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Brienne's Relationships: A Summary

The Hound: Ex-Husband. Divorced due to irreconcilable differences.

Arya: Daughter from The Hound. Shares joint custody and talks about her accomplishments with her father.

Jaime: First love. The one that got away. We all kind of know he’s still into her though. (am I right or am I right?)

Cersei: First love’s crazy girlfriend. Totally insecure. Likes giving death stares. The bitch is psycho ya’ll.

Tormund: New suitor. Tries to get on the ex-husband’s good side.

Pod: Adopted son. Always there to brighten her day.











MY SON!!!!!!!









IM LOVE???????????


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I like how you headcanon that all these cuties are virgins cuz I do too lol. Of it isn't a problem, could I request some Lance relationship headcanons? You decide on what they can be (I don't know what I want and I'm embarrassed about it lol). Have a nice day!

Oh don’t you worry, I have a lot about Lancey Lance (but here’s only a few bc I’m lazy and cooking while writing this) And i’m just throwing this out there but Hunk totes got laid in high school and at the Garrison. Lance was pretty jealous

  • Doesn’t believe you at first when you agree to go out with him
    • “Yeah, haha, that was a joke! I know you wouldn’t really go out with me, we’re great just being friends and we shouldn’t jeopardi–wait what?”
    • “I said ‘Yes’? As in, Yes Lance, I will go out with you?”
    • “Oh….I didn’t–what?”
  • He’s processing. He was so ready for you to turn him down. He might have prepared a few scenarios
    • Might have a Hershey’s kiss in his pocket. Just for if he got the nerves to ask you out by asking you if you wanted to kiss. And when you said ‘ew, no’ he could whip out the candy. bam. a Kiss!
    • Practiced the Yawn and Shoulder Wrap™ for during a movie. He wanted to be subtle.
    • “So, Allura said we were cute together and I was like ‘Whaaaaaaaat?? Gurl, you crazy!’ haha Isn’t that crazy???? Unless….”
  • But finally it clicks that you’re blushing and fidgeting with your fingers because you actually like him too!
    •  “Holy quiznack…you’re my boy/girlfriend…I DID IT!!!”
    • totally grabs your hands and pulls them into the air while he screams that last part
    • He’s so excited
    • “Prepare to be wooed”
    • “Lance, I’m already wooed. That’s why I…you know what. Yes. I am prepared to be wooed. Whoo away.”
  • You may never hear your name during standard conversation again
    • he lays it on thick with the nicknames
    • Boo, Bae, Darling, Babe, Baby, Sweetheart…you name it. he uses it
    • after love confessions he throws Love an mi amor
    • Sweetheart is his favorite though, Cutie is the close second
    • He usually only says your name during sexy times or when referring to you when talking to someone else (but he can also not, it depends on what he’s feeling)
  • Constantly in awe. Catch this nerd just gazing at you randomly with this lovesick look on his face
    • “What are you looking at????”
    • “Just you… I’m so lucky.” He’s so sincere.
  • His flirting is now solely reserved for you. Be prepared for pick up lines.
    • “Lance! Why are you–? We’re already dating??”
    • “Doesn’t mean I can’t use pick up lines, babe.”
    • “Ok but, seriously? ‘Come here often?’ We live in the castle.”
  • Also, cuts people off if they try to flirt with him
    • “Uhm, Okay one second. I appreciate this and all…but I have the best girl/boyfriend right now? So, thanks but no thanks. Hope this doesn’t ruin your chances of joining The Coalition!”
  • Weekly spa dates where Lance makes a face mask specifically for your skin, hair masks (thank god he found what he thinks is coconut oil), he’ll paint your nails for you, massages for you both!
    • aaannd of course he’s on his best behavior when he’s giving you a massage (but he’s weak)
    • but no one wants to bang when the other is wearing a green face mask. (Shiro voice: No, just. No.)
  • He loves swimming so you’ll probably be roped into it
    • and if you don’t know how to swim he’ll teach you!
    • or if you hate water he’ll be happy enough with your company, but he might try every once in a while to get you in
      • *puppy face* But y/n!!! Don’t you love me???
  • Gets you a gift from every new planet he lands on
    • So. Many. Flowers.
    • And pretty rocks he thought were neat.
    • If there’s a community then he’ll get you things like jewelry, weapons, books, whatever you like, he get
    • blushes super red everytime he gives you a gift 
  • He’s a touchy feely kinda guy
    • so many hugs
    • he honestly just always has a hand on you somewhere, even when just lounging. He needs to touch.
    • The biggest nose kisser! GIVE HIM THE NOSE
    • When you walk by he’ll reach out to grab you around the waist and tug you into his lap, just cause he wants to hold you
    • If he’s passing by he’ll give you a passing massage or shoulder squeeze
    • he can’t walk past you without touching
    • and if you happen to be bent over looking for something while he walks by? Yeah, he’s grabbing that ass. 
  • If you do the same to him he turns beet red and starts stammering
    • definitely can’t take what he gives.
    • will put on a song and just serenade you in the worst possible way
    • and once he’s got you laughing he’ll pull you into his bad dance moves
    • ironically though, he can sing and dance. it’s more fun to do it bad
  • Does serenade properly when he decides he needs to tell you he loves you for the first time
    • which he wants to tell you about one month in, but he knows that’s way too early
    • waits until about month 4 and he cries
  • A bit insecure about your relationship. Talks himself down a lot
    • sees Keith make you laugh once and he’s like ‘Oh no, this is it. It’s all going down hill. Because who doesn’t want to date mullet? He’s super cool and edgy and good looking and–”
    • You gotta stop him.
    • He firmly believes you are too good for him.
    • My poor nugget.
    • “You sure you still love me? Because–”
    • “Yes Lancelot. I love you very, very much. Don’t listen to those nasty voices. You. Are. My love.”
    • “Sounds fake, but okay.”
    • “Don’t meme me when I’m being serious, Lance.”
  • You’re biggest supporter and roaster
    • You walk in the room wearing mismatched lion slippers. Lance: “What’re thoooooose!!?”
    • You get put in some god-awful ceremonial outfit. Lance: “You are so lucky I love you.”
    • “Don’t kiss me in the morning. You have dragon breath.”
    • “Kick his ass baby, I’ll hold your flower!” “LancE! ENOUGH WITH THE MEMES. ”
    • Lance whenever you do a mundane taskl: “YASSS BABY! SLAY!!!!”
    • Also Lance: “No, nope, gimme that. I’ve watched you choke on water.”
  • Overshares late at night when he’s crawled into your bed after a nightmare
  • Yells “Honey! I’m ho~ome!” everytime he comes back from a mission and makes a beeline towards you for a kiss.
  • If you get caught in a battle you best believe Lance is 100X more badass than usual
    • he’s making shots he didn’t even know he could make
    • and he’s hitting every. single. one.
    • Ain’t nobody touching his baby
    • even jumps in for a little close combat, working seamlessly with you to take enemies down
    • pulls you in for a desperate kiss after they’re all dead
  • You can’t be sad when dating Lance, he notices immediately and makes it his mission to brighten your day
  • if you do something super cute Lance will practically squeal, scoop you up, and twirl you around  before putting you back in your spot with a kiss
  • He’s a good boy who just wants to spend time with his babe and spoil them
  • Person: Beatles-
  • Me:
  • Family: no
  • Friends: no
  • Random stranger: no
  • School: no
  • President: no
  • World: no
  • God: nO
  • Me:
  • Me:

