want. Do some Hanon exercises that focus on the little finger. Maybe you mess up a trill in a specific section half the time. Single out that section and practice it—don’t just play the whole song from start to finish.

I recommend watching Josh Kaufman talks about how it only takes 20 hours to become decent at something if you practice smart:


6. Mastery takes sacrifice.

Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day. It’s up to you to choose what you do with your hours. It’s impossible to do everything and be everything in our lifetime, so choose wisely. It’s better that you proactively choose for yourself than let life choose for you, otherwise, you’ll look back in 10 years and hate where your life is heading.

Here are some examples from my experience:

  • I sacrifice going out with friends for working on my own company. I have friends who go out 2-3 times a week, and it’d have been fun if I go with them but that would mean much less time for things I want to accomplish. Instead, I actively set up a hangout session with this group once a month and truly spend quality time together talking or playing board games, rather than joining their usual bar-hopping routine.
  • I sacrifice job stability and consistent income for personal growth. I worked at a tech company and a design agency before, and both of them still want me back (I’m still in touch with former bosses from both), and it’d have been a nice and easy life to do what I love and have stability. But I know that I’d never be satisfied if I don’t try to make something out on my own from scratch.
  • I sacrifice comfort for opportunities. I’m a true introvert. I could stay in my apartment for a month straight, not talk to anyone, and be perfectly comfortable. But I’ve come to realize that I need to go out, make friends and connections so that I can find more opportunities to advance my career goals. It’s still difficult for me now, but I know to push myself to do it. Each time I see an event invitation, my first thought would be “urg, I need to wear pants, and put makeup, and take the subway full of people…” But now I know how important it is to make connections, going to events that are relevant to my goals usually win.
  • I sacrifice some friends for friends who push me to grow. There are many people I like and whom like me, but some of those people only want to hang out and talk about other friends’ lives, TV series, or complain about work. It makes a huge difference in my life to spend time with friends who love discussing big ideas, business opportunities, self-improvement, and learning. And I’d rather spend time with the latter than the former, even though I could get along with both groups.

7. Aim to create more than you consume.

Most people only consume—watch, read, listen, play music other people wrote, use contents that other people created. It’s easy to do this, and you can even learn a lot from consuming, but you won’t grow nearly as much as creating something.

Put something out into the world that’s not junk, e.g. not your selfies, photos of your pet, a rant blog, negative comments on other people’s contents.

Think of what you can contribute, and do it. If you’re reading my blog, you probably like MBTI. You could write an explanation post of your own, compile resources for people to learn from, or write about other aspects of personality psychology. You could even become MBTI certified and teach people irl. I see so many MBTI blogs where half of the content is telling other people that they’re mistyped and stupid. What use is that to yourself and other people?

Realistically, it’s extremely difficult to create more than you consume since you’d be sacrificing convenience and efficiency (i.e. you wouldn’t want to build your own phone from scratch instead of buying one), but you get what I mean when I say aim to create more.

8. Be proactive.

Don’t wait for people to feed knowledge and skills to you. We’re lucky to live in the digital age where pretty much everything can be searched in a few seconds—do it. Don’t wait to be taught in school, and don’t wait for answers.

I get so many asks about basic things that can be easily googled or search on my blog. I do not have time to answer every question I get, especially on things I wrote about before. I wonder if these people go ahead and google it themselves, or do they wait forever and never end up learning because they didn’t get a reply.

If you want to get better at something, be proactive in seeking knowledge. If you already have the skills to use the internet, you can learn and become anything you want.


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p.s. If there’s anything on this topic I still haven’t covered in this post or other posts I wrote before (search or look at my elaborate index), you can ask.


“Ginny, do you want some water?” Arthur offered the water jug to his daughter. She, Luna, Draco, Harry, Hermione and the rest of the Weasley’s were having dinner in the livingroom of the Burrow, in honour of Fred and George’s 24th birthday.

“Yes dad. Please put more water in my already to the brim filled glass.” Ginny bit at her dad, and she shot him a vicious glare that would have scared the pants of Voldemort himself, if the notorious mass murderer hadn’t died five years back. “Really, what a wonder-fucking-ful idea.”

“Ginny! That’s not -” Started Percy, but he was cut off almost immediately.

“I bloody well talk how I like, especially to morons who can’t see my fucking glass was already fucking full.” Ignoring the massaging hands of her girlfriend on her back Ginny jumped up and stormed out. With a door slam more overdramatic than even Draco could muster she disappeared upstairs.

