i am too lazy to think of a new caption so

Cute captions under you and Tom’s instagram couple pictures

⚪My hand in yours. Ours.” ( picture of your hands intertwined)

⚪Girl + Boy = ❤ “ ( two shadows on concrete)  

⚫ “ Y/N in her natural habitat “ ( pictures of you in a bookshop)  

⚫” But birds are so cuuuute “ ( picture of you laughing as you lay on the grass)  

⚪” Stop texting your other girlfriend Thomas. It’s my turn now “ ( pictures of Tom on his phone at a table in a restaurant)  

⚫ “ You know it’s true love when you fart shamelessly for the first time and all she says is “ let it go buddy “. ( picture of you two chilling on the couch)  

⚪ 👩     👨     ( when you two get haircuts )

⚫Matchy Curly ( selfie where the two of you rock the curls )

⚪”Miss my thomas “ ( picture of you on his back )

⚫” it was a picture I took to show you how weirdly you sleep ,now it’s just one of the many I look at when I miss you. #but seriously #whydoyouwraptheduvetallaroundyourneck “

⚪” Happiest of birthdays to this fellow Gemini ! Congrats on the plastic surgery ! “ ( picture of Tom in his pajamas ,messy bed hair and grumpy face on)

⚫ “ Happy happy birthday to the girl in the snoopy shirt ! Good luck for middle school ! “ ( a throwback to you at Halloween wearing a Snoopy shirt )

⚫Y/N wants you to know she takes a lot of the pictures you see on my page including this one #famewhore “ ( artsy picture of Tom with a game of shadows and lights)

⚪” A fucking three years old . I am too old for this “ ( picture of Tom holding a donut in one hand and a cotton candy stick in The other )

⚪” He thinks he’s Elsa “ ( picture of Tom in Canada ,playing in the snow )

⚫ “ #mygirlfriendismorecleverthanyours #noshame #shesminebackoff ( picture of you in bed ,a display of books about economics and design and art in front of you )

⚫ “ Hi we’re English” ( picture of you two drinking tea )

⚪” He thinks I am funny” ( picture of you and Tom laughing hysterically )

⚪” #TomHollandAsJamesBond Campaign starts now!!” #hottie (picture of Tom in a three piece suit at a premiere )  

⚫ Hottest date in the world ( picture of you in a fancy dress at the premiere )

⚪” V festival with the kid #babysitter” (picture of you and Tom holding hands ,from the back )

⚫ “ V Fest or how much cheese fries can you eat before your 3 years old girlfriend steals all of it “ ( Picture of you two in front of the stage )

⚫ “ How did I get so lucky #1billiondollarquestion ” ( selfie of you two in bed smiling )

⚫ “ When your girlfriend gets you spiderman pajama set #inlove #bestfriend “ ( picture of Tom in his new pajamas )

⚪” I am lucky I am in love with my bestfriend “ ( picture of you and Tom as he bites your ear )

( note : I Am lazy and I couldn’t research the actual lookalike pictures and make the edits for it to look like it was on instagram ,sorry I am a lazy ass )

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aye jade i saw someone else do this so now you must also suffer :) ship your mutuals with an idol and ship them ;) - jhoe anon

i love this ask so much tysm jhoe anon ily alkhwlahf this is so cute?? still don’t talk to many people so i’ll just stick with the same people from last time lol (with one added because i just had to)

this got really long lol (probably because i wasn’t rushed this time)

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Originally posted by drakemood

Hearing the buzzer go off downstairs, placing the paint brush down “don’t make a mess Royalty, I’ll be back” getting up from the floor “I do that” she pointed at a spot that was clear where I did not paint “yes but don’t make no mess” making my way out of Royalty’ bedroom, I wish Chris was here so then he can answer the door. He is so damn busy now, we barely get time for sex. He is rehearsing none stop, working hard on the tour and clothing line and I don’t get much of his time. He has me helping him do the women’s clothing line in which I ended up doing something for Royalty, I then got Royalty in a photoshoot and then his baby mother came at me. But I don’t care, she is just mad because she is ugly and her daughter likes me. Since Chris and I had the disagreement we have become a little stronger then we are, just don’t like this busy Chris. He is barely home, I have had Royalty for most of the time. Looking at the security cameras, buzzing in the UPS guy “Lee, I come!!” Royalty shouted at the top of the stairs, looking at her “come then, don’t come to the door. You have no top on” making my way over to the door, hearing Royalty’ little feet run behind me “pick me Lee!” Royalty ran ahead turning around, picking her up. Placing Royalty on my hip, unlocking the door and pulling it open.

