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i feel really bad that i read your translations of AxK without thanking you so. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! really, now a days people take so long to update, and you’re way quicker. also if you were to ship hotaru with someone, who would it be?

Thank you so much~~  You are very welcome~~~ :D Everyone has their busy lives, and since most translators are volunteers we don’t prioritize fan translations~  At least I am skipping a lot of quality check procedures that scanlation teams need to get through. I just throw out whatever I finish and if there are mistakes, so be it LOL

If Hotaru needs to pair with someone, I will support Mattsun~ (I tend to pair the pretty canon or semi-canon characters so I am kind of boring LOL)

Milo Meets Kida: Translated! (aka milo fails at atlantean)
  • Origin: Atlantean

“Who are you strangers and where did you come from?”

  • Origin: Atlantean

(HALTINGLY & with a bad, very american accent)

“Who…are you strangers and….where did you come from?" 

  • Origin: Atlantean 

"Your manner of speech is strange to me.”

  • Origin: Atlantean


  • Origin: Atlantean

“…I travel friend…

…You are a friendly traveler?" 

(does anyone else love how she’s correcting his shitty atlantean LOL bbies ♥)

  • Origin: Latin (look at this frickin dweeb switching into latin)

"So, my friend, I am a traveler!”

  • Origin: Latin

“You speak the language of the Romans!”

  • Origin: French (milo plz)

“Do you speak French?”

  • Origin: French

“Yes, sir!”

The best notes written in manuscripts by medieval monks

Colophon: a statement at the end of a book containing the scribe or owner’s name, date of completion, or bitching about how hard it is to write a book in the dark ages

  • Oh, my hand
  • The parchment is very hairy
  • Thank God it will soon be dark
  • St. Patrick of Armagh, deliver me from writing
  • Now I’ve written the whole thing; for Christ’s sake give me a drink
  • Oh d fuckin abbot
  • Massive hangover
  • Whoever translated these Gospels did a very poor job
  • Cursed be the pesty cat that urinated over this book during the night
  • If someone else would like such a handsome book, come and look me up in Paris, across from the Notre Dame cathedral
  • I shall remember, O Christ, that I am writing of Thee, because I am wrecked today
  • Do not reproach me concerning the letters, the ink is bad and the parchment scanty and the day is dark
  • 11 golden letters, 8 shilling each; 700 letters with double shafts, 7 shilling for each hundred; and 35 quires of text, each 16 leaves, at 3 shilling each. For such an amount I won’t write again
  • Here ends the second part of the title work of Brother Thomas Aquinas of the Dominican Order; very long, very verbose; and very tedious for the scribe; thank God, thank God, and again thank God
  • If anyone take away this book, let him die the death, let him be fried in a pan; let the falling sickness and fever seize him; let him be broken on the wheel, and hanged. Amen

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@nekophy - Goth

I’m sorry for the bad English. Damn, it infuriates me. I should not translate the text.
I am very ashamed. Very strange episodes. So everything is conceived (no) is 1 part 1 chapter. There is no meaning. Kill me.
Так,а теперь честно. Меня реально бесит это. Иногда я подумаю просто писать на русском. Так будет проще, но эгоистично. Чёрт,чёрт,чёрт,чёрт! А может нафиг все это?


Another wild ride with Drunk Google. 

EDIT: BL-kun has arrived so I’m adding them to this.

(Jin High)

Portuguese for beginners: Saying hello and goodbye

Olá = hello

Como está = How are you? (formal)

Como estás = How are you? (informal)

Estou bem, obrigado(a)* = Literal translation: I am well, thank you. Actual meaning is closer to: I’m ok, thanks.

Tudo bem? = Literal translation: Everything ok?  Commonly used to say hello instead of saying Como estás.

Tudo (bem). = Literal translation: Everything well. Use it when you want to say ‘I’m fine’. The bem is optional.

Mais ou menos = Literal translation: More or less. Use it when you want to say ‘not too bad’.

Prazer = Literal translation: Pleasure.  Meaning: Pleased to meet you.

Muito prazer = Literal translation: Much Pleasure. Meaning: Very pleased to meet you.

Bom dia = Good day

Boa tarde  = Good afternoon

Boa noite = Good night

Adeus = Goodbye

Tchau = See you/ciao

Até logo = See you later (same day)

Até amanhã = Literal translation: Until tomorrow. Use when you want to say ‘see you later’ (another day)

Até já = See you soon

Até a próxima = See you next time

*Note: Use obrigado (and ‘o’-endings in general) if you are/identify as male. Use obrigada (and ‘a’-endings in general) if you are/identify as female.

