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I bet in the early days of the Justice League, when the original seven were still trying to work as a team, before any of the sidekicks came, before the Justice League became a giant extended family, the other members would occasionally forget that Batman was a father to a tiny, energetic little boy until they were forcibly reminded.

“I’m afraid we’re going to have to move the budget meeting this Saturday. Yes, I’m afraid something more important has come up. Dick is asking to go back to the Natural History museum for the 6th time this month. He likes the wooly mammoths, they remind him of elephants.”

“Yes I understand, Luthor’s plans need to be… Wait, can you hold on a second Clark?… Dick, I swear to God if you jump off that banister you may survive the fall but you will not survive me, do you understand? Yes, I thought so… Sorry, you were saying Superman?”

 "Flash, act natural, pretend we are in a serious discussion and I am asking for your signature for very important League business and not because Dick has been begging for your autograph since he heard about you joining the team. Dammit Allen do not smile like that this is serious.“

"Get your mind out of the gutter Jordan, there’s a thunderstorm in Gotham and Dick’s stuffed animal was frightened of the lightening. Why else would he be in my bed at 4 in morning? More importantly, why are you calling at this hour causing my rightful cranky son to answer the phone?”

“You’re a magnificent warrior Wonder Woman but motherly you are not. You need to hold them properly, like this, to soothe their fears. Dick likes to be held after a nightmare, you just stroke their head, assure them that everything will be fine, perhaps rock them gently… genTLY DIANA.”

“Aquaman, do you have a moment? Dick’s been feeling a bit lonely at the manor, I’d like to get him a pet but with our busy schedules it needs to be something manageable. How the hell did you did ‘Tiger Shark’ out of 'Manageable’? I just want a damn goldfish." 

"I don’t take your meaning Cyborg I am very clearly doing work here. Yes, that monitor in the corner is always running, it’s just security footage from the house. Yes, I check in to make sure Dick is still safe in bed and he hasn’t been kidnapped or started climbing the chimney again. No, I am not being overprotective, just wait until you have children Victor then talk to me.”



[TRANS] NYLON Magzine April Issue with NCT 127 — Ment

“When I was a high school student, I somewhat wanted to become a zookeeper. Since I really like animals, I wanted to take care of the animals in my neighbourhood. But after a bit of research, I gave up. The competition rate is high. Somehow, I became an idol where the competition is even more intense, haha. There are two happiest moments in my life, when I passed the SM Audition and when it was confirmed that I will debut with NCT. When I passed the audition, I was so happy I screamed, and when it was confirmed that I will debut, I bursted into tears. Especially when they confirmed my debut, really… I cried and cried until my eyes were puffy. Do you understand this feeling? It’s like there is a clear, bright flamelight somewhere over there, I know there is a bright world, but I feel like I’m just as in the dark as before. I have lived as a trainee for about three years and a half, every day I had this feeling, the moment it was announced that I am going to debut, it was like crawling out of a lonely tunnel. A world filled with bright and golden light, as if El Dorado unfolded in my life. That was a year ago, but even to this day, I still feel good and bewildered. Sometimes when I go on holidays, it really amazes me how on the streets and in shops I go to, there are people who recognise me. I am still inexperienced and I will work hard. Until I am like ‘Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Hyung… I envy his calm personality as well as his sweet voice and abilities. I also want to have his sense of security (stability). It would be a sense of security to be able to have both experience and skill. “

“I am Johnny from Chicago. Compared to New York, Chicago is quieter and more relaxed. It’s a city where nothing is too hasty but not overly relaxed, this is why I like Chicago. The fact that I come from Chicago is very important, doesn’t the environment shape a person? I want to be someone who will never forgot where they come from, and I try to keep my wish. I’ve been living in Korea for four to five years now. It feels like I have matured a bit after living in Korea for a while. During this time, I have learned to not only think about myself and to respect the grown-ups. It also made me reflect on the importance of ‘myself’. Idols live in the eyes of others and are obligated to live up to their standards. Under such environments, to avoid losing focus, I have to remember who I am. I constantly think about the questions ‘who am I?’ and ‘what kind of person am I?’. I, Johnny, like DJing and playing the piano. I also wish to become a warm (kind) person, and someone who gives other people strength. My ultimate goal is to become a person who, even though is standing still, can still show their great personality. I am still very much flawed, but please believe that I will become that person. “

“It’s NCT’s leader, Taeyong. NCT127 gave me a lot. I got a job called (being an) idol, I came into the company and met a lot of nice adults, most of all, I made a lot of friends. To me, the members are my best friends. Although I am the leader, rather than me leading the members, there are more times when they helped me. When I was young, I could paint and play the piano, I had a good reputation for expressing myself, and I often received praises, but it wasn’t easy for me to get close to people quickly. Do you like films by Studio Ghibli? I really like them, but the main characters in these films, why are they slightly different from others, they live alone and are lonely, but if you get to know, they are all good people. I’m talking about characters like Howl in ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’. I think I’m that kind of character, after we became NCT I have eight friends. I am grateful. Still, the times that I spend alone are also very important to me. Therefore, no matter how busy I am, when schedules finish I go to the training room alone and dance or practice singing and tidy my thoughts. I think that having time alone has the power of helping me grow and endure the pressure of busy schedules and life as an entertainer. It is my goal to continue to express the days I have lived, the days a youth lived, through rap and music, and after gaining a lot of experience and knowledge, I have a dream of becoming an adult. I want to be a real grown-up who can help and guide the way for the juniors.”

“I have this phrase I always say whenever I introduce myself “I’m manly mountain man Yuta”. I really like mountains. In Japanese, the pronunciation of ‘mountain’ and 'top’ is the same. That’s why I’m manly mountain man Yuta. Ah, I really like mountains. Before debut, whenever there was time to spare, I used to go to Bukhansan, Namsan-dong and every mountain in Seoul City alone, whether big or small. Whenever I’m at the mountains, my mind feels like it has been cleaned and I feel at ease. I thought of becoming a singer because of TVXQ sunbaenim. I wanted to become a soccer player when I was young. But after watching TVXQ, everything changed. They were really cool and they felt like gods to me… But after debuting, it’s harder than I thought it would be. Above all,  there’s no free time, I don’t have time to go to my favorite mountains anymore… One day when I was in a lot of stress I asked our EXO sunbaenim “Until when will this be hard?” they answered it will take three years to give up everything and I firstly will need work to my fullest. That advice gave me strength, I thought 'Ah, our Hyungs also went through a lot of hardship’  and this made my heart feel more at ease.
But whenever I’m tired, I’d like to watch sports documentaries. Soccer players in the A-League have to repeat the same strategy for years to improve their own skill. When I look at it, I think of their 'professional spirit’ and I want to become a person like that too. After all, everything is a fight against yourself. Whenever I don’t feel like practicing or just want to laze around. I think it’s important to keep pushing myself. Like this, I want to keep moving forward one step at a time. It’s just like climbing a mountain.”