Seeing the boxes in front of the door, he held another box walking over to the door “Rylee Turner?” he said, Royalty pushed the door open wider “hi” she waved, pushing her hair back smiling “yeah, that is me” the guy placed the box down “hello there” he smiled at Royalty, he held out his little computer system out to me “just sign here” signing the box “she looks just like Chris” he commented, Royalty is breaking my arm now. Placing her to the ground “she does” he turned and jumped “woah, holy shit! Oh my god” seeing Chris’ stupid dog “oh god no” I don’t do well with them “uhm, I am sure he is fine” his dog is massive and I don’t like it “he won’t bite” I said it like I know, the dog started barking “doggy!!” Royalty shouted, my god. I am having a meltdown and so is this poor man, what if the dog bites him because I know Zeus knows me “I don’t like dogs” he fell over the boxes moving back “neither do I” I said seeing the rest of the dogs, who let these out. Whistling “come here boy” waving the dog over “oh shit, oh my god” the guy is falling everywhere, Zeus jumped over the boxes and right into my arms. I cringed internally, the dog licked my face in excitement “oh god” I hate myself.

After that I had to have a shower “you think doggy like me Roro?” applying my massacre, looking over at Royalty staring at herself in the mirror copying me “yes, oh no look!” she pointed at my eye, looking in the mirror “oh no, it can get wiped off it’s ok” some of the black went onto my top eye lid “are you excited to see daddy? I am really excited, you need to tell him off though. He doesn’t spend enough time with us does he?” Royalty shook her head “he naughty” I cooed out “yes he is baby, first we need to get some food and then see him. We need food first, I have actually enjoyed myself with you. And I think daddy will be so happy to see us in the new Black Pyramid clothes and we matching” the UPS guy bought the boxes of clothes that I help design, I am so damn excited about this but I also have been applying for jobs on the low and I have found a job and got an interview. I need to break it to Chris but this job is not full time, it is part time but I have to do a night shift once a week like my old one. I don’t start this job until next month so I get to tour with Chris for a while, I mean I will work three days a week and it’s really nothing.

Royalty and I are matching with our Black Pyramid dresses on, both of our hair in a bun and we both have our Black Pyramid chains on. I truly know Chris is about to be so happy to see this, I am glad Chris got me this Range. I love it, adjusting the seat again. Chris always drives this car for some reason “I got the best driving partner” looking at Roro, she grinned at me “music!” she pointed at the stereo “we will but we need to take a picture first” grabbing my phone from the middle compartment, unlocking the phone and tapping on my Instagram “ready to say cheese?” holding the camera up to the side of me, Royalty cheesed mad hard at the camera as I took it “you a crazy baby” captioning the picture ‘First ladies of Black Pyramid, see you soon daddy x’ pressing send on the picture “ready” pressing the engine on, the camera music played automatically with Chris’ trash playlist “what is he like” turning the volume down.

Closing the car door and walking around the Range, that was terrible. It annoys me so much when people be taking pictures of Royalty and I, we just trying to eat and then there is idiots taking pictures. Opening the passenger side door “you want to give daddy his food” reaching over and unbuckling Royalty out “yes I give food” picking Royalty out of her car seat and placing her on the ground, she jumped up and down on the ground “don’t run, wait here” picking my bag out from the floor of the car “daddy car” Royalty pointed, closing the car door and locking it with my key “yeah, I can’t wait to see him” I feel like I don’t have much time with him, his album is out and now he is all busy. He works so hard too, seeing one of the new bodyguards that is now working for him outside “Rylee” he smiled at him “and little trouble” he is not like Joe but he is nice “hey Simon” he opened the door for us, the music blared out.

Walking inside the big hall, I don’t really come here because it is filled with these friends of his and random women and I am not insecure so I don’t care but it annoys me. The seats at the back were filled up, Royalty ran straight towards Chris dancing. Running behind her and grabbing her arm, leaning down to Royalty “wait till daddy is finished” walking towards the back, noticing a seat has suddenly become free for us “no laziness now, the boys in the back!!” some guy shouted, sitting down on the seat and placing my bag to the side of me. Picking Royalty up and placing her on my lap “daddy” she pointed, I don’t think Chris has noticed us but good, he needs to finish this. Smiling as I watched him, he is so passionate about dancing so I know he is in his zone and I don’t want to interrupt that at all. His friend sink or should I say Sinko smiled at me but he is always the one bringing bitches around, he can go away with that smile.

