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You Didn’t Tell Them

A/N: So I wrote this on Monday and it has taken me this long to post it because I didn’t know whether I liked it or not. I am still kinda on the fence about it? I have an idea for a part two, but I don’t think I will write it if no one likes this one.

Y/N unlocked the door to her apartment and stepped in. It had been a pretty okay day overall, not very stressful or overly boring, but not exciting either. She put down her stuff and headed into the kitchen. “Jason?” She called out as she walked in. She stopped when she noticed him sitting at their table drinking tea with an older man. “Oh, I didn’t know we had company.”

The older man set his cup on the table and looked quizzically at Jason. “It is fine. I was actually just leaving.”

“Oh, I don’t mean to interrupt.” She said hurriedly. “I’m Y/N.” She reached out a hand to shake his.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss Y/N. I am Alfred Pennyworth.” He said as he took he hand and gently shook it.

“You’re Alfred? Jason has told me so much about you. It is great to finally meet you.” Y/N said.

“I would love to say the same for you, but I am afraid Master Jason has never mentioned you.” Alfred said quietly. He patted Y/N’s hand and picked up his coat. “It has been a pleasure.” He quietly closed the door behind him.

Y/N turned to Jason, who had suddenly become very busy with cleaning up the plates and cups he and Alfred had used. “You haven’t told them about me?” Y/N asked quietly.

“I was waiting for the right time.” Jason said as he put the dishes in the sink.

“Jason, we have been dating for three years, two of those we have been living together.” Y/N pointed out.

“I know, it just never seemed to be the perfect moment.” Jason avoided her gaze as he loaded the dishwasher.

“Could you just stop for a moment and talk to me?” Y/N said. She waited until he turned to her to continue. “Why haven’t you told your family about me?”

“I was afraid they would intimidate you and you would leave me.” Jason answered quietly.

“You know,” Y/N said, stepping close to him so that she could look him in the eyes. “That would make a lot more sense if you hadn’t already told me you were the Red Hood. If I didn’t run then, what makes you think I would run once I met your adopted dad and siblings?” Jason refused to meet her eyes as she continued to question him.

Y/N sighed and sat at the table. “The only reason I can think of for why you didn’t tell them is that I am not important enough to you to tell them.”

Jason’s head shot up. “Y/N, it isn’t like that, I swear. I-”

“Look. Three weeks after we started dating, I told all my friends about you.” Y/N said as she rubbed her eyes tiredly. “When we moved in together, I told my mother and I sat on the phone with my conservative grandmother as she tried to talk me out of it and told me I was on the pathway to Hell. Do you know why I told them and why I put up with that? It was because you were important enough to me for me to want my family to know I was with you. I wanted them to know I love you and I’m happy with you. And, up until today, I thought you felt the same way.”

“I do feel the same way, I just-” Jason tried to interject.

“I don’t want to hear you speak right now. I honestly don’t even want to be in the same room with you.” Y/N said as the first tear made its way down her face. Jason froze. He wanted so desperately to touch her, to comfort her, but he knew she didn’t want him right now. He slowly got up and walked out the door. He walked up the stairs to the roof and pulled out his phone. He sighed and dialed the person whom he hoped would help him fix this mess.

“Bruce, I fucked up.” Jason said as soon as his father answered the phone.

He heard Bruce excuse himself before closing a door. “Do you want to elaborate on that?”

“I’ve been dating this girl for a while. Well, more than a while. I’ve been dating her for three years.” Jason admitted.

“I assume you have a good reason for not telling us about her.” Bruce said in a light tone.

Jason winced before continuing. “That is actually where the problem comes in. Alfred came over for tea today and Y/N came home before he left. She found out that I haven’t told any of you about her and is pretty upset over it.”

“I’ll bet. You have been dating her for three years and apparently live with her, but you haven’t told your family about her? I’m upset for her.” Bruce said.

“This isn’t funny.” Jason said angrily. “She said that it made her feel like she wasn’t important to me. Which is the furthest thing from the truth. I was gonna propose, Bruce. I have a ring and everything.”

Bruce was silent for several moments. “How do you plan on fixing this?”

Jason raked a hand through his hair. “That’s why I called you.”

Bruce sighed. “I think I have a plan.”

12x12 Episode Review - Still Screeching...this time about the colour “Peach”.

