i am totally okay with this scenario

about the mark and henry incident


 i’m giving another perspective on this incident. 

i don’t think only henry is at fault, but the whole production team involved in this project. usually the directors think of the whole scenario of how the episode goes, so maybe it could have been the directors idea but i guess we will never know. let’s say that it’s totally henry’s idea. usually when they film projects like these, there are at least 20-30 staff members there. THEY COULD HAVE STOPPED THIS FROM HAPPENING, but no they let it go as if it was alright. sm usually double checks this stuff and they could’ve stopped it before they released it. they just had to cut out those scenes and it was alright. 


 in no way am i defending this guy; he is messed up and has done some crazy shit in the past. a he should and will get consequences for his actions. this time i don’t think ONLY henry is to blame but the WHOLE production team. i think BOTH henry and the production team should face the consequences together

Jimin as Your Boyfriend

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- Okay so Jimin is a Total sweetheart but who doesn’t know that am I right

- He asks you out after knowing you for a few months, and saying yes changes a l o t of things

- First off

- He goes from simple hugs to tackles and kisses you like nobody’s business

- So many selfies

- Long goodmorning and goodnight texts with an excessive use of emojis

- You send so many snapchats to each other he’s probably one of the longest streaks you’ve ever had

- Most of the time it’s him with pouty lips 

- If you tell him you’re busy he’ll text you like every hour to make sure you’re okay and to remind you he loves you

- Pet names include: Love, Cutie, and whatever cheesy things he can come up with

- “You’re the Juliet to my Romeo”

- “…You know they both die right?”

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{Reaction} Monsta X Find Out You Write Fanfic About Them

how would mx members react when they find out you write ff about them,(for example smut), you ship the members…?? p.s. sorry if requests aren’t open,i’m on mobile 😅

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk: So I can write hot smut about you and your friends too? Sweet.” 

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun: “Show me that again, and you’re never getting laid again.” 

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Wonho: “Why is Hyungwon-ah touching me ther… JAGI!”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

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Shownu: “This is… creative? I- Jagi, why is Minhyuk… okay I see where this is going.” 

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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Changkyun: “Kihyunnie is sexy right? Oh my goodness, kill me.” 

Chae Hyungwon

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Hyungwon: “This is disgusting… How can you possibly write me like this? No way am I a bottom bitch, I would totally top.” 

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon: “Every time I learn something more about you I question how much I should regret becoming friends with you” 

Therapy pt 1

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 (final)

REQUEST: Helloo can i request for a story (it can be a one shot, a drabble or a long chapter ff its up to you) of AU! Semi canon Yoongi falls in love with his psychiatric that helped him going through his dark days? If i can add an addition he started to fall in love w/her the first time she helped him cure his mental health but he didn’t have the gut to admit it at that time and he was busy being a trainee to even have a relationship so he kept the feeling for himself only. and like 11 years later they accidentally met and he is now laid back and able to manage a relationship and the girl is having trouble forgetting her ex because he cheat on her on their 1000days anniv and it was d-2 b4 her mother died so it’s her that feeling down now but she manage to be strong in front of people. and yoongi is the one who helps her going through all this.

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: You were there for him when he needed you, but now it seemed like the tables have turned.

Word Count: 7187

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“Oh, Jungkooookie-aaaah…ish t-that you?” Taehyung stumbled out of the bar with Jungkook and Jimin who struggled to guide him through the door mostly because he was flailing his arms about,

“Hyung watch it!” The older was flushed, his boxy smile overtook his face. He turned to Jimin,

“Jiminie! Aww, cute Jiminie…you’re so schmol…and c-cute…” Taehyung pinched Jimin’s cheek and Jungkook was struggling to stifle back his laughter. Jimin, on the other hand, was very irritated,

“Who was it that allowed Taehyung to drink today, huh?” 

Jin managed to hail a cab for the maknae line, “The stairs are steep so you guys make sure to get him to your apartment safely.”  They nodded as they stuffed the drunken boy into the car. 

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May I have some headcanons for what would happen at a Karasuno sleepover? (such as who would fall asleep early, who would be the craziest, etc.) If you'd prefer a scenario, that's totally okay too. Thanks!

I loved writing this, omg, it’s amazing.

* * *

*Can I say that no one falls asleep early? Tanaka and Noya are too loud.

