i am trying out being cute

i am so, so sick of seeing “support bi girls uwu” and “bi girls are cute and valid” plastered everywhere with ZERO (0) support for bi boys

so bi boys, if you spent your whole life thinking you were 100% straight but now want to explore being with other dudes, go for it.

if you thought you were gay and worry about being rejected by the LGBT community for trying out het relationships, there are a whole bunch of bi people like myself who will rally behind you.

if you’ve been taught by family members, conservative friends, or the media that kissing another guy, or having sex with another guy, or proposing to another guy is gross/wrong/sinful, fuck ‘em. there is nothing gross or wrong about men loving other men, period.

bi boys, whether you’ve known you’re bi all your life or are just now figuring it out – you are loved.

ok so

the thing about ouma kokichi…. im staring to have a feeling we might have his personality a bit off…

bc he looks mainly like… a sweetheart?? a really sweet character?

 like i know its PROBABLY NOT TRUE OMG BUT…. he literally looks so sweet…. like an unthreatening baby bunny… his sprites that we’ve seen are ALL positive (except maybe the one with his finger in front of his face altho that one is mostly smug) but he honestly looks like a sweetheart in his sprites. 

although i wouldn’t be surprised if they were playing off a cute and innocent appeal only to hide a mean/evil streak. kind of like a mean cutie?  

i cant wait to see how wrong i am when the game comes out? like im sure theres SOMETHING ABOUT HIM… lalthough i will just lose it if he ends up being really genuinely sweet (but trying to look tough and pass himself off as a liar) that would be such a backhanded slap

Do not imagine... Mornings with Shawn

Do not imagine how he mumbles “no. no. no.” when the alarm goes off.

Do not imagine how he decides to go dead weight on you to keep you in bed.

Do not imagine how his first steps would be unsure, as if his body needs to reorganize it‘s muscles and bones.

Do not imagine how he‘d probably miss the first step on the stairs and do not imagine how he‘d walk down the rest of them super carefully. („Dying is not very nice at 10 am, so I‘m being careful.“ You try to figure out for 20 minutes why he only realizes now that „Dying doesn‘t sound pleasant“)

Do not imagine how he‘d tap his foot impatiently while waiting for his coffee to be drinkable.

Do not imagine how he‘d give you a kiss and then frown because „Mm. Bad breath is not cute, is it?“

Do not imagine how he‘d grin when you shake your head no, because he still got a kiss.

Do not imagine how he‘d have his hand on the small of your back while you are getting the tea bag out of your mug.

Do not imagine how he‘d put his mug down and holds you by your hips when he helps you unto the counter. (And his hands would linger for a tiny moment and give a little squeeze.)

Do not imagine how when you try to escape his tickling hands, your tea would almost swoosh out of your mug and both would stare at it in shock. („I should stop doing that. The morning would be ruined if I emptied boiling tea on you.“ No kidding Shawn. No kidding.)

Do not imagine how he‘d get his own mug and then stand between your legs, his eyes alight with laughter when you drink your tea. (That makes you laugh and almost snort out tea. And then he laughs. And chokes. It‘s a neverending cycle, really.)

Do not imagine how he‘d take a stand of hair and try to dunk it into his coffee. (You shriek in outrage. He apologizes immediately. „I really don‘t know what that was, sorry.“)

Do not imagine how he‘d he lay his forearm on your shoulder and ask you what you‘d want to do that day.

So, I really had to much time on my hands these last two days. -E


I wanted to practice pencil drawings (and try out these nice cute patterned masking tape thingies I’d bought a while ago) so of course I needed to draw some fluffy Scorbus! Imagine them posing for a photo so they can add it to their scrapbook… :’)

Exo's reaction to an 11 year old Exo-L

I am finally back after Bring Me the Horizon, my feet hurt but I feel so alive, so now I am getting back to all the requests (Thank you those who did send requests). I am going off them being at a fan meet and the superman show that Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Xiumin and Chen went on.

