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“anakin won his freedom during a podrace when he was just 9,” says padme amidala, taking a sip of her tea.

“he’s just the owner of the millennium falcon,” says general organa, taking a longer sip.

“he reprogrammed an imperial droid who became a loyal co-pilot and friend,” says jyn, shrugging not caring for her tea.


learned to fly at age 6. has a custom fighter named the black one and can fly anything, even a tie fighter. owns the legendary bb-8. best starfighter pilot in the resistance.

rey takes the longest sip.

“guess it’s a family thing.”


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“We Celebrate”

I had planned to post this a while ago but life likes to tell me otherwise, heheh… So now it’s the first art post of the new year (and I guess it suits it quite nicely, so hurray!) 

I had been itching to draw Stalka for so long and I finally got around to doing it and it was a great feeling! And to make it even more special, my beloved was excited to collab with me and colored it! I love how it came out sooooo so much, so now you can enjoy three versions of young Stalka~! 

I truly enjoyed making this one, and I hope you all enjoy as well! 

When writing about Team Rocket, A Guide for Headcannons (master post)

So I am a big fan of Team Rocket from Pokémon and I also read/review and edit fanfiction for my friends. If you are like me, then you have probably noticed that when it comes to writing the Rockets, people tend to go in many different directions. Some people really enjoy AU (Alternate Universe) fics, but this discussion is for those of us who prefer fics that focus on situations that have some continuity with the original anime. These fics are challenging to write because it is really hard to capture Jessie, James, and Meowth’s individual personalities. They have a lot of personality, so knowing how to work with them is difficult at times. I noticed over the years (I am 20) that the vast majority of Team Rocket fanfictions out there depict the TRio way too OOC (out of character). This post is not a rant, rather it is a guide I made for anyone who wants to write about the TRio and keep them in character. I personally watched the English dubbed version up until the start of the diamond and pearl saga, then I switched to Japanese version with English subs, so I am basing these cannons off of my knowledge based on that. If you have objections/amendments, please share them when you reblog. My goal is to organize as much as the cannon information as possible so that future writers can have an easier time trying to write the TRio. I am not trying to offend anyone so sorry if this post sounds rude. If you never wrote a fic, try it out. I don’t have my own, but I assist my friend chipotlepeppers (fanfiction.net) sometimes, and I love to review other peoples’ work.

**AN: when I say ‘writers’, I am referring to fanfiction writers, not official paid scriptwriters.

1.    When writing about Jessie:

·     BEHAVIOR: Writers often make Jessie either this overly mean dominatrix who bosses the other two around to no mercy, or they make her very, very soft. The truth is that Jessie does have a temper, but this is only one side of her. She isn’t always cruel, and she isn’t always soft. Jessie has triggers for her temper. The most common ones are: having the twerps interrupt her plans, being called old, being called less beautiful/young/nice than some other woman, James and Meowth being overly negative, and lack of food. These things make Jessie very angry and likely to lash out. Otherwise, she is generally pleasant. She is a bit moody but is generally optimistic, being known to say things like “What a beautiful day! Today is our day!” on a regular basis, which most 25 year olds don’t usually do, especially when they are trapped in the wilderness with barely any food. She is dorky, clumsy, and obviously not as bright as many of the other adults in the show, but that doesn’t affect her confidence. She is the leader of the group, which, if you are a leader, than you know can be stressful, and for someone who has been travelling nonstop for years and never has enough to eat, not to mention she is stuck with the same two companions the whole time, she is does a very good job of keeping her cool most of the time. Now for her soft side. Jessie likes cute Pokémon and babies, but dislikes small children that whine a lot and disobedient Pokémon. Not only does she say this herself in both the Japanese and English versions of the anime, but she also shows it from time to time. She also loves shopping, dressing up, performing, love-stories, dolls, and  fashion. She also cannot resist her partners begging, especially when it comes to James, and she will make sacrifices for them occasionally. She is aggressive, but she is also a girly-girl. She also isn’t that smart, even though she claims to be the brains of the group. 

