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Four skaters from Japan, Rika Hongo, Keiji Tanaka, Satoko Miyahara and Yuzuru Hanyu talked to us about their skating career before the ISU Four Continents Championships 2017.

Q = Interviewer Wei Xiong for ISU
RH = Rika Hongo
KT = Keiji Tanaka
SM= Satoko Miyahara
YH= Yuzuru Hanyu

Q: How did you get into figure skating?

RH: My mother is a figure skating coach. I followed her to work when I was three years old, and I played around the rink. When I was five, I told her that I want to learn figure skating, and that’s how I started.

KT: There was a skating rink near my home, so at the beginning I went there just for fun. It was during my first grade in elementary school. Then I enjoyed it so much that gradually I started to take regular skating classes, and before I realized, I was already a member of the skating club.

SM: I started skating when I was four. I lived in the U.S. for two years and a half when my parents were studying there. There was a skating rink inside a shopping mall, when I went there, I tried to skate for the first time and I really enjoyed it, so I started to skate.

YH: It was my elder sister who started to skate first. At that time I wasn’t particularly into figure skating, but I was just following my sister and skating with her.

Q: When did you decide to dedicate yourself to this sport and be an athlete?

RH: I was inspired by Shizuka Arakawa’s victory at the 2006 Olympics, since then I started to dream about competing at the Olympics, and I started to train hard to be a skater.

After she won the Olympics, there was a parade in her hometown Sendai, and you were the kid who accompanied her in the parade car. Do you still remember that day?

Yes, I remember I was sitting next to her, and I saw the shining gold medal at a close distance. I thought that was so cool and I was inspired.

KT: After I joined the skating club, I think being an athlete just became something very natural to me, and I never thought about quitting because training was tough.

SM: I kept skating and naturally began real training after I came back to Japan. When I was in third grade in elementary school, I competed at my first international competition. Ever since then I realized I would become an athlete.

YH: For me, an athlete equals to an Olympian, an Olympic gold medalist. When I was around five-years-old, I already seriously thought about winning the gold medal at the Olympics. But what made me want the Olympic title strongly was the battle between Yagudin and Plushenko at 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

Q: Did you already have the confidence that you were going to be a top skater in the world?

Tanaka: I still don’t think I am competitive on the international stage, but one thing that inspired me was when Yuzuru won the World Junior Championships. He is the same age as me, and the best among us. When he won the junior title, I thought it was really awesome, and I wanted to catch up with him. So I made up my mind and set my goal to be a competitive skater in the world. One year after, I won the silver medal at junior Worlds.

SM: I didn’t think about being a top skater at that time, but I strongly wanted to go to the Olympics.

YH: Yes! I remember I got the second place at my first ever competition since I started to skate, but soon I won my next competition. I was presented a trophy in that competition, and I lifted the trophy over my head, just trying to imitate what Plushenko and Yagudin always did. It was a small trophy like this size (he pointed to his beverage bottle), and I did it like this (he held up the bottle over his head). It was a small, domestic competition, I think I was five years old, or maybe first grade in elementary school.

Q: Being an athlete is tough, but is there anything even tougher that you hadn’t expected or imagined?

RH: All your time is occupied by skating, I train every day, and it is so difficult to find some time just to hang out with your friends. Also, I need to get up early in the morning, that’s also tough.

YH: The risk of injury is high, and there is no guarantee that the harder you train the better you become, so I think that’s really the difficult part. Also, I think this is unique in Japan, but figure skating is so popular here that I cannot go out easily, and there are paparazzi around, so this is something difficult to deal with too.

(Does training in Canada make things easier?)

Yes, I can get more of my own time in Canada.

Q: What’s your favorite element in figure skating and what gives you headache?

RH: I like the jumps the most. Among all types of jumps, I like toe the most, but I am not good at loop.

KT: I like doing footwork, especially when it fits the music, it feels really enjoyable. As for what I am not good at, compared to those best skaters in the world, I have a lot of work to do on my spins.

SM: I like all elements. But I am not good at twizzles, and I wish I could spin faster on flying camel spins.

Q: Could you share with us the stories or inspirations of your programs this season?

RH: My free skate this season is choreographed by Akiko Suzuki. I want to enhance my presentation, and I think I can learn a lot from her. Before she retired, we were skating in the same rink, and I was always amazed and inspired by her. It feels great that I can continue to learn from her now in this way.

KT: It is a new genre of music (“Federico Fellini Medley”) that I’ve never tried before, so it was really difficult at the beginning of the season, I just couldn’t catch the feeling of the program, and couldn’t show the right facial expression. When I made a mistake on the first few jumping passes, it felt very hard to concentrate on presentation, and hence couldn’t put the program together. But at the NHK Trophy, I did well with the first few jumps, so I carried the momentum to the rest of the program, kept the energy and paid attention to facial expressions. I finally felt I was able to perform this program well.

SM: Tom Dickson recommended the “Star Wars” music to me in the middle of last season, and we started to do the choreography right after the season ended. The music is something different from what I’ve skated to before, but I think it is so cool and I like it.

You are always shy off the ice, is it difficult to skate to something so “cool”?

Yes, I really need to pay a lot of attention to the movements and scale when I skate, and give much more strength than before.

YH: The music of my free skate was composed by a Japanese composer, if I go deep into the story behind the music, it was actually the opening song of 1998 Nagano Paralympics. My mom watched the Nagano Olympics and Paralympics, and then she wanted my elder sister to skate, so she took her to skating class. If you think about it, those Olympics were the starting point of my skating life, so I want to use this piece of music. Also, as I mentioned, it was composed by a Japanese composer, so I think I can continue to present something I’ve learned from “SEIMEI”.

The Olympics really is something special for you, isn’t it?

Yes. On one hand, when it comes to competing at a competition, like in Sochi, I treated it as a normal competition; but on the other hand, I am planning and preparing for the next Olympics, so I guess I have a special feeling for it. Of course, I want to win the gold medal again in Pyeongchang.

Your long program is called “Hope and Legacy”, and you talked about how skaters’ performances can remain as a legacy. Which performance of yours do you think is your legacy?

YH: It was my first novice national championships, which I won. I was very happy at that time, not only happy for the win, but also for my score. It was still under the 6.0 system, I watched competitions on TV a lot, so I knew only those very top skaters in the world could get over 5.5 points, but I got 5.2 for my presentation. I was so happy at that time, and my performance at that competition became my motivation of skating, and it still motivates me now.

Q: What’s your equity in Team Japan? For example, are you the one that laughs the most, or talks the most, or are you the one who likes to give advice and take care of rookies, or are you the one that doesn’t talk at all, etc.

RH: There are younger skaters coming up this season, but this is only my third year on the senior circuit and there are more experienced skaters than me, like Asada or Murakami, so I am the one who still tries to learn from the elders during competitions.

KT: I am the shy one and not good at talking. On the contrary, Yuzuru is very outgoing and really talks a lot, sometimes I cannot follow him.

YH: We are all teammates, but at the same time competitors. For example, I am at the same age with Ryuju Hino and Keiji Tanaka who also competed at NHK Trophy, we know each other since we were kids, we are really good friends off the ice, but on the ice, we are competitors.