I have an episode (story) that shows well what kind of person I am. When I was in elementary school I wanted to eat an ice cream so I went and bought it but
a car had rolled over my legs. But, I never let go of my ice cream for even one moment. Even when going to the hospital and arriving in the emergency room, I still held on to my ice cream tightly. In the end, I couldn’t eat my ice cream because it all melted. But this shows that when there’s a thing I really like, I tend to only think about that thing. Right now, I’m struck by our team’s music. The music I can do alone and the music and voices I can do when the 9 of us are together are definitely different. Nowadays, I think a lot about what kind of music our team would fit best. I don’t want to do just common things. Music is a 'proof of existence’ to me. Since I was young, I really liked singing but my parents never really told me 'good job’. To prove my ability, I started to participate in singing competitions. And when I was in high school, I went to the singing contest hosted by the province and got the first prize. That’s when my family started to acknowledge my singing ability. Since then, music has always seemed to give me a feeling of “this is it.” I don’t really have a role model, but I want to be a vocalist who can be recognized after singing just a single line. Like Adam Levine or Lyn sunbaenim. By the way, do you know Lyn’s song 'Love U. . Love U’? You should have a listen. It’s a song accompanied by a piano with delicate vocals

“ When I was young, at home I would frivolously laugh well and would have a talkative personality but strangely at school words wouldn’t come out. I’m also shy and somehow felt like I should stay quiet too… That’s why I spent a lot of time alone and my 4th grade elementary school teacher recommended extracurricular activities. I then realized the joy of standing in front of people for the first time doing variety of activities. I think the joy I felt at that time made me do it today. In fact, it’s still nice and fun to be standing in front others and not being burdened. However, it’s hard when I’m not as strong as I expect. Even if you practice but your skills don’t change, do something else. If you can’t dance, sing, when singing falls into a slump, you can watch a movie… Then a moment to be okay will come. I realized as I went many time through that process that I was interested in dancing, singing, movies and so on. That’s what I’m all about. Eventually, it’s obvious but it’s true that you have to be a good person to be a great artist. Being known is nice and receiving love is nice too but I want to be a better person. Someone who doesn’t deceive, someone who is confident of himself. And after a decade, he continues to endlessly finding out what he likes diligently, I want to be someone who continues to enjoy. A person who doesn’t lose his enthusiasm for what he does, that’s the kind of person I find cool. “ \

“ I’m Winwin from China. I have a deep fear of strangers. I’m also more of the shy type. However, if we’re close then I’m a completely different person. I play around a lot… NCT members all tease me for being a “heodang” (T/N: someone who looks perfect but acts stupid) Ah, furthermore! I am a smart person. When me or any of my friends have problems, I can solve them all! Don’t believe me? It’s for real. When my friends encounter problems they always find me first. Because of school, starting from middle school I had to leave my family in Wenzhou to go to Beijing alone. Compared to other people my age, I think I’ve developed a better ability to control and cope with situations. Therefore I was able to adjust to life in Korea without difficulty. I’ve been in Korea for a year and a half and met a lot of cool people. EXO’s Lay hyung is one of them. Dancing and singing, he is good at them both but besides that Lay hyung has a charisma that’s unexplainable in words. I want to also have my own kind of charm someday. My story, what else? Someday I want to act. I’m confident I can cooly play a the lead character in a film about everyday life. Also, I like R&B… my favorite song? I’ll let you know next time. If I tell you too much about me, the charm will be gone! “

I have a lot of laughter. I laugh about things that don’t make sense and when I was young, I was a kid with a lot of high spirits. Nonetheless, isn’t it more pleasant to be positive rather than depressed? I started <High School Rapper> with a cheerful mind. I did not come with the thought of wanting to compete and win the first place. The thought of wanting to learn was bigger. But when I went out, it was more stimulating than I thought. It’s also a place where I can see the talents of kids of my age around the country, and there are a lot of great friends. Above all, I have already debuted and come from a huge company. I have a lot of people who can help me and guide me. However, these kids who came out there in the competition are alone and they practice alone, I really respect that courage and will. At first, when it started, it was good to have fun, but I have to work hard too, as far as I can. I rap a lot for the team (NCT) but now it seems a bit funny to separate myself from being a rapper or a singer. From now on, without being bound to one restricted area, I want to be an artist who makes good songs and expresses them. Like Michael Jackson’s 'Man in the Mirror’, I want to create a song that is bright and is hopeful for people. The kind of music that can have a good influence on the world. That is my dream.

“I’m NCT 127’s youngest Haechan. I’m in charge of being the 'cutie boy’, haha, these are not my words but the hyungs. The Hyungs really adore me a lot. Instead of giving you a common introduction, I will tell you the songs of my life. The first one is 'Hello’ by Huh Gak sunbaenim. Since I was young, I liked this song a lot. My parents both play music so naturally, I thought I would also definitely play music too. And one day, my mom came and said: “there’s an audition, let’s give it a go”. I went with a light heart and thought of having fun but unexpectantly, I passed the audition in one try. The song I sang at that time was 'Hello’ from Huh Gak sunbaenim. That’s how I got through the auditions and started my trainee life. I didn’t really know at the time but I seemed to hit puberty when I was fifteen. My mood swings were pretty severe. Whenever I cried, I would go to a dark room and listen to 'She’s Out of My Life’ or `You Are Not Alone’. It was Michael Jackson who seemed to have protected me during my puberty. Also, more important than any other song of my life is NCT’s debut song 'Fire Truck’. I was dazed and confused when I recorded the song, but listening to it now I realize it’s a great song. I think 'Fire Truck’ will be my song of life until I die. When I look back, I think about all the other debuted teams when we debuted and watched the sunbaenims who had already debuted. The teams, who made their debut together with us, were also very good and talented. I thought that 'I cannot hold too much hope, if we don’t work hard enough we will be buried (underneath the other teams)’ and worked even harder after our debut. I’m practicing these days to improve singing and dancing. Although I still lack a lot, I will do well. I’ll have more confidence in myself.”