*Yamaguchi is the first to fall asleep, tho, at like 2 AM

*Dadchi follows soon after at around 3:30

*Can you say Super Smash tournament? Remember the Nekoma OVA? Yeah, that basically happens here.

*Tsukishima actually is the reigning champ.

*Tanaka comes in close second.

*Noya goes on 2 AM shopping runs.

*I pray for the parents of whose house they’re staying at.

*5 AM: Tanaka starts yelling because he lost to Tsukishima for the 102998437272nd time. Dadchi: SHUT UP, TANAKA.

*Asahi is pretty quiet the whole time, although he lets Hinata braid his hair (Hinata is really good at braids because of his little sis)

*Kageyama plays on his phone half the night.

*3 AM volleyball game between Kageyama, Hinata, Tanaka, Noya, Ennoshita, and Suga.

*Ennoshita and the rest of the non-regulars are playing on their 3DS’. Probably Animal Crossing or Monster Hunter.

*Suga becomes the gossip mom.

*Asahi and Noya end up falling asleep on each other.

*(Kiyoko and Yachi have a totally-not-gay sleepover as well)

*(They don’t stay up late, but Yachi is texting Kageyama who’s complaining because Tanaka snores)

*(Girl talk ensues)

*They all sleep until like 3 PM, wake up, eat, shower, and practice because they missed morning practice and they’re dorks.

Exo reaction when they see/read a fanfic you made

Okay this one is for the lovely @aeripark, I hope you like it and thank you so much for the request <3


He would take it seriously and try to get involved on it. 

Sehun: Jagi, I saw the fan fictions you wrote…
You: OMG, Oh Sehun you were not supposed to see th-…
Sehun: Now, I need you to write one where I am the king and the other members are the poor peasants who serve me. Because that needs to happen.

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Rules! (UPDATED)

1.  ONE character request per scenario. My scenarios are usually between 800 to 1400 words so they take me a little longer than other requests. 

2. THREE characters per head canon request. 

3. NSFW request are okay! Total green light, I got chu.

4. Please provide s/o’s gender, especially for NSFW requests. I proudly write for all and any but it’s just easier when I know. 

5. I do not accept ‘trigger warning’ requests. (Pain, self harm, suicide, ect.) Sorry! 

6. I am not currently accepting ship requests. 

7. Respect and patience please! Always! 

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What’s going on

I have a few things going on/working on and I’ll share them with you now. 

So currently with my inbox, I’m taking, I guess they’re requests, but like you can vote for a scenario I did to have a part 2 to it. I am leaning towards Hatefuck myself, but I don’t if I want to actually do that or do something else. Currently, I have a vote for this month’s Sin Sunday.

And yes I am totally tagging the scenario I wrote down because I’m shameless and okay with that. 

Also next week you’ll get to vote on who will be the idol for Augst’s Sin Sunday. 

What Im writing now:

  • 3 Billion Dollars [Part 18] - G Dragon Mafia!AU
  • Left Out [Sumt] - G Dragon & CL Poly!Au (I’m lowkey scared to post this cause it kinky af)
  • Girls Your Age - G Dragon
  • The Vampire AU that I don’t have a name for yet
  • I’m currently planning the plot for the next T.O.P series

That’s it! I’ll try to have 3BD posted today, but like don’t depend on me for it. I’m not too sure when they’ll all be out, but it’s looking like they’ll come in that order. It’s weird, only ten chapters left in 3BD after part 18 and honestly maybe like two or three big events and then it’s over. I’m honestly really sad about it. 

Anyways I hope you have a great day/night! and please let me know what you want a part two to. 

~ Admin Brooklyn

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hello lovely <3 i am really feeling the need for some angsty seungcheol action in my life right now? hook a girl up?? scenario is totally up to you, i am just complete trash for angsty seungcheol


genre: angst (soulmate au)

pairing: seungcheol x reader

idk if this is angsty enough omg 

slight blood warning!!

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for anon~ hope you like it :) 

*Also not my pic~*

It’s alright they said. After high school it gets better they said. 

What a load of bull shit you think bitterly, gulping down the last of this morning’s coffee run and wiping a hand over your face. The fatigue of studying for endless hours in the college’s library shows in the darkening swells underneath your tired eyes. Exams week just around the corner has you staying up late, nose deep in your textbooks studying for the upcoming finals. 

