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Nebula, Luna, & Space Dust !!

1. cause perdida- Nelson poblete
2. Invisible- modest mouse
3. Somebody’s crying- Chris isaak
4. Girl with the red balloon- civil wars
5. Tinker tailor soldier sailor rich man poor man beggar thief- Radiohead

2. My favorite names? Probably Milo, Louie, Oscar, and Oswald. Very old fashioned.
3. Am I happy? I think I’m pretty content. I have a lot to be happy about. I’d love to do a lot more, but for what I have, I’m pretty happy.

Thanks! ⭐️

“Am I the only one…?”

“Run, run, run…” 
“A place in the sun…” 
“And then there was light…” 
“Under this gentle glow…” 


❄️ The Hero and the Fairy ❄️ ~ step-by-step process of >this< piece (^   v ^) <3 click through for minor captions!

as you click through these i’m sure you’ll notice that there’s some pretty big jumps in process~ (^   v ^);;; but i had to reduce it to eight frames, since that’s the tumblr limit. ALSO! wow! that initial sketch! HAHAHA!!! it sure came a long way for there! LOL! LOL! LOL! for those who didn’t see my comments on the initial post, i originally started this piece back in December! X3 so my work has changed a lot since then! five months is a pretty big time jump when you’re constantly drawing! lol lol lol~!!!!

i both loved and loathed the process of drawing all the crystals for this! <3 i really learned a lot through the trial and error of making them! (-^ ___^-) i didn’t push them very far in terms of the coloring i ended up using on them, but i hope to apply what i learned (and take it further) in an up coming BnHA piece! in the end, i am so happy that people seem to be enjoying this one, because i really felt too strongly about the design to let it waste away in my “to-do” file!

Uhehe ^^’

I was originally gonna do the gothober thing buuuuuut

Day 2 an 3 look more like a shit post and i never got around to finishing past day 4((bc i did day 1 to day 4 on day 13 to try an catch up but i got to lazy to continue)) so i’m just gonna post the shit like this

Day 1-

Draw goth

Day 2-

Draw goth and his family

Day 3-

Fresh goth or just goth being a meme

((Neko please forgive me for your short sons language))

Day 4-

Draw goth upset about something


Gothober by @daily-goth

Goth by @nekophy

Raven by @ask-the-gothfamily


Sorell by the incest queen @ivywolf777


Inspired by Tides of Darkness, where Khadgar actually smiles often, and his friendship with Turalyon is great.

Peregrïn is very pleased about it. She’s happy to see Khadgar smile and laugh and just to witness this friendship.
Despite what’s happening, she’s happy to see this, it’s a light in the darkness.
So I thought it’d be important to sketch it somehow.

She has such a baby face… I should practice to draw her with a more mature face, though I want her to keep that young baby face somehow xD Peregrïn the squishy face.


4/2 Interview with Yuzuru and Shoma after the Worlds gala.

Y = Yuzuru, S = Shoma, I = Interviewers

I1: Congratulations!!

Y and S: Thank you!

I1: Hanyu-senshu. Your free was unbelievable.

Y: Thank you.

I1: After getting 5th in the short, how did you get over it and have a strong mentality for the free (literal translation: how did you switch your feelings)??

Y: I actually did not prepare myself mentally (literal translation: I did not switch my feelings), and it was my fans’ voices and the voices of support from my team that motivated me.

I1: You said you felt as if you were the wind and you were flowing in a river and that you were part of nature, but when exactly was it that you felt this way?

Y: It was during the steps before my first quad loop when I felt as if my consciousness was melting away.

I1: When you say melting away, do you mean like how you felt like the wind during your performance?

Y: Hmm yes, I felt as if I was floating.

I1: Everyone’s been saying your 4S3T is one of your biggest points, how did you feel about it?

Y: I was very nervous, especially because when I missed it in the short program, I didn’t feel any doubt going into it.

I1: You had an injury this season and even though I assume you probably struggled with that, you said that you are your biggest rival. I am just very curious on why your motivation is so high!

Y: There’s still so many things I have to work on, and during every single one of my performances I think, “Oh this time this was bad, that was bad”.

I2: Yuzuru, well done! (Otsukaresamadeshita!)

