i am too in love with this song right now


I’m Gonna Love You Through It

So, I’m driving down the road and I’m listening to this song that I have on repeat right now. I love it so much because it has everything and nothing to do with Richonne. So pardon me as I wax poetic for a moment or two. I apologize ahead of time if I’m a little long- winded. The lyrics that almost had me stop my car in the middle of the road and proclaim the worthiness of Richonne love are as follows:

“I know that you’re afraid and I am too. But you’ll never be alone, I promise you. When you’re weak, I’ll be strong. When you let go, I’ll hold on. And when you need to cry, I swear that I’ll be there to dry your eyes. If you feel lost and scared to death like you can’t take one more step.  Just take my hand, together we can do it. I’m gonna love you through it.”

I’ll take this one step at a time. “I know that you’re afraid and I am too.” Rick’s pride and fight are crushed by that bastard (excuse my French) Negan. He’s too afraid of losing Michonne, Carl or any other member of his family. Let’s not forget that Negan has taken Daryl hostage. To fight would mean the death of those he loves. He’s seen too much death and lost too much. His over confidence has lead TF to folly. He takes responsibility for all the death, all the horror.  Michonne has been through the same trauma, but instead of kneeling down and giving in she keeps her fighting spirit. She’s afraid, but she won’t let fear rule her or her man.

“But you’ll never be alone, I promise you.” Rick’s defeated. He’s decided compliance is the better part of valor. Compliance to Negan’s demands means no one he loves will be hurt again. Michonne is flabbergasted, she doesn’t understand. What TF does best is fight, so why is Rick giving up? Why would he surrender to a tyrant? Michonne is angry, but not at Rick. She’s angry at the situation they find themselves in. But does Michonne turn her back on Rick. Absolutely not. Yes, they are at odds. But the thought never crossed her mind to abandon the love of her life. She’s not going anywhere.

“When you’re weak, I’ll be strong. When you let go, I’ll hold on.” Rick isn’t at his best right now. He’s broken, seemingly for good. He’s lowered the drawbridge for the monster at the gate. He’s got his reasons. “I’m not losing you or Carl or anyone else.” He’s weak right now. He’s let go of the man who fought tooth and nail to keep TF safe and together. Michonne has to be the backbone now. She can’t back down. She’s knows her Rick is still in there buried beneath all the fear and doubt. She’s frustrated. She can’t seem to get through to him. She listens to his side and decides to try and support his decisions. He is the leader after all. Love makes you do crazy things like accept that some creep stole and burned your bed!

Michonne, after seeing the burned mattresses, decides enough is enough. She can no longer support Rick’s live and let live attitude. To live as a slave isn’t living at all. She can’t follow Rick right now. She can’t go with him on his scavenging trip with Aaron because she has plans of her own. But does she let Rick leave the house feeling lost and alone? Nope. She gives him the most endearing, beautiful kiss, instilling within him some of her strength and the knowledge that when he returns she will still be there for him. That’s what love is. Even if I think you are wrong, I’m still with you.

“When you need to cry I swear that I’ll be there to dry your eyes.” Let’s just face it, our poor Rick has shed more than his share of tears this season. But what really tugged my heartstrings were the tears in Michonne’s eyes when she attempted to explain to Rick why they had to fight. She doesn’t know if she can convince him to listen. She just knows she has to try. How could she know that while she was away, after Rick and Aaron risked their lives to procure goods for Negan, Negan would still end up killing more members of the community and beating the crap out of Aaron by way of his minions. Rick has started to realize no matter what he does, it will never be enough to satisfy Negan’s greed. No matter how obedient he is, his family will never be safe if Negan is allowed to flourish. Michonne’s tears are not tears of fear. They are tears of need. She needs Rick to be with her, to fight with her. She has her speech ready, she pours her heart out to Rick. They can win. We can do this, but only if… we do this. I know that now. The exquisite feels. The amazing embrace in the dark, dank prison cell. Yay!