I gave my 12x10 episode review the title “Pterodactyl Screeching into the Void” because I was so happy about it I couldn’t help but scream with glee at practically every moment. I also said this: “I feel like there is so much to talk about in this episode that fandom will be chewing on it for months if not years to come.” I still believe this, I just didn’t expect that two episodes later I would be reliving this exact same thoughts and feelings. I considered 12x10 to be a one off, a glorious gift to fandom wrapped in a big destielicious bow. Clearly, we celebrate our fandom birthday only two weeks before fandom Christmas because we just got ANOTHER gift wrapped in an even BIGGER destielicious bow and I can hardly contain my glee. (baring in mind fandom Christmas falls on the tenth anniversary of tumblr and close to valentines day I can’t help but feel this was planned - PRESENTS ALL AROUND)

But anyway. Lets talk meta. Once again I am very late to the party as I doubt I will be posting this any earlier than Saturday evening when you have probably all been talking this to death for the past two days. But eh, I’m gonna do my thing and hope you all agree, or aren’t bored by now if everything I talk about is stuff already gone over by my fellow very talented meta writers.

Starting with the obvious, Director Dick Speight Jr and Writer Davy Perez made this episode an homage to Tarantino movies. Specifically Reservoir Dogs which has so many ties to this episode both visually and subtextually that it is kind of difficult to keep track of my thoughts on it. I have to confess, I hadn’t ever watched Reservoir Dogs all the way through prior to watching the episode because it never really interested me. However, after watching the episode for the first time Friday lunch time I decided that it was in my best interests as a meta writer to give it a go. I watched it and tried to take in everything Tarantino was saying and doing with this movie… 

Being a meta writing, destiel shipper with heteronormative goggles permanently removed since watching this show guess what the first thing I picked up on was? That’s right Mr White and Mr Orange… what WAS going on there anyway? Because these guys didn’t know each other very long but they became VERY close by the time of the heist. Poor Freddie and Larry. Such doomed tragic lovers… do we have a ship name for them yet? Frarry? Leddie? Or maybe just “peach” (hence my title)

I believe that when Perez was writing this episode he had a SPN character in mind for each character in RD (mostly anyway). Cas is obviously Mr Orange (the bleeding out from the stomach thing gives it away as does Davy’s tweet here. Here is who I think the rest of the characters are supposed to be:

Dean – Mr White (duh)

Mary – Mr Pink

Wally – Mr Brown

Sam – Nice Guy Eddie maybe? I struggled here

Crowley – I wanna say Joe. (though I also kinda think Ketch would be Joe here… its not too obvious)

Remiel – Mr Blonde (“yellow” hair)

Explanations and various meta under the cut. This gets long:

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I strongly believe in making the best use of all the functionality available.

If you find something or someone on this website is ruining your favorite thing - blacklist or block them, I say. Unless you have the desire and time to civilly talk it out instead. Your call.

Me, I don’t have time to do parenting someone else neglected to do.

If I am your annoying stranger or something I post is unpleasant/boring to you - feel free to blacklist that or block me, I usually tag everything I post. It’s only fair. Blacklisting and blocking is a very convenient filter, make the best of it.

As for anon blocking, it’s a very useful little thing. I hardly ever had to use it, but I feel some people don’t even know it’s there. Here it is:

Jeon has no chill

So I was re-watching BTS’s old M!Countdown backstage clips. I came across an interesting one from the Dope era. I don’t think these moments were talked about much. So here goes nothing. My analysis(?)

 Here we have Jimin being his sunshiny, perky self throughout the whole clip and bunny being extra as usual.

  This was actually a Q &A session (Rapmon was not present). They were to pick one post-it note from each row.

Baby bun butts in and picks a note from the fourth row. I guess he got impatient.

He got a smack on the neck courtesy of yoongi for that action.

After that they continue the session. Here bun looks pretty serious.

But here as soon as he hears Jimin’s tinkling laughter his expression softens and a small smile appears.

Let’s move on from there.
Now it’s time for the MPD to pick a note as they unofficially declared him as the eighth member of bts.

Here we have Jimin guiding his hand to a note. Hmm.. I wonder what it says…

Bun does not look amused for some reason.

He literally snatches the note from Jimin’s hand and what does he do next?