Summary: Realization strikes you once you’re suddenly overwhelmed by your feelings for your roommate, blaming yourself for being so clueless all along to see what was really infront of you.

Word Count: 1,931.

A/N: Enjoy this Roommate!Bucky fic I decided to come up with. Surprisingly, I really like how it came out. Hope you enjoy! And as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Hoseok’s runaway daughter. Pt.3 END (Y/N’s p.o.v) - Sensitive

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3END] [pt.3END(Y/N’s p.o.v)] [Pt.3.5 Alternate End]

Originally posted by flirtyxyanan

Y/N’s p.o.v

I stared at my phone and read through the text one last time before I hit send. I closed the app and switched my phone off. I pulled my hood over my head and started to walk. I wanted to tell mum and dad that I love them, to their faces one last time but I couldn’t do it. I wanted to let them know that this, what I’m about to do, is not their fault. It’s mine. I’ve never been a good daughter, I try but it’s not easy. When you hear that your parents don’t you, that you should have never been born, your world crumbles and that’s exactly what happened to me. 

I loved to dance, I really did and if I could I still would. But after the fall and hearing dad say I’m pretty much useless now, I couldn’t bring myself to dance ever again. I wanted to impress him, I practiced alone without him knowing but it wasn’t good enough. So I stopped. My grades slumped, I got picked on by the students and the teachers but that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was when mum and dad’s love for me faded, it didn’t take long either. In fact their love for me deteriorated so quickly it made think that they never really loved me to begin with. Now with more knowledge - I know that they never wanted me, if it wasn’t for Uncle Tae, I would have never made it into the world. I don’t whether or not to thank him or despise him for that. If I was never born then maybe I wouldn’t have to go through all this heartache.

I got to Han River and looked over the railings, I had been for hours now and I finally made it here. The roads were completely empty, it was so quiet, to the point it reminded me of home, the only think I could hear was the sound of my own breathing and the water beneath me. I climbed onto the railing and took a seat. I was still crying. It became something normal for me to cry, you’d think that after crying for so many years, my tears would slowly dry out and I’d feel numb to the point I can’t possibly cry anymore, but that wasn’t the case. Tears were my feelings’ only escape. 