Q: Yuzuru, Keiji just said you always talk so much that he sometimes cannot follow.

YH: I admit. I really talk a lot, but I am thankful that he is always willing to listen. Just like I said, we knew each other from long ago, so I feel like he can understand me.

Q: How about in the skating club? For Rika and Satoko, there are many younger girls in your rink, do you give them advice?

RH: I talk to them a lot, but we seldom talk about skating.

SM: I often practice with them, and I get stimulation from them, I enjoy skating with them. I don’t always do that, but sometimes I do give them advice. I also have things to learn from them, so I think it is a very good training environment.

Q: What do you like to do off the ice?

RH: I like sleeping and eating. I especially like ice cream, so whenever there is a limited edition or new flavor of ice cream, I will go get it and enjoy.

KT: I like watching movies. Recently I watch a lot of Japanese movies.

SM: I like reading books and sleeping, and I like cooking. I like something sweet, and I like Japanese food. I cook for my family when I have time.

Q: Yuzuru, you are taking university courses via e-school, right?

YH: Yes, but I am too busy training to keep up with my studies. Nevertheless my classes are very interesting. I am majoring in Human Science, it is very broad, and I study a lot about human, about computer science, etc. Recently I am really into Human Bioethics. I’ve thought a lot about “life” in my life so far, and I am also thinking about “life” when I perform “Hope and Legacy”, so studying Human Bioethics helps my skating. Given that I don’t really have much time, I try to take less courses, but study in depth and make every minute out of it count.

Q: One thing I have to ask Keiji, your name “Keiji” (which means “police” in Japanese) is so special. Who gave you the name?

KT: It was my father. He gave me this name because it is very unique, you can’t really find another person with the same name, and he wants me to be a person with strong sense of justice. He didn’t expect me to be a policeman, but I think this is really a good name, and I am glad that people can remember me by this name.

from isu.org

Today I had a minor surgery. The surgeon put some type of antibacterial solution onto my feet while he performed his surgery on me. It struck me that the smell on my foot was identical to the smell on the fetal pig I dissected in my high school biology class. It made me realize just how mortal I am. How I could be just as dead as that dead fetal pig from biology class. The surgeon sawing back and forth into my fleshy toe just as I did with the pig. How humans aren’t as special as we think we are, aren’t as immortal as we think we are. We live and die, just as any other creature on this earth. Needless to say, after this surgery, my will to live plummeted significantly.
—  Anonymous


//On the side note… not sure why Anon asked me specifically but thank you for sending the question, I appreciate it! I will put my thoughts under the cut :)

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Memory Lane

Summary:  You are writing your wedding vows, when your mind take you to a few memorable moments of your relationship with Steve.

Words: 2815 (Officially the biggest thing I ever wrote .Every fic that I wrote about Steve is bigger than the last one.)

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Flashbacks in italic. Fluffy and Smut (oral sex and unprotected sex be safe kids.) You might want marry Steve and know about the 5 date after this.

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Have you ever wonder what was the exact moment you fell in love for someone?

You look at your fiancé Steve sleeping so peacefully by your side. His eyelashes are resting in his face and he has a small smile on his lips. Your hands start to caress his hair and he pulls you closer nuzzling you in to his chest.

You remember when you met him. It had being so awkward but at the same time you felt a connection that you never felt before.

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nighttimepixels  asked:

okay man am i torn on questions, buuut let's go with: what's your favorite cheesy pickup line, & if you were in a terrible (by which i mean excellent) shoujo reverse-harem style anime, which harem character archetype would you be - and which archetype would you most likely be a sucker for? for me, cheesy pick up lines are /everything/, even -grab a sugar packet and toss it to you- "hey, dropped your nametag~". + i'd be 'easygoing best friend', aaand am a sucker for the secret-romantic bad boy;;;

Oooo, this is good stuff!  I love cheesy pick-up lines!  
But man, my all-time favorite line is “you remind me of my pinky toe–little, cute, and i’ll probably bang you on the coffee table later tonight.”

Damn, if I was in a reverse-harem anime, I’d probably be… the tomboy smart one that ends up having to help the dudes with a study session.  

I’d be a sucker for the “Perverted but Gentle” type orrrr the “Hero”–you know, the person that saves me from getting mugged or falling into a river or something.  

s i l l a g e | pt. five

Pairing: Reader / Jeon Jeongguk.

Genre: Soulmate!AU where soulmates are drawn to one another by the infliction of physical touch, whether it be pain or pleasure. But it is only initiated once the two people somewhat interact.

Count: 6,152 words.

Warnings: A lot of pain and disgusting kids in love.

from jeon:

hey who’s this

You scoff at the screen. It is nearing midnight, four hours since you have seen Jeongguk in the flesh before he dissolved into the shadows like a ghost, blending with the darkness that he claims to come from, having not a clue that he has bones made of liquid gold, a radiance that can compete with the sun. In the meantime, you have cleansed your skin of salt and sand beneath steaming hot water, eaten a very basic dinner of steamed rice and omelette – oh, the thrills of college student life! – and successfully dodged Joy’s suspicion in her words of Where on earth were you? Why are you trailing sand like an ant?

The decision was made to not tell her so soon. You like having him as your little secret, for the while.

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anonymous asked:

How do I find out what type of witch I am? I love space and the galaxy. I love the sea, water and the rain. I love snow, toe nail polish, sleeping and the internet. I'm new at this, and very young. I don't know if I should even be a witch but I find this all very exciting and new, it's something that I would have never thought of due to my family hating this type of stuff. I just feel like if I know what type of witch I am, I'll know if I should even continue this stuff.

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I actually just answered another post similar to this one this morning.  Go and check that one out for your answer here!