Xiumin – Would have a full conversation with the child, but if the child started to cry, he would be very awkward.

Originally posted by ohyaahkkaebsong

Suho – Unlike Xiumin, Suho wouldn’t be to awkward with the child if they started to cry, he would try and comfort them with lame jokes.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Lay – Be slightly shy, he would talk to them but not be as out going as Xiumin.

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Baekhyun – Would talk to them really cutely and compliment them.

Originally posted by ohhsenshine

Chen –  He would talk non-stop to them and give them derp/prank techniques.

Originally posted by dyo-soo

Chanyeol – Like Chen but acts more like an 11 year old.

Originally posted by dibidibi-disrespectful

Kyungsoo – Would smile politely, a little nervous of the 11 year old, possibly.

Originally posted by yoonem

Kai – Smile and just be really cute, would also have a small conversation with the child.

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Sehun - Is the 11 year old I actually think Sehun would be really cute with the 11 year old.

Originally posted by sebaeked

I hope you liked it xxx

Also I love Suho’s jokes since I like his type of humor, “Ksoo asked me which park I would like to go to in NY. So I said Linkin Park.” 

rey things (◕◡◕✿)

because she’s my precious ball of light and smiles

  • rey learning the basics of gardening!!!
  • rey building a makeshift greenhouse in the falcon
  • rey spending so much time caring for her new plants, that she even talks to them and sometimes fall asleep with her hands still buried in soil
  • rey blushing always because she simply hasn’t seen so many cute girls all in one place before
  • rey looking after little ones who wander up to her asking if she’s “the rey” to which she whispers “yes i am, but tell me about you!”
  • rey dragging miscellaneous creatures home until she’s practically running a petting zoo out of the falcon
  • rey trying to put her hair up how leia does because she wants to be fancy too 
  • rey continuing to ignore the existence of forks because everything is and always will be finger food to her
  • rey giving poe little braids in his hair and being delighted to find them still there the next day
  • rey feeding all the terrible food that finn cooks (because he thinks he’s a chef after successfully frying an egg) to the said creatures
  • rey hanging in the x wing hanger pillaging for parts to help fix poe’s (frequently) damaged x wing
  • rey going for jogs in the morning, finn and poe occasionally joining her when they’re not comatose and dead to the world
  • rey sleeping under a mound of blankets because she finally is allowed to indulge herself and she can finally find peace enough to rest her precious head
  • rey sitting outside with leia, as she teaches her all the new stars in the sky

Taehyung X Reader


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Raising an eyebrow, you watched as your best friend grabbed your laptop off you. “What are you doing Tae?” You asked him, trying to grab it back, being defeated as he lifted it over his head, out of your reach.

“I want to watch something with you” He said, a smug smirk tugged at his lips as he started to tap the keyboard. You groaned, knowing what he was trying to do. “For the last fucking time, I’m not watching porn with you” You shook your head snatching the laptop of him.

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! Welcome to the world of ouran imagines! May I request the hosts reacting to their s/o being kidnapped for ransom?

Headcanons || Fluff + Kidnapping

A/N: This is actually kinda cute because they’re so protective of you & and am I the only one that sees the Host Club as some cheesy spy group?

Tamaki: Hearing the news that his you were gone… he would freak out to no end and immediately, he would call the rest of the members and ask where your presence was right away. Kyoya would be one trying to pinpoint where you were, but when the word was out, Tamaki would order the rest of the club to go find you and have Kyoya bring some of his private police force along the way, plus Mitsukuni and Takashi would have to prepare themselves for a battle while Tamaki would cry to the others and constantly worry about your well-being.

Kyoya: He would grab the nearest fragile object and break it, angry that he couldn’t be protective of you easily and then he would order his private police force to go assault anyone that hurt you—plus, he would have the Host Club try to fall back on this but Honey and Mori would insist on helping, so every tags along why Kyoya is trying to pinpoint where you were taken and also do the best he can do to make sure you were safe and out of harm’s way.