I feel myself getting so close to Royalty, and at times I feel like she is my own daughter and I have to remember she is not mine. Just Chris has been having her a lot more then he usually does and I have been looking after her the most, I mean her mom wants to fight me but who cares “next song! No breaks!” the song changed over, Chris turned around with his hands on his hips. I am surprised he hasn’t seen us in the mirror, Chris wiped his wet face with his hand. He looked over at the back and then the biggest smile formed on his face, the music cut off “Chris ain’t about to dance now so let’s take a break” Chris walked over to us, he looks so happy to see us. Chris skipped over to us clapping, getting up from the seat with Royalty in my arm “you came!” he yelped out, Chris didn’t know who to look at but I want his attention “I miss you” Chris pressed a kiss to my lips “and you” he kissed Royalty and then picked her out of my arms “I missed my girls so much” Chris placed his arm around my shoulder “I bought you some food” I pointed as Royalty held it in front of his face “I am sweating so much, let’s sit down” Chris turned us around.

The little minions have left the space so it is just us sitting in this corner “you look so good in the stuff you know, did it all arrive? I actually forgot to tell you about the package” Chris spoke with his mouth full of food “it’s ok, I was painting with Royalty and then it went off and by the way. Why were your dog’s out? The UPS guy was having a meltdown and so was I, your big ole dog jumped on me and licked my face. Why was they out?” Chris shrugged staring ahead of him “I am sure they were locked up, I know I locked them up unless I didn’t. I pretty much saw them in the morning and left” his mind is everywhere right now “but guess what, my album is number one right now. I am so hyped right now” I cooed out clapping “I am so happy for you” touching the back of his head “but when can I get that number one dick? You keep denying me” Chris looked at me smiling “it’s just hit me all at once, I am so tired Rylee” he sat back in his seat “I was sat back chilling with you for so long that I wasn’t ready for this, I could be doing this calmly but no. I was in Jersey and then home and now I am rushing this whole new routine” he shook his head “don’t worry, the number one dick is coming. I have two more days of rehearsals and then downtime for a week, I got Royalty again for that week and then I have another rehearsal day where I try it on the stage, then after that I am on the road” this has come by so quickly and I feel bad even speaking about myself.

I am sad that Chris is too busy for me “you know with you going on tour, are you taking them with you?” I pointed at his friends “yeah, I am taking my friends with me” rolling my eyes “why the eye roll?” I didn’t even know he saw that, I thought he was looking ahead “erm, they love to have females around” Chris grinned at me “but I got my girl with me so who cares?” that is the point, I am hopefully working by then “well, erm yeah. I guess” Chris squinted his eyes at me “what is with the erm?” Royalty ran to me “Lee, I sit!” she tugged at my arms “come here” placing Royalty on my lap “what is with the erm Rylee?” I really don’t want to talk about it right now “shall we start Chris?” some guy said “we can speak later Chris, go and rehearse I am in the way” Chris is getting so annoyed with me “what is it? Are you not coming with me?” his friends are walking over and he is creating an argument “I am Chris, just I need to speak to you later. Chill out” Chris kissed his teeth “then what the fuck is it?” the very females stared at us, glaring back at them before looking away from Chris.

Chris is so extra, I swear to god he catches an attitude for no reason. He should be glad I am not like those other bitches that would have argued back, I just don’t like when he speaks to me like that but I know he will say sorry eventually. Looking down at a sleeping Royalty in my arms, I have been feeling really broody, like with me having Royalty on my own she is a breath of fresh air. A little daughter would be a blessing, her joy brings me so much happiness. I know she is not mine but she is half of Chris and I love that half, I don’t know why I am feeling this but I am. I just want a little girl like her, melts my heart when she copies me. She gives me advice and helps me cook, I feel like the home would be very empty if I did not have Royalty around. Kyrie messaged me a couple of times though and it’s mutual, I was going to like a picture but I didn’t because Chris would drive me up the wall about it but he is ok to like female booty’s.

Every time Chris turns to look at me he gives me real dirty looks, I don’t understand why but I will stand my ground on this because he is being an ass “I am done now, I want to go home” Chris walked off, the music played on but everyone stared. I wish I never came now, I ruined the whole mood and I didn’t even say anything. He is in a bad mood him damn self “let’s go” Chris said “not y’all, I am speaking to Rylee” of course he is, sighing out. Turning Royalty around in my arms, placing her over my shoulder getting up from the chair and picking up the bag from the side. This is so embarrassing and he doesn’t even understand this, people are watching us and he is acting like this. Chris held the door open for me as I made my way over to him, I am being too nice to Chris right now.

