i am very productive right now

End day stats from 3-11-17: I actually did go up those 2 flights of stairs. Now that @nosaltadded mentioned the wind thing with trackers, that makes a lot of sense. Those “stairs” counts from last week occurred during my morning/evening walks on the days of a massive windstorm we recently had here in the Midwest. Yesterday was a very productive day. Going outside is pretty much critical to my sanity so there were AM and a PM walks. Also did cardio yesterday. Some shopping later and you get a pretty sweet lookin’ step count, right? A great day for hydration, though I pretty much drop dead of thirst if I ignore it. Now that I’m so accustomed to water there is no such thing as forgetting. You feel legitimately awful once you’ve seen the other side.

I think today is mostly going to be a step day. Might go to the gym, but might just hit the trail again. Spring forward is NOT my favorite day of the year.

Helloooo guys! I am back from Santiago! :D I just want to say that the wings tour in Chile was a wild ride for me, lol. I went to both concerts (day 2 was something of really last minute tbh)

I just can say that bts is honestly such an amazing group, so talented and passionate about what they do. The concert was FANTASTIC, it was on a whole new level with a very high quality production and performances. I was speechless. I dare to say it was the best concert ever in Movistar Arena.

Also, I won the soundcheck lmao, surprise (?) We couldn’t take pictures, so yeah, I don’t have any (I was right beside the guards). Thanks to the soundckeck I made it to the first row in the concert and I saw them SO CLOSE omg, I still can’t believe this, like, first of all, I never win anything, so that was new and very surprising. Should I post some videos? I took just a few, it was very difficult to move there ;-; if I didn’t get a broken rib because of the people pushing, it’s a miracle, but that’s other news, the important here is that bts were amazing and oh, I think I have a new bias! hoseok was the loveliest angel ever and he was all the time by my side of the stage and he was just so happy and he interacted so much with the fans, OOOH and I was blessed with his holy water in cypher!!!!!! I’m a new person now.

My plan was to make fun of my younger self by reading a few of my very old fanfics to comfort my older self (as the loser I am obvs), but to my surprise I was pretty good. And productive. Tho now I hate her because how dare she be more talented than the current me

  • Tony: Guuuuurl, I got yo weave.
  • *cap sees all the hair care products in the bathroom.*
  • *bruce becomes hulk*
  • Bruce: I am the incredible JOHN CENAAAAAA
  • Clint: Such watch. Many avenge. Very hawkeye. Wow.
  • Natasha: Swiggity swy, I'm actually a spy.
  • Fury: *grumpy cat holds Loki in containment cell*
  • Loki: *is held*
  • Loki: *sees tesseract* I CRAVE THAT MINERAL.
  • Coulson: Hi I'm auditioning for the role of Cap's biggest fan boy and I will be singing 'I need a Hero' by Bonnie Tyler.

|11/07/2016| • 1/100 day of productivity
I am going to do the 100 days of productivity and there are only 101 days left to my GCE o-level. To be honest, I was very unproductive today but I am going to change my bad habit, not tomorrow, but right now! Hopefully, I will be able to finish everything that has to be done by this week.

Ferguson Film by White Person - Please Don’t.


I am a white film student from New England and I want to write an indie feature about the events of Ferguson. I want to stress that as of now I am only WRITING it; when it does get made into a movie it won’t be for a very long time, and I will expend my full efforts to reach out to black filmmakers as primary production crew/cast. 

All the costs for writing/production will come out of my own pocket; in the event that we do need more money, all the funding would be through kickstarter and we would ensure that every bit donated would go right into the movie. Any profits generated from screenings would go toward donating to the families of black people who have been murdered by police (the story will expand some to include the many killings that have occurred since Michael Brown).

The film itself centers around three of Michael Brown’s neighbors. Aaliyah is a writer with a husband and two very young children, one of whom has Asperger’s. Rochelle is a bisexual woman who uses a wheelchair and lives with her girlfriend of 2 years. She is a social worker specializing in abused women. Thandeka is a teenager who was in the same class as Michael Brown and is about to start college in a few days when the murder occurs.

[the rest of this ask redacted]

WWC strongly advises against the writing of a film based on Ferguson events by a white person. This idea is ripe with what looks like, no matter how well-intentioned, a white savior co-opting a tragedy and painful reminder of anti-blackness in America. 

