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  • Zevran: I couldn't help hearing about your... predicament. Forgive me if I am prying...
  • Wynne: Yes, you are.
  • Zevran: ... but what does it feel like being possessed by a spirit?
  • Wynne: Why does this interest you so?
  • Zevran: I simply wish to get to know those that I travel with. Is that wrong of me?
  • Wynne: No, of course it isn't. Well... let me see. It is hard to describe. It is comforting... I... I feel safe, loved.
  • Zevran: Comforted, loved, yes...
  • Wynne: It is like being held close, cradled... the bond is so complete that I am unable to extricate myself, nor do I wish to. Wait... why do you have that look on your face?
  • Zevran: Mmm, I... I am simply imagining it. Continue, please.
  • Wynne: And there is a constant warmth, that spreads outwards from the very center of my being, infusing my body with--
  • Zevran: Ooh...
  • Wynne: Andraste's grace, what are you thinking about now? No, I don't want to know. I feel dirty. Do not speak to me.

I feel like I’m talking about this a lot, but this is just bugging me to no end.
I like collecting CGs from otome games I play. When I am unable to obtain a limited time CG, I wait for it to show up on the internet somewhere.
So it bugs me that there are 2 event cgs from Lost Alice and 3 from Wizardess Heart that I just cannot seem to find anywhere!
To anyone reading this, if you see the images that whose name I have typed out below, or if you have these, could you please let me know and send me a link? Please?

Lost Alice CGs that I still need to find:
Postcard from Luke
Postcard from Joker

Wizardess Heart CGs that I still need to find:
Message Card from Elias, Klaus, Yukiya
Message Card from Luca, Joel, Guy, Leon
Message Card from Randy, Vincent, Cerim, Azusa

Suggestion as to how to get people to become healers.
(Please note I’m talking about casual players here until you get to end, because I am a filthy casual myself)

Remove the need to cleric stance.
There is no need for you to dps as a healer if you don’t feel comfortable doing it!
and let me tell you how.

Because only YOU control your character.
*mind blown*
Shocking I know.

As people may have caught on, I am a DPSing healer. I’m comfortable switching between cleric on/off.
However, even for me there are situations that I am unable to DPS, whether group is dying, waiting for tank buster to happen, co-healer dead…
Point is, whenever I can I will DPS.

Even when doing Mentor Roulettes as DPS or tank and I would get sprout healer, I would try to encourage them to turn on/off cleric stance if everything was going fine. If they didn’t, that’s fine. I can’t force you to DPS, I can’t “magically” appear behind you and take over your keyboard/controller. Of course if group is doing good and you’re too busy jumping around rather than “helping” with DPS, I roll my eyes but can I force you to DPS as a healer?
No I can’t, if you prefer healing only, you do you.
Sure, some people might get vocal and point it out to you that you’re not DPSing on downtime but you know what, they still can’t force you to DPS. They can kick you yeah, you can also report them afterwards and blacklist.

If you end up doing end game content as healer (aka static for savage), you might wanna consider pushing that cleric on and DPS. I know some groups have the healer that is more focused on healing while co-healer helps more with DPS, but that is based on groups mindset.

But back to topic.
Point is, healing > DPS.
If you’re not comfortable DPSing, no one can force you to do it. But you might wanna consider trying it out sometimes, don’t let one bad duty stop you!


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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6


Members : All of BTS

Genre: Pretty much everything fluff, angst including smut of course

Word Count: 2.256


My eyes do not leave them. Not even for a mere second… Even if I do not want to admit Jin may be right. I am so into Jeon JungKook but deep in my head a voice tells me I shouldn’t trust him at all. However I am not going to let Jin know that he could shove it through my face. I turn around, arch an eyebrow at him.

“Well… What makes you think I care about him or you that way?”

Jin gives me a wide grin.

“Tchhh baby… You are so obvious to read. You are falling for him and its written all over you.”

I roll my eyes.

“And thats only my concern not yours.”

Jin slightly slides his hand through my arm, finishing at my fingers. Just as I am pushing his hand away. He insists and slightly leans in but stops when there are footsteps of someone. I realize it is JungKook and thank not someone else.