Haruhi: She would skip breakfast with her father and once Ranka asked what was wrong, she broke the news that you were taken away from her. Knowing her daughter loved you so much, he would make Kyoya hire members of his police force and have the rest of the club try to track your presence down. She would cry to the other members about you and hope that you were safe, and even have a mental breakdown in the car at the thought of you getting hurt.

Honey: Hearing the news, he would burst into tears of anger and worry, and then he would break the nearest furniture in his mansion. He’d ask Kyo-chan to immediately find out where you were and then the club would brace themselves to come save you, having part of Kyo-chan’s members of his police force come for extra protection; he would prepare himself for brace of impact and get ready for any enemies that will get in the way.

Mori: For the first time after a while, he would tear up because he loved you and he didn’t want you to get hurt. Startling the members, he would order Kyoya to figure out where you are, and even Honey was willing to help out him. While on the way there, he would clench his fists in anger and hope that you were safe, and he knew that he was going to get back at the person who kidnapped you—basically, he and Honey were going to kick a lot of asses.

Kaoru: After hearing that you were kidnapped, he would actually lose it and he’d cry to Hikaru about it. Hikaru sends word about this and that made Honey and Takashi prepare for a battle in the dojo while Hikaru tries to calm down Kaoru who is in a fit of tears, and during the ride to your destination, Kaoru would be clenching his fists in anger and he wouldn’t hesitate to punch the nearest person that gets in his way of rescuing you.

Hikaru: He would scream out to Kaoru about this and even break the nearest vase in their bedroom, startling the maids. Kyoya would inform him where you were taken, and then he’d spit at Kyoya to do what he can to come save you—and when the entire club goes their way to rescue you, Hikaru was crying and all he can do is hope that nobody gets hurt during the rescue—especially you since he can’t imagine you get hurt by someone—ever.

It is cute that Theo thinks Void Stiles would agree to being his subordinate....

*Yes, I am aware Theo was probably just banking on drawing the killer ferocity out of Stiles, but could you picture him trying to convince Stiles when he was Void? Ha!

bts reaction to their child being a daddy’s girl/boy

a/n- i am so sorry for being MIA these past few days. school is kicking my butt and im honestly just trying to go each day without freaking out. but please enjoy this reaction!! it was so cute :’) i love imagining the boys with cute lil children!

Seokjin- His little girl would be the type to copy everything her dad does. First, it started off with her simply wanting to eat the same foods at dinnertime, but then things snowballed to her wanting the same Mario figurines and matching pink shirts. Seokjin found this to be the cutest thing in the world, especially when he was filming EatJin and his daughter wanted to take bites as big as her dad.

“You want to be just like dad, huh? So cute!”

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

Yoongi- After his daughter was born, Yoongi found himself being a much more involved father than he would’ve thought. But it was easy for him to be so engaged when his little girl never wanted to leave his sight. She’d sit on his lap while he played around with new songs, or she’d help him pick out what jacket matched his outfit best that day. It was honestly adorable, and even though it made you a little jealous that Yoongi was obviously her favorite, it was too damn cute to be upset about.

“Me and my mini me have decided to go get ice cream. Want to join us?”

Originally posted by the-rap-man

Hoseok- Hoseok’s little boy ended up being a literal toddler version of himself. His son acted like him, looked like him, and did everything like him. It all started when Hoseok took him to the dance studio and figured out he was already a gifted dancer. The two began to practice everyday together, which created a carbon copy of the sunshine you called your husband.

“Look, Y/N! He’s already popping and locking! He’s going to be better than me…”

Originally posted by sunshine-hobi

Namjoon- When your son began to explain things as deeply and beautifully as his father, you knew you were in trouble. Namjoon had somehow made a little philosopher out of his four year old son, simply by hanging out together. You could tell how much Namjoon influenced your little boy, especially when he started to insist he picks out his own outfits for preschool.

