i am v out of practice

doug effiel head cannon

• hair always in a messed up bun
• tattoo on hip of pizza slice
• floating pigment eyes, mostly blue but sometimes a flash of yellow like an exploding star
• intentionally allows people to underestimate him
• practices the waltz to the alien radio when alone
• sometimes leaves out snacks for the plant monster

AN: Thank you very much but be warned that I am not going to romanticize this. Since this is a seriously shitty thing to do.

WARNING: They react like actual humans. They aren’t happy, unkind things are being said. Mentions of abortions.

Read at your own risk under the cut.

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Late Night-Bts React(Requested)

~for the nonnie who requested some late night cuddling with BTS, enjoy~

Jin- When Jin comes home late from practice to see you passed out on the couch, he gently carries his princess to the bed and lays you down, wrapping an arm around you protectively and being happy with the fact that he gets to come home to you every night, late or not. 

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Suga- I think Suga would get a little squishy when he’s extrememly tired, seeing you cuddled up in bed and curling around you, legs tangled together, quickly falling asleep to the sound of your deep breathing. 

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J-Hope- The thought of coming home and laying with you would have been on his mind every minute since practice began to run late, immediately seeking you out and laughing when he finds you crunched up on his side of the bed. He’d lift you up and let you lay on him, so happy he’s finally with you.  

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Rap Monster- Namjoon would come home late and just look at you when he found you with your knees to your chest as you slept, finding peace in how relaxed you looked. He’d kiss your forehead to signal his return and wait for you to reposition and make room for him to hold you before settling next to you.

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Jimin- Jimin, I think, would also be the kind of guy to be anticipating just coming home and settling next to you, exhaustion pulling at him when he finds you fast asleep under his favorite blanket, shedding his sticky shirt and crawling under it with you. He’d hold you against him and letting the cuddling relieve his aches.

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V- This cheeseball would have squealed at how cute you looked cuddling up with his pillow as you slept. He’d crawl behind you and completely cacoon you, enveloping you in his warmth and love until he fell asleep around you. 

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Jungkook- Kookie would be more physical than usual, a blush on his cheeks when he finds you asleep in your chair, knowing that you’d tried to stay up waiting for him, but failed. He’d also carry you to your bed, laying next to you and tentatively putting an arm around you, surprised, but happy when you snuggle into him and resume your sleep.   

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//lol, I love how all of these gifs(which are not mine btw) ended up being black and white. Hope you enjoyed! P.S. there WILL be a story up tonight:)//


The next day, Nina was eagerly waiting for June and Hazel to arrive! They had decided to meet early in the day as Hazel had soccer practice later that day. However, before it was even 9 am, Nina got a text message from June.

“Hey Nini! I’m v sorry but I cant go to your house today 😭😭 Dad found out some1 was here yesterday so he is v angry!! He said I cant go!! I hate him 😠 I’m really sorry.. C U monday okay!!!”

Nina’s face fell as she read the message. Even though June had said that she might not make it today, she was still disappointed…

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aa hello I was wondering if I could get a match up! I am 5’4” I have brown hair and bottom is light caramel color ombre and green eyes. I love drawing but I know I have a lot to improve so I practice every day, and get frustrated when it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to. I love floral patterned clothing/cute dresses and skirts, kpop and aesthetics. I also love hugs and cuddles~ I’m very shy/awkward around people I don’t know and it takes me a while to warm up to them. thank you! / v \

I ship you with Hinata Shoyo!

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The first time Hinata saw you, he told you how beautiful the color of your hair is. He always wants to dress your hair in some weird way, he just can’t leave them be! He loves the fact that you are into drawing, for him all of your artworks are absolutely beautiful. He will sometimes ask you to draw something cute for him. Every now and then he will watch you draw, he thinks it’s impressing and calming.

Shoyo adores the way you dress, he once bought you a dress with flowers on it. He said, as he saw it, he had to buy it, because it reminded him so much of you! Hugs and cuddles? You won’t get enough of them! There is so much passion, caressing and admiration. He needs to hold onto you 24 hours a day, you might think that sounds to clingy, but trust me that sunshine brightens your mood, tells you how much he loves you and, most important, makes you feel safe.

Bonus: He definitely calls you his sunshine!♥ 

Those of y’all who follow me on Twitter might have seen this already, but shoot, the rant is going here because I am so done with the “Yuzu has become such a terrible character in just one episode” comments.

