i am unbeatable

Barry/Iris/Savitar!Barry is my newest trash ship come join me

My New Journey

I have officially decided that the reason I am going to get in shape is to be unbeatable. I am no longer on a “fitness” journey I will be TRAINING! To be fast, strong, flexible, balanced, and most importantly educated. My mission is one of growth. And i will break barriers and excelle.

The Disappearance of John Watson

Chapter 6:

I remained in the same position for quite some time, staring down at the little diaries as if I had only just discovered my Watson. But I knew that it wasn’t quite true, that it was merely the emotion with which he wrote that was holding me captive. Hardly ever did one get the opportunity to meet another fellow as intimately as that. 

Of course, there were many questions that presented themselves to a curious mind such as mine, but the more pressing matter was to traverse the country and make it to Birmingham. 

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- “You’re totally overpowered in this game! No one can beat your ultimate form!”

- “Well. I am the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl…”

from All-new All-different Avengers Annual 001 by Faith Erin Hicks ( @faitherinhicks)


She knows he’s looking at her. She can feel it, a prickling sensation at the side of her head, right under her ear, over her pulse point, that patch of skin where he has pressed his lips, has sucked and licked and bitten so many times.

She doesn’t look up. It’s difficult as it is already, without knowing that he is there, standing feet away from her and just ruining her by simply looking her way with an intensity that could burn down bridges.

She keeps working on whatever it is she is doing - paperwork? Checking the security cameras footage she had been going over earlier on their half useless computer? She can barely remember - and ignores the sixth sense she has developed that informs her exactly of where he is. It dings loudly in her head as he approaches her with measured steps, his boots echoing loudly on the sheriff station’s polished floor as he comes to stand behind her and look over her shoulder at what she is doing.

(Too close, he is too damn close…)

He makes a low sound at the back of his throat. “The cameras from the hospital?”

“Yeah. Leroy sent them over, but nothing for now,” she claims, intent on not turning to see the way he’s looking at her.

(She knows how he looks at her - heat, conflict, giddiness and guilt, all wrapped up in the swirling blue of his eyes.)

He bites his lip consideringly. “Hm. Something better show up, this must be boring as hell.”

“I’m okay.”

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@ryannorth I noticed in the new run of Squirrel Girl, in issue #5, Old!Squirrel Girl has gray hair but her tail is still brown. So I have an important question: does she start dyeing her tail as she gets older because that’s the explanation I’ve decided upon

  • me with $10 to my name: i am unstoppable. i am unbeatable. i will treat myself and simply put this absolutely essential $100 purchase on my credit card. things will work out even though i'm broke as hell and don't need another $30 bronzer
  • me with $200 to my name: you expect me to buy this? look at these capitalist pigs. inflation. consumerism is ruining the world. i will save my money instead of spending it on useless merchandise. i am a responsible, aware adult

My god check out what that guy who bought all those Rosalina amiibos says about himself

“I am 24 years old and I am the best at any games I touch I am unbeatable. I collect Sonic 1 merch , Mario merch from 1981 - 1996 and also zelda merch. I am the best there is at what I do and I love my life and I thank God for it. I am not asking u to hate me if you dislike me but thats because you are jealous of superiority.”

Acceptance- Hayes Imagine for Anon

It’s been a few months since you and Hayes started dating. And he wanted to show you off, and prove to the fans that he’s proud that you are his. You were sitting in the backstage. Nervous.

All the boys tried to reassure you. “Just think about all of them in underwear.” the Jacks said. “Or dinosaurs.” Matthew said. “Or think of cash.” And all the boy gave their advice. As they all entered on stage, Shawn came up and told you, “You’ll be great. He really likes you, so don’t be worried. The fans will like you, even if they hate the idea of it.” “Thanks Shawn.” You smiled and he went to enter on stage.

You heard Hayes voice speak over the mic. “We have a special guest today, you guys ready to know who it is?” You slowly entered the stage, waving and you felt nervous. Ready to break down. “My girlfriend, (Y/N).” And he came over to embrace you.

You felt the fans glare at you. You tried to think of the tricks they taught you to not be nervous. Cash. Cashew. Cheekbones. Underwear. Bandannas. None of them were working. You felt yourself start to get dizzy, and one if the fans shouted. “Why her?” With that you ran off the stage.

You stared at the ground, sitting at backstage. You could hear the fans bark comments, and Hayes couldn’t take it anymore. “Why her? You guys made it sound like she isn’t worth it. She makes me happy guys. She was going to show you guys how we first met today, but I guess she’s not.” he said sadly.

The fans started to murmur and feel bad. “You guys do know it took a lot of convincing to get her here. She didn’t want to be here because she knew this was happen. She didn’t to see you guys upset. She cares about you guys.” The fans started saying sorry.

You put your head down your hands covering your eyes. “I should have known better.” you whispered. You felt a pair of arms wrap around you. “Baby, it’s your time.” You stared at him in shock and anger. “They hated me. And you expect me to go back on?” He hugged you tightly. “Trust me, just go do you. You sighed and went on stage.

Hayes bought you over, and sat next to you. “Uhm, I really don’t know what to say, but my name is (Y/N), and I’ll be singing “Invincible.” “For all you girls that are insecure, love yourself, even if you feel like there’s no hope left.” “I am not untouchable, I am not unbeatable, I am not unbreakable no. I just can’t use it never be immune to it, pain is not impossible yeah.” This song spoke to you, it helped you get through tough times, the lyrics meant something to you. “If what you say is true then I am invincible.”

You finished the songs, to see that some fans were tearing up. Hayes was smiling at you. “Guys, don’t cry. I didn’t mean to make you guys cry-” “Thank you. Were so sorry we thought badly about you.” “Okay now it’s time for me to cry.” you laughed.

“This is my girlfriend. I met her when she was singing this song, she was sitting there staring at the beautiful sky, singing this song. And ever since that day, we hit it off. And now were here today.

You blushed and Hayes came to kiss you on the cheek. “You did it baby.” he whispered.