Transcription: “¡Hola, estoy Abigail, y yo hablo para #transfemvoices (nombre bajo el video). Yo había querado de dar amistad a todas chicanas. Tambien, yo quiero ser positiva acerca hablar Español. No digo Español bien, y leo de un escrito. Haha
No me gusta como hablo porque estoy muy profunda, pero este es muy importante. ¡Te amo! Uh, gracias a-a Red @breastforce y gracias para escuchas.“

Translation: “Hello, I’m Abigail and I’m speaking for #transfemvoices (name under the video). I had wanted to give happiness to all chicanas. Also, I want to be positive about speaking Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish well, and I’m reading from a script (?) Haha. I don’t like how I talk because I am very deep, but this is very important. Love you! Uh, thank you Red breastforce and thanks for listening.”
If you write Klance fics and want to write Lance saying something is Spanish I can help

Hello! I love Klance and I read a lot of klance fics, and a pretty common thing in fics is making Lance and/or his family have a little conversation in spanish (usually is something short). A lot of the autors don’t speak spanish or know very little and have to use google translator or other similar pages, they try their best but it’s easy to make mistakes in a language that it’s not yours. Sometimes they’re lucky and the translation is perfect, others times there are very little mistakes… and other times is a complete mess, because online translators can really mess up.

So… I was just reading a fic and the spanish was a little wrong so when I wrote a review I told them the correct translation, because it really costs cero effort to me. And since it’s something I did several times alreadyin different fics I was thinking that it would not be a bad idea to just… offer to help, so here I am writing this post.

I’m not from Cuba like Lance, so I can’t help with the dialect, with colloquialisms and things like that (you know… every Spanish speaking country has some words and expression that are not used in others), but I am from Spain and spanish is my first language and I totally can help with that. So, I don’t know if a lot of people would see this post (maybe no one would ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), but if you are writing a Klance fic and want help translating some words, a couple of sentences or a little conversation… you can send me a message. It’s really no effort to me and I usually would answer quickly (I’m come here everyday I may answer you in a couple of minutes at best and in a day at worst if for some strange reason I don’t have connection…).

I love fic writers, your work makes my days better, and if I can help any of you giving you a correct translation (better than google translator) I would be happy to do it.

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My favorite moment from Hetalian horror show was the "bad ending". What happened to Bulgaria in that ending exactly I didn't fully comprehend what happened (when he got tied up by Russia..) this has been on my mind me for a while now do you know what exactly took place....?

It is a very perplexing moment. Let us review what happened, shall we?


Okay, first of all, I suggest you read the full translation here because it’s REALLY AWESOME. We get to learn about Bhutan (but that’s for another post). Anyways, let us direct our attention to the bad ending when Bulgaria decides to stop Russia from making everyone “become one” with him through a magic potion. In the good ending it’s all a plot for a movie that America is sharing with Russia. But in the bad ending…oh boy is it different.

When Bulgaria says he wants to protect everyone, Russia says:

“Are you saying that you’ll take their place instead? Hmm…Alright. If you mean it then I’ll stop for today.”

By take their place this meant that Russia was going to do to Finland, America, England, Spain, Germany, and Japan what he did to Bulgaria in the upcoming scene. Then Russia stops and lets everyone else go, everyone goes home, blah blah blah…and then this happens.

B: hmm?

B: Eh… What was I…doing?

(Russia. You were doing Russia, Bulgaria)

And then we are treated with this and some interesting music

(I got it at just the right time so Russia’s text covered the Bulgarian buttox)

B: Eh, what is this!? what’s going on?!

R: Good morning Bulgaria, your heroic act was really cool.

He’s not referring to what you think he is you perverts! He’s talking about bulgaria “taking their place”. Note that Russia has not done anything to Bulgaria yet (at least while he was conscious).

(I cropped it. No Bulgarian buttcracks for you)

B: Mr. Russia…?! Um, thank you very much…But why did it end up like this!? Uh-I mean, why, sir…

R: You said you’d take their place instead.

He was going to do this to Finland, America, England, Spain, Germany, and Japan.

(this was made by HIMARUYA, by the way)

B:Not like this! I wanted it to be in a cool way…! Isn’t your relationship with me pretty well?!
R: It wouldn’t have changed anything, it’s a tradition that someone ends up in this role after all

Now that line really stands out to me. If it means what I think it means, Russia usually dominates people and puts them in this position. It really shows just how fucked up Russia is. He says someone is always in this position. So who was in this position before Bulgaria is now? Take a guess.

More likely than not, it was Lithuania. Lithuania does not act the way he does around Russia to anyone else. Reminder, this is the guy that kicked Prussia’s ASS and directly admits that he hates him. But what about after Russia left the Soviet Union? Who is Russia’s bondage buddy today? Prepared to want to murder Russia. I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that I know who it is…

(russia get your damn hands off of that cinnamon roll!)