·   RELATIONSHIPS WITH TEAM: Jessie is the clear leader of the group, though it is unclear whether or not she does anything other than just tell the other two what to do. Jessie and Meowth have a sibling-like relationship. They are both pretty devious and often times have ideas that are a bit more malicious than those of their lavender-haired partner. I think it is safe to say that Jessie argues with Meowth more than she argues with James, especially in the Japanese version of the anime. That doesn’t mean that Jessie dislike Meowth. Writers sometimes make Meowth go away for some irrelevant reason or treat him like a pet in their fics. Jessie really cares for Meowth, as she has been known to stick up for him and make personal sacrifices for his comfort, safety, and dignity. If she ever did treat him like a pet, it would be in a teasing way, not serious. Same with James. She teases James a lot, but she feels guilty when she triggers something that makes his very upset (like how he shouldn’t cry over lost Pokémon). They always make up after a fight, and it is usually a teary-eyed reunion for all three members of the group (so don’t tell me that Jessie is too strong to cry).

·      PAST: Jessie’s past is the most confusing yet elaborate of all (in the TRio, at least). Instead of trying to put it all together in some fabrication, I am just going to list what I know is cannon. Jessie’s mother, Miyamoto, went missing when she was five, and it is implied that she is dead. She was a top team rocket agent and a favorite of the boss’s (Madam Boss at the time, Giovanni’s mother). Jessie grew up in poverty, and her family was so poor that they had to eat snow (we don’t know if this was before or after her mother’s death, or both times, and her father is never mentioned). Jessie met James in Pokémon tech. According to a Team Rocket Radio Drama, they were both going to help a kid who fell and they bumped heads. Jessie said that it hurt but they both laughed anyway. Later they were both searching for the same book by coincidence in the library. Now I am going to assume that this is around the same time Jessie tried out for that  dance audition and got rejected, as in her flashback she looked young and was wearing a school uniform (this is from the episode. This is also the same time that her first crush left her. Later her and James failed out of the school together and at some point joined the bridge bike gang. Jessie earned the nickname “Trainer Jess”. At some point her and James split up, as she has another flashback in which she is training to become a nurse, and James is clearly shocked by this, and the Jessie in the flashback is older. This means that he never knew about that incident. She fails at that and then joins Team Rocket, where she is finally reunited with James in the episode “Training Daze”. They are not very friendly at first (maybe they had some kind of argument, or maybe they were never really that close to begin with). During training they do warm up to one another. This is when they meet Meowth for the first time and the three of them become friends and an official team. Throughout the series, we see them learn more about one another, but at the same time it is clear that they have known each other for a while.

2.     When writing about James:

·    BEHAVIOR: writers have a tendency to make James whiny, submissive, dumb, love-struck, overly softhearted, or too childish. Some writers go the opposite way and give him far too many dominant traits. James, like Jessie, has multiple sides to him. He does act childish, but that doesn’t mean that he is obsessed with donuts and bottle caps ( I think every TR fic mentions these two things). James is a guy, but that doesn’t mean that he has to be the dominant one in a romantic or physical relationship (with Jessie or anyone else). Also, James is not gay. In over 936 episodes, multiple mangas, movies, and specials, not once has James ever shown any interest in a man (I have googled relentlessly on this). Not once. Honestly, I think it would be adorable if he were gay, but he never says it or shows any interest in another man. Poor James has been stereotyped. Why? Because he occasionally likes to wear a dress, has lavender hair, babies his Pokémon, and ran away from marriage like six times throughout the series. Also, in the English dub, he used to have a cute camp British accent, which according to some is the official ‘accent of the gay’.  James does act feminine(he likes fashion, keeping clean, cooking, dancing, decorating, doing hair and makeup), so naturally he is softer than most guys. In addition to that, in the Japanese version of the anime, in the motto, he is called the ‘soft-heart’ of the trio (awe<3), and so yes, he is ‘less evil’ than Jessie and Meowth, this is brought up a lot in the TRio’s arguments. James does have a wicked side though. He does attack people with his Pokémon and hurt them. He still separates Pokémon from their trainers. In the Black and White saga, while Meowth is away with Ash and friends for a while and it is just him and Jessie for a bunch of episodes, James becomes even more wicked. Of course, it is clear that Jessie is still in charge, but they are actually very successful and get on the boss’s good side again, mostly because of James. So, while James prefers to act goofy, childish, and nice, he is still a villain (or he thinks he is anyway). James does have some major issues, it is obvious that he was traumatized by his parents and Jessiebelle. Also, though James is usually depicted as the whiney one,  I noticed that Jessie and Meowth whine just as much. And all together I think their whining is not even that intense, considering their extremely stressful lifestyle.