He casually greets Jin and nonchalantly says my name.

“Uhhh can you help me about some scene? I am confused about how should I express his inner thoughts.”

Surprised as it is, I am sure what he wants is not my help but I follow anyways. Taking a slight look back at Jin, I see him watching us with furrowed eyebrows. When we turn by the corner JungKook suddenly stops then grabs me by the arm. Pulling me dangerously close he whispers with a low, seductive voice.

“Look at you… Playing around instead of thinking about me, huh?”

I arch an eyebrow at him long with a smirk that comes out naturally.

“And look at you… You are not jealous now, are you? ”

JungKook gently put his hand through my cheek. Letting his thumb travel around my bottom lip. His deep dark gaze never leaving mine.

“This pretty little mouth of yours will get you in trouble.”

He turns me away so I face the wall. He pushes me through it, leaning his body towards mine. I can feel him. His tall body, his scent…

“Remember how you were moaning by the morning?”

I slowly nod.

“Remember how frustrating was it when I stopped?”

Even though I do not want to admit I nod again.

JungKook breaths into my neck.

“Be a good girl if you want this little pain to go.”

I feel his hand traveling down and even that simple touch makes me shiver after those words. I am needy and confused when he leaves. 

How dare he speaks to me like that? How dare he acts like that towards me? Why do I allow that? Why do I agree even if I know its just a one night thing?

My mind knows thats wrong but my body can’t seem to understand. It wants JungKook so badly so I am unable to think rationally. I wait for a while before I walk back to the common room. WHen I am back Tae welcomes me with narrowed eyes.

“Such a strange day… First Jeon and you… Then YeonMi and Jimin. People keep acting strange today.”

NamJoon pulls Tae’s hoodie to his eyes.

“And you are such a curious sh**.”

Tae playfully hits NamJoon and they both laugh. I pretend to join them, laughing along. Did he just say YeonMi and Jimin? Those two together smells fishy but the only option is to wait and see.

Soon YoonGi comes back and the shooting starts again. He calls me to confirm if the outfits fit what I have in mind. I check all of their outfits by close. Jimin’s outfit is totally on point. Thight pants, a white shirt along with blazer jacket. He looks perfect.

He caughts my eyes as I look at him. Biting his lip, Jimin plays with his hair. His usual habits that used to kill me. Well they still kill me a little bit but…

YeonMi is wearing a short, all fit dress. I simply nod then move on to JungKook. His hair is done up. His pants are thight too. His shirt is black completed with a modern patterned black-white jacket.

JungKook looks even better and makes me wet. Calling back what he did before I think of teasing him back a little. While walking I accidently keep it to close so his fingers touch my bum. Seeing him pursing his lips together I try to hide my smile.

“They are all fine. I have nothing to change.”

I say to YoonGi. He gives me a look behind his glasses.

“Fine then… Let’s start… Scene 26 from the 2nd part…”

The day goes way too slow hence I try to keep myself busy. Tae and NamJoon complains about my speed.

NamJoon eases his temporals.

“My head hurts. Someone stop her.”

Tae ,putting his pen down, looks at me with those cute eyes.

“Calm down… We are done with the parts of the next three days. Isn’t that enough?”

I reluctantly nod and Tae goes.

“Tell me whats eating you out today?”

Jeon JungKook was eating me out by the morning but he stopped way too early so I need him to finish what he started.  My mind says but my mouth translates it as;

“I don’t know… Just want everything to be perfect thats why.”

Tae geniunely smiles at me.

“A hardworking cutie but take it easy ok”

NamJoon agrees and I smile at them back, nodding.

The way back to JungKook’s home is both comfortable and weird. We both know what exactly is going to happen yet not mention it. I cannot help but talk to let that awkwardness go.

“I don’t know if its ok to ask but wasn’t it hard to leave your home such a young age?”

JungKook does not take his eyes away from the road.

“Why did you ask?”

His voice way too dull.

“I just thought it must have been hard. I mean I wasn’t that brave.”

He geniunely smiles.

