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서울의 달 (Moon of Seoul)
서울의 달 (Moon of Seoul)

Baekhyun - Moon of Seoul (170206 IG Live)

I downloaded the original recording from here(cr:kyongkyong_0506), but it was lagged and I wanted to fix it for myself. And it turned out pretty well so I thought I can share for whoever wants to listen a (kinda) hd version.

Download Link


Ichihime Week - Day 6: AU

They say that, every half a century or so, one can see a change in their postures and the emotions projected in their eyes.

There are many stories rampant behind this strange occurrence. But the most famous one tells that, every 50 years, the God and his Queen live a different life, in a different reality, always living and - always breathing their last breath together.



I’ve never thought about it much but now I have: why is Sakura not going to be in the Boruto anime AT ALL? I know she’ll have to make an appearance later on, but why not show glimpses of her in the upcoming episodes or maybe they will? I understand why Sasuke is not going to be in it-cuz he’s out of the village. But Sakura IS in the village. And she wasn’t part of the cast. Sakura, who is one of the main characters, the heroine, Naruto’s friend, Sarada’s mom…etc, will get no screen time. I know this Anime is all about Boruto and his story, but Sakura is still relevant. I’m suggesting she should be shown at least a teeny tiny bit instead of being ignored completely. It just seems like SP really does dislike her :/

It’s hilarious how antis used to say that they were so sure that their ship will be canon, acting so smug and all. Then hate on orihime like there’s no tomorrow. You don’t hate a character that much just because you think they’re useless or don’t like their personality. I have plenty of characters I hate, but their hate for orihime is just a whole new level. Like, if you were so sure, why hate on her? Honestly, there is no valid reason? You’d think they would be just indifferent toward her, but no, they loathe her, twisting her into a whole character into a complete stranger, spitting slurs at her endlessly, slut-shaming her, cutting all of her ties with her friends all while accusing that we do that. 

They weren’t that confident in their ship becoming canon, were they? They were scared, so threatened by orihime’s love for ichigo. If you were so sure ichihime was such an unhealthy, toxic, one-sided love, why hate orihime? They’d just ignore her like they do with everyone else and coo at their ship, but??? no??? they make endless long metas about how their love failed, always desperately screaming that orihime’s feelings for ichigo was not love, but a simple crush.

They knew. They knew orihime loved ichigo and he cared about her very deeply, but refused to acknowledge it and say they’re barely friends.


Hello I’m agender and I hate cisphobia and if you’re cisphobic please get away from me.
Cis people are valid.
Trans people are valid.
If you are human. You are valid.

Okay? Okay.

(Also if you are white you aren’t trash
If you are a man you aren’t a pig. Just stop hating people. My point is just be kind to people. They have emotions and lives too.)

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Dear gymaholic crew! I am struggling because of gains! I am now able to use more weight during my arnold press, but now I cant get up the dumbbells from my knees to starting position. This might be a dumb question but I really don't know what to do! Its just too heavy - even tho I am working on my biceps too. Is there a techique you Pros are using? I'd really appreciate a gif or something. Thanks, greetings from Germany!

Hey anon, it’s not a dumb question at all.

You can use your legs to help you bounce the weight to a shoulder press position. Here’s an example where I do it during my workout:


Practice it with light weight and make sure your back stays straight while you’re doing it. Try it out and tell us what you think.

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Gabriel for the character thing?

Wow everyone wants to talk about the Agrestes today >_> 

Tell me a character and I will tell you my:

  • First impression- oh… hello Hawkmoth. Also- yeah… that’s a fairly accurate representation of the extraness and obliviousness of the super rich. 
  • Impression now- I really really REALLY hope we actually get to see a long drawn out family drama plot about adults being held accountable for their actions even if they are able to go after redemption. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! Also I think he is just a very work/logic driven person and not that its a calculated and uncaring thing. I don’t think he is good with emotions in general. (For the haters- no this does not mean I think his choices aren’t BAD or that he isn’t completely failing as a parent/person but I think he is one of those villains who sees himself as the hero of their own story- which for me in infinitely more interesting that someone who is just evil. ) 
  • Favorite moment- When he and Chat Noir are arguing in Jackady. Agreste Family Feels!!! 
  • Idea for a story- um…. all of them???? I write tons of Agreste Drama cause Adrien is my favorite and family dynamics are my jam… lets see what’s one I haven’t shared… oh!! How about this one- Nino Adrien bodyswap fic. Nino (as Adrien) of course fights with Gabe constantly. Gabe (who is totally HM and doesn’t fully know what happened when Adrien literally bug smashed the akuma on its way to the intended target) is feeling super guilty because he thinks he has somehow infected Adrien with the negativity from the akuma and its all his fault. (not realizing that- no Gabe, you are just kind of a jerk and people who aren’t your kid don’t want to put up with you) Of course when he finally meets Adrien/Nino he is like- oh… nevermind. That’s Adrien. I’m an idiot. 
  • Unpopular opinion- I am pro Gabe redemption. (I am also pro Chloe and Lila redemption too… I just want all the redemption arcs, and I want them SLOW and drawn out and full of frustration and skepticism… mwahahahahahahaha) 
  • Favorite relationship- Gabe and Adrien’s screwed up family dynamic. (Look one of my favorite childhood books was The Secret Garden, I love family redemption stories OK???? ) 
  • Favorite headcanon- Gabe and Nooroo have the most messed up dynamic ever. At the beginning Gabe would just routinely take off the Miraculous and Nooroo would disappear because being HM was a means to an end he isn’t trying to be a full time take over the world supervillian (I disavow the english dub for this reason) and he didn’t need the constant reminder of what he was doing. However as the fight drags out longer and longer Nooroo becomes the only person he can whine too about getting his ass handed to him repeatedly by children. Of course the longer this goes on the more Nooroo starts to sass back at him. So most conversations end up going like this: Gabe- OMG whine whine whine… why can’t I win… don’t I deserve to be happy? Nooroo- um…. no. Because you are literally a supervillain. Gabe: Shut up Nooroo. 

📱 TFLN Starters – 11/?? 📱

  • [text]: Shit dude that sort of wholesale destruction can’t just be done at the drop of a hat
  • [text]: I supposed we should both be prepared for the secret service to come visit us after this conversation. Hi NSA.
  • [text]: Is there ever a non-asshole time to play the “I was a child prodigy” card?
  • [text]: She’s a black belt cougar in the 6th degree.
  • [text]: To be honest. I have two poptarts in my jacket pockets. No one knows. I am pro stealth.
  • [text]: Sometimes I think that I have too much self esteem. Then I realize that I’m just really fucking pretty.
  • [text]: If I had a nickel for every time somebody called me a bad person I would have enough money to check into rehab
  • [text]: Hate is such a strong word! I prefer to think you strongly dislike me due to the honest I show towards your routine shortcomings of success in life.
  • [text]: Today I’m judging my level of singleness on a scale of one to eat-a-can-of-frosting. It’s not looking good for me.
  • [text]: So nowhere in the dress code does it forbid me from showing up to City Hall in a gorilla suit to meet the mayor.
  • [text]: i have two emotions: emotionless and blind with rage
  • [text]: I’m sorry I tried to stab you. I just really wanted those mozerella sticks.
  • [text]: pesky things like morals, self-preservation and cowardice are not needed. overkill is nothing but a word. there will be blood.
  • [text]: The only ground rules are no one is allowed to come who will say “no, that’s a bad idea” or “what if we get arrested?”
  • [text]: For some reason, my father is not responding to the 5 texts I sent him that all read “ Dad dad dad dad dad dddaadd dddddaaaaaaaaad dad”.
  • [text]: Bring your kids so they can distract our kids so we can drink in peace.
  • [text]: sorry I called you to cry about the state of the neopets economy
  • [text]: I’m drinking nothing but vodka and coffee for the next 48 hours. For science.
  • [text]: I’m so upset I left my sombrero at the expo center
  • [text]: There’s a guy running dressed as a bunny toward your house.
  • [text]: Some days you ride the struggle bus. Other days, it gets a flat, the AC breaks, and you run over a bunny.
  • [text]: she won’t be coming home tonight because she tried stealing a baby giraffe from the zoo
  • [text]: Knowing there are different types of spiders in different countries and regions makes me never want to travel.
  • [text]: whoever threw up in my shampooo bottle is totally getting defriended on facebook.