·   RELATIONSHIP WITH TEAMMATES: James seems to be a little bit closer to Jessie than he does Meowth, but it is clear that he cares about both of them very much. He treats Meowth like a human co-worker, and like Jessie treats the feline, as he sticks up for the Pokémon when someone tries to treat him as anything less than a human being. James clearly admires Jessie. In the Japanese version, he calls her Musashi-sama, and always dotes on her. He didn’t like her contests and performances at first, but once she started doing well, he started to really enjoy it too.  James lets himself get bossed around by Jessie because he claims it is ‘easier that way’. It is unclear exactly what he means by this, but he obviously doesn’t want to be on her bad side, and he would rather cross Meowth than cross her. Also, the he and Jessie have a lot in common as far as interests go, which is where their friendship grows. James does keep some secrets from his teammates (like how he didn’t tell them about his wealth until it was forced out of him, or how he sometimes hides food) but he never lies about anything that he thinks would hurt them.

· PAST: James ran away from his mansion when he was young, probably between the ages of 7-10, as he looks to be about that age in his last appearances at the mansion. He met Jessie at Pokémon tech, later failed and joined the bike gang with her, and after they split up, he eventually joined Team Rocket. James was assigned to work with Jessie because she couldn’t hold on to a partner. James was determined to become her last partner. They were joined with Meowth, and the rest is history.

3.     When writing about Meowth:

·      BEHAVIOR: Meowth is cowardly and greedy, and it is rare that these two instincts are over powered by the feelings of friendship and love. Meowth likes to tease his human companions about their love-hate relationship, but it is unsure whether or not he ever really thinks that much into it, as he makes wisecracks about almost everything. Meowth falls in and out of love easily, though this is more accurately called lust, as he never really sticks with a human/Pokémon for long after ‘falling in love’ with them. Meowth also hates cold or splashing water, dog-type Pokémon, Persians, being cold, and being told it is ‘strange’ or ‘wrong’ for him to act like a human. He would never evolve, unless maybe you can come up with some really good reason that will change his mind, but he seems pretty adamant on the subject, so I would avoid that when writing about him. Meowth is over Meowzie, and although he probably would return to her if she asked, that is most likely to never happen. If she wanted him, she would have joined the TRio 800 episodes ago.

·  RELATIONSHIP WITH TEAMMATES: Meowth obviously relies on Jessie and James a lot. Meowth doesn’t do well on his own, and whenever he is alone, he is desperate for company. He is arguably the most intelligent member of the TRio, not only because of his ability to speak like a human, but also because he apparently manages the Team’s finances and also builds many of those huge robots they use to try and steal Pokémon. Meowth likes James more, as he has mentioned several times throughout the series, but he tends to pair Jessie and James as one entity, calling them ‘his humans’ If one of them does something wrong, Meowth naturally blames both of them. Meowth also gets very jealous when Jessie and James do things without him.  He is usually the one to bring them all back together in the end after some kind of argument or disagreement.