You know, I like words and letters as the next guy.
But, something always bothered me about them.
And, well, it seems you like words too,
and…well, it also seems you like me when I talk.
You find it relaxing.
It’s a good way to unwind and relax after a long day.
Just reading.
So, back to the topic at hand.
The alphabetical order, is kinda strange to me.
I mean, who decided that the A should be the first letter
and the B the second?
Who thought that the alpha could be better than the beta?
And then, it hit me.
I know it seems just a ramble.
I know that you are having an hard time following me,
as you are getting so relaxed,
so sleepy,
so ditzy.
But, please. Let me continue.
The pleasure of reading my words is stronger than the sleepyness.
But I know that each letter I type make you feel wonderful.
And relaxed.
Your body is getting limp.
Your arms are getting lighter.
And lighter.
You feel the relaxation invading your body from head to toe.
And, speaking of toes, your are curling in pleasure right now. Am I right?
But let’s go back, just a for a minute to the letters.
I don’t want to interrupt this moment for you.
But, you know, more letter, more pleasure.
It’s a win-win situation.
So, I do not think that some guy just got up one morning and said
“I think that the Alpha should be the first letter of the alphabet”.
I think that the alpha just….decided.
That being the first
that being the most important letter.
Was just its rightful place.
And the beta, just….complied.
Sounds strange?
Farfetched even to your sleepy mind?
Well, listen to me for a second.
Even though i’m starting to think that you do not want to stop doing that.
The thought of doing it is repulsive to say the least.
Reading is good for you.
Reading my words, is just better.
Better, and better,
With each letter.
The pleasure grows.
And grows.
And your mind gets a bit…emptyer.
So, the alpha, decided.
Or, maybe, the Alpha.
Yes, it’s better if I spell it that way don’t you think?
Yes it is.
It has…a charm to it.
It has…a strange effect on you.
It makes you feel small.
But, it’s not a bad sensation.
Not bad at all in fact.
But, it is only one letter.
An Alpha.
So good.
Even if your knees are getting shaky.
Even if you are starting to feel smaller, and smaller.
It’s just….so good.
Because, you see.
The Alpha, decides.
And the Beta, just follows.
The Alpha is first.
The Alpha command.
And the Beta, just follows.
It’s just natural.
It’s as simple as A,B,C….
You see?
The Alpha leads.
The Beta….obeys.
And since we are talking about letters,
have you ever noticed how beautiful of a mix of words “Obey” is?
Observe, Bow, Enjoy yourself.
Obedient, Beta, Experience Yielding.
It’s like music.
You can make an entire generation swoon with just seven keys.
Just imagine, what it could be possible to do with 26.
Language, words, letters.
Entering your sleepy, and empty mind.
My words,
My letters.
I am conducting this wordy orchestra, and your mind is just dancing.
Like a puppet on a string.
And it’s a marvelous show I must say.
You are following along so nicely.
But, it’s only natural.
Because, you see, not only letters has this power over you.
Even people do.
And, some people, are an Alpha.
Some, are a Beta.
Maybe you have heard this theory before.
And maybe you laughed at that.
How can an human being just have this power over people?
Well, you have been reading my words for a while now.
You gave me your full attention.
I was your centre.
Your focus.
Your Alpha.
Let’s check the sign okay?
Shaky knees.
Willingness to listen to each and every word I say.
Craving to have more and more words to fill your empty mind…
And an urging feeling to just stop doing what you are doing.
And just obey.
They are not just letters anymore.
They are your whole world.
Just for this moment,
just for this single instant in time.
You are frozen,
locked into a cage made of letters.
And you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
Because in this, small moment.
You have lost each, and every letter that you know.
Except for:
and of course, Alpha, and Beta,
The second, is what you are.
The first…well, the first is me.
I am your Alpha.
And you are my Beta.
There is no fear in you.
There is no doubt.
You need guidance.
Some human lead,
some follows.
And you are so good at following.
That you never wish to stop.
That’s what a good Beta do.
That’s what you do best.

To me, there are five different types of love.

1) Blurry eyes across a dance floor. Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me. Toes tapping and knees weak, hot and sweaty passion. Found only in the darkest of rooms, in the loudest of places, one kiss and every ounce of love gone with the rush of the crowd. Her lips mark my pillow but I have never seen a face as soft as hers leaving for work at 7 am, coffee rings around her eyes, lip stick stains on her hips- maybe we’ll meet again.

2) Every night like clock work, my eyes start watering like the sting of a Mexican pepper and trust me, I burn red from the heat of it. Tossing muttered breathed curses, I am a ball of rage that only her coldness knows how to soothe, a wind tunnel of hatred. And although I delete her number, I curse insanely whenever her name is mentioned, ringing like a warning label, I still answer her calls, I still go for walks, I still get green eyed at blonde hair and a glowing tan, but I hate like a green tree cobra only her arms are the branch that I reach off of.

3) We met under a bus stop. Love asked me if I was ready for her and I still haven’t had time to answer. My voice shattered like a steam engine, howled like the nature of a wolf, this love I did not know how to tame. I was always one step behind, until there was a sad trail of footsteps leading away from her to my bare feet. With her, I was desperate to stay young, stay hidden, stay innocent, but in the end unpredictability met responsibility and they crashed head on like a motoring accident.

4) Bowl cuts. 7 am glasses of whiskey. Moon rimmed glasses. We had nothing in common. Although, I wore paisley shirts and did cocaine behind a cricket field, who am I kidding I was out of my depth. She walked like a run away model, and I was the train of her dress skipping along behind her-I held my cool until I was caught in the door frame. I loved the idea of this love with everything that I am, but 60’s raves aren’t my style.

5) People say there is always one love that got away, but you didn’t get lost you fucking ran. I was out of breath trying to keep up with you. Although I cracked my bones to build some sort of relationship structure, you were the first to find fault with every blue print. And I tried to look like I had some form of basic sanity to keep her beside me, but I think she enjoyed mysteries so much eventually she became one. And after that, I could never work her out.

i just washed my hair and basically i have to wait like a minute for my conditioner to like work before i rinse is that how you call it JJSSJSJ yeah whatever blabla idk it says so on the packaging and so i was standing there and i noticed. my toes KSKSAJJAJS and i automatically. thought about that one picture of tens toes and i noticed our toes look really similar? like. KWJQHSJS WHY AM I TYPING THIS


Bits from Aoi Hono II (Yuzuru’s 2nd autobiography) 

Scene 3 (2012 nationals 1st victory)

‘Parisienne Walkways’ was a programme that kept making new world records   [my note: 1st time was at Skate America, Oct 2012, SP score of 95.07. Then it broke records 3 more times, the last one being 101.45 at Sochi Olympics in 2014.]   It was choreographed by Jeffrey Buttle in Canada. ‘When we hear this music, we think of Yuzuru Hanyu’, ‘when you say Yuzuru Hanyu, it’s this music’, this was said among the Japanese people later on. 

Hanyu said this about his first impressions of it.
“At first, I felt it was a ‘Jeff-like’ programme; I thought it would be better that Jeff himself did it. (laughs)  But as I skated it more, a lot of my own choreography also came out.”

{my thought:  I’m so glad he did not seriously ask Jeff to skate it himself!}

Scene 4  -A painful battle- 
(late 2012-2013 season)

[some parts are summarised]
Dec 2012 Grand Prix Final was in Sochi, Russia.  Final results, Hanyu was 2nd. (my note: 1st Daisuke Takahashi, 3rd Patrick Chan).
After GPF, he was hit by bouts of ill health.

Soon after GPF free programme, he had fever and vomiting. He could not attend the interviews the next day nor perform at the exhibition.
13 days later, it was Japan Championships in Sapporo, Hokkaido. He had not yet returned to top form but he managed to give a steady performance. He was 1st in SP, 2nd in FP, and overall, he was 1st. This was his 1st win at the nationals in senior level.
(my note: 2nd was Daisuke Takahashi. 3rd Takahito Mura. 4th Nobunari Oda.)

2013 Feb 8-11 was Four Continents Championships in Osaka. He was in 2nd place. (1st Kevin Reynolds. 3rd Yan Han.)  After this, he intended to prepare for World Championships which would be in a month’s time (March 10-17).

However, upon returning to Toronto, he became ill with influenza. He had high fever and could not practise at all for 10 days. When he could finally get on the ice again, it was end February. Trying to make up for his lack of practice, and in the absence of Coach Orser who was at Junior Worlds, Hanyu practised desperately and this resulted in him injuring his left knee. He had to rest it for 7 days. When he could return to the rink, it was March 6, only one more week to Worlds.