“Wow! He already is so fashion-forward. I am so proud…”

Originally posted by kimnamboobs

Taehyung- When you had a daughter, you had expected that she’d be your best friend and want to be like you. But, much to your dismay, she immediately latched herself onto  Taehyung. They laughed together nearly every moment, and they even shared the same adorable square grin that nearly stopped your heart. Taehyug was elated that his little girl loved him so dearly, making sure to always keep her by his side.

“Don’t be sad that she likes me more- I mean, I am pretty loveable.”

Originally posted by hob-e

Jimin- Your daughter may have been a daddy’s girl, but Jimin was just as whipped for his little girl. He played dress up, arranged tea parties, and read her princess stories every night before bed. Every time she was upset, she immediately went to her dad and wanted to cuddle. She was so attatched to him that it made you a bit concerned, but he assured you it was just normal father-daughter things.

“Don’t be jealous because she’s a daddy’s girl, Y/N.”

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Jungkook- Jungkook was nervous to have a son, especially because he still felt so young himself. But as soon as his little boy grabbed his hand and insisted that Jungkook teach him how to play catch, he was hooked. He began to spend every free moment playing with his son or teaching him new things. It didn’t help that his son began to copy his actions, down to his derpy actions and cocky smirk.

“Me and little man are going to go play kickball. Wanna join?”

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Protective- Harry Styles imagine

Anonymous said: Hey love! Can you do one where harry and i spend a day outside with gemma and a couple of friends and he’s really cute and protective and stuff? ☺️ ‘all the love’ 😀💖

I am so sorry if this turned out lame and not the way you wanted it. I’m still new with the whole writing thing, but i promise i’ll try to get better at it! 

Since you and Harry had spent almost the entire week being lazy and not going out, you guys decided to call Gemma and some friends to see if they wanted to spend the day with you two.

So now here you guys were, walking down the busy streets of C/N, Harry’s arm around your shoulders while you talked to Gemma and your friends.

“Hey, we should go in here,” One of your friends said. You guys shrugged and nodded and walked into the small diner.

“Hi, welcome to Tim’s diner,” A waitress said, coming up to us with a bright smile, “How many?”

“Eight.” Harry answered. She nodded and grabbed eight menus and led you guys to a booth. You sat at the edge of the booth, Harry next to you and Gemma next to him, Four of your friends across from you guys, and one pulled up a chair.

“You know,” The guy next to you started talking. You looked at him and nodded, signaling for him to go on. “Harry wouldn’t stop talking about you the other day. “ he sad grinning.

You looked at harry to see him blushing. "She didn’t need to know that,” harry mumbled. You chuckled and kissed his cheek, which made him blush more.

“I mean, I wouldn’t blame him, you are gorgeous. If you were my girl, I would not stop talking about you. ”

“oi, dexter,” harry said in a warning tone. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer, his grasp on your hand tightened.

Dexter raised his hands in surrender. “Hey, I was just saying. ” he chuckled.

“No need to get protective, Harold,” Gemma teased.

He groaned and buried his head in the crook of your neck. “I’m not protective,” he mumbled, his lips brushing against your neck.

“Mhm, sure you aren’t styles,” Tara, who sat across from you said with a smile.

“I’m not,” he whined. You chuckled and patted his hand.

You were about to say something, but the waiter came back and asked if you guys were ready to order. After you guys ordered, he smiled and shot you a wink and walked away.

Harry glared at the waiter, your friends laughing at harry. He looked at his friends and whined. “I’m not being protective, okay?”

You all just nodded and chuckled, but didn’t say anything. The waiter came back with your guys’ food and winked at you, again.