With yet another yawn leaving your mouth, you force your heavy eyes to keep open. The longer you sit there with your head resting on your palm, arm propped up on the wooden table, the words begin to mix and mend together into nonsense - becoming somewhat of a foreign language that continues to make your head hurt the longer you tried to decipher what it was you were looking at. 

Unlike you, there’s a population of students, out of the many crowding the library, that are buzzing with energy and are practically racing through each page and jotting down necessary notes.

Looking over at a certain red-headed, bespectacled, young man, you can’t help the lazy smile it brings to your face at how concentrated he is in his studying. His large, round glasses slide just slightly down the bridge of his nose as he tilts his head further downward, the tip of his pink tongue peeking out from in between his plump lips. When his fiery hair drips over and obscures his vision, his free hand, that’s not flying across his notes, rises to comb his slender fingers through the scarlet tresses and pushes the long strands off his forehead.

Park Jimin, you muse lightly in your thoughts, the pretty boy in most of your classes. The attractive male who seats towards the front of the class to see better, usually wearing a nice crisp white button up with a black tie and dress pants. And on the days he wore casual attire, you can seriously smell the increase of female hormones and notice the ravenous glares of your female classmates.

When he briefly looks up to scan the library, you flinch thinking you’ve been caught staring. However, he turns back to his books and continues on with his task.

And just like that, you’re entranced with the adorable red-head seated two desks down. And just like that, you fall asleep with the image of him continuing to scrawl notes onto his notebook.

“U-um.. excuse me?”

You’re awoken from your slumber with a jolt, a pair of deep mocha eyes staring curiously into your own. Shrieking, you push away from the table, the sudden momentum sending you backwards and tumbling out of your chair.

Heat rushes to your cheeks as other students turn to stare and snicker at your flustered state, however Jimin immediately squeaks an apology and rushes to help you up.

“O-oh sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you!” he curses under his breath, mentally scolding himself, his cheeks mimicking the shade of yours, possibly even darker. Helping you into your seat, he places a can of coffee beside your abandoned pencil.

Noticing your curious stare, his anxiety and embarrassment spikes, his fingers scratching at the back of his neck as he looks elsewhere, “Ah, you fell asleep so I went ahead and.. er..”

You giggled as his sentence trailed off, before dipping your head with a polite “thank you”. As he hesitates to return to his seat, you immediately catch him with your next question, “Do you want to study with me?”

And just like that, for the next few days you find yourself situated across from Jimin, textbooks cluttering your desk along with a few cans of cheap vending machine coffee to keep up your energy. With the perks of having the same classes, you both end up walking together after class was over to study in the library.

In all honesty, why need coffee when Jimin’s smile could bring light to your drab and tired world? You’re totally captivated in the way a melodic laugh leaves his lips, his eyes crinkling and arching into those beautiful crescents you’d come to notice whenever he smiled. 

“Are you okay?” He calls your name worriedly, snapping you out of your admiration of his beauty.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine,” you smile softly, giving him two thumbs up before forcing yourself back to studying.

“Are you sure?” he asks, his eyes squinting in that way you adore so much, “Is my charming face too distracting?”

You raise a brow at his teasing tone, flicking his forehead when he leans closer, “You’re delusional, what girl would think you’re attractive?”

“Hey, I’ll have you know that I’m well aware of the predator-like looks they burn into the back of my head in class,” he defends, although his smile is cocky and full of confidence unlike his usual quirky shyness, “And I think you’re one of them. Don’t think I didn’t catch you staring a few nights ago.”

“I think I may have misjudged you Park Jimin-ssi,” you mock, although you can’t lie that you’ve ever seen him as anything but attractive and alluring, “You’re more narcissistic than I perceived you to be~”

The pout he shoots you has you grinning to your ears at his cuteness, and it causes his eyes to sparkle in delight at your happiness. He’s simply content with seeing you smile and giggle softly because of him. 

Days of fantasizing what’d it be like to see you smile for him after having seen you on his first day in class, it’s all turned into reality now as he reaches over to tuck a lock of your hair behind your ear.

“You’re so gorgeous,” he whispers under his breath, his eyes skimming over your parted lips, “Perfect and so fucking beautiful.”

