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This is based off of the talented @y-annah florist/tattoo au, which I am always a goddamn sucker for. They haven’t shown what kind of tattoos Keith has yet so I just kinda winged it, hope that’s ok! 

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a close up of my new fave with an awful name that makes her sound like a lead character from a jackie wilson book

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I'm pretty sure, genetically speaking, that 2 brown eyed people can have blue eyed children, but two blue eyed people can not have brown eyed children. Blue dominant, brown recessive. It doesn't bother me so much for the show because it is seriously bewildering how much Sophie looks like she could be SamCait's kid. IMHO. (I think this is fact, but am too lazy to research it.)

ok, so i actually went to google this and…

i feel deceived. but also, SCIENCE!!!!


Long live all the mountains we moved
I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you
I was screaming long live that look on your face
And bring on all the pretenders 
One day, we will be remembered

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a sketch of yoongi’s gracious legs that i spent the past 3 hours on cries

and also omfg @busanie dani thank u so much for ur photoshop tutorial bless im starting to draw again :’)

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Ok i am too lazy to type this out fully but i want to at least share it with others: in the movie where Tina, Newt, Jacob and Queenie are on the rooftop and Tina tells Newt about Gnarlak, she also mentions that (the real) Graves was ALWAYS firmly convinced the destructions are caused by magical beasts.

We do see Graves in the second scene where Picquery urges him to stop whatever destroys the city and he looks pressured, as if he knows that Credence is the Obscurus but doesnt want to reveal it to the others so he keeps insisting its a beast.

Of course Grindelwald doesnt know what Graves knows, and once he has hijacked Graves’ identity he starts urging Credence to search for “a child” (JKR revealed he’s a seer and all that), BUT his speech implies there have been regular meetings between Graves and Credence even before that; he says things like “your mother /again/?”, I suppose the real Graves met Credence regularly to heal his wounds and comfort him. Also important: “I saw you beside me in New York”, this could either be a lie to persuade Credence into helping him, or the truth and then we have to look into the meaning of that. Why did he see Graves and Credence side by side? IMO, Graves really wanted to teach Credence learn to control his magic. Perhaps it even carries a more romantic implication. We have to keep in mind that there is the Wizards/No-Majs separation law, so Mr. Graves was painfully aware he could not interfere with No-Majs (especially not as head of the department of magical law enforcement :’D) but he also couldnt just simply reveal to MACUSA Credence carries a dark parasitic magical force inside him.

Point of this post being that the real Graves knew Credence was the Obscurus, deliberately lied to his boss about it to protect him, and instead went to check on it himself regularly, which seems to be implied by Grindel!Graves too. And furthermore it would explain why the real Graves looks so sympathetic towards Tina, he is grateful and compassionate for his subordinate went to check on Credence, even if she lost her position. I expect Graves and Tina knew of the NSPS, worked on the case together. THIS would require them both to be friends, and it explains Tina’s completely confused expressions when GrindelGraves acts totally out of character.

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