i am tired of typing tags on each post

here are a few things i'd like to address about the whole sprousehart thing


it is okay to look at people and think, ‘hey! they would look good together.’ there’s no wrong in that. also, when i say relationship, i mean it either way, platonic and/or romantic because frankly, i am not quite sure what they are to each other. this post is not directed towards anyone i know on tumblr specifically, so if you feel targeted, i apologise for making you feel that way as i only made this because i’m so tired of going to the sprousehart tag and seeing this and of some people who make them feel uncomfortable. i also apologise in advance for my punctuation and spelling errors for i’m typing this out on my phone. now that that has been established, let’s begin.


privacy. do you not see what some of you are doing here? everytime i’m scrolling through my instagram feed and i read the comments on their photos, i cringe and i’m pretty sure that at this point, most of you know why. asking them about their relationship and/or forcing their relationship on them is creepy and not cool. it’s very clear that they want to keep whatever it is that is going on with them a secret so maybe we could respect that and their decision? like decent human beings? so, please stop tagging them in sprousehart posts, filling lili’s ask box with questions about them, commenting on their friends and family’s posts about them and stalking them (pretty sure y'all don’t do it but still, don’t do it.)


ship wars. my god, this annoys me so much you guys have no idea. okay so i can’t believe it has gotten to the point where it’s become sprousehart vs colen*ti. why can’t both ships just stay in their own tags and learn how to tag properly? stop sending hate to each other and if you want to call someone out, please be kind, polite and understanding first. if the presence of a particular blog in your tag upsets you, you block them and/or confront them about it nicely not send hate to them and call their ship 'delusional’??


hate. some of you hate on the real people, who are friends with ½ of your ship because you’re paranoid that they will get in the way of you ship. jesus, it’s like some of you treat cole and lili like their fictional characters on a show. i’m going to go a little more into detail now so stay with me, you guys. cole is an extremely touch feely person and majority of the people who stan him are girls. so if a fan wants to kiss him on the cheek in a photo, he’s going to happily oblige. so don’t send him hate claiming that 'he’s cheating on lili’ and don’t send the fan hate, for gods sake. lili has friends who are -wait for it- the opposite sex. shocker? and just because some days she chooses to hang out with her friends instead of cole does not mean that they aren’t dating anymore or that she’s cheating.