“Depends on what hurts you… I don’t get hurt easily. I had times when I wanted to give up and go back but if I did noone would know my name by now, would they?”

I smile at his words.

“You sound like you are not human.”

He chuckles as he answers.

“People say so… I am either an angel or a devil.”

I give him a smirk while he is half busy with parking the car.

“Seems more of a devil to me.”

He arches an eyebrow at me with a grin playing around those perfect, wet from licking lips.

“You think so? Even if I am a devil what you live tonight will be heaven.”

When he speaks like this I just want to roll my eyes but laugh at the same time. 

JungKook wastes no time and tells one of his servants to get dinner table ready. It is ready sooner than I expected. There is beef with a delicious souce but my stomach does not take much at all. I keep playing with the hem of my t-shirt while waiting for JungKook to finish. I just watch him gently cut it, chew it. Stupidly every single move he makes gets my attention. He frowns when he sees my unfinished plate but does not say anything. He calls the servant again.

“We are finished. Clean up and I do not want anyone upstairs.Understand?

The servant gently bows “Yes sir” then leaves.

JungKook slowly stands up, helding his hand out for me. My heart pounds like crazy while walking upstairs. As if he knows JungKook watches me with a playful smirk on his face. We are in his bedroom and knowing what is going to happen does not help at all. I gulp as I step inside. JungKook casually licks his lips in the sexiest way possible and getnly taking off his jacket.

“Ohhh, I will. Impatient are we?

He folds the arms of his shirt, telling me to turn around. I do what he says and he gently removes my tshirt, letting his hands linger on my back. I feel his warm lips on my neck which makes me feel weak already. His hands slowly goes down and undo my jeans. One hand cupping my tit and the other gently teases my panties. I turn my head just to get a kiss from him.

JungKook’s kiss is heavy. Not romantic or loving but full of lust. I take off my jeans too. JungKook takes his shirt off, throwing it god know here in the room. He sits down on the bed, making me sit on his lap. While kissing me, he moves his leg on purpose. I kiss him back as my hand travels through his hair. He puts his hand on my hips, digging me down even more. 

“Don’t be shy princess”

I just move my hips unintentionaly. And once I start I cannot stop. Along with my hips he flexes his legs. I am basically riding his thigh, trying for some relief. 

Then he lays me down but pulls away. I watch him dumfounded. JungKook leaves without an explanation just to come back with a glass of whiskey. He gently puts it on my belly but its cold. My skin protests causing me to whine. JungKook arches an eyebrow.

“Its cold right? Princess I need you hold it for me while having fun with you.”

I reach to take it but he holds my wrist, making it obvious that I can’t use my hands. He pulls my panties down slowly, teasing me. Caressing my thighs, he takes the glass for a sip. Letting it travel on my nipples before he puts it back. I bit my lip because of the sensation I am trying to absorb.

He goes for a kiss while his long fingers drawing lazy circles around my womanhood. JungKook teases me a little bit more when he hears me moaning. He moves the glass down a little bit and the cold catches me in a more sensitive spot. 

“JungKook uhhh…”

He shamelessly whispers.

“Want me there?”

I nod but JungKook does not move… Not even an inch. My body revolts with the need. I almost cry out.

“JungKook please”

He finally reaches for his pants, undoing the zipper quickly. Even that sound gets me excited. Feeling his tip rubbing my core I close my eyes. He puts my wrists together, slowly burrying his big cock inside of me. 

I can feel my walls streching and him filling me in perfectly. When he moves… It must be heaven. Even though its just the beginning it feels so good. He lays down on me, going on kinda lazy.

I wrap my arms around him. His soft skin, scent, the way he moves makes me loose my mind. JungKook stops and bends me over in front of him. He gives me a spank before he fills me in again. JungKook wraps my hair through his hand, pulling it back.

My back is arched even more for a better angle for him. Between thrusts he gives me light spanks. I cry out with every single move. He lets me go and my body cant hold it anymore. I just lay down, trying to breath.

JungKook pushes my legs wide open and back. When he slids into me its even deeper. I grab the sheets as he keeps thrusting mercilessly hard and fast. Feeling it through whole my body this pleasure is too much. Unintentionaly I cry out and wander his name. 

