i am trying out being cute

dating Sebastian Stan would include

(( also friendly reminder: my requests are open! i write pretty much anything marvel ++ some dc ))

- Eating takeout nearly every night

- Watching random documentaries

- Being space/NASA nerds

- Going to galleries and museums and exhibitions

- Him trying to impress you while working out (and when he’s not working out)

- “Seb stop flexing we’re in a museum.”

- You learning Romanian/if you’re multilingual he’ll learn your language

- Dirty !! talk !!

- Him doing push ups on top of you and giving your little kisses everytime adfhdusj

- Speaking Romanian when he’s angry

- Taking photos of each other ALL. THE. TIME.

- Posting them on Instagram with cheesy captions that everyone finds sickeningly cute

- Dinner with the Marvel squad

- Being each-others no.1 supporters

- “Hey Seb, Mission Report, December 16th, 1991.”
“Why am I dating you.”

- Messy hair twins

- Going to conventions

- (If you’re a brunette) You getting shorter hair and him making jokes that you look like Bucky

- Emergency dance parties

- “Forget Tony’s parents, I wish I was dead.”

- “Seb, no.” “Seb, YES.”

- Giving each other constant reassurance

- Him being handsy

- Netflix and chill (let’s be real)

- ^ But also watching every show on the damn site

- Being actual couple goals

- Lingering kisses

- Gentle but rough

- Back rubs (giving and receiving.)

- Being in a group chat with Seb, Anthony, Chris, Lizzie, Scarlet and RDJ (and so on)

- Being completely and utterly devoted to each other

- Stealing his shirts

- Finally understanding what people mean when they say their significant other is their best friend

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Okay I need help. I'm trying to ask out a girl in a cute way and she LOVES sharks. Help me find a cute way to ask her out with shark puns??

EMILIA ARE YOU READY I HAVE SPENT AGES ON THIS. Okay so you need to get deep talking to her and just stop what she is saying and go, “I need to say something, I am not being sharktastic or anything but I think you are fintastic, jawsome even. I would quote a sharkspeare sonnet to you *insert her name here* but I don’t know one off my hammerhead. To be honest I am “basking” in your glory, your looks are killer. Anyway my heart is jaws will you go out with me?” I mean it might be an overload but its worth a shot right?

After Bitty teaches him how to use snapchat stories properly, Jack takes habit to sneaking around and startling Bitty.

So basically its just Jack crouching behind a chair or crawling behind the kitchen counter.

And when he jumps out he trys to start a conversation since his goal is to startle Bitty, NOT scare.

Bitty is baking a pie: “…..!!MMMH SOMThing smells good you baking? Yeah thats cool what flavor?”

Bitty studying: “….!!STUDYING HArd or hardly studying, am I right?

Bitty brushing his teeth: ”….!!FIGHTINg gum disease? Good job Bittle, remember to floss.“

Bitty’s twitter followers always know when to check Jack’s snapchat,

[Eric Bittle @ omgcheckplease:
Boy thinks he’s being cute.😊
Lord give me the strength. 🙏 ]

Overall Bitty doesn’t mind, he purposely overreacts most of the time because Jack isn’t exactly the most silent of sneakers, and he also enjoys how giggly Jack gets when he believes he’s “got em”.

i am so, so sick of seeing “support bi girls uwu” and “bi girls are cute and valid” plastered everywhere with ZERO (0) support for bi boys

so bi boys, if you spent your whole life thinking you were 100% straight but now want to explore being with other dudes, go for it.

if you thought you were gay and worry about being rejected by the LGBT community for trying out het relationships, there are a whole bunch of bi people like myself who will rally behind you.

if you’ve been taught by family members, conservative friends, or the media that kissing another guy, or having sex with another guy, or proposing to another guy is gross/wrong/sinful, fuck ‘em. there is nothing gross or wrong about men loving other men, period.

bi boys, whether you’ve known you’re bi all your life or are just now figuring it out – you are loved.

Not Strangers Anymore

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A/N: Dylan O’Brien literally invented being cute!! I am still working on my Dylan NYSM AU and thought I would try a new person as an apology for the chapter taking so long.

Warning: fingering, making out (Is that even a warning?)

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A Subtle Crush (Tom Riddle x Reader)

Tom’s eyes veered away from his textbooks as he heard a collision in the hallway. He was making his way down to Slughorn’s Potions class, when he witnessed this unexpected mishap.

A girl with (H/L) (H/C) hair was accidentally bumped into by a boy, leading to papers and notebooks flying everywhere. Immediately, the girl bent down to help pick up everything.

“I’m so sorry!” the boy exclaimed, handing over the parchment that didn’t belong to him. “I wasn’t looking -”

“Don’t worry about it!” Her sweet voice replied, a bright smile on her face as she returned the boy’s things as well. Taking her stuff from him, she brushed off her robes and Tom took note of the house colours she wore. “It happens to everyone! Don’t feel bad. Are you okay?”

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What are some of your favorite season three moments?

Well, do you have all day? I have enjoyed this season immensely, so there are also a lot of moments I love immensely. I’ll just rattle off a few that come to mind, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. (As you would expect, they are 95% Claire.)

  • Claire and Frank’s final fight is probably my #1 solely for the way it escalates (“If you try to take Brianna away from me!”) and the way Claire uses his name like a weapon: “I’ll have something to say about adultery, FRANK.” I ate that shit up with a spoon.
  • Bear’s music in the scene where Claire goes to dead!Frank’s bedside rips me open.
  • The way Cait delivered the line “Terribly,” after Jamie asks her if she misses Bree.
  • Sam’s face after Rupert is shot, like fuck (and Rupert’s exit is superb: “I mean to set a quick pace, so try to keep up”).
  • Ship cabin quickie may be my favorite Outlander sex scene yet. I am still trying to figure out why.
  • Joe being like, “Yes, ur so hot. Ur my hottest friend. Did u kno that ur my hottest friend?”
  • The Batsuit scene was so jarring at first, BUT OH MY GOD. SHE’S SO CUTE, YOU GUYS. I MEAN, WOW. 
  • This bit before their printshop reunion sex is also so gorgeous. The way they’re laughing, and their faces suddenly fall into this sort of “Oh my god, is this happening? This is happening. I am so happy this is happening.” My shitty screencaps don’t do it justice because they look slightly constipated here, but— really these are the faces of two teenagers in love, HALP.

Aaaaand yeah, there ya go!


Helloo can you do a bts reaction to their s/o not letting anyone near their neck and then finding out that’s because they’re quite sensitive in the area and get turned on easily, please?

(I tried my best on this haha, and also this takes place when the reader and bts have been in a relationship for about a month or two.)

Thank you for requesting I hope you like it!

{Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to rightful owners}


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(Just pretend you’re jungkook)
So it’s a fact that he would always be curious as to why you were so jumpy whenever he was anywhere near your neck. But he finally finds out why, oh boy you’re in trouble. Nah, I’m kidding, maybe. He would respect that you wanted space sometimes because of that reason but it’s not gonna stop from sneaking a kiss there every now and then. You could be making breakfast and when he’s all done getting ready for work he’d sneak up behind and kiss at your neck teasingly. “Namjoon!” you squeaked and turned to hit his chest. “I told you to stop that,” “I’m sorry I can’t help it.” He around spins you around so that your back pressed against his chest and you could nothing but the warm sensation of his lips against your neck. “Namjoon,” you say again. “I’m busy right now,” he hums against your neck and pulls away, “it can wait.” His lips reattach to your neck again and you let out a breathy moan. “You’re going to keep the boys waiting,” “They can wait to.”


