i am truly still in shock over this

Please Marlene can you not...

Make the reason for AD torturing these girls be :

- Alison said mean things to them/their family/their friends when she was in high-school! I mean the girl was a grade A bitch but she was still only a 14 year old,get over it. No I am not condoning bullying I just don’t think it justifies torturing the other4 girls.

- Something their parents did

- Because AD has mental health issues - there are only so many people you can make crazy sociopaths in one town.

- PAIGE - for any reason!

- Someone irrelevant or who hasn’t been in it since an early season e.g. those weird twins or Sidney “whatsherface”

- Be someone that doesn’t have a damn good reason for doing this, for me the girls need to have done something truly heinous to warrant all this abuse.

Also - shock factor does not equal good writing
E.G. Yes I would be shocked if for whatever reason travis turnd out to be AD - because it would make no fucking sense and would be a waste of years looking for clues!

12.4k Name Aesthetics

so when i reached 12k followers (like seriously wth i’m still in shock) i said i would do something for everyone but here i am like the unreliable person i am celebrating late

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Countermessage. Twin Peaks S2 E7 & 8

Scratch that, that little spoiler wasn’t worth shit, I am still horrified beyond belief, I am shocked, very shocked, forget every single thing I said

  1. I don’t believe I have ever been exposed to a plot twist this radical, ever. Not even season 2 of Hannibal. Not Kill Bill vol. 2. I could never in a million billion years have seen this coming. Not at all.
    I’m honestly amazed at this shocker, because this truly is one of the most shocking turn of events that I’ve ever encountered. This revelation is the twist that weaker storytellers TRY to pull off, but lacks a major component; for the shock to be meaningful, to be disturbing and horrifying and gruesome and awful because it is genuinely that surprising and more importantly emotionally engaging and original, well done. It’s done with very simple means and filming, and so, so hard to watch.
    I honestly don’t know if I can cope with this.
  2. (Side note: mom, who followed this intensly when the show first aired, is intrigued that I’m watching Twin Peaks, and when she talks about it she kept mixing it up with X-files. I now fully understand why she does that.)
  3. Oh Christ, Harold, NO! Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I am so sorry. I honestly don’t know what to feel about or for Donna now.
  4. Uh… I honestly don’t know if that costume effect and the theatrics applied is racist or not. And Pete, I am honestly a bit uncomfortable with the sudden transition into the gleeful, kinda-justified malevolence towards a certain prisoner in this series.
  5. I completely forgot to mention Andy and Lucy, and gosh, they are two of the dumbest and alsot the sweetest characters I’ve ever seen. And on that note, this show has an amazing roster of interesting people.

I just


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please please do a long ramble about the baking video, I want to hear all your opinions!!

Sorry this took so long! I’m crap at writing these things up on time. But yes of course, I definitely needed to do one for baking. Because damn…what a video. To quote my earlier post, it was beautiful strange domestic-y sexual goodness. Truly the epitome of Dan and Phil. And I enjoyed every last second of it.

As I discussed in that post I was quite shocked to see it on DINOF. You can read my immediate reaction (here) and my questioning of what that could possibly mean for their channels. I’ll probably still be over-analyzing that for a while.  

I had a few people message to say that they liked how he was showing a different side to himself on DINOF. And I have to agree, I am really enjoying this change. The persona has been slowly fading in the last year. A little less danisnotonfire and a lot more Dan Howell. As I’ve talked about in the past, I do believe DINOF and Dan are one and the same except just way hyper-focused on specific traits of his personality (the sarcasm, self-deprecation, existentialism, etc). That is very clearly the defining aspect of his channel. However, like many others, I’ve also been hoping for him to branch out and show a bit more of himself. Those who do not closely follow his live shows, social media, DAPG, or see his presence on Phil’s channel know such a narrow view of him. It's actually almost strange to imagine the somewhat skewed impression the causal audience must have. They don’t get to experience some of the very best parts of who he is in my opinion. But now perhaps that is slowly changing. Especially considering the last 3 main channel videos. If I didn’t know otherwise I would automatically assume they were on AmazingPhil. It’s kind of weird to look at (this) post of mine from last March and see that Dan does seem to have relaxed a little bit from then. The difference in content on each channel is starting to seem far less clear-cut and defined. But the change is still such a new thing and may also be due to the current focus on the book/tour, so I am very very interested to see if the trend will continue.

Now onto the fun stuff– favorite moments below:

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So basically I had given up on running into Jared not at a con. It’s happened twice before that I came SO CLOSE to meeting him and missed him by literally 2 hours. When I saw that he was at the Vampire Diaries con at the Rio I freaked out. I had no idea if I would be able to find him but I had to try. Luckily my mom is just as crazy a fangirl as I am (she’s a Dean/Jensen girl but still) and said she would go with me. At first we thought we would go to the Rio but the tweet was had already been posted half an hour before I saw it so we decided to go to the Bellagio because we knew we’d seen pictures of him there in the past. It was completely a shot in the dark but at least we could say we tried.