Latvia is the one baltic that still hangs out with Russia today and can’t seem to get away from his influence. The last baltic to leave the USSR. The only baltic too afraid to get rid of any of his Soviet things. The only baltic to go through a blizzard to get to Russia’s house. The Baltic that can drink the most and has the highest alcohol tolerence. It all makes sense.
But maybe there’s a slight possibility that Latvia doesn’t want to get away. Maybe the reason he keeps crawling back–even in a blizzard that BELARUS won’t even go through–is because of Stockholm syndrome. That or he’s REALLY into BDSM.
Anyway, Russia’s a total dick to Latvia and Lithuania (but not to Estonia if you remember from my old age theory).

Anyways back to the analysis

(still no porn for you)

B:Tradition?! What tradition?! What does that mean?!
R:No clue meow~

The meow is a reference to something that happened earlier, it will be explained in the next clip.

But when Russia says Tradition, he may be implying that something like this may have happened to him when he was younger. When he says no clue, Hima may be implying that the memory was so horrible he has tried to repress it. But I learned from my science class that real traumatic events don’t get repressed. Instead, it’s the opposite. They’re impossible to forget about, thus causing PTSD. If something like this happened to Russia in his past (most likely his childhood) then it would be totally understandable why he acts the way he does rather than just being an absolute monster for no reason. Perhaps the way he tortures his victims is also a reference to the Forest Brothers, the gulags, or how Russian POW camps were historically the most brutal. (It keeps getting darker, kids!)

B: Wh– how do you know tha– You weren’t there when I…  

R: Hm? The meow? It’s something you can say to be forgiven! Ah, that’s right! You finally got the chance to stand out~

More references to the first part. This means Russia was stalking them the whole time.

That meow means he’s going to do some unforgivable shit.

B: You were there…from the start…! from the very start…!
R: Listening to your stories one by one was really comforting, I enjoyed it.

Judging from the building in the next scene, this all seems to take place at school. Now that is top quality faculty.

B: Ah, but now that I think about it this is a pretty nice role to be in! Thank you!!

R: You’re a bold one, aren’t you…

That’s where it ends. And at this point kids, our hero Bulgaria realizes he is into BSDM. The ending is very much open to fan interpretation, and that’s how I interpret it.

In conclusion, Russia x Bulgaria is canon and Bulgaria is still Vice President of the forgotten characters club. The End.

So, I am bad in Korean. Very bad. Like I stopped studying 5 years ago, so I understand some (little) Korean. I still decided to give Kiss The Radio a try. 

When Ong was introducing himself and saying what he did better than the rest of the group, I couldn’t understand the word. So I went on a word hunt with my Korean keyboard and Google translator. I tried many combinations to understand what he meant… 

This is so embarassing.

The first thing that came out was 

And I was like…Okay… No.

And then

Originally posted by milansreactionwhen

Lord forgive me.

but then I eventually got it right…  I guess….

So the moral of the story is… stay in school kids. Study hard.

let’s play a fun game called ‘auden translates braille shown in daredevil’

if there were more than a handful of panels i’d suggest a drinking game — drink whenever you can tell the writers have said “people who read braille don’t read comics so we have no accountability and no reason to work on accuracy”

but anyways, here’s some braille in daredevil comics, almost exclusively from volume 2 and 3, because everything earlier than that is completely unsalvageable, and everything later than that has neglected to include braille at all. also excluded is the cover of 3.10.1, which, trust me on this, just says “daredevil” in all lowercase with no contractions 

[image: two early daredevil panels. matt runs two fingers over “a braille subway map”.]


i truly have no idea. i’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for the actual map part, especially because the art on this panel is so bad that it’s clear they put in like maybe five minutes of effort on this whole damn comic, and it’s very, very early. but what’s meant to be text is… not even close to being anything at all. 


i am sorrowful but unsurprised

[image: three daredevil panels. matt goes over his schedule for the day, written in braille. he scours the schedule for a ‘nicholas macabee,’ who is meant to have an 11:30 appointment but is not on the book.]


be.5y andbeinbe 

be(obscured, possibly e)be ?(, or .5 - the spacing is weird)wk h(obscured, but at least one of these dots is not in a cell at all)(capital letter marking)

(obscured)t.(, or .5, spacing is weird)mo(obscured, possibly d)



(obscured- possibly a)(obscured- possibly d)(obscured- possibly b)enenand”(obscured)en




:?(, or .5 - the spacing is messed up)senn) 


(obscured- maybe an s but it goes outside the cell)n(k or possibly st)t?

CONCLUSION: so that’s just a massive fucking mess

[image: five daredevil panels. matt sits in front of his phone, which has speed-dial buttons labeled in braille. he considers, then calls natasha.]


