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The verdict: I did not want PINOF to end. Give me the bloops or give me death

I never understand when people use the let it go sequence as a reason why frozen is a bad movie. yes, elsa makes a mistake. yes, elsa behaves selfishly. yes she abandons her kingdom and chooses isolation over her responsibilities. but that’s the point of the movie?? she was in a situation where she was repressing her powers because she didn’t know how to control them, and let it go is the moment where her fear snaps and everything she’s been holding back for years comes spilling out of her. her greatest fear (fear!!!) is hurting people. she reaches a point where she believes there’s nothing else her powers can do, so she runs. for dear life. 

of course the moment when hurting people isn’t an option any longer, when she’s left alone to experience the extent of her powers is going to come as a huge relief! of course she’s going to experience elation and joy and delight!! but that’s not because she’s really relishing her act of abandonment. it’s because the thing that’s been pushing down on her her entire life is finally lifted. and you watch her experience the relief of reprieve from pain and fear. you can argue that it’s still selfish, but you can’t deny it’s a deeply human reaction for her to have. and anyway, the point of the movie is that she doesn’t stay there. 

she doesn’t cling to isolation and selfishness. she doesn’t abandon her people forever. it takes some time but she comes back! she learns to harness her power for good, to control it so it doesn’t control her. she reintegrates herself with her people and lets her relationship with her sister be mended. she’s a little too broken to do it all by herself, but again. she doesn’t have to. she proves that her brokenness is not a permanent, impenetrable part of her and that with love and time she can become a good queen and a good sister, helping repair the damage that she did, (even though much of that damage was the natural result of the situation she was in and not all her fault.) 

her story is one of healing and it’s beautiful and good. 


Fantastic commission by @runescratch of Traven and Fenris
@fenrisataashi-ffxiv :D

Permission given to post. Please check out their work!

A fun note: This was ordered before the release of Stormblood or even benchmark, so they did amazing work portraying the jobs as we were going to play them! Included an in-game screenshot for fun.

Fullview recommended. Thanks again, Rune!

My feelings on Gotham 3x20

A/N: While you are reading this, I am watching Thor: Ragnarok—in this very moment! Guys, I am hyped, so this Imagine is a real special one. I’ve been looking forward to writing it so much. If you know me, you know that I love vampires and… that I love Loki even more. So… on a scale from one to Loki, how hot would it be to combine these two things?

27th October: Bite me. 🦇 | feat. Loki

Words: 2113
Warnings: vampire!Loki, blood play, smut, CNC, (sexual) submission

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“All men must die.”
“But we are not men…..We are cats.”

Classicat #18: Daenerys  Tailgaryen The Furst of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meowreen, Queen of the Hairballs and the Rawrnar and the Fur-st Cats, Catleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Leashes and Meowther of Dragons, from A Song of Ice and Fur (Game of Fur-ones) by George R.R. Meowrtin

Many cats claim to be rightful ruler of Whiskeros…..but only one of those cats has dragons.

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Can you do a scenario (you can do headcanons or a fic) where the reader is actually a model and she's best friends with Michael and Jeremy and they don't know till one day like an ad pops up and it's advertising some revealing clothes and they are like "ha hot chicks click on it!" But then the first picture is actually there best friend in some very pretty yet revealing clothes so they both scream and shut the laptop and the next day they are very like awkward around her thank you!!

I am so hyped about this omg!!

★ so the reader was a model when they were younger right

★like child modeling

★and maybe your mom is really into it and when you get into it again when you’re older

★you’re pretty sure no one is gonna find out about it bc it was really lowkey for some random clothing website but ooPS

★yeah maybe it was like a crop top and undies???

★something to that effect


★jeremy and michael are ‘researching’ for a school project one day and Jeremy gets one of those customized ads that pop up and he was like wOAH PRETTY GIRLS and michael was like fuck yeah??????

★they click on it

★they regret it immediately

mutual boners  broners (thanks maddie)

★michael just s l a m s the computer shut like he’s just seen granny porn and jeremy is blushin so bad like

★they don’t wanna talk about it at all but like you come over to michael’s house for movie night and jeremy is all red faced and michael is staring at you

★you make it through the first half of pixels before jeremy asks

★”so what do you think about modeling, (y/n)?” like hes gonna cry

★michael just loses it, he fuckin cracks up and flops face first on the floor

★it takes u a sec bc they obviously know and you’re mortified

★you want to leave bc you feel like they’re just gonna make fun of you

★the boys stop you and tell you that they think you’re the best and the prettiest

★you suggest that you all do a modeling shoot together

★i’ll let you go ahead and picture that ;)