A gasp leaves you, you’re utterly speechless as you stare wide-eyed back at his hooded eyes. “J-jimin you-”

“I think you’re absolutely beautiful,” he says with a small shy smile, the sudden appearance of timid Jimin surprises you, wondering where his confidence went as he continues, “I.. ever since the semester started, I’ve always noticed you.. so I.. err.. yeah..”

“Hey, I think you’re kinda cute too,” you start bashfully, awkward and sheepish as you reach for his hand with a small smile.

And just when you thought nothing could ruin your cute little romantic moment, you’re reminded just how much of little shit Jimin actually is. And just how much you’re starting to realize that he’s not all shyness and innocence when a mischievous smirk pulls at his plump lips, his eyebrows wiggling in a suggestive way.

“So I guess you admit it then, my looks have been distracting you~ What can I say, I am a looker~”

“You’re so damn narcissistic what the hell. Where is all this sudden confidence coming from?”

“I’ll have you know, that my looks aren’t the only thing that I’m confident in~”

dating im jaebum would include...

lol i’m avoiding outlining my markjin fic bc idk how to write so here we go enjoy fam 

- meeting in a fairly average setting like a party or coffee shop but having something really out of the ordinary happen, like the cops showing up so you have to run away together and walk an hour to get home or your coffees getting mixed up and you both drinking them before you realize it so you naturally have to sit down together and find out what happened to the other person for them to have such horrendous taste in bean drinks 

- probably just hanging out in friends/more-than friends limbo for a while because he’s pretty guarded and doesn’t know how he feels about u yet but one day you don’t answer his texts for a few hours bc ur out with ur family and he realizes how lonely he is w/o talking to you and the next time he sees u he takes ur face in his hands and kisses the life outta u and tells u how much he likes u and bam ur dating wow took u long enough wtffff 

- lots of prolonged silences while you’re hanging out but not really awkward ones just periods of times where you just enjoy being close to each other and don’t feel like you need to use words to show it 

- him telling you he doesn’t like american food but scarfing down every meal you make for him bc he just rly loves the eats man 

- not a ton of PDA?? he likes to hold your hand and occasionally kiss your temple but he mostly just saves his affection for when you get home and he can pull you into his lap and give you kisses in places he knows you’re ticklish bc he’s a freaking troll & likes to see you giggle :3 

“jagi… are you wearing my underwear to bed again” 

- him singing in the shower really rEALLY LOUDLY AT 7 AM and you going into the bathroom to drag his ass but he starts singing to you and using the shampoo as a mic and he looks like such an idiot you can’t help but join him bc you can always come in w/ the hella harmonies just be careful jyp might try to recruit you if you don’t keep that shit on lock 

- LOTS OF SELFIE SENDING /// maybe a nood or two if one of you asks you are just very beautiful people and like to remind each other every 30 minutes ok (as if you needed to) 

- giving each other piggy backs bc you love to feel so high off the ground but you also love to feel his face nuzzled into your neck so you make do and alternate 

- going out clubbing w/ ur friends and while everyone else is just jamming out hardcore you guys are dancing on each other in the least gross but still most sensual way possible and everyone else is feelin’ some type of way bc you guys are always in sync like how often do you practice are you teaching classes soon 

- him taking your picture on stage with him during every performance for good luck and smiling when he feels it in his pocket 

- stressful days when he needs to be alone for a few hours so he doesn’t blow up and take it out on you before coming home and collapsing into your lap and you holding him close and rubbing his back and waiting until you feel his breathing return to normal before asking if he wants to talk about it

- giving each other small but meaningful gifts for birthdays/anniversaries like a necklace with your first picture together inside or a hand-written letter or a nice bottle of lube idk use your imagination presents are hard ok

- spontaneous beach trips!!! except you guys go to smaller ones in early spring at the break of dawn when no one is there and it’s cold and windy and you can walk around fully clothed collecting sea shells together like the lovely old couple you are 

- “jaebum take your hand off my thigh we are at dinner with my parents omg”

- holding each other for a really long time before he leaves for a trip and you both trying to hold your tears in bc you want to remember each other happy and then looking back & seeing the other members crying their eyes out so now everyone is losing their shit and they’re about to miss their flight wow good going you dweebuses 