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Now jin here, he might tease you now that he has the knowledge of the sensitivity of your neck. I mean not all the time because that would suck…but he would just like to get you all riled up. Jin would be doing his own thing and you’d be there by him because why not? And since you were feeling a bit playful you snuck a quick kiss on his cheek. He’d stop and look at you with your lips pressed together and eyes avoiding his. “Don’t tease me y/n,” he warned in a playful tone. “I’m not teasing you,” a gasp left your lips when you felt him grab hold of your waist and pressed you against him. Your eyes were glued to his and you gulped when he leaned down and felt his hot breath tickle at the sensitive skin of your neck. “J-jin, stop that’s not fair.” You gripped at his shoulders and shuddered. “I don’t think I want to,” he says seductively and nibbles gently onto your neck. “This is for teasing me.”


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You’ve told him about it but he never really thought much about it or sometimes thought you were being over dramatic. But to his surprise you weren’t kidding. The second his lips grazed your neck you let out a soft gasp and jerked away from him. “Yoongi don’t do that,” you said covering the spot he touched. “Is it really that sensitive?” he looks at you curiously and you nod. “W-we talked about this.” “I just thought you were messing with me,” you shook your head and let your hand fall from your neck. With yoongi still being at a very close proximity he latches on to you with a strong hug and you try to wriggle away but to no avail. “it’s cute seeing you like that,” he chuckled. “Me trying to escape?” “No you weirdo, I mean when I do this,” he leans his down and nibbles at the crook of your neck making tense up in his arms. A soft, almost quiet moan escapes as he trails up your neck. “Know you get his way with the simplest of touches drives me insane.”


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Hobi would just kinda be like ‘what?’ when he finds out how sensitive you are around your neck. But the he’d find it kinda cute, well until he finds out how it turns you on too easily then it’s just whole different game. He kissed your neck and giggled pulling away. “Does it tickle a lot?” he grinned at you. “Y-yeah,” you bit your lip and spoke again. “But I like it.” Hoseok smirked and kissed the back of your neck again. “So is that ok?” you nodded. So he did it again and again. You sighed with pleasure and leaned your head back. “How about this?” Hoseok’s chest pressed against your back, his mouth sucking at the crook of your neck. “Fuck,” you breathed out and enjoyed the sensation of his lips there.


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So just imagine this. You and jimin cuddling in bed and him being the big spoon. You guys are all nice and cozy. This is where he finds out about your weakness. The back of your neck was exposed to him so he thought he’d take the chance of being cute and just nuzzle close up and give you a smooch. Instead of a giggle like he expected you yelp instead and turn over to hide your face in your pillow. “Babe?” “Why did you do that?” you asked. “You know how sensitive I am there.” His face contorts completely lost. “ I actually do not,” he says and scoots closer to you. You curse under your breath and try to excuse yourself from this conversation but pulls you back down. You see this spark in his eyes and you were knew you were screwed. “ park jimin don’t you dare,” you warned. “What, what do you think I’m gonna do,” he said through his smirk


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“So your serious about this?” You’ve should have known this was going to lead somewhere. Ever since taehyung accidently found about your sensitive neck he’s tried so many ways to get to it but you never let him.  “Very, now let it go.” You continue doing whatever you were doing being too distracted to even to even notice him sneak up behind you and poke at your neck. You squeak and yell at him to stop but he just laughs. “ Taehyung you’re such a dork,” “I’m sorry baby, I’ll stop.” That didn’t last long of course because you then felt him kiss at the side of your neck causing you to gasp and quickly cover you mouth. Taehyung likes the reaction he gets from you so he whispers into your ear, “you secretly like that don’t you.” You shake your head and manage to stutter out a no but you were way to obvious. His hand slips his hand from behind and lifts your head and starts to kiss and suck your neck. “ I don’t think your telling me the truth sweetheart.”


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When you first told him about your neck he was skeptical at first because who’s neck is so sensitive that you can’t even breath on it?? (Mine) Knowing jungkook you know he’s probably going to try something here and there because this honestly intrigues him.  You’ d be sitting between his legs watching TV,  his head resting on your shoulder and you have to lean away just a bit because of it. He takes notice and decides to mess around a bit. And by that he just begins to lightly blow on your neck and grins when he sees you squirm. “Shit, you really can’t handle that?” his eyes were wide with astonishment as if he discovered something incredible. Well he kinda did soo~ “No, you know this already.” “Maybe, but-” he pulls you in so that his chest pressed against you. “I wanna see what else makes you squirm.”

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Hooray, requests are open! Can I ask this? Through a magic, an experimental food or just a dream RFA, V, Saeran became MC's pet. What kind of animal they be, what will be their funny habits and how MC treats them? From their POV if it's possible. Feel free to reject my idea. Anyway, I want to say that your writing is great, so funny and sweet! Thank you!

Thank you so much! Hope you like these~ 

Zen: (Hamster)

  • He knew he shouldn’t have eaten that take out last night
  • Now it was morning and he was a hamster lost in his own bedsheets
  • He goes to find you in the kitchen
  • You’re busy cooking breakfast so he tries to get your attention by nibbling on your heel
  • You get freaked out, not expecting a hamster in the house
  • You grab a broom and he bolts
  • After a long chase around the house, you realize he does kind of look like Zen
  • Finally the misunderstanding is cleared up and you both decide to wait it out
  • You were kind of gushing over him
  • You kept petting him while he ate and tugging his rat tail
  • One time he got really annoyed and bit you
  • You tapped his nose and he got really offended
  • He really wants to work out–even in hamster form–so he crawls into one of those hamster balls
  • He’s having a blast until he gets stuck between the couch and the wall
  • His pride dies a little when you get him out

Yoosung: (Rabbit) 

  • You had left the room for second
  • Something happened in that second, and before Yoosung knew it, he was small, fluffy and had huge ears
  • He was a little upset until you started showering him with affection
  • Petting his fur, hugging him gently, cradling him
  • He’s terrified he’s going to get stuck somewhere, so he’s following you around the house wherever you go
  • When he follows you to the kitchen, you get him some carrots and give it to him
  • You’re recording as he’s eating cuz his tiny mouth is just moving in such a cute way
  • You put him in a bunch of outfits
  • And he’s super upset, but he can’t say anything
  • One time, his angry bunniness gets the better of him and he nips at you
  • But he feels bad immediately and hops in your lap and nuzzles your stomach as an apology
  • Unfortunately, that’s also when he turns back into a human
  • Well, now he’s on top of you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jaehee: (Mouse)