Staring out, looking at how dark it is made me feel at ease. People are usually afraid of the dark, but not me. I’m used to the idea of being left in darkness, my mind and my heart found peace in it. I made friends with the darkness I surrounded myself in, and knowing that I’m ending it all here by jumping, I’d be happy because I’d be drowning myself in the total absence of light. 

It’s crazy, because I never thought I’d end up here, or end up this way. But here I am ready to take my own life because no one loves me, because no one cares, because my own parents despise my existence to the point where I despise myself. It’s gloomy today, rain falling on top of me as if the sky was crying with me. No one would miss me anyway, so it’s not like I’m leaving anything behind. I was ready. I was ready to let myself fall. 

So that’s what I did, I leaned forward and I was falling. It was scary, not because I was falling but it’s because I wasn’t even afraid of dying, that is what scared me. It didn’t take long until I felt myself hit the water, and that’s it. This is how it ends. 

END of Y/N’s p.o.v! 

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Thiam headcanon where Liam (or Theo your choice) won't shut up and everyone is getting hella annoyed at the rant (even though he's making a valid point) and before anyone says anything Theo (or Liam ) just straight up kisses him to shut him up. And not like a peck like a FULL BLOWN KISS. And shocks everyone into silence. What happens after is your choose I just really wanna see this

OOH WHAT A PROMPT!! thank you SO MUCH!! as always i am totally ready for new hc prompts. i love you all :D

  • when liam starts comparing supernatural things to historical events, stiles gets it. understanding and rationalizing the (pretty wacky) supernatural can lead a person to do some crazy things. human behavior, at least for the most part, is predictable and rational.
  • and a lot of times, stiles appreciates it. liam, for all he comes across as anger anger go go rawr, is one of the more well-read military history buffs stiles knows and when he picks liam’s brain, the connections liam makes are, frankly, inspiring. it’s saved their asses on occasion, when everything they’ve come up with isn’t viable for one reason or another
  • unfortunately, it’s the opposite of helpful when it comes to a plan already in motion. 
  • a group of sidhe (which stiles quickly finds out are lydia’s supernatural cousins, which is amusing for about two seconds–or until lydia starts glaring at him for teasing her) has come to beacon hills and they’re starting to kidnap young girls and women as brides, which obviously has to stop
  • but the sidhe never do anything for free: even their information has a price. they’re old-fashioned that way. besides, they’re only ever bound to their word; otherwise, they can and will do anything to convince you to stay, and they’re the absolute masters of half-truths, which makes them dangerous to bargain with.

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Heated || P. P

Characters: reader x Peter
Word count: 408
Summary: fluff, highly recommended to save this and read it if you ever can’t go to sleep! I really loved writing this.
Warning: fluff, some heated kisses but in the fluffiest way possible.

Heated, heated, heated. Hanging out in Peter’s room while Aunt May was out had quickly escalated.

The light was golden, blinds drawn, door shut. Your hair was down. Dripping onto Peters face as he lie below you. Both moving your lips in sync.

The rhyme didn’t seem to break, a unstoppable beat. His hands traveled up and down your back, slowly pulling you closer to him. Your arms propped you against his small twin bed.

Your faces were red and lips puffy. His hand slipped under the hem of your shirt, you gave him a nod of approval. He sled it off and you quickly removed his next.

You sat up saddling him. A smile spread across your face. This boy beneath you was all yours. And little did you know he was thinking the same about you. Desperately trying to memorize every curve on your body incase he ever had to live without it. You hands found his in the sheets.

You leaned back down, putting your hands on his chest, and left a trail of kisses up his neck and down his jawline, moving up to his chin and then his sweet lips. When you pulled back for air he put his hands on top of yours so you could feel his muscles flexing beneath your fingertips.

“You are the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen (y/n)” he whispered against your lips, your breathing hitched, “Peter, you make me go crazy when you say things like that.” He cracked a smile. He took a piece of your hair around his fingers and played with it, gently.

“(y/n), I am completely, totally absolutely In love with you.” “Peter, I- I love you more than you could ever believe.” That was the first time the big L word had left the both of your lips. You had known it was true for months, but now it was out there, in the air. You had just completely given yourself over to another person. And he had done the same to you.

He chuckled, “we’re just some kids in love huh?” You nodded. “Can we be here? Right here. In this bed, in This moment, with each other?” You asked. “Just like the rest of our lives.” He added and pulled you down to lie on his chest as he kissed your forehead. “Goodnight my love” he whispered, turning off the light sending you into a deep sleep.