I died laughing the first time I saw this. The second time was no better either.

Only V has noticed that he ate that paper. The rest are still wondering what their hair colours represent. JH : TRAFFIC LIGHT?
Then we have Yoongi (bless him) bringing back the adorable RED card YELLOW card thingy.

Finally, Tae points out that Kookie the bunny ate the paper.

And oh man does he not look smug..

Moving on…

Yoongi picks out a post-it note which says ‘the member who is the main character of the ‘Dope’ concept is’

Does that mouth action look familiar to you?
Also note Suga’s hand on Mochi’s shoulder.

Everyone agrees that Jimin is the main character. JK too, although a bit more emphatically-

Cue impromptu massage session -

He wasn’t just holding his shoulder, his fingers were literally digging into it and massaging that part (which was totally unnecessary btw).

Jin sticks the note on Jimin’s chest with a slap which has JK cutting himself off in the middle of explaining why Jimin was the main character of Dope. He turns Jimin halfway towards him with his other hand to slap the note on his chest. I think he might’ve turned Jimin fully towards him if not for the restraining hands of Hobi and Jin.

Hobi’s expressions are hilarious lmao.

Anyway, JK kept slapping his chest every time another person slapped it as if asserting his dominance. Mind you his arm is still around Jimin. We get it, you are possessive.

In the above pic Jeon is looking down (I can only guess where). Around this time he smacks his lips, licks it, looks down, gulps (all this in a few seconds).
My guess is he was thirsty (and I meant that in the most innocent way possible) for water (Hehe).

Ok I am almost done now..

Here JK has to make a poem with ‘ARMY’.

He says the second part informally and everyone(Jimin) bursts out laughing.

Look at the fondness in his eyes (otherwise known as heart eyes) while he is watching Jimin laughing at the joke he made.
He really enjoys making him laugh. I have no words.

And last we have Satellite Jeon in his favourite spot as happy as can ever be.

If you have made it to the end of this frankly very boring post I applaud you and thank you for the effort you made. 
I will stop now.

“Safety is boredom and I never want to be bored. We have to keep moving forward without looking back – in everything we do.”

“I’m never happy with my performance apart from in that moment. I will scrutinise when I’m off-stage and when I fall back into ‘me’, but on stage I’m very extroverted and it’s like I am a different person.”

“Post-performance is ‘me time’ and I like to take stock rather than be surrounded by people, but I know why people want to shake your hand and have photos.”

- Ben Whishaw, London Calling interview 12th Sep 2017

Hey gang!

  • Are you bored waiting between Mystic Messenger updates?
  • Perhaps you are feeling lonely in the fandom?
  • Or are you looking for some fucking lit discourse and dank memes?

Have no fear! Let’s play some Mystic Messenger Bingo! You can claim a spot based on every post/tweet/mention/comment you stumble upon in the fandom from the spaces above! Or not, this is a very awful shitpost LOL

Winner gets bragging rights to being the dankest fan of them all. (And maybe a gold star.)

Unpopular Opinion: I think Harry Styles could be a good actor

With all this talk about Solo Harry, I decided to explore my personal favorite topic: ACTOR Harry.  I’ve been threatening to make this post for a while and now i”m finally bored enough to do it.  Buckle up, kids.  I’m pretty (read: VERY) long winded. I have a lot of thoughts. Quick background info on me and why this topic interests me- I am an actor/producer living and working in a major US market- originally trained in musical theatre, still dabble occasionally in that, but mostly work in straight theatre and indie film.    

Listen, i know what you’re thinking, but hear me out.  He really would be great! There are just three caveats:

1) He’d have to actually WANT to do it. I know this might sound silly, but how often do you see famous people take a cameo just because their manager said it would be good for their career and/or image? Acting isn’t easy.  It’s a craft just like music or any other art form.  And if your heart isn’t in it, what’s the point?  

