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Toby Stephens and Rupert Penry-Jones in Cambridge Spies [2003] and Black Sails [2014 – ]

That moment you realize you’re in your twenties and still get the same feels about movie and TV couples/ships from when you were 13


Toby Stephens and Gillian Anderson for A Doll’s House


What Happens When You Remember Two Of Your Favourite Redheads People Did A Play Together

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"He ran into my knife ten times" i'm???? JOLY N O


Javert’s sitting at his desk in the office, rubbing his temples to push back a migraine as he listens to this godawful troop of student revolutionaries sing acapellas down the hall in their holding cells. 

He had detained them about an hour ago for causing a disturbance. He knows each of them by name, and can pick them out of crowd. He’s detained them all multiple times before, both as a group, or individually - and while there are a few that raise absolute hell when they’re detained (mainly the blond one. Enjolras, his mind supplies bitterly), they usually aren’t the barrel of trouble that he makes them out to be. A hassle, yes; a nuisance, absolutely. But they aren’t dangerous, nor are they violent. They aren’t involved with drugs or anything of the like, either. All in all, it could be worse. But Javert still needs to fill out reports on each and every one of them every time he hauls them in, and it’s not the most thrilling thing in the world. They aren’t making it easy, of course. But this is the first time they’ve resorted to singing.

He looks up at the clock in his office with a sense of dread about him. They’re required to stay for the standard 24-hour period; it’s been about an hour and twelve minutes, and he wouldn’t put it past them to work in shifts to stay awake and practice their musical numbers on him. They’re creative in the art of peaceful protest and resistance, and he’s certainly counting this as an example.

Suddenly, there’s a break in the singing; but in the cavernous walls of the holding cells, he can hear the echoes of whispers and a high-pitched giggle. Javert’s pen stills against the paper as he squints suspiciously up at the cracked door. What are they doing? What will they be getting up to next? Or has he finally caught his break, and they’re all going to turn in for a nap?

Pop,” comes the first voice. He recognizes that one - Grantaire. There’s a snort of laughter. Javert lowers his pen onto his desk. “Six,” comes a second. That was definitely Bossuet. Javert’s taken by a feeling of apprehension. He knows who the next one up is, and he’s filled with a sense of trepidation over the completion of the Unholy Trinity. And then, the penny drops - Joly joins in. “Squish!” There’s a giggle from one of the girls, and someone is choking back laughter. “Uh-uh!” “Cicero.” “Lipschitz!” 

Oh, no.

Oh, Lord above, no.

He had it comin! He had it comin! He only had himself to blame! If you’d have been there - if you’d have seen it - I betcha you would have done the same!

The other students are absolutely broken down into laughter, but their little musical production doesn’t stop for a moment. They go on with the song without breaking stride for even a moment; it’s almost too rehearsed. Javert knows that they aren’t breaking any rules; no one told them they had to be quiet, or that they couldn’t sing, or that they couldn’t perform a Broadway musical in his holding cells overnight

He lets it go on for a while, desperately trying to do anything he can to keep his mind off of their little rendition of Cell Block Tango a handful of yards away. He repeats Bible verses to himself, focuses on his breathing or the scratch of a pen against paper, even prays for strength and patience a few times - but that patience runs out a few verses in, and he gets up with a resigned sigh to ask them to stop.

Javert opens the door to his office, an exhausted look about him as he interrupts Joly’s part of the song. For a long moment, everyone goes silent. Javert stares at Joly; Joly stares back. The other students are glancing between them almost cautiously. None of them are sure what’s about to happen - not even the Inspector, really. But then; Joly shoots first.

He slips an arm through the bars, allowing it to hang down casually, cocks a hip, and raises an eyebrow. “Then?” he asked, tilting his head. “He ran into my knife. He ran into my knife. Ten. Times.

Javert isn’t sure how to react to the smallest of the students staring him dead in the eye and reciting lines from a musical essentially about murder and prison, but the other students undoubtedly do.

HE HAD IT COMIN’!” Grantaire and Bossuet finally shout, joined now by  Musichetta, Eponine, Courfeyrac, and Feuilly. The others are too busy howling with laughter. Enjolras has even cracked a sly smile by now, and it seems he’s considering joining in on the ruckus.

Javert gives a drawn-out sigh as he considers asking one of the younger officers for an extra set of headphones and an energy drink.

It’s going to be a long night.