Y: Thank you so much.

I2: We saw that you hugged Javier, but were you able to tell him anything?

Y: (stumbles a bit calculating years) 2 years ago when I couldn’t win for the second time in a row, and last year when I was very frustrated, Javier was able to make me feel better, and this time I told him the same exact words that he told me during those times.

I1: Was Shoma a good presence for you in this competition?

Y: Yes, of course, he is so good, and he is improving consistently, one step at a time, so competitions are so exciting with him.

I1: Again, Shoma, congratulations. After that devastating result last year, I’m sure you practiced very much this season. Being able to stabilize two new quads this season, I think you practiced a LOT, right?

S: Last season, I practiced way too much which was why I wasn’t mentally prepared for the pressure at competitions, so things did not go my way. So if I was asked if I practiced more this season than last season, I don’t think I did. However, this season, I really think during each practice, and the quality of each practice session has changed, and I believe the result of this competition really showed that.

I1: Wow, you practiced less on purpose! I saw that you watched Yuzuru’s performance and scores before your free. How did you feel stepping onto the ice for your free?

S: I knew for sure that Japan would safely get 3 Olympic spots, so I was determined to just do my own performance.

I1: So you were really conscious of the spots then?

S: Yes, I definitely thought that was the most important thing, and my goal to avenge for last year was only my second priority. So I was able to skate very lightheartedly after seeing Yuzuru skate like that.

I2: When you entered the green room, we saw that you two hugged and you told Yuzuru, “It was because of you, Yuzu-kun!” How did Yuzuru support you?

S: Well I felt a lot of pressure because of the spots, and as I said before, that was my number one priority, and I am very happy that we have 3 spots for next season, and of course, because of the heart-strengthening presence of Yuzuru, I was able to skate like I did.

I1: (to Yuzuru) Was it the first time you felt as if you were the wind/you were flowing in a river?

Y: Yes, that was the first time. 

I1: We saw some exhibition footage, and rumors are going around that you tried jumping the 4A.

Y: Nope, no I did not. I kept trying to revenge the 3A, as I really wanted to land a nice 3A… I’m so sorry, I apologize!

I1: And Shoma, we heard you were trying the 4Lz?

S: Yep, indeed I was. 

I1: Is it because you’re gonna try to do it in the Pyeongchang Olympics?

S: Well, this was the first time I ever tried it and it was merely for fun, so please don’t expect anything from it!

I3: Well done, Yuzu! Man, after the short program I did not know what to expect!

Y: Haha, sorry.

I3: Your axis was a little off wasn’t it?

Y: Yes, it was.

I3: And you made sure and adjusted it to perfect it in the free right?

Y: Yes.

I3: This shows that you really are Hanyu Yuzuru, the ‘Jumping Genius’.

Y: Thank you. Well, in reality I wasn’t really thinking about the axis, I was more conscious of the entrance. Actually, I didn’t feel any doubt going into the jump when I missed it in my short, so I just decided to believe in myself and went for it.

I3: Your free made everyone in the world emotional. It was absolutely amazing.

Y: Thank you very much.

I1: Next season is Olympics, how do you think the competition will be at Pyeongchang?

Y: I believe it will be the exact extension of this competition. After experiencing this competition, I really really felt a ‘pre-Olympic season’ vibe. Because we have so many talented skaters going into the Olympics, with many bringing in new elements, it will come down to how consistent we are as we are right now, and how high the perfection will be even with the new elements. I believe this next period will be very exciting.

I1: Are you planning to include a new quad?

Y: Right now, I am thinking about it. After this competition, I feel very accomplished that I was able to skate perfectly with four quads, and it gave me a lot of confidence, so I will see based on how I practice from now on.

I1: We’ve heard that you were saying that there isn’t even a scoring system for quints.

Y: I don’t think myself personally is going that high yet, but skaters like Boyang, Nathan, and Vincent who won Junior Worlds this season and can do a 4Lz with his hands over his head… These skaters are doing crazy stuff in juniors, so I believe there might be a scoring system for quints after the Olympics.

I1: Shoma, going into this Olympic season, there is a big big wall in front of you named Yuzuru, how are you going into this next season?