Translation: Teddy, Selin, Rini, Esmee @ FY! NCT (NCTINFO) | Source: NYLON April Issue

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Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready

“If you’re working on something important, you’ll never feel ready. A side effect of doing challenging work is that you’re pulled by excitement and pushed by confusion at the same time.” – James Clear

The Start-Up Guy is well underway. I have been working with several businesses, including a very exciting Johannesburg-based business which is launching in the next two months. I am so honoured that they used and continue to use my services.  

I’ve noticed a common trait amongst all the guys and girls I’ve been working with recently, and I thought it might be useful to share because I think many other people are experiencing the same thing.

Almost all entrepreneurs don’t know what they’re doing and it’s perfectly okay. In fact, I don’t know of a single one who, at the outset, knew exactly what they needed to do and when to do it. Before your mind does that thing where it jumps to conclusions, let me explain.

A start-up is an experiment, a matter of trial and error. No one can be fully certain about the route it will take. At best, one can have a firm idea of the intended outcome, but whether that transpires is all dependent on the market’s response to your idea (and who really knows what that’ll be? Right?).

Sir Richard Branson has one of the most interesting entrepreneurial stories, for me, because he started many of his companies largely by mistake. He dropped out of school to continue a magazine business he had no idea was going to sustain him. As a way to grow his magazine sales, he started distributing music records made by unknown artists to his readers, and so began the journey of Virgin Records. He started Virgin Airlines after he was delayed by his flight facing maintenance issues before take-off. This guy is the epitome of just getting on with it. This guy is also worth $5 Billion today!

As an entrepreneur and business owner you have to embrace the learning process and continuously learn (by doing). Learn your market, learn your business, and continuously adapt your learnings to suit your market as you go. The entrepreneurs who embrace the learning process and respond to unexpected events in real time are often the ones who do very well.

Without babbling on for too long, the moral of the story is that not knowing what to do is not a good enough reason to not start your business. Passion and a basic idea is enough. Even if you are physically incapable of carrying out certain tasks, outsourcing skills is a thing (like helluurrr, this is why people like me are here). It is no mistake that one of the single most important traits that investors look for in entrepreneurs is passion, especially in the very early stages of a start-up. Not “intelligence.” Not qualifications. Passion (synonymous with commitment/dedication in this regard). A founder who is not passionate about what they are doing will give up when they face the inevitable hurdles of starting a business. Passion is the fuel by which a project goes from start-up to a fully-fledged business.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you can go and start the next big business with the technical skills of a toddler. I am merely saying that, within reason, you can start a business without the technical know-how, as long as you have the dedication to follow through with the necessary steps. In doing so, be realistic, tread carefully and always consult a professional when you’re thinking about making an expensive decision.

If whilst reading this article you had a certain project or idea in mind, maybe it’s time to pursue it with everything you have. Why aren’t you? That was not a rhetorical question. Like Richard Branson famously said, “screw it. Just get on and do it.” If you are really struggling with how to conceptualise or begin your business, consult me and we can find a solution together. 

Once again, thank you for reading.

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Please respect creators

One of my followers messaged me today, saying that someone stole my fanart of Mark, Amy and Chica and it was shown on @markiplier‘s Charity livestream yesterday.

I watched the footage of the livestream on twitch and indeed, it was my fanart with a different watermark/signature on it. My watermark was removed. Removing it was easy because I added it in a corner. I did not want to put it right in the middle. I thought that wasn’t necessary.

Seeing this on the stream was hurtful. I saw that someone actively removed my name on my work and added another signature on top of it. I have to admit, this got to me in that moment. I teared up. This was on my mind all day.

This is the original drawing:

Do I really have to add a big watermark all over my drawings to make it harder for people to remove it? I hope not.

Come on. This is not needed. Is it?

What is needed is awareness that taking someones drawings/fanart and editing it. Changing how the creator wanted it to look like or reposting it without proper credit is not okay. It never will be. I still can’t understand why this happens so often. I want it to stop.

I am not making this post to put the blame on someone. I want to ask you all to look out for each other. Let’s calmly explain to the ones that take artworks without persmission of the artist and educate them. Sourcing and giving credit where credit is due, is very important for creators. Please be respectful.

Dear @markiplier,

I know this takes time and you are very busy, but could you please consider to address this issue? I would love for someone to step up for creators and teach others to treat their work with respect and kindness. I don’t want anyone to think that this behaviour is okay. Taking somones work and saying it is yours when it is not, is horrible. We all make mistakes, but everyone can learn.

I for myself will try to calmly explain people who repost others creations without permission, that this is not the right thing to do. I will never get tired of explaining this matter. It is important to me. I value this a lot. Hard work should always be treasured and valued.

Thank you for your time.

I am sorry if this post isn’t in the best english and all over the place, but I had a long day of studying to do (and this situation did not make it easier for me today). Thank you again. Have a great day everyone. Be kind.

Kaddy Heart Star


I could get a hold of the person who reposted my fanart (they told me a friend of them said it was their art and must have removed the watermark) and the repost is now down. We calmly talked and I am certain that we understood each other. And it makes me really happy that we could solve this. :D YAY!


Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader


How about a Whacky Bucky x F!Reader chatroom? Bucky and Y/N have been secretly dating from the team, but when they try setting up Y/N with someone, will Bucky explode or keep it cool? Then when the couple spills the beans Tony and Clint get protectiv            

Bucky has created a chatroom: stevie i know u want to join but don’t. we are already in another chat there is no need for u to join this one too k thank

Bucky has added Y/N.

You: Are you even trying, Barnes?

Bucky: What? He won’t join.

You: He is most definitely going to join.

Bucky: No, he won’t. Trust me, love.

You: Yes, he will. If he wasn’t already suspicious he is now.

Bucky: Don’t worry, I have him distracted with cute puppy pictures in our other chat.

You: I want to be apart of that chat.

Bucky: So, I was thinking, dinner at your place, or mine? Or do you want to go out?

You: Out. I do not want to explain to Nat why you were hiding in my bathroom again, or have to hide every time Steve randomly shows up at your place.

Steve has joined the chat.

Y/N has cleared the chat.

Bucky has cleared the chat.