- watching every episode of the simpsons with him and just breaking down and buying him the first 10 seasons or something bc you secretly love it plus you’re tired of trying to find this shit online pop ups are murder 

- really fast but really good sexy time before he goes to practice but you always lose track of time so yugyeom and jackson are waiting outside like dude we happy for u but pls put ur underwear on we ggtgtggtgtgtgtg 

- at one of his concerts; random person: oh who’s your bias?? mine’s jb :) you: oh that’s cool, mine’s bambam

- the other members keeping a tally of how many times he does his big loud jb laugh around you and losing track bc it happens so often and they’re really happy about that they love seein their papa too joyful to keep it inside 

- lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of “babe i’m running late where did i put my socks last night?” and “how do you say this in (each other’s language)” and “didn’t the guys do such a good job tonight?” and “this ramen tastes a little funny are you su- okay well this is 10 weeks old” and  “can you zip my dress up?” and “i’m so proud of you baby” and “alright nora come on up and snuggle with us” and “when are you coming home i miss you” and “oh my god i love this episode!” and “jagi how did you get so beautiful” and “oo i’ve never tried this food before” and “i know i don’t say it enough but i love you more than anything”

- looking at a picture you guys took when you first met and thinking about how much you’ve grown together and shared with each other and remembering the time you almost burned the house down making spaghetti and the time you stayed up all night learning the lyrics to random rap songs and the time you held hands even though you were upset with each other because you didn’t want each other to think you hated them and the time you bought him a cactus and spent 30 minutes pulling pricks out of his arm when he accidentally backed into it and the time you forgot to call him when you got home and he ran to your house to make sure you were okay and know that this boy is a beautiful, selfless, warm, hilarious, and complete and total idiot and you love him more than anything on this planet earth and probably anywhere else in the universe too but don’t get his hopes up you never know

- goodnight and goodbye i am in pain bless jb 5ever and ever 

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So when I was reading snow apples and you said that it was based of Snow White with red hair I wAS LITERALLY SCREAMING LIKE WHEN I USED TO WATCH ANIME I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THAT ANIME SO WHEN U WROTE A FANFIC WITH O H S E H U N I WAS LITERALLY LIKE THANK THE LORD FOR UR PRESENCE LMAO I LOVE U SO MUCH (sorry if this was really late but I was just like rereading everything you wrote at like 2 AM)

I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT HUN!! It’s totally okay I stayed up until 4am watching youtube videos. Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a nice comment! I’m very relieved that I didn’t screw up the adaptation- it just seemed like the perfect scenario for my friend’s birthday and Sehun as Zen is just ASDKLJHASD;FKJHAKGFK so yeah :D

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How the sebaek kiss went down
  • Producer: Have you all ever read Fanfiction?
  • Chanyeol/Sehun/Baekhyun: No
  • D.O: *smirks*
  • Producer: Well, for some reason EXO-L get a kick out of you all making out with each other, and we're gonna put it in the show so who wants to do it?
  • Baekhyun: I'll do it with Chanyeolssi
  • Producer: Chanyeol is the main character and has to mantain his hard, cool guy image so that would be counterintuitive. You can do it with Kyungsoo or Sehun
  • Chanyeol: *raises hand* I vote for Baekhyun
  • Producer: Thank you, Chanyeol...
  • Baekhyun: *high-fives Chaneyol*
  • Chanyeol: *continues smiling*
  • Producer: Now that we've established indeed Baekhyun will be doing it...
  • Chanyeol: *high-fives Baekhyun again*
  • Producer: Sehun or Kyungsoo?
  • Sehun: I'll do it
  • D.O: *smirks*
  • Producer: Okay great, Sehun go lay on the couch and you two go so we can start the scene.
  • Baekhyun: *asks producer* Am I allowed to jump on top of him?
  • Sehun: yes
  • Producer: No, Baekhyun do not jump on top of him, just calmly mount him.
  • Baekhyun: *salutes producer* aye aye captain *mounts Sehun and begins eating face*
  • Producer: No, Baekhyun you don't actually have to kiss him
  • Sehun: it's okay
  • Baekhyun: *continues eating face*
  • Producer: *rolls eyes* okay lets start filming...
When you're intimidated by his strong hip-hop image (You x iKON Bobby)

Anonymous asked: Can I request a bobby scenario. Where youre a bit shy and intimidated by bobbys strong hip hop image from show me the money. You do ur best to approach him but hes kind of cold since u remind him of his ex girlfriend who cheated on him.