I honestly really love this one. Leave some love and send in some requests please!
-your writer

Stranger Things (Season 1) Starters
  • “If anyone asks where I am, I’ve left the country.”
  • “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.”
  • “You’re gonna be so cool now, it’s ridiculous.”
  • “I don’t like most people. He’s in the vast majority.”
  • “Sometimes your total obliviousness just blows my mind.”
  • “Why are you keeping this curiosity door shut?”
  • “She’s our friend and she’s crazy!”
  • “He likes me, but not like that. We just made out a couple times.”
  • “If you’re gonna be a baby, then go home.”
  • “People don’t always say what they’re really thinking.”
  • “I haven’t needed you for a long time.”
  • “This whole time, you were right.”
  • “Do you understand? You saved me.”
  • “Only love makes you that crazy, sweetheart, and that damn stupid.”
  • “Friends don’t lie.”
  • “This is not yours to fix alone.”
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Ok something very exciting happened to me last night. I have been on another planet literally since and just can’t keep it to myself anymore. I ran it by some friends on here I trust a ton (sslarrysettingsail, bromanceshmomance, and pianolouis) and decided to go ahead and share. It’s super long though, so you may want to grab a beverage and get comfy.

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Top ten fic recs?


That list is here it’s a little more than 10 but I am absolutely crazy about every fic there :) Also here is a few different favorites posts. But let me give you some other fics that I love so so much :)

I’ve Been Everywhere With You by  Leslie_Knope | 61.5K

“Dude, you should totally come with me.”

“What? Like on the road trip?“

“No, come with me. To Austin. Get out of Beacon Hills.”

Derek paused. “What?” he asked again.

The Skies Above Are Blue by  Trelkez | 95.2K

Derek is a wedding DJ. Stiles just happens to go to a lot of weddings.

*** the final/epilogue is missing but it is readable as is without any cliffhangers

(not so) Pure Imagination by  theroguesgambit | 33.1K

“There is a world where whenever someone fantasizes about you, you can physically feel it, but you have no idea who is thinking it about you.”

Stiles knows it’s wrong, but he’s been Fantasizing about Derek and he can’t bring himself to stop. Derek doesn’t know who’s taken an interest in him, but he’s enjoying it way more than he probably should.

One life stand by  Vendelin | 84.2K

Stiles is used to selling himself to make ends meet. But it’s getting harder to keep those ends meeting, and there’s only so much of Stiles to go around. Until a too-fancy car shows up in his neighborhood, and he meets Derek Hale.

Misinterpret Me Like Lolita by  KuriKuri | 10.9K

“You don’t even know the course name?” Derek growls after the guy blushes and stutters out an answer, because, Jesus, he thought the university had standards.

And it sounds like the course the guy is describing is his. Isn’t it just his lucky day? No breakfast and another student who doesn’t give a shit about the course material.

This class is going to be hell – he’s calling it now.

I Ran (So Far) by  thepsychicclam | 33.7K

In which Stiles’ summer starts off so badly he starts running, gets pelted by paint balls, and decides he is, in fact, going crazy if he willingly wants to hang out with Derek Hale.

I’m Not Immune by  moodwriter | 24.2K

The one where Stiles and Derek get kidnapped, and sex needs to happen for reasons.

Full On Rainstorm by  BarlowGirl | 10.5K

He catches Derek by the arm and Derek lets himself be turned, surprised when Stiles shoves a small box into his hands. “I don’t know if you still celebrate it or what but… I wanted you to know someone was thinking about you. Happy birthday.”

Then he squeezes Derek’s arm and bolts, gone before Derek can think to stop him.

He opens the box standing there, only to find one singular, misshapen, sloppily-frosted, cupcake, with a candle in the box next to it. It’s kind of squished despite the paper towel all around it to keep it from banging around in the box.

Derek has to take a moment to sit down because yeah, he can’t deny it anymore.

He’s gone on Stiles.

Introduction to Zero-Sum Anthropology by  apocryphal | 19.7K

Stiles buys Derek a set of cooking spoons. Derek retaliates with lunch.

The war begins.

Beauty and the Ex by  aggybird | 26.3K

Stiles doesn’t want to screw up his chances with Josh, so he does something he may regret: he goes to Derek Hale, Josh’s intimidating ex-boyfriend, for dating advice.

Things don’t go according to plan. But with a little magic (and werewolves) they might go all right.

My Korrasami (TLOK finale) “funny” story

I don’t know how many people are still following my blog but I feel the need to share this with you, because Tumblr is the right place for it. Always.

Years ago I stopped watching Legend of Korra at the end of first season because I. Fucking. Hate. Love. Triangles.
As huge fan of ATLA I decided to wait for it to end and see if it was worth enough of my attention, and after some years… Korrasami happened.
I’m not gonna talk about the amazing feeling of POWER I felt that night when tumblr exploded because of it, and how I screamed and laughed even if I didn’t follow the series.
What I want to tell you, is how I started watching Korra last saturday and how I finished it all in one week (I know, it’s not impressive, but I work 8 hours per day now, so.)
I’m gonna give you a quick idea of what’s going on right now, then:

- I am utterly, out-of-space, crazy in love with Korra.
- Asami is a fucking badass.
- Bolin is my precious baby.
- This show is the most fucking feminist show ever.
- I don’t hate Mako, but he truly needs to improve is fucking relationship skills (meh)
- I have a total unconditional respect for Bryan and Michael.


