i am uploading week old photos

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I managed to lay hands on a copy of Don Quixote illustrated by Salvador Dali. It's coming in a week from Monday and I am SO EXCITED.

Oh my goodness! Congratulations! Will you please submit a few photos of it once you get it? I’m sure my followers would love to see it. I certainly would! I have an old edition of Montaigne’s essays (like this one) illustrated by Salvador Dali. I’ll try to find it and upload some pictures soon. 


If you ever needed an indicator as to how old the videos I post on here are this video is it. I go in chronological order, so if you wanted to check out her new stuff go check out her channel. The other day she posted a Stardew Valley video. But back to this weeks video. It’s a montage of photos from PAX East 2016. Hope you guys enjoy it and don’t forget to subscribe. 

Hey guys, my name is AllyZieMage and I play video games. And the piano. And upload random vlogs. I tend to be a cool person, I believe. I am currently in college, no I won’t tell you where, and am enjoying it. Check out some of my videos and you’ll probably laugh :D  

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MINNESOTA RECAP... two weeks late...

I apologize for being the slowest updater ever. Because I am stuck with my old iPhone 4S… it is basically incapable of uploading photos without crashing, therefore I have to upload them to my computer first and clearly that takes me 100 years. ANYWAY. 

Remember that time the boy and I drove from Colorado to Minnesota for my best friends wedding? AND for him to meet most of my people? Yeah, this was almost two weeks ago now, but I need to share the deets with y'all (under the cut because this update is massive). Before this trip, Jeff had only met three of my people. THREE. My long-time best friend/roommate since the 4th grade, a friend I met through her, and one of my college roommates who came to visit (and the only one so far might I add). 

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