Another iKON scenario~ I promised the next one would be Bobby, and it’s a request, so here we go!

[Part 2]


“Just a little bit more gel-”

“Hey, no way! It’s perfect! Don’t touch it!”

You give Bobby’s a gentle slap as he reaches for the tin of gel on the counter, shaking your head. It had taken two hours to reach this level of hair perfection, and you weren’t about to change it, no matter how many charming smiles Bobby threw your way. “Fine.” He pouts, sitting back in his chair. “I kind of like it this way, anyway.”

You smile, leaning down by his shoulder and winking at him in the mirror. “Don’t I always do your hair the way you like it?” You wink playfully. 

“You know just what I like.” Bobby winks back, reaching up and pinching your cheek before you have time to move away. Ugh. Despite your efforts, your face flames up anyway, a blush creeping up the back of your neck. “You should go.” You say quickly, fanning your face discreetly. There was no way a guy should be able to make you feel this way. “I don’t want to get scolded for making you late to wardrobe.”

“Okay, okay.” He chuckles, getting to his feet. “I’m going.” He checks himself one more time in the mirror, catching your eye in his reflection. “What?” He turns to face you, and you quickly duck away. “Did I make you shy again?”

“Just go!” You protest, pushing him away. He cracks up, giving your hair a scrub and waltzing out. You put both hands on the back of the empty chair, shaking your head. For once, you would like to go to work without feeling like you were going to pass out.

“Are you over here flirting with Jiwon again?” One of the other stylists, Suhye, sneaks up behind you. 

"Yah!” You swat at her, horrified that she would use the F word so openly in your workplace. “Don’t say things like that here! And we weren’t…flirting!”

"It sure looks like it.” She wrinkles her nose. “Do you like him?”

“Of course not.” You sniff, turning away. “Could you go and get me some more hair spray? I used the last of this can on Bobby.” Suhye gves you a dubious look, but spins on her heels towards the closet. Whew. Close call. You were not about to have that conversation now. 

Truly, it hadn’t been that long since you graduated cosmetology school, and the past couple of months had been a total and complete blur. Being a hair stylist had always been your dream, but when you finally finished school, job options had seemed limited. No respectable salon wanted a newbie, and you didn’t want to spend your days giving $10 kids haircuts. 

Suhye, one of your classmates, had been the one who convinced you to join the styling competition. You’d only come in second place, but that had led to two jobs offers—one of which you couldn’t refuse. Now you did the hair of male idols as your full time job! Technically you were only a junior stylist, but one day, you could become the head stylist. You would just bide your time until then.

“Here.” Suhye pinches you, handing you the can of spray. “Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on here. You can’t fool me.” You roll your eyes. “Just because Bobby and I get along well does not mean I like him.” You pull off your apron and throw it over the back of the chair. Suhye shakes her head. “I can’t tell the difference.”

You brush her off. While you did hair for all of iKON and WINNER when needed, Bobby had crept to the front as one of your favorites. He was playful and cocky, but also occasionally very serious. You only really saw the fun side of him (you didn’t bother to watch the broadcasts unless you were told), so to you, he was a friend. 

Or at least, that’s what you’d been telling yourself.


"Remember, everyone! Stay out of the way of the production staff and only come on stage when the recording light is off! There will be three separate recordings and the live performance, so expect to be here for most of the day! We might have to work through lunch as well!”

A symphony of groans go through the staff walking around you, but you’re too caught up in what’s going on. As a junior stylist, you were usually confined to the dressing room for most of the schedule, restocking and picking up supplies and steaming stage outfits. But today, an important broadcast was being done. Bobby and B.I were guest starring on a popular rap reunion show, and you had been pulled to work the event.

This meant that you had to be available at all times, touching up hair and make-up during commercial breaks, and preparing for the performance at the end. You were exciting, but also incredibly nervous. Your manager leads you to where the boys are, having microphones pinned to their clothes.

“You came!” You dip your head shyly at Bobby’s greeting, noting his smile. B.I looks at him and laughs. “You don’t even greet me like that!”

