i am too spoiled


Malec’s conversation was super important and I’m super happy they had it but…

Why can’t they be less stiff in their scenes? Why can’t they look at each other like they are each other’s most important thing in the world ? Why can’t they hold each other while having this fucking ESSENTIAL conversation? Why are their scenes written like this?

I just want to BELIEVE what they are saying to each other?????Am I asking too much? Am I spoiled by other shows and expect too much of this one????

And why the FUCK did Climon get that scene??? Sorry but I’ve been mad for two weeks now and the saltiness came right back…

some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder


When we die and get revived, it’s like we’re reset to how we were when we first got here… and Jake didn’t have a beard then. The girls keep making fun of it, but if it means he’s staying alive, I’d rather him keep it.” -Dwight


Attention briblr community

Did you know

You can get these boxes


because I didn’t, and another kind tumblr user informed me. And you can give them a description of your flock, in order for them to give you the best value for your birds. Like; if your bird hates kumquats, there will be no kumquats. If your bird likes bells? They will put more bells. They send toys, treats and something perches!

Papa @ Papa

**how each of the Papa’s feel about themselves and their….*cough* prowess**

Papa I: I suppose I am a handsome fellow of sorts. but, I shall not be too cocky. being humble is key! despite these old bones, I am able to carry myself with confidence and grace. I show it well but I am careful not to gloat! too big of an ego will spoil the whole batch.

Papa II: I know of what I am. and you should too. there are few who can match my presence. I am not afraid to boast of my physical traits and the power it wields over mortals. it makes them weep. some are even brought to their knees. I greatly welcome that response. you should always recognize and acknowledge your superiors. now kneel!!

Papa III: would you fuck me? *throws confetti* I’d fuck me…

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A few quick things! One, oml I love you so much you don't even understand. You're so incredibly talented and chill af and I really admire you for that! Idk how to describe it but, I just respect you so much cgjkvdg. Two, how does Kahn die in the happy ending au? Lastly, would you mind if I cosplayed as Luna? I look fairly similar to her already. Especially with the hair color;)

I AM not giving Khans ending away because I am actually making a comic AND I DONT WANT TO SPOIL TOO MUCH!! And YES PLEASE DO OH MY GOD!!!

Ullias says I spoil Per too much and am going to make them fat and lazy with all the treats I give them. I don’t see what’s so 8ad a8out that. Just look at them, they love to laze a8out.

Oh! And I almost forgot, the whole reason I even had Ullias take this picture was to show off the pretty cy8ernetic eye she got me~

Honestly, modern cartoon fans are spoiled

By that I mean, y'all get huge epic cartoons with actual plot arcs and don’t realize that for much of the history of Western cartoons, that was not the norm. I saw a post criticizing SU for ‘not knowing where the plot is going after 4 seasons’ even though GF did and how that makes it a supposedly bad or poorly written show.

Like, look. I’m in the process of rewatching one of my favorite cartoons of all time, which ran from 1999 to 2001. And that cartoon, despite being a more 'adult’ cartoon, only had a plot arc for the first season, and it was a very thin arc, because it was from the time before DVRs and was on public TV. The writers had to assume that viewers only watched week-to-week and would likely not rewatch, and that reruns would only air during season breaks, once a week and out of order. MOST Western cartoons are like that. It is only very recently that recording has been built-in to our TVs and doesn’t require blank tapes. It’s only recently that we’ve been able to legally watch old episodes online. And it’s STILL only cable that runs regular repeats of episodes.

SU isn’t perfect, but it’s being run similar to how cartoons were in the 90s. And it’s STILL better than them! But for people who are only used to long-form plot-driven series like Avatar, or series that are made for freeze-frames and repeated viewings like GF, it seems like the SU team is incompetent. They aren’t. They’re just running things differently.

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How do you feel about the FFXV DLC? Any expectations?

Hi there,

I don’t know really yet what to expect, but what I really personally look forward too is the story around the character DLC’s (and perhaps learn some more about them). I am also really looking forward to the multiplayer DLC, Really curious how they are going to integrate it all. 

I guess the DLC I am least hyped for is the Gladio DLC, from what I know/heard it is gonna focus on combat, and sure combat can be really cool. But I really am a sucker for story expansion etc. I wanna see those characters grow more, but again this is my personal expectation, and who knows i might be surprised in the end. I am just trying to keep an open mind about all these DLC’s. And I am trying to not spoil myself too much in the process.

i already like Commander Lexa because she could beat me up and i’d thank her and she’s probably the only person in the world who can pull off that “watched a sad movie while wearing hella cheap eyeliner” aesthetic she has going on but mostly i like her because she ordered Finn’s death

so a couple hours ago some guys working on a streetlight were like, “we need to fix this light. but………electrocution……we’ll black out the power in this section of town with no warning for a few minutes to do this. sounds good” and so the power inexplicably went out for 15 minutes and i lost some time on some projects

what made it worse though, is that i got the moxie to pick them back up 2 hours ago, which is when i found that my tablet wasn’t working. i decided to restart my computer in hopes that i wouldn’t have to go through the whole driver un/reinstall nightmare for the billionth time. but when it restarted the goddamn thing was STILL NOT WORKING

then i was beckoned to watch some spn so i was like “you know what?? y yo uuf know wHAT?? that’s it. that’s what i’m gonna do. spn” and i left my computer as it was, and my tablet in its regular shambles/tantrum state

i came back and lo and behold

it magically fixed itself


5 thousand other people have probably already said this but just hear me out:

The Crystal Gems were freaking out because they can’t compete with Homeworld technology

But Steven got through their tech like it was no biggie (I’m assuming because of his human/biological/carbon-based life-form half or whatever since the tech is designed to affect gay space rocks gems)

And Jasper said that fusing is just a cheap way to make weaker gems stronger

And Steven can fuse

If/when a big battle comes up against a bunch of Homeworld tech, if Steven fuses with the Gems (is there a limit to the number of fusions at once? We know so far that it can go up to three four) they could become a giant force unaffected by Homeworld tech and totally take ‘em out!!!