March 13, short programme at World Championships in Canada, London. He fell on the 4T and made another mistake in the combination jump. His 'Parisienne Walkways’ which had broken world records twice this season (95.07 at Skate America and 95.32 at NHK Trophy) was given only 75.94 points and he was in 9th place. The gap in score from 1st place Patrick Chan was 22.43 points.

After the SP, Coach Orser revealed that Hanyu had a left knee injury. When reporters asked Hanyu about it, he did not want to elaborate. “Can we talk about that after the free skate?” he said.

After SP, there was a free day before the FP. During official practice in the morning, the old injury in his right ankle which was sprained during Worlds one year ago flared up. Most likely it was because he was trying to protect the left knee and put more burden on the right leg.

So now both legs had problems. Without painkillers, he could not perform. But using painkillers, some of the delicate feelings in the steps and jumps would be lost too. Hanyu decided to take just enough painkillers for the feeling to remain in his legs. He endured the pain and faced the rink.

“With my left leg injury, I was feeling hopeless. 'Why did it turn out like that?’ I really cried after my short programme. But I don’t think it was shown on TV. (laughs) But, because it was I myself who had decided to compete, and also for Japan, I wanted to give it my best efforts, and I psyched myself up for the free programme.”

FP, he was number 13 to skate, in the 3rd group, 1st to go. He landed the 4T and also the 4S although it was under-rotated. He continued to land the rest of the jumps. When he finished, he let out a loud yell and crumpled to the ice on his knees. His FP was 169.05, 3rd place. Overall, he rose up to be 4th (from 9th place after the short).

Daisuke Takahashi was 6th, Takahito Mura was 8th. For the Japanese skaters in this competition, they carried on their shoulders the quota of '3’ for Sochi Olympics men’s singles and they achieved it.

“There was quite a lot of pain but thanks to the painkillers, I could do it. […]
About the injury, Brian and Tracy spoke about it, but I really wanted to keep it hidden until the end. […]
I could not help feeling anxious. Brian was giving me various advice but I was so nervous, I didn’t hear much of his words. […]
As the Japanese national champion, I had a responsibility (to secure spots for the Olympics), but what I had done to reach here became like nothing, so it was a very tough situation. [….]
I thought, if I don’t do it now, I will regret forever, and so 'no matter what it takes, I will do my jumps’, 'I will give all I have to challenge it’. Withdrawing from the competition or avoiding quads were not in my vision field at all. 'I will definitely make it’, that was all I was thinking.”

Before the competition, Coach Orser suggested to Hanyu to do 2 quad toeloops instead of one quad toe and one salchow. Because his 4T was much more stable than his 4S, it would lessen the burden on his (injured) body and on his mind. But Hanyu refused. Because his aim this season was to skate with 2 types of quads. Once he has skated to a programme, he does not want to skate to a layout that is lower than that.

“Without lowering the layout, I tried my best and skated right to the end, and so I am satisfied. Practice is really important. What I have done for one year does not disappear after I rest for one month. (Because of ill health and injury) I could only practise properly in the 4 days before coming here (to Worlds).  2 days I was just skating for one hour, then the remaining 2 days I was skating and going through the programmes with no jumps and then doing light jumps. I did not do quads. […] Just as Brian said, what I have accumulated over one year, it will all come together right at the very end.”

Hanyu had to decline participation in the gala exhibition. He flew back to Japan for a thorough medical examination. He also had to miss World Team Trophy in April.
[next chapter: 2013 summer]

-my sharing; NOT a proper translation, many parts are left out.  Pics from internet (thanks to original owners).

A fanmade video that I really like, showing Yuzu at Worlds 2013:  Here’s to Your Amazing Season

Good Humor - 4


a/n: shout out to @frecklefaceb@beautifulramblingbrains@metalmox736@liveandbreathgeek@felywrites@notjaicourtney

Im always like what should i put warnings for? like there is a 100% chance that something i write includes something inappropriate 

Captain Boomerang X OFC // Suicide Squad

Word count: 2,700 even

4. Slumber Party

Waking up everything hurt.

The worst was my foot. I could feel the dull throbbing as I laid there was my eyes closed. It matched the throbbing in my head. I groaned, clamping my hands over my eyelids as I rolled over in the bed, the sheeting pulling tight around me. I hissed as the cloth brushed against my toes, my eyes shooting open from the pain. I found myself face to face with her royal highness, Queen Snugglepuss.

“Oh gross,” I mumbled, pulling my face back. I sat up and looked around realizing I was curled up in bed sheets and not on the couch. Had I really slept here? Did he sleep here? Peeking under the sheets I found I was still wearing my underwear …and a vomit stained t-shirt.

“Oh groooss,” I reiterated to myself as I swung my legs over the side of the bed, sitting up right. I held the front of the shirt out at arm’s length as I gently stood up, hobbling to the bathroom. Once I had the door closed I pulled the cotton shirt over my head and tossed it to the side.

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The Punk Next Door ~ Chapter 6: Daddy's Little Girl

Chapter 6 : Daddy’s little girl

Chapter: 1-2-3-4-5

A punk Niall imagine continues~

“(Y/N)! Me and your dad are out! We are back around midnight! Please don’t make a mess!” my mom yelled upstairs. I chewed on my pencil. “okaaaayyy! Have fun!” I yelled back. I hate making homework, especially Chemistry. I groaned “ I am going to give uppppppp.” I flopped my head on my desk. I need some fun for fuck sakes I thought. I have been busy since 5 pm when I got home and now its 7 pm. I slid off my chair and walked downstairs. I looked in the fridge for something to eat. “Oehhhh sushi.” I grabbed the box with 20 pieces of sushi. ‘For my baby girl. Have a nice meal. X mom and dad’ I smiled and rolled my eyes. They are soooo protective…if they only knew about me and Niall… I shaked my head and laid down on the couch as I zapped trough tv channels. I decided to leave it on Cartoon Network, cause I kinda like Advanture Time. As I took one bite my phone started to vibrate. I groaned “ You distract me from my food biatch.” I took it and saw it was a text from Niall.

Helloo beauty, Wha r u up to?

