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I have not read Cursed Child yet, and I am honestly not planning to. As grateful as I should be that Rowling put her stamp of approval on this play, I just can’t accept it as canon, and it doesn’t have anything to do with her not being the author. I know the general story and I am very much aware that the time-travelling aspect in the story goes completely against pre-established canon, which is why I don’t understand why Rowling okayed it. So, I will never read Cursed Child or accept it as canon.

Taking a Chance [Denmark/Reader]

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The beginning of my Hetalia series called “Taking a Chance.” These ficlets are based off of my travels to the countries. So far, I only plan to write about the countries I’ve been to. And the events in this story, while written in Reader format, most of these events (including the background story) did happen to me.

While I am very much aware that fans have dubbed Denmark with the human name, “Mathias Køhler,” I am going with the surname “Densen.”

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I think the most influential factor for me so far has been the fact that I am, and always will be learning. I am a perpetual student. I love to learn and am very aware of the fact that I have so much to learn from the people I work with. As such, I am constantly looking at how people around me work, how they handle situations, and how they tackle the tasks of the job. I am listening to directors, writers, and producers in their dealings with me and with other departments so I am aware of the big picture. - Katherine McNamara for Composure Magazine. (December 2015)

“Magick” and why I don’t use the term

Readers of my blog may have noticed that I use the word magic when talking about witchcraft. I am very much aware of why some witches and pagans use the term “magick”, but I strongly disagree with the reasoning.

Magic is magic, regardless of how others may attempt to define the word. Despite what magicians and illusionists would have you believe, this is the actual definition of the word:

magic mag·ic noun

1. the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

synonyms: sorcery, witchcraft, wizardry, necromancy, enchantment, the supernatural, occultism, the occult, black magic, the black arts, voodoo, hoodoo, mojo, shamanism

For witches, the word magic has a special meaning. It has held that meaning for as long as the word has existed. It is our word, my word; passed down to us and inherited through the trials and sufferings of my ancestors.

Words hold power. The spoken word holds magic. Witches know and understand this. I will damn the fool who attempts to take my word, my language, my magic away from me.

Other oppressed minorities throughout time have reclaimed words for themselves. The n word for POC, the b word for women, the list goes on. When I use the word magic, I use it proudly, and each time I do I am reclaiming it. I do this in honor of all the witches before me and around me who couldn’t or can’t speak their truths.

And that’s what I have to say about that. ✌️

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  • Kunikida: [enters the agency] Good Morning.
  • Dazai: [follows behind Kunikida] It's a lovely morning~
  • Kunikida: I TAKE THAT BACK!

Slightly based on the “Package Deal” fanfiction by Master_Magician.

I’ll confess that sometimes I’m a little scared that many of you just have a very good image of me. I’ve never met in person the vast majority of you. And the few of you I have, well, for most of you, we haven’t shared considerable amount of time together. I honestly want to meet you all, and I hope I don’t disappoint. I am also aware I could very much do so, though. I just hope you don’t see a religious person or a christianly image of a club. I hope you never see a pretender. I hope I can be all the good some of you have expressed about me. And if I had the grace to do so even be better than that. I don’t want to be seen as a religious dude but as a dude that loves Jesus and loves you. That’s all I genuinely want to be. And I know I fall short of it many times. I just hope I never fall short of y'alls vision of me. And I hope you’d still choose to be my friend.

I hope you find Truth in me.

what those who don’t suffer from dermatillomania seem to have a really hard time with understanding is that… we are aware? i know i pick, bite, rip, i am very much aware? you don’t have to tell us about our behavior, we know about it. most of the time when you catch us doing it we are not doing it out of spite, we are relieving our nerves or anxiety. by making it the centre of attention of everyone around us, especially if they aren’t people we know in a not-so-relaxed setting, you aren’t helping. it’s making you uncomfortable? my scabs? my blood even? well, try having everyone’s attention on this one thing about you that you really aren’t proud of, that you’re extremely insecure about. have everyone’s attention on that one thing and then see the look on their faces change. have people look at you with their faces full of disgust over the one thing you’re extremely self-aware and conscious about. try hearing how it’s absolutely wild, disgusting, horrible, not normal. how you are vile for it. have people look at you completely differently than they did just seconds ago, the look in their eyes changing from oh, this is just another person that i am getting to know, to oh, i don’t even want to touch it. you aren’t even a person to them anymore, none of your other qualities matter. you’re now only the one thing you despise about yourself, nothing more. then sit there, having to listen to them going on and on and on about it, some analyzing it, some still repeating how disgusting it is, this time from smiling faces. people making jokes about it. but no one asking you what it really is, why you’re doing it, no one showing compassion. because they don’t see you as a person anymore. you become this source of entertainment and amusement, something “freaky” that they don’t always get to see that they’re now trying to take in, so they can tell about it to their friends later on, and have a laugh with them about it, again. become a disgusting little anecdote for future references. become a source of banter for your excoriation disorder, your ocd, your mental health issue. 