Percy huffed and when he spoke again, breaking the slightly awkward silence that had come over the table, it was with an undertone of disgust and superiority. “That’s why women don’t hold high functions in the ministry. They get terribly hormonal when it’s that time-”

“Finish that sentence and you’ll be the one shedding organs through your freshly cut birth canal in a second.” Draco’s eyes bore into Percy’s like cold daggers, and his entire body radiated fury and disdain. The tip of his wand was aimed at Percy’s throat.

“And I’ll make sure there are plenty of therestals to help get rid of the blood.” To everyone’s surprise Luna had risen from her chair in sync with Draco, and her wand had been out even quicker than his.

Percy now had two sets of furious grey eyes on him, and visibly squirmed under their intensity.

“I’ll give him the speech, you go comfort Ginny.” Draco said without taking his eyes of the least-likable Weasley. Growing up under the wings of Narcissa Black had turned Draco into the most active male feminist wizarding Britain had seen in centuries.

Luna gave him a quick smile and slipped upstairs. Ginny had always had an especially long and painful period, but it seemed to only get worse with her age.

“Ginny?” Luna pushed the door of her girlfriend’s old bedroom open. The ginger girl was rocking back and forth on her bed, a pillow clutched to her stomach. With quick strides Luna joined her and carefully placed her arms around her.

“It hurts Luna. It hurts like fuck and I’ve wanted to rip my fucking uterus out for hours now, but I can’t and it sucks.” A frustrated sob left Ginny’s throat. Luna gently tugged her auburn hair behind her ears and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Why not darling? You’re not telling me that the great and dauntless Ginny Weasley doesn’t have the guts to just throw the entire thing out, now, are you?” Luna presented her lover the best comforting smile she had to offer. Ginny didn’t see it though, because she’d thrown herself into Luna’s arms, causing both of them to fall backwards onto the bed.

“I can’t, Lune. I can’t. There’s still a kid or three that I want to come out of it.” She whispered against her neck. The tickling sensation of air brushing past skin caused Luna to shiver and tighten her arms around Ginny. She wished she could take away her pain, wished she could do more that just make Ginny hot chocolate, punch the occasional misogynist in the face or feed her the magical equivalent of advil for breakfast.

She couldn’t though, so instead she hugged Ginny, whispered words of comfort in her ear and promised they’d take a chocolate bath later that night. The WWW chocolate bath bomb had been a birthday gift from the twins for Ginny’s last birthday, designed especially for women and men suffering from severe period cramps.

Ginny relaxed a bit at that notion. The prospect of at least an hour filled with chocolate and no pain put her mind at rest.

“You’re the best girlfriend ever Luna.” Luna felt Ginny’s content smile through her shirt, and with it came the final push for Luna to do what she’d been planning to do for months now.


“Yes my love?”

“Marry me?”

“Only if I can have unlimited chocolate biscuits.”

“That goes without saying.”

“Then yes. I would like that very much.” Ginny pulled her fiancé in for a kiss. Shedding organs was no party, but with Luna by her side even satan’s waterfalls couldn’t keep her in a bad mood.

I am in so much period-related pain right now and I have no Luna to hold me. But instead of bitching about that I wrote this, becuase I refuse to let satan’s waterfalls ruin my productivity. When it comes to fanfiction ofc, I’m not actually going to do anything useful while my lower body is being crucioed. 


UNDERFELL’s Echo Update is now GOLD and ready for release on Game Jolt for October 1st. Meaning I’ve completed what I have been able to and am satisfied with the product I was able to complete that I’ll be giving out to everyone for free on that date.

It’s been almost a year since the initial demo. We’ve been hard at work on this game for nearly 2 years now.

However, with the release comes some drawbacks.

- Combat is heckin’ broken. Like, not *actually* broken, it works fine - but our programmer is MIA working on his own stuff and hasn’t gotten back to me. Combat will not be in this release.

- We simply did not have time to include the full Underswap Echo (there’s more before you play as Cross).

- Followers and world quests aren’t available right now because, once again, we were limited by time and we do not have the resources available to complete it right now. It also doesn’t help that combat isn’t working the way I’d like.

I hope to remedy all three of these BEFORE the CPAU update or BY the CPAU update this holiday season. Hopefully, you can forgive us - we’re trying as hard as we can! Regardless of these drawbacks I am indeed VERY satisfied with what we’re shippin’ out on Game Jolt, and we hope you all will be too.

I need to get some rest and so does the rest of my team.

Keep in mind that Xedra’s upcoming stream tonight will NOT have the final demo product, there have been some additions and changes since then (mostly bug fixes.) Hope to see you there!

anonymous asked:

Funny how reynos go running to comfort some white bitch whos celebrated Finn's getting hurt. You don't call out racism in your fandom but you'll run to comfort them when they get called out. I just think it's funny :))

Let’s go through your message, anon.  