Steve: Why did you clear the chat? I don’t mind, really. You don’t have to hide. It’s okay. Just tell me the truth.

You: Really, Steve? You mean that?

Steve: Yeah. It does hurt, though. Finding out your friends are making plans BEHIND YOUR BACK BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO JOIN THEM YOU SNAKES

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I believe motivation is highly subjective and that each person has a unique motivational catalyst. So this post isn’t actually written to motivate you (LOL). What this post will do, however, is give you 3 distinct suggestions on how you can generally stay motivated by yourself. These are based on observations made in my brief time working with entrepreneurs. Of course, like with anything, this is not a closed list.

1. Have Passion For What You Do:

You’ve heard this plenty of times, I know, it’s annoying to me too. But we wouldn’t hear it so often if it wasn’t so important.

Steve Jobs, when addressing a crowd at his alma mater, famously said “You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers.

Do what you love, and not in an airy fairy, kumbaya kind of way. If you derive actual pleasure from what you do, you are likely to be more motivated than the average person. It follows that people who do what they love will approach their work with a guaranteed level of enthusiasm. I don’t think this needs a great deal of explanation.

2. Find A Suitable Co-Founder:

Some of the best companies in the world were started by co-founders (e.g. Apple, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, etc.). Often, a start-up is launched and maintained through a combination of expertise, which, for complex projects, is hardly ever held by a single person. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 people to start a project. So the importance of compatible co-founders cannot be stressed enough.

Like with every endeavour, there will be challenges that dampen the passion. The honeymoon period WILL end, and co-founders need to understand their effect on each other because this can serve as the necessary spark to push each other forward. During a slump in motivation, if you don’t feel more motivated after speaking with your co-founder, he or she may not be the right person for you to work with.

Some questions you should ask about your co-founder - When you are not feeling your best will they be able to take control? Do they create a mood which is conducive to productivity? How do you feel after talking to them about a hurdle you are facing? Do they actually have the capacity to perform the tasks that are needed to drive the project forward?

To achieve the best results, be brutally honest with yourself when answering these questions. Based on your answers, you may need to make some changes.

I left the first business I started at University because I could no longer work with my co-founder. The person whom I had originally chosen as my co-founder because of his technical knowledge of the (media) industry became the reason for my loss of enthusiasm. I am not sure what the root cause was, but my co-founder started developing a habit of killing the business relationships I had worked hard to build (and other bad habits, which are best left unmentioned). In turn, our reputation as a serious business began to take a knock. But this wasn’t yet the issue. The real issue was his inability to realise his problem, and then act in accordance with such realisation. 

Needless to say, I was brutally honest with myself - I just did not believe that he had the capacity to perform necessary tasks anymore, so I cut all professional ties with him.

3. Figure Out Your Motivational Currency

I define motivational currency as: a positive response which fuels the desire to be productive.

For example, I run a consulting business. Now, as much as I love what I do, there are mornings which feel completely hopeless (because - life) and my reason for continuing has escaped me. However, my mood suddenly changes when I get up from my bed, check my mail, and find an email from an entrepreneur requesting my services. After viewing this email, I feel a new energy, a sense of purpose, which prompts me to keep going. I am motivated, and the email is my motivational currency. 

If you are an outdoor event organiser whose event receives good reviews on social media and in the local papers, such reviews are your motivational currency because they prompt you to repeat the amount of effort put into your work, in pursuit of the same or an even better response from your market. 

This type of “currency” is different for different businesses, and is usually controlled by external factors. We cannot determine when motivational currency will be forthcoming, but the more work we put in, the more motivational currency we are likely to receive. (i.e. the more good work I do for my existing clients, the more likely I am to wake up to an email requesting my services.)


Staying motivated is, in my opinion, the most important thing for any entrepreneur. You can do anything you set your mind to with the right amount of motivation. Conversely, you can do very little without it. This is why it is crucial for entrepreneurs to find what motivates them, and have ready access to it whenever it’s needed.

So print this. Put it on your wall, and highlight the points which speak to you the most. Every time you feel demotivated, give it a quick read, and remind yourself of the ways in which you can regain your motivation.

As always, thanks for reading. I promise to make it a shorter read next time.

The 15 Emotional Stages of Buying Harry Styles Tickets
Just stop your crying, have the time of your life.

1. Constant state of low-key misery brought on by not getting tickets the first time around. I’m really happy for all five of you that got tickets to the original tour, but I also wouldn’t be mad if you fell seriously ill and had to sell them to me. What’s that? Oh yes, you can definitely eat mayonnaise after it’s been left out in the sun for 36 hours.

2. Elation that Harry has added additional tour dates. This must be what it feels like to win the lottery, or at least trivia night when you’re playing against your nemesis who thinks you’re stupid for remembering how many Twilight movies there are. (Sorry bro, but you’re the idiot for not knowing the answer is five.)

3. Fear that they’re at even smaller venues than the original tour. I swear to god if he tries to do this at some 500-person club, I will take a lighter to my special-edition vinyl copy of Harry Styles and never look back.

4. Return of the elation when you realize it’s a stadium tour. Goddamn it, Harry, this is a real roller coaster! My emotions haven’t gotten this much of a workout since March 25, 2015. (If you have to ask what happened on that date, you will be denied entry at the door of each and every tour stop.)

5. Anxiety that will not abate until the on-sale date arrives. “Well, doctor, my symptoms are I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, and every time I see photos of Harry Styles, it feels like I’m having a heart attack.”

6. Unadulterated rage at Ticketmaster for implementing this insane Verified Fan program. So much for getting an American Express card just so I could participate in the American Express presale. This really feels like a personal attack.

7. Terror that you will not receive a Verified Fan code. What the hell does “randomly selected” mean, Ticketmaster? Is this sweatshirt I’m wearing of all Harry’s tattoos where they are on his body not verification enough for you?

8. Intense preparation the likes of which you have not undertaken since studying for your SATs. Code, copy and pasted. Credit cards, staged. Ticketmaster account, logged into. Boyfriend, enlisted to try for the other dates within public transit distance. All systems go!


10. Denial that there could somehow be only one single ticket left in the entire arena. This thing seats 20,000 people, and you’re telling me there aren’t two seats left together in the entire building?