“If you feel lost and scared to death like you can’t take one more step. Just take my hand, together we can do it.” Rick and Michonne arrive holding hands at The Hilltop ( And hearts across the planet skipped a beat). The survivors are ready to fight. Most of TF reunites to try and convince that idiot Gregory to join the fight to save them all from tyranny. But being the coward that he is, Gregory refuses to help. Michonne has to step in and keep a righteously enraged Rick from ripping Gregory apart with his bare hands. Michonne is the calm to Rick’s storm and Rick knows this. He knows he’s too angry to deal with Gregory’s crap. He’s there to find allies. The best way to do that is to allow Michonne to calm the waters to no avail. Gregory will not budge. Unfortunately, neither will King Ezekiel. It seems TF are in this fight alone with no weapons and no support.

“I’m gonna love you through it.” On their way home from The Kingdom, TF runs into Negan’s trap for a walker herd. A bunch of explosives, which they desperately need, strung across the highway. The herd appears and cuts Rick and Michonne off from the rest of the family. They proceed to hotwire the cars, how cool is it that they both know how to do that, and clothes line about 300 walkers. That was the best TWD scene to date. Gonna be hard to top that TWD. Once the two reach the other members of TF, does Rick rush to the SUV and safety? Hell no, he waits in the midst of hundreds of walkers for Michonne who has to cross the highway divide. He refuses to leave her out there to fend for herself. Though, she is more than capable. He’s almost overrun with walkers but he doesn’t move until Michonne is safe. Now that’s real love. Love that will see you through anything. Love that will never let you fall.

The pair make it to the car and Rick is visibly shaken by the experience. They almost died. But Michonne is thrilled. She has the biggest smile on her face. She tells Rick he can smile too because they made it, they’re safe. She leans into him and whispers “We’re the ones who live.” ( I melted into a puddle on the floor) His eyes close as they lean into each other and he soaks in her confidence and happiness. Love is being the rock your man can lean on in times of need.

“When the road get too long I’ll be the rock you lean on. Just take my hand together we can do it. I’m gonna love you through it.”–sung by Martina McBride. 

Together Rick and Michonne can take on a herd of walkers, Negan and any other fool who gets in their way. Richonne is a love that can make it through because it is real and true.

P.S. When I said the song had everything and nothing to do with Richonne, well, I hope I explained efficiently how the song relates to Richonne. However, the song is about a woman suffering through cancer and her husband supporting her through it all. And that’s what I meant by nothing at all to do with Richonne.

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Madi, Ariel, Mer-madi

Star Sign: 



5′4 ish

Time right now:

9:32 AM 

Last thing I Googled: 

dog pictures duh

Favorite music artist: 

Oh crap I have too many. Frank Sinatra (last one I listened to)

Song stuck in my head: 

I song I wrote that I’m blanking on the name on 

Last movie I watched:

The Lego Batman Movie and it was so hilarious that my grandma lost it

Last TV show I watched: 

The Big Bang Theory

What am I wearing right now:

My macaroon onesie

When I created this blog:

Fall 2015 sometime

The kind of stuff I post: 

Witchcraft, My friends’ art, Dog pictures, Political stuff (no too often)

Why I chose my url: 

Because it would be a cool band name and I love Persephone



Hogwarts House: 

Slytherin 🐍

Pokémon team: 

Uh I was never a huge fan so I guess whatever the blue team is

Favorite Color:  

Tiffany blue and Mint green

Average hours of sleep: 

6ish but they’re not consecutive 

Lucky number: 

3 and 7

Favorite characters: 

Coraline Jones, Violet Baudelaire, Hermione Granger, Ariel, Batman, Eleven from Stranger Things

Dream Job:

A buyer/stylist for celebrities

Number of blankets I sleep with: 

2 or 3 depending on the weather and what I’m wearing to bed

Dream fictional character that you would want to be: 


One Interesting Fact About You:

I want to raise an army of corgis to fight in the Skeleton War

I’m tagging:

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eleven facts, as tagged by @onyxgolden (thank you, darling )
i. right now I am working on my bachelor’s thesis
ii. my favorite song at the moment:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGwWNGJdvx8
iii. favourite food = pizza 
iv. I prefer white wine to red wine 
v. I am just 5′2′ and I love being petite 
vi. I am an introvert/infj and a sagittarius 
vii. I think autumn is the best season (I don’t mean just September and October but I love November’s mist and its melancholic weather too)
viii. In my opinion axolotl is the cutest animal ever
ix. GOT/AHS/OITNB/HTGAWM are my favourites 
x. vanilla icecream is a summertime must have
xi. i love vintage (like from 40s) outfits

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i’ve been tagged in this a bunch of times so i frankensteined them all together into one giant get to know me tag :P tagged by @6hyojong @momjeonghan @writeiolite @hansolsdog and i only went back to january so if you tagged me in this before that just… i love you too and i’m sorry i didn’t do it ahh

name: liv (technically olivia but no)
nicknames: sometimes people call me livvy and it’s cute
gender: female
star sign: aquarius
height: 5′3″
sexual orientation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
hogwarts house: slytherin like half my biases
song stuck in your head: special by lee hi
favorite color: charcoal grey (all greys actually)
favorite animal: SQUIRRELS
favorite food: waffle fries!! and watermelon in summer
time right now: 9:55 am
cat or dog person: por que no los dos?
favorite movie: clueless
favorite tv show: futurama
favorite fictional character: i’ve developed an incredibly soft spot for leo de la iglesia 
favorite singer/band: deftones/seventeen
average hours of sleep: mm 7
how many blankets do you sleep with: 2 and i have like six pillows
dream trip: i’m a nerdy architect so i’ll say either dubai or east asia like shanghai/tokyo/seoul/taipei/hong kong
dream job: municipal architecture, like designing libraries and public housing
last movie watched: back to the future
last tv show watched: rupaul’s drag race (season 6 best season) (#justice4dela)
last thing i googled: it was actually “how to view your search history” but for the sake of this game i’ll go with “can you use bleach alternative on dark clothes” i’m fun i swear
what are you wearing right now: college sweatpants and a crop top and i casually went to breakfast with no bra on whoops
when was this blog created: remade in august ‘16, but i’ve had a kpop blog @ this url since january
do you get asks regularly: occasionally and it’s always a happy surprise
what kind of stuff do you post: as many kpop groups as possible, too much jeonghan, not enough original art
why did you pick your url: it’s english for yoon cheonsa and svt did that andromeda once with the kimbap and the english translation was “please take care of angel yoon” and i melted it sounded so cute 
number of posts: 4966 make me shut up pls
following: 213 <3

tagging new mutuals! @maybescoups @protectjeonghan @foreignjae @wooziology @artfclove @lokaveroka @breexjane @jrandkwakco if you want to :))

Thanks @litheriel for the tag! I never do these but I have nothing else to do soooo…

Nicknames: I don’t have any unless Meggy counts?
Star Sign: Leo
Height: 5"7/8
Time right now: 19:35pm
Last thing I Googled: Lightsabers lmao
Favorite music artist: Umm, there’s too many
Song stuck in my head: My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne
Last movie I watched: The Incredibles
Last TV show I watched: Always Sunny in Philly
What am I wearing right now: Jimjams
When I created this blog: Uhmm I don’t even know. 2013?
The kind of stuff I post: Nature, Star Wars, video games, art
Why I chose my url: idk I just love sunflowers
Gender: female
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Pokémon team: team Mystic
Favorite Color: olive green, soft pink/peach, burgundy, sunflower yellow
Average hours of sleep: sleep what is sleep
Lucky number: 4?
Favorite characters: Vader, Leia, Tarkin, Luke, Krennick (Star Wars), Mercy + Bastion (Overwatch), Princess Bubblegum + Marceline (Adventure Time) Blake, Yang, Wren, Nora (RWBY)
Dream Job: Also game artist! (Lisa we can do it together lol)
Number of blankets I sleep with: my cat
Dream fictional character that you would want to be: I just want to be a Jedi that’s all I’m asking
One Interesting Fact About You: I’m a cat

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Nickname: Ryan actually isn’t my real name, it’s just a nickname I go by since people always have trouble either spelling or pronouncing my real one (which is Orion, pronounced Oh-Ryan. Not that hard.) Really close friends and family call me OE (just the letters O-E), but really anyone can call me that if they want.