First, yes I did comfort a fellow Reylo recently.  I’m assuming you are talking about @coupdefoudrey , who received some pretty vile Anti-Semitic messages recently.  What you and your friends did isn’t calling out, it’s harassment.

Second, I comforted her because I value her feelings because unlike Finn, she’s a real person.  This is something you and your little group of victim playing sociopaths forget when you go to avenge imaginary slights against imaginary characters. 

Third, I have yet to see an incident of racism not addressed in this fandom.  In fact, for the longest time, many people would rush to attack a person when what they did was not intentional and was the cause of being from a different culture.  I am honestly proud of Reylos for taking a step back from the callout culture and attempting to educate rather than eviscerate. 

I’m not sugar coating this next part; every single one of you and your anti friends are sociopaths.  You take pleasure in harming real people under the delirious reasoning of helping.  If you wanted to help people, you would spend your time doing productive things.  You could volunteer to work with disadvantaged children, walk shelter dogs, raise money to donate to real victims of abuse if you truly wanted to help.  Hell, you could make content for your own ship and be far more productive than you are now.   Instead, you and your sociopathic friends spend their free time circle jerking to something that supposedly triggers them.  Each one of you competing to cum the hardest while shouting all the ways an imaginary ship has victimized you personally.  You and your friends are so completely pathetic and your lives are absolutely disgraceful.  

Your parents should be ashamed of the monsters they have raised, ones that believe it is okay to threaten real people over imaginary characters.  What you are doing isn’t because of immaturity from youth or from mental illness.  All of you are just horrible assholes who lack empathy because you were raised to believe that everything you think and feel is incredibly important.  You truly believe that the importance you personally place on a fictional character is more important than someone else’s mental health and therefore have the right to send them threats and Anti-Semitic messages.  You derive pleasure from harming real people and I worry for the safety of the people around you.

Since we are talking about things we find funny, I think it’s hilarious that you would reach out to me over this matter and expect me to address it in any other way than what I just did.  Now if you will excuse me, I have to finish editing stories for a Reylo project that is coming out soon and am very busy.  Since you obviously have nothing productive to do, I would offer for you to come help me, but from your original message, we both know your editing abilities are not up for such a task.  

I meant to post this on april fool’s day because my writing is a joke :) But I’m late, so here’s a joke posted on the wrong day.

Summary: Keith, who just happens to be coming down with a cold, is forced to wait out a thunderstorm with Lance.

“You’re still coming to pick me up, right?”

Lance’s voice is questioning, insecure, as if he doesn’t already know the answer. Keith sighs into the phone, before sniffling once, absently rubbing his nose on the back of his hand. “I thought we already went over this.”

“I know, but I called you and you weren’t picking up–”

“I was in class,” Keith retorts, pressing the phone to his ear with one hand as he slings his backpack over his shoulders with the other. He twists away briefly to cough into his shoulder. “The lecturer ended a little later than usual, that’s all.”

He can hear Lance’s hum of assent on the other end. “So, you are coming, then?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I am.” Keith pauses outside of the university building, scanning the parking lot for his motorbike, before he spots it parked in the far left corner. “Have you been waiting for a long time?”

“The meeting ended ten minutes ago,” Lance responds, “so, not really.”

“That’s good,” Keith unfastens his helmet from where it’s been clipped around the handlebars, then fits it over his head, brushing loose strands of hair from his eyes. “….I’m heading off. I‘m going to have to hang up now, okay?”

“Okay,” Lance pauses. “I’ll see you in twenty minutes?”

“Fifteen.” Keith fishes a keychain out of his pocket, pausing to find the right key before inserting it into the ignition. “See you there.”

The engine starts up, a low rumble of sound and motion, and Keith presses the end call button before sliding the phone back into his pocket. He sniffles, before straightening slightly, navigating the bike carefully out of the parking lot.

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Hey. I made a thing. For anyone dealing with PTSD or flashbacks or sensory overload or a panic disorder who might be helped, here it is. This is a slightly adapted version of the dual awareness protocol that I use to remind me that I’m where I am, that I’m real, and that nothing bad is happening right now.

I’ve got a sticker version available at my Redbubble store (I think it’s very useful to be able to put things like this on notebook covers and inside my wallet and on the sun visor of my car and so on). I do not have any markup on this product, I’m not charging anyone who might need this to have access to a physical copy, and FYI if you order six or more of any stickers from redbubble they give you 50% off so if you want, like, five stickers of kittens and one of these you can get this sticker for a dollar.

If you think this might be helpful for you, get a few of the stickers to keep around yourself and a few to hand out to people who you trust to help you if you’re having a flashback.