11. Acceptance that you will just have to buy that one ticket and sit alone. I’m a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a concert buddy. Anyone who thinks it’s weird that a 30-year-old adult is sitting alone at a Harry Styles concert is obviously just jealous that they’re not brave enough to sit alone at a Harry Styles concert.

12. Annoyance at someone having the gall to text you during your Very Important Ticket Buying Session. The nerve. I am Very Busy right now and cannot be bothered, especially if this is you, Verizon, texting to say that I’m almost out of data. I fucking know, OK?

13. HOLY SHIT, IT’S TICKETMASTER SAYING HE’S ADDED ANOTHER DATE. Praise be to the most high Beyoncé (I assume this was her doing).

14. Prayer and reflection. “Dear Lord, I know I haven’t been to church since George W. Bush was in office, but I promise I’ll go back and never take Your name in vain again if You find me four tickets together, so I can sit with the whole crew.”

15. A feeling of deep satisfaction and peace. VICTORY IS MINE! See you in church on Sunday.

Fairly Straightforward

A/N: Thank you so much to @mycroftswife for this ask. I am working on the other asks I have and am planning a new series. Possibly and Phillip Hamilton x reader. We will see. Make sure you send some asks to keep me busy and thanks for all the support I have been getting.


Title: Fairly Straightforward

Rating: Teen

Warnings: fluff, slight angst

Pairings: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Word Count: 1087

I felt arms wrap around my middle and breath fan across my neck and froze up. “I know your very busy. I know your works important.” I heard Anthony sing loudly behind me. I laughed at his childishness and pushed his hands off of my middle.

“Damn right it’s important. If I don’t fix this light you won’t have your precious spotlight.” I snarked back. I went back to work on fixing the wires in the back of one of the main lights. I had been with the Hamilton production from the beginning and worked as maintenance on the set. I had gotten to know a lot of people on the cast, Anthony included, and had become pretty close to all of them.

“You work too much. The cast wanted to know if you would go out for dinner with us tonight.” He practically begged. I had a lot of reasons to go but all of those paled in comparison to the one reason I shouldn’t go. Daveed Diggs would be there. My best friend of 4 months would be there and I had been systematically avoiding him for 2 weeks successfully.

“I have to go out that night. I am sorry.” I lied without a second thought. I looked over to him and saw him glaring at me. I raised my eyebrows in confusion.

“You can’t avoid him forever Y/N.” He stated with a harsh tone. I sputtered in shock and confusion. How did he find out it was Daveed I was avoiding? He rolled his eyes at me. “It’s not that hard to notice that you’re avoiding him. Every time he walks into the room you walk out. Every time you find out he is going somewhere with the group you say you have somewhere else to be.“ He started pacing back and forth on the floor in front of me. “The one thing I can’t figure out is why. Why are you avoiding him? Things were going great before. He is a mess now. He is asking everyone what he did wrong. I just don’t –“

“I like him.” I blurted out accidently cutting him off. Somewhere in the middle of all this his words had gotten to me. Was Daveed really upset?

“You what?!?” My head snapped up and I met Anthony’s wide eyes. “Why have you been avoiding him then?” His gaze softened as my bottom lip trembled so he stepped forward to pull me into a hug and coo gently in my ear.

“I- I shouldn’t like him Anthony he is my best friend. I can’t tell him how I feel but I can’t act like we are just friends.” I said shrugging away from him and wiping me cheeks before I grabbed my tools and went back to working on the light. “I just got to push him away a little bit.”

“No. Y/N you can’t do that. He is walking around like someone kicked his puppy.”

“I have to.”

Nervous. That is the only emotion that could remotely describe how I was feeling about this situation. Daveed had stopped me from leaving the commons room when he enter and had pulled me to sit with him. He looked determined to talk to me and I didn’t want to upset him.

“What did I do?” He asked serenely.

“What are you talking about?” I asked back innocently, looking at my feet and refusing to meet his eyes.

“You have been avoiding me.” He stated.

“No I haven’t”

His composure broke. “Dammit Y/N what are you 5? You have been avoiding me and I have no idea why. What did I do? I can’t fix anything if I don’t know what it is.” He said raising his voice in frustration and anger with each word. My face heated up and I felt sick to my stomach. His face dropped and his eyes stared at me. He looked so upset and I didn’t know what to do.

“I- I don’t know what –“I started not sure exactly what I was going to say before I was interrupted.

“YOU KNOW HE HAS A CRUSH ON YOU RIGHT?” Lin came in from the dressing rooms shouting with a frustrated look on his face and a flustered Anthony running after him.

“GOD DAMMIT LIN SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND LET THEM WORK EVERYTHING OUT THEMSELVES.” Anthony shouted and practically grabbed Lin in a head lock to started pulling him back down the hallway. Lin was trying his best to get out of Anthony’s hold him as they scuffled back down the hallway.

Daveed and I sat there in shock and stared after them before I began laughing. I heard Daveed begin laughing next to me. Before long we were practically using each other as support in order to stay up right as we continued laughing. When we calmed down I finally regained my breath I looked at Daveed. That’s when it clicked. DID LIN JUST SAY DAVEED LIKED ME? My eyes widened looking at him and he seemed to have the same realization as his face turned red and he began looking at the floor.

“I- I won’t deny what Lin said. I u-understand if this it confusing for – well may not I mean I figured you knew because – well you kept avoiding so you must have figured it out. I – don’t – I just- .” He said and became increasingly flustered when I didn’t respond.

I grabbed his chin and brought his face up to mine so I could smash my lips to his. He froze for a second in shock before grabbing my waist and pulling me closer until I was practically on his lap. We broke apart after a minute to stare at each other. “I like you too.” I smiled.

“Wow.” He said in shock before he rested his head on my shoulder and breathed a sigh. “That was more straightforward than I thought it would be.”

“I think you have Lin to thank for that.”

“Yeah your right I am going to thank him and then beat his ass.” He grumbled as he fit his head between my shoulder and neck. “He could not possibly have known you liked me.”

OH. God. There was one way that Lin would have known. I jumped off Daveed’s lap. “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU ANTHONY RAMOS!!” I shouted towards the dressing rooms. I heard a girlish scream from the hallway and a scuffle of a few doors to tell me that Anthony had fled.

Lady of the Rock

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Pairing: Jaime x Reader

Warnings: Mention of attempted rape, brief scene of masturbation (like reeaaaally brief), and Jaime is probably way OOC.  I’m just gonna be up front.  I’ve got a major crush on Jaime…

Summary: Jaime agrees to leave the Kingsguard and wed in order to save Tyrion.  His father agrees to his proposal and he finds himself betrothed to a girl from a lesser house.