  • She was just drinking her coffee when somehow she was as big as her mug
  • Lets out a loud squeak of disapproval
  • She knew if you came in and found a mouse on the table, you would freak and probably kill her or something
  • So, she started making letter shapes out of the crackers on the table
  • When you came home, the letters, “I am Jaehee” were spelled out so you were pretty updated
  • You were still squeamish about holding her
  • But you would slowly slid pieces of cheese across the table
  • She hated cheese, so she would just push it away politely
  • Instead, you ease up and give her a small spoon of jam or fruit
  • Somehow you started opening up about your day and troubles, and she was forced to listen because she was trapped on the table
  • You get a little courage and start stroking her head, and eventually she curls into a ball and gets the sleep she finally deserves

Jumin: (Corgi)

  • He wakes up in the morning and reaches out a hand to pet Elizabeth on the bed
  • Only, he sees a paw land on her head
  • She turns to him and freaks out
  • He calls after her, but only a “bork” comes out and he realizes what happened
  • Being a dog did not stop him from wearing a tie
  • This was the only way you also knew it was Jumin
  • You were expecting more, but he’s like a cat in a dog’s body to be honest
  • He starts scratching at the cabinet with wine, and you quickly put it out of his reach
  • “You already made wine for cats. You want wine for dogs now.”
  • You see his tail start wagging and you look into the distance, “I’m sorry, Jaehee.”
  • The cutest thing is when he waddles up the stairs
  • You really can’t help yourself and you pinch his fluffy, wiggling butt
  • He stops and turns his head and gives a disgruntled bark before running away
  • Really likes it when you rub his belly though 

Seven: (Parrot)

  • He was chilling at your apartment on his computer
  • You had stepped out for a second, and a lot of time had passed
  • He got up to get a snack and realized he was actually in the air…and had feathers
  • You returned from the store and freaked out when you saw him
  • You had left the window open, so you assumed something got in
  • He started flying around her, chirping “707”
  • He almost got swatted a few times before you understood
  • He tries to get some HBC, but you keep shooing him away
  • You weren’t sure if parrots could have them or not, so you only gave him crackers
  • He was salty eating his salty crackers, “Saeyoung doesn’t want a cracker.”
  • He doesn’t like you touching his feathers, so he flies away
  • He accidentally lands on a remote and music starts playing on the speakers
  • Cue cute birb head bopping
  • Honestly, he was such an annoying twerp the whole time, and you were so glad when he turned back normal

Saeran: (Kitten)

  • He was taking the most glorious nap, and when he woke up he was literally trapped in blankets
  • He tries to groan as he untangles himself, but instead he hears a meow
  • When he stretches he sees a paw, and he knows what happened
  • The first thing he does is find building blocks and spell out what happened
  • By the time you find him, you’re already informed
  • He wishes you hadn’t
  • You keep trying to do cute stuff with him, and he’s not having it
  • He hides most of the time…unless you’re feeding him a small little bowl of ice cream
  • At one point, you settle on the couch and pet him
  • He’s about to run away, but you hit just the right spot and he’s purring
  • He’s also freaking out inside his head, “Am I purring?”
  • Lets out yet another purr
  • Freaked out even more when he switched back to being human and was still purring
  • There was a side effect where he kept meowing at random times of the day
  • You adored it, but Saeran was so done with this

V: (Fish)

  • He was lucky you were there the moment he turned into a fish
  • You hurriedly put him in a bowl of water
  • Poor guy can’t see well even as a fish so he keeps bumping into the glass
  • He has trouble eating the food you give, but sometimes you’ll put it in a net so he can find it better
  • He’s loving the aesthetics you keep putting in the tank though
  • He would blow out happy bubbles every time something was added
  • He loved when you gave his head a gentle pat once in awhile
  • But he was bored with being a fish after a while, and was glad when he turned back
  • But…he did have a strange craving for seaweed after the incident

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My Boyf riend headcanons that no one asked for

okay s o

Micheal will embarrass Jeremy in public whenever he can.And Jeremy will be a blush sweaty mess as suspected

Micheal will throw compliments at Jeremy all the time and get jer all nervous but whenever Jeremy say o ne Micheal loses it and just stops talking getting all blushy

Stoned make out sessions all the time obvi

Whenever Jeremy starts having a panic attack his first thought is to bury his face into Micheal’s jacket

Micheal smells like Cherry’s and weed and Jeremy so Jeremy gets this comfort from it now

Jeremy obviously bottoms but he’ll mostly be then one who makes the first move cause he’s a nervous n awkward boi

Whenever Jeremy is up at like 3 am he’ll either text Micheal sweet things or memes.No in between.

“Jeremy can u put ur dick away for like two minutes I’m trying to talk to u on the phone”
“How did yo-”

Jeremy will go out of way whenever he sees a cool/vintage patch or anything vintage just to buy it for Micheal

This is boyf riend related I just really like the thought of the main squad being in a band,Micheal on guitar,Jeremy on keyboard and Christine on drums

Cute cuddle sessions with zombie movies 


Jeremy bruises so easily that he will literally steal Micheal’s jacket to try and hide hickeys

Micheal hates crying in front of Jeremy so he hides but it ends up with Jeremy finding him quickly and showering him in kisses n hugs
“Babe it’s gonna be okay I’m here if you need me babe please”

"I love you”
“That’s gay but I love you too”

The UpsideDownWhat? - Part 5 - (Steve Harrington xx )

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Parts - One Two - ThreeFour - Five - Six - Seven

Short Description – In this chapter the reader sees the Demogorgon for the first time, makes a stupid decision and almost dies.

Pairing - Steve + reader

Warnings - Swearing + Sexual remarks and scenes (Smut – Not this chapter) + Violence + There are Season two spoilers, so if you have not yet seen season two, don’t get mad, this is the !!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!

(A/n) - This is my first attempt of writing an imagine series. If you could comment at the end of this or just send me a message to tell me if it is good and if you want to find out the readers reaction when seeing the demodog for the first time.

Words - 2835

I DO REQUESTS!!!!! - Fandoms mainly include: Stranger things + Supernatural + Dexter + Vampire Diaries + The Originals + Teen Wolf + Tru Blood etc. (I do A lot more, just didn’t want to type everyone.)

Tag List - @13reasonswhyimcrying @moonysmemes @you-witch-bitch @thinemineours @agirlwholovesfandoms  @allkindfangirl @negroneon @0-lost-in-stereo-0

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You sat in silence, the only noise coming from the clicking sound the lighter made while Steve played with it, why does he have a lighter anyways, he doesn’t smoke? It was dark outside and the air was chilly, the hole on the top of the school bus where the emergency exit once sat letting in the cool air. You felt sick, like you wanted to throw up, you don’t even know why. You were just scared of what’s to come. “So, you really fought one of these things before?” Max broke the silence, you looked at her and then over at Steve, eagerly waiting for his response. He looked up at her, nodding slowly, continuing to play with the lighter. “And you’re, like, totally, 100% sure it wasn’t a bear?” She added, you smiled. Dustin was pacing around the bus, hands in his pocket.

“Shit. Don’t be an idiot. Okay? It wasn’t a bear.” You frowned, then remembered the false idea that Steve gave him, to pretend to not care, but he was being a jerk right now. Max raised her eyebrows and looked at him in surprise. You nudged Steve’s elbow, catching his attention. “You did this.” You mumbled and wiggled your finger towards Dustin. Steve just rolled his eyes. “Why are you even here if you don’t believe us?” Dustin added.