Or just print them out and hand them out. This is not a thing I made to make money, this is a thing I made so that people have to spend less time in their personal hells.

*EDIT* - choixsimple mentioned that they’d like a less annoying version (sorry, I find bright colors distracting in a soothing way) and they have a good point, so I made a more toned-down version, also available as a commission-free sticker for people who might need reminders but don’t like/aren’t okay with bright colors.

[Day 5/100 Days of Productivity]
Wow I am not great at this challenge. I did math notes ‘cause we got a quiz soon and a test next week.
Tbh I’m just very sleepy right now, I need a nap. BUT on the bright side, my grandmother is coming over from India for awhile :)
♩- Windows by Atmosphere

14-15/05/17 || I had a bit of a freak out earlier this afternoon and made a very dramatic post about how I’m feeling anxious and about how I’ll probably fail, but Tumblr is against me lately so it didn’t actually post it, which is probably for the better because I was really stressed in that moment. Not that I’m not stressed right now, I still am but I’m trying to make something productive out of it and study study study for this exam. My exam is in exactly a week time and I am indeed worried, I still have loads to read and memorize, I hope I’ll be able to do everything in time for next Monday. 


Life works just like a roller coaster; 

Sometimes it goes up and we feel like we’re on top of the world, capable of anything and everything. And then sometimes it goes down to the point of sickening us and it feels like we won’t ever be able to recover again. That’s the balance of life. Without the bad parts we wouldn’t experience the good parts and without the darkness, we wouldn’t see the light. 

I’m in a dark and bad place and having thought about this for a long while I’ve made the decision to take a much-needed hiatus. I don’t know for exactly how long, but I want to take my time and not try to rush myself, as that’s a bad habit of mine. Many things are going on in my life currently and have been going on since late childhood, but I’ve finally mustered up the courage to reach for professional help. (Am I oversharing now?) College is right around the corner again as well which will keep me very occupied. 

I’ve lacked motivation for pretty much everything except for writing. Thus I will continue writing as I don’t know how else to stay sane or productive at the moment. I will still be updating my writing blog once I have a piece done, so if you desire to, you can head over to my writing blog @Sugaspen.

This blog will still be running on a queue as always, don’t worry. Perhaps there won’t be as many pictures of our dearest Jimin, but it’ll still be running, along with the positive tags and positive reminders solely because I know those help many of you a lot. 

I sincerely apologize to everyone following this blog and the fact that this post sounds far more dramatic than intended. I apologize to the people who have sent messages that are currently in my ask box that won’t be answered for a while. 

If you’re holding something inside that’s serious, I can only strongly advise to seek professional help as soon as possible. Don’t be like me and wait, hoping that it’ll somehow go away on its own. 

Your feelings are valid, never forget that. 

Stay healthy and stay safe. ♡



This is something that confuses me a great deal. Women who are supporting of the one organization that’s responsible for most of the discrimination against them. This is like a chicken being a member of a church run by KFC. It’s utterly ridiculous.

In my 4th Atheist book (currently being written right now), one of the chapters is titled “The ceiling is made of Stained Glass”, which looks at misogyny in the church and how hundreds of years of it has greatly contributed to a lot of today’s issues with regards to women’s rights.

I am simply dumbfounded how women, many claiming to be feminists, are so supporting of the very organization that discriminates against them the most. This is clearly the product of many women being systematically brainwashed since childhood to worship the very entity/creed that has been holding them and women from previous generations back from being the best that they could be. 

How many more women have to lose their reproductive rights, be forced to endure mutilation disguised as circumcision, get stoned to death for acts not their fault before they start to realize who the real enemy is. It’s not men; the real enemy are the men who claim to be superior to women because they claim God said they were.


anonymous asked:

I think Friki was saying that Tyrion witness Jon going into her cabin not that he was outside hearing it. Also I have a different interpretation of the scene: Jon was a product of love, the fact that they are showing us Lyanna and Rhaegar being very much in love while Jon and Dany are making love for the first time is to show us that they love each other too and they are making another heir. Basically lyanna/Rhaegar are going to parallel jon/Dany in that scene IMHO.

I like this, anon. Thanks. I am sort of in a panic rut right now so it’s good to hear a positive look at things. I think, again, we’ll need to VIEW the scene.

Because a lot of it is going to come down to the directing and editing. If romantic music plays during this scene and like, the R+L wedding is cute and happy, that could make things better. 

And I would love for it to be a way to foreshadow that Jon and Dany are two people in love in spite of the odds like R+L were. 