Not so casual reminder that Yuzu can’t exactly physically do anything right now. She’s trapped in a fucking tube, for crying out loud.

Not so casual reminder that Yuzu is witnessing her closest friend from childhood become the practical spawn of Satan. 

Not so casual reminder that Yuzu is a teenage girl. She’s not going to act like the “strong, crude, badass girl” at every waking moment.

Not so casual reminder that Yuzu has gone through some terrible shit in the Synchro and Fusion Dimensions and is emotionally traumatized.

Not so casual reminder that Sakaki Yuya is one of the few constants in Yuzu’s life. To witness him going through something horrible that Yuzu can’t even explain herself is not easy for her.

“Omg all she says is Yuya’s name. Why this.”


Yes, the main female leads in YGO do have a history of saying nothing but the main male leads’ names during pivotal plot moments. And often, these moments are cases where the main female leads can do and say so much more. And granted, Yuzu being captured and temporarily brainwashed by Doctor was not an ideal plot move. Certainly not original, at least.

But, Yuzu literally can’t do anything right now. She can’t even move. She’s scared. She wants Yuya to be safe.  


Just let Yuzu be a teenage girl for once, people.

ahhhh I haven’t used this in so long!! I am going to try my hardest to be more active on here but I am thinking of switching up my theme a little so that it matches my lifestyle a little better.
Yesterday I decided to make a YouTube channel and start vlogging my health journey. Please check out my first video it would mean a lot to me. It’s not the best but I just need some practice and I promise I will be putting out better content! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jnGELa2-4Y&t=23s

B.A.P Reaction to You Bringing Your 3 year-old Nephew to Their Practice

Thank you so much for suggesting this! I will be posting it today because the new B.A.P teaser came out for their upcoming M/V! Ahh! I can’t wait. ~ 
Also I would like to apologize for not updating my blog as often. This week is the last grading period, so I’ve been pretty stressed and overwhelmed.. I am so sorry for not being able to update. When I’m not studying or doing homework, I’m catching up on sleep ;-; Gahh! School is so stressful.. 
I hope you enjoy this reaction! 


Yongguk: As he and the boys are practicing for their upcoming comeback, he notices you trying to sneak in, trying not to disturb your practice. But there’s a small boy next to you. He doesn’t stop the practice, but smiles while he looks at you. He can’t help but laugh to himself because of your mother-like appearance that he adores. He would have break earlier than usual to talk to you and find out who this child is. When he finds out its your 3 year-old nephew, he would grab your nephew’s hand and ask if he’d like to join their practice. Your nephew would nod, and Yongguk would bring him to the center of the practice room, playing music and dancing with your nephew. 

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Himchan: When Himchan sees you walking in the practice room, he;d run up to you and give you a big, sweaty hug. When he finally let’s go, he would realize that there’s a tiny figure behind you. Himchan would have a concerned, confused look, wondering who’s child it is. He would have thoughts like Is that Y/N’s child that I don’t know about? Is it my child? You would realize his concerned expression and laugh, which would make Himchan more confused and worried. You’d explain that you’re watching your sister’s son for a bit, which would make Himchan sigh in relief. He’d start talking like a baby to your 3 year-old nephew and would be filled with aegyo. 

(exclude the expectation part)

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Daehyun: Daehyun, loving kids, would go crazy over your nephew. He would pretty much do anything for your nephew. When he sees you walk in with your nephew, he would leave practice just to see your nephew. In fact, he’d probably run up to your nephew first before going to you. He would love the mother-like appearance you have when you’re with your nephew and half-jokingly ask if you’d like to have a family with him.

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Youngjae: He would be surprised when you walk in with a child. He would wonder who it was and be distracted throughout the practice. After practice he would rush over and hug you tightly and ask you who the boy was. When you introduce your nephew to Youngjae, he would sigh in relief. He would start getting attached to your nephew. After practice, the three of you would go out to eat lunch and get ice cream like a real family. 

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Jongup: His reaction would be similar to Yongguk’s. Unlike Daehyun and Himchan, he would wait until the break to come up to you and your nephew. He would come up and hug you, and then greet your nephew. Even though he doesn’t know who the child is, he would be eager to introduce himself. You explain that the boy is your nephew, and Jongup would be surprised. He would lead your nephew to the center of the practice room and show your nephew dance moves. When Jongup and you see your nephew struggling to follow Jongup, you guys would laugh at how cute your nephew was. 

