i am very hype

just realized Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia season 2 are gonna be airing very soon

suddenly very HYPED


Cos lol I am usually super enthusiastic about even more things than what i blog about! I just dont always have anything interesting to say about them. But I still love them and would greatly reccommend them to others!

* Why Am i Dead At Sea - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING indie mystery game which is kinda like ghost trick but a traditional rpg instead of the physics puzzles. You possess people instead of objects and have to puzzle out dialogue to gain clues! Its also a little more dark but there are still sassy funny bits!
* Rune Factory 4 - man what a great pile of content, its still going now and I’m nowhere near finishing the postgame dungeon! and i wanna see everyone’s marriage scenes too!! and you can just keep playing forever aaaa its such the best farming game in the whole farming game genre
* Breath Of Fire series character design - I’m not currently replaying any of it, but i just randomly remembered how BoF2 had the best plant person design and now I’m browsing thru wikis on the ones I didnt play cos its SUCH GREAT INSPIRATION FOR ART
* Also Pretty Cure series! ive never watched ANY of this but again im just seeing some wikis of the costume design and its really spangly! gets me more inspired to work on my Changeling Sim game cos its that kind of classic cute costume I’d love to give to the protag. Ah, old shoujo. I cant believe I never saw this one before, and now its so longrunning its hard to get into…
* Digimon World Next Order - I have a few complaints on stuff that got worse compared to the first DW game, but there’s other stuff that is SO MUCH BETTER, and its all in HD graphics and I’m just so happy that they revived such an old series and we finally got one of the sequels dubbed!! and you can get lopmon in this one!! my digimon are hershey and zephyr and i love them, my sweet twins. i wanted to make them lopmon and terriermon but they both ended up lopmon XD
* Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star - I’m verrrry slowly progressing in this one! i put it aside cos i have 130 unplayed steam games and i wanna make hatoful like my reward for finishing all those. And im glad I did cos i ended up discovering WAMIDAS which was awesome! but im still hype for hatofuls yo!!
* Pokemon sun and moon the anime i am also still riding the hype train from the game even now lol
* I’m really hype about my new headphones!! theyre so good quality!!
* also i got a napstablook shirt and a few nice beanie hats and I’m excited to wear them!!
* I’m excited about everything forever!!

do you know what i really like about the DCEU that make me very excited about the future?

The films all have effects on each other

Destruction in Man of Steel leads to the distrust of Superman in Batman vs Superman. The Death of Superman is part of the reason why the Suicide Squad is formed. Because of the destruction of god knows how many military bases in Suicide Squad the world is GOING TO NEED THE JUSTICE LEAGUE plus the things set up in BvS

I really do like this approach, This universe is shaping up very well

boiiii so i have a tattoo appt booked for early april and i think i’ve finalized the designs i’m getting and so i’m getting a simple lil line work girl on the back of my arm above my elbow, “big bang” and a lil sun and moon on the front/side of my arm, and “the wreckage of stars” along the very edge of my back and i am frickin hyped 

We’ve already checked out HELLA AWESOME IGN article about Dishonored 2, and while watching one of the videos I took a screenshot and wELL I’LL BE DAMNED IF THE MAN DOESN’T REMIND OF SOME CERTAIN GRUMPY DAD ASSASSIN

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Name: Beth aka Arkady 

Nickname: Beth and Arkady are actually both nicknames 

Favorite color: oh no I have so many! I like blue, green, red, purple, pink, and black. 

Last song I listened to: Hex - Neko Case 

Favorite T.V. show: I’m solidly very in love with Fargo and am so freaking hyped for season 3 next month. 

First Fandom: Harry Potter. Which I feel is a lot of people’s first fandoms. 

Books currently reading: I started Station Eleven a little while ago, but it actually gave me anxiety. I didn’t think it would, it’s very understated and beautiful, but it just got me and I’m having a hard time working my way through it. 

Worst thing eaten: I had some fish balls in China that were just…not…to my taste. Nearly everything I ate in China was amazing, but nope, not those fish balls. 

Favorite place: I love museums and botanical gardens. They’re just a very comfy feeling for me. 

Bonus: My guilty pleasure TV show is Catfish