Max stayed quiet, with the same expression on her face. “Just go home.” Dustin turned around, facing away from her. She shook her head and stood up, “Geesh. Someone’s cranky, past your bedtime?” She asked and started climbing the ladder we placed inside of the bus so that it was easier to climb up to the roof. You looked up at Dustin, he was now pacing faster, when Max was out of ear shot Steve spoke up. “That’s good.

Just show her that you don’t care.” you huffed. “Steve, I will literally punch you in the God dammed throat if you keep this up-” Dustin cut you off. “I don’t.” You frowned. “You don’t what?” he rolled his eyes. “I don’t care.” You couldn’t see Steve’s face because you were looking up at Dustin, a little disappointed.

“Why are you winking, Steve? Stop.” Your head turned to look at Steve, he had a smug smile on his face. “Why are you encouraging him?” you asked, now disappointed in Steve as well. “Because that’s how a girl at that age functions.” You turned your entire body, facing him. “That’s not how I functioned, if someone had to talk to me like that, I would think he was a dick and I’d probably end up not speaking to him again.” Steve shrugged, “It just means that you’re one in a million, babe.” You couldn’t help but blush, Steve leaned forward and quickly kissed you, before he leaned back against the side of the bus again. “Stop being cute when I am trying to be mad at you.” Steve smiled.

Something screeched outside, and you jumped up, so did Steve and Dustin. We all looked out of the window. “Do you see him?” Dustin asked, you shook your head, “No.” Steve replied. “Lucas, what’s going on?” Dustin yelled to the top of the bus. Lucas was up there with Max and he had his binoculars with him. “Hold on!” Lucas yelled back. A wave of fear washed over your body again. “I’ve got eyes! Ten o’clock, t-t-ten o’clock!” he yelled back at us, his voice breaking. And that’s when you saw him, he was big, bigger than you expected, his skin was dark and smooth, it looked kind of wet. “There.” You mumbled, pointing with a shaking finger. “What’s he doing?” Dustin asked. “I don’t know.” Steve answered.

Dart didn’t move, he stayed where he was.

“He’s not taking the bate, why is he not taking the bate?” You questioned anxiously. “Maybe he’s not hungry.” “Maybe he’s sick of cow.” You turned your head slightly to stare at Steve, “Now is not the time to be making jokes.” You hissed. Suddenly Steve pushed himself away from the window of the bus, he thought for a moment and then turned towards the door. “Steve? Steve, what are you doing?” You questioned, frantic, this was not a part of the plan. Steve grabbed his bat. “Steve?” You said again, he didn’t answer you. Steve was breathing heavily, you hurried over to him.

He held up his hand with the lighter in it, “Just get ready.” He said and handed the lighter to you. You shook your head, Steve leaned in and kissed you quickly before exiting through the bus door. “Steve!” You protested but he ignored you. “I’m gonna throw up.” You mumbled as your stomach turned. “(Y/n), get a grip on yourself!” Dustin hissed. “We can’t send him out there to die!” You hissed back. You looked around you and grabbed the metal bat out of Steve’s bag. “Son of a bitch, now you want to get yourself killed?” Dustin tried to grab the bat out of your hand, but you pushed him away slightly. You stuffed the lighter in to his hand and then jumped off the bus. “Fuck.” You mumbled as you tripped over something, almost falling on your face.

Steve’s head snapped around to glare at you. “So help me Jesus, you better get back on that bus, (Y/n).” Steve sounded extra mad, but you ignored him. You scanned the premises around you, searching for Dart. You heard chittering and weird noises all around you, but you couldn’t see anything because it was misty and very dark. You raised your bat higher, ready to swing at anything. At least you knew how to hold the bat steady.

“You’re going to get us killed.” Steve whisper yelled at you. “You’re going to get yourself killed!” You didn’t see Dart anywhere, so you whistled, trying to lead him to you. “Come on, buddy.” Steve decided to join you. “Human tastes better than cat, I promise.” You called. You were right beside Steve. And then finally you saw him, it was a terrible looking creature. You and Steve both eyed him. “You go that way, I’ll go this way.” You mentioned splitting up. “No, we stay together.” Steve insisted. “Steve, (Y/n)! Watch out!” Lucas called from the top of the bus, you wiped your head around and saw two more Dart’s. “Dart’s got siblings!” You yelled out to no one in particular. “Guys!” Dustin yelled from inside of the bus, suddenly the school bus doors flew open, exposing a panic-stricken Dustin. “Abort, abort!” He screamed.

Just when he screamed that, one of the Dart’s leaped towards you. You shrieked and ducked, it missed. The one behind it leaped as well, you gripped the bat and swung at its head. The sound that the impact made was terrible, the metal connecting right to the skull. You turned around, seeing three Demogorgon’s surrounding Steve. “Motherfuckers!” You cried out, running towards Steve, bat raised, taking aim. He looked more scared of you than he did of Dart. You ran to the Demogorgon in front of Steve and connected the bat to his head as well. “Duck!” Steve yelled and you instantly obeyed.

When you dropped to the floor, Steve’s spiked bat connected to the monster and blood sprayed everywhere. “What the… what the fuck!” you yelled, aggressively wiping at the blood that sprayed on your face. When you looked down at your hand you gagged, you hated blood. “(Y/n)!” Steve yelled, drawing your attention. “Run!” You obeyed him again, running as fast as your legs could take you, but suddenly something tackled you from the side. You felt the air leave your lungs from the hard impact. When you hit the floor, you fell head first. A grunt escaped you, but you managed to hold a distance between you and the thing using your bat as a defence.

Someone called your name, but you didn’t dare focus on anything else except keeping this thing from eating your face. Suddenly Steve’s bat connected to the side of its body and a hand dragged you up and away from the Demogorgon. Your vision blurred as you ran to the bus, but somehow you managed to make it in safely, Steve dived in behind you and Dustin instantly closed the doors.

You scooted away from the door as the Demogorgon slammed into the door. Steve moved as well, which caused him to sit half on top of you, protecting your body from the Demogorgon if it had to break through the door. Everyone was screaming as Dart repeatedly slammed it’s body against the door, trying to break in. “Shit!” Dustin cussed beside you, you felt your eyes water and something wet on the side of your face. “Are they rabid or something?” Max yelled.

Steve grabbed a piece of metal and held it to the door, you leaped forward and helped him. “They can’t get it! They can’t!” Lucas yelled. Steve pushed his back to the chair behind him and with his legs he held the metal in place. Suddenly the bus shifted and moved out of its previous position, causing the gang to scream in terror again. Then suddenly it was quiet, for a fraction of a second Steve loosened his grip giving the monster an opportunity to break though the threshold.

“Shit!” Dustin yelled. “Everyone go!” Steve commanded as he swung his bat down, hitting the thing on the head. “Is anyone there?! Mike?! Will?! God? Anyone!?” Dustin screamed into his talking device. “We’re at the old junkyard, and we’re going to die!” He added. You froze as you watched Steve hitting the one on the front, then suddenly one jumped on the roof, making dents in the metal as it approached forward. You looked up in horror, realising that you were right underneath the emergency exit on the roof. It growled at you and you started screaming.