Because otherwise honestly I can’t understand WHY D&D would do this. I don’t get it. Because if that original translator was right, then that would imply they want the GA to be squicked out about the incest, which would mean that Jon wouldn’t even wind up with Sansa or something later because she is probably even more his family in the GA’s eyes. So I just don’t see the logic in setting up the scene as something weird and negative after all the Jonerys buildup. Why would they want Jon, Dany, and the viewers to be miserable?

So, I choose to accept YOUR interpretation for now haha <3 Thank you :)

Hello! My name is Patience and this is my Studyblr, please feel free to ask me anything, I am very active and will try to inspire and motivate anybody who stumbles across my blog! Below is a little bit about me, I hope we can all get to know eachother!  

Who Am I?

  • Age 17, Freshman in college, (and loving it!)
  • I have a fish named “Broccoli”, and I love him a lot. 
  • When I am not at school or studying, I can usually be found playing videogames such as Ark: Survival Evolved, Skyrim, Minecraft, or Destiny
  • I love to cook!
  • I absolutley love hollidays, and planning around them in my ‘Happy Planner’!
  • I also have an obsession with buing school supplies, and I tend to waste all of my money on this. (Worth it tho)!

Posting Schedule

Mondays - My weekly plan

Tuesdays - Original post, (possibly every other tuesday)

Wednesdays- Writing Wensday, meaning that I will write a “diary entry”, Answer a frequently asked question, or just generally talk about my life/experiences

Thursdays- Product Review, Book review, etc. 

The weekends are decicated to my personal blog, not just my studyblr, so head on over there if you want to see that :)

Classes for the semester (Will be updated)

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Biology | Lab
  • Algebra 

Why did I make a Studyblr?

Making a Studyblr was actualy an act of impusivity, so as of right now i am just winging it! But I have been following the Studyblr community for at least a year or two now, and during that mini venture, it inspired me a lot to write better, take notes, be more productive, etc.., and because of this I have decided to share my school experience with every one of you reading this, in hopes to help you all and create a place for inspiration and productivity motivation! 

What are my goals?

Well, personally, my goals are to succeed in school, all the way through Med School, which I very much so intend to do. 

I also want to meet tons of new people, and make new friends. I’m planning to use this as a creative outlet and a way to express myself, all while being productive and on task!

My inspirations <3 

This is a list of Studyblrs that have inspired me to create my own blog, and they are my favorites, (as of this moment), and just know that I love them a lot :)

@studyshar @emmastudies @starlight-student @kennasartjournal @oopsstudies @smartstudies @yume-studies @universi-tea @studyplants @peepstudies @lychiestudies @khloestudies @little-studies @qrchitecture @rad-study @teaplusme @studentsandlattes @studynow @kuroristudies @peachystudy @athenastudying @dvaspirations @aescademic

ID #15016

Name: Alicia
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hi! My name is Alicia and having a pen pal is always something I’ve wanted to try. The idea of having friends all over the world is pretty cool.

I love reading and am currently working my way through Frank Tallis’ Vienna series. My favorite tv shows are Psych, the Office, Parks and Rec, and Bob’s Burgers, and right now I’m super into the new show Midnight, Texas. I love art and science (and listen to like a million podcasts on both those subjects) as well as things like skincare and beauty products. Animals and kids are my passions and I volunteer at hospitals and animal shelters regularly.

Im currently taking a gap year to be a nanny in Portland, Oregon, but plan on getting a doctorate in clinical psychology eventually. I love outdoors, especially the beach, and when I lived in California I went almost every day. I’m very outgoing and am super excited to make new friends!

Preferences: 17+ preferably, and no other preferences. LGBTQ and all race and religions welcome 💕

My thoughts on this whole Jon Tron deal

Okay I just recently found out about this whole Jon Tron controversy surrounding Yooka Layee. Granted, I didn’t even know Jon was actually in the game until this happened and I will say the general overreaction from people on this has been downright disgusting. Generally I do agree that it’s important to accept and respect others opinions. Playtonic is no different in this regard but as a company it’s perfectly within their right to disagree with Jon both morally and legally as well as sever ties with him if they feel he could potentially damage their image. Them cutting out Jon Tron is simply their way of saying “We don’t want any part in your mess.”

It’s funny really people give Playtonic crap for supposedly not respecting Jon’s opinion yet they can’t seem to accept and respect Playtonic’s view on things and act like they stabbed them all in the back simply for wanting to distance themselves from a potential scandal. Funny enough that Jon from what I hear has handled this really well and said he respects Playtonic’s decision while his fans on the other hand throw a massive tantrum and act like overly self entitled children. Looking at some of the things Jon said, it’s not too surprising why they decided to let him go. If you said the sort of stuff Jon said, don’t expect to keep your job for much longer. 