So we got over to the Bellagio and had no idea where to begin. It was a Saturday night in Vegas and there where literally thousands of people there. After a little bit of wandering I thought “okay it’s not gonna happen.” So we decided to go to Jean Philipe (to drown our sorrows in chocolate) and we turned the corner past the blackjack tables to head over there and out of the corner of my eye I saw Clif. I stopped dead in my tracks, I grabbed my mom’s shoulder and said “There’s Clif.” Then I panned over and saw Jared sitting in the middle of the table and I said “OMG there he is.” I started tearing up immediately. I couldn’t believe it. I just stood there shaking and crying. My mom asked if we should just go over to him but I thought we couldn’t interrupt his game. Pretty soon Clif noticed me. He looked over in our direction and I was freaking out like maybe he was going to tell security to tell us to move. Then he went over to Jared and whispered something to him. I saw Jared mouth “where?” and Clif sort of motioned on our direction and then JARED FREAKING LOOKED AT ME. Then I was really freaking out. I didn’t know if we were doing something wrong but I didn’t want to be this close to him and not say anything to him so we just decided to stay. We watched him play for a little while, he was winning and cheering and clapping and looked so happy and relaxed. That made my heart so happy to see.

Jason was there with him and saw Jeff walking over to the table to meet him. It was so amazing just to watch him enjoy himself for a little while. At one point he stood up from the table and almost knocked his chair over. He high fives everyone and went over to Clif and jumped on him and hugged him and was cheering and smiling and laughing and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. He looked at me like 5 times the whole time we were standing there and I looked away like “OMG STHAP” lol. He and Clif talked a few times and eventually Clif walked over to us. He stepped up on front of us and did a little motion with his hands like “come on.” I was immediately like “are you serious? Thank you soooo much!” And he said “we didn’t want you to have to stand there ALL NIGHT.” Well I would have.

As we were going over to the table Jared stood up and greeted us. He seemed even taller this time which I don’t know how that’s possible. I said to him “I’m so sorry I didn’t want to interrupt you.” And he said “NO NOT AT ALL! What’s your name?” I told him and he said “I’m Jared.” Like I didn’t know, dork. It was so sweet and cute though. Then he asked my mom and he said “here’s let’s take pictures.” We got together and took the picture. Then as my mom and I were trading off he was like “no he saw y'all and I was like being them over here.” I told Clif “I saw YOU first!” and he winked at me. Afterwards I went in for a big hug and he hugged me back I said “THANK YOU SO MUCH.” And he said “No thank y'all.” Then he said “good luck out here.” Obviously he didn’t realize that I lived here but I’ll still take the good luck wishes from Jared for my life in Vegas. Before we left I told him thank you again and that I loved him but I don’t know if he quite heard me but he blew kisses before we left.

It was the most random, crazy and magical moment of my life. I am still in shock that it happened. I’ve definitely cried several times over it already. I can not thank Jared or Clif enough for being so incredibly gracious to us. I will never get over how warm and inviting Jared is and how he is always willing to take time out for his fans. He is a class act and such a sweetheart. We are truly so lucky that our cast cares about us so much and are some of the nicest people in the business. I’m so thankful I finally had this opportunity, it was the craziest most amazing thing ever and just to be able to see him for a few moments completely unexpectedly was simply incredible. I feel so so very lucky. Thank you again Jared and Clif! Such an amazing night

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Prompt: Could you please, please, please write the missing scene in ASiB when Irene Adler wakes up from her nap in Sherlock's room (and acquires Sherlock's dressing gown in the process) right before John, Sherlock, and Irene are sitting together in 221B discussing Irene's camera phone.

Sherlock had felt a surprising range of emotions upon seeing Irene Adler asleep in his bed. Satisfaction being the strongest and least expected of  all of them.

“Oh, please,” John’s whisper had a hint of amusement, “Wipe that smile off your face and wake her up, will you? Clearly, we have work to do.”

“Me?” Sherlock whispered back defensively, he  hadn’t realized he had been smiling. An odd sensation gnawed at Sherlock’s insides, “Why do I have to wake her up?”

“Because, she’s your girlf-!" Irene stirred, Sherlock felt a nerve twitch near his eye, John quickly corrected himself, "She’s your client - or whatever the hell she is - but at any rate, she’s in your bed.” John left the room before Sherlock could protest. Though, with six months since their last meeting, he had to admit he wasn’t feeling entirely unpleasant at the prospect of being left alone with the Woman. 

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As a muslim, middle eastern women, I feel incredibly terrified. It's almost as if I'm being backed into a corner with no one to help me and nothing to do to get myself out of this. I am still in shock over how this election turned out. I truly hope that this won't be how America falls.

I am also shocked, and I’m always in your corner. I love you and want you here. So do millions. You are part of our future.