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and omg your prOMPT THATS TOO CUTE AND SWEET AND ALSO HEARTWRENCHING MY GOD. But also hilarious. Ignis being off his face right after surgery oh nO. Poor bbys. The reader most definitely would be crying because watching Ignis fall in love with them again is like <3 but also really ?????????? ‘why is he like this?????’

Oh no, him being super sweet even when he’s out of his mind is just too much oh NO.

tagging @ignitius for the reasons.

Next Time

A. N. I’m sorry but I’m kinda enjoying making this soulmate AU stuff :3

Pairing: Bucky x reader


Prompt: Soulmate AU, when you first touch your soulmate you’re stuck with your soulmate for 8 hours, like literally stuck. 


I walked out of the Smithsonian Institution when I bumped into somebody, falling on the floor.

I groaned, “..I’m sorry..” I apologize at the person,

“it’s alright.” The man said, offering a hand to help me up.

I took his hand and began to stand again, “I’m so sorry.. I wasn’t watching where..– wait.”

I tried to take my hand out of his but I can’t, even the man seemed confused and tried too but he can’t.

It’s stuck together.

..which mean only one thing..

I slowly looked up at him, meeting his dazzling blue eyes, “Hi.. I guess,” I smiled sheepishly.

He stared at me in surprise, I saw his face becoming a little red as he cleared his throat, “hey,”

“the bright side of this is at least we’re holding hands.. not like maybe my hand will be stuck on your.. I don’t know.. somewhere inappropriate for the next 8 hours.”

His eyes brighten up in amusement as the corners of his mouth lifted ever so slightly,

“Bucky! come o- who’s this?”

I turned around to see a blonde haired man calling for my supposed ‘soulmate’

“Seriously Barnes? we were gone for like 5 minutes and a girl already?”

another man with black hair said,

‘Bucky’ stared at them annoyed, and lifted our hands, proving how it stuck together,

“Oh. I see.” the blonde man said, “well, you better catch up with her.”

“yeah, see you in 8 hours.”

Then they left, but I heard something along the lines of, ‘C’mon Steve! be happy for your best friend!’

“so..” I catch his attention again, “I’m Y/n L/n, goes by y/n.”

“James Buchanan Barnes, just Bucky.”

I felt myself giggle slightly, “where did ‘Bucky’ came from?”

“I don’t know,” He said, a little bitter, but I choose to ignored it, “want to go have lunch with me?”

“sure, where?”

“there’s this cafe I really like since I live here,” 

He began to walk me down the street to a vintage styled cafe, the paint, the decoration, the waiter’s uniform, and pretty much everything in it.

“I like this place,” I said to him after looking around, 

He smiled faintly and walked us to the ordering station, he ordered something for me since I don’t know anything about this place,

We choose the outdoor table and sat beside each other, since sitting across each other is kinda difficult at the time, 

“so, do you want to go first or shall I?”

“Go ahead,” he encouraged me,

I rolled my eyes playfully and explained myself to him, 

“..and that’s all from me, how about you?” I finished as our orders came, I reached for my drink and stared up at him, 

I saw how uncomfortable and stiff he is and chuckled,                                        “just kidding, I know who you are,” I put a hand to stop him from talking, “I filled in the Smithsonian Institution sometimes, but since that is not very reliable, you can tell me another time you’re comfortable with me.”

He stared at me in surprise and nodded, “you seem good.”

I paused drinking and raised an eyebrow at him, “do I look like a witch or something..?”

“No it’s not what I meant,” He laughed, “you’re different than any other people around me.. you’re not pushy or intimidating.”

I examined his face and slowly said, “thanks,” red creeping on my cheek, “for not admitting that I look like a witch,”

His eyes widen, “No tha-”

‘But Bucky..” I stared at him with the most serious face I could manage, “what if I am one?”

His face was torn between surprise and alert, priceless.

I laughed,  “Joking! I am not a witch!” he actually almost believed me (i guess)..

he realized what’s going on, he just chuckled and began to eat his meal as we talked again, a little sauce fight here and there but then it was time to go.

“where do you want to go to now?” he asked,

“let’s just go around making memories in this town,” I shrugged, dragging him with me down the streets.


“Oh my god! this picture is too perfect!”

I laughed at the Photo Booth result, I was shoving a cotton candy on his face and Bucky’s eyes were wide in surprise,

He smiled at me, eating his apple candy,

“this half is for you, this is for me.” I handed the picture to him, “just a memory for today.”

He received the picture to his hand and stared at it, I quickly began to eat my cotton candy so he doesn’t notice my staring.