Star sign: Libra

Height: Hahahaha no (I’m too short)

Time right now: 11:46 AM

Last thing you googled: Koogi’s twitter (dont h8)

Fave music artist: I love everything but one of the bands I’m most attached to is Foster the People

Song stuck in my head: This damn thing

Last movie I watched: Uhhh Deadpool? Probably.

Last TV show I watched: Hannibal (I think I left off Season 3, Episode 4)

What I’m wearing right now: Haha what is fashion.  Faded blue jeans; Brown socks; Gray Hoodie (It says “Grad Class of 2016″), Black Beanie, and a chain around my neck with a cross at the end (I’m not religious, the chains just got sentimental value),

When I created this blog: About a week ago

The kind of stuff I post: All Voltron

Do I do asks regularly: Sometimes, I guess

Why did i choose my URL: Tumblr wouldn’t let me take the url I wanted (which was S/heith, without the slash in there)

Gender: I’m all man B)

Hogwarts house: H..H…Hufflepuff…..

Pokemon team: Uh, in the games or in Pokemon Go? In the games, my team usually consists of my Luxray (Baby), Jolteon (Goku), Espeon (Bandit), and Typhlosion (Judas), since I’ve had them all forever. I’ve never actually played Pokemon Go, but Instinct FTW

Favorite color: Red, Purple, and Blue

Favorite characters: Keith and Lance are at a tie

Dream job: I have no future prospects at all lmao, but if I could get a job teaching or doing studies for Sociology that’d be kind of fun.

Number of blankets SO MANY. I have a thick brown comforter that’s usually laying on the floor at any given moment. An even thicker, HUGE blue comforter with wolves on it. I sleep on top of a thin quilt and honestly I’m not even sure where I got that from. And one really fuzzy brown shawl with fur on the inside that I use as a blanket under the thick blue comforter every night.

Followers: 150?? Not much but again, this blog is still really new

I TAG… @wanderingsofalice@unxpctedlygreat@reynafuckingramirezarellano @shirodeserveshappiness @professorpotato @to-a-merrier-world @little-eclipse-kitten @kumorix @meowgurt @shinizu and anyone else who wants to do this!

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I don’t know if u all will read this (i have read yours hhhhh) cause it’s really too much but anyways 💁🏻

last song you listened to: Bts - spring day

last book you read: milk and honey by rupi kaur

if you could be anywhere right now where would you be: by the bangtan boys 😏 (lol)

where would you time travel to: to 2019 I want to see if I am really in Seoul and Tokyo in this year and to see if everything went well to this year. Or I want to travel to when I am 25 years old. To see if everything has changed and what happend to me to this years. If I have found the love of my life If i have a good job or am I on a Uni, or in the city/country where I always wanted to live. I would love to see if I have succeed.

fictional character you would hang out with for a day: ehmmmm iron man or jack sparrow

put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs: ehm ok wait
1. Alan Walker - faded (cover by Conor Maynard)
2. zion.t & kush feat mino - machine gun
3. Gallant - bone and tissue
4. chancellor - surrender
5. taeyang - 1am
6. agust D - the last
7. Kelly clarkson - piece by piece
8. Son house - grinnin in your face
9. Beethoven - symphony 9: movement 2
10. Bts - young forever

are you named after someone: i dont think so

when was the last time you cried: yesterday

do you like your handwriting: no, because u really can’t read it lmao

what is your favourite lunch meat: meat? Or do you mean meal? Lmao anyways it’s everything from chicken xd

do you have kids: no

if you were another person, would you be friends with you: yes girl because am fabulous 💁🏻

do you use sarcasm: hell yea I love it, some people hate it when I am doing it but I don’t care lmao