2) He would have to have the right director. Theatre would be the best bet when it comes to a first time big acting project.  There’s a lot more time to rehearse and build the character and grow. The director could take his time to guide him.  Film happens a lot more quickly and a lot of times the director focuses more on the over all picture rather than individual performances.  When I first started acting on-camera, I was so lost.  “What do you mean we just run through it once for blocking (aka knowing exactly where to walk/stand/move) and then it’s go time?”  A lot of the times you have to do your work on your own, sometimes literally.  For example, if there’s a close up on an actor talking to someone else in the scene, there’s a very strong possibility the other actor they’re talking to isn’t even in the room.  Someone else could very well be reading their lines and the actor being filmed has to go with it and pretend they’re having a conversation with someone.  This can be really tough for those that don’t have a lot of experience.  TV moves even more quickly than film and there are less takes per scene meaning less chances to get your performance right so again, for someone new, this can be very intimidating.  That being said, there are plenty of directors out there known for being “Actor’s Directors” meaning they take the time to help the actor along.  If Harry is to start with film (which I very much think he should do over TV), he’d just have to find the right fit. 

3) It would have to be the right role.  Firstly, Harry would be terrible at straight up comedy.  Comedy is not easy.  There was a great post going around not too long ago about how Harry isn’t funny- goofy and witty, yes, but not exactly funny, mostly due to his lack of timing.  And in comedy, timing is everything.  He would end up trying way too hard and it would come off as over the top.  I mean, we’ve all seen iCarly, right?  Although, to be fair, he’s not really THAT much worse than the other actors on that show.  It’s MEANT to be over the top. Even still, a comedic role is not going to be his best fit.  This is why when people started getting excited over the rumors of him being on Scream Queens, I was dead set against it.  Look at Abigail Breslin- she is a fantastic actress, yet on that show does not shine at all.  He could probably pull off the lead in a romantic comedy, but as long as he was more of the straight man (heh no pun intended) to the comedic romantic interest.  I think he’d be great at playing the bad-boy-with-the-heart-of-gold: Logan Echolls (moody one minute, goofy and over the top the next) or Jordan Catalano (bonus points for music playing, the fact that I totally want to see him follow in Jared Leto’s footsteps plus EXTRA bonus points for the Azoff connection).  Judging by his songwriting alone, I think he’d need a role with depth for it to actually interest him and make him want to do it justice.  As for theatre, in about 15 years I want so bad to see him play Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  I think he’d be brilliant. Again- with the first two caveats in place.  

Reasons I think Harry would be a good actor: 

1) Now I know we’ve all heard the “he’s a terrible actor because he can’t lie” or how fakity fake fake he looks with all his winter girlfriends.  But here’s the thing- acting isn’t about lying.  There are obviously vary many acting schools and techniques out there, but my personal go to is Meisner technique whose goal is to get actors to "live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.“ That’s right, Truthfully. Most of the best actors are terrible liars in real life and vice versa.  I mean, come on, has anyone seen Taylor Swift in Valentine’s Day?  If you have, I’m very very sorry.  

2) Harry is very perceptive.  You’ve seen him with fans that are crying.  He knows just what to do to calm them down.  He knows how to pick up on social cues and react accordingly.  This is important for an actor as your job is to react to what the other person is putting out there, not just spitting out your own lines.  

3) He wears his heart on his sleeve.  Harry feels things deeply.  He’s sensitive. While he’s learned to minimize all that now, we’ve seen him cry in interviews, we’ve seen him bark out unexpected laughs, we’ve seen him pouty. Not being afraid to show emotion is obviously a good trait for an actor to have.

4) Speaking of not being afraid, he’s not afraid to make a fool of himself. As an actor, you’ll be asked to do some of the most ridiculous things you can imagine just to get something that looks right.  You’ve seen that boy on stage.  He’s definitely not afraid to look foolish.  

5) He’s charismatic AF.  He knows how to draw people in.  He knows how to connect with people whether it’s an audience or whomever his scene partner would be.  As an actor, you need to trust your scene partner and the first step in this is building a strong connection with that person.  

I’m sure there are plenty more reasons, but this is already ridiculous long.  If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you.  If you have any to add, bring it!  I’ll happily put them on the list! 

For the record, this is not me saying he SHOULD or WILL be an actor. This is is simply me saying that I will be the first in line at the box office to buy a ticket to any well-directed piece with an appropriate role that Harry wants to play.  

Also @ Harry, if this happens, you should totally talk the casting director into putting me in the film too so we can become BFF.  The end.  