Chris buckled in Royalty in her car seat, standing outside the car waiting. I am not about to go in that car until he tells me what his issue is, Chris closed the car door “are you driving your own car?” I questioned “nope, driving this car” he pointed, letting out an oh “so you want to tell what your issue is? You have been a real ass with me and I don’t want to argue because I miss you so much and I just want to get along” Chris stared at me in annoyance “That Kyrie been on your pictures, leaving some nice comments and then I go on his page and you know what I see” oh god, here he goes now “there is a University picture of us, yes I know. Stop being insecure and rude as fuck with me, you know how embarrassing it is, them bitches looking at me like we are broken as fuck. I adore you so much Chris, you think any girl would be at home with your daughter while you out here? Stop doing this to me” the door behind us opened, looking behind me as his friends left with the girls “the fuck you looking at?” Chris spat, shaking my head walking by Chris hitting into his arm.

Chris banged the door shut “what are you going to do with the car parked here?” I can drive home my damn self anyways “my friend will drive it, I don’t like that nigga Rylee. He fucking likes you and you like him” gawking at Chris “I thought he was good looking, but you day in and day out be liking bitches booty’s, some bitch had Black Pyramid on her breasts and you liked that so should I be petty? Give me a break Chris, I barely do anything anymore and I can’t even have a friend” Chris scoffed, I might as well tell him while we are on this subject “so I was applying for jobs and I got an interview” Chris sighed out loudly “so that is why you’re not coming with me? Oh my god, you fucking with me! You have a fiancé that is rich and you want to work? Fuck! Why don’t you listen, you making me stupid that I can’t look after you, are you stupid!?” he is so predictable “don’t shout at me first of all” I pointed at him “and second of all, you promised me if I find a hospital that is good you would support me, you are being a real dick to me. Do not speak to me until you can apologise, and before you pop off on me about Kyrie we are not even friends we are not even anything, now drive!” I don’t know why he is mean mugging me “don’t fucking speak to me or I will walk!” he is making me feel like shit for nothing “I would like to see that” I honestly can’t be bothered with him, grabbing my bag from the side “fuck you Chris” opening the car door and banging it shut, treating me like one of his bitches. I am so lucky to see a cab, god is working with me because I was about to order an Uber but then I didn’t want to wait around for him to drive the Range to me which he is doing right now. Dragging the back door open “Rylee I won’t talk to you just come back” sitting in the back seat “just drive and ignore him thanks” putting a middle finger up at Chris as the driver drove off.

I don’t even know why I bothered, Chris followed me all the way to my brother’s apartment “can we talk now? You wasted time coming here for what?” Chris said, he is smiling for no reason at all because I am pissed “what’s funny? I can’t even deal with you anymore” Chris shrugged “I act out and I can’t help it, it’s just me but I love you. I wouldn’t let you go that easily at all, you are going home with me” of course I am “you know what Chris, I am too busy being yours to be trying it on with anyone else and I wish you would accept this, I wish you would open your eyes and see I am just yours. So what he called me beautiful, I ignore comments. It actually makes me so shocked that you are so insecure with me, you are pushing me away every time you do this to me” I have missed him so much but now I don’t “Lee!!” Royalty screamed from the car “this cheating bitch is going to go and play second mother to your daughter” Chris didn’t know what to say and just let me go, he assumes I am cheating if I stare at a man.

I sat in the backseat with Royalty, I don’t wish to even sit in front with him “I am sorry” Chris said, as he always does “you do it every time” looking down at my phone, seeing the private message on Instagram from Kyrie “I am trying to be good, I just don’t like any man near you” reading his message ‘Breezy really hates me, he got his little friends calling me gay and bitch boy. How did you end up with another possessive man?’ those words hit me like a tonne of bricks, my heart ached seeing those words, I didn’t even know what to reply back to him.

anything, everything: the future is ours

because @notsuchasecret loves WataKyouHaba and there is like nothing for it and that is a challenge I accept

(also because I like making Bre yell at me)

It’s when Watari looks up, his ice cream in one hand and Kyoutani’s candy bar in the other, and spots Kyoutani grumbling at Yahaba a couple paces away and helping him rip open a bag gummy candies because Yahaba jammed his fingers during practice that day… that he realizes it.

They’re kind of dating each other.  All three of them.  He stares back down at Kyoutani’s candy bar and blinks a little stupidly at it until his ice cream starts melting and running down his fingers.

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hey, i really like your daredevil edit ( /post/116919110323 ) and i was wondering how you made the fire? thank you in advance! :)

This edit thing :)

First of all, I mainly based the graphics on these two tutorials: this for the main fire effect and also this for the fire-ish glowing outline.