When I watched the finale (even if I have seen billions of gifsets during my last year in tumblr), I imagined my reaction would have been a normal one, I mean… I knew it.

Oh boy was I wrong. 

I cried for 45 minutes, I watched that scene 10 times, until I couldn’t look at it anymore for the heartache. I cried and whipered “no, it can’t happening, this cannot be real.” Like I couldn’t believe it myself even tho I already knew it.

I physically felt my inner child crawling up from my memories, from the places I was hurt the most in the past, and crying with me. I felt all the frustration and the memories of why being gay is so beautiful but at the same time so exhausting, it was like my brain couldn’t believe I was watching something that was about


without queerbating, without shitty compromises or fights, in a animated show nonetheless.

So I cried for 45 minutes and then I got a panic attack because my emotions were too much. It was like opening a gate and let the water flow and crush everything. It wasn’t just happiness, it was also sadness in realizing how much pain I felt and I repressed becuase of the shit we have to put up with every day of our life. It was so overwhelming that I had to take a day off work, and I think I know that it took me so much to watch Korra because I knew it would have such a huge impact on me.

But since that day (two days ago) I feel strange, like something changed within me and I just can’t understand how a scene so simple and short can be so powerful and better than a lot of love stories I’ve read and seen before.

I don’t know how they did it but maybe (I bought all the artbooks already and read some of the notes at the end) it is beause the writers treat us like people, and not just like a rating number.

It’s such a power feeling. I still feel like crying if I think about it.

Sorry for the rant but thanks if you read it all,

Not What He Expected-Part 6

This is an A/B/O AU

So here it is, my FIRST A/B/O series featuring Alpha! Dean/ Omega! Reader (not Destiel). I am still a Samgirl to the very core of my being, but I thought it would be fun to try something different for a change.

You meet Dean Winchester in a bar when he attempts to come to your rescue after a drunk Alpha tries to take advantage of you.  He quickly realizes you’re not what he expected.  You’re a very independent Omega who is used to speaking her mind.  He’s all Alpha, but there is just something about you, an attraction that makes him want to know more…….

Part 1 (All parts are linked)

Master List

Text messages are in bold.

“God yes,” I groaned. “Can we go now?” I said as Dean kissed my neck. 

His mouth was so warm, and his scent surrounded me, making it hard for me to think.  All I knew was I wanted Dean more than I had ever wanted any man in my life, and I was about to jump his bones in plain sight on the steps of his brother’s place,

“Let’s just say bye to everyone and we can leave.  Watching you put Lisa in her place was a real turn-on.  You are one badass Omega, Y/N.” Dean said in a low voice.

“No offense, but Lisa is a total bimbo. What were you thinking?” I had to ask.

He had the good grace to blush a little. “She was easy to please and I didn’t have to work very hard.”

I stared in his eyes. “Are you sure you’re ready for me, Dean? I’m complicated, and if you want me, you’re gonna have to work for me.”

Dean’s eyes burned with heat, and he jumped off the steps so fast I almost fell out of his lap.  He grabbed my hand and practically dragged my through the backyard, stopping in front of Sam and Jess.

When I hugged Jess goodbye, she whispered a “thank you.” in my ear.

“For what?” I whispered back.

“It’s about time Dean had someone on his side.”  She told me, smiling.

We said the fastest goodbyes in history, and as he pulled me to the Impala, he grinned at me.“For the record, I’ve been ready since I saw you in the bar, Y/N.’

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Colour Soulmate AU - Jughead X OC / Part 2

[LONG A/N: You guys asked for it so you guys got it, I don’t love it as much as the first part but this is as good as its gonna get cause I’ve wrote it and rewrote and then rewrote it again and then went to the SBC and asked them all about it (thanks @kingpendleton u my boo). So without further ado, here ya go bbs.

Also sorry if you wanted to be tagged in this but didn’t, I had a lot of people requesting to be tagged and now because tags aren’t really working well plus the amount of you asking is just a super crazy amount I’m going to stop adding new people to the list - honestly I totally appreciate and love your guys support but I feel like its a bit pointless when I know tagging isn’t directing anyone to my work and you’ve still just got to scroll through my blog to get to the specific fic. In light of this though I am going to seriously update my masterlist so finding my work shouldn’t be difficult and I will reblog it daily so people can stay up to date!]

Part 1

Word Count: 2106

Originally posted by juptern

‘Jughead, can you see in colour?’

The inky-haired teen quickly began to raise himself from the booth, he slammed shut his laptop and gathered it together with the papers that lay scattered across the table. He brought his knees up to his chest in a bid to jump over the back of the booth before a looming hand grappled his shoulder tightly.