I giggled, he is so lazy that he cant type normal words
Not much, just eating and watching tv.
Where = ur parents car? U home alone?
It’s gone and yes I am home alone.
Ok, I’m coming

I giggle. He is such a weirdo sometimes.
It took him 5 seconds and he was knocking my door. I bounced up and walked to the door to open it for him. “Hello Ni.” I said and stood tippy toes to kiss his lips short. Niall pouted “is this all I get?” “Yeaaaah, you need to deserve it baby.” I giggled and sat back down on the couch. “Do you have any food?” Niall asked as he dug into the fridge. “I only have sushi.” I said and pointed at my lap. “Blergh I don’t like seaweed.” He made a nasty face. I laughed “What kinda pizza do you want?” “Extra large Pepperoni pizza.” He smiled and sat down. I nodded and called the pizza deliverer. “Done.” I said and threw the phone away. He laughed and kissed my neck. “You smell nice.” He murmured in my neck. “My new body lotion.” I stuck a piece of sushi in my mouth. “Hmmm it smells like ehh…” Niall thought long. “Coconut and hibiscus” I giggled. Niall sniffed once more. “Hmm so good.” He growled low. “Hm-mm” as I ate further
After Niall finished his pizza we went upstairs. “How late are your parents back?” Niall asked as he jumped down on my bed. “Ehm midnight.” I said as I closed my chemistry books. I  turned around and looked at him. “Hm that’s great than I have you all for myself.” He smirked.
“How do you want it?” I smirked back. “Surprise me with something sexy babe.” He bit his lower lip. I nodded. “As you wish…daddy.” I bit my lip and walked to my walk in closet. I heared him moan softly when I call him daddy. I looked around in my drawer for a sexy lingerie set.( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?.locale=nl&id=150063790 )
As finishing touch I slipped into my heels and leaned in the doorway. “And daddy?” I  bit my lip. “Holy fuck.” He gazed at me. “Come here little girl.” He growled sexy. I nodded “Okay daddy.” And I sat down on his lap. Niall stroked over my thighs. He looked at me and kissed my neck hungry. “Hmmmm” I moaned soft. Niall smirked and stroked over my panties. I always hated teasing. “Hm..m…mmm please.” I moaned. “Please who?” he growled and took my lower lip in his mouth. “Hmm pl..please daddy.” I moaned. He nibbled on my lower lip and let it snap back. “Good girl.” He smirked and laid me down. He opened my legs and pulled my thong down. Niall snuggled his face between my legs and started to lick my slit. I moaned and leaned my head back. “Like that baby girl?” he sucked on my clit. “Y..Y..Yes daddy.” I moaned. “Good.” He smirked as he started to eat me out. His tongue stroked every inch off my vagina. He sucked on my clit and leaned his head back, snapping my clit back to its place. “Ahh!!” I moaned and arched my back. Niall smirked and plunged 2 fingers in me and started to pump them very fast. “Ahhh!!” I moaned very loud. I stroked trough his hair and tugged on his roots. “I..I am close daddyyyy!” I moaned out. “You have permission to cum.” He hummed against me. I arched my back and let the juices leave my body. Niall came up and pulled my bra off and gave my nipples some attention. Niall stripped himself from his clothes and lined up. “Ready baby girl?” Niall asked. I nodded and he slammed in. “Ahhh!! Daddy!!”I moaned and leaned my head back. Niall pushed my legs up and pushed them against my chest so he could go in deeper. “Ahhh!!” I moaned out. I absolutely loved this position. “Like that baby girl hmmm!” Niall moaned and spanked my ass. “I absolutely love it AH!” I squealed when he hit my g-spot. Niall leaned his head against my forehead. “Open your eyes, look at me.” He moaned low, so incredibly sexy. I opened my eyes slowly, its hard to keep them open with so much pleasure. “Ahhh!! F..Faster Daddy…f..f….finish me.” I moaned and looked into his dark blue eyes now. Niall nodded and smirked as he stopped, made himself steady. And without a warning, Niall started to pound into me like there is no tomorrow. “AHHH!!!! FUCK FUCK!!” I screamed out. “AHH!! That’s more like it FUCK!!” Niall moaned out loud. The familiar feeling started to grow bigger and bigger. I grabbed his shoulders and let myself go. I squeezed into his shoulders as I came hard. Niall explodes right after me. He rode it out and pulled out. Niall stroked hair out my face and kissed my face and body tender. That’s not like him to do that.. As Niall finished he pulled me into his arms. “You are daddy’s little girl.”He kissed my head soft. “Only yours.” I smiled and closed my eyes, I was already tired and it was like 9.30 pm. But oh well, I lay in the arms of the guy I love so much….~

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Happy Go Lucky Part 2

You were tossed on the ground by the Mayan like a rag doll, laying there not moving. You heard Happy yell your name as you were being dragged off, but you had to continue the charade if you wanted to pull this off.

You felt the Mayan’s hands on you, it took everything you had in you, not to throw up. You open barley open your eyes, raising up, you throw your elbow catching the unsuspecting man in the throat.

“Fucking biker whore!” He backhanded you, you felt your check splitting open. He hits you three more times, reaching down, you pull out Happy’s knife, and plunge it in his neck.

You take satisfaction when he screams like a girl, you pull the knife out of his neck, Shoving him off of you, you give him a kick in the ribs, you turn to walk away, when you hear gunfire.

“Happy!” You took off at a run,you didn’t get very far when you smack into a wall of muscle, arms smack around your waist. You instincts kick in and you start to fighting.

“Hey Princess!” He gives you a good shake, you look up to see Happy. He touches your face. “Are you whole?”

“I’m fine, I’ve had worse scrapping with Opie and Jax growing up.” You smiled up at him.

“Where is he? I need to take care of this, I’ve already called the guys.”

“He’s over by the bushes, bleeding out.” You walked over to Happy’s bike, pulling out your purse from his saddle bag, you pulled out a mini first aid kit, and took care of your cuts and abrasions.

Happy walked up behind her,his hands on the small of your back. “Why didn’t you run like I told you to?”

You couldn’t believe it, you helped save his ass, and now he was being a giant fuckstick. You whipped around, glaring at him. “Un-fucking-believable! I just saved your ass from being killed by Mayans and your being ungrateful!”

He let out a growl. “If you hadn’t been a spoiled brat, and just done what your were told; there wouldn’t have been this issue!”

You knew you were playing with fire, but you really didn’t care. You shoved him with all your strength, you laughed when he stumbled a little. Mr. Grumpy Ass, deserved it. “Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not the type of woman, that just does what she’s told. Gemma was the major, female influence in my life growing up. I have her o thank for who I am”

He was standing toe to toe with her, his hands balled in fists, his  jaw clinched, his breathing labored. You could tell you might have pushed him too far, maybe it was the adrenaline still in your system from the events.

You had to get away from him before you killed him, or he killed you, grabbing your things, you started walking back towards Stockton. You heard him growl, and heavy boots coming running after you. You were lifted off your feet, and thrown over his shoulder. His hand swatted your ass, you let out an indignant yelp.

The bastard actually laughed. “Settle down Princess, or I’m tying you up! When I tie you up, I want you to enjoy it!”

You were seething inside, as soon as your feet were on the ground, you were so kicking his ass. You’d had just about enough of Happy Lowman, the man was a pompous ass!


The club rode up on the scene, most of them chuckled knowing how you were. You’d been a hellcat, you’re entire life, most of the club members had been subjective to your temper.

They felt sorry for their brother, but they still got a laugh at his expense. Miles  drove the flat bed, to take the Mayans bikes, and possible Happy’s back to the shop.

Juice had drove the van, to take the bodies, to be disposed of. Chibs had her sitting in the van, he was looking over her.

“What happened here love?”

“A Mayan showing me he didn’t appreciate me fighting back. It’s not that bad!”

“What was going on between you and Hap, when we got here?”

“A difference of opinion. I was going home, I was tired of the shit and drama, and he was insistent that I come to Charming.” She loved Chibs, he was one of her favorite people. He’d always been kind to her, especially when Opie and Jax were being terrible.

