i am truly dead

Title: I Truly Am Sorry

anonymous requested: can I request something angsty? The reader is Abraham’s daughter and she was in the circle when he was beaten to death. She’s always been broken but after seeing her last family member die before her she breaks completely. She’s with the group in Alexandria and when Negan comes to visit he sees what he’s done to her… and he actually feels some kind of remorse??

Character(s): Negan and Reader (Abraham’s daughter)
Summary: Witnessing your father’s death broke you and the one man that has been haunting your nightmares finally show up for the first pick-up.
Word Count: 1,719
Warning: Angst!!!
Author’s Note: Okay, this idea is absolutely amazing. To the anon who sent this in, thank you so much! I love angst more than I love fluff and smut, to be honest lol. Anyway, get a ready for a whirlwind of tears because it pained me to write a story about Abraham simply because his death hit me just as much as Glenn’s did. I hope you enjoy! :-)

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Kelly aka castielsmeatsuit decided to fuk me up with this stupid ass headcanon and my ass decided to turn it into a drabble ! here u are


It’s late at night when it happens. Cas stumbles into Dean’s room, and it’s been storming all night. He looks scared for a brief moment, but as soon as Dean’s sleepy green eyes meet his own wide awake blue ones, he feels safe again.

“Cas?” Dean frowns, reaching for the knife under his pillow. “Somethin’ wrong?” he asks sleepily, sliding the knife back under his pillow when Cas confirms that everything’s fine.

“I can’t sleep, Dean. The storm…its, noisy.” he frowns. Noise never bothered him when he had his Grace.

“Well, get over here.” Dean says, throwing the covers off of himself and scooting over, making room for Cas in his bed. It isn’t the first time they’ve shared a bed, they do it pretty often. It’s become a habit of theirs, but it’s purely platonic.

Cas crawls into bed with Dean with a soft smile on his face. He nuzzles just a little closer to Dean than normal, but Dean says nothing. Cas is grateful for that. He presses his lips to Dean’s neck, throwing an arm around Dean’s waist as he slips one leg between both of the hunter’s.

Dean just goes with it, wrapping Cas up in his arms. He falls asleep easily, Cas’ lips pressing gentle kisses to his neck. He figures that if things aren’t complicated, he shouldn’t make them that way. He sleeps easily for a few moments, and then he wakes up to a pair of lips on his own. He smiles before he actually kisses back, but then he comes to a little more and slides his hand up to Cas’ cheek and kisses him back gently.

Cas smiles at that, pulling back to watch Dean touch his lips with a stupid, sleepy, half-grin on his face.

“Awesome,” Dean whispers, before kissing Cas once more.

edit: I just got informed that this idea actually came from avatarcas so credit for this lil idea goes to them!!!!!!

“… in fact, I told JJ Abrams, just a warning, ‘my uncle is a huge fan, he’s coming to set, just want to let you know’. […] and then my uncle came with all these shirts that he had made with everyone’s names on them, that said: Estar Guars.”

A Truly Happy Ending (Dead Boy Walking reprise, I am Damaged, and Seventeen reprise)

Vincent stormed Westerburg, swallowing his fear. JD was about to blow up the school, and had basically gotten everyone to sign their lives away by posing it as some stupid petition. He could still hear her reading the eerie note in his head.

“We the students of Westerburg high will die. Our burned bodies may finally get through to you, your society churns out slaves and blanks. No thanks. Signed, the students of Westerburg high.. Goodbye.”

He shuddered and fought the crowd, trying to find anyone who might have any idea where JD was. He had forgotten about the pep rally today, however that might be a good thing. Nobody would be around to see what would happen. He ended up bumping into Mr. Fleming, who looked really surprised to see him.

“Vincent? But, Jaclyn Dean told me you just committed suicide..”

“Yeah, well she’s wrong about a lot of things.” Vincent sighed. “Mr. Fleming what’s underneath the gym?”

“The boiler room..?”

“That’s it.”

“Vincent what’s going on?” Mr. Fleming called, but Vincent was already gone and down to the boiler room where JD was, her back facing him. “Step away from the bomb.”

She turned around, smiling and laughing maliciously. “This little thing? I would hardly call this a bomb, this is just to trigger the packs of thermals upstairs in the gym! Those are bombs.” She chuckled. “People are going to see the ashes of Westerburg High and think there’s a school that self destructed not because society doesn’t care, but because that school was society!! The only place that Hunters and Martins can get along is in heaven!”

Vincent huffed and tackled her to the floor, the stomping and the yelling from the pep rally was pounding in his ears as he wrestled for the gun. “I wish your dad had been a little stronger! I wish he’d stayed around a little longer!” He yanked the gun from her pocket. “I wish your mom were good, I wish grownups understood! I wish we’d met before they convinced you life was war!” He tearfully aimed the gun at her. “I wish you’d come with me!”

She glared coldly at him, pushing him back down and grabbed the gun. “I wish I had more TNT.”

Vincent glared and punched her, grabbing the gun and scrambled to his feet, pointing and shooting. He cracked open one eye and saw that she was crouched on the ground, holding her stomach. She looked up at him and smiled bitterly. “D-Didn’t your mama ever teach you not to hit girls..? Or in this case shoot them..?”

Vincent eyed her warily, grabbing the bomb cautiously. “Yeah, but when that girl is attempting to commit mass murder I feel like those manners fly out the window.”