(obscured)(vertical and horizontal spacing makes this unreadably weird, possibly k)

(obscured)(vertical and horizontal spacing makes this unreadably weird- possibly eg)

(obscured) ()y (i’m giving this one a couple of points though because it’s clearly meant to be the ‘ggy’ of ‘foggy,’ just poorly vertically arranged)

be.5y (could be intended to be ‘bay’)

beobe (also gets a couple of points as a poorly vertically arranged ‘bob’)

sw (which he presses for natasha romanoff, black widow)

CONCLUSION: this is the only thing in all of volume two that actually makes any effort at all, which tells you something, because there’s literally nothing right about this. it also of course raises the question: who does matt have higher on his speed dial than foggy?

[image: three panels of sheet music on matt’s piano. text reads “the sheet music has a raised texture for my fingers to read. it was a christmas present from an old girlfriend.”]


okay, so this isn’t actually braille, but that’s the problem. it’s literally just raised text and raised notes on presumably a raised staff. which. is not how braille music notation works. braille music notation is a very specific form of braille, which looks something like this (although i don’t know braille music notation yet, so i can’t quite confirm): 

[image: a page of sheet music with traditional music notation above (printed for display) braille music notation.]

[image: two daredevil panels. milla’s friend hands her a bouquet of flowers sent by matt. the flowers have a braille card in them. milla and her friend comment that they’re not pretty, but they smell amazing.]





CONCLUSION: matt murdock knows just what to say to get the ladies. 

[image: the cover of daredevil volume 3 #14. matt is turned towards the viewer, holding his billy club and running two fingers across grommets on the truly giant mask of dr. doom. just above his head is doom’s menacing veined eye, bigger than his head.] 


d o o m 


the spacing on this one is like one whole cell more than it should be and it’s Massive, i’m really not sure how matt is reading that, but that’s okay, i guess, because it’s not really for him, and much of the story is about how he doesn’t know that he’s in latveria, and he doesn’t know he’s being held by doom, because so much of the available information is kept from him, and there’s all this dramatic irony about the audience knowing and him not and whatever. anyways i love it.

[image: a panel in which a latverian villain holds up matt’s avengers ID card, which is emblazoned with braille. he crushes it, saying, “congratulations, blind man. you found the master’s communications damper and crippled it…” 




so excepting the villain being unnecessarily ableist in several ways, that’s truly not… wrong. i just don’t know what kind of material would work like this. like it can’t just be paper because that’s ridiculous for an ID card like this and also it’s soaking wet, it’s thick enough to have a swipe and a microchip in it, it can’t be laminated because it’s brailled, but this guy crushes it in his hand. did he just crumple a credit-card-thick sheet of hard plastic in his hand? is that what happened? is he ok 

on a more important note, why has tony just brailled matt’s ID card? if his identity hasn’t yet been revealed as matt murdock, then shouldn’t it at least ALSO be in print? since, you know, matt’s still trying to pass for sighted? was tony like “yes, i know what i will do, i will ensure that daredevil’s ID card is just brailled with his name and not the type of card it is, because otherwise he will… forget his name. this definitely will not compromise his secret identity if found at all.” whatever it’s chill i’m chill

[image: a single daredevil panel. a woman’s hand is seen passing a letter written in braille to a doctor. printed text behind it reads “Please know that whatever your doctors or your parents may try to tell you, you did hear my voice the other day. You were in my apartment. That was real. Someone played on your confused state of mind just to get to me. You didn’t deserve that.”]


please know that

whatever your doctors

or your parents may try

to tell you, you

did hear my voice the

other day’ you were in

my apartment’ that was

real’ someone played

on your confused state

of mind just to get to

me’ you didnfort deserve

(obscured)t’ if, through some

(obscured)roke of luck,  you

are reading this note,

donfort let your doctors

find it’ i shouldnfort

CONCLUSION: so this is basically right! but with no capitalization and really fucked up punctuation (i’m pretty sure all six dots is not an apostrophe, and i’m pretty sure what they’re using in place of a period IS an apostrophe). the reason each line as barely anything on it, though, is that it’s in the most basic possible braille there is- it’s like instead of speaking something, spelling it out letter by letter instead.

[image: a single daredevil panel. matt sits in the foreground, pouring over a braille book. foggy is in profile in the background, opening a briefcase. the book matt’s ‘reading’ is mostly blank with the occasional scattered dots.]

LINE BY LINE TRANSLATION: nope there’s literally nothing i can do with that sorry


[image: a single daredevil panel. matt sits at his desk, looking tired and overwhelmed. the desk is covered by stacks of papers. in the foreground is a desk plate, labeled in braille.]


Matt Murdock 


CONCLUSION: i’ll cry. i’m literally crying right now. this is all i’ve ever wanted. capitalization, punctuation, letters???  

