i am too tired and giddy to be blamed for posting this

Part 2 of my first prompt!

Right, so this week I got my first-ever prompt, which is this:

Emma is pregnant but she doesn’t know yet, her mom is the who notice first (because all family live together in the loft). Captain Swan and Charming family moment. P.s.: cute moment where her parents tell her that she is gonna be an amazing mom. Thank you

Last night I posted the first part, which is the buildup, and you guys seem to have liked it, so thank you! Here’s is the final part, in which I actually fill the prompt.

(Oh, I have posted the whole thing on ff.net and ao3 as well. Enjoy!)

Part II

She’s still looking at her phone screen and smiling like an idiot when Snow opens the door to her. Unlike, well, everyone else, she doesn’t say how awful she looks for a change.

“What’s on that phone that’s making my daughter smile so brightly?”

“Oh I just have the dorkiest, most amazing boyfriend…oh god, boyfriend, when did that happen?”

“I’d say sometime around a beanstalk…”

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