i am tired of seeing my job being called lazy by people who have probably never tired it

I enjoy your stories!❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍 oh my god, I love B.I stories. Could u make a scenario where B.I thinks you are a burden and break up with you, but later on regret it (make it a happy ending please and a lot of angst)! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

The sound of footsteps approaching the bedroom woke you up. Your body rolled over, your eyelids slowly opening themselves as you saw Hanbin’s silhouette at the door. Your lips curled into a tired smile, happy to see your boyfriend back home. He has been practicing so late these past few days, you’ve barely seen him and missed his touch. His loud steps walked towards the bed, his body throwing itself onto you. He suddenly got up, pushing you back to your side of the bed as he crawled onto the mattress to make space for himself.

You wiggled under the sheets towards him, hoping you’d be able to at least hug him for a second. How long has it been since the last time the two of you made physical contact? You couldn’t remember, and you were aching for a hug, a kiss or just holding hands.

“Why are you touching me…? Back off…” He mumbled, attempting to push you away with his elbow.

You sighed at his response, turning your back to his as you fell back to sleep.

As usual, you woke up alone, just like the past few weeks. He always left early, making the least noise possible and leaving as if he was never there. Since you had a day off, you decided to pay him a visit when he was full of energy and alive, unlike when he comes home, drained out and dead. You packed some food for the members, remembering which one they liked the most and placing it in lunchboxes.

You head over to YG, taking the usual path to their practice room where you could hear the music blasting in there, as someone, probably Hanbin, screaming numbers over again.

“1! 2! 3! 4! 1! 2!…”

You checked the time before entering the loud space. Your hand ran through the pole that was a used a knob before pushing it slowly, getting a glimpse of the boys dancing in front of the mirror. Further and further, you realized that the music stopped and all eyes were looking at the door.

“Hi guys!” You chanted, waving your bag of food.

“Oh! ________!” Chanwoo exclaimed as he ran towards you.

“What are you doing here? You don’t have work today?” Donghyuk smiled, following the youngest.

“Nope! And since you guys have been working hard lately, I decided to reward you with your favorite foods!” You answered, pulling a box of food out with the post it Jiwon on it.

A circle was made in the center of the room as each of them thanked you for bringing them food, except your boyfriend. As soon as you handed him his box, he just took it in coldly, no ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ from him. You assumed that he was thirsty since he was screaming numbers earlier, you pulled a water bottle out of the bag and handed it over to him. Before anyone got the chance to enjoy their food, Hanbin spoke up.

“Can you guys leave, please?”

The 6 boys looked at each other, then at their leader and his girlfriend. They took their lunches out with them, leaving the two of you alone.

“It’s been a long time since we haven’t been together like… When I’m not tired.”

You agreed. “It’s fine, I don’t really mind it. As long as you pursue your dreams, I’m good.”

“_______… I have to tell you something.”

You hummed in response.

“I think we should break up. No, wait I don’t think, we really should.”

You raised an eyebrow at him, feeling your heart get stabbed at the same time as words ran through your brain. “Uh, why…?”

“Well first off, you interrupt me in my sleep. My sleep, ________! Don’t you think that coming home at 3 and leaving at 7 is pretty tiring?? I feel like I’m dying right now! Then, you come see me at work, at work!! Where I’m working my ass off and you come with your stupid food that tastes like crap! You are breaking my career apart, you’re breaking me apart by not letting me sleep or letting me work well!”

“What?! I literally brought you food! How am I breaking you apart? What you said literally didn’t make any sense! I only interrupted your sleep once! Why? Because I missed you! I missed your warm hugs, your meaningful kisses, your soft hands… Why are you being such an ass, right now?! I came here to reward you and your members with your favorite food!”

“Just shut up! You’re being annoying, can’t you realize that you’re already wasting my time? You’re always being lazy at home, anyways! You don’t even make any money!”

“What?! I’m studying and working a part time job, for your information!”

“No, you’re living off the money your parents send you monthly!”

“What the hell do you know?!” You spat back furiously.

You were already a crying mess when you left the building. As soon as you got home, you took all the time you wanted to let all your feelings drain out with your tears. What were you crying over, a boy? A dumb boy that can’t appreciate the fact that you’re super nice?