“Ay, I’d watch out if I was you,” dexter said, looking at the waiters name, “Henry. The girl has an overprotective boyfriend. ”

Harry threw his hands in the air, along with my hand that he was holding. “I’m not protective!” He yelled, making the people around us turn around and look at him.

The waiter just chuckled and walked away. You looked at Harry to see him pouting, his bottom lip jutted out. “Aw, baby,” you cooed. You caressed his cheek and pecked his lips. He looked at you and grinned and kissed your cheek.

Dexter grabbed his fork and was about to steal a piece of your chicken, but harry slapped his hand away.

“He’s even protective of her food!” Tyler, one of your other friends, exclaimed.

“And you say you’re not protective,” Gemma scoffed. Her brother slapped her arm lightly and smiled.

“I’m not. ” he said. Everyone laughed and started eating, but you just looked at Harry who was frowning and playing with his food.

“Hey,” you said quietly, elbowing him softly. He looked up and gave you a small smile. “It’s fine if your protective. It’s one of the many reasons why I love you,” he started grinning. “Actually, it makes me love you more.” You grinned.

He put his fork down and wrapped his arms around your waist, his face leaning on your shoulder. “And I love you, baby. ” he kissed your jaw.

“You’re allowed to be protective, you being protective shows me that you actually want to be with me, that you actually love me and care about me,” you said shrugging. You looked at him and kissed his forehead.

He looked at you with loving eyes. “I’ll always love you, baby. You’re the one I want. You’re the one I need. ”

You chuckled and shook your head. “Now don’t go all Beyoncé on me Harold,”

“I’m sorry,” he chuckled. “I love you though. Always have, always will.”

You smiled and kissed his lips. He smiled during the kiss and you did the same.

“Did I mention that your protectiveness is a turn on?” You whispered in his ear.

He smirked and kissed you neck. “No, you didn’t, but thanks for the information. ”

“Oi, not here please,” Melissa, your friend who sat next to Tara, teased. I chuckled and kissed his cheek before pulling away.

He smiled and grabbed my hand and kissed my temple. “I love you,” he said.

I looked at him and grinned. “And I love you, and all your little things. ”

“We should put you in the band. ”

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How I React to Manipulation

An anon asked me a while ago to do a post on how I react to being manipulated, so here it is*: 

Step 1: Try Not to Smile

Usually if someone tries to manipulate me, I find it amusing. I can spot this shit from a mile away, and yet they’re trying–it’s almost cute

Step 2: Do I honestly care?

Is someone flattering me to get more information for themselves *cough*?  I don’t care, I love talking about myself. Anything actually personal/useful, they won’t get out of me unless I am feeling generous..which is unlikely. Is someone trying to get me to do something? Is it small enough that I wouldn’t mind doing it? Am I feeling especially stubborn today? There are just so many ways I could go with this. 

Step 3: But what if they want something big

Well, do I feel like indulging them? Not particularly. So there’s only 2 options from here:

Option A: The smile & nod

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Smile, nod, act like you completely agree with what they’re saying. They want you to write their report for them? Smile, Nod, maybe throw in an “Okay, sure, no problem!”. Let them think they got away with it. Let them think they outsmarted you, let them think whatever they want. 

Then turn around, and don’t do anything they just told you. It’s as if their pathetic attempt never happened. If they later come to you and get angry, play the innocent card. “Oh, I’m so sorry! I completely forgot, I was so busy doing <bullshit excuse>.” or “I can’t believe I forgot! Well, good thing you’re here, because I just don’t think I have enough skills to help you on this.” 

After all, they can’t get mad when they tried to screw with you first. 

Option B: SHUT. IT. DOWN. 

Call them out on it! Flat out refuse the request. This is the time where you may regurgitate the well-known female mantra when pressured for sex/drugs, the greatest word in the English dictionary: “No”. They’ll be so flustered, they’ll be confused, and so don’t give them an explanation for it.