(I believe @bunboyfriend & @fakeaheartattack asked me to tag them when I finally wrote this but i can’t remember who else…) 

So this little blog has hit 1000 followers! 1000! One thousand! ONE THOUSAND O N E T H O U S A N D 

For those of you who have been around for a while, you will fully know that when I started writing this it was intended to be short and snappy and to the point  but in true C style, ended up being an essay. But that’s why you love me right? Okay here, we goes damn go… 

Originally posted by nctaezen

(it even has fancy headers and whatnot - can you tell I am a boring and lame person with really no life and, to 1000 of you, this is also very much a time where you can opt out of this life… I won’t blame you) 

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why do we climb to fall so far?
rating: explicit
pairing: ziall, side larry
wordcount: 19k
summary: “no one here :(
ni come on can we have some fun
ill make u cum i promise”

one night on tour niall receives a text from zayn. he’s bored. and what starts after that is nothing he could ever expected.
author’s notes: i haven’t written a fic in so long that got this.. long. and this was going to be funny but it turned out very angsty. anyway!! please read, give feedback all that. maajor thanks to rand @agoldenskyy for being my beta and cheering me on i love you as much as i love niall xxx

I’m feeling so confused right now. I really miss being here so so much. I miss sharing my sims, I miss reading everyone’s stories all the time, and I miss being a part of the community. I’m genuinely sad and lonely not being here.

Maybe it’s silly, but I feel like sharing my sims and writing happy stories about them helps with my struggle somewhat. I miss it.

I’m also not sure if I should come back. I feel anxious and nervous too. I feel like I’ll let people down.

I got self conscious about both myself and my stories before I left. I’ve realized though, I don’t want to change my stories. I don’t want to change them from being happy and nice. Maybe it’s boring to some to not have drama, but I like having my sims have happy lives. I like writing about happy things. It makes me happy. I also don’t want to change who I am. Yes I still need to learn and grow, just like everyone, but I don’t want to change the very core of who I am. Writing my stories helps me express myself and become more comfortable with who I really am.

If I came back, I don’t know that I’d be able to post consistently or anything. I’m still not feeling very well, but I just miss all this so much.

I’m considering starting over on a new blog, but I’m not sure. I’d still post about the Copelands though. They’re just too special to me to leave behind.

Sorry for all this, I just have a lot of conflicting feelings I felt like I needed to get off my chest. Typing them out made me feel a little better.

Eldritch Mythos 202: Eldritch Energy Work

This particular post within the eldritch series I’ve put off for a long, long while, partially because I’ve been in the process of learning some finer nuances to this topic. This is a messy one, and what I’m writing below I’m tacking on with a warning; please do not approach any sort of eldritch energy work unless you are very well-practiced in cleansing and energy-surgical methods, a confident ability to identify energy parasitism and a 100% understanding that what you’re dicking with, no matter how much you think it likes you? Probably wants to take advantage of you in every way it can.

I’ve encountered a consistent issue in which people are unwilling to acknowledge the problematic natures of the entities they work with. Small, vocal groups may shit on people that have negative experiences, feeding these gross, stagnant mindsets between one another. To be unwilling to discuss and respect these negative experiences within the tags implies to me an insecure practitioner with less respect for physical human beings than the very potentially fake metaphysical entities we’re dealing with. (And if you can’t handle the possibility of all this being fake, what are you even doing?) So by making this post, never, EVER do I EVER want to come across as one of those people, and this isn’t for edge factor, this is about arming both those that WANT to work with this paradigm AND those that have been victimized by it. There are a bunch of people on all sides. Please, if anyone has ever encountered any personal problems, consistent parasitism or hounding I am more than willing to talk in private with you about these issues, as eldritch energy is one of the nastiest, most terrible things you can have sicked on you. I won’t fix it for you, but I’ll tell you everything I have that could help you. I am not going to claim responsibility for any harm that comes your way if you dive half-assed into this though. This post is for those of you out there who haven’t wanted to talk, who’ve been confused and unsure as to what the hell they’re even interacting with.

Now that I’ve slapped my full warning up on here, let’s talk about eldritch energy work. Because hoboy.

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As you all know, I am an endless well of knowledge and advice. Well it’s time to take some of my own advice and come clean about something very important. 

Legendaries don’t actually drop. It is a lie created by the Warcraft community bourgeois, like myself, in partnership with the Illuminati (AKA Blizzard Entertainment). Every player who claims to have a legendary is in on it and is lying to you in order to increase WoW subs. We are all on Blizzard’s payroll.

