i am unbeatable


She knows he’s looking at her. She can feel it, a prickling sensation at the side of her head, right under her ear, over her pulse point, that patch of skin where he has pressed his lips, has sucked and licked and bitten so many times.

She doesn’t look up. It’s difficult as it is already, without knowing that he is there, standing feet away from her and just ruining her by simply looking her way with an intensity that could burn down bridges.

She keeps working on whatever it is she is doing - paperwork? Checking the security cameras footage she had been going over earlier on their half useless computer? She can barely remember - and ignores the sixth sense she has developed that informs her exactly of where he is. It dings loudly in her head as he approaches her with measured steps, his boots echoing loudly on the sheriff station’s polished floor as he comes to stand behind her and look over her shoulder at what she is doing.

(Too close, he is too damn close…)

He makes a low sound at the back of his throat. “The cameras from the hospital?”

“Yeah. Leroy sent them over, but nothing for now,” she claims, intent on not turning to see the way he’s looking at her.

(She knows how he looks at her - heat, conflict, giddiness and guilt, all wrapped up in the swirling blue of his eyes.)

He bites his lip consideringly. “Hm. Something better show up, this must be boring as hell.”

“I’m okay.”

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@ryannorth I noticed in the new run of Squirrel Girl, in issue #5, Old!Squirrel Girl has gray hair but her tail is still brown. So I have an important question: does she start dyeing her tail as she gets older because that’s the explanation I’ve decided upon

  • me with $10 to my name: i am unstoppable. i am unbeatable. i will treat myself and simply put this absolutely essential $100 purchase on my credit card. things will work out even though i'm broke as hell and don't need another $30 bronzer
  • me with $200 to my name: you expect me to buy this? look at these capitalist pigs. inflation. consumerism is ruining the world. i will save my money instead of spending it on useless merchandise. i am a responsible, aware adult

My god check out what that guy who bought all those Rosalina amiibos says about himself

“I am 24 years old and I am the best at any games I touch I am unbeatable. I collect Sonic 1 merch , Mario merch from 1981 - 1996 and also zelda merch. I am the best there is at what I do and I love my life and I thank God for it. I am not asking u to hate me if you dislike me but thats because you are jealous of superiority.”