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guys omg im so obsessed w this show

if you have some fan art requests feel free to send them!
((cant promise i’ll do them all but if i love the character i just might! ♡))


i made a new video, friends ♥

Jjanggu, Jin's dog passed away:

Jin posted about it in Fancafe saying that he wasn’t sick today he was actually feeling sad. Jjanggu passed away some days ago. They have been together for 12 years. Hearing about it between schedules was hard for Jin. But he is asking ARMYs to not worry about him (what a beautiful soul worrying about us even when he is down). This is the trans of his msg:

Rest in peace. Everyone loved you.

Please, if you have twitter. Do not tweet or post photos about it as he may see them.

I worry how permanent you’re going to be. You taught me how to put on pillowcases quickly, am I always going to think of you when I do that kind of thing? Already I remember you when I eat at what used to be my favorite bagel place but is now “our” cafe. Already I remember you in these silly nostalgic ways. What if whenever I go back to those places I still see you in them. Haunting. What if it’s been years and I’ve moved on and while I’m driving I realize I’m going to your house and it doesn’t even feel wrong. what if I never get rid of you. Like what if even if I cover up the marks you left they still show through.

This is a dedicated message to the ones who don’t know why I fangirl SO hard over Jin: THE man can sing, can joke, can cook, is strong, is educated, is kind, can dance (and don’t tell me NO! if you can dance BTS’ choreos or keep up YOU CAN DANCE), is from a good family and lived in a cheap dorm and struggled with the boys when he could just get his dad’s business, is humble and never said that his parents were rich, loves animals, treat people well no matter their age or background or race …, expresses his feelings well, Is a family guy, eats well and feed people he loves delicious and expensive food, is not afraid to wear pink because he is a man who thinks his masculinity is not as fragile nor that wearing a color mostly worn by woman is a disgrace, IS HELLA GOOD LOOKING, AND NOW ADD THIS TO THE LIST: HE HAS ABS! And in case you didn’t know, the BOI is stronger than Jungkook but he let him win because JK hates losing (remember kind?). Did I mention that he plays instruments and is good at snowboarding too? Ah yeah, he does those and he can act too (BIGHIT PUT HIM IN A DRAMA ALREADY). Wait I didn’t finish YET. He is soooo good at variety shows and is not afraid to show who he is. Finally, he is CONFIDENT, POSITIVE and lLoves TO SHARE HAPPINESS & MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH. There is still a long list but I will let the ones sleeping on him digest this one first. 

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