“You’re not as pretty as she is.” He retorts smoothly, making your heart slam against your ribs. “Will you fix my hair? I can’t seem to find anyone to do it.”

“Of course.” You pull out a comb and gel, and motion for him to sit in the nearest chair. “I’ve never seen you perform live before.” You hum. “Is it hard?”

“Nah.” He shrugs. “It just takes a long time to prepare for shows like these." 


Suddenly he grabs your hair wrist, and you freeze, staring at him with alarm. “You have to promise that you’ll watch my performance, okay?” You nod slowly. “I will.”

"Good.” He grins, rising quickly. “I have to go now. Thanks!”

Everyone mills about during the four hours of recording, and you keep one eye out of any cues. Luckily, Suhye is willing to cover for you, and you sneak out into the crowd to watch the performance. You barely even recognize the Bobby that’s standing on stage. He’s changed into a different person completely. His eyes are lined with thick eyeliner, and he’s swapped his clean-cut suit for jeans and a t-shirt, gold chains looping around his neck. You recognize the expensive shoes from the wardrobe department, the ones that would cost you an entire month’s rent to own.

The music starts, and you’re startled by the bass thumping in your chest. This Bobby was not the dimpled, grinning Bobby that sat in your chair and occasionally dozed off between sips of coffee. This was someone else entirely. He comes to the edge of the stage, and fans swirl around you, pushing you closer than you’d like to be.

Suddenly there’s Bobby, looking directly at you and reaching for your hand. You cover your face and give it to him, hoping that none of the staff are watching what’s happening. He’s rapping, your head is spinning, and none of this makes sense! The fans scream in jealousy as he kisses your hand before making his way back up to the stage. 

You make a quick escape, running smack into Suhye on your way backstage. 

“What was that?” She demands, wide-eyed. “You were just supposed to go and watch!”

“I don’t know.” You moan. “He wanted me there, and I didn’t know he was going to do that!”

“You got lucky that everyone went to get iced coffee just now!” She snaps. “You could have gotten in so much trouble! Do you know how lucky you are?”

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” You make up your mind decisively, pushing past her. 

“Hey!” She grabs your shoulder, spinning you around. “You need to be careful!”

“You don’t think I know that?”

“Bobby is a celebrity, ______-ah. You are a stylist. You think you’re the first person to have feelings for the person that you work for?” Her words sting, but you wrinkle your nose. “I didn’t say that I had feelings for him!”

"I know that you do!” Suhye rolls her eyes at you. “All I’m saying is, be careful. If Bobby doesn’t feel the same way about you, it could cost you your job! Who is going to protect you then?”

“I don’t like him!” You snap icily. “And even if I did, I wouldn’t stand a chance with him!”

Suhye shakes your head, turning her attention to Bobby on stage.

“I think you’re wrong about that, ______-ah. Everyone can see it.”


Part 1 end~ Okay, so I totally didn’t expect this to be two parts!!! @.@ Somehow it got kind of long so it just ended up that way?? Never fear, for part 2 is finished and will be out tomorrow! I have finished all my exams, so I have more time now to focus on scenarios~! I am also working on some Christmas iKON scenarios, so perhaps you’ll see one or two of those soon^^ I hope you enjoyed this part! ~Jjangpanda

Request breakdown in case anyone’s interested (and also bc I need to be writing way more than I currently am so this is a subtle ass-kicking @ me)

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The total number of requests: 110  (all requests and commissions still open, btw).

VIXX reaction - when people say that you are too young for them

Well if she’s underage then I’m not surprised! But ok~

N: “Do they wanna die?”

Leo: *grabs your hand* “It’s okay Y/N. Don’t listen to that.”

Ken: “They are totally wrong, I am the one being too young for you.”

Ravi“I think some people want to KISS my fist.”

Hongbin: *worried about you* “Hey babe, ignore them okay?”

Hyuk: He tries to turn it into a joke, so you wouldn’t worry much.

anonymous asked:

could you all do a scenario with Aomine, Kise, Hanamiya, Imayoshi, Kiyoshi and Hayama where their S/o is pushing themselves despite being ridiculously ill? (Hacking up a lung, snotty, etc)

Aomine Daiki:

He doesn’t realise something wrong with his S/O until he sees them doubling over by the wall and coughing as though they’re hacking up a lung. Aomine’s instant change in expression is enough for his team to notice and for the coach to call a quick timeout, and he hardly gives them a glance as he leaves the basketball court behind and charges up the spectator stands, reaching his S/O’s side immediately. “Oi, ________, you okay? Talk to me, damnit.”