Ultimately Jon has no one to blame but himself. He should have known very well what he was getting into when he started talking politics. As a general rule, personal opinions on race are best kept to yourself if you want to maintain a good public image. Freedom of Speech is not the same as Freedom from Consequence. Jon didn’t watch his mouth and he said some pretty stupid shit and now he is suffering the consequences for it.

I am still very excited for Yooka Laylee and I am not going to let the removal of some guys voice affect my enjoyment or purchasing decision. At the end of the day Playtonic is a business. They aren’t your best friend and they have their own views on what is considered acceptable in their company. It’s their game and they have the right to change or remove something if they feel it could be detrimental to their product, 

I never write anything here it seems. Maybe a September goal is a weekly update?

I am in SO MUCH PAIN right now. It’s my first day back at work this week as I’ve called in sick the last two days. I vomited on the weekend and since I have rubbish connective tissue, the force has given me full body whiplash. I can’t turn my head and it hurts to sit upright. As a result I haven’t been too productive at work today. Probably should have taken today off too…but guilt. My colleagues have been very nice though. I think I look that rough. Oh, I also have an earache so I can’t hear anything either.

I can’t believe summer is over. Since I work at a University, September brings big changes to my work life. It is nice to have the energy that students bring to campus back…but I miss not having to stand in line just to get coffee.

I do get the last two weeks off of September though so it’s kind of like keeping the summer holiday vibe going. Of course, I’m hosting in-laws for those two weeks so maybe it’s not a complete vacation.

Can I please get affirmation for hiring a cleaner? I feel such guilt over doing this. But we are away from the house for 11 hours a day between work and commuting and it just feels like something has to give. Also with being sick, the house is way out of control. We will be able to declutter this weekend but won’t have time to deep clean and my in-laws arrive on the Friday afternoon so this weekend is it.

But it just seems so unnecessary to have someone clean for us. We are just a family of three. We should be able to manage. Any of you hire someone? How often do you have them come?

Waking Up In Vegas

Write-A-Thon Day One: AU day
(waking up in vegas au)
John Laurens x Alexander Hamilton
Words: 1540

i’m so excited for this week guys and i hope you are too!

originally, my disneyland fic that i posted the other day was going to be my au day fic, but i changed my mind last minute so here we have the waking up in vegas au! 

i’m kind of tempted to make this into a series, but i’m not sure yet so let me know what you think. 

the write a thon is going to be awesome. you can join in if you want! i just reblogged the prompt lists. 

requests are open and i hope you’re all doing great xx

see you tomorrow for femaslash! day


The pounding hit him like a tonne of bricks.

With every tiny movement, he felt the pain intensify. He let out soft whimpers until he decided that the floor was where he would stay.

His freckly cheeks rested against the cool, damp tiles. John figured he must’ve passed out in the bathroom while trying to go to the toilet. And it seemed reasonable, because he’d woken up in weirder places after crazy nights out.

He opened his eyes slowly and let the light appear in his morning. He ignored his better judgements and sat up slowly, resting his head against the wall. He tried his best to ignore the pounding in his head as he took in his surroundings.

It seemed John had been right about the bathroom, but this wasn’t his bathroom. He couldn’t remember anything from the previous night… he wasn’t even sure if he was in South Carolina anymore, or who he was with.

He flipped through fragmented memories of the previous night. For moments, he saw his friend Hercules, and he had reason to believe that he had stayed the night at his house. But Hercules’ bathroom was warm and his house was comforting… this whole situation felt like some kind of unholy nightmare.

The weight on his finger was the thing that woke John up fully. The only jewellery he would keep on him was his mother’s necklace…

His hands flew to his neck and he let out a sigh of relief when he felt the secured clasp of the familiar metal. He relaxed, licking his dry lips.

He was still under his mother’s watch… that meant he was safe… but so many questions remained unanswered. Where was he? What was he doing here? What was the strange ring around his finger?

The door next to John swung open, revealing a shirtless man that looked a mess. Dark circles under his eyes hollowed out his face, making it look incredibly pale. He stumbled towards the sink, turning tap on and splashing his face with the warm water.

John stayed silent. Strangers had never been his friends… so coming face to face to this one in a strange place was not the way he wanted to spend his Saturday. Or at least, what he thought was Saturday. He wasn’t sure of anything right now.

He took a deep breath before deciding breaking the silence was the best thing to do in the situation. “Who are you?”

The man at the sink jumped, grabbing the closest thing to him (which happened to be a bar of soap), and pointing it at John. The soap slid out of his hands, landing at John’s feet. He felt around behind him, grabbing a toothbrush and holding it out in front of him.

“W-Who are you?” He replied, a red blush spreading over his cheeks.