· PAST: Meowth’s backstory is the most straightforward and well known. Meowth was abandoned as a kitten. He raises himself in a city and spends most of his time being hungry. He dreams of going to Hollywood, because he sees ads and there is always lots of food in the ads. In Hollywood he meets Meowzie, who belongs to a wealthy woman. She calls him a ‘dirty street Meowth’, and says that she likes humans more. Meowth takes this to heart and decides to make himself more human-like. He teaches himself to talk and how to walk on two legs. When he returns to Meowzie and shows off his new talents, she rejects him again, this time calling him a freak. Meowth runs away and eventually joins Team Rocket. In the episode “Training Daze”, we see Meowth come to Giovanni’s office. He tells Giovanni that ‘It has always been a dream of mine to become a real Team Rocket field agent’. Giovanni is clearly disturbed by his presence, and assigns him to work with Jessie and James, hoping to keep the strange Pokemon out of his way. Meowth can tell there is tension between Jessie and James, but tries to ignore it and get the three of them to work together. Eventually they end up as friends and promise to stick together forever (awe).

So that is it for the individual characters, now for some other random Team Rocket stuff:

ON ROCKETSHIPPING: Rocketshipping is cannon based on who you ask and what you mean by ‘Rocketshipping’. Some writers and shippers mean it to be a very strong platonic friendship between the two, and this is cannon. It has been confirmed several times, mostly in the Japanese version, that James and Jessie share a very special bond. Most people mean it to be something more. According to the Electric Tales of Pikachu Manga, they do get married and have a baby, though the story ends after that. This manga was written and published by someone who did work for the show and helped write a few of the episodes, but that manga did a lot of things that differed from the anime. I honestly believe, just by observance, that Jessie and James have that whole ‘strong platonic friendship’ thing down. I mean, we’ve seen them hug hundreds of times, cry together, share stories of their past, bath in the hot springs together and even sleep in the same bed. And we have seen in the past what happens when one of them almost leaves the group. They fall apart and run crying back into one another’s arms. I think that realistically, they will be together forever, and maybe one day Jessie will realize that the ‘prince charming’ was the same man she spent the last two decades with, and James will realize that marriage isn’t so scary after all, since he has been living with a woman for more than half his life already. Would Meowth support it? It depends, I think. He would no doubt tease them, like he has done in the past, but I think it depends on the situation and how it all works out.


›   Yes, Jessie and James both can dance, they both can cook, and they both can sing (at least in Japanese).

›   James did not ALWAYS hate Jessiebelle. He used to love her. Keep in mind they were once friends, and that she wasn’t evil her entire life.

›   Twice Jessie supported James getting married to Jessiebelle, and one other time to another girl. She just thought it would be temporary, though.

›   Jessie is desperate to find someone to marry. Like really desperate, it just so happens that no one else is as desperate as she is. James on the other hand, has mentioned several times how he would never get married because he wants to stay with Jessie and Meowth in Team Rocket (if only there was a solution to that).

›   All three of them love to eat. They will eat just about anything too. Meowth loves fish, and has also been seen eating cans of something suspiciously labeled ‘Cat Food”. I just thought this was weird and worth mentioning. He eats Pokémon food too though, he just doesn’t like it as much.

›   Jessie and James actually were successful in the Black and White Series. Why does Giovanni keep them around and not just fire them? In the Japanese veriosn of the anime, it is strongly implied that they used to do good work (before Jari-boy came along with Pikachu). I also noticed how he treats them like his misbehaving children, a little but differently from his other agents.  Maybe he is looking after Jessie. After all, Miyamoto (Jessie’s mother) did help Madam Boss raise Giovanni, and it could be that he is just returning the favor now that she is gone. Or maybe Giovanni really is fooled by them. Team Rocket is a big organization, and maybe he actually believes that the TRio is contributing as much as they claim they are when they send in the progress reports.

›   Jessie loves Wobbufet. She used to dislike him, now he is like her favorite Pokémon (except for maybe Gourgeist). She rarely gets mad at him anymore.