Me? Lazy ass? We’ll see…

The past few days has been pretty much about studying, working and getting home late. You could feel your tiredness taking over your body at 2 AM when you came back from work. When you try to wake up at 7 but end up at 9, where you’re already late for one of your classes.

You were basically destroying yourself and being competitive over nothing. He didn’t know that the two of you were having a competition of who would be the most tired and who should be the most pitied. He was busy. So busy that he never texted an apology, or visited you to pick his things up.

Your friends were going crazy, taking you home as soon as your shift ended, making sure that you didn’t miss a second of the beautiful thing called sleep. They were all aware of your heartbreak and your ‘contest’ with Hanbin. You never got an update on what was happening with him. There were no news released or anything about iKon, or him. You didn’t want to know, care, or even hear about him. You were angry because of him.

The little bell above the glass door rings, making you get up from your seat and fake a smile as you walked up to the counter.

“Hello and welcome to Sugar dust, how may I help you?”

“Hm, could you come to our dorm?”

Your ears twitch at the familiar voice. Your eyes search for the owner’s, under his cap. His mouth was hidden by his mask. “What and why?”

“Hanbin has been pretty down lately and the last time the two of you texted was like, two months ago. Did anything happen?” Yunhyung asked, playing with the little sugar packets in front of the cash register.

You felt a sudden pain in your head at the sound of his name. “Sorry… Sorry but no….” You sighed.

“Please? We miss you, plus we still have the lunchboxes and don’t worry, we washed them. Hanbin misses you too.”

“The first thing you do is come here and lie? Seriously, Yunhyung?”

“I’m not lying! He’s literally crying and starving for food and you!”

“Stop, just go home!”

“Please, _______! Please!”

You took another deep breathe. “Yunhyung, I’m not going. I have work and school stuff.”

He frowned. “Okay, sorry for bothering you.”

“Just take good care of yourselves, okay?”

“Yes, yes.”

Ever since your tiny meeting with Yunhyung, your head has been aching more than it did last time. You didn’t really question it, making the dumbest assumption that it was just information trying to make some space for itself in your mind. Studying for 5 hours a day and only eating one meal started to become your routine. If you were honest, you spent more time at school than in your bed.

You were making your usual way back home after your shift ended. It was cold outside so slipping on the ice wasn’t something new. There weren’t many people out, probably a few twenty something unlike when there’s the sun beaming with everyone out of bed with their family or friends. Each step you took felt painful, as if the wind was stabbing your brain at the same time and your muscles were slowly dying out.

It was a long wake up the stairs to get to your apartment. As soon as you saw your door, you felt relieved until a hand grabbed yours. You gasped, your heart beating fast and painfully as you tried to shake yourself out of whoever the person was’s grip. Your hand got out of the stranger’s hold, you were shaking and stumbled back, your feet making its way to the stairs without you even realizing. You caught a glance of the man that took your hand, your eyes widening at the face and the sudden realization that you were slowly making your way down the stairs,  your head hitting each staircase before your body rolled down completely.

It wasn’t until your felt the sharp pain come back to your head that you eventually woke up. Your eyes opened themselves, admiring the white ceiling and light that you weren’t familiar with. Your first instinct would be to get up and look around, but the pain in every part of your body wasn’t really down for that.

The dryness of your throat was slowly killing you, the pain in your back, arms and legs as well. You could feel some itchiness on your head but the cast on your arm seemed to be saying that you couldn’t move. Sighing, your eyes wandered around the room, questioning the area. It seemed quite familiar, not that you ever entered a room like that but you’ve seen an empty room like that in movies.

The door creaked, a nurse walked in with a smile on her face as soon as she saw you look back at her.

“Your guardian went to get a snack. Visiting hours were over long ago but since you’ve just arrived, we’ve let him stay.”


“Yes, a man brought you here.”

“What’s his name?”

“Hm… Hanbin? Something like that.”

There was a silence before she started talking again. “I’m going to get the doctor and some water for you, okay? Stay here.”

As soon as she left, you got up. You felt the pain hit your mind again, making you fall back onto the  bed. There was no way you were staying in that room, where your ex boyfriend could find you and talk to you. You pulled the IV off, limping your way towards the door with pain in your legs.