[image: matt’s bandaged hand holds a syringe, labeled in braille. the narration box reads “On the label. ‘Got you.’ 


GOT (obscured, capital letter marking, probably)


so this is both right and really valuable to the story, and i love it. like, this is the villain messing with matt, not only by showing that he can hurt foggy, but by showing that he knows matt’s identity, has power over that identity remaining secret(ish), and is fully willing to fuck with matt murdock as well as daredevil. ‘got you’ is not that powerful, but ‘got you’ in braille is lovely storytelling.

NAGASE The Standard

Nagase talk about TOKIO and music in his radio. this is very interesting. I just tying to translate a bit.

I think TOKIO is not a professional musician, but professional band. We don’t have a high skill for playing music. I can make a difficult arrangement, but we still need to play…so I have to make a song what we can play. I want TOKIO member to enjoy during they play, and want them to love their song. so I always try to make a song with melody not technique….I’m trying to make a good melody, phrase, this is what only I can do. maybe its a bad way to say, but I think its much easy to play by my self(I think this means that just his self with some other professional musicians)

but I like a band, I like TOKIO. I believe that playing as TOKIO has meaning to me.

I am very happy that got offer for making song of dorama. I dont really care about sales. Its a horrible thing to say as adult. but as a artist, I should think this way(just care about music) I am just happy about TOKIO fan. TOKIO member and  staffs loves my music.

I didnt translate all, just some of parts I wanted. I can tell Nagase was struggling as artist. I believe that Nagase guitar tech is good enough as musician. but other member are not… I understand that these member hasnt got a time to practice their part much. they are way too busy. also they didnt get in to music industry because they wanted to be a musician, they wanted to be an Idol. I think most of member are not into music so much, as much as Nagase(I think Taichi love music too). when I saw TOKIO play Amagasa, it was very uncomfortable to watch…I have to say. I think Nagase got some offers to do solo musician, like MTV unplugged. I can tell he enjoyed so much with these professional musician. he wanted to make more high tech music or arty music. but he chose to play as TOKIO. Im very glad his decision :) I kinda wanna hear his solo too tho, as Nagase fan:)

Miss Fisher and the plight of miscommunication – February’s trope challenge

Does this whisky glass imply drinks, or something else, Miss Fisher?

You remember I couldn’t help but write a post about the soulmate trope of January, because it was so much fun and gave food for so much thought. The same really proved to be true for the miscommunication trope, so I decided to write about that one too. I remember that when the trope was announced, @quiltingmom was not the happiest in the fandom, fearing all the angst that would come up with this trope. She even taught me that “smh” means “shaking my head”. So, I decided to do the organisation of this post in a @quiltingmom proof way, by ordering them after their amount of angst, starting with the lightest and going to @ladyroxie. (I’d love some feedback from you about where you draw the line between nicely angsty and too angsty in this line!)

This is actually a very reasonable way to structure the stories. The nice thing with miscommunication – apart from it fitting Phryne and Jack and their way of behaving rather well – is that it can take turns in very different directions. The plot itself is usually one of comedy – in that classic sense of the word, which means the ending is happy – since miscommunication really needs to be cleared up for the story to feel completed. But that gives ample opportunity for different roads to be taken – and very different length of fic – between the start and the happy ending; I have made a division into humour; humour with an angsty part; angst light; and angst. (Here is the full collection.)

I am delighted that the February fic covered all of these possibilities, and in so many different ways. The wonderful humour part saw @olderbynow’s “Across Frayed Wires,” where Jack gets a message from Hugh over a very bad line. We are given the internal view of a delightfully overthinking Jack that tries very hard to not think about a certain lady detective, but when the message says “alarm” and “Fisher” he cannot help but associate this to Phryne. The message 

made no damn sense at all, but still had Jack’s heart climbing into his throat as his mind helpfully supplied filler words that essentially translated the sentence into “Miss Fisher has done something reckless again and is in danger.” It was the sort of phone call he spent half his days expecting, of course. 

Unfortunately for Jack, when he stumbles into Wardlow he instead disturbs Phryne in the middle of a tryst with a lover, and the mortification of Jack and all his awkwardness and thought-processes are adorable.

More humour and teasing with regard to their sexual relationship is present in @loopyhoopyfrood’s “Mistaken”. This is an original take, set before the timeline of the episodes, and gives us a sweet and fun and mistakenly heated encounter that is completely packed with misunderstandings, and poor Jack gets pushed into doors no less than two times by a very insistent Miss Fisher. A third teasing with the sexual theme is sassasam/@phrynesboudoir’s “Miss Communication” that is set after the last episode. Phryne writes from England a rather juicy letter to Jack, that also quotes some of his own not completely innocent phrases from an earlier letter, but puts it in the wrong envelope. The exact look on Aunt P’s face when she reads that scandolous letter we are left to imagine from the line “with eyes almost bulging from their sockets.” Jack, poor duck, on the other hand, receives a letter that talks about embroidery.