Word count: 2600

It had been a spur of the moment decision on Jaime’s part.  He was desperate to see Tyrion’s head remain attached to his body, so when he made a deal with his father –spare Tyrion in exchange for him leaving the Kingsguard and marrying –he found himself almost immediately betrothed.  His father kept his word, proving Tyrion innocent, but he was quick to send him away on some mission North.

So now Jaime had lost his title of “Ser” and was simply “Lord” and would soon be marrying a girl from a lesser house.  In truth, all houses were lesser than House Lannister, but his father saw promise in her, due to her young age.  Y/N was a lovely girl.  Her beauty was certainly different than Cersei’s.  Whereas Cersei had a commanding presence, Y/N was softer and held an interesting amount of naivety for someone in the Capital.

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Updated - July 1, 2017. 

I intend to update frequently.

Here is my schedule. Although I have a schedule, it does not mean it is set in stone. My education is very important to me so if something comes up that keeps me busy, I’ll have to prioritize.  

The request box will never be closed but please know that I will not get to all of them. 

I do only preferences, imagines, and texts for now. 

I do an imagine or preference whenever I am available to do so. I am currently a Senior in High School taking Honors and AP classes. It is very difficult to write when I have to focus on school first. 

I currently do smut but not by request. I have to be in the mood to write it. 

I will write about any of Tom’s previous roles in movies and television shows as well as Tom Holland himself. Also I write about Tom’s best friend, Harrison Osterfield because I also love him. 

Side note, the ones that say personal beside them are ones that do not have a name insert and the ones that say smut beside them are writings that have sexual content in them.  


  • Tom Holland

Frog Man. (Personal.)

The Adventures of Okina and Tom. (Personal.)

Teach Me. (Personal.) 

Happy Birthday. (Personal.)

Heart Shaped Box. (Personal.)


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Vogue. (Smut.) 

Fight For You. 

I’ve Always Loved You. 


Lost My Way.

Four Years.

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Dear Peter.

Last First Kiss.

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Favorite Stark. 

Only Girl.

Three Empty Words.

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Who Cares?

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Donkey and Princess Fiona. (Personal.)

OCARINA OF TIME || starters

❝ Who are you ? How did you get past the guards ?  
The flow of time is always cruel … its speed seems different for each person , but no one can change it .
Heh heh heh … You want a piece of me ? ! Very funny ! I like your attitude !
It seems ____ has turned their eye to you  , too .
 I always knew that one day, this day would come .
My mother composed this song . Isn’t it nice ?
What would you like as your prize ? How’d you like to marry ____ ?
I have things I want to tell only to you .
By the way , what is your name ? ____ ? ! What kind of name is that ?
Do you see the man / woman with evil eyes ?
If only I knew you would become such a handsome man / woman .
My father is worried about me ? I don’t care !
How could you leave me behind ? !
You ! You looked cool … cooler than I thought you would .  
Pathetic little fool ! Do you realize who you’re dealing with ?
But now is not the time to talk about love …
❝  If you’re a man , act like one !
The passion of friendship will soon blossom into a righteous power & through it , you’ll know which way to go ..
I was scared … A little ! Just a little ! !  
Well , even with all that stuff , a wimp is still a wimp , huh ?
 I will never accept you as one of us !
No matter how hard it is , just don’t get discouraged .
Young children shouldn’t be walking the streets at night, go home & get to bed .
Man , I am SO bored . Things would sure be more interesting if there were more … troubles in the world 
I’m late ! I’m late ! For a very important date ! 
They say that there is no medicine that can cure a fool … I guess that’s true .
Now you & I are now true Brothers / Sisters !
Well , this must be what they call destiny .
You know , if I was as good looking as you I’d start another type of business .
The rising sun will eventually set , a newborn’s life will fade .
I beat all my challengers , man and beast .
You look like you might have a true killer instinct . 
What fun ! I’m so happy !
Don’t be alarmed … Look at yourself … 
I’ll come back to haunt you !
There’s no way they’re going to hold me back again ! This time , we fight together ! 
Time passes , people move . Like a river’s flow , it never ends .
 What the — Can’t a person get a little shut-eye around here ?! 
I’ll grant you the honour of carrying me .

help a disabled, gay/trans jew survive

hi, i’m isak. i’m 26.

i was recently homeless and my housing situation rn isn’t the most secure. i only have the equivalent of a high school degree and i can’t work the kind of jobs i’m qualified for due to schizoaffective disorder, CFS and a damaged left ulnar nerve. i’m also a trans man and visibly gay, making employment even more dicey.

i have no support from my (physically and emotionally abusive) family, who refuse to acknowledge my transition, oppose my conversion to judaism and have been trying to make me return home so they can control my life again. they also have a history of denying me medical treatment, including psychiatric treatment. reaching out to them for help is out of the question.

i need money for food, rent, transportation (especially to and from shul, which is one of the few contacts i have outside of my home) and the occasional nice things for myself. i used to depend on my ex for most of this, but lately he’s been refusing to send me any more money, leaving me with very few options.

(also—my roommate—a business student with a job—has started stealing from me. fancy imported beer i’d bought to treat myself and my boyfriend when he visits next went missing from the fridge and i really can’t afford to write that kind of thing off; the emotional cost is also p. bad. i was looking forward to that.)

as a note—i’ve applied for ESA, so i’m working on getting benefits. there are some hurdles to overcome before they’ll pay me, so i’m relying on donations for the time being.

i am also currently saving up to have my gender legally changed in the UK, which will cost £140. i can get help with this fee, but that has the same hurdles as getting ESA—i am having a lot of difficulty opening a british bank account.

my paypal is simonemmetts@gmail.com

thank you for reading this far. if you can donate, even as little as £1 will make a difference to me. if you can’t donate, please, please reblog. thank you.

anonymous asked:

Funny how reynos go running to comfort some white bitch whos celebrated Finn's getting hurt. You don't call out racism in your fandom but you'll run to comfort them when they get called out. I just think it's funny :))

Let’s go through your message, anon.  

First, yes I did comfort a fellow Reylo recently.  I’m assuming you are talking about @coupdefoudrey , who received some pretty vile Anti-Semitic messages recently.  What you and your friends did isn’t calling out, it’s harassment.