(first post, yeaa!!)

hello everyone!

I’m Anja aka. @animestudyblr , i’m currently 17 years old and from Germany.

After changing my URL a hundred times, getting inspired by the tons of studyblr’s i am following right now, I decided to finally create my own studyblr!

I’ve planned to post in a week or so, because I’m currently waiting for my new camera to arrive! (^-^’) can’t wait..

So.. I am going to “college” as a media-design student in topic of media and communication. I finished my first year so far with good grades but that’s not enough because I’ve two next years ahead of me. I hope to get the chance to go to university after I finished school.

The things that I learn in school:

  • photography
  • mediadesign (using kinda stuff like html or css, coding our own websites, portfolios, etc.)
  • the regular things: german, english, math
  • audiovision (filming, editing, that kind of stuff)
  • art history and film history
  • art (it’s not really art, but kind of: something like illustrating an advertisement for voss water - this was really one of our assignments back then)

and a lot more..

Some things about me:

  •  i am watching and loving anime (i think you noticed that much ^^’)
  • besides i’ve watched a lot of shows like: game of thrones, awkward, 13 reasons why, the vampire diaries, the originals, …
  • i am a huge fan of game of thrones (currently reading the first book - i know it’s dumb reading the first book and watching the seventh season, but hey, it’s like living in the old times again where everything was fine and nice and… “oh my sweet summerchildren if you knew what is coming for you, my beloved characters..” *coughing* winter.. *coughing* stay in winterfell *coughing* pleeease..) my studygram (not active yet) is: animestudygram
  • i’m an perfectionist with a huge plan/to-do list’s addiction
  • i’m listening to anime songs (openings, endings, soundtracks, all of it), k-pop (i love blackpink and bts and exo - songs and.. i have to become a part of the fandoms, rlly) and so much more music, i can’t count
  • i am a pro at procrastinating summer holidays are boring too, right now
  • my favourite band is “The Oral Cigarettes” (from japan)
  • i love tea and coffee (tea more: especially green tea, milk tea or tea out of berries)
  • my favourite colours are blue and red. i think
  • i have short blonde hair (bangs) and blue eyes
  • my english isn’t the best. so, i’m sorry..

and i don’t know what to write here anymore..


Blogs that inspired me: 

(thank you so much!! <3)

@elkstudies @obsidianstudy @studyblr @studiousgrace @kaiistudies @oikawastudies @studyinstyle

and a lot more..

ありがとうございます - thank you very much (sadly i can’t speak japanese yet)

Thank you, pro-circumcision  side of tumblr.

Due to the knowledge I have gained from you, I too am now pro-circumcision. The kid won’t remember it, so I might aswell snip the skin off, after all, it looks better, it also benefits him and protect him from HIV and such!

On that note,  for my future child, if I have one, I will remove his ears so the chance of him getting ear pains is lowered, and I will remove his toes so he doesn’t stub them.

I am considering removing the finger nails as a lot of filth can potentially build up under them and cause him an infection or anything similiar!

He won’t remember anything, he’ll probably thank me in the future!

hsamrs  asked:

Saying you are ANTI-FAT is calling people names. You are a hate blog. Saying you are ANTI-FAT ACCEPTANCE and telling people that fat is not okay and using fat as a bad word is calling people names and bullying.

I am against pro-ana, too. Guess I fucking hate anorexics, huh?

No! That’s not how it works! I’m against the glorification of unhealthy body images and the acceptance of dangerous eating habits! 

Love your body. Love yourself. Everyone should.

Love yourself enough to CARE about your health and take care of your body. Don’t just ACCEPT being fat, it’s unhealthy to be fat, just like being underweight is unhealthy.  

Love yourself enough to want to be healthy instead of claiming there’s nothing you can do and dooming yourself to obesity-related health issues.