“Please JungKook… God… Slow… Shit… “

He is so lost searching for his own release too. The in-human pace of his takes me so high.

“JungKook… Please….Ohhh my…Cum… I am cumming.”

JungKook stops.

“Tell me who makes you feel this good?”

I cry out, trying to move my hips but JungKook does not let me. I literally wander. 

Its you JungKook … You.

His hips snap back even harder that after a few thrusts I am shattered. My body convulses as I come down from my high. JungKook comes right after me. His liquid is all over my belly.

I still hold onto him, trying to calm down. JungKook gently caresses my head, giving me a towel to clean myself. I try to do it with shaky hand. Upon seeing me he helps through it. Throwing it too, he lays down next to me. I snuggle up to his glorious body. Soon I slip into a deep sleep.

YeonMi POV

I want to grab some coffee on the break so I just make my way to the kitchen. When I notice two shadows on the corner, I stop to listen. Hearing the voice I know it is JungKook and the other one… It must be that girl.

What even are they doing?

“Be a good girl if you want this little pain to go.”

Does that mean they are going to hit it tonight?

I give up on coffee and make my way back. I need to talk to him but where is he?

When I see Jimin alone with his script in his hand, I make my way towards him.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?”

He nods but simply stands there.


After my indication Jimin follows me slowly. Finally we have some that noone can hear us.

“Remember the bet you made with JungKook?”

Jimin furrows his eyebrows.

“How do you even know that?”

I shake my head impatiently.

“It doesn’t matter. What matter is you are about to loose…”


After a long time I am back with a long-ass chapter… Please let me know what you think, ok?

Hodor and Groot : A Fireside Encounter

“Hodor.” Hodor said as he entered the lonely cabin. Hodor had been living all on his own since Prince Bran wed his wife last year. His life was simple now, but Hodor missed the feel of his small friend in the knapsack on his back. Those times had far more terror, but he also felt much less alone.

“Hodor Hodor Hodor!” Hodor hummed to himself as he fed the fire and began preparing his dinner. Hodor was completely alone in his cabin except for a plant he had found while harvesting one day. Okay, it was less than a plant and more of a stick in a pot. It served Hodor’s needs though. “Hodor Hodor” Hodor said to his plant, wondering if it could hear him. The plant said nothing.

After a comfortable dinner by the fire, Hodor began to heat a tub of bath water he had prepared earlier that morning. As the fire warmed the silver tin on the tub, Hodor began to derobe. Slowly Hodor removed the heavy belt he wore around his waste, letting it drop idley to the floor. Hodor then removed his wool shirt that he wore e very day, dropping it on the back of a nearby chair. Hodors hairy chest and huge arms glistened with sweat from the long day of work.

There was a rustle in the room.

“Hodor!” Hodor exclaimed, startled by the noise. He stared around the room, looking for the source of the noise. His plant was still there. Of course it couldn’t be that. Although Hodor thought it looked a little longer than before. “Hodor Hodor Hodor.” Hodor shrugged as he decided it was just the wind.

Hodor removed his large black boots, the ones gifted to him by the remaining members of the Stark family at the beginning of the long winter. Finally, Hodor removed his brown pants, large and with the same texture as a burlap sack. Hodor was nude now, his long member swaying as Hodor spun in front of the warm fire.

There was another rustle in the room.

“Hodor Hodor!” Hodor exclaimed, this time sure he had heard something. He stomped around his small cabin, peering through the windows in his attempt to find the source. Outside the night was clear and dark. The moon shown brightly through the window.

Hodor returned to his plant. It definitely seemed even longer this time. Hodor scratched his head, then scratched his large, thick penis. As he began to turn, he saw the stick grow at least an inch. It was getting thicker too…

Curious, Hodor swung his penis in front of the stick again. It did not grow this time.

“Hodor?” Hodor said to the stick inquisitively. There was no response.

“Hodor.” Hodor shrugged as he turned back to his bath. Stooping to pick up his boots, Hodors thick backside spread ever so slightly, exposing his furry pink bung to the stick.