Even if you’re putting the film in the hands of Black people, you’re still the person behind it.From what we’ve read in full as your ask was very extensive and detailed, this film decenters who the tragedy is truly about, Mike Brown, and capitalizes on it. 

This film as it appears is not about Ferguson or Mike Brown, and you have even created fictional situations around this very real event. It’s also very off-putting that you’ve created characters to replace the (real) neighbors and people in Michael’s life. By doing so, you’re erasing these people and have essentially created Ferguson fan fiction.

Put yourself in the shoes of Mike, his family, and/or those who knew him for a second. Do you really think they’d like to see this film done as it stands, especially by someone who is not affected by the core of the issues on the line here (aka Black Americans)? 

You being someone who is not Black and has not even consulted with the family of Mike Brown on this film, we feel it’d be very disrespectful for you to write and/or film this. 


It is 2 am and I have no new words to say/will not write some long lost for now but the fact of the matter is police are in the business of producing a very, valuable product, which is safety itself. And in a country that never recovered from post-9/11 paranoia (which we know from the rise in prepper culture and in libertarian politics and other expressions of this particular form of fear-based alienation) almost anything can be traded for safety- our right to talk on the telephone unrecorded, our right to have radical politics and to speak openly about them, and literal dead black bodies can all be commodified and traded in for safety itself.

It turns out that safety is deeply valuable and almost any price for it can be justified. Safety is worth a military budget so inflated it inhibits our ability to spend “public” funds on literally anything else, even on the production of actual social goods or the repair of infrastructure, the building of libraries. Safety is worth tens of thousands, hundred of thousands, millions if need be, of the lives and livelihoods of brown people overseas and their murder in their own homes or their being forced out of their own homes. And in a country whose conceptualization of safety has always criminalized just being black or brown (from conduct codes in the south criminalizing loitering by black people in the form of standing still for a few seconds, to workplace codes which enforce an English-onlt policy for conversations between average retail workers) it should not surprise us that the price we pay for “safety” is precisely the presence of that which makes life unsafe for me and people who look like me, the presence of that which has killed us since we were first stolen and planted here which is codified, legal, justified murder and exploitation of black people.

Safety as a product is its own justification, is a means to itself, is its own definition and because of this is capable as a concept of being utilized by any number of interests but almost all of them have racism, especially antiblackness, at their cores and we end up dead either way. Policing is the work which creates the need for its work. Millions of dollars spent every year on what we know to be a force that kills black people in mass numbers not IN SPITE of these murders but BECAUSE of them, because they it is crucial to the racialized American understanding of safety that some black and brown people die.

Apologies to my handful of followers in advance, work related stuff:
I really wish I had a better way to seek out help for work, right now I just dig around in tags on a bunch of sites until I find someone who may potentially work.  I very, very rarely get unsolicited e-mails.  The whole process just takes a long time.

I am currently looking for artists to collaborate with for designing products (mostly shirts) themed after certain games.(on the off chance people who don’t know me see this, I am the art director at eightysixed.com)  If this is something that may interest you, my work e-mail is art AT eightysixed.com .Prior experience is not necessary.  I am not really expecting this to reach very far, my social media reach is nonexistent.

The games we have the license for are:
Street FIghter
Guilty Gear
Killer Instinct
And a few others

my dad went to throw out the trash and left the door unsupervised and now both kittens are missing. i feel very sick and i’ve already done a round around the block looking for them but it is 2am and i’m exhausted mentally and physically. i’ve sent lost pet alerts out on their microchips and made up a lost cat poster to print and paste around tomorrow. i have also left out litter, cat food, and cat beds at both the front and back door. 

i’m trying very hard to stay optimistic bc last time my cat went missing it almost killed me i became a walking corpse and it was just the worst days of my life. i can’t let that happen to me again because it was very unhealthy. i have to stay optimistic and productive and hope someone finds them or they find their way home. at the same i have to make peace with the fact that the worst can happen, and if it does then i have to accept it. i feel very bleh right now and am going to lie in bed with stamps. i can’t believe it’s happening again i hate making lost cat posters i want to knife emoji myself


Two things made me very happy today - Being able to wear fall like clothes, and getting my first cute note from a student. I ended up getting three more as well by the end of the day from other students! This weekend will hopefully be a productive one for me, but also I cannot believe tomorrow is already Friday. I feel like me weeks are flying by. So thankful for where I am in life right now. This past year was harder than I could have ever imagined, but I can genuinely say it was worth it. Crazy!