Second, I comforted her because I value her feelings because unlike Finn, she’s a real person.  This is something you and your little group of victim playing sociopaths forget when you go to avenge imaginary slights against imaginary characters. 

Third, I have yet to see an incident of racism not addressed in this fandom.  In fact, for the longest time, many people would rush to attack a person when what they did was not intentional and was the cause of being from a different culture.  I am honestly proud of Reylos for taking a step back from the callout culture and attempting to educate rather than eviscerate. 

I’m not sugar coating this next part; every single one of you and your anti friends are sociopaths.  You take pleasure in harming real people under the delirious reasoning of helping.  If you wanted to help people, you would spend your time doing productive things.  You could volunteer to work with disadvantaged children, walk shelter dogs, raise money to donate to real victims of abuse if you truly wanted to help.  Hell, you could make content for your own ship and be far more productive than you are now.   Instead, you and your sociopathic friends spend their free time circle jerking to something that supposedly triggers them.  Each one of you competing to cum the hardest while shouting all the ways an imaginary ship has victimized you personally.  You and your friends are so completely pathetic and your lives are absolutely disgraceful.  

Your parents should be ashamed of the monsters they have raised, ones that believe it is okay to threaten real people over imaginary characters.  What you are doing isn’t because of immaturity from youth or from mental illness.  All of you are just horrible assholes who lack empathy because you were raised to believe that everything you think and feel is incredibly important.  You truly believe that the importance you personally place on a fictional character is more important than someone else’s mental health and therefore have the right to send them threats and Anti-Semitic messages.  You derive pleasure from harming real people and I worry for the safety of the people around you.

Since we are talking about things we find funny, I think it’s hilarious that you would reach out to me over this matter and expect me to address it in any other way than what I just did.  Now if you will excuse me, I have to finish editing stories for a Reylo project that is coming out soon and am very busy.  Since you obviously have nothing productive to do, I would offer for you to come help me, but from your original message, we both know your editing abilities are not up for such a task.  


Hey guys! I apologize for the delay to say this, but I’ve got to officially announce this Hiatus.

My life has been very busy lately, and I won’t be able to update for about a month or so, worst-case scenario. I’ll be aiming to be back some time mid March, but that might be a stretch. 

This is a commitment I am determined to keep, but I have commitments in real life that are very important to me and are asking for more time than I expected. In order to take care of myself, I’ll have to drop this for a little while.

Thank you for your consideration.


“Such a shame that you’re working on Good Friday. You should have the day off.”

“Oh, it’s okay. I don’t celebrate.”

“Well, you SHOULD. It’s a very important holiday!” I say nothing, but she keeps talking. “I mean, if the kids get school off, then you should get work off.”

… no, ma’am. You don’t understand. I am a heathen child. I have more gods than you have digits in your bank account. My meager living space is littered with the remains of offerings to land spirits and a the occasional stray ancestor. My holidays are dictated by the whims of the spirits and whatever weird thing I find on the calendar. Good Friday is just the start of yet another ridiculously busy weekend for me.

But there is no nice way of saying ‘the resurrection of the central figure to another person’s religion means almost nothing to me’ without offending someone belonging to said religion. 

“Really. It’s okay. I’m good. It’s really not something that I celebrate.”


The pin pad beeps, signifying the end of the transaction. She gives me a long stare. 

“You need to get right with God.”

She leaves. 

Look, lady. If it weren’t for us sinners, there wouldn’t be anyone here to sell you glue on Good Friday, now would there? 

Pitiful at Potions||Sirius Black (Part I)

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1448

Warnings: Swearing, slight sexual references

Note: This was requested by @bibliophile221b​. Normally, I’d include the full request, but since this is a series, I don’t want to spoil anything. Enjoy!

“Mr. Black,” Professor Slughorn’s patient, yet exasperated voice rang through the classroom, “I’m afraid that I am going to have to separate you away from Mr. Potter and the others.”

           “Well, sir,” Sirius Black responded, you weren’t looking, but you could practically see the taunting smirk on his face, “we were actually just discussing some very important potions business, weren’t we Peter?”

           “Oh, yes,” the Pettigrew boy jumped in, “Sirius here was asking us how he might go about brewing his own firewhiskey. Do you think you could help us, sir?”

           “That’s quite enough of that,” Slughorn interjected, “Mr. Black, take your books, please.” Sirius picked up his books passive aggressively, and rolled his eyes to his friends. “Please stand a minute while I figure out where to place you.”

           You gave a look irritation to your potions partner and close friend, Emily, another 5th year Hufflepuff.

           “Ah, yes, Miss Pritchard, would you please exchange seats with Mr. Black?” Slughorn motioned to Emily, as a look of utter disbelief and vexation overtook you. You were positively livid, not only was potions one of the hardest subjects for you, but you had to spend the rest of the year next to Sirius Black. You would have rather thrown yourself off of the Astronomy Tower. Sirius took his seat next to you, and you mistakenly made eye contact with him, giving him a look of utter displeasure.

           “Oh, c’mon, (Y/L/N),” he winked at you and you felt your blood boil, “I don’t bite.”

           “Whatever, Black,” you responded, “it would be ideal if we engaged in as little conversation as possible.” You turned away from him, and focused your eyes straight ahead, trying to ignore Sirius staring at you.

           “Whatever you say, princess.”

           “Now, class,” Slughorn began, “I’d like you all to open your books to page 270 and begin drafting a Drought of Peace. The pair of students who are able to perfectly create this potion will be exempt from next week’s exam. Remember to work together, and cooperate with your partners.”

           “Well, this is fitting, isn’t it,” you muttered to yourself, already aggrieved by having to even sit near Sirius Black, and now having to work with him on a potion.

           “Sorry,” Sirius tapped your shoulder, “what was that? I think I missed part of what you just said.”

           “Nothing.” You folded your arms, “I’ll make the potion, you can just sit tight and go to sleep, or something.”

           “Gladly.” Sirius put his head down next to his open ­­book.

           You opened your textbook to the instructed page and began to work, adding the powdered moonstone and the other ingredients, attempting to follow the instructions in the book perfectly. You were about to stir the cauldron once more when your potions partner cleared his throat, “you’re forgetting something,” he stated.

           “What? No, I’m not,” you retorted defensively.

           “Read over step 6.”