There was a crash! The stick exploded into a full ten foot tall tree. “Hodor! Hodor!” Hodor exclaimed, leaping back. The tree was less of a tree than a normal tree. It had two long branches, very much like arms. Instead of brush at the top, the tree had a sort of upside down stump for a head. Instead of one long trunk, it had two long trunks, ending at what Hodor thought looks remarkably like “waist height”.

Then Hodor saw the face. There were two eyes, small and a sort of black and red mixture. Instead of a normal nose, there were two holes. They reminded Hodor of a Frog’s nose. The tree’s mouth was wide and flat, stretching from one end of the tree to the other, flat and large.

“Hodor? Hodor!” Hodor demanded.

“I am Groot.” Groot responded.

“Hodor! Hodor Hodor!” Hodor exclaimed in surprise and confusion. Suddenly Hodor realized how naked he was. He grabbed a near towel and covered himself from the waist down.

“I am Groot. I am Groot.” Groot said softly, crossing the room and placing one arm on Hodor’s shoulder. Groot’s other hand went down to the towel on Hodor’s hip. “I am Groot” Groot said as he pulled the towel away. “Hodor…” Hodor said blushing.

Taking Hodor into his arms, Groot lifted Hodor and placed him gently into the warm bath. Hodor looked apprehensively at Groot. “I am Groot” Groot said, and Hodor felt good about that. Hodor relaxed, comforted by the tone in Groot’s voice.

Slowly Groot began to scrub Hodor clean, taking care to not hurt the large man. Hodor was not used to being small. He felt strangely peaceful about it. Giving into the impulse, Hodor let out a small moan. “Hodor” he said softly.

Groot began to scrub lower in the tub. Lightly Groots large wooden arms would brush against Hodors pendulus penis. Groot playfully avoided direct contact… for a time. “Hodor looked away, but his cock began to grow. Slowly at first, but as Groot’s hand came back up his leg, it could be said that the wood on Groot’s arm was not the hardest thing in the tub.

"I am Groot” Groot commented, smiling softly and looking deep into Hodor’s eyes. “Hodor Hodor.” Hodor said shyly. Groot slowly began to wrap his huge wooden hand around Hodors swollen cock. “Hodor Hodor Hodor” Hodor moaned, giving into his urge.

For a time Groot rubbed the shaft of Hodor’s cock, every so often straying to tug at his scrotum. “I am Groot” he whispered in Hodor’s ear. “Hodor” Hodor responded, nodding.

“I am Groot!” Groot exclaimed, lifting Hodor lightly out of the tub and setting him on the table. “Hodor!” Hodor protested embarrassed as Groot placed Hodors feed on Groots chest, spreading his legs wide. Hodor’s tight asshole shined with anticipation in the flickering firelight.

With surprising fury, a large wooden cock exploded from just above Groot’s legs. “I AM GROOT!” Groot exclaimed proudly. Hodor’s jaw dropped at the size, wondering what Groot’s intentions were with it. Slowly Groot resumed stroking Hodor’s cock, while positioning the head of his gargantuan branch gently up against Hodor’s puckered asshole.

“I am Groot?” Groot whispered in Hodors ear, pulling his head back and staring into Hodor’s eyes as he nodded. “Hodor.” Hodor protested, begging for a little more time. “I am Groot!” Groot said, unable to wait any longer and pressing the head of his hard cock into Hodor’s dumper.

“Hodor!” Hodor exclaimed in pain, but he did not protest.

“I am Groot!” Groot responded approvingly at the feeling of the tight flesh of Hodor’s bunghole as he thrust into Hodor. A light smell of poo filled the air from Hodor’s virgin asshole. It did not stop Groot.

“Hodor! Hodor! Hodor! Hodor! Hodor!” Hodor sang rhythmically as Groot pumped away. Hodor’s legs slid around Groot’s waste, pulling Groot in deeper and deeper.

“I am Groot! I am Groot! I AM GROOT!” Groot bellowed as he climaxed, spraying hot sap deep into Hodor’s anus. Groot hunched over Hodor, embracing him as a tear of sap dripped down his eye.