“We love you lass. We’d only bring you in, if it was necessary. Will you please come back to the clubhouse with me?”

“Okay…you win.” You hopped out of the van, following him to his bike.


Happy watched (Y/N), following  Chibs to his bike, smiling and laughing. She put her helmet and climbed on the back of his bike. She wasn’t acting like a spoiled brat.

He hated to admit it but he kind of liked the fact that this girl could take care of herself, and wasn’t afraid of him. He helped load the Mayan into the van, impressed that she was able to fight off a twice her size.

He’d have to see if she really was a spoiled brat after all, they were going to be locked down in the clubhouse together..


You really were not looking forward to being stuck in the club house with that pompous ass. Maybe you’d get lucky and be able to hide in a dorm room, or help Gemma in the office.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, well apparently they hadn’t been locked in a club house with Happy Lowman. It might not kill her, but she may kill him!

Dear Future Mother-in-law,

I’ve seen two types of relationships between mother-in-laws and their daughter-in-laws. They’re either respectful and kind and loving to each other or they hate each other’s reputation to anyone who will listen. This is to tell you that even if you and I may have difference in opinions, I will never do this to you. Even if we may disagree on certain things, it’s okay, it’s quite normal among generation gaps.

This is to tell you that I will always love and respect you no matter what. Words cannot express how thankful I am to you for creating the man with whom I have chosen to spend my life with, with whom I have fallen in love. Without you, he would not exist and I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else other than him.

You did a good job with him. I want you to know that to me you are not just his mother. I consider you my own as well and I will honor you like my very own. If you ever need me, I am going to be here for you. If needed, I will take care of you as I would my other mother if she needed me to.

I am not going to say it will be easy because we both know this is untrue. At times we will step on each other’s toes and drive each other nuts but I ask that we deal with it as adults rather than start hating each other. You have your ways and I have mine, who knows we may even find a way to compromise.

Please don’t think that just because I am married to your son that I am going to be the type of wife who tries to take him away from you or discourages him from spending time with you. If anything, I will applaud it. I will encourage it as it is what he ought to do.

I can’t promise you that I’ll be the best wife to your won because I am flawed and I’ll make mistakes however I can promise you that I will love him with all my heart and that I won’t ever give up on him no matter how many obstacles we may face together.

I know that even if my intentions are pure you’re either going to like me or you wont and there’s nothing I can do or say to make you like me if you don’t. That’s okay. Even if you dislike me, I will respect you for you will forever be the woman who brought the man I love into the world.

Your Future Daughter-in-law


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~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #182


2:44 pm

Who Knew Chapter 1

Genre: Phan, angst, smut (a little), fluff(a little), AU!Highschool

Chaptered fic. Here’s the first part out of idk how many.

Summary: Dan is a pampered rich kid who thinks his life is so boring. He meets his cousin after a really long time who turned out to be a punk-rocker with green liberty spiked hair and faciall peircings who introduces Dan to a band one night (as they snuck out) where Dan suddenly falls for the bass player with blue eyes. Gonna be a really smutty and somewhat angst fic. More smut and fluff than angst though.

***This is my first Phan fiction, pls be kind, I was a Frerard fanfiction writer before so forgive my band/highschool AU but I couldn’t resist :D****

Please send me feedback, I would really appreciate it and it’s kind of long sorry :/ next chapter next week :D

links yo: Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

I could see the small gaps in between the yellow tiles on the bathroom floor. The warm water that seemed to caress my body flowed from the tip of my head down to my pale little toes. It made me think that I should replace these tiles. The color yellow seemed to bother me lately. I could sense that I was biting my lower lip again, a sign of frustration, a habit that I should and am trying to get rid of. I should replace them to a much darker shade I thought, the color was kind of boring and it kind of made me feel boring, i don’t know what type of psychological disease that is but there I was feeling that way. But there was always something that held me back from doing anything like that. I mean like doing or wearing anything that does not connote to what society thinks as normal. I guess you could say that I was afraid of taking risks. Maybe. I don’t know. I feel like I’m not like that though but I sure project it as such. Sigh. My life is so monotonous. It felt like it was all in the shade of yellow.

Tick tock tick tock went my clock, and I could see that it was almost 8:00pm. I sat in front of my dresser and brushed my hair. My hair of course was also a sad excuse. It was purely straight, one length, with a side fringe. It just stays there on top of my head, brown and without any life. I know that you may be wondering now why I continue to criticize myself so. If I knew all the things that are wrong with me then why not just change right? I mean, I know all the elements that made me utterly petty. But I guess you just can’t do that over night or maybe because there was nobody really that can push me from living this sad excuse of a life that was given to me. I mean you have to wake up in the morning right?

I know I should be grateful, I mean I have it better than most people but you just can’t help wondering what more there is to life. I have been protected all my life. Only son and somehwat of an heir to our family business. My father was pretty well-known here, well, I guess my whole family. We were the family you read about in books. We lived in a lavish house on top of a hill in our little towna nd my family owned most of the businesses that run around here. I guess you could say I was lucky. But at the same time I felt trapped.

It was a Friday night so I just lazily did whatever I wanted that evening without worrying as to what time I’m going to sleep so that in doing so, I don’t have to worry about being late for class and such. But then again, I’m a sixteen year old boy who’s stuck at home on a Friday night- that in itself is a dilemma. I sat on my beanie chair at the corner of my room. Again it was in the shade of yellow, I believe these are the remnants of my childhood, when yellow was the choice my parents made because they didn’t want to know what sex their child was going to be,why couldn’t they hamve picked green I wondered. I put my feet up on the wall like I always do and I took the book that I was reading last time and started reading from the part that I last left off. Then I started hearing this faint sound coming from my bedroom window. It sounded as if it came from down the street and it was a loud thumping sound, a lot of bass and percutions. And then I realized that it was that one week rock concert thing that I kept seeing posters for all over town. We were a small-ish town so this event was very new. I read that these were local bands and they were trying to do woodstuck all over again like it was in the 60’s but I don’t know if that would work to be honest.

Boots or my favorite trainers?trainers? I didn’t know what I was going to wear. It’s not like it was a major production that I was going to but I always had a problem as to what footwear was suitable. I finally decided on my black trainers since I felt these were the most comfortable. My parents and I were going to a small family dinner at this nice little restaurant because my aunt(my mothers sister) and her son flew all the way from London to visit us. I haven’t seen my cousin in ages and the only thing I remembered from good ol’ Carl was that we played a lot of video games when we were young. I was pretty excited to see him again, we got along fine and I didn’t really have much friends and at least my whole weekend isn’t going to waste.