           “I did, I read over everything, now if you would let me concentrate, please? This potion requires accurate timing.” You went back to the cauldron.

           “Fine,” he put his head back down, “don’t add the Syrup of Hellebore.”

           “The, what…?” You scanned the page once more, and realized that he was right, you had nearly forgotten to add one of the most crucial ingredients. You added the Syrup, and tried to pretend as though it hadn’t happened.

           “You’re welcome,” Sirius said passively.

           “Thanks,” you muttered, resenting him for being correct.

           When you had finished every last step, you closed the book and set your cauldron aside, ready for Professor Slughorn to assess it.

           “Very good,” the teacher remarked as he looked inside your cauldron, “I’m impressed with your performance Miss (Y/L/N) and Mr. Black, I think perhaps pairing you two together was a very good idea. I haven’t seen a potion this exemplary from you, Miss (Y/L/N), keep it up.”

           You felt proud, but also a bit embarrassed that Slughorn had announced your ineptness at potions in front of Sirius.

           “If we’re exempt from this exam, I swear I’ll never attempt to interact with you again, (Y/N).” Sirius smiled at you, and ran his hand through his hair.

           “Well, for my sake, I hope that happens.” You wished for nothing more than to be able to miss a potions exam and never have to communicate with Black again.

           “Merlin’s beard,” you could hear Slughorn’s voice across the room, singing highest praise, “Miss Evans and Miss McKinnon, this potion is exceptional! Class, I think we have our winner today. Congratulations, ladies.”

           You buried your head in your hands and groaned. When class was dismissed shortly after, you hurried out of the potions room to express your discontent with Emily. A hand grabbed onto your upper arm, and forced you to come to a stop. You whipped around to find Sirius grinning at you, “what do you want?” You spat.

           “Oh, c’mon, (Y/N), a little courtesy would be nice, considering I just saved your ass.”

           “I’m sorry, Black, but all you did was point out one little mistake, I hardly doubt that merits any sort of goodwill from me to you. Good day.” You shook him off and walked away.

           “See you tomorrow, then!” Sirius shouted at you as you made your way down the hallway.

“Oh, come on, (Y/N),” Emily whined over breakfast in the Great Hall, “it’s only been a week with Black as your partner and you’re already doing so well at potions. Meanwhile, I’m stuck with Potter, who thinks that drawing penises during class is a good way to pass the time.”

           You snorted at the last bit, “There is nothing that Sirius Black could do that would make me harbor any inkling of compassion towards him.”

           “What’s he even done that’s so bad, (Y/N)?”

           “My god, Emily, are you kidding me? He bullies anyone and everyone that he can lay his hands on. You should see the kind of shit he pulls with Severus Snape.” You were astounded that your closest friend would even ask that question.

           “Okay, (Y/N), I understand,” Emily waved her hand, shutting down the conversation, “but you must admit, Severus Snape is a bit of a shithead.”

           A dark-haired boy slid in next to you, and you clenched your fist, hoping that Emily would get him away from you. “’Shithead,’ ey? You wouldn’t happen to be talking about me, now would you?”

           “I’m sorry, Sirius,” Emily began, taking visual cues from you and giving him a sorrowful look, “but we’re going to have to ask you to leave, we’re having a private conversation.”

           Sirius put his hands up in defense, “I completely understand, I wouldn’t want to intrude on your…discussion in any way,” he glanced at you, “I just came over to invite (Y/N) to come study with me and my friends this evening for the potions exam. You can come too, Pritchard, our buddy, Lupin, is excellent at potions.”

           “No thanks,” you answered before Emily had a chance to respond, “we’re busy.”

           Emily gave you a look of annoyance, “we are not busy, and we’d be happy to come study with you, Black.”

           His eyes lit up, and he slapped his hand playfully on the table, he turned to his group of friends, who were sitting at the Gryffindor table whispering amongst each other, and gave them a thumbs up, all three of them gave him thumbs up back, and James Potter whistled loudly. It all infuriated you, you were stunned that Emily would betray you as she had. You sat there in vengeful silence until Sirius was once again at his own table.

           “Emily, how could you?!”

           “(Y/N), I know how you feel about him, and the rest of his friends, but I, for one, really need the help in potions.”

           “Yeah, and James Potter is the cause of that. Did you not think that the person who’s going to be tutoring you is the reason why you’re failing in the first place?”

           “(Y/N),” Emily extended her hand across the table in an effort of peace-making, “I am sorry for putting you in this situation, but Lupin is really good at potions, and I need to pass this exam, so I am going tonight. Do you really want me, your best friend, going to the Gryffindor common room to spend time with four boys all alone?”

           “No, I guess not,” you gave in, “but this doesn’t mean that I forgive you, not in the least.”

           “I’ll take it, (Y/N)!” Emily gave you a toothy grin, “I’ll make it up to you at some point, okay? I’ll buy you a chocolate frog next time we go to Hogsmeade.”

           “Make it two,” you tried to stifle a smile, even though you questioned her decision, you were truly happy to have a friend like Emily.

           “Two chocolate frogs, then, my dear.”

letsgetempirical  asked:

Prompt: #16 with Shiro comforting pidge after a mission that scared/upset her. Gen

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

It was the sounds that caught Shiro’s attention.

Peering down the other hall, Shiro frowned.  At this time of night, there shouldn’t have been anything that cause strange noises like that.  From the rec room, Shiro could see just a sliver of light on the bottom, flashing and changing colors rapidly.

Something on TV, then.  Shiro sighed and made his way down that way.  Hopefully, Lance and Hunk hadn’t gotten distracted during one of their movie marathons again.  Neither of them had kept track of the time, and so when Shiro walked in on them at 4 AM, they’d been stunned. And the next morning, they’d both been utter wrecks.

As he moved closer, Shiro realized the odd noises were old school video game sound effects.  When he tapped on the console, the door swung open quietly, and Shiro could see the tops of a couple curls poking over the top.

Pidge, then.

Leaning over the back of the couch, Shiro tapped on the top of her head.  He hadn’t thought he was being particularly stealthy, but the noise of the game must have covered his footsteps, because Pidge jolted and tried to throw the controller in sheer reflex.  It was yanked to a stop from the cord to the console, and instead it fell right back down into the couch.

“Good reaction time, but I’d prefer to see it in the morning,” Shiro joked, lips curled up.

Then he finally met Pidge’s eyes, and saw how red rimmed they were.

Oh, no.

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