“..you know, I had fun today.”

I turned to him, to say I was surprised is right, “really?? I almost thought you didn’t enjoy today because of me being annoying..”

“nonsense,”  he scoffed, “you’re not annoying, to be honest today is the most fun day since I live here.”

“then.. we should maybe do this again?” I questioned him, as we arrived in front of the Avengers tower,

“yeah we should,” he said, releasing his hand from mine and reached for a small note in his jacket’s pocket,

“wait, bucky..”


“we’re not stuck anymore,” I pointed to his hand, “we’re free, has it been 8 hours already?”

He quickly stared at his hand, ”oh yeah, I didn’t realize.”

“then, we should meet up next time,” I finished writing my number on his small notebook, “just scheduled and not stuck together,”

“yeah,” he said,

then we stayed silent.

after a while, he finally said, “you know.. maybe the next time we can make it a date..”

I stared at him, “yeah sure,”

 I smiled, standing on my tip toes and quickly kissed his cheek,

“see you later, Barnes,” I said, “call me.”

I left him there, a little bit red-faced and definitely can’t wait for the next time.

28 - Listen to my selfish request
Shuutoku Side

Audio Clip - Shouri E no Kiseki (Miracles Towards Victory), Shuutoku Side (2nd evening) - 28 - Listen to my selfish request (Ootsubo, Takao, Midorima)

The end of the sequence that starts with clip 03 (I should make a selfish request too), then clip 07 (Make a selfish request at the pool), clip 23 (How about making a selfish request on the court).  Ootsubo is troubled by his apparent inability to make selfish requests, but he FINALLY figures it out with the help of Takao and Midorima.   

(Missed previous translations/audio clips?  Here’s the masterlist.)

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I am torn between falling on the floor laughing and banging my head against a wall.

I was feeling adventurous and took a gander into the ouat tag and just read from a cser- it was clear from the username- that ‘Rumpelstiltskin is finally learning that the rules fucking apply to him too,’ and he is 'finally paying for his actions unlike everyone else,’

I mean, bear in mind that this is once upon a time. Every single person has gotten away with something without really paying the price they should have. Legally speaking, everyone from Emma, to Rumple, to Regina should be locked up for illegal B&E, assault, and murder respectably.

But in terms of villains, Rumple is the one being constantly held accountable for his actions, if not paying the full price for them- which again, not one character really is in the first place.

Hook? He’s being treated like a hero now, with a savior girlfriend and everything.

Not one of them knows about this:

Aka, Kook bulling a spinner Rumple into thinking his wife was going to be gang raped. Not even Neal found out. Only Rumple knows- since he was there- and he isn’t talking about it.

or this:

aka, Baelfire- Henry’s father, the guy Emma loved- after Hook sells him out to a 'bloody demon’ to be trapped and psychologically battered for centuries. Not even Rumple or Emma finds out.

Or this:

aka, Hook refusing to help Arial find Eric, placing his boat above another man’s life. He later apologized to Zelena posing as Ariel, which I give him kudos for. He then promptly loses those kudos after lying to Emma and taking credit for helping Ariel find Eric when he did no such thing.

What about Regina?

No one  knows about this:

aka, Regina crushing Graham’s- the guy Emma opened up to and loved- heart and killing him.

What about this?

Aka, Regina invading her son’s mind with magic and fucking with his memories of her telling him she was going to kill everyone else he loved so he could truly be hers. These memories never come back. Henry doesn’t even know this happened.

I mean, when Rumple does something terrible at least the people who need to know about it find out!!

Killing the mute maid? Baelfire finds out immediately.

Killing Milah? Belle finds out, Baelfire finds out, and Emma finds out- though she obviously doesn’t know who Milah really was or how they got together- tricking Rumple into thinking she was going to be gang raped to death.

Creating the curse? Belle finds out and Emma knows- she confronts him about his manipulations in Queen of Hearts.

Sending the wraith after Regina? Belle finds out right away.

Thinks about hurting Henry? Everyone finds out. Henry wasn’t even hurt at all but Rumple is help responsible- as he very well should! Regina fucks with her son’s head with magic and no one- including Henry- even finds out.

Kills Zelena and lies to Belle and is basically a manipulative asshat? Everyone finds out and he is banished by his true love over the town line.

(The one thing I can think of is Rumple assaulting Moe but considering a) he is caught and jailed for it  and b) Rumple thought Moe tortured Belle I think it’s safe to say he didn’t exactly get a pass either.)

How the fuck can you try and argue the Rumple is the one who gets away with everything when other villains hurt and murder the heroes loved ones and they never even find out?!?!