A final predominantly humourous fic is @ollyjayonline’s “Nine times out of ten”. It is a delightful story of Phryne deciding to play match-maker and implicating Jack in that, while on the boat back home to Australia. It is rather emma-esque in the way her plan goes rather wrong, the girl Jack was meant to pay attention to suddenly interested in him and not in the original beau she was aiming to make jealous. Suddenly they find themselves in a situation where Jack has to play the role of not wanting Phryne, and Phryne the role of trying to get him – all while they secretly have an established relationship, that is still a bit shaken by the roles they play. It’s a wonderful way of contrasting their true relationship with the fake one and with what the people around them are believing about them. Above all there is a delicious tension – her decision forcing Jack to play a part, and then she herself not being sure when he is playing and when he’s sincere. Phryne faces emotional turmoil and realisations, while the humourous aspect is still the main one.

From this, the step is not far to @flashofthefuse’s “Mistaken relations”, that I decided to label as the first humour with an angsty part. The fic introduces an embarrassing moment when Phryne thinks Jack has asked her to come over, and while she has decided to surprise him with hardly any clothes on, he comes home with another woman. Awkwardness ensues and Phryne is thrown off-kilter a little bit, feeling unsure and a little bit jealous, but at the same time knowing she has no right to be jealous. And incredibly sweetly, what really annoys her is that “he was laughing, Mac. Before he opened the door, I could hear him laughing.” Phryne and Jack are so acutely aware of not pressuring the other that they completely fail in communicating what they want. Jack’s sister – because that’s the mysterious woman – asks him:

“So, you’re not worried about her?”
“Because of this? No. I worry about her getting herself arrested, or possibly shot, but this kind of thing? No.

Of course, the readers just want to tackle Jack at this point, but he perseveres, and it’s probably lucky he has a clever sister. She has the same no-nonsense take on things as her brother, at least: “I hope I get another chance to meet her while I’m here, preferably fully clothed.”

In @firesign23’s “As stimulating as black coffee”, Jack has followed Phryne to England just for them to realise that they aren’t working, sexually: 

It’s fine,” he said. “You just surprised me.” 
“I’m aiming higher than fine, Jack.” 
The man actually pouted. “Well, I certainly wasn’t achieving it.” 

They have a wonderfully ridiculous argument and part ways, which is a very fun turn of the reunion in England – of course that’s not the end of it though. 

@promisesarepiecrustMaybe more?” is a lovely short take on the question of Phryne and marriage, as she wakes to a note left by Jack that seems to say “marry me?” Phryne is rattled: “When she’d first read it, she couldn’t help the words that left her mouth: first a curse, followed by “Oh, Jack, no— why would you do that?!”” As the trope is what it is, maybe he didn’t exactly – and it plays out in a lovely way.

Phryne is Very Angry.

The final humourous fic is @jeneenp/collingwoodgirl’s “Licence to Thrill” and its theme of overhearing. Without him noticing, Phryne overhears Jack talking with colleagues, and is appalled as she realises he is talking rather demeaningly about her. Everything she ever thought about him crashes down completely, the betrayal is enormous, and she walks into his office and hits him hard in the face. Jack’s reaction is wonderful – without taking his eyes off her, he asks the other policemen to leave them alone:                                        

For nearly a full minute, there was nothing but silence. All three men appeared to have been turned to stone by the furious goddess that stood before them. It was only when Jack reached up and, unbelievingly, dabbed at his cheek that she was reminded he was still flesh and blood.
“Collins—” Jack growled, his eyes never leaving hers.
When Hugh didn’t move, Jack barked again. “Both of you! Out. Now.”

And Phryne “found it largely reminiscent of a hostage negotiation. It was immensely satisfying.” What follows is a delicious conversation where he tries to understand her fury, she slowly realises that they had actually been talking about something completely different from what she’d gathered, and an equally delicious making up.

In the category angst light I place three fics. @suigeneris221b‘s “Someone is waiting” gives us Jack finding out through the newspaper’s gossip column that Phryne has married in London. He decides to immediately repress all his feelings until he can go home and have a breakdown in peace. It’s both humorous and angsty, and Mac’s telegrams to Phryne asking what the heck she is doing are great. As the trope is miscommunication, we probably shouldn’t take the newspaper’s story at face value, and we get truly wonderful interactions between the triad of Phryne, Jack and Mac while trying to make it all right again. Something similar can be said about @whopooh’s “I’d know you anywhere,” where the slightly angsty misunderstanding instead stems from Jack being feverish after a knife wound, mistaking people for each other. Again, Mac is a solid rock for her BFF Phryne. In @missingmissfisher’s “A thousand times over”, the misunderstanding evolves from Phryne having received a faulty message, which makes her walk in on Jack having dinner with and comforting Rosie, and this then leads to several disastrous attempts at contact between the two. Finally, in a lovely turn, Jack manages to communicate through the flower language, but it wouldn’t have worked out without the translation help from her solid friend Mac, educated in the natural sciences.

