i am very happy he is acting again

Homestuck Characters Playing Undertale
  • Aradia: Finished and won the True Pacifist run, refuses to touch the game again because everyone's happy (and also she very heavily relates to Sans)
  • Tavros: Can't handle the pressure of playing the game himself, watches playthroughs on Youtube and lowkey feels guilty about it
  • Sollux: Plays several neutral runs, then the True Pacifist run, then the No Mercy run, because he wants to play through every possible outcome
  • Karkat: Killed Toriel because he thought he had to, started acting as a pacifist once he got to Papyrus and was genuinely touched by his words
  • Nepeta: Played as a Neutral Pacifist up until she got to Temmie Town, then she rebooted the entire game and went No Mercy out of anger and spite
  • Kanaya: Her computer is so full of viruses up that she can't download the game, so she just watches her friends play it
  • Terezi: Went a partial-Pacifist Neutral route until encountering Undyne, then she reset the game to go True Pacifist because she wanted to be Undyne's friend
  • Vriska: Tried to go the No Mercy route, but gave up around after she couldn't defeat Undyne the Undying after like 100 tries
  • Equius: Played as a True Pacifist up until he encountered Aaron, he became too nervous to keep on playing after that point
  • Gamzee: Won as a True Pacifist, and watches a playthrough of a No Mercy run with Tavros, is sobbing by the time Toriel dies
  • Eridan: Does No Mercy first, then the True Pacifist run (he screams at what happens at the end)
  • Feferi: Played No Mercy only because she really wanted to fight Sans