“Out of the way! Out of the way!” Steve yelled, sweeping in like your knight in stiffening hairspray. “You want some? Come get this!” Steve held his bat up to it, threatening it, his voice was deep, and you could here he was scared. The Demogorgon screeched, it’s face opening exposing rows of sharp teeth, you screamed again. Suddenly it stopped and looked away, growling it jumped off the roof and ran away with the rest of the pack. You could hear them growling in the distance.

Everyone was silent, you saw Max grip on to Lucas’s hand, letting it go once they realised what they were doing. Without warning you burst out laughing, it was a deep, hearty laugh. “(Y/n)!” Steve yelled at you, you just couldn’t help it. “I’m sorry, when I’m stressed I laugh.” You said, in between a fit of laughter. “What the fuck just fucking happened!” You yelled, still laughing. “I think she’s having a panic attack.” Steve said and approached you.

You slapped his hand away when he reached for your face, even though you didn’t mean to. He didn’t think much of it as he pulled you in for a tight hug, you don’t know what it was, maybe his scent, or his hand on your back, but it made you feel better. “You’re okay.” He mumbled in to your hair. “They’re not here anymore.” Lucas said, looking through the window.

“What. Happened?” You asked, feeling out of breath. “I don’t know.” Max said. “Maybe Steve scared them off?” Dustin suggested. Steve pulled away from you, but kept his hand on the small of your back. “No.” Steve shook his head. “They’re going somewhere.” He said. “Of course they are, otherwise they would still be here trying to snack on us.” You said, feeling a bit better, the panic attack slowly fading. You looked down at your body, you were covered in blood. “Son of a bitch.” You mumbled. “I have a clean shirt for you in the trunk of my car.” You shook your head, “That’s way out at the train track, I’m okay.” You said, shaking your head at his offer, but at the same time trying not to think about the blood on your shirt.

“We have to go back there anyways.” Steve said, dangling his keys in front of your face. “Aren’t we going to go look for them?” You asked. “Where?” Steve snapped, irritated. “If you have a good place to start looking, then be my guest.” You stared at him blankly. “Ease up, man.” Dustin commented, coming to your defence. “She almost got herself killed out there! And now she wants to go look for the things?”

You just stayed quiet. “Let’s just go.” Steve grumbled, all of you followed behind him. You stayed back a little to walk at the back of the tween group, Steve leading it. Five minutes in to the walk, Steve stopped and let the kids past him. He fell in to step with you. “Look I’m sorry for lashing out at you.” Steve said softly. “You just gave me a fright, I thought I was going to lose you.” He didn’t look at you, so you grabbed his hand. “I thought I was going to lose you when you just decided to put yourself on the menu for Dart to eat.”

The kids were obviously close enough to hear you, so Lucas turned around slightly and then back at Dustin. “You’re positive that was Dart, right?” He questioned. “Yes. He had the same exact yellow pattern on his butt.” Dustin answered. “But he was tiny two days ago?” Max argued. “Well he’s moulted three times already” Dustin informed all of you. “You mean malted?” Steve asked, Dustin shook his head. “Moulted.” He corrected Steve, who was trying to correct him. “That means he shed his skin to make room for growth, like hornworms.” You explained. “When’s he gonna moult again?” Max asked, you shrugged. Its not like you were an expert on Demogorgon’s all of a sudden, just because you knew what the word ‘moulted’ stood for. “It’s gotta be soon.” Dustin answered.

“When he does he’ll be fully grown, or close to it.” He added. “And so will it’s friends.” You looked around you. “Yeah, and he’s gonna eat a lot more than just cats.” You said. Lucas suddenly stopped all of you. “Wait, a cat?” he questioned. “Dart ate a cat?” He asked. Dustin shook his head. “No, what? No.” He denied it and you frowned. “What are you talking about? He ate Mews?” Steve said next to you and you elbowed him in the ribs. Clearly Dustin didn’t want Lucas to know. Steve looked down at you confused.

“Mews? Who’s Mews?” Max questioned. “It’s Dustin’s cat.” He stated. “Steve!” you and Dustin exclaimed at the same time.  “I knew it!” Lucas said and shoved Dustin, “You kept him!” you sighed and massaged your temples, closing your eyes. Only then did you feel the throbbing pain on the side of your skull, and the boys screaming at each other did not help. “No! No. No, I.. No, I…” Dustin struggled to find the words. “He missed me, he wanted to come home.” He finally admitted. “Bullshit!” Lucas exclaimed. “I didn’t know he was a Demogorgon, okay?” Dustin defended himself. “Oh, so now you admit it?” “Guys, who cares? We have to go.” You piped in.

“I care!” Lucas turned towards you and pointed at himself, then he turned towards Dustin, pointing a finger at him. “You put the party in jeopardy! You broke the rule of law!” Dustin got visibly mad. “So did you!” He yelled back. “What?” Lucas asked. “You told a stranger the truth.” Dustin said and flashed the light in his hands at Max’s face. Max scoffed, “A stranger?” She questioned, walking closer to him. “You wanted to tell her too!” Lucas yelled. “But I didn’t, Lucas, okay?” your head snapped towards the woods when you heard a screeching noise, Steve did the same.

“I didn’t tell her!” Dustin added, still yelling at his friend. “We both broke the rule of law, okay? So, we’re even. We’re even!” You stepped away from the group, listening for more sounds, but the tweens arguing muffled the sound of the Demogorgon. “No, no! We’re not even. Don’t even try that. Your stupid pet could’ve ate us for dinner!” You felt Steve next to you. “That was not my fault!” Dustin defended himself. “Guys?” Steve called. “He wasn’t gonna eat us!” They didn’t hear you. “Oh, so he was crawling to come say hello?” Lucas asked sarcastically, Steve turned around. “Guys!” He screamed loudly, catching their attention.

Something screeched again.

Steve moved towards the sound, into the woods without any warning. The two tween boys following behind, leaving you standing there with Max. “No, no, no! Hey, guys, why are you moving towards the sound?” You questioned. They ignored you, you really considered grabbing Max and getting da fack out of there, but you couldn’t leave Steve.

“Let’s go, kid.” You said, Max following you into the woods.

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shamelessgaylord  asked:

The prompt 131. Sterek. I just started following you because of your amazing writing. It's super duper good. And you just need to now that I'm really awed by it.

Thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me. And I’m sorry it took me so long to get to your prompt, but hopefully you enjoy this bit of College AU misunderstandings and fluff that it inspired :)

Sterek #131 from this prompt list

Derek has let the boys in room 309 get away with a lot over the past semester, but this might finally test the limits of his patience.

The thing is, he’s not the most unreasonable Resident Advisor on campus. He knows he was a bit of a hardass last year, before he figured out how to balance the job with his overly ambitious course load. And he knows that the students who live on his floor are equally afraid of him as they are likely the ones behind the rumors that he’s a eunuch.

But he has a staunch ‘live and let live’ policy that most of them are too grateful for to complain about. As long as he doesn’t have to deal with the fallout of their hijinks, and gets left alone in relative peace, he doesn’t care what they do. And he would, honestly, really rather not know the gory details of it all anyway.