Make sure you have basic Photoshop knowledge otherwise this may be hard to do? I use Photoshop CS6 (The text in ps below will be in chinese but I will include English Caption to help)

Because there are so many steps (around 25, not to mention the gifs and image as aid), I can totally also send a folder of the ref pics and the psd files to you if you ask me off anon :D

Here we go

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So this is a hanamatsu thing I might post later on AO3 idk tho

It’s called Illuminati and Coffee

“Oikawa, I’m dead, go on without me.”

“What is it now, Makki?”

“He’s back, I can’t do this.” Hanamaki said anxiously, looking over his friend’s shoulder to the front of their coffeeshop to their new regular. Usually, he loved his job. Coffee was his lifeblood anyway, so it was fun to work at the local shop, especially since Oikawa and Yahaba worked there, too. This was before Really-Hot-Guy started to come in every weekday. He was the embodiment of Hanamaki’s type - gorgeous (lidded!) eyes, effortlessly-tousled hair, fairly tall, and a smile that could and would make anyone melt.

It was unfair, really.

“You know, you could just talk to him, or actually be at the register when he orders.” Yahaba pointed out in exasperation. “You haven’t even spoken to him.” Hanamaki snorted at the prospect, mostly because of how cliche it would be. Everyone meets at coffee shops these days.

“One doesn’t simply talk to Adonis, Yahaba! Please, Grand King?” Hanamaki fired back, his expression pleading as he turned to his other friend.

“You’ll have to talk to him at some point, Makki.” Oikawa sighed, and once again took the register for a few minutes to take Really-Hot-Guy’s order, even though Hanamaki was already making it - he always ordered a medium iced coffee. Making it was fine, as long as he didn’t come into contact with said hot guy. By the time Really-Hot-Guy finished ordering, he was almost done making his drink, so when the pink-haired barista looked up and saw Really-Hot-Guy looking at him curiously, an eyebrow raised as if to ask ‘Mine?’, he froze up, helpless as the customer walked over. Wordlessly, Hanamaki handed him his drink, hoping that he didn’t look to awestruck, and right as Really-Hot-Guy was about to open his mouth and say something, a panicking voice rang in the back.

“Makki, a little help?” He heard Oikawa yell, and he didn’t know whether to thank or kill his friend.

“Dammit, Oikawa.” Hanamaki hissed to himself, giving the man an apologetic look before running back to his friend. When he opened the back door, he groaned as he saw his friend struggle with the espresso machine, once again stuck. Hanamaki fiddled with the machine for all of five seconds before it whirred to life, and he had the right to look mildly embarrassed.

“Really-Hot-Guy was about to talk to me.” Hanamaki groaned.

“He comes back every day, Makki, you can thirst over him tomorrow. Besides, you know that thing hates me!” Oikawa whined, frantically trying to get a stain out of his apron. It was true, the espresso machine had a long rivalry with his friend, it was hilarious how it worked for literally everyone except for the former setter.

With a sigh, Hanamaki took a glance at the clock- his shift was over. He rushed home to change into sweatpants and sulk, before his phone vibrated. Checking it, he saw it was an Instagram notification from his DMs. Opening the app, he saw it was from Oikawa. The DM was a blurry picture, though he could make out that it was definitely at the coffee shop. At first, he couldn’t understand the relevance, but then he made out a human blur that had pink hair - it was probably him.

PrettySetter: omg makki look at the caption

PrettySetter: look at the ACCOUNT

Hanameme: wtf ok????

Curiously, he clicked on it, and was confused even farther - it was a funny textpost account that he’s followed for a while, onlythedankest. It always cheers him up when he has a bad day, but he’s never paid much attention any of the captions. He hadn’t noticed this picture before, but he scrolled down, and sure enough, there was a picture of him from about a month ago. The comment said ‘holy shit I went to this coffee shop and there’s a hella cute pink-haired barista guess who’s coming back tomorrow’.


A light pink dusted the boy’s cheeks as he quickly began to scroll up and read all of the captions on the posts since then, and he found that multiple mentioned him - ‘went back today and the barista and I looked at each other awkwardly I’m swooning’, ‘he always makes my drink #husbandmaterial’, and ‘my husband wasn’t here today *sigh sigh*’. This was both flattering and hilarious, a large smile plastered on his face as he scrolled up before he was interrupted by a new DM from Oikawa.

PrettySetter: WELL????