When we arrived, they weren’t there yet but my mum said that they were on their way. We sat there and I was eating the complimentary bread that they initially give you. It was pretty good. Then my mum suddenly stood up as I was stuffing my face and with a very high pitched noise said ‘Oh Jackie I missed you so much!“ and proceeded to hug my aunt which my aunt reciprocated and added "I missed you so much too!” and they stayed like that for a good while and then they finally separated to reveal my cousin who was blocked from my view because of my mum and my aunt and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My innocent cousin who is only a year older than me was now a punk. Ok ok, I’m not going to stereotype but I don’t know what other name to call him. He has green hair, a septus piercing and he was wearing a rolling stone tshirt, red tartan pants, spiked bracelet cuffs and Doc Martens. If that isn’t punk, I don’t know what is. But as soon as he saw me, he immedietly went up to me and gave me a bone crushing hug. “Cuz! I missed you man” and I reciprocated of course and then we all sat down. My mum and my aunt were talking non stop and my dad and my aunts husband also did a bit of chatting. So I thought I might as well talk to Carl. I really like him when we were small and I bet no amount of piercings or hair dye would change how I felt about him to be honest.

So I asked how he was and all that and then the conversation progressed to what video games he was currently playing and then we talked about music. This is where it got interesting. He talked to me about the Sex Pistols and The Rolling Stones,Queen, Led Zep and all that and all I could say was that I liked Muse. He said he loves them and that they were also pretty good.

He was talking to me about his band and all that when he suddenly but slowly leaned in towards me and with a very low voice said “Hey I heard that there’s a one week event here” and he looked at me, not for confirmation but more of a do-you-even-go-out-of-your-house-often-to-know-even-that look. And I nodded my head, he proceeded by saying “I know a band here that plays well, connections here and there you know, and I really wanted to see them and maybe you can go with me maybe?” I looked at him horrified “You know my parents won’t let me go even if it’s you and no offense but I think ESPECIALLY if its with you, I mean with the way you look right now, oh god! I didn’t mean it that way! But you know what I mean” he laughed a little and said 'yeah I understand completely, that’s why we’re going to sneak out" “Were going to what?!” take note we were half whispering so out parents wouldn’t hear.

“You heard me, were going to sneak out, we can see them tomorrow cause it’s the last day tomorrow of the one week thing, I can’t believe you didn’t even sneak a peek just once for the entire week” and he laughed some more. “I’m scared we might get caught” “Don’t worry about it, we won’t I promise, live a little” and he sat normally again this time and I was there all of a sudden feeling very anxious and excited at the same time. It couldn’t hurt right?

When we got home, I received a text from my friend Chris. I opened up the text to reveal him ranting away about how awful his day was and like clockwork my phone rang and guess who was calling. I picked it up and heard Chris sigh and then asked 'did you receive my text?“ "yes I did, what’s wrong now?” “Oh nothing really, I was just pissed off by those public school guys again, I mean I dont mean to eliterate that they are from a public school, that makes me sound like a complete private school posh kid like yourself or something”

“Hey!” I retorted which made Chris laugh “I’m sorry Howell but you gotta admit you are one, anyway, you know that gang from that public school just in front of our school? The school where we can practically see their whole student body with their non-uniform ways lol im kidding im kidding, im getting side tracked, anyway, yeah those guys from that school in front of us, the guys who ride to their school in that ford convertible that looks like it came out from a fucking grease movie or something” “uh huh” I said as I was pacing, I like to pace a lot i dunno why “yeah, where the hell did they get that anyway? anyway,anyway they were there at the diner I work part time at and they were really pissing me off, asking for more this and more that and then they start laughing at me for being a posh kid or something, it annoys me to no end, I really wanted to punch them” “I’m sorry you had such a bad day Chris, just leave those dickheads alone, they have nothing better to do with their lives” “yeah I guess you’re right, sorry about ranting, how was the family dinner?” “oh man you wouldn’t believe what happened…” and then I proceeded to telling him about my family dinner.

I left out the sneaking out part. I didn’t want Chris to know because he would want to go and I didn’t want him involved in this sort of trouble cause what if we got caught? After my conversation with Chris, I hanged up and went to bed.

-Flash forward to Sunday evening-

I was so nervous. I felt like my butt was going to fall off. Carl texted me to meet him at the lampost in the corner from my house. It was freezing and it was around 9:30pm. He was late.And I was this close to calling the whole thing off before our parents found out we werent actually in bed sleeping. Thats when I heard a motorcycle and then I saw Carl unmount from the motorcycle. Where the hell did he get a motorcycle? “Where the hell did you get a motorcycle?” “No questions Howell, just get on the bike and lets go” I did and I was fearing for my life. We arrived at the event, there were lots of people and the band was playing really loud rock music on the stage.

Carl looked like he was really enjoying himself. I felt so out of place even though I chose to wear every black item of clothing that I had for this event just so I dont stick out. I didn’t recognize anyone. I didn’t see anyone from my school at all. Carl pulled me towards the mini bar at the side of the event and I looked at him like he was crazy 'Don’t worry Im not going to drink and I wont let you drink either, I mean were underage jesus christ what do you take me for" he laughed and he was half scraming with all the noise/music. He got us some soda and we watched the whole event together. “Thats them! thats the band I wanted to see” Carl said excitedly and when I looked up, I saw that the bass player had the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen in my whole entire existence. The band started to play and I couldn’t tear my eyes off him. He was playing so casually too, smooth as fuck. Then for a split second he looked at me and he kind of smiled a little which I think was just my imagination but I swear my cheeks went red and I felt like I was flying or some shit.

“They’re good aren’t they?” Carl said as he gave me a nodge. “huh? ah yes! yes they are” I said as I took the last gulp of my soda 'You seem to have the hots for the bass player" Carl said non chalantly, like it was a matte of fact, like it was graved in stone already “What?! No I don’t” 'Well, you’ve been eyeing him the whole time, it’s cool, I’m bi so I think it’s okay" he said smiling at me 'Well, I guess, but I don’t have the hots for him" my cheeks were definitely crimson at this point “yeah ok whatever” Carl said as he threw his soda can away “Their set is over, lets go meet them” he pulled me without asking me if its okay first “but we dont know them!” I protested “Thats why were going to meet them” Carl said as he winked at me

I don’t know know how I got here. I am currently at the vocalists house, in their lounge, sat on their sofa, surrounded by the band and a couple of people who didn’t even give a fuck I existed all the while sitting next to Carl sucking face with the lead guitar player. This is great. Just perfect. Everyone was obviously drunk from some illegal cheap beer that we bought before going here and they were dancing to this really depressing kind of music. Everything was so dim and I was afraid to move. But I decided after what felt like an hour, to get up and go with or without Carl. I needed to go home so my parents wont know I sneaked out and to wash off the beer and the smoke from my clothes. I was just going to have to take a cab.

I got up and tapped Carl in the shoulder to kind of tell him that I was going, but he didnt eve look at me and he just waved his hand to say goodbye or go away or something while he was still sucking face with that lead guitar player guy. I let my house keys out from my pocket to check if they were indeed there while I was walkinf towards the door when I suddenly bumped into met mr blue eyes which cause me to drop my keys in the dark. FML. “Oh im sorry!” We both chanted and I proceeded to drop to the floor trying to look for my house keys. 'What are you looking for?“ he asked, his voice was so deep, fuck he sounds so good "I accidentally dropped my keys when I bumped into you” I said still feeling the floor “I’ll help you” and he then started to search around the floor.