John stood up slowly. “I asked first, so you should answer me first. I’ll ask again, who are you?” He asked, leaning heavily against the wall.

“My name is Alexander. Alexander Hamilton. I don’t know why I’m here. Your turn,” The man, Alexander, replied.

“Do you mind if I call you Alex?”

His question was returned with a glare, which John simply shrugged off.

“Well, my name’s John Laurens. And I remember leaving the house with my friend… but that’s the end of it. I don’t even know where we are now,” John stated, walking to the sink and checking his face in the mirror. He too carried a sleepless appearance, prominent bags staring back at him through the mirror’s reflection.

“Vegas. We’re in Vegas,” Alex stated, turning from the mirror and heading back out to the bedroom area. John raised his eyebrow, following.

“You mean like, casinos, strippers and creepy people in character costumes Vegas?” John replied, sitting on the edge of the bed where Alex had laid down on.

“No, I mean the Vegas where everything is rainbows and we’re all friends. Peace on earth, kumbaya!” he snapped, continuing to glare at John. “Could you just shut up for a few seconds? I’ve got a terrible headache.”

“So do I. We can complain about it together,” John stated, lying on the opposite side of the bed and staring at Alex. “What are your theories on last night’s happenings? I feel like my friend Hercules thought it would be funny if he set this whole thing up for me… I am surprised he didn’t find a girl though. Man, I would shit myself if I woke up next to a female.”

“I’m assuming you’re gay then,” Alex stated, picking up the room service menu on the bedside table and squinting at it as he flicked through it.

“Well, yes. I mean, I have experimented a little throughout my life, but I’m as gay as they come,” John stated, smiling proudly.

“Congratulations. I’m bisexual, but I have a girlfriend so don’t get any ideas,” Alex replied, putting the menu down and looking at John. “Personally, I think this is some kind of weird, reality TV social experiment. Or it’s a very strange dream. I hope it’s the second one. I’d like to wake up in bed next to Eliza… instead of being in this strange one.”

John scoffed. “At least you had a bed. I slept on the bathroom floor… or passed out there. I’m not completely sure honestly. All I know is that my neck hurts like a bi-“

“Didn’t I tell you to shut up before?” Alex asked, starting to go through the drawers in the bedside table.

“Well, you did continue the conversation so I had assumed-“

“You said your name was John Laurens, right? John “Jack” Laurens?” Alexander interrupted, looking at a piece of paper he had found in horror.

“That’s me,” John replied, sitting up and turning on the TV. “Why do you ask?”

Alexander gulped. Maybe if he didn’t tell anyone, it wouldn’t be real. “N-No reason. We should focus on finding a way out of here, don’t you think? Do you have any money?”

John patted down his pants, shaking his head. “While I’m as gay as they come, I’m also as broke as they come. I haven’t made a solid income in a very long time.”

“Productive. And I don’t have my wallet either, which means we’re pretty much screwed. You said you had a friend, right? Do you have a phone? Can we call them? Maybe they can-“

“Look, Hercules isn’t the best at dealing with hangovers. He mostly just sleeps them off. So, if he drank as much as I did, we’d find he’s pretty much useless to us now. Didn’t you say something about a girlfriend?”

Alex’s eyes widened. “Of course! Eliza will help! But I am without a phone currently so unless you have yours…”

John sighed, taking his phone out of his pocket and passing it to him. “Here. Be as brief as possible. I don’t want an expensive phone bill,” He stated. Alexander nodded, dialling Eliza’s number.

It took three rings before she picked up. Alexander could hear her yawn, and he imagined he had woken her up.

“Hello?” She mumbled, yawning after she finished her sentence.

“Eliza! Thank the heavens. Listen, I’ve just woken up in Las Vegas with this other guy and I have no idea how I got here. My wallet and phone have disappeared, so all I have is you. All my hope is rested on you. Could you please come and pick me up? Or buy flight tickets or something. I promise to pay you back as soon as my card is returned,” Alex rambled, tapping his fingers against the bedside table anxiously.

“If I do any of those things, will you be quiet for just a second? This is a lot to take in first thing in the morning,” Eliza mumbled sleepily, rubbing her eyes. “Who’s this other guy? Do you know him? Does he know you? Did you have some weird kinky sex?”

“What? Of course not. All I know is I’ve gotten myself into the worst situation possible. I’ll explain what I can when I return home. I love you more than words can say,” Alexander said, biting his lip. Had he had sex with this strange man he seemed to have accidentally married?

“I love you too Alexander. Stay strong, my love.”

The line went dead, and Alexander was left alone with the silence between him and John who was now standing by the window.