Hanameme: holy shit

Hanameme: lowkey think he’s my soulmate


His eyebrows furrowing slightly, he went back to the account and clicked on the most recent picture - it was blank, so it probably meant a rant when it came to these accounts.

onlythedankest: MAJOR UPDATE IN THE CHRONICLES OF THE CUTE BARISTA today he handed me my drink and he’s even prettier up close wtf???? Anyway I was about to say thank you (and actually speak to him) but then he got pulled away by one of his coworkers fml’

Hanamaki read over the caption once, twice, three times, momentarily forgetting how to breathe.


PrettySetter: YES FUCKIN WAY





PrettySetter: IDK

Hanameme: HOLY FUCK


Hanameme: OK????

The next day, Oikawa (who had told practically all of their coworkers at this point) was talking animatedly before he suddenly looked at the door and jabbed Hanamaki in the stomach.

“Ow, what the shit Oikawa?” Hanamaki wheezed, looking up to see that his friend’s gaze had not left the front of the store.

“It’s time, young padawan.” He said solemnly, his face purposefully blank. Frowning in confusion, he followed his friend’s gaze to the front of the store only to see Really-Hot-Guy about to walk in. Sighing in resignation, Hanamaki went over to the register as he walked in - they made eye contact immediately and Hanamaki could see the surprise on the man’s face, though it was quickly covered by a grin.

“Hey, what can I get you?” Hanamaki started, a small smile on his face.

“Don’t you know my usual by now? For shame.” Really-Hot-Guy said smoothly, a look of mock hurt on his face.

“You’re right, I’m a disgrace, how could I ever forget?” Hanamaki said dramatically, a lilt in his voice. They both made eye contact and broke off in chuckles. “An iced coffee then? For…?”

“Matsukawa.” He grinned as they exchanged the money.

“Coming right up!” Hanamaki smiled, and he went to the machines to make it. Oikawa made eye contact with him and had the nerve to wiggle his eyebrows at the pink-haired boy (honestly, that was HIS thing, not Oikawa’s). Hanamaki discreetly gave him the finger as he finished making the guy’s coffee.

“Iced Coffee for Matsukawa!” He exclaimed as per barista routine, smirking as Matsukawa made his way over.

“Thanks… Hanamaki?” Matsukawa said, pausing for a bit as he read the barista’s name tag. As he took his coffee, their fingers brushed under the cup.

“So I like your instagram.” Hanamaki casually stated, watching Matsukawa for any type of reaction, and boy, did he get one. Matsukawa’s face went pale and he groaned, screwing his eyelids shut, not seeing Hanamaki’s eyes light up.

“I, uh- shit, I can, uh, explain?” Matsukawa finished weakly.

“Well, my shift ends in ten, so how about you wait for me?” Hanamaki asked, and Matsukawa’s head shot up, searching the pink-haired man’s face for any sign of insincerity.

“Like a date, or?” Matsukawa asked slowly.

“Yes, like a date. I want to get to know the man behind the meme.” Hanamaki said, a grin growing on his face that was quickly parroted by Matsukawa.

“A man after my own memes.” Matsukawa said fondly, regaining some of his composure, and Hanamaki nodded sagely. “See you in ten, then.”

“See you in ten.” Hanamaki agreed, and Matsukawa made his way to a seat and immediately whipped out his phone, undoubtedly on instagram. A stupid grin made its way onto Hanamaki’s face as he turned back to work, only to find a pair of cheeky-looking brunets staring at him with a look he didn’t like. However, nothing could ruin his mood at the moment, so he just grinned at them and floated his way through the last ten minutes of his shift. He quickly changed into his street clothes, coming out of the back room only to find Oikawa chatting with Matsukawa. Apprehensively, Hanamaki approached them, blanching when he heard what Oikawa was talking about.

“Honestly, you guys have been thirsting over each other for a month, it’s been long enough-” Oikawa was beaming as he smiled innocently at the dark-haired man, before Hanamaki put a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“Oikawa Tooru, if you don’t get back to work in about 0.3 seconds, Iwaizumi is going to know exactly who drew on his face during the last time we all got drinks.” Hanamaki said, and Oikawa’s face paled at the mention of his boyfriend, but he pouted nevertheless.

“No fun, Makki-chan! Tell me how the date goes~!” He sang as he scampered off to the safety of the barista counter, high-fiving Yahaba as he skipped back there.

“He is a dead man.” Hanamaki said solemnly.

‘RIP, he will be missed. You know Iwaizumi?” Matsukawa agreed, a surprised look in his eyes.

“Yeah, he and Oikawa have been dating for three years now. How do you know him?” Hanamaki asked.