It’s a philosophy not unlike the one Derek applies to his personal life, such as it is. Over the years, he’s found that his day-to-day existence runs a whole lot smoother if people just leave him the hell alone and let him return the favor by burying himself in his books and leaving them the hell alone right back.

The boys in room 309 are so far the only ones who have decided to actively push at the limitations of this system. 

Violation after violation–from the time McCall harbored five different stray animals in there for an entire month, to the time Stilinski started charging random passersby for life advice with a cardboard “the doctor is in” sign on their door, and actually turned a not-insignificant profit because everyone thought he was collecting for charity–and Derek has let it all slide.

Not this time.

“Shut up,” he says the moment he reaches where Stiles is fidgeting in the hallway outside his locked dorm room.

Stiles scoffs. “Rude.

“It’s one thirty in the morning on a Wednesday. I’m allowed.” He pulls his master key out of his pocket and makes to open the door, but Stiles leans forward with a small smirk and a twinkle in his eye.

“Come on, you know you love our little late night chats.”

God help Derek, he actually does. Secretly, very deep down, he kind of does. Or, well, he would, if they didn’t take place a handful of hours before his alarm is set to go off.

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get the fuck off of her || henry bowers

plot: y/n gets into a fight with Greta

Word count : about 1800

I have run out of gifs to use so I’m reusing this one

Originally posted by pennywise-fucker


“Hey there you fucking whore!” I turned around from my locker to see Greta standing there with her ugly ass friends. She was holding something in her hands behind her back. Let’s just say her and I didn’t get along well, at all.

“Whore? Nice try fatty.” I smirked crossing my arms.

She took from what was behind her back and it revealed my notebook. My eyes widened, considering that was my notebook where I would talk shit about people and talk about Henry. You’re probably wondering, ‘What do you mean talk about Henry?’ Him and I were civil with each other and I had developed a super small crush on him, but no one knew about it and no one was ever going to.

“I read what you wrote about me in here, ’Greta is such a fucking cunt. Not really sure why but Belch Huggins lets her suck his dick everyday after school at the Quarry, which she thinks no one knows about. I also heard that she was going around saying I was fucking Hockstetter, which he fucking wishes. If she keeps talking so much fucking shit about me I’ll make sure she keeps that big fucking mouth of hers shut.’ ”

I smiled, “I did write that, now give me my damn notebook back you fucking pig.” I held out my hands waiting for my blue striped notebook to be placed in them.

“I’m not done reading this great novel yet, oh this one is about Bowers.” She smirked while opening up to a page with Henry’s name on the top. Her friends giggled. My face dropped and I felt my heart sink.

I quickly walked up to her but her 4 friends pinned me back against the wall. They were much larger than me but I still tried fighting their grip. They held me against the locker as Greta began reading.

Today Henry and I worked on a project together in English. It was nice because I didn’t have to actually do all of the work. He was actually being nice to me, which he never is to anyone. I wish he would notice me more, but he never seems to.” Greta made a sarcastic 'aw’ at the end before chucking my notebook down the hallway, left open with Henry’s page.

“You’re fucking pathetic. You need 4 people to hold me back so I don’t rock your shit?” I grimaced, eyeing my notebook down, which laid across the hallway, not a person in sight to grab it. Thank god.

Rock my shit? Oh please I would love to see you try.” Greta emphasized, gritting her teeth.

“Okay well as long as you’re not pregnant, which I would check because you’re looking like you got a bun in the oven, I will 100% take you on bitch.” I cracked my knuckles as her four friends let go of me. I got ready to swing at her when I heard a male voice. Everyone stopped and turned their attention to the guy.

Well well Well, what do we have here?

It was Patrick Hockstetter, Henry Bowers, Victor Criss and Belch Huggins. Patrick held my notebook in his hands. I felt my heart drop, considering he had probably read it and showed Henry.

“You just arrived right on time, I’m about to pound this little bitch into pieces, wanna help?” She asked Patrick, trying to be flirty and ultimately failing. Patrick gave her a dirty look and raised an eyebrow at her, considering he was not attracted to her, at all.

“Y/n? What’d she ever do to you?” Henry quickly piped in, I glanced over at him playing with his pocket knife and not making eye contact with anyone.

“Oh Henry you must know something about Y/n …she’s a fucking whore. She goes around fucking everyone in sight and all she does is talk shit about me, someone who never does anything to her.” She innocently claimed when it was actually the opposite.

“I’m not a fucking whore, that’s you, cunt.” I spat at her and she whipped her head towards me, with a disgusted look on her face. She clenched her fists in frustration and anger.

“I suggest you shut your mouth before I shut it for you.” She pressed her body up against me, looking down at me, with a nasty face. God, she was so ugly.

Get the fuck off of me!” I shouted, right hooking her in the face. She immediately backed up and went to swing at me and I ducked, resulting her fist to collide with the blue lockers behind me. She let out a stream of curses as I snickered.

At this point I wasn’t even concerned about her. I was concerned about my notebook and if Henry saw his name in it.

The boys looked on intensely to the fight, Patrick was jumping up and down excitedly, weirdo.

She held her hand in pain and yelled for her friends to beat me up. They all lunged at me , yes all 4 of them, and began kicking me, punching me, and clawing at me.

Not a very fair fight, but I tried to pry them off me but it was no use considering I was on the ground and they were all grabbing me. I felt the blood leaking out of my nose and my cheekbone. I screamed out in pain as they kicked me in the stomach.

“Jesus fucking Christ, get the fuck off of her!” Henry screamed throwing the girls off of me as as I laid on the ground barely able to get myself up. He grabbed my waist and gently lifted me off the ground. I stood up leaning into him, considering I was too weak to keep my balance alone.

Greta and her friends looked beyond pissed, to say the least.

“Aw Henry coming in to save this weak pussy. You’ve turned soft kid.” Greta said trying to get him angry but he stood there unamused with her words, an arm still gripping my waist.

“I think it’s personally funny how you couldn’t pick on her alone so you made four times the amount of people beat her up. That’s not a fair fight.” He replied, completely ignoring her comment.

“Henry you do know she’s fucking obsessed with you right? She writes about you in that dumb notebook of hers.” Greta shot back, pointing to the notebook still in Patrick’s hands.

Henry raised a brow in confusion. Now I felt so embarrassed, he was going to read the entries about himself, in front of everyone. This situation could have not got worse.

“What are you talkin’ about?” Henry asked, gently tugging me along as he walked over to Patrick and took the notebook out of his hands.

“Henry- don’t read it. It-it’s stupid.” I protested, trying to pry the notebook out of his grip. I felt my heart sink as he scanned the page over, reading every word. Now I felt dumb.

“See Bowers? I fucking told you, she’s a freak. I’m not sure why you’ve become such a little bitch, helping defend her.” Greta said clasping his hands with satisfaction, seeing Henry’s eyes widen as he read each word.

I pulled away from Henry shamefully. I stared at the ground… I didn’t even wanna look at him. “I didn’t mean to write that. I didn’t know you were gonna see it. I’m sorry.” I muttered apologizing to him. With my head hung low I quickly walked away from the situation and heard Greta calling after me.