›   James and Jessie’s other Pokémon, minus the ones they released/traded, are with Giovanni. Giovanni took them, claiming that their new captures (Yamask, Woobat, ect.) were really his and that they caught them for him. They are all still at TR HQ, and the only reason Jessie has Wobbufet still is because he snuck out to be with her, and Giovanni either doesn’t know about this or care enough to try and get Wobbafet back.

›   James’ parents aren’t pure evil, as far as we know. They are, however, neglectful and selfish.  James mentions how he was always put down as a child and made miserable by his parents, schoolmates, and Jessiebelle. They really don’t care much about James. Example: despite being superrich, they didn’t really put that much effort into looking for him when he ran away, as his ‘missing’ poster depicted him as a child, and by the time he saw them again, he was already a grown man. When he ran away the second time, he presumably argued with them again, but they didn’t really go after him, Meowth, and Jessie. It is revealed later (like, four or five seasons later) that he snuck away, and that  they were still trying to get him back home that entire time.

So that about wraps it up. There must be more, so add in those other deets/comments when you reblog. I tagged all the artists, I would like to tgive them credit where credit is due. I also tagged the blogs that I found the artwork on. Thanks to @pokemonfanthings for helping me with Meowth’s headcannons and offering to post this on her blog first, @pokemonshipsblogwithteamrocket for helping me with Jessie and the part about Rocketshipping, @paradoxinyourpantshorse for correcting some of the errors and reminding me that I am not insane for wasting two hours making this post, and my little sister Meg who told me about the Black & White series, which I didn’t watch until last week (with Japanese subs though). Please share and Peace out!

so first of all, shiro isn’t a teenager,

To all my Desi followers

If you live in America, I am sure a vast number of you are feeling unwanted, unsafe, unaccounted for, and simply like you don’t matter. 

I just want to reach out to all of you and let you all know that you do matter no matter your race, religion, or gender. Do not let this election and it’s outcome define you. One man’s hateful and disgusting rhetoric does not define you. What his supporters, although seems like the majority of the country, and what they believe in does not define you. 

Do not lose faith in yourself. Do not lose faith in each other. We may be minorities in an extremely trying time, but this is our country just as much as it is theirs. We will unite and stand together and be stronger than ever. We will not let the negativity or hate bring us down. We will keep fighting like we always have. We will keep fighting because we matter. We will keep fighting for equality, liberty, and justice for all. 

If any of you need to vent to talk to anyone, always feel free to shoot me a message. I am here for all you especially my muslim brothers and sisters. You are loved. 

Okay, so I’m posting that fic.

Basic summary is: Komaeda lives through chapter five (see here for how) and once they get to the tail end of chapter six, Enoshima turns Hinata into Kamukura, revealing the true mastermind and a different final battle between hope and despair.

Pairings: Komahina, implied Komakura but you can definitely see it differently. There’s in general a lot of wiggle room in this fic for things like that. Different ways you can interpret things. Like the end of the real game, I wanted it to be vague and heavily symbolic.

Words: 4206

Warnings: Might seem OOC for some characters for people. I want to stress that I don’t think Komaeda could actually get to this point in the game without developing somewhat, and again reading the linked fic will help, since they take place in the same verse. Also, I have very specific headcanons for Izuru, and they might not match up with what you think. I hope I managed to capture him, though. I’m really nervous about this one, but I  really hope people like this, because I poured a lot of effort into it. I hope there’s at least one aspect you enjoy.

As for serious warnings, there’s nothing major in terms of CWs.

Hinata was so bright, as ever. It made him happy he survived this long, didn’t have a chance to go through with his plan. Glad Hinata stopped him.

Even amidst the despair of knowing the Tragedy, even the despair of all this death, and lies, this fake world made up to trick and entrance them, he shone like a star against the despair. Komaeda truly believed he was watching true hope be born.

Hinata-kun said I could find hope within myself, but he was wrong. Hinata-kun held that hope inside him all along.

If it hadn’t been for Hinata’s brilliant hope, how he pushed forward, Komaeda would have shattered at the revelation that they were all Ultimate Despair. He would have tried to do something reckless, something that the previous him would have thought was a sacrifice in the name of hope, for the birth of absolute hope.