then see if you’re uncomfortable. we know we do it. you are not helping.

white supremacists have to be the most delusional people on earth, and i’m on tumblr where SJWs thrive and flourish…

i just read a thread on stormfront (because i like getting mad, and seeing what they have to say about gypsies lol let a bitch live) saying chinese civilization used to be white european, and all the things that china has created was actually white. what? isn’t that crazy?

they thought buddha was white……..

they say vedism and hinduism are both white religions :^\

like okay i’m very much so a realist, and i am fully aware that vedic religions, the vedanta, hinduism and buddhism are “”aryan”” religions but it’s not set in stone whether aryans, specifically indo-aryans were “”””””white”””””, or if they existed at all

they are fruitful theories stating that indo-aryans were actually quite dark, there are theories presenting the idea that indo-aryans were indigenous to india and all other indo-europeans came from there

when theories are cloudy, especially over such a long time as this, you can’t just choose one of many and treat it like gospel, it’s embarrassing, and potentially completely wrong.

i feel like they just want them to be white because it fits their narrative of you know…white supremacy

Most of my updates lately have been sort of negative, since I generally write when I’m feeling particularly bad, so here’s a somewhat positive (or at least not a negative) update on My Life.

School continues on, and my classes have been a bit rough, but I’m managing. This is my last semester, which is unbelievable. It all goes by so fast. I visited with my cousin and aunt yesterday and we went to a super cute lavender farm and had ice cream and walked around in the sun.

I’ve also been figuring out some personal things (as in, who I am attracted to), and it’s such a freeing experience. I can’t describe the sense of relief I’ve been feeling. It’s like letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

Spring break is pretty soon, which is exciting. I’m anxious to a degree because I very much am aware of the pressure to have a job when I graduate. However, I’ve already established that I’m taking time off to focus on my health for a few months. It’s just what needs to be done, and I’m grateful to have support.

Hope you’re all doing well!

Okay, so that opinions post re: Elder Scrolls elves vs. Dragon Age elves got a little ire, and as I have neither the motivation nor time to go through them all, I’ll just acknowledge a few points here:

  • Yep. I am very much aware of how biased I am. I made sure to stress this at the time, and yes, it probably does make for an unfair opinion. I do, however, work with what I have, and that is what forms my opinion at this moment.
  • If I seemed to be calling one game superior over the other, then that was poor wording on my part. I genuinely love both, but certain storytelling devices and design choices - as well as my limited view as mentioned above - do mean that I have a preference.
  • I am aware that lore is more varied in other games, but again, I cannot judge something I haven’t played. I have the context the writers of Skyrim have given me, and sadly it was not comprehensive enough to be sufficient in this case. I can be told about the lore, but unless I see it in context I cannot form an objective opinion.
  • This was my opinion and my opinion only. It was an answer to a meme and not intended to attack other fandoms.
  • Yes the character designs are ugly. And yes they do look better in ESO/with mods.
  • And as for the Tolkien elves thing… I’ve got nothing. I was trying to be flippant and it fell flat.

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Reposting without credit or a source hurts creators. If you're going to take their content without permission at least put a link to where you found it please.

Dear anon,

As an artist myself, I am very much aware of giving credit where credit is due. I have always at the very least linked each image through to the source where I found the image and I name the artist whenever possible. Not every website is the artist’s personal website and not every website lists the artist which is why, again, I at least add a link through to the original webpage. It would be irresponsible of me to not cite a source for a piece I did not create.  