‘Oh no you don’t buddy.’ Archie Andrews booming voice called out.

‘Let go of my shoulder Arch.’ Jughead replied sternly. ‘This is something that isn’t up for discussion.’

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The Signs as Red vs Blue Quotes

 Aries: - [sarcastically] “That’s right… I’m a gay robot.”

Taurus:  “I only drink the blood of my enemies… and occasionally a Strawberry Yoohoo… or Sarsaparilla… Grenadine, straight from the can, dee-licious… Oh, occasionally I do enjoy a Sex On The Beach or a Pina Colada. “ 

Gemini:  -“Why don’t you let the people person handle this?”                                              -*kills dozens of people*

Leo: “Being in this body is like trying to breathe through a trashcan.”

Virgo: “If I can’t beat off a room full of dudes, then what have I been training for this whole time?”

Libra:  “I love blood and violence! I’ve got a boner for murder!“ 

Cancer: “You don’t need to treat me like that. I’m not crazy, okay? I’m totally and completely sane. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go blow up this dead body.”

Scorpio: “What if I am too good looking? I mean, it’s possible.”

Sagittarius: “There’s a fine line between not listening and not caring. I like to think that I walk that line every day of my life.”

Capricorn: “My Logical Data Analysis sector indicates that would be highly unlikely, and my Bullshit meter agrees.”

Aquarius: “Just because you want to get close to someone, doesn’t mean you have to end up inside them!” 

Pisces: “Well that’s just a matter of penis— I-I mean opinion! Opinion… that’s what I meant to say.”

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Hard Question Time brought to you by yours truly: If you could date ANY iteration of a character Katie McGrath has ever played, who would you select? The character will come with her canon flaws, (Vampirism?, Family issues? Uh, Magic?) benefits ( Heck yeah, Magic?! Genius level smarts?), interests (Art?, Espionage?) etc. which may impact your decision. Happy ruminating. ;-)

…!!! @missmisanthropic WHY?! Why would you do this to me? Hmmm. I’ve got some drinks in me so that means rambling. Let’s consider all of this calmly and rationally. I would list each character but I fear my poor followers may run away screaming. Instead I will list my absolute favorites and carefully consider my options. Note that I will be leaving out minor characters such as Bess and others.

First up - Lucy Westenra.
Canon Flaws - Vampirism. In love with another woman.
Canon Benefits - GAAAAAY. Is the vampirism really a flaw though? I mean, come on.

With Katie’s portrayal of Lucy, it is hard to say as we, sadly, never got a good look at what Baby Gay Vampire!Lucy would grow to be. Unfortunately, prior to her change, Lucy was suffering quite a bit (Of course she was, Katie played her). She was confused, heartbroken, and really questioning her own humanity and life choices. It is quite possible that she felt she had no choice in who she was at all. She didn’t choose to be gay in Victorian England. She didn’t choose to love her best friend. She certainly didn’t choose to be a socialite and “proper wife” to an English gentleman. And she absolutely didn’t choose to be a vampire, a monster, as Dracula so aptly put it. MY BABY IS NO MONSTER!

It is possible that Lucy could have eventually grown to be the sweet and innocent looking, yet completely relentless killer vamp. I am not quite sure if I can deal with that. However! If she were to change me, ditch her feelings for Mina, and we could be super awesome killer vampires together? Yeah I could definitely deal with that. Throw that in with being charming, witty, and sweet, with the perfect amount of bite to her (See what I did there?), I would be a happy lesbian.

Verdict - Jury is out. Would I let her kill me? Yes, I would. Would I kill along with her? Yes, I would. Let us check out more options.

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NEXT! - Morgana Pendragon
Canon Flaws - Major daddy issues. Slight anger issues. Bent on revenge. Manipulative.
Canon Benefits - Um… MAGIC. High Priestess. Dresses fabulously even when living in a shack in the woods. Savvy af, That Smirk™ tho. Driven to fight for what she believes in.

Who doesn’t love Morgana? Good, “evil,” it really doesn’t matter. The unfortunate matter is, and this makes my deliberation quite short, Morgana was on one hell of a mission. She was single-minded in this mission and nobody, nobody, was going to keep her from it. This means, she definitely wouldn’t have had time for poor, little, non-magical me. I mean if I had an army of immortal warriors or dark magical abilities of my own, I would try to win her affections in a heartbeat. But the only thing I would be able to offer her is my heart… Which she probably would have used, along with some crazy incantation, to kill all of her enemies. I don’t wish to be sacrificed. I like my heart where it is thank you, my lady.

Verdict - Morgana, you do you, booboo. Imma keep my options open, love. You TOTALLY have my vote for Queen of Camelot. Please don’t kill me. Oh my poor heart. I love her so much.