The first thing you did was check the hallways, making sure no one was there to stop you from your escape. The halls were empty, only a few patients were walking to the bathroom or getting back to their room. Your steps were echoing wall to wall. You wondered between the elevator and the stairs. If you take the elevator, you’re more than less likely able to encounter anyone, a staff or even worse, him. If you take the stairs, the weakness of your legs wouldn’t be able to support your weight and the pain as you walked down.

No. No way am I taking a chance to see him again.

With stubbornness, you make your way to the stairs, holding tightly onto the bars with your hand that wasn’t in a cast. Maybe it was a bad idea after all, ruining your health over some boy that you didn’t even want to care about anymore. Walking was already difficult, changing steps each time was even more difficult. You look back, wondering if you should go back upstairs and take the elevator.

You went down 5 steps, would it be that hard to go back up those steps? You ignored that idea and whipped your head back to the stairs, making tiny jumps on each case to get to your destination. Finally getting there, you heard your name echoed and by reflex, you turn around.

Your eyes met his, making you freeze at the sight of his face. As fast as you could, you start limping towards whatever safe place you could hide even though he was a thousand times faster than you and caught up to you in a second.

“What are you doing here? Why aren’t you in bed? Let’s go back.”

“Why do you care about me? Am I not tearing you apart or something?”

He bit his lip at your response. “Listen, I’m sorry…”

“Forget it, I have to go.”

“Where? I’ll take you there.”

“Home, you idiot! You’re telling me that I broke you apart when you’re the reason why I am literally broken? I’m not in a cast for no reason, you know?!” You suddenly shouted, realizing that you were still at the hospital and there were many patients sleeping at a time like this.

“Look, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Well, did you think I wanted to hurt you?! I loved you, Hanbin, and I still do! You ruined everything for me! You ruined my sleeping schedule, you ruined my studies, you ruined my job, you ruined me completely!” You started crying as you went on and on about how heart broken you were.

He sighed. “Let’s go to your room.” He said in the most gentle voice possible as he grabbed your hand.

“Don’t touch me!”

As soon as you spat those words and pulled your hand away, you lost balance and fell onto your bum. By reflex, you used your arms to heave yourself up until the pain from your broken arm alarmed you. You hissed at the feeling, more tears diving onto your skin. Your legs were numb, you couldn’t get up and the only person around that could help you was Hanbin.

Without asking for your permission, he carried you to the elevator and took you to your room where the doctor and the lady from earlier were looking for you. There was a silence after the doctor finished making a few check ups and left. No words were exchanged, only the buzzing from the light bulbs were heard until he closed the lights, wishing you a good night.

You woke up to the smell of croissants and coffee, the feeling of cold air coming from an open window and the sound of steps and curtains against the glass. You felt his lips against your forehead, making you frown at the feeling that you wanted to hate so badly yet enjoyed. Did he expect you to wake up like Sleeping Beauty?

“_________, time to wake up!” He chanted, playing with your fingers.

You pulled  your hand away. “Don’t touch me.”

You could hear his desperate sigh. “Okay, fine. But could you at least open your eyes first and look at me?”

You weren’t in the mood to wake up nor face him, so why would you do that? You kept your eyes shut, waiting to fall back asleep.

“_________, please?”

“Shh, I’m trying to sleep. Also, shouldn’t you be going to work?”

“Why would I go back to work when I have you here?”

“Shut up, you never said that when we were dating.”

“Hm, speaking of dating… Wanna go on a date again?”

Yes. “No.”

“________, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I don’t know how I can prove it to you that I’m sorry but I know that I’m an asshole for throwing you to the side like that.”

You opened your eyes. His body was hovering yours, staring into them.

“Seriously? I don’t want to date an asshole.”

“I’ll be a good asshole.”

“I don’t want an asshole, simple as that.”

“Fine, then what else can I be?”

“Nothing. Go home.”

“Okay fine, I’m not going to force you to date me again, it’s understandable that you hate me. Could you at least appreciate me?”

“Appreciate you for what? What did you do for me to appreciate you?”

He grinned. “You could appreciate me for the next infinite dates we’ll go to when you’re out of here, and eventually fall in love with me and have a family with me!”

“Eventually? More like probably.”

“Really? Probably?! That means that there’s a chance that you’ll start liking me again, right?”

You mumbled a few words as you blushed. “As if…”