“The sky looks nice today. The clouds are round… and they look like cotton candy. It’s pure, don’t you think?”

An eyebrow was raised. Alexander went to John, standing next to him and staring out the window. Indeed, the clouds did look nice. Alexander’s eyes moved to John’s ring finger, staring at the golden ring that wrapped around his finger tightly.

They moved back to Alexander’s own hand and he gulped, seeing a similar ring on his own finger. He knew he had screwed up, but surely this man who daydreams about clouds wouldn’t notice. Surely, he would keep daydreaming.

Alexander decided it was best to dream the terrible situation away. Perhaps once he was home, this would all fade away and be nothing but a bad memory.

End day stats from 3-11-17: I actually did go up those 2 flights of stairs. Now that @nosaltadded mentioned the wind thing with trackers, that makes a lot of sense. Those “stairs” counts from last week occurred during my morning/evening walks on the days of a massive windstorm we recently had here in the Midwest. Yesterday was a very productive day. Going outside is pretty much critical to my sanity so there were AM and a PM walks. Also did cardio yesterday. Some shopping later and you get a pretty sweet lookin’ step count, right? A great day for hydration, though I pretty much drop dead of thirst if I ignore it. Now that I’m so accustomed to water there is no such thing as forgetting. You feel legitimately awful once you’ve seen the other side.

I think today is mostly going to be a step day. Might go to the gym, but might just hit the trail again. Spring forward is NOT my favorite day of the year.

anonymous asked:

How do you get your first "real job" as a writer for television when you don't know anybody in the business? Connections are everything but I have zero.

Hi Anon,

I suppose part of the answer to this depends on your definition of a “real job.” Is it something you’re getting paid for or are you an intern? Are you a staff writer or writing on spec? Are you working for broadcast tv or doing commercial work? Are you making mini-series or full-length?

If you are referring to broadcast, streaming, or cable television, sadly I don’t have any first-hand experience to share (yet!) Right now, I am a writer in a writers room (semi-associated with my school) that develops original mini-series and full-length series. We produce the mini-series’ and pitch the full-length series’ to broadcast production companies. I don’t get paid, but now I have writing credits to my name. I have also been paid for commercial and advertising work (though not for writing).

The unfortunate truth is you have to know somebody to make it into mainstream television. TV companies don’t (or at least very rarely) post jobs online or to the general public, they get referrals from people they know.

That is not to say you can’t form those connections. If you have no connections in the film industry here’s some ways to start:

  • If you go to film school, befriend your professors. They have worked in the field and know the industry. Try and find professors that share your interests. Use their office hours to talk to them about your scripts and ask them if they are working on projects you can be a part of.
  • Write spec scripts. You most likely won’t get paid for them, but they showcase that you can handle other people’s characters. (Also write for different genres to show versitility) This makes you more appealing to showrunners.
  • Write pilots. You want to show your creative side so create an original series. Try and write for different types of shows (½ hour sitcom, 1 hour single camera drama, multi-cam drama…) It shows you can handle various genres but still has your unique perspective. It also preps you for when someone in the industry asks you about what you have written!
  • Workshop scripts with your peers. Critique not only helps your writing, but you make friends with other writers and get better at analyzing scripts.
  • Get on sets. Writers have a tendency to stay with other writers, but it’s the directors and producers who will get your script made. Get on a few sets (even as a PA) so you can get to know them.
  • Write short films and features. Even if your passion is TV, writing shorts and features attracts directors. This gives you opportunities to see your script on screen and gives you writing credit.
  • Attend events or panels. Getting into panels with lesser-known writers is fairly easy and they often have great advice! Writers speak at schools, attend screenwriting festivals, and even go to comic-con and other events. Use Q&A to your advantage and try and catch them outside the panel.
  • Volunteer at events. Volunteers at screenwriting or film festivals can get to meet professionals one-on-one. It’s an amazing opportunity and also helping out the film community!
  • Freelance. Film weddings and parties, take graduation photos or design posters for people. It might not be writing, but it helps to get your name out there.

You can also start outside of the film industry. If you hear family or friends needing or just wanting to make something promotional (film, graphic design, blog…) offer to try your hand at it. (I started in editing and still work in graphic design despite being a writer.) Those connections will grow and could lead to other opportunities more closely related to TV writing.

All these little connections will grow and can lead you to bigger and better opportunities. Don’t try and go straight for the big studios. They already have their people. New showrunners pitching their pilots don’t have as many favors to cash in as established showrunners (with shows that have run for years already) so you want to look to those people for jobs and internships. The people breaking in with you are the ones looking for new hires. Those connections you make when everyone is a nobody really pay off when just one of you becomes a somebody.

Good luck to you!