So I am working in a drug store, and we have a bit of everything. One lady pulls up a mannequin lamp and generally, customers are not supposed to take floor models from our (very small) furniture section unless they spoke with an employee. After checking there are none in the back and clear that it’s ok to take it, I ring it up and it comes as $130-140 dollars and she looks at me, saying ‘It’s 70, give it to me for 70, there’s another one on the sign there.’

“Could you bring me the sign please? I am not supposed to leave my till since I am the only cashier right now.” And I want to make sure that it is the right product.   It was, but guess what? The sign expired boxing day. We technically have to give it to them but that was WEEKS ago. So I clear it with my supervisor on our radio and she kept on nannering “tell them it’s L, I am the best customer and I shop here all the time, the photo counter people know me.”

 I just smile and think 'You bitch, you don’t pull that line, ever. You do NOT get special treatment for being 'the best customer’.’ I stayed polite and smiled but I HATE people that pull those lines when they know better. We don’t give expensive shit away for free.


I am selling some of my art on Redbubble because I am a (very) broke university student!

Okay, I started making these chibis and for now there aren’t too many characters there, but I will soon add more.
I have some financial troubles right now so this is why I am putting this out here now. These two designs (and also single characters) are available on various products!

Please, even if you can’t buy anything yourself (which is totally cool, I understand) could still reblog and boost this? I really need to make some money, thank you so much!

Here another link to my shop!

Miyano Mamoru Blog Translation - Friday, November 27th 2015

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Title: “Ajin: Demi-Human” First Day Stage Greeting


“The Movie: Ajin: Demi-Human -Compel-”




Finally been shown to the public!!!!!!

And so, I have participated in the first day stage greetingsーーーー\(^o^)/

Many guests gathered together……

And came to see all of us, who really put our souls into making it……

I was really really happy………!!!

This film “Ajin: Demi-Human” is a very shocking production.

I think that right now, the elegant representation that Japan holds by decision,

is going to be, without running away,

aggressively!!! opposed by this work.

I am very happy to have encountered this work.

I am also really happy to be able to put my soul into this wonderful film.

Although I was able to speak at the stage greeting today,

the truth is,

enough may not have been said to praise it, but…

Until my throat collapses and my voice no longer comes out,

I have been fighting.

I have been earnestly “living” as the hero, Nagai Kei.

I want to show this,

to many many people.

I want the feelings that have been put into this work to be felt,

by many many people.

Without fail,

please come and see it in theaters.

With us, and our feelings, let’s do this together☆

Thank you very much (*^o^*)

But, the publication,

has a two-week limitation!!

By all means! All means!

Please hurry!!!!!(>_<) (lol)

Today’s Mamo costume,

had this kind of feeling!!

Isn’t it very Ajin: Demi-Human-like??? (≧∇≦) (lol)

Picture with the guys who were behind the podiums ☆

This is really, really,

the best team (^_^)v☆


Bonnie is curating Sun Potion’s instagram feed this weekend (November 07 & 08) and posting pics of her food and healthy habits. Here is a brief interview with her:

Q. How do you define health?
B: Health to me is when I am in tune with my body and know each day what it needs. Its surrendering to the internal battle we can so often have with ourselves. For a long time I looked at health with a lot of frustration and anger which only made issues manifest. I am very grateful to have access to such high vibe delicious food and health resources in NY.

Q. What is super exciting for you right now?
B: I have just started pre-production for a short film that I have been working on for nearly a year. This is the most exciting time as my team of creatives builds. My greatest joy is collaboration and storytelling! This film is my most colorful and ambitious yet so I am having a lot of fun with it.

Q. Last meal on earth?
B: What we English folk call a “roast dinner” with all the trimmings! If I was back home in London it would be full of herbs from my parent’s roof garden. Followed by my famous apple crumble! And most importantly surrounded by the people I love.

To see her posts, follow Sun Potion.