Also, please keep in mind while many works here are by living artists, a lot of them are historical pieces that may never have had an artist attached. A political cartoon from 100-200 years ago, for example, may have been created anonymously or the artist has been lost to time. The internet, while full of information, cannot fill in all gaps all the time.

I will henceforth make an effort to link to an artist’s website in addition to the page source when possible if they are a living artist. I love art. I love artists. The last thing I want to do is not acknowledge an artist for work I admire.

If there are any images that do not link through to a website, or if you know who an unnamed artist is, or if you yourself are an artist, please let me know. I will track down a source and link an image to the source accordingly. If you are an artist, I will gladly link to your website.

Thank you. 

Frank hanging out at Terry’s pad, learning to braid hair. Terry has a lot of hair to braid. Terry is Jesterdraws’ character!

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I am very much aware that my girlfriend is a masterpiece, haha.

A rant about Pixar's Cars

I am very much aware of the amount of people that label Cars as the worst Pixar film, and to those people, I completely respect your opinion. I guess it might not be for everyone, and I admit that it is one of those franchises where the sequel did not quite live up to the original. However, Cars has always been and still remains my favourite Pixar film, and I want to spread some positivity, especially because I am NOT EVER going to give up on Cars 3. 

I first discovered Cars at the age of about 5 or 6, and at that time was following my brother in a lot, and becoming an utter tomboy. At that point, I loved Cars for its story, and Mater, and the awesome race scenes. My brother and I spent many happy hours playing the video game on our old PlayStation 2. From that point of view, Cars is valuable to me for the memories, the family connection, and the nostalgia. 

But when I grew up, and gradually balanced out my tomboy side and my girly side, and found all manner of wonderful new interests, friendships, opportunities, knowledge, and opinions…I did not suddenly see any huge flaws, any stupid mistakes, or any reason at all that anything was wrong with this film, and I still do not see anything of the sort today. More than that, I now had a further reason to adore this film: it means a lot to me that the filmmakers put so much heart into championing the small, forgotten towns which have a unique quirky beauty that can only really be seen if they are entered into with an open mind. 

The truth is, though my town is not nearly as small as Radiator Springs and has a very different setting, I still recognise the ways of life, the family and the friendships. We even have our own Route 66; my town used to lie right on the main route between London and South West England. The road in question travelled with the landscapes, and existed alongside pretty fields and quirky villages and had its own wonderful character in a beautiful, beautiful setting. Now, the locals still use it - I travel on it every day to get to school. But there are ten times more vehicles travelling between London and Cornwall, and we only see them when the straight, grey, lifeless bypass that replaced us has been closed because of yet another accident. 

So really, what I’m saying is that I have a huge emotional connection to Radiator Springs. Perhaps what’s happened to my town might not be on the same scale - we have a population of over 6000 and plenty of cars to go around - but that doesn’t matter. I recognise the heart of Cars, and if nothing else, that movie is full of heart. It taught me so much as a child, about winning and losing, friendship, and love, and for that reason - and I don’t give a damn if no one agrees, I won’t change - I love it.

Mother Sophia loves me.
Abba, Father, loves me.
Mary, the Magdalene, loves me.
Yeshua, the Christ, loves me.

Last year I teetered on the edge of becoming an atheist. I accepted that there was no physical evidence for the existence of God. I saw that, out of the hundreds of faiths that have existed throughout time; they cannot all be right, yet they could all be wrong. I understood that all religions and scriptures were clearly created by men to control and influence others, mostly through fear and guilt. I still love listening to atheists and secular humanists explain why they don’t believe in God or gods and how unnecessary belief in supernatural things are to live a good, moral and compassionate life. 

But, no matter how hard I tried, I could not deny the four truths above that I felt in my heart. It is an experience that is completely personal and one that I would never put forward to convince another of God’s existence. I am very much aware that they could be right and that God could be nothing more than my imaginary friend. A figment of my own delusion that I myself create so I can feel loved and never alone. However, I find myself content with that, as silly as it may sound. I cannot force myself to change my beliefs. I, by all means, invite the evidence and arguments that might some day convince me there is no God. But that day has yet to come. 

Until it does, I continue to believe that Sophia holds me in Her arms, just as She holds all Her children, no matter their beliefs.