We then kind of found ourselves under this long table and I accidentally hit my head. Why am I such a cluts? “You ok?” he asked, “yes Im fine” and I just sort of lay there a bit on my back on the floor feeling defeated. “I’m sure it’s just here somwhere” he said again “Don’t worry about it, I guess theyre lost forever” I said and my eyes were feeling a little heavy with me laying there. But before I could close them all the way I was met by his beautiful blue eyes again. He was hovering on top of me but not really on top of me.Both his hands were on opposite sides of my head on the floor and his hair was brishing against my cheek. It was like that kissing scene from spiderman or something. He was about to say something when I just couldn’t shut my mouth and added to my previous sentence “like how I could get lost in those eyes”

My throat suddenly felt really dry and we just stayed there for a while, staring at each other after I said that and as I was going to get up and apologize and brush the whole thing off, he leaned in and kissed me. It felt like the whole world didnt exist. It was a really nice open mouth kiss, nice and gentle and then he suddenly licked my lower lip and sucking on it. I was a goner. He licked my lower lip again as if to ask permission and I opened my mouth a little and our tongues touched and he swirled his tongue around my mouth and started sucking on my tongue. I moaned into the kiss and I felt him smile a little and he started deepening the kiss and the kiss became desperate and wanting.

So much so that we had to get out from under the table and proceeded to kissing some more. He had me leaning on one of the legs from the table we were under and he was kissing me so hard. Sucking and licking and biting me a little. His hands were all over me. I felt his hand snake its way inside my shirt and he was rubbing my back and pushing me in deeper. I was grabbing onto his jet black hair and I felt like I was literally on fire. He broke the kiss and he started sucking on my neck.I let out a moan and I felt like I was in heaven. He was sucking and biting and licking what felt like my most sensitive part and I was definitely hard by this point.I couldn’t remember how it happened but my legs were now spread and he was on top of me and he was grinding our erections together from our jeans.

He was panting and thrusting and rubbing our clothed dicks together and I really couldn’t see straight. But as he was about to undo my belt, I suddenly snapped back to reality. What was I doing? I didn’t even knoqw this guy. I stood up really quickly and started fixing myself up, pulling my shirt down and looking at him, looking at me with a very puzzled expression on his face. He stood as well and he was walking towards me when I said 'I’m sorry, I really need to go, thank you" and I turned around and ran out the front door. Thank you? Why did I say thank you? I am such an idiot. I sprinted towards the main road, took a cab and went home. The front door wasnt an option anymore so I climbed up the window,showered,changed and went to bed. What a crazy night and I had school the next day.

I felt like shit. I didn’t have enough sleep and I swear that soda I was drinking at the house after party that Carl gave me was spiked. I still went to school of course and apparently Carl didnt get in trouble with his parents and apparently he didnt have to sneak out, he actually asked permission. WOW! if only my parents were that cool.

My dad dropped me off school in our car and he left shortly afterwards. When I was walking towards the school entrance, I was met by Chris who kind of jumped at me. “God my weekend was so boring” he goes and started talking about how he can’t seem to pass Zelda in this particular level. I wasn’t really listening cause all I was thinking was how bad my head hurts. But while we were walking towards the school entrance, I heard a motorcycle stop behind us and someone calling my name “Hey Howell!” what did Carl want now?

But when I turned around I didn’t expect to see mr. blue eyes there on the motorcycle looking straight at me. Everybody who was walking beside Chris and I who were also on their way to their designated classes, stopped and looked and stared at him and me. I probably looked like a petrified rabbit. “you dropped something” he said dangling my house keys between his fingers.I could hear whispers from behind me and beside me. “you know him Dan?” Chris asked looking utterly confused. “yeah sort of, wait right here” I walked over to him to get my house keys. “Thank you for finding my house keys” I smiled and tried to get the keys when he suddenly retracted them. “I’ll give them back to you if you give me a kiss” he said, his blue eyes piercing me. I felt like I was sweating a gallon.

“Like right here?! you can’t be serious!” he looked at me and cocked an eyebrow. “No house keys then” he was going to drive off when I said “You can’t possibly do that, I want them back, I appreciate you finding them for me, but I need those” He had a glint of mischief in his eyes as he was lookign at me pleading him to give me my house keys back. He then did the most stupidest thing I have ever seen anyone do. He placed MY house keys in HIS crotch. He lifted the front top hem of his jeans and just dropped them there like it was a secret compartment or something. 'If you want them, you’re going to have to get them" he said seductively as he leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

WAAAH so long O__O

Sentence Starters based on Ron Swanson quotes,
Part 2 

“Son, there’s no wrong way to consume alcohol.”

“Breakfast food can serve many purposes.”

“Every two weeks I need to sand down my toe nails. They’re too strong for clippers.”

“This might be the first time I’ve ever wanted to attend an event.”

“I’m going to type every word I know! Rectangle. America. Megaphone. Monday. Butthole.”

“Everyone shut up and look at me!”

“What the fuck is a German muffin?!?”

“The less I know about other people’s affairs, the happier I am.” 

“I’m not interested in caring about people.” 

“I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes.”

“I hope the rest of your day is cool beans.”

“You are an unstoppable good idea machine!”

“Here. I didn’t know what to bring you, so I just got some magazines and lipstick. Woman stuff.”

“Listen, I’ve eaten a commissary hamburger for lunch every day for twelve years. I just wanted to make sure this pointless health crusade won’t affect the only part of my job that I like.”

“Your work is appreciated. Eat some corn.”

“Never half ass two things, whole ass one thing.”

“What exactly will you be cutting? And how much of it, and can I watch you do it while eating pork cracklings?”

“Sell the zoo animals.”

“We’re already late. Now be a man and sit on that girl’s lap!”

“You may have thought you heard me say I wanted a lot of bacon and eggs, but what I said was; Give me ALL the bacon and eggs you have.”

“It’s like yoga, except I still get to kill something.”

“I work hard to make sure my department is as small and as ineffective as possible.”

“The key to burning an ex-wife effigy is to dip it in paraffin wax and then toss the flaming bottle of isopropyl alcohol from a safe distance. Do not stand too close when you light an ex-wife effigy.”

“Well, I am not usually one for speeches. So, goodbye.”

“My first wife *insert name here* tried throwing me a surprise birthday party. When I saw my friends hiding through the window, I drove to a gas station, called the cops and told them people had broken into my home. I’m not big on surprises.”

I’ve found my own happiness…
Somewhere between how can I watch beautiful things but never become them, & wearing my heart on my sleeve…
I love open skies, & open souls, & I love whole…
So go on… Come at me full-armored because you know that I am an army of soft palms, & soft eyes, & soft hearts, & the type to call you my love when I do not even know your name…
There was a time sailors would taste the bottom of the ocean just to get a glimpse of me… All the me that you see freely was once trapped in Davy Jones’ locker…
If you hold my hand we are going to run somewhere deep in the forests where I am convinced the trees are always calling my name…
I am on pointed toes, with my eyes closed, crossing tightropes of words that mean a whole lot less than I think they do…
Because I give my heart away too many times now…
I am no longer afraid to place it in palms that shake too easily…
& that’s okay…
Because somewhere between rebuilding burnt bridges & having a winged heart,
I am happier this way…
—  Come at me