The payment is Legendaries.

I was bored in class, secretly scrolled through Tumblr and saw a very funny post so I had to laugh. Really hard.

The thing is I sit alone in the last row, don’t have someone to talk and am actually really shy. So everybody looked at me laughing suddenly alone like a maniac over “nothing”. They are afraid of me now…


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My two cents (This might be controversial but it needs to be said)

( Please note that this is only my opinion and is not meant to offend anyone if my argument is improperly worded )

So I have a lot of stuff in my inbox talking about the whole 2B9S situation and the romanticization of it. Basically, the argument I see against it is that:

the only reason I like the ship is because its heterosexual and therefore fits my worldview.

it’s kinda sick to romanticize their relationship because she doesn’t love him, only kills him.

The reason why I haven’t answered these is because these people did not use the anon feature and I don’t want to put them in a situation that opens their blogs up for harassment. So I’ll be referring to them as “User 1” “User 2” “User 3” and “User 4” to protect their identities.


First off, I would like to say that I don’t understand the argument that on this site, it’s perfectly fine to bash and assault heterosexuals simply for the their sexuality. To me, it’s flat out disgusting when I see it happen to anyone. It’s discrimination and pretty hilariously ironic that the same people who say they include everyone will shoot you down the moment you say you’re a heterosexual or are fine with heterosexuality. Like shrug emoji you’re literally contradicting yourself in one breath. Make a gay joke? Get the hell out of tumblr. Bully and mock a heterosexual? It’s perfectly fine, welcome to the club :D

I have no words for how ridiculous you all sound.

Secondly, I am not heterosexual. Why is this important? Because the argument that I only like a heterosexual ship is because I’m heterosexual is absolute bullshit. I don’t give a flying damn what sexuality the characters are, if I see good interaction between them and strong romantic leanings, you can bet your ass that they’re getting shipped. So the argument of Users 1, 3 and 4 are invalid right then and there.

I realize that most people would assume that I am heterosexual just based off of the fact that I don’t talk about my sexuality anywhere in my profile, but that’s because I do not fucking matter. This is not a personal blog. On occasion, I post things about myself, but only when prompted. Very rarely do I post anything about myself without something shippy backing it up. In my bio, I have one word descriptors, no mention of my age, sexuality, race, country of origin, nothing. I haven’t posted a single picture of myself or anything remotely close to it. Notice, I haven’t even said what sexuality I am, I just said I’m not heterosexual.

Why? Because I am legit a trashy, boring human being and no one wants to visit a blog about that.

Anyways, onto their second point…

romanticizing a relationship filled with murder.

Now, I can see why some people wouldn’t get why this is such a draw for me, but in my opinion, this is where strong bonds are formed: in fire and suffering. 2B truly cares about 9S and in the novel, which I recommended you go and read, it’s pretty much confirmed that she detests hurting him. In her mind, she’s not strong enough to protect him any other way than killing him; she can’t run from who she is and therefore can’t desert with him and she knows that if he runs, she’ll be one of those who has to hunt him down anyway.

She’s trapped in two options, kill him now or kill him later. And that right there is that juicy conflict that I love so much in romances.

Maybe it is a bit deranged to see people falling in love over the fact that she has to kill him, but 1) everyone is deranged in Yoko Taro games, and 2) I don’t see it that way.

I live quite far away from my family and we only get to see each other once a year. I treasure each of those memories because I know eventually, it’s going to end and we’ll have to say goodbye. Take that to the extreme and you have 2B’s relationship with 9S. She treasures each moment she spends with him because she knows it’s going to end in torment. It’s beautiful and at the same time heartbreaking because in the end, she only wants to see him in a place where he can be happy.

I don’t see this as “sick romanticization” as User 2 put it, I see it as a conflict that plagues them throughout their relationship, something they need to overcome together.

In conclusion, I’m not trying to convert anyone, you have what you like and I have what I like, but I feel that it’s unfair to place every 2B9S fan in one group of “heterosexual ship because heterosexuality” because that’s not how any of us work. We see the forest for the trees. If it was a homosexual ship, then the fandom would be exactly the same and I think this is what these detractors are missing in their arguments: the humanity of us 2B9S fans.