It’s intimidating trying to persuade someone who has already shot you down, and so they most likely will not try it again. If you explain yourself, you’re giving them reasons to try again, so don’t explain. Shut them down with a simple “No”. It shows you’re strong-willed, and self-reliant. Nobody can manipulate you. There’s a certain power in the word “No”, and once you’ve said it, you’ll feel it in the way the “manipulator” cowers. 

“Secret” Option C: Manipulate Them Back

Pretend to go along with the conversation, and then try to manipulate them into figuring out what information they have and what they’re withholding from you. You can tell a lot from a person based on the way they manipulate (or choose not to manipulate) other people. Watch them try to manipulate you and unravel their own motive, and their intentions. You’ll be surprised how much you could learn from just that. 

Remember: Nobody can force you to do anything, unless you want to. Don’t let them control you. 

*Of course, most of this post is under the assumption that you can recognize manipulation before/while it’s happening. If you can’t then that’s a different problem altogether. 

Silent Treatment//Nate Maloley//Imagine
Requested by: @crybabyog

“Y/n is giving the silent treatment to nate btw her boyfriend because he arrives home drunk and rude all the time then the boys invite them to the beach and nate is being cute the only word y/n said I’m gonna take a walk so nate follows after imagine”

I arrive at The Nice Guy to see JackJ and Sammy barely holding Nate up as he tries to drunkly stumble away.
“Hi Y/n baby. It’s so good to see you” he say slurring his words
“Hey guys. I'am so sorry for him” I said while trying to take Nate out of their hands.
“It’s whatever Y/N” Sammy says laughing
I finally got Nate in the car and I start to drive. I felt as if I wanted to reach behind me and smack him across his face. He knows I hate when he gets drunk and depends on over people taking care of him but I’m his girlfriend and I suppose he is my responsibility for now.
We arrive at home and I struggle to make it in the house while holding up Nate.
“Baby lets go get ice cream” He screams when we get into the house.
“No Nathan, go upstairs and go to bed” I said while pointing at the steps
“ Woah somebody’s mad” he said laughing as he walked past me to get into our room.
I swear it’s like I’m living with a four year old who did get the toy he wanted from the store. I walk into our shared bedroom and I force him to get undressed.
“But Y/n, I look so good in this shirt. I’m not taking it off.” Nate said crossing him arms and laying in bed.
“Whatever Nate” I said laying down beside him.
The Next Morning
I woke up to a bunch of groaning coming form beside me. I instantly get out of bed and walk into the bathroom so that I can grab the Advil from the cabinet. I grab a bottle of water and take the Advil to Nate.
“Thank you baby” he says sitting up to take the medicine. “Good Morning” he said before trying to kiss me but I just walk out if the room.

When I went back into the bathroom I saw that I had a text from Johnson

JJ: hey y/n the boys and I are going to the beach today if you and Nate would like to

Y/n: yeah sure! What time

JJ: 12:30-ish. Is that ok

Y/n: yeah that’s cool but do you mind telling Nate bc I’m not speaking to him right now😬

JJ: Yes I’ll tell him🙄

Y/n: Thanks J

After I finished texting Jack, I went into our room and started looking for what I wanted to wear.

“ Y/n, Jack invited us to the beach today” Nate said before releasing that I was already getting ready. “ Well looks like you already know” he chuckled as I finished getting ready.

While Nate was finished getting ready for the beach, I was already in my car and pulling off when I got the call from Nate. Then I got a text from him. ( don’t text and drive tho )

Nate: why did you leave without me?
Nate: are you ignoring me y/n
Nate: look baby whatever I did I’m sorry
Nate: I’ll just see you there

I guess I felt a little bad after seeing what Nate texted me but he needs to learn that I don’t always want to be responsible for him when his drunk and his friends shouldn’t have to look after him when he gets shit faced.

I arrived at the beach and walked over to the crew. There I saw Madison, Stas, Jack and Jack, Sammy, Swazz, and surprisingly Nate. Sure I’m not the best with directions but I don’t know how he beat me here.