They look up at him, giving him a weak smile. “Ah…Daiki, you shouldn’t have stopped the game just for this…I’m fine—” Their words are cut off by another bout of coughs, and Aomine rubs their shoulders roughly, trying to warm them up. “You idiot - you’re the one who shouldn’t have come here. The team can win without me - let’s go.”

Kise Ryouta:

“Ne, ________cchi, which outfit do you think fits me better?” Kise holds up two sets of clothing, one on each hand. “I need one that says “winter surprise” but in a really subtle way, I’m hoping they’ll let me sign on for this season’s contract as well, and—” He stops and squints at his S/O, who hasn’t answered him and is too busy sneezing into a tissue, their face red. “________cchi, are you sick?”

“It’s nothing, Kise. I think the grey is better than the—” They sneeze again and Kise looks horrified. “That’s not “nothing”, ________cchi! Here, have a tissue - ahhh you should’ve told me you were sick, I wouldn’t have dragged you out here…”

Hanamiya Makoto:

“Hey, ________, do something about your face, will ya? Your nose is all red.” Hanamiya’s dismissive comment is ignored beneath successive sneezes from his S/O, and he turns around to reprimand them again only to see that they’re sniffling hard, fumbling in their bag for a tissue to blow their nose with. His scornful attitude immediately turns into doubtful worry. “________? You sick or what?”

“I’m okay, Makoto, it’s just—” “Don’t give me that,” Hanamiya interrupts. “Ugh, you’re ruining my concentration. How am I supposed to focus on watching this game?” He mutes the TV and gets up, grabbing a nearby box of tissues. “Here. Get that taken care of. I don’t want you to keep on sneezing, alright?”  

Imayoshi Shouichi:

Being very perceptive, Imayoshi instantly notices the pale colour of your skin and the dark circles under your eyes. “Are you sick,  ________-chan?” he asks, calling for a timeout during his practice game. “It’s nothing, I’ll be fine!” you respond a little too quickly before another coughing fit seizes you. Imayoshi touches the back of his hand against your forehead and then wraps his arms around you. “ ________, don’t you dare put your own health under anything else,” he growls. “Do you understand?” He smiles wryly when you nod in response, and he smoothly picks you up, yelling for Wakamatsu to wait for him while he carries you to the nurse.

Kiyoshi Teppei:

Kiyoshi is quick to notice the symptoms of the flu plaguing his S/O from the moment he walks into the same room as them, and immediately asks them about it. “________, do you have a cold?” His S/O just stares at him in surprise. “How could you tell?” “My grandparents used to get sick a lot even when I was a kid because they’d be too busy looking after me to look after themselves.” Kiyoshi’s voice is full of affection as he goes over to his S/O with a box of tissues and a blanket. “I guess I just learned to recognise the signs. It’s a bit damp out, so don’t go outside, okay? Otherwise you’ll get stiff and it’ll be harder to move around. Promise me you won’t push yourself anymore, ________.”

Hayama Koutarou:

“So, yeah, then I told Reo-nee it wasn’t my fault, and…” Hayama’s words trail off as his S/O sniffs for the umpteenth time during their phone call, and he frowns. “Are you okay, ________? You’ve been sniffling a lot.” “I’m fine, Koutarou. I’ll sleep it off. Go on, what were you say—” His S/O’s voice is cut off by a series of coughs. Hayama glanced at his phone in alarm. What the heck? “________, you’re totally sick! I thought you said you were fine!” “I am! But—”

“No buts,” Hayama said firmly. “I’m coming over with some medicine now. After you take them you’re going to get your butt in bed and get some rest! Next time you tell me right away, okay?”

Sometimes a writer can blow through 1,000 words in an hour.

Other times, a writer can barely manage 100 words in an entire day.

Both scenarios are totally acceptable. There’s no universal pace at which authors write. And you aren’t required to write every day. I still have days where my motivation to write is ZERO, and that’s okay. As long as you’re making progress, you’re doing it right.