“Hodor.” Hodor said calmly, wiping away the tear and patting Groot on the back. “Hodor Hodor.” Hodor said as he pulled the now limp branch from his behind. His asshole was red and sap drizzled from it as he stood and hugged Groot.

“I am Groot.” Groot said. “Hodor.” Hodor agreed.

They laid in Hodor’s bed until they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Grayson Proposal - Requested


It was the week before Christmas. Grayson and I wanted to visit his family for Christmas because we saw mine for Thanksgiving. Today we were all going to see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. Ethan had the idea that we should go for a nice family dinner.  Grayson said he had picked it out, but he wouldn’t tell me because it was a surprise. Once he had told me that, I couldn’t wait to go.

Grayson’s family had already left, and we were planning to meet them at the restaurant. It was about an hour drive to the restaurant. We finally arrived at my favorite restaurant. Grayson pulled up outside of the restaurant, and the valet came and opened our doors. He took the car key from Grayson and took it to a spot in the parking lot. Grayson came up and grabbed my hand covered by my gray mittens.

“You ready to go in, babe?” Grayson asked while looking at you.

“Of course I am,” you said dragging him in unable to wait.

As soon as you walked in, you saw a giant table and Grayson’s whole entire family was there. Even his aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. As soon as we walked up to the table, every single head turned looking at us with pure excitement.

“Hey, you guys finally made it,” Grayson’s mom said walking up to you two engulfing you in a hug. You and Grayson greeted everyone around the table before sitting down between Ethan and Cameron. You were sitting next to Cam and Ethan was next to Grayson.

You started a conversation with Cam about what you had gotten everyone for Christmas and how you and Grayson have been doing in your new apartment. The waiter came up and while Cam was ordering, you heard Ethan say, “So you’re finally ready to do it tonight after buying that thing months ago. I mean it’s finally time to do it man.” Grayson hit him in the arm, so he knew to stop.

You ordered your food and grabbed Grayson’s hand after you did. His head turned to yours worry flooding his eyes. You gave him a small smile and twitching your head towards the waiter so he knew to order. Grayson stuttered while trying to order chicken parmesan. “Are you okay,” you asked gently rubbing your thumb over his hand. “Y-yeah, I’m fine,” he said giving a fake weak smile.

You decided to just let him go with it and went back to talk to Cam. When you turned around, you saw her smirking at Grayson. Your eyebrows furrowed together as you turned back around and saw Grayson with his head turned back to Ethan talking about whatever.

You guys finished dinner and all got into your cars to go drive to the tree. When you got there, you all took pictures in front of it. Mr. Dolan was going through the pictures when he said, “Oh Alexandra, don’t you think these two pictures would be great for next year’s Christmas card?” He showed you the two pictures. One was of you and Grayson in front of the tree. You hadn’t even noticed him take the picture. Grayson had his arms resting on your waist, and yours were around  his neck. You could just see the love and passion between you two. The other picture was of you and the rest of his family.

“Maybe you and Gray can have your own family Christmas card next year,” Mr. Dolan suggested before he was called over by a yelling Grayson. “Oh excuse me, Alexandra,“ he said politely walking away.

When he got over to Grayson, it looked like Grayson was mad about something. You wondered why he was acting so weird the whole time you’ve been here. You stared at Grayson standing there. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were to be with him. He was the most caring person you knew. He was always there for you when you needed him. You never had to worry about bothering him because he loved helping you when you had a problem. He wanted to be the one to comfort you when you were said. He protected you when you were scared. He was the one to put a smile on your face without any effort whatsoever. He’d do anything for you in a heartbeat. You fell in love with him, and he fell in love with you. There was nothing you wouldn’t do for each other.

Your thoughts on Grayson were interrupted when you heard him calling out your name. His hand was waving motioning for you to come over to him.

 As soon as you made your way up to him, he wrapped his arms around you.  “So I was thinking how about we go over to the ice rink and skate while we let everyone else take pictures and this way we get some alone time,” Grayson quietly suggested. You nodded your head and rested it on his shoulder as you made your way over to the rink.