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Third - Jodi Rutherford 
Canon Flaws - Hmmm… attraction to men that tend to mistreat her? Even Kobus was a bit of a dick at first but we aren’t talking about him are we? No love, we aren’t. This is about Jodi. She also seems to feel the need to ‘fix’ those she is with.
Canon Benefits - Complete sweetheart, excellent teacher, awkward and goofy despite her shy and sometimes anxious demeanor. Film/theater geek. Animal lover. She doesn’t care what she is, or what she is doing, as long as she can wake up next to the person she loves.

This… little bean. This absolute cupcake. I just… look at her. Jodi is another Katie character that just needs to be loved. She is described as someone that strives to be liked because she doesn’t like herself. Which is ridiculous. What’s not to like? She is kindhearted, generous and is really just looking for a place to belong. Total ball of fluff and I love her.

Verdict - Jury is out…but looking good for her.

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NEXT UP - The lovely, yet deadly, Gloria Miller, everyone!
Canon Flaws - She’s like some crazy CIA, Secret Agent, Jane Bond, Assassin.
Canon Benefits - She’s like some crazy CIA, Secret Agent, Jane Bond, Assassin.

This one is tough for me because this means she would always be off on some insane mission and I am totally one of those people that would be constantly worried that she wouldn’t come back to me. I’m soft. And let’s be honest, would I ever truly get a chance to know who she really is?

*gay gasp!* WHAT IF I am her mission?? What if she is actually working undercover to, I don’t know… I’m not special. I’m probably not her mission. But she would never be home and I need love and attention. Soft, remember? Sorry, Gloria :(

Verdict - I cannot date you. BUT PLEASE PROTECT ME I AM VERY VULNERABLE! Oh and teach me how to shoot things. Like, fruit and cans. I don’t want to kill anyone.

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Hellooooo Kate Foster!
Canon Flaws - Biphobic af!!!! I’m not bisexual but, come on Kate! Not cool, love. Stop that shit. Angry af! Family issues aka homophobic parents.
Canon Benefits - Smooth af. Seductive af. Queen of eye-sex Consent kink, perhaps? Kate, …I like being told what to do… Ahem. I digress.

Lezbehonest. How many of you have been completely destroyed by the 20 minute episode of Dates? Hm? Thought so. Kate is very enigmatic. Which I like to a point. She seems to be making attempts at being cool and open-minded. But you can tell she has been burned before. Le baggage? Maybe. But we all have it, don’t we? My biggest worry would be that because of this, she is quick to pick a fight and run. We saw it. When things get serious and even a little difficult, she is out the door. That is… problematic.

She still strikes me as being kind, genuine and loving with the right woman in the right situation. But that fear of mine would always remain. Fear would lead to insecurities. Insecurities would lead to fighting. Fighting would lead to no more Kate. I could delve deeper into this gem, however I will leave it here.

Verdict - Kate, buy me a Bellini (or five) and we can certainly have a great time. (That totally wasn’t meant to be sexual). I meant we can hang out some time. But you know, not like a date? Flirty BFFs maybe? Do you like my bracelet? I got it in Tuscany!

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Sigh …LenaLuthor! I have so many feelings about this woman it’s crazy.
Canon Flaws - A little shady. Family issues like you would not believe. Has a bit of a target on her back.
Canon Benefits - Highly intelligent. NERD! Working hard to make a life and name for herself outside of her family. RICH AF (take care of me please). Just wants a damn hug and thank you! Girlfriend of Supergirl. Looks better in prison blues than I do on my best day and with Photoshop. The Lip Bite™ tho.

Considering the fact that most of those that have endured my rambling are huge Katie fans and/or SuperCorp shippers, I will not get into the crazy long description for Lena. She has proven time and again that she only wants to do what is right, despite her upbringing. A most admirable quality is that she fights with her wits but also looks like she can defend herself when the time comes. A distressed damsel, she is not. I think here, I would have to go back to my argument regarding Morgana and Gloria. Lena simply would not have the time. She is running a billion dollar corporation, designing gadgets, and apparently she is constantly thinking up schemes to ensure justice is done. Oh, and um… hi… SHE LOVES KARA DANVERS! I can’t compete with that!!! I mean, I can be pretty awesome, but I am not Kara. So… problematic.

Verdict - Lena, I adore you. And I hope we can be friends. Do you need anything? Should I deliver flowers to Kara for you? Do you need me to proofread your love letters and poetry? I can run and get you more wine. Do you need company for the holidays? Do you need a bridesmaid for your wedding? Have you and Kara set a date? Keep me updated. My calendar is open.

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So here we are! There are more characters to consider, but we would be here all night/day. And I am pretty sure most of you already hate me. So I will keep this short. FINAL ANSWER: JODI RUTHERFORD. JUST LET ME LOVE YOU!

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Sorry for the long post and Katie spam!