“He goes to my gym, we bonded over volleyball and how shitty the music they play is.” Matsukawa said with a lazy grin, gesturing for them to sit down as they both obliged.

“Shit, you play volleyball, too? Damn, seems everyone I know does. But, a topic for a later date. Now, memes.” Hanamaki demanded, and they both grinned.

“Are you challenging me to a meme-off, Makki?”

“Maybe I am.”

“Wow, and I thought you were a Cool Guy!” Matsukawa said, his voice lilting into a high, squeaky voice reminiscent of the dude from Cool Guy.

“Watch yourself, you’re about to get rekt.” Hanamaki said, a plan formulating in his head.

“Bring it, pinky.” Matsukawa challenged, his eyes locked onto the boy’s.

After taking a deep breath, Hanamaki started, his voice altered and robotic. “We have three connections. I know your meme account, you have been coming to my place of work, and we both know Iwaizumi. Iwaizumi has been with his boyfriend, Oikawa, for three years. Coincidence? I think not.” Matsukawa’s eyes widened as Hanamaki continued, both parties knowing where this was going (and loving every second). “Oikawa calls Iwaizumi Iwa-chan. Iwa has three words. This conversation has been going on for approximately three minutes. A triangle has three sides.”

“Illuminati confirmed.” Hanamaki finished in a hushed whisper, and Matsukawa looked at his with such conviction.

“Marry me.” Matsukawa said seriously, his expression grim. They both managed to hold back for a few more seconds before they both burst out laughing, wiping tears from their eyes. The rest of the date was spent laughing and telling funny stories, poking fun at each other as if they had known each other for years. It was the start of something perfect.


“You did what?” Iwaizumi asked as he watched the two interact from the other side of the coffee shop.

“I set them up, Iwa-chan! I told Mattsun to stop by the coffee shop, and he kept coming for Makki. Makki was thirsting the whole time, and apparently he liked Mattsun’s meme account? Either way, they’re going to make a great couple, thanks to me~!” Oikawa preened, looking over at the two, who were laughing uncontrollably at something.

“Shittykawa, do you know what monster you’ve created?” Iwaizumi hissed to his boyfriend, who looked at him in confusion. “They both are anything but lightweights. They both kick our asses in Mario Kart. They both have too much snark for their own good. They both have too much dirt on us, Shittykawa.”

Oikawa’s face quickly contorted from being pleased to mild horror as they slowly turned to gaze at their mutual friends. Both were snarky and fun to be around on their own, but together, they were dangerous.

“What have I done?” Oikawa asked in quiet terror. Sure, his friends saw the start of something perfect, but as he and his boyfriend stood there, they knew that they were watching the start of something terrifying - the ultimate partners in crime. 

My first Swazz imagine. Let me know what ya think! 

Me, John, The Jacks, Nate and Sammy were chilling at Nate and Sammy’s apartment. Emily & Madison were there also. We were sitting in the living room having our usual lazy day as we did every Saturday. There was a mattress on the floor because I spent the night there last night. It was Sammy, Emily, and J on one couch, G and Mads and Nate on the other and John and I were cuddled up on the mattress.. He and I weren’t official but we were in the ‘fwb’ type relationship. I loved having this relationship with him and he seemed to love having it with me. We were watching The Ring and John’s arm was lazily slung around my waist and I laid on the pillow in front of him. He got up to go to the kitchen from something to drink. “Aye babe can I talk to you for a minute?” John asked me. Um sure me said getting up. “Hey baby while you’re in there can you get me a drink please?” Nate asked with puppy dog eyes. “Oh stop it yeah I’ll get ya one.” I said while going in the kitchen. “What’s up?” I asked John when I was in there.Then John kissed me with passion and I kissed back of course. “I want this to be something more” John spoke and I just smiled. “Okay it can be” I said. “Really”? He asked. “Yes! I really like you John I want this to be something more also”. I told him. “Yeah I really like you too so will you be mine”. He asked. “Yeah and I know how much you like me” I said. “Who told you?” He asked looking at me. “Nate”. I said while going back into the living room. “Yo I heard my name”. “Yeah you told (y/n) how much I like her”. John asked. “Yes I did. I want to two together”. “Well lucky for you Maloley we are offically together” Sammy looked down at us and smiled. Mads and Emily dragged me into the kitchen “What is the matter with you two”. I asked. “I was enjoying that movie”. I said as I crossed my arms. “We wanna hear the details of you and yo new man” Mads laughed and I told them exactly what happened. “Awwww” Emily said. “Yeah, yeah” I blushed. “Can I go back to cuddling my boyfriend.. Whoa that sounds so crazy calling him my boyfriend”. I said as I got up. “Get used to it babe” Mads said and we all laughed and Mads went to the couch and sat with G. Emily sat down next to her brother and J. And I went on the mattress to cuddle up with John. The movie ended and Nate yawned and went to bed. “Guys look at my babygirl sleeping” John said. “She looks so cute”. Then John got out his phone and took a snapchat picture with the caption “My beautiful babygirl sleeping”. I woke up the next morning and checked my phone. I had a ton of notifications from twitter and instagram but mostly twitter. They were tweets asking if John and I were dating. And most of the tweets had the picture attached to it saying 'OMG John and (y/n) are dating", “OT FREAKING P”, “SHE’S SO PRETTY JOHN IS SO LUCKY’. "You know baby they are right.. I am lucky to call you mine”. “No that’s not true. I’m the lucky one John”. I said while laying back in the arms of my favorite boy.

What Team? Yours. (Joshifer One shot)

Oh it’s been a while hasn’t it? Much more than just a while! Thank you so much @keep-encouraged​ for sending me this prompt: 

how did Jen get that Kentucky Against The World shirt? and/or Josh’s commentary on how UK has basically taken that over as their mantra

I’m not entirely sure how well I’ve answered either question, but hey I’ve written something! I hope you like it!


What Team? Yours…

I flop down on the couch completely ungracefully, matching my equally slob-like outfit of sweatpants and a sweater that is much to big for me, in their clumsiness. I tuck my feet up too, slipping my arm through Josh’s and resting my chin on his shoulder, looking at him with a smile I know is goofy and only partly purposely to make him laugh. He turns his head, and I smile wider, my lips stretching until my teeth show too.



He feels warm, and although I’m not particularly cold here in his mom’s house, I bury and cling myself closer to him with a contented and almost silent sigh. We came here for Christmas and I’m still feeling full from all the food we ate yesterday (hence the sweats). It’s weird not being at my parents though, not seeing my brothers. A pang of guilt and something close to worry shoots through me when I think of my nephews; it’s been so long since I’ve seen them. But we promised we’d be there for New Years.

And I’d enjoyed it here with Josh and his family. I love his mom, and her cooking is wonderful. She’s still cooking now. She has another day with another full house to feed. Body’s fill every space in the room, everyone turning more and more towards the TV as the time creeps closer.

Because it’s game day. December 26th, Kentucky against Louisville. And here I am, the cat among the pigeons - or the Card among the Cats. Though, really, basketball rivalry is my brothers and my dad’s thing. I was just… there. And I’ve always supported Louisville as I’ve grown up; it was my team. But teams can change, right?

“Ready to watch your team lose, Jen?” Josh smirks and I scowl, before laughing.

“I bet you that the Cards are gonna hand their asses to your stinky Cats.”

Now he laughs. He gets closer to me and replies in a whisper. “Be careful, Jen. You’re in a room full of “stinky Cats”.”

His breath is hot on my cheek, it’s a miracle I even registered his words. Before he leans back, I move towards him and delicately press my lips to his cheek, just by his mouth, in a delicate, gentle kiss.

We’ve stayed here the last two nights and it’s just not the same as your own place. And although we’re here and we’re together, our ability to be jumping each other whenever and wherever we want in our limited time together anyway, doesn’t exist in your boyfriends’ mom’s house.

His hand moves up my waist and holds me tightly. Soon, he tells me with a look and I sling my arm across his torso as he sits back up.

“So what you willing to bet?”


“Your Cards winning. You want to put your humility where your mouth is?” He grins.

I completely forgot about the game, I’m really not too concerned with who wins. But I like giving Josh shit, I like our stupid bickering and “rivalries” over college basketball - even though neither of us went to college, never mind Kentucky or Louisville.

“I’ll let you pick,” I mumble with a lazy smile, snuggling in closer to him, letting my eyes close over as his hand rubs my arm.


We lost. The Cards lost to the SmellyCats. And in a euphoric, winning-team induced mentality, Josh decided, with the support of the rest of his family and Cat’s fans, that I was to become one. For a whole month, this season. I had to support Kentucky.

My family are going to disown me. 

“No. No … That’s the ultimate betrayal, I can’t do that to the Cards!” I protest, but my tone is exaggerated and mocking, and I’m laughing too.

Josh shrugs with a smirk, and laughs too. “No my decision is final. You have to become a Cat.”

“For a month,” I add, setting the parameters.

“For a whole, long month,” he grins, before pointing out that the sweater of his that I’d thrown on for the day was already emblazoned with “UK”.

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