Second year of medical school- a summary

Ok everyone, it’s been exactly 2 months since I finished 2nd year of medical school, so I think it is undoubtedly the time for me to write some kind of summary of this very eventful year. Below you will find a very subjective report of what those last 10 months has been like for me, of what I experienced and what I learned. Hope you’ll find it at least a little interesting and not unreadable!


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anonymous asked:

are you real? i know you post and stuff but does anyone know what you look like, are you just that ugly? what are you hiding? you can pretend to be nice and shit but if noone knows how you look your just a coward hiding behind your keyboard

Okay anon, I’m going to be honest and say that I really just wanted to delete this ask at first, but hey, I’m kinda bored so why not, eh?

1. Are you real?
Very much so. I’d have to be real in order to post the things I do, wouldn’t I?

2. [blah blah blah] are you just that ugly?
I think I’m average-looking, my husband thinks I’m pretty. Take that as you will.

3. What are you hiding?
At the moment, I’m hiding my lemon creme cookies from my puppy - she’s been eyeing them for the past half hour.

As to the rest of your accusations - yes, it is true that I am yet to post a picture of myself. I’m not ashamed of who I am, I’m just wary. You see, anon, being a POC who isn’t a citizen of the US means that I have to be careful. I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of negativity. Is it wrong of me to want to avoid unnecessary unpleasantness?

I might show the world how I look one day. But it will be on my terms, when I am comfortable, not at the goading of a true coward, seeing as you’re afraid to show me who you are.

  • Luke: Leia, you have to help!
  • Leia: Luke? What's the problem?
  • Luke: I'm not in control of my own speech! Everything I'm saying is being typed by a tumblr blog owner on his iPhone 5!
  • Leia: Is Vader testing out some new force possession trick or are you on death sticks again?
  • Luke: Leia you don't understand! This person is controlling my speech to make a post on his Star Wars blog!
  • Leia: The fuck is Star Wars?
  • Luke: It's the name of our franchise. I don't even know why he's doing this. This post isn't Star Wars related at all! He's just using our names in positions that could be filled by any fictional character ever!
  • Leia: And you're the galaxy's last hope... we're fucked.
  • Han: Yeah and this situation wouldn't even be funny as a joke anyway. Do you think the blog owner is just using this as filler for his blog?
  • Luke: Even though I currently am the blog owner speaking, I am also meant to play the character of Luke in this dialogue. Therefore I'm not sure if I should answer that question based on my own knowledge or based on Luke's.
  • Han: I'm gonna have to end this post short.
  • Han: *shoots Luke*
  • Leia: HAN?!
  • Han: What, it was obvious he is completely controlled by some crazy monster anyway.
  • Obi-Wan: Hey its the blog owner again. Try shooting a ghost, fucker.
  • Han: Shit he's continuing the post even though it's not funny.
  • Leia: What post? Han, how do you know even a bit about what's going on?
  • Han: Well, someone in this dialogue has to understand some of it, and Chewie can't speak so Han will have to do.
  • Leia: Why are you referring to yourself in third person?
  • Obi-Wan: No reason.
  • Han: Shit, wrong character.
  • Leia: Am I the only sane intelligence on this ship?
  • C3-PO: Princess, I am-
  • Leia: Shut the fuck up 3-P0.
  • Han: The owner has to end this post at some point.
  • Obi-Wan: Actually, I am very bored and have 13 minutes to continue.
  • Leia: Minutes? What are minutes?
  • Han: 13 minutes is a long time.
  • Kylo Ren: Enough time to add another character into the mix.
  • Obi-Wan: Wait, this doesn't make sense at all. You don't even exist in this trilogy!
  • Kylo Ren: Talking to yourself makes no sense either.
  • Obi-Wan: Ok you're right.
  • Kylo Ren: Oh hey, Dad.
  • Han: Who the fuck are you.
  • Kylo Ren: I'm Ben.
  • Obi-Wan: No, I'm Ben. You're Anakin.
  • Anakin: No, I'm Anakin.
  • Kylo Ren: I was Anakin in the books and I'm Ben on screen.
  • C3-P0: And I am C3-P0, human cyborg rela-
  • All: Shut the fuck up, 3-P0!

nakuravanner replied to your post “I wish you would write a fic where we get a human Mikleo and merboy…”

Don’t tease me like this I need more!