Honorable Mention - Jules Daly
(Part 2)

The Bet pt.2

Pairings: Archiexreader

Warnings: Swearing, light smut

A/N: Part 2 my lovelies! Tell me how you feel about this kinda layout with the text etc.


Archie POV

Time dripped away and Yn and I were soon watching the closing film from my truck at the drive in. I’m going to tell her tonight. I’m going to tell her I love her. She was leaned into the crook of arm, sleepily watching the images projected on the off white canvas.


“Mmmhmm” she hummed in response, looking up to meet my eyes. She’s so beautiful. I thought the same when I first saw her.

“You don’t have to say it back okay and I don’t want to put you but I just need to say this to you and-”

“I love you too Archie” she cut in and I couldn’t be happier that she did. I kissed her. “I love you” I kissed her again “I love you” I kissed her again.

Soon we were kissing hungrily in the back seat, film long forgotten. Jughead is not going to appreciate that.

“Ugh I love you” I breathed as she kissed down my neck. I pulled my shirt from over my head before kissing her again roughly.

“Are you sure this is okay”

“Yes Archie” she smiled before pulling her top revealing her bare skin again her violet bra. We returned to kissing, moans and groans escaping us both.

A sudden banging came to the car door giving us both a huge fright. Yn grabbed her shirt to her chest as I cranked down the window slightly to reveal Reggie. What the fuck is he doing.

“Oh sorry Archie shouldn’t interrupt a man about to be crowned the king of game” he laughed. What is he talking abou…oh shit oh shit oh shit.

“What?” She was barely audible.

“Remember Archie bets not a win till she screams” he smirked. I’m going to kill him.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE REGGIE” I cranked up the window so fast the crank nearly came off into my hand.

“Wait ynn” I went for her hand but she was too fast, shirt already on she rapidly tied her shoes.

“Dont call me that!”

“Okay okay please listen to me” desperation dripping from every letter.

“Archie. Was there or was there not a bet based around your and I’ relationship.” She bit. Okay it’s time to be honest, that’s the only way forward from here.

“Yeah…it’s kinda the reason I talked to you the first day….wait yn please” she was hopping out of the car.

“Then then I fell for you! I totally forgot about the stupid bet! Please yn! I need you!”

“You need me to help build your fragile masculinity and I’m sorry Archie I’m not that girl!” She shouted before slamming the door so hard I thought it might come off the hinges. I fucked up so so so so bad.

I waited till the next day to go to her house, we need space…she needed space.

“yn” I lightly knocked on her bedroom door.

“Your mom let me in…I hope that’s okay…” this is just not going to work. Yn swung the door open and caught me by the shirt, hauling me inside.

“Answer me this because i’ve been racking my brains for the past 24hrs and i can’t figure out why you would do this to me! Why you do it?!” Okay straight with the hard questions.

“to build me fragile masculinity” I attempted a joke but she hit me into the chest, not particularly jokingly.

“Because I’m an idiot and I had no idea I would fall so hard for you so quickly I’m so sorry” tears brimming in my eyes.

“Are you…are you crying”

“Yes! I fucked up so bad yn and I’m so sorry” I physically dropped to my knees then, I couldn’t not. I’m such a terrible terrible person.

“Get up…you’re destroying your fragile masculinity” was that a hint of a joke?

“Yn please! Please forgive me! I’ll do anything! We can go back to the start! Don’t even hold my hand! Don’t even look at me! Please yn I just need to be with you”

“What was the bet” the hurt was still resonating in her voice.

“That…that I could sleep with you before Christmas….” The shame I felt matched that in my voice, I want the earth to swallow me whole.she sighed at me.

“I know i know I’m the scum of the earth but I promise I totally forgot about it when I started to get to know you. It was the furthest thing from my mind. Please yn, I love you”

“I must be crazy” she replied lowly

“What? No you’re not” my voice was shaky

“Yeah I am because I fucking  believe you” she leaned down and met my lips, I never thought I’d feel them again and it just made me appreciate them more. Electricity still bubbling through every nerve, just like the first time we kissed.

“So you still want to be with me?”

“Yeah… stupidly” she smiled smally but it couldn’t match mine.

“But if you ever hurt me like that again I’ll throw you into the river”

“I’ll throw myself into the river”

“I love you ynn”

“I can’t say I love you right now Archie" my heart started breaking again.

“I can’t say it to you Archie I’m sorry…I might again someday but just not today”

“That’s okay yn that’s totally okay I don’t deserve it, I love you enough for the both of us anyway” I kissed her again.

“Ah ah ah” she shook her finger at me

“Back to just hand holding” she took my hand in hers and I smiled.

“Okay that’s perfect”

“Yeah….okay that’s enough hand holding” she pulled me into a deep kiss.

“You wouldn’t have lasted with just hand holding any way” she nudged me

“Wanna bet?” She then full forced shoved me back laughing. I love her.


Much love Xx