“Aw the little baby is leaving? We’re not done here Y/n!” I rolled my eyes at her shrill voice and kept walking.

“Greta! Can you shut your fucking mouth for once? If you don’t stop fucking picking on her I swear to god you’ll regret it. You got me?” I slowly turned around and saw Henry grabbing her by the collar of her shirt and shoving her against the locker. She heavily breathed out a “yes,” as he let go of her and she fell on the floor.

I stood there watching him angrily storm away from her and walk in my direction. Do I walk toward him? Do I say something? I shamefully looked up at him as he neared me.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked holding up the notebook with a quizzical look engraved on his face.

His tone came out rather angry and aggressive but that was Henry Bowers for you. “What do you mean? Was I supposed to tell you I had a crush on you? Especially to someone like you? You’re not exactly the type of guy to openly admit your feelings for.” I mumbled, not wanting to piss him off.

“You could’ve just said you did…” He began but quickly stopped as he realized that I was right.

“Exactly. It’s not an easy situation.” I frankly admitted and crossed my arms over my chest. I shot him a dirty look considering he was being so difficult. Did he like me or not?

“You look cute when you’re trying to act mad.” He commented with a brief chuckle grabbing my cheek, the one not covered with blood, and pinching it.

I pushed his hand off, “Ha ha, very funny Henry.”

“You’re stupid by the way.” He said out of nowhere, I furrowed my eyebrows at his sudden insult. I let out a small sigh.

“How? You’re the one with a 1.9 GPA.” I spat getting very defensive.

“Do you know who I am? Since when have I defended anyone, especially a girl? Use your fuckin’ head Y/n.” He teased, putting his hand in my hair and messing it up.

I thought about it, Henry had never been so caring for anyone. It was a rather heroic, yet unusual action for him.

“Thank you.” I hummed, cracking a small smile at him.

“I’m digging the bloody look you got going, is it Halloween already?” He joked, pointing at the dried blood all over my face due to Greta’s friends.

“Oh shit. I gotta clean that up. Wanna come help?” I boldly asked, nervous to see what he was gonna say.

“Anything for you.” He promised grabbing my hand and dragging me into the boys’ bathroom.  I tried to hide the smug smile on my face but it was impossible to when I was holding hands with Henry Bowers.


I hope this wasn’t too shitty (((:

Kiss Me

Request: hiya !! i was wondering if you could do an imagine based off of the song “kiss me” by ed sheeran? maybe peter and the reader have been dating a while and are being all cuddly n stuff and he’s suddenly like “wow i’m so in love w u” and blurts it out or something idk?? lots of fluff and cuteness pls. thank you sm !! love your writing :))

A/N: I know I should be writing Dead Serious part 4 but I just got extreme block on that one so I figured i’d try and fill out some of my other requests. AND LMAO I HAVEN’T WRITTEN ANYTHING IN A MILLION YEARS AND HERE I AM. NOT WRITING THE THINGS I SAID I WOULD WRITE. But yikes, sorry it’s short.

This is based off this Ed Sheeran song

Word count: 933

Warnings: N/A


Honestly, Peter Parker was one of your favourite people. He WAS your favourite person.

He was also your boyfriend and the love of your life.

You and Peter were doing what you usually did on Saturday mornings, sit on the couch watching cartoons in your pjs.

Your parents would never let you spend the night so you would wake up early in the morning, usually before 6am, and make your way to Peter’s apartment.

As soon as you got there, you would let yourself in (with the extra key Peter gave you for events just like this) and crawl into bed with Peter.

This morning was no different.

You groaned when your alarm went off, boy did you love Peter but waking pat 5:30am every Saturday morning was a lot.

You rolled out of bed, grabbed your phone, and went to the bathroom.

You stood in front of the mirror, brushing your teeth. Your hair was sticking up every which way, and there were bags under your eyes.

“God, the things I do for you, Parker,” you muttered to yourself.

You grabbed your keys and marched out the door.

You shivered when you got to the streets. There was a light layer of snow coating the ground.

Damn, why do I never think to look out the window?

You wrapped your arms around you and trudged through the streets, your shoes making a crunching sound with each step.

It took you only five minutes (of complete and utter shivering) to reach Peter’s apartment building.

You looked at your watch, 5:50am, way too early, even if you were heading to see your boyfriend.

You slowly made your way up the stairs of Peter’s apartment building, pulling out the keys and made your best attempts to quietly open the front door.

You dropped the keys on the table and slipped your shoes off.

When you got to Peter’s bedroom, you opened the door and made sure the door didn’t make any noise when you closed it behind you.

Peter’s back was to you, he was on his side facing the wall.

You came up behind him, lifting the covers, and sliding in beside him.

You placed a kiss on the back of his neck, and wrapped your arms around him.

Peter stirred and rolled deeper into his pillow.

“Peter, baby,” you whispered.

Peter groaned into his pillow.

“No, Y/N, it’s too early,” he whined


Peter rolled over and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. You moved your arm around Peter so you were tracing lines along his back. You moved your other hand up towards Peter’s head, running your fingers through his curls.

“You’re so cold,” he said, placing a kiss on your neck.

“It snowed,” you said

“And you walked here? Darling, you should have told me, I would have come to yours,”

“You know I love snow, it’s okay,”

Peter was silent, his breathing slowed.

“I need more sleep,” he said quietly.

“Let’s go back to sleep baby, please,” Peter continued.

You pressed a kiss to Peter’s forehead and soon you were both lulled into a light sleep.

A few hours later you woke up in Peter’s arms, your legs tangled together.

“Baby are you awake?” Peter asked.

“Yes, love” you said

Peter leaned over and placed a light kiss on your lips.

“God, Peter, you have the worst morning breath,”

“No, you love me,” he said, kissing you again.

“I do love you, but I don’t love the taste you’re leaving on my lips,”

“But Y/N,” he whined.

“You want to kiss me, you can go brush your teeth,”

“You’re lucky I love you,” he muttered, climbing over you, making his way to the bathroom.

When Peter returned, you had moved to where he had been lying before she could easily climb back into bed with you.

Peter smiled when he saw you.

“Is that my sweater?” He asked.

“It was cold last night and this was the only thing I had lying around close enough so I didn’t have to get out of bed,”

Peter laughed and lied down next to you, bringing you back into his arms.

You were silent for a while, Peter running his hands through our hair.

“I can’t believe you get up at 5:30 in the morning just so you can see me,”

“I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while, I really only come for the pancakes May makes for breakfast,”

Peter laughed and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“I’m so in love with you,” he said softly.

You smiled and leaned further into his chest, wrapping your arms tightly around him.

“5am doesn’t matter to me all that much, i’d never sleep if it meant spending time with you,”

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Seventeen Reaction: Your Guy Best Friend Buys You Whatever You Want

“SVT Reaction to Your Guy Best friend Buying U whatever you want” -Anon

A/N: This is one of my first times doing reactions so I apologize if it is not the best! -Admin Sara


  • “Let me buy you something.”
  • “Who is this guy?”
  • Pouts the whole time cause this bean just wants to buy cute stuff for you but when he starts buying you everything what is left for him to get you.
  • Is a bit afraid you’ll stop telling him what you want and around Christmas and birthdays he’ll have to guess what you want.
  • Just wants to provide. 

