i am tired of these things

Hello it is I. REALLY TIRED. I wanted to finish a Rick and MOrticia update before leaving Japan but I cannot. ;-; I had to finish a school project and get last minute things before going back to Cali for a week. I’ll see about doing 2 updates in a week during summer vacation. c:

I leave Japan tomorrow at around 3pm Tokyo Time and ho boy am I nervous lol.

The Absence of Color


“One year, that is all I request from you.”

There is a low hum of the washing machine down the hall, soft chirps coming from the songbirds outside the window, and the gaze of their eyes heavy on her figure. She’s quiet and frozen but her mind is far from it.

“Please,” her uncle begs and she takes that time to glance upwards—to see the desperation in his eyes and in her parents. “Just…try.”

One year, she will work as Bangtan Sonyeondan’s assistant manager.

Within one year, they will fall in love.

[Part 1] [Part 2]

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Things I’ve Said While Sleep Deprived | Sentence Starters

  •  You need to put one ham upways and one ham sideways for maximum ham. 
  • How do I get away with the murder of his car, then?
  • I am going to physically harm you. Leave.
  • Why do you have three of them? You are breaking my heart. 
  • If I slash three of his tires he can’t get insurance. I read this somewhere. 
  •  Who needs love or children when you’ve got chicken nuggets? 
  • Click click motherfucker, why won’t the page load?
  •  Do you ever just look at someone and like… want them to break a couple of your bones? Maybe a few ribs? Just answer the question. 
  • Sometimes I see you and wonder how I got so lucky. You’re, like, so fucking beautiful and perfect and I want to kiss your face.
  • Look at this cat. She’s more beautiful than I’ll ever be.
  • I leave you alone for five minutes and you spend $300 on games.
  • If I hear that rooster noise one more time I’m gonna kill my neighbors.
  • Why do you scream? What purpose does it serve?
  • Why you have to be mad? Is only joke.
  • She likes to yell.
  • I love them more than I love my entire self.
  • It stares at me with those eyes.
  • I can’t tell if it’s creepy or cute. 
  • You can’t bone something if it bones you first. Survival of the fittest.
  • Move the vehicle before I pull out your teeth.
  • Choking me will only make me stronger.
I might rework the theme of this blog

Kinda tired of stagnating as a person. I just don’t feel fulfilled in my life at the moment. So im gonna be changing some things around here first, so that it’s more “me” than “who I want to be”

I feel the first step to improving myself is accepting that im not this ideal person I picture in my head as the person I want to be, and accepting who I am. That also means learning things about myself I never even knew before.

I love you all

Brutal Sameness

Title: Brutal Sameness 

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader

Warnings: Some angst, maybe some slight cursing. 

Requested by @oharchiekinz:  Reggie “And now my life doesn’t make sense anymore. I almost wish I hadn’t met him. How am I supposed to go back to my old life, my days stretching out before me with unending and brutal sameness? How am I supposed to go back to being The Girl Who Reads? Not that I begrudge my life in books.” Sorry if the quote is long, but yeah I know you can do something amazing with it. ❤️

A/N: So, I do this hella embarrassing thing when I’m tired where I will literally mix up the spelling of words. Like, ‘They’re, There, and Their.’ and it’s so cringe worthy so please let me know if I did this anywhere in here! 
As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope y’all enjoy! 

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Fandom: Grim Fandango

Rating: T

Genre: Friendship, some Hurt/Comfort?

Characters: Manny, Glottis, and a bunch of losers

Warnings: Smoking, drinking, gambling (this is a Grim Fandango fic, what do you expect?), violence, broken bones.

Description: After several lucky wins at poker, Manny finds himself in a very unlucky situation. He quickly learns why you don’t meddle in the affairs of desperate souls in Rubacava… and they learn why you don’t mess with Manny.

Notes: Wanted to write a thing that takes place while Manny and Glottis are in Rubacava. and it’s like 2:45 in the morning i am so tired

anonymous asked:

Well since you have a backup plan then maybe you should cut it to see what happens

First I have to make sure I am doing the scientific method,

1) Ask the Question:

What would happen if I chopped off my right foot?

2) Do research

I have data I collected from chopping off my left hand, this should suffice as my research of missing limbs, but not exactly the exact thing I am trying to answer.

3) Construct a hypothesis

And suddenly I am too tired to actually do that. Might be the blood loss. I should write that down.

It is 3:45 AM as I am typing out this post and I honestly have no regrets. I’m sleepin til 11:30 anyway. This is honestly the best thing I had to do with my early af morning.

Just playin’ some Fantasy Monopoly

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So first off all this Inazuma chat is giving me life - I am in love with hearing how passionate everyone can be from characters to names~ I will never tire of hearing everyone’s interpretation of these precious soccer shotas~

Second thing is I just found out the school I’ll be going to teach English in Japan. It’s a large town about an hour from Kyoto city… Since my friends are all going to big cities I might get jealous sometimes but… Right now I feel lucky to experience a more traditional side of Japan. Plus, if there’s no other foreigners around I’ll be forced to speak Japanese. And since Kyoto city is only an hour away, that’s reassuring! Kyoto has an anime merch shop and a giant book store… I checked. 楽しみにしてる~!

Legend of Welp! #107

Zelda: Ganon, why don’t you die?

Ganon: Foolish woman! I am the incarnation of a million year old hatred for all of life! I am eternal! I-

Zelda: Yeah yeah, I know, incarnation of evil blah blah blah. I mean, me and Link are eternal too but we still die. We still live our lives, die, and go to the afterlife before a portion of our spirits are brought back. Don’t you ever get, you know, tired? Doesn’t your soul get sick of being alive for so long?

Ganon: Oh… um. 

Ganon: *clears throat*

Ganon: Yeah. Here’s the thing. Remember when Link stabbed me in the chest for killing his twili friend and I, technically, died? 

Ganon: Well, hell is a lot worse than I ever could have predicted.

Din: D’aww! C’mere, Ganny! Coochie goochie goo! Who’s my widdle destroyer! It’s you! Yes you are! Who’s my favorite little Gerudo? It’s you!

Ganon: Let go of me! I am a destroyer of worlds! I AM A KILLER OF THOUSANDS!

Din: You do such a good job, my widdle Ganny! Yes you do! Such a good boy! Good boy wanna tummy wub?

Ganon: Let me go! S-stop that! I’LL KILL ALL OF YOU!!! AAAAAAAAAAA-!

I’m back!

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I am back. I’m still alive -barely- and have returned from the two and a half weeks from hell. Finals are not over yet, of course, (why would they be? lol) but the worst part is, so, things will start getting back to normal. I’ll try to start catching up with reading and reblogs and things I’ve been tagged in from tomorrow. 

Also, thank you all for the love you’ve shown Tennessee Whiskey. I will reply to each comment individually in a few days, but for now just know it means the world to me.

Uh, that’s all, I think. I’m just going to sleep now so that, hopefully, I won’t look like a zombie again tomorrow. 

‘Night, everyone!

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I can cook, clean, take instructions fairy well, and I’m okay with a camera

why am I not the live in nanny of some rich people yet?????