i am tired of typing tags on each post

Hey all! o/

Due to sports and life-related injuries, my left wrist is currently in a splint until further notice. This means that I am unable to use my left hand to type (as most ppl normally would) and makes it extremely inconvenient to do basic tasks.

Because of this, the tagging system i use on my posts may be slightly lacking in item-specific tags (eg. specific pokemon) because this simply takes too long and is tiring for me to do each time. I will try my best to continue with it as per usual though!! HOwever, I will be at least keeping up w the general tags (eg. eeveelutions, starters, etc) 

That’s about it for now…ik i don’t really make personal posts a lot but i thought that it would be important to clear up any more confusion i might get in my ask box ^^;;