Originally posted by scoupstv


  • He’s happy he isn’t spending money
  • Is a bit sad still cause he wants to buy you cute things
  • Pressed?
  • “Oh, we need milk, get your best friend to buy it for you”
  • Is okay with it yet not so it confuses you SO much.

Originally posted by eggyyoon


  • How sweet of him
  • “Oh my gosh he bought you that outfit, its really cute”
  • “Sorry I couldn’t be there to buy it”
  • Pouts
  • “I’ll buy you a whole new closet next time we go shopping!”

Originally posted by jisooosgf


  • I didn’t come here to date you and your best friend
  • “Why is he buying you all this stuff. I wanted to pay for that!”
  • I… wanted? to pay for that
  • “Why am I even mad, like I don’t understand.”
  • “Thank you for buying that?”

Originally posted by mvnghaos


  • “Lets go shopping now, I have to buy stuff before him”
  • Makes you give him a list of things you want so if your friend buys them he still has back ups to get you
  • This babe likes buying you random gifts so it sort of rains on his parade.
  • “Oh… he bought you one… okay.” Hides the exact thing he just bought you as your surprise gift behind his back
  • “I have to go to the store again”
  • :( ½

Originally posted by amemericans


  • Tries not to let you go shopping with the guy but somehow even if you don’t you still have new stuff.
  • “Why are there boxes of shoes at the door? I thought you didn’t go out today”
  • “Oh. I see.”
  • “Can’t you just tell him I want to buy you presents too? It isn’t fair if he is buying everything before I can.”

Originally posted by seoten


  • “Why are gifts just appearing in this houSE?”
  • “Where are you even getting all of this stuff?”
  • How does he even have money anymore, he bought you like 200 things in one day.
  • Drags you to the store, even if he got out of practice at 3AM and the only store open just sells gum. You’re going.
  • “I don’t care if you’re tired. I’m tired of not being able to buy you as much stuff and it makes me feel bad. Now gET UP.”

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  • “He’s buying you stuff? Cute.”
  • “What’d you get today?” :|
  • “N-no I am happy he is buying you stuff and you’re able to hang out and stuff with him. But… Isn’t he spending a lot of money on you… are you sure that is okay? Like he has enough money to do that?”
  • ?
  • Is more worried about your friends spending habits than trying to buy you anything
  • Doesn’t want your friend to feel left out of the gift circle
  • Buys your friend random gifts in return so he at least gets something other than pure friendship back.

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  • “I mean you can still hang out with him, I don’t really care… I just don’t like him.”
  • Tries to buy you more stuff 
  • “Oh that’s what he got you… well I got you THIS.”
  • “Yeah well, you’re the one dating me.”
  • You’re dating me.
  • Tries to ask your friend to stop buying you so much stuff but then gets caught and you think hes jealous.
  • “You’re dating me. How could I be jealous?”

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  • Sees you getting everything you want made him just a bit upset because he enjoys buying you things
  • Starts trying to find unique things that you didn’t even know you wanted
  • “Yeah, he may have bought you like 3 pairs of shoes today but the bracelet I got you… Yeah. I picked out everything.”
  • Acts really cool and proud about all the stuff he finds.

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  • Made your best friend mad accidentally? when he first asked him to stop because he called it clutter. 
  • Sees how much he buys you now and gets mad but just keeps joking about it.
  • “Can he buy me stuff?”
  • “My best friend who?”
  • “No seriously though Y/N, it could work I have a plan.”

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  • Not really upset, but also not fine with it either
  • Tries to buy you a bunch of stuff while out with you
  • Makes a list of stuff you want so he doesn’t forget and makes you promise not to tell your friend about the stuff so he can at least try and buy it first
  • “Ya know, just tell him I really want this album.”
  • The album shows up the next day and hes like… what??
  • Is he really buying me stuff too? He has that kind of money? I should probably get to know him so that way I can repay him one day…
  • All of us are friends now.
  • “Three musketeers”

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  • Didn’t really mind at first and was like, okay, yeah I’m cool with it as long as we can coordinate so we don’t get the same things again.
  • Started caring more once your friend said something he didn’t like and then they stopped coordinating
  • Got really sad because three weeks before Christmas he went to this place to get you this necklace you said you wanted and waiting 2 hours in a long line only to find out he was in the wrong one. Then go to another line for another hour just to buy it and find out that your friend got you the same one AND gave it you early.
  • You have to tell your friend to stop buying you so much and to start only buying maybe once every few months because this babe isn’t going to tell you that it bothers him because he knows that when you get gifts it makes you happy and that is all he wants.
  • :( ½

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EXO-K Scenario; He apologises after wrongly accusing you

This is when you have had an argument that he thought you were cheating but eventually found out that you were not cheating after all and they go to apologise to you. If you do like it then please request more!


he would probably come up to you while you were sleeping and carefully climb into bed next to you. he would cautiously wrap his arms around you and drag you close to him and slowly nuzzle your neck while mumbling  ‘Honey….wake up’. Once you did wake up, he refused to let go of you until he was 100% certain that once you left the bed you were still his girlfriend and still loved him.

“Y/N, you know that i really do love you”

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Baekhyun would waste no time at all. Whether you were studying, working , sleeping or watching TV, he would immediately jump onto you while cuddling the life out of you. He would place multiple kisses all over your face and neck if he could reach it and just would not let you go unless he really really had to. Like if you needed to pee or he had to go and practise.

“Y/NNNNNN Forgive me please!

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Chanyeol probably would not apologise for a bit, he would let his pride take over him first before admitting he was wrong. He would probably be thinking like ‘o

h come on, that was not my fault, she should not have let it happen!’

But after a day or two tops, he would probably begin to feel the guilt. Either that or he was missing you too much. He would be at your doorstep ,strumming a guitar while singing a cheesy song he made for you.

“Oh darling, will you please forgive me?”

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Kai would not do the talking, his dogs would. Once he realised he was wrong, he would get his pet dogs and leave them by your door step before quickly knocking and running to hide behind a tree or something. Once you opened it, you found the three dogs each holding small boxes in their mouths which turned out to be ‘i’m sorry’ gifts from your boyfriend, who you caught hiding behind the tree.

“hahaha..so am i forgiven?”

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Now suho, would spare no expense to get you to forgive him. In fact, the minute he found out that your secret boyfriend was actually your brother in law, he would already be hatching his master plan to get you to forgive him. He would probably start by surprising you with you favourite flowers laid on your bedside table, which would then be followed by multiple small but cute gifts leading to the kitchen downstairs where he would be trying to make you breakfast.

“Come on..you have to forgive me now”

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Now, being the shy yet irrestible penguin he is, he would probably be too embarrased, scared and nervous to even look you in the eye. But when he missed you to much, he would take all of his couage to go up to your house and knock on the door. When you allowed him in, he took you to the couch where he would sit you down and he would be opposite you and basically pour out his heart to you , asking for fr forgiveness, and the look on your face when you did forgive him would be poriceless.

“R-really? I am still allowed to call you mine?”

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