She grabbed his hand and led him outside to the football field, gently taking the bomb from him and strapping it onto her chest. “Please stand back..”

Vincent’s eyes widened as he took a few steps back. “JD..”

“A little further.. Don’t know what this thing will do..” She smiled sadly and stepped back from him. “I really do love you Vincent.. So I’ll trade my life for yours.. Make things better around here ‘kay?”

“N-No stop!”

“Our love is god..” She sighed and looked up, as if she were about to ascend into heaven.

“S-Say hi to god..”

And then the bomb went off.

Vincent was covered in smoke and ash, and the spot where JD had been was now just a gray spot, no sign she had ever been there at all. He sighed and walked inside where the school was running around frantically, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. He happened to run into Hunter Duke and McNamara, Duke looking less than happy that he was there, while McNamara was ecstatic.

“Vincent! What happened? The whole school was saying you killed yourself!” Hunter hugged him tightly, not caring if he got soot on his nice yellow jacket.

Hunter Duke rolled his eyes. “You look like hell.”

Vincent grabbed Hunter McNamara’s hand and brushed past him, shoving him out of the way. “I just got back.”

The two boys made their way towards Martin, who was in his little scooter and was looking pretty gloomy. “Hey, um.. Martin are you free tonight..?”

Martin looked up at him, raising an eyebrow. “What..?”

“My date for the pep rally kind of blew-.” He stopped and sighed, squeezing Hunter’s hand gently who happily hugged his arm. “-Me off.. So, I was thinking maybe if you weren’t busy we could pop some Jiffy pop? Rent a movie? Maybe something with a happy ending?”

Martin shrugged his shoulders. “Are there any happy endings..?”

Vincent rubbed his neck and shook his head. “I can’t promise that there will be any happy endings.. But I miss you and I’d be honored if I could be your friend again..”

Martin smiled and nodded. “I’d like that.. Very much..” He chuckled a bit and gestured towards the two. “You wanna introduce me to your special friend Vince?”

Vincent blushed and covered his face. “M-Martin..”

Hunter grinned and waved. “I’m Hunter McNamara, and I’ve had a crush on your friend for a really long time!”

Martin laughed and waved with his free hand. “Nice to meet you, Vincent needed to come out of the closet soon anyway.”

“Martin! Oh my god..”

Just then, Hunter Duke came walking up to them, snickering. “Oh my god, Hunter I’m going to so crucify you! Gay for the ex-Hunter, wonder how that’ll go over the football team.”

Vincent glared at him and pushed him away. “Shut up Hunter!” And just like that, grabbed Hunter McNamara and kissed him as passionately as he could.

Hunter Duke huffed and stormed away, while other kids kind of just ignored the two kissing boys.

Hunter pulled away, blushing furiously. “V-Vincent..”

“You free Saturday Hunter? I wanna hang out, aw screw it, I wanna go on a date with you.”

Hunter blushed brightly and nodded, smiling. “Y-Yeah.. Okay..”

Vincent smiled and took the hand of his new boyfriend and looked down at Martin, who was grinning happily at them. The three of them walked (or in Martin’s case rolled) off down the hall. Maybe the rest of the year wouldn’t be so bad after all.

In Vincent’s ear, he could’ve sworn he heard Hunter Chandler’s voice in a sense of pride. “Vincent Sawyer, you’ve truly become a Hunter.”

Vincent smiled to himself and nodded. “Yeah, guess I have..”

(Ah, I liked writing this so much. Plus I added my own gay McNamawyer because that’s good stuff right there 👌I also like the fact that I was able to get three songs into one fanfic @raven-ink )


another meme i won’t finish: [3/10] movies - Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest (2006)

Darling, I am truly unhappy to have to tell you this, but through an unfortunate and entirely unforeseeable series of circumstances that had nothing whatsoever to do with me, poor Will has been press-ganged into Davy Jones’s crew.


((I hope you all like it…and yes, it does kind of end on a cliff hanger… uhhh probably not my best Robbie one shot, but…I wanted to give you all something to read instead of having another day that I haven’t posted. I swear, my life will get less hectic soon haha))

Word Count: 2,110

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Mod how come youre publishing the confessions in their ask format vs making them into those poster things :O ?

Admin Vargas here!

Unfortunately I do not have my equipment to make those pretty pink posters for the confessions. I am still receiving submissions, however, I did not want you all to think this blog is dead or inactive.

I am truly sorry for the inconvenience, dove. 💋

amavitab  asked:

“ am i dead ? ”

          Truly, it was some sort of miracle she wasn’t dead. The injuries she received were not to be taken lightly, but neither was the Neti. With thin hands that moved with effortless grace, most major bleeding and bruising on the young Mandalorian was subdued. It’d be a lie to say Satine was going to be just fine, she’d still be hurting for quite some time after this, but T'ra was confident to say she’d survive. From what she knew, this particular woman was very good at surviving.

          A little taken back by the sudden consciousness and the matter of the question, it took a moment to reply. Softness filled her features, a gentle smile contradicting the empathetic sorrow that was in ageless olive eyes. With just a few steps, T'ra came to stand next to where Satine lay. Both of her hands came to hold just one of the other woman’s, giving a gentle, but comforting squeeze.

          “No, my young friend.” Her voiced remained smooth, and soft as ever. “The force still has a grander purpose for you yet.”