Finally, the end of the spectre: the angst proper of miscommunication, which obviously can be rather heavy. In @rositalg’s “Old Habits Die Hard Holding On” Phryne and Jack have just about started a relationship, and in a clever twist the fic in one single scene explores three things: Jack’s fear of Phryne wanting other men, the fear belonging to the threat of a serial killer in a case, and Phryne’s fear that goes back to her backstory with René. There is a flinch in the fic that is really devastating. Two fics deal with mistaken news of death: comeaftermejackrobinson’s “The tell-tale heart” explores a possible parallel to “Blood at the Wheel” – if it was instead Phryne who at that moment in time would receive a message that Jack had died, and also discovering that he had put her down as ‘next of kin’: “He had listed her as his next of kin and had never said a word about it. She could have killed him for putting her through this, really, had he not been already dead”. @omgimsarahtoo’s “In the Next Breath” explores the Phryne receiving mistaken news of Jack’s death when they are already in an established relationship – the feeling of loss is acute:

Her head swam, and when she dropped her hand from her eyes, she could see Dot’s concerned face, black spots swimming through her field of vision. Ha, dots on Dot. The thought made her huff out a laugh, and she clapped a hand over her mouth, horrified.

Only minutes after the news, Jack comes home to a devastated household, and acutely heightened from the thought of the loss are Phryne’s emotions and the feeling of making love to him.

The last fic is the most angsty one, @ladyroxie’s “Between the Shadow and the Soul”. In this multi-chapter case fic, Jack disappears on his way to England without a trace, and as Phryne doesn’t even know he decided to follow her, it takes time before anyone starts to miss him – a nightmare in itself. Jack has been badly injured by a person who steals his identity to travel, and when Phryne finally realises he’s gone missing, she investigates, takes help from an old friend in England, and goes to Egypt to try and find him. It is very suspenseful and the question is if she’ll manage to find him, and in time. Jack’s injuries here were so brutal that @221aubrina in “The Library” – which here can serve as a sweet appendix to the trope – wrote a wonderful meta story about the librarians that take care of all the ‘Jacks’ that have been out in circulation among the fanfic writers and have been damaged. After @ladyroxie’s fic, the librarians check the injuries and note:

“Yeah… he’ll need a good deal of extra time and care in The Restoration Lab.“
Norton shook his head. "Huh. Pretty bad then, eh?”
Harris nodded to his colleague. “We might have to bring a couple of the other copies out before this edition’s fit to be checked out again, if it ever is.”
“Think he might have to go to the Special Collections Wing?” Norton queried.

Thus we can, even in this journey towards more and more angst, end on a humorous note.

This was the February trope, and I look very much forward to reading stories of March’s trope, “Bottle episode”. 

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Why Sangwoo Lied About Not Going to the Army

In Chapter 14, Sangwoo visits Yoon Bum’s apartment and meets his landlord. While talking to them, he says this:

I already have my doubts about Sangwoo being 20. I personally don’t think he is 20, he should be more around the age of 21-22 right now, but that’s up for debate of course. He then he confirms when the landlord asks if he hasn’t gone to the military yet.

Now, assuming the person Yoon Bum saw in the military is Sangwoo and it’s not Yoon Bum hoping too hard, Sangwoo just lied. But why does he lie about this? It sounds like something very trivial to lie about, doesn’t it?

It’s because of what the landlord says after he says his age. From the mention of the daughter, Sangwoo understands they are trying to set him up with her.

Now I am not Korean but I do live in a country with mandatory military service and this question is always asked because a man having done his military service already is very desirable. 

For parents, that man will basically be considered above others to marry their daughter (I’m excluding homosexual relationships because it’s not common and is illegal in my country). A man who has done his service is strong, healthy and has served his country.  

Not having gone can translate to the person being sick, unstable, not “proper” (bad family etc.), or being a “runaway” (being called in but not going), meaning he is a coward (or to put it more into perspective, although this is a problematic word, you could say people think that he is a “pussy”). In addition, being a runaway means he is currently being “wanted” by the government and can be picked up or caught any time. Another thing is that a man that hasn’t gone to the army yet will eventually have to leave their daughter for 21 months (the length of mandatory military service in Korea) which is a big red flag.