ALKJSDLFKJSDF I AM HELPLESS TO DENY AHHH here have some really hastily scribbled first-meeting convo

“Gosh, you’re pretty.”

Mikleo flushes a horrible, hot red that he can feel spreading to his collar. His eyes jerk away from where he had been staring at a very visible and tanned shoulder, and flitter up quickly to see two bright, emerald greens boring into his face. “U-um. Excuse me?”

“I said you’re pretty.” The merboy named Sorey flips his tail fins up at the surface of the water. “Wow…I’ve never seen a human up close like this before.”

“Well, that’s probably with good reason,” Mikleo murmurs under his breath and tries not to think about what some of his professors and classmates would say if they could see him now. If they could see who and what he was with.

He doesn’t like any of the outcomes his mind comes up with.

Sorey’s smile doesn’t dim. If anything, he pushes himself up more on the low dock’s wooden edge and leans up into Mikleo’s face, trying to peer at him better. Mikleo leans back.

“You sure you’re not secretly like….half-merfolk or something?”

The question brings up something soft and strange in Mikleo’s chest:  a candlelit hope that he doesn’t dare entertain. A reason, some sort of explanation, for that impossible feeling he gets everytime he’s near the water–for that calling and endless yearning that sings within his own bones when he sees the ocean, when he can feel the waves lapping at his ankles. 

He turns away, his eyes focused on the shoreline he can see just a few short paces away. The wood of the floating dock creaks quietly. 

“That’s impossible,” he mutters.

But he wishes the idea was as easy to forget.

The Descendants of Ice and Fire

The 7 Targaryen Rulers after Jon First of his Name, Jon the Great.

Aemon I - Son of Jon I, the Great and Daenerys Stormborn. Also known as Aemon the Just. Ruled for twenty years. The realm was stable and prosperous. A serious King, he rarely holds balls and celebrations. His Queen Catelyn from House Stark and Hornwood was beloved by the people.

Daeron III, Son of Aemon I and Queen Catelyn (Lynnie). Known as Daeron the Grand for his love of the arts. Build the Grand Palace of Summerhall and that almost bankrupted the realm. Daeron married his cousin Alys Baratheon. He was controversial as he raised too many taxes to pay for his palace.

Jon II. Son of Daeron III and Queen Alys of House Baratheon. Brought order and stability to the realm, especially when there was a civil war in the beginning of his reign. The Lords revolted, still angry with his father but Jon managed to win the war and broker peace. Jon married Tatiana Stark his fifth cousin twice removed. He ruled for 15 years and died suddenly from a heart attack

Aegon VI. The prince was barely 8 when he was crowned after the sudden death of his father Jon II. His mother Tatiana Stark brought him North, afraid for his safety and the Hand, his uncle Daemon ruled in his stead. When Aegon was 18 he came back for his throne. It was a peaceful transfer of power. He ruled quite well and people loved him. He married Daemon’s dark haired daughter, his cousin Daena Targaryen.

Jon III. Son of Aegon VI and Queen Daena. Perhaps one of the longest reign since Jaeharys I. He was a wise king, well loved by the people and he hated court politics. Known as the Philosopher King, Jon III wrote books on the importance of peace and humility. He didn’t put much faith in religion or gods. He gave a lot of power back to the people by appointing a General Assembly, a form of parliament. Jon married a lowborn woman, Edith daughter of a wool merchant and that caused quite a stir in court.

Jon IV. Son of Jon III and Queen Edith. The King known for his five wives. Charismatic and handsome. He had one redhaired queen, Willa Tully and four highborn mistresses. He called all of them his wives and they lived quite happily together in Summerhall Grand Palace. It caused a problem when he died because he had many bastard sons and only one trueborn daughter, Daenerys.

Daenerys I. Only daughter and child of Jon IV and Queen Willa. The first Queen of the Seven Kingdoms to be crowned from House Targaryen. By the time she was crowned, the Crown did not have much power as the country had evolved and the General Assembly of nobles and smallfolk had limited the absolute power of the Iron Throne. She chose a consort, the Lord of Winterfell himself, another Jon of House Stark. Both could trace their ancestry back to the first Jon and Daenerys.