This was exactly the ending he had wanted, why he’d kick started the killing. Hinata wouldn’t understand, but if he hadn’t gone through all that death, betrayal and despair, he wouldn’t have become hope. He wouldn’t have risen up and shown him such a beautiful light. Even Enoshima’s vengeful voice didn’t catch his attention at first, he was so distracted.

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Journey to Mt. Self

Journey to Mt. Self

Before I was young
I kept having this vision
An entropic precognition
Fading beyond unknown
Familiarity, recurring each
Time I thought of you …

There, I am floating
Above a vast golden desert
Embraced by fuchsia’s light
Across rain-yellow sloughs
And tangerine buttes
Reflecting an expectant sun

Upon these Hesperian mountains,
Like a coruscate of coalescing dreams;
There below me is a road, a
Single road with a single white
Carriage sloping through this
Luring vision-scape, a final

Framing so complete, I can
Smell the desert air and
Feel the sun’s warmth
Stroking my skin
Ever so lightly; at which
Point I always wake to now

Where I see you next to me
A treasured reminder that
My travel all these years,
Through all these Visions
Have brought me to you,
And these mountainous treks

Of my Life I keep crossing,
The mountains of my self
Find that you’ve always
Been within me, just above
The horizon of these visions,
An amaranth of love’s sweet arrival.

© K. James Ribble


41 poems ago, I begun separating myself from you. I felt hopeless at first —— as if I am dividing the stars from the night sky, splitting the penumbra from a sheen light. It was the most painful decision I have ever done but it would be the most soring lamentation if I had not.

32 poems ago, I begun disremembering every fractional sundries of memories with you which I used to have in the back of my mind. It is hard to forget you if I am imprison in this vast Earth where everything seems destined to bring me the bits and tiny pieces of you. I cannot just easily forget someone who touched me once but made me bleed eternally.

21 poems ago, I have learned to live a life without you. I begin life again to square one like how the universe, from a single atom, bolted its dawning and how skies are formed in the birth of another morning. I have learned to look at the night sky without sparing any thought of you. And to write poetry without my hand tracing your name.

11 poems ago, I thought that I was making a smooth furtherance to finally get over you. But I realized that no matter what I do, or how hard I try, I could never just love someone, the way I have loved you.

—  J.DG

By Jennifer I am motivated by a vast image out of here!

I like how one of these points is “shut up guys Sirius isn’t GAY”, but if you read fic where Sirius IS gay, pretty much all these Marauder fallacies are corrected. Eg, in Sirius/Remus fandom: Regulus is often a big part of the story, Lily is well-characterized, James is a lovable asshole, Peter is actually their friend, OBVIOUSLY Sirius’ childhood abuse is WELL DOCUMENTED, Remus is most definitely a full-fledged member of the Marauders, pranks and all, etc.

It’s like by locking themselves out of the Sirius/Remus fandom (”just bc Sirius wasn’t settled down at 21 doesn’t mean he’s GAY GEEZE”), whoever authored this post locked themselves out of enjoying fics that fulfill EVERY OTHER FIC PREFERENCE they have.


anonymous asked:

Heeeeey, uh I don't know if you know or not but there seems to be all this kyber crystal Reylo cave artwork going around, is this inspired by a certain fic?? Sorry if you dont know Its just you just seem like the kind of person in the know about these things :)

I’M FLATTERED YOU ASKED ME AND USUALLY I AM A VAST FOUNTAIN OF KNOWLEDGE IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF but unfortunately i’ve been a bit too busy lately to keep up with fics and thus wouldn’t know whether or not it’s based on a certain fic

if anyone knows, hey, help this anon and i out!

“Ah, yes. You think that you have killed a god. Do you feel powerful? Has your own hunger deepened?

Be wary, Guardian. There are gods…and there are gods. Not all are quite so small - and not all are quite so big.

I have seen what the Hive call a god.

And it did not look like Oryx.” 

- Eris Morn