So what Sangwoo is trying to do here is, he is trying to make himself seem like an undesirable match so the landlord won’t try to set him up with their daughter. 

anonymous asked:

Could you do a sick Yurio? I dont know... maybe with "Yurio... you need rest,you have a very bad stomach bug" I use a translator to write in english... i am peruvian :'3

The translator is working well I hope this didn’t take too long and it turned out how you imagined. I’m a sucker for Yakov and Lilia taking care of Yuri, so that’s what I wrote. Also, I love the idea of Mila with a stomach bug.  

Warning: vom and a very angry kitten under the cut. 

As soon as he got to the kitchen table, he planted his face on the wood. It was cool to the touch, and felt good on Yuri’s warm cheek. Yakov and Lilia fell silent when he wandered in, with seemingly no idea where he was. The coaches stared at their young protege.

‘‘Good morning,’’ Yakov started in his gruff voice, but Yuri cut him off with a groan. The Russian ‘punk’’s head wasn’t hurting per se, but every tiny sound built up pressure behind his eyes that made him think he was going to explode. His cheek had heated the wooden breakfast table, so he rolled his head to the side, intent on cooling his other cheek. This new position gave him a view of his very unimpressed coaches, and, unfortunately, the food they were both eating.

His sensitive stomach revolted, and he shut his eyes tight. He huffed out a gentle pant, and lifted his head from the table.

‘‘So,’’ Lilia began. ‘‘What’s wrong with you?’’

Yuri groaned again. ‘‘I feel awful.’’

Yakov whispered to Lilia that maybe he’d caught what Mila had the week before, but Yuri already wasn’t listening. He was trying to fall asleep with his chin in his hand, and doing a pretty good job of it. His eyes were just sliding shut when his stomach twinged painfully. The nausea was almost unbearable.

‘‘I was up all night.’’ Lilia scoffed.

‘‘That’s probably why you feel so awful.’’

‘‘No,’’ Yuri squeaked. ‘‘I was up all night because I feel awful.’’

The two coaches looked at each other. Definitely the stomach bug. Mila hadn’t been able to keep anything down for almost two days. Her Italian friend (girlfriend? Yuri wasn’t sure) had begged her to go to the hospital, and she eventually agreed, having to spend the night getting pumped full of liquids. If Yuri’s got that bad, he would kill Mila. Assuming he didn’t die first.

‘‘You should be in bed,’’ Lilia started. Yuri wanted to leap out of the uncomfortable wooden chair and run back to bed, but he doubted he could manage walking without being doubled over. His stomach had moved from nausea to full-blown cramping. From the pits of his stomach to his throat, his muscles were tensing and releasing, preparing to vomit. He groaned. Asking for help would be what most people would do. Mila told him she didn’t leave the bathroom because she had been too weak to stand up. He steeled his nerves and pushed the chair away from the table. He regretted ever getting out of bed.

‘‘Yuri. You need to rest, you have a stomach bug.’’ Yakov looked at him sternly.

Yuri wanted to say he was fine, but he was already gagging. Suddenly taken by panic, Yuri rushed to the bathroom. His adrenaline-fuelled body forgot to shut the door before he collapsed in front of the toilet, heaving painfully.

He could feel the presence of other people in the bathroom, and hands on his shaking back. Yuri knew he was making awful, loud sounds as he gagged dryly; he couldn’t help it. Finally, vomit spilled from his lips. He could feel it plugging his nose as it rushed through his throat. He spat the remainder out after the wave was done. Thick strings of spit hung into the toilet.

Yuri felt Yakov’s hands kneading the tight muscles behind  his ribs. For someone who had never had kids, he had some incredible fatherly instincts. Yuri gagged loudly, thin strings of bile slipping past his lips. The substance gurgled out of him sickeningly.

Yakov whispered encouragements behind his back. Yuri decided that he kind of wanted to hit Yakov. Telling him to ‘just let it come up’ didn’t exactly make ‘letting it come up’ any easier. Each gag burned its way up, nearly destroying his throat. Yuri knew Lilia was watching. She had never seemed the mothering type, but in this less-than-ideal situation, Yuri had to admit he was glad to have them both around.

Once he finally felt blissfully empty, Yuri rested his cheek on the cold plastic of the toilet seat. He wished he’d had time to put it up.

‘‘Can you make it to your bed?’’ Yakov asked gruffly. Yuri nodded.

‘‘Can’t I just stay here? I don’t want to use a puke bucket.’’ He flushed the toilet, lifting his head from the seat to avoid being sprayed. The thought of Yakov (or worse, Lilia) cleaning out a puke bucket every hour was humiliating enough to make his stomach turn again.

‘‘You can’t camp out in the bathroom.’’ Yakov said, his voice raising slightly. He was always short-tempered, especially when it came to his skaters’ health.

Yuri grumbled out, ‘‘Mila did it…’’ before pushing himself wearily onto his knees, and letting a grumbling Yakov drag him to his room.