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Zelo: Even though Zelo is the youngest, he would act like the older brother of your nephew. He would help your nephew out when he would need to go to the bathroom or was in need of water or food. He would play with your nephew all day long during their breaks and even after practice. Zelo would also show more aegyo than usual. 

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Show me your Qunari!

I am heavily interested in your qunari/tal vasoth inquisitor OR oc to see - please reblog this with a screenshot or art of them, so I can swim in some qunari galore ! 

I seriously would like to see some lovely horned giant work out there - if you know qunari blogs direct them to me as well v_v


been practicing the cute shippy poses eue

BTS Going Back to America 2015
  • Jungkookie: Mom, what do you mean I can’t leave Korea I’m practically five.
  • V: *still thinks he’s in Korea*
  • Jin: The mirrors here make me look so much better. *files request for USA to be called United States of Jin*
  • Rapmon: Where my home boi Warren at yo
  • J-Hope: *walks up to foreigners* I am your hope, *pauses to smile* J-hope
  • Suga: *still on the plane asleep*
  • Jimin: Tony! I came back. *chorus comes out* Near, far, wherever you are.

30 day summer study challenge - day v/xxx 

handwriting tag 

I present to you my handwriting??? For some reason, when I plan on photographing things, they turn out pretty wonky. But!! I’m happy with the lettering practice I’ve been doing recently so yay! 。゚(TヮT)゚。 

I am also pretty sure of what subjects I’ll be taking next sem, and hand-lettered them to commemorate my first Hunger Games for online enlistment. ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

I found this hoodie on Pintrest and it gave me a lot of NB!Scott feels.

Like imagine Scott and Stiles in high school and Scott first telling Stiles how they don’t always feel masculine. And they’re scared Stiles won’t understand or at at least accept them, and they’re right in a way. Stiles doesn’t really understand but that’s only because he’s never felt that way. But he wants to support Scott as best he can. He helps Scott pick out clothes sometimes and when he finds out Scott’s affinity for nail polish and buys them some in all colors. He notices too that Scott likes floral things (they practically never take off their floral snapback no matter if it’s a masculine day or a feminine one) and he sees the hoodie one day when he’s shopping for one for himself. He doesn’t hesitate to buy it for them. And now it’s the hoodie that Scott never takes off.

@queerlyalex @demigirlisaaclahey I need your input okay because i am v emotional

i’m sorry it’s been so long. i haven’t been able to find the words. but i promise, you’ve been in all the poems, even when i didn’t want you there.
i sat and read your words in a language not my own. i practiced prayers in foreign tongues. i’m learning to think of you in different ways.
i talk about you out loud and let my voice shake. i’ve realized it’s better than silence.
i don’t pretend i am not afraid.
they always said you were like a rock, like a lighthouse. you are stronger than i am. you are mercy and grace. you have the power of a hurricane but you reach out to us on gentle summer breezes.
there is a place for you in my heart, right next to all the things they say you don’t want me to love.
i could never cut you out. there will always be room for you. if i’m lucky, you can say the same. if i’m lucky, someday you’ll be there to welcome me home.
—  seven thoughts for the God who has supposedly forsaken me by Auriel Haack

I am looking forward to the time jump, but I wish they’d made the time jump season 7 instead tbh. And Season 6 had been spread out more into giving us answers in practically every episode, with a few filler ones here and there. I’d rather have had every question explained properly, and answered properly, and done through P.O.V’s of others rather than just Cece for the entire episode. And also not irrelevant characters added, bring back the old ones and make them Red Coat/ Black Widow instead. These were meant to be characters who were massive to the show. Not just someone whose only been around for one season.And instead of answering questions in an interview, I’d have rather seen them all explained properly on the show. No copouts. Proper answers for everything, including how Cece became -A, properly explained, where she got her money from, properly explained (and a better way too since it was meant to be creepy), where did the dollhouse come from, a better explanation as to why she tortured the girls, more information about the dollhouse and why she took them there, the dollhouse basically wasn’t even mentioned and it was supposed to be such a horrific part of the show for the girls. i’d have liked more information!! I’d have even loved the whole of the season being a flashback to Cece going to jump off the roof, explaining everything that lead to that point.