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Greatest Love Triangle: Part IV

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Part I (Season 8) | Part II (Season (9) | Part III (Season 10)

After many rewrites and one lost draft… here is the fourth and final* part of the love triangle series. This part will focus on season 11, where Cas’s journey has taken him, as well as why I am not quite convinced that the Winchester codependency is actually broken yet despite great steps forward being taken.

Season 11 features a Dean that is more vulnerable than we’ve ever seen, in part because Dean actually allows himself to show that vulnerability. Cas’s storyline for the past 4 seasons finally catches up with him. Sam proves over and over again that he is a strong, powerful, independent person, and when Dean shows signs of repeating past behaviors, Sam doesn’t let him.

This season also has some of the most confusing and convoluted subtext in the history of the show. There are so many parallels, in fact, that it’s completely impossible to tell which ones were deliberate and which were by circumstance (a side effect of working with a writing team instead of singular writers, as well as an apparent change of show runners halfway through the season).

We already have the love triangle of Cas-Dean-Sam, as well as Cas-Dean-Crowley. With the introduction of Amara, we suddenly get two more love triangles in Amara-Dean-Sam and Amara-Dean-Cas. 

In the most meta episode of the season with the two most meta characters ever, we are explicitly told “it’s a mirror.” (Thank you, Robbie Thompson.)

When it comes to parallels and mirrors, this season was a goddamn funhouse.

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