It was beautiful. All the people skating with wide smiles on their faces. The golden statue behind the rink. Laughter filling the cold crisp air. You both went up and rented skates before making your way over to the ice. Grayson helped you tie your laces before grabbing your hand and carefully helping you to the entrance. He stepped on first his hand still holding on to yours. Once you made your way onto the ice, you two just skated around the oval just appreciating being with each other.

Grayson would say a corny joke every now and then causing you to giggle. At one point he just started to list off all the things he loved about you and why he was so happy to be with you. Your ankles started to hurt after a while, so he brought you over to the wall to rest.

Grayson stared down at his skates and licked his lips. “Alexandra, I love you. I love you so much. So much it sometimes hurts, but then I remember you’re all mine and I feel a bit better again,” he says chuckling along with you.  “From the first day I saw you, I knew I had to be with you. You were the perfect girl for me. Caring, generous, loving, funny, adorable, gorgeous, selfless, and anything else a guy could ever want in a girl. You made me the happiest guy alive when you had finally agreed to go on a date with me. I didn’t know anyone could be that happy or even happier until the day you said you’d be my girlfriend. We’re literally best friends and lovers. I can’t explain how much I love that about our relationship. I remember the day you came to me when your grandfather had died. You were so broken and seeing you like that broke me. I had to take care of you. I needed you to get better. When I saw you like that, I knew you were my world. As long as you were okay, I knew that everything else was, and that there was nothing else to worry about. You had always been there for me when I was stressed over work, feeling like shit, or just in a bad mood. You took care of me whenever I was sick. You wouldn’t leave me until you knew I was all better. Meeting each other’s family was fantastic. You fit right into mine, and I fit right into yours. I feel like we already are apart of each other’s family, but I thought why not make it better and have our own official combination of families?”

Grayson put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a black velvet box. He got down onto one knee balancing on one skate. His head shot up to yours. Your hands rushed to your mouth. His eyes made contact with yours.

“Alexandra, I have loved you since day one, and I want to love you every day that comes. I don’t think I’d even be able to not love you anymore. No, I know I’d never be able to stop loving you. Basically what I’m trying to say, Alexandra, please make me the happiest I could ever be and marry me?” he said never breaking the eye contact.

You felt a tear stream down your cold cheek as you nodded your head up and down. Grayson got up and pulled you in for kiss. You two broke apart as you heard cheering and saw his whole family standing next to you, and his dad had a video of the whole thing. He gently pulled off your mitten and slid the beautiful ring on your finger before pulling you back in for a kiss.

“Welcome to the family, Alexandra,” the rest of his family said while reaching over the wall to pull the two of you into a giant group hug.

  • *listening to the 1975*
  • mom: whAt was that?
  • mom: what did he just say?
  • mom: can you repeat what he just said
  • mom : i cant understand what hes saying
  • mom: play it again maybe ill understand what hes saying the second time around
  • mom: i still am unable understand
  • mom: wait is he even speaking english
  • mom: its for sure not english

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Hi, I have had a major injury for 3 months and I am still unable to walk or exercise as I am waiting for surgery. I have found it really hard to find motivation to eat well sincere can't exercise. I have become slightly depressed meaning I have gained weight which doesn't help the situation BUT your blog has helped me when I find it tough. Thank you. What you do for 1 person may not save the world but you saved that person.

I’m speechless. 

This is very important to me! Sometimes I think about closing the blog or post less; maybe you never think about it but I post at every hour of every day, and there are days that it’s very exhausting. Also, I receive some mean messages sometimes (not as many as the kind ones, but you know, a single mean message obscure 10 kind)  and I evaluate if I’m doing something good or if it’s just something that take me away so much time with no results for anyone. I just need some motivation too occasionally. 

So thank you, it means so much to me! I’m trying my best and I will do better in future, and it’s amazing to know that what I do is important for someone! I don’t know how to thank you enough for your words :)

Also, I really really hope you’re better now. I’m sorry for your condition, I hope you’ll be fine :)

Have a lovely day  xx