S: Well, Yuzuru isn’t a wall for me, he is more of my goal, as I’ve been practicing with Yuzu-kun as my ultimate goal, and I will be, even from now on, practicing with Yuzu-kun as my ultimate goal.

Y: Thank you.

I1: Yuzuru, to conclude, as this has been a very proud, emotional night for all the fans in Japan, please say a message to all of the fans.

Y: All of Team Japan has fought very hard for our spots for the Olympics. The three spots were something we won over. As a team, we would like to continue doing our best heading towards the Olympics.

I1: Thank you so much, Yuzuru and Shoma!

Y and S: Thank you!

I1: I wish I was that mature when I was 22.

I2: Right! It’s crazy!

I like how y’all compliment me for the tutorials and I read tags and replies saying how much it’s helped you guys while also sitting here realizing that I don’t listen to my own art advice ever and also acknowledge the fact that I don’t actively use my own tips while I draw sjdfhksdgf


Team Patrick, or Team Isaac?




unedited and lazy/borin but I couldn’t help myself :x It’s 4am here and I’ll have something proper tomorrow maybe whoops once I have some sleep but here have pics cause I’m really feelin him right now yessss

(PS all cause of the lovely @neversayenevermore and their fantastic photoshoot with the Ralphster Corbin was allowed to crash ;Dc lel)

A Demiromantic Birthday

Hello everybody!

Today is the first birthday of demi-romantics! Exactly one year ago I was sitting in my bus, browsing Tumblr to figure out what exactly demiromantic and demisexual meant.

Like many of you I found a term that resonated with me. A term that explained why all of my past relationships (which were two at that point) were with people that I had seen as very close or even best friends. A term that explained why I always was this heartbroken, empty, and lonely when a relationship ended.

Originally I made this blog so I would have a place where I could reblog demiromantic posts to or to voice my opinion about something demi related. While that still is most of what I’m doing here, demi-romantics has grown to be so much more. I’ve become part of this community. Blogs that I followed back then to learn more about demisexuality and demiromanticism followed me back, gave me shout-outs(!), and I even befriended the person behind one of these first blogs who is now a dear friend to me. 

As of when I’m writing this, I have 626 followers. I never expected to be this big. I am very honored that so many people enjoy what I do so much that they chose to see me on their dash everyday.

Thank you. Thank you for every like, for every reblog, for every nice word, for every ask. Thank you. Please never forget that I am at your service. You can always come to me and ask for advice or ramble to me about anything. I’m always here.

Special thanks go to:
@demi-aro-ace for being such a great friend to me and to @ace-demi-grey-pride and @discovering-demisexuality  for having been a great help in this one year journey.

P.S. If you haven’t checked out @demisexual-kingdom @being-demisexual or @demiromantic-official then you should totally change that. All of them are great demi blogs with very lovely people behind them <3


Samhain/Autumnal Equinox Altars -

Finished my new altars! Finally!

My altar in three parts, Autumn Equinox, then Divination, and my ancestor altar for Samhain. It has a lot of pumpkins on on side and skulls on the other!

Then my shrine clock! It has a small Manannán Mac Lir, and Brighid shrine, as well as a harvest shrine, and a patronus shrine to the Raven. In the bottom middle are some spells (jars, a sachet, and a knot spell) as well as “the book of kitchen wisdom” that I need to work on! There is a semi blank spot with just a skull candle that I think I am going to make my Lugh shrine. And then there is just a cool brass cauldron with people cookie cutters for poppets. It’s just cute.

Also I added some leaves to the hearth altar (the one with the copper harvest angel) and twinkle lights.

And then my have my liminal altars. One is for crystals and one is for the good folk. :)

This took like 2 hours and I am very happy with them! Okay… maybe like 3 hours…

Enjoy! Feel free to ask me any questions!

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I'm very happy that you're still with us. <3

I am happy to still be with you, hehe ^___^ Thank you for caring <3 The support I have received from everybody on here has really carried me through this difficult time. I just can’t thank everybody enough for how kind and caring they have been. It has restored my faith in people. xoxox

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I am compete trash for your nsfw art omg <3

Thank you! I am very happy. The motivation to draw nsfw art with your message has been raised! Post nsfw art in a few days <3 <3