“Hey Y/n girl” Stas says while giving me a hug. “We are about to play volleyball if you wanna join.” She said as he started pulling towards the sand. I just smile and willingly go along with her.

“ Ok let’s get into teams. Johnson said. “I’m the captain and so is Nate so get in a line.”

We all evenly divided into teams and somehow I ended up on Nate’s team. Staying mad at him has even been so hard.

“ Alright baby, I need you to come stand over here” Nate said as he pointed to the spot in the back. When I got close to Nate he reached out and grabbed my hand pulling me closer to him.

“Y/n you look so beautiful today” Nate whispered in my ear. “ Maybe when we leave here we can go out or something”

It was really hard for me not to smile. I love Nate but I can’t seem to let go of what happened last night.

“I’ll be right back Nate” I said quietly as I walked away from the beach.

“Y/n baby wait, what did I do?” He asked me with sadness in his voice “ I need you to tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it” he said while he grabbed both of my hands.
I took a deep breath before I begin to talk.
“You keep coming home drunk Nate. Sometimes your really sillily and other times your rude and disrespectful and I don’t like it and I’m not saying that when you go out you can’t have fun, it’s just that you don’t have to go and get shit faced every time, leaving me and your friends to take care of you.” I said waiting for Nate to respond.

He stood there before saying “ I’m sorry baby, you’re right about that. I shouldn’t go out every night and leave you and the boys to worry about me. I swear I’ll do better, I promise. Just please tell me you done ignoring me because baby you’re killing me.” He says with all seriousness in his voice.

“Yes Nate, I’m done ignoring you.” I said laughing while pulling him into a hug

“I love you Y/n” he said kissing my forehead

“I love you too, Nate but we have to get back to the game. They’re waiting for us.” I said running away with Nate chasing after me.
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Request: Blushy Wonwoo with a secret crush on you

Requested by @thoughts-in-random I’m sorry it took so long and I hope you like it!

  • Wonwoo is all about stealing glances at you especially when you’re reading
  • Because we all know wonwoo is a sucker for bookworms
  • He would also really love seeing you doing things that made you happy, like he’d see you get a glint in your eyes if you were talking about something you were passionate about and he would be like wow! She is very cute and I am very emo and would probably start blushing
  • He seems the type to silently brood over people he likes and would try to very casually spend more time with you and be able to see you smiling
  • Which really ends up being him texting your friends and inviting himself to friend outings
  • And he thinks he is so covert until one day mingyu is like “hey so r u gonna ask her out or”
  • And mingyus like ok pal whatever you say
  • Eventually he fesses up because he can’t keep anything from mingyu
  • Also definitely had at least 3 dreams about you and got really embarrassed and wrote it down but kept it hidden because if anyone found out he would get roasted into the next dimension
  • Not even mingyu knows that’s how on lock those dreams are
  • But one day he “accidentally” (yeah right wonwoo I see through your poorly constructed plan) bought 2 coffees and “just so happens” to see you in another booth and shyly asks if you want it
  • And who are you to deny coffee of course you accept
  • Wonwoo is blushing the whole time making small talk and glancing up at you
  • Probably nervously playing with his sweater paws and little does he know that is absolutely adorable and you are dying on the inside because the cute boy at your school gave you coffee??
  • You guys talk for a few hours and wonwoo didn’t know where the time is cause he got lost in your eyes and smile (gross) and was honestly just thrilled to be there until mingyu texts him in all caps “WHERE ARE YOU PLEASE COME HOME COUPS IS WORRIED” and he’s all sad and pouty and says his goodbye
  • But you give him your number because um cutie alert and he acts casual about it but on the inside he’s like um!!!! Wow!!!! I never thought I would get here!!! Life is amazing!!!
  • And he tries not to seem too eager but definitely texts you that night but second guesses himself like nobodys business and runs to mingyu (although he claims he didn’t) to ask him for advice
  • But nobody can resist the unusual charm of wonwoo
  • And any other time u meet he’s blushing and afraid to touch u
  • Because he wants to respect your boundries and is always like are we that close yet?? Am I allowed to???
  • And u wanna tell him yes but its really cute to see him get mildly distressed about tiny things
  • But he’s all around very cute and blushy and probably self-conscious bc he doesn’t know how to act around cute girls at all
  • 10/10 would hang out with and endure second hand embarrassment from his embarrassment about himself again

N/A: Well anon hope you like it, I kind of used how I am here when people eat what I want, or what I was keeping for later. But whatever, hope you like it.

The crakship is mine

Nº42 - Stop being cute! 

Cake Problems - Julian Brandt

One thing that everyone hates, well not hate, but very close to it, is when they were trying to be angry at somoene, like their little nephews who did something wrong and then they give those puppy eyes and you turn out into jelly and forgive them? Another thing woman hate, again, some woman, is when their boyfriends eats what like the last piece of cake, or a yogurt that you were keeping for later?
That was happening at the moment, you were sat on the couch in front of your boyfriend, he had eaten the last piece of cake, that cake that was made of chocolate, and had strawberries on it. The last piece of cake that he had said he didn’t wanted, you just turned your back for a few seconds, and it was gone. And he was the one that ate it.
You could see he was trying to hold his laughter, he was biting his lip and his eyes never leaving yours, those eyes, the same eyes that will turn you into jelly and make you forgive him, but you were trying your hardest not to. He ate your cake, that lovely looking cake! And he was there looking at you with those eyes and smile! You didn’t knew what to do, but forgive him you couldn’t, you had to try harder, you had to try to be mad at him. But in the end all you could do was shake your head and sigh.
  - Stop being cute! I am trying to be mad at you! - you say crossing your arms.
  - Babe, you can’t be mad at me for long. But I am sorry, you left and the cake was there looking at me and begging me to eat it.
  - But it was my cake.
  - I know, and I am sorry. If you want me to, I will go out and buy you more cake.
  - Okay.
  - You want me to go out and buy you more cake? - he asked surprised, maybe he was not expecting you to say yes.
  - Yes, I do. You can bring me another one like the one you ate.
  - But I said I was sorry!
  - And I said I want cake.
  - Fine, you are lucky that I love you.
  - You are lucky that you are going to buy me more, or you would be on the dog house for a week.
  - Okay, I am going.
He said getting up from the couch and walking to the door grabbing his coat. You laughed at him leaving and leaned against the couch. That cake was that delicious that you would even leave your boyfriend in the dog house for a week because he ate it, no man should mess with a woman’s cake.


July 16, 2015 | Jealousy Chases Anger


When your younger boyfriend is cute and gets hit on during your dates, it’s only natural to act mature and try to rationalize why the  fuck your boyfriend is so  attractive…

Except that only works when said younger boyfriend isn’t touchy about not being mature-looking enough to be automatically assumed as your boyfriend.

Yep. Lots of grovelling after <3

ErenInThighHighs This AU

So I’m trying to clean up my lines better, also new coloring style because NOSE. I’m still figuring out how to NOSE 

also i uhh… am still open for commissions and stuff

i have this vision of what my life is going to look like within the next several months and it is really…special…i just moved out of my parents house into a cute one bedroom and am trying to create the little home of my dreams here, i have recently fallen in love with deejaying and have two sets coming up, met some really kind and fun people, solidified existing relationships, am finally beginning to separate from my parents and their criticisms of me, as well as their worsening alcoholism, have suddenly stopped caring so much about my image and just focusing on being authentic as often as possible/detaching from bad social media habits, the love of my life is moving to dallas to live with me this summer…i dont always feel great…some days are hard and i am trying my best to balance all of these forces in my life…i think i am doing reasonably well and i feel mostly happy.