i am the worst at describing things i swear

I am killing him. I swear.

Requested by @bluejay1784

Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: I made a few changes in the original imagine buttttttttt its still the same. Ish.

Shit. The only word that could describe the awkward moment of Dick actually telling your dear overprotective father you are pregnant. And that isn’t the worst thing, your boyfriend is Jason Todd.

You wanted to keep your pregnancy on the low, when it came to your father. Everybody noticed how your body was slowly changing and how Jason was even more protective of you.

Right now, all bruce did was glare at jason.

“She is pregnant.” He said in a low voice, very close to the Batman voice.

“Yes.” Was all Jason said, still eating Alfred’s food, which he was the only one, besides Damian who couldn’t actually careless.

“I am going to kill him. I swear it on my life.” In that very moment Jason bolted from the table and went running towards the door.