do you still have your tonsils: yes

would you bungee jump: not really but I would love more to skydive so I don’t know lol

what is your favorite kind of cereal: nestle lion

do you untie your shoes when you take them off: nope

do you think you’re a strong person: physically? It depends but mostly yes. mentally? Haha no comment

what is your favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate chip and mint

what is the first thing you notice about people: face expressions, smile

red or pink: both

what is the least favourite physical thing you like about yourself: nose

what colour pants and shoes are you wearing right now: black leggings and i am not wearing shoes because i am in my bed

what was the last thing you ate: a piece of green apple

what are you listening to right now: nothing but for an hour it was Bts - spring day

if you were a crayon, what colour would you be: purple

favourite smell: i have so many, but I love the smell of coffee, when someone smells good (Parfume, bodyspray) especially boys, freshly made bed

who was the last person you spoke to on the phone: mom

favourite sport to watch: soccer or basketball

hair colour: dark brown

eye colour: brown

do you wear contacts: no (only color lenses but not always)

favourite food to eat: oh there is a lot because food is life. Rice, everything what’s chicken, French fries, burger, ramyeon, lasagne, noodles, strawberries

scary movies or comedy: comedy

last movie you watched: i dont remember

what colour shirt are you wearing: pastel rose

summer or winter: winter

hugs or kisses: hugs

what book are you currently reading: Demian by Hermann Hesse (it’s my sixth time that I am reading it lol)

who do you miss right now: Grandpa (i hope he is doing well there. Rest In Peace)

what is on your mouse pad: I don’t have one

what is the last tv program you watched: i dont watch tv

what is the best sound: rain, wind, ocean waves, when boys are whispering but with a hot and deep voice (Ou damn), when someone is laughing, piano and violin sound

rolling stones or the beatles: idc

what is the furthest you have traveled: Albania

do you have a special talent: i don’t know but I can good talk and bring people to think (is this a talent?) lol

where were you born: In Austria/Europe

I would love to know you better so I am tagging @nauraka @5egin @jimintellect @jiminsangel @180km-h @byunsa

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Nickname: Rayne (I hate my real name!)

Star Sign: Cusp (Taurus-Gemini)

Height: I am very short! 4′11 ._.

Time Right Now: 10:37am

Favorite Musical Artist: UMMM I cannot pick who lol too many! BUT I love Five Finger Death Punch

Song Stuck in your head: Monochrome by Yoko Kanno & Llaria Graziano

What Are You Wearing Right Now: Marvel sweatshirt, shorts and Hello Kitty slippers (These are my pjs)

When Did You Create Your Blog: My acnl blog, created in December 2016

Hogwarts House: I have not watch all Harry Potter movies so I cannot say

Gender: Female

Pokémon Team: Mystic

Favourite Colour: Pink

Average Hours of Sleep: 8-9

Dream Job: Artist or full time 3D model for games

Cutest Baby Animals: PUPPY HUSKIES!

I tag: @mayor-mami @mayor-fuyu @hime-crossing @townstarfell @danimal-crosssing @starry-mayor @picnic-crossing & anyone who wants to do this! (Sorry if you have already been tagged before :c)

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Nickname(s): ági
Star sign: pisces
Height: 163 cm
Time right now: 9:16pm
Last thing I googled: parasyte the maxim
Favourite music artist: you can’t just ask me that…. idk too much
Song stuck in my head: hailee steinfeld - love myself
Last movie I watched: the boy in the striped pajamas ( i just finished it an hour ago… i’m still crying…. so depressing) 
Last show I watched: fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood
What am I wearing: a t-shirt saying i  ♥ prague and leggings
When I made this blog: about 5 years ago 
Kind of stuff I post: a lot of yuri on ice, and other stuff like doctor who, sterek, haikyuu and other anime
Do I get regular asks: no
Why did I choose my url: i love doctor who and yuri on ice… :D kind of obvious
Gender: female
Hogwarts house: it used to be slytherin but the last time i did the test on pottermore i got sorted into ravenclaw, i’m okay either way tbh :D
Number of followers: 9724
Pokemon team: instinct
Favourite colour: blue and black
Favourite characters: … no i can’t… too many… my brain just exploded… i have at least two in every fandom

I tag @sharkinlovewithadolphin , @dangerouslypleasantvictuuri , @hinatabokeee , @seanconneraille , @iamnotaweeb , @a-disaster-of-teenager
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nicknames: mia, bunny, fat legs, cutie pie

star sign: leo

height: 5′2″

time right now: 11:06pm

last thing i googled: makai ouji second season

favourite music artist: there are too many to just list one :p

song stuck in my head: none

last movie i watched: bridesmaids

last tv show i watched: goblin

what am i wearing right now? pjs

when i created this blog: april 2014

the kind of stuff i post: nature, crystals, food, anime, japan, fashion, astrology

why i chose my url: sakura is my favourite flower & i love magical things, also i’m small so nymph suited me :p

gender: female

hogwarts house: supposedly gryffindor but i’m definitely more of a hufflepuff

pokemon team: never had pokemon go

favourite colour: purple all the way

average hours of sleep: 8

lucky number: 3/7/9

favourite characters: howl from howl’s moving castle, dantalion from makai ouji, undertaker from kuroshitsuji, ryuk from death note, niko from kiznaiver, grim reaper from goblin, sirius black, agent mae from agents of SHIELD, iron man, twins from parent trap, jace from mortal instruments

dream job: don’t know

number of blankets i sleep under: i sleep under one duvet, no blankets

dream fictional character i would want to be: no one :p

one interesting fact about me: when i feel i’m getting ill i eat raw chillies

i tag @nagisha-oxo @aishachi @soph-eevee @japan-overload @ellacalm @rise-shine-slay @nanananajuice @amethyystdreams @quiet-nymph @glittermilktea @artyizz @90377 @percyastrology @rosy-semantics @milkeu @beneath-the-moon-and-sun @lilcrystalkitty @vanimamela @goghflora @cabin-fox  

anonymous asked:

I'm not asking you anything but I am giving you the credit you deserve. You are an AMAZING simmer and I LOVE your page's opening song. Kehlani is my fav artist right now!

Thank you love I appreciate it. I love Kehlani. She my fave too right now.

I wrote this song about Clexa post season 2 because I am trash and it’s 1am right now and January 2016 is too far. I only recorded the first verse and chorus. I’ll hopefully finish it soon. But I added in some guitar hits, shaker and harmonies.

Lyrics are below :)

She held on so tight to a burning light,
The bluest skies of a summertime.
The sacrifice of a kryptonite,
Made her stronger to the world.

Eyes washed clean, but the tears still remained,
On her lovely cheeks once blushed to be weak.
The golden leaves of an Autumn breeze,
Like the mane of a lionheart.

But you fell from the sky like the stars I wished upon.
And I fell from your eyes like the sky that held you too long.

Hold my heart.
And I’ll hold your heart.
We’ll take care to repair the damage that’s done.
No we don’t have to bare all the fights that we won.
And I just want to know you inch by inch.
Every piece in the peace.
Who are you in the peace?


Made with SoundCloud

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Nicknames: Chaela, Kay

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5′5

Time right now: 9:00PM

Last thing you googled: the snow forecast for February 15th

Fave music Artist: I still really really love Taylor Swift

Song stuck in my head: There is actually nothing right now but All Too Well was stuck in my head a lot this past week

Last movie I watched: I think it was La La Land

Last TV show I watched: I last watched Crazy Ex Girlfriend and am currently watching Bob’s Burgers 

What I’m wearing right now: A grey t-shirt and purple pj pants  

When I created this blog: I think it was 2013? I joined when press for Catching Fire was happening 

The kind of stuff that I post: Mostly fandom stuff…it used to be a lot of THG and fanfic, but now it’s just whatever I’m presently interested in

Why did I choose my URL: I really like The Hanging Tree song and it’s a play on that….and like the significance of hope in THG 

Gender: Female

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff 

Pokemon team: Mystic I think

Favourite colour: Purple

Average hours of sleep: Maybe around 7ish? I have a hard time falling asleep but most days I have the luxury to sleep until 9

Lucky number: 9 or 7

Favorite characters: Katniss and Peeta will always be on this list, Malia Tate, Gwen Stacy, and Lexi Grey also fall into this category 

Dream job: Elementary school librarian! I want to help the next generations learn to love and know the importance of reading 

Number of blankets I sleep with: three including my sheet

Relationship Status: heartbroken and single!!!

Pets: I had a cat at my dad’s but she disappeared months ago :(

Last Song I listened to: ‘Can’t Get My Head Around Loving You’ by David Benjamin (on my Spotify discover weekly) 

Favourite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy probably, but I also have a lot invested in The 100 and Teen Wolf. 

First Fandom: The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, those books are how I found fanfiction way back when I was 12 lol

Hobbies: Crocheting, reading, netflix, sudoku, baking, singing

Favorite books: I really love the THG and TDM series, and for stand alones The Help and On the Jellicoe Road

 I’ve seen quite a bit of people have already done this but I’ll tag @gentlemama @prisspanem @why-pants @swishywillow @pookieh and @jennifer-shrader-lawrecne if any of you are interested!

okay since it’s 2:30 am where i am i doubt anyone is gonna see this but i’m too excited to queue it!! i’m making a bodhi music playlist right now on my soundcloud (stuff i think he’d listen to, mostly calming songs bc anxiety) and i’m gonna do another/better moodboard to go along with it. i won’t post it until later when people will actually see it but i’m so excited i love making playlists & this one is gonna be so good!! GET READY

So my first chaptered fic!

Now first of all, you may notice it is about Blaine. So I had a little bit written and a lot plotted when I asked if you guys would prefer Blaine or Miles and while Miles won by a long shot it didn’t feel right writing him into the role. Blaine was just too strong and too right. The next chaptered fic will surround Miles when I write it.

Next, I love listening to music when I write so each chapter I am pairing with a song. Now it may not be straight forward with what is happening at all times but its something I listened to while writing. I just thought it’d be a fun little add on.

Third, I currently plan on a chapter a week on Tuesdays. I’ll make announcements if I need to change this.

Finally, this will not effect requests. This is for me and hopefully something you guys will enjoy. The requests are for you to be enjoyed by me. 

I was tagged by @tired-of-your-bu11shit​ and @leeeeeeeshy, and thank you!!! ( I love these and I am slow to this cause my blog has had too much traffic in the last few days)

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Nicknames: V. Vic, Toni, Tortoise, 

Star sign: Aries

Height: 5'7″ 

Time right now: 7:45 pm

Last thing I googled: o////////o not answering this

Song stuck in my head: Mademoiselle Noir

Last movie I watched: Barbie in a Mermaid Tale

Last TV show I watched: Star Vs. The Forces of Evil

What I’m wearing now: jeans and a black hoodie

When I created this blog: 2014

The kind of stuff I post: Radical Feminism, my lesbian complaints

Do I have other blogs: I have 27 urls, and run 6 blogs.

Do I get asks regularly: No.. about 4 a month

Why did I choose my URL: I was tired of bi women telling me they were “lesbos”.

Sex: Female.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Pokemon team: Ninetales, Venusaur, Victini, Leafeon, Lugia, Druggion

Fave Colours: pastel pin, bright orange, greens

Average hours of sleep: 3-4 or 8-12, it rotates.

Lucky number: 14

Favorite Characters: Kara Zor-El, Link (Legend of Zelda), Sheik, Impa

Dream Job: I just wanna do research for the rest of my life.

Number of blankets I sleep with: my comforter, my heated blanket, and the two made by my grandmother (it is winter and my apartment is never warmer than 54F).

I am going to tag: @galsndogs, @terfzilla, @beardyke, @queen-elisabitch, @heirloomparasite, @desisatrangi, @sanrio6